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Baños Mazatlan Sodomas


Category: Bathhouse with full facilities Hours / Entry Fee: Sun: 1 pm - 9 pm; Mon - Sat: 1 pm - 10 pm (per Facebook page) / Fee $150 pesos or $120 for locker Directions: Between Aquiles Serdán and Benito Juárez in the Centro Histórico.
Submitted: Jul 12 2001 (Edited 12/26/17)
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Address: Genaro Estrada 712 Centro, 82000
City: Mazatlan
State: Sinaloa
ZIP/Postal Code:
Country: Mexico
Phone Number: +52 669 981 7205

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Las Vegas GymBoy


Posted Dec 23 2017:
Not the best but deserves a visit. The showers are real cold, cold. I suggest you take your own towels, sandals and soap. Although they give you all that, the towels are old, and the sandals are of a poor quality. The soap is basically commercial lye with some perfume. Lacks hot water. So men usually do not shower and it's suppose to be a bathhouse. Smells are sometimes great but twenty to thirty men in a sauna could be annoying.

Too much bareback sex so the shitty smell is intense at the steam room despite the fact the attendant gives you as many rubbers you may need. The best place to have sex is the sauna.

Staff is friendly. Cozy bar in the second floor and relatively cheap by Americans standards. Mexicans love cut dick and I love uncut meat so great balance. If you're getting a room rather than a locker ask for the second floor. All rooms have gloryholes. I won't go back but I suggest a one-time visit is a must.

Edited on 12/26/17
La Paka


Posted Apr 03 2017:
There is a guy who goes every Wednesday and Saturday, a magnificent bear if you're into bears. No idea but he fucks, fucks, and fucks. I did ask and he said the blue pill.

Anyhow I want that gorgeous fat cut dick but he told me no so I respect that. Saturday he even went to the gloryhole in the hall getting head as we all passed and watched. Of course he is not local.

Edited on 04/11/17


Posted Mar 30 2017:
The number of visitors are decreasing. The reason is the entrance fee, but there is a new alternative. Rent a locker for $120 pesos. You always will find a place to fuck.

For the first time I gave head using the gloryholes. New for me but rewarding.

Drinks are strong and for $30 pesos it's worth it to get drunk while you get fucked.

Edited on 04/06/17


Posted Mar 06 2017:
The entrance fee is now $150.00 pesos, good for us but very expensive for Mexicans. So be sure to ask when you get in how many are inside. Saturday was so full I ended asking for a third condom.

I had three magnificent pieces of dick in a period of two hours.

Edited on 03/13/17
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Posted Jan 19 2017:
I am in total disagreement with the last comment. The place is very clean with a very reasonable entrance fee.

Yesterday was my first time. Plenty of action at the steam room, the labyrinth, and the video room. Nice quiet bar with flat screen TV's and a handsome bartender. The masseur was very proper and the massage very relaxing.

I do recommend the place to any visitor.

Edited on 01/20/17


Posted Sep 01 2016:
Conditions are deteriorating. Multiple cases reported of eye infection (conjunctivitis), fungal infections, and skin infections.

So be careful.

Edited on 09/13/16


Posted Apr 03 2016:
The entrance fee is $120 and during peak season $150.

I went there Friday and there were 26 guys all having sex. So make your own conclusions.

Clean. Plenty of rubbers and lube.

Edited on 04/11/16
Andres Pito Loco


Posted Feb 18 2015:
I disagree with the term it's a dump. Perhaps it's expensive for the locals. The new business hours are 2 pm to 8 pm. I always get nice head and always fuck two or three asses. The best day is Saturday after 5 pm.

Edited on 02/23/15


Posted Oct 04 2014:
The entrance fee is $120 pesos which for Mexican standards is very high. The place is literally a dump. Don't waste you money or your time. Old gentleman mostly extremely obese masturbating.

Edited on 10/10/14


Posted Nov 16 2013:
Entrance Fee now is 100 pesos. Be aware of rats. They run all over this place, up and down stairs, at the showers and halls. Beside that if you're into fat older guys with decent cocks it's a good place to be. A few feminine guys also go. I was very disappointed with the place. The owner has a totally misleading Facebook page full of glamour for a dump place.

Edited on 11/21/13


Posted Mar 02 2013:
I visited twice in January. It is much different now, still not up to the standard of a larger city's sauna, but greatly improved. The steam room has steam all day unlike before when it ran for about one hour per day. The maze and gloryhole setup upstairs is pretty nice, although under utilized.

The first time I went was on Wednesday, and there were only about five guys there. Mostly older and bigger. I am 49, bit of a belly. There was one inked up hottie in his mid to late twenties. I laid back on a bench in the steam room and gestured for him to put his cock in my mouth, which we did. Soon he was jacking me off and sucking on one of my nipples while I blew him, and a very hot make-out session as well.

The second time I went was on Saturday night, and there were more guys, maybe twenty. All types, including a few young hotties who completely ignored me. I had a little fun here and there, and finally a guy, also late 20s and good shape, sat next to me in the steam. I glanced over and his thick cock was standing straight up like a can of Red Bull. We played in there a bit, went outside the steam room and chatted a bit. He loved my build and spoke English perfectly, turned out to be an English teacher. We went to one of the private cabins upstairs where we sucked each other. He gave me the best ass eating I've received in years, unexpected so all the hotter, and then I fucked his ass.

Fun can be had here. Be patient. It's a small town.

PS: The masseur gives an excellent non-sexual massage in a private room with table, music, etc. I forget how much I paid, but it was very, very reasonable.

Edited on 03/06/13
hector o


Posted Oct 05 2012:
The place is almost empty. Lots of old men but no action. The fee is way too high for Mexicans to go. Not worth 10 bucks.

Edited on 10/15/12


Posted Oct 03 2012:
May be the economy but a waste of time. Not worth $10 USD (100 pesos). I was here Saturday. Total of seven guys, all senior citizens. No action seen. The movies were good. They are selling beer now. Mazatlan is very very humid and the heat intense. Due to the increase violence in Mazatlan tourism is down and locals can't afford the entrance fee, or so I was told.

Edited on 10/11/12


Posted Jun 24 2012:
The entrance fee is now 100 pesos. The place is clean and has lots of action. Best days are Saturday.

Edited on 06/26/12


Posted Nov 26 2010:
This place has had a dramatic improvement since Fer took over. There is steam open from 2 to 8 pm. The second floor has a 'fantasy room' with gloryholes, chains, etc. There are also gloryholes between small rooms on the second level. The porn dark room is now almost half of the second floor. A small smoking patio is also available and there is a small snack bar.

Edited on 11/29/10


Posted Apr 28 2010:
Getting better now that they've opened a fantasy room, late nights on weekends.

Edited on 05/02/10

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Joined: Dec 02, 2009

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Posted Mar 24 2010:
'Full facilities' is a considerable exaggeration. More like 'Very decrepit and run down'. But the hunky and willing men are here. Also, the old man at the door speaks English.

Edited on 03/24/10


Posted Jan 03 2009:
I love this place. It is not exactly a typical full-facility bathhouse. It probably was originally opened for cowboys and others without facilities to come relax and shower. It is clean but not in good shape. The steamroom functions from about 5 to 8 pm only, and is very cruisy. A sauna is also available, as well as showers and a masseur. There's gay porn on the second floor. Very modest little changing rooms, almost big enough for two guys. But a lot of sucking and some fucking goes on in the steamroom. People are discreet to a degree but it gets wild too, and all kinds of guys from young to old but mostly locals. I always have fun here and often end up taking a Mazatlan cutie out to dinner and then to my room for more fun. Last time I was there the masseur sucked me off in his work space right around closing time!


Posted Mar 25 2006:
Spring break was really busy. Lots of nice young Americans were there. I got there at 3 pm and not a single soul was there until 5 pm when guys came by the dozens. The cruising is real intense in the little rooms and the video area (second floor). I did some nice cock sucking sitting in a white plastic chair, but the action is best inside the steamroom. I had a mega, uncut, fat-as-a-salami, tasty-as-hell cock in my mouth while a cute Mexican guy was rimming my ass and another older Mexican guy was sucking my dick. During the week I went a total of three times; same terrific action day after day. Usually guys fade out around 9 pm. This place is a must when you visit Mazatlan. Bring sandals though!


Posted Jan 01 2006:
A great place for timid newcomers like me. Showed up about 5:30 pm, asked for banos generales, was assigned a locker and given a short tour. Watched guys upstairs stroking to porn, went to steamroom where I sat nervously until a guy discreetly began to stroke me and I stroked him. Couldn't get it up and was about to leave when a guy struck up conversation by my locker, asked to come in with me, sucked and rimmed me to my great pleasure and with no pressure. I'm going back.


Posted Aug 19 2005:
Went at 5 pm. Be sure to ask for banos generales (general baths). Lots of men using a clothing rag around their waste. Real raunchy. Mexicans love thick cut anglo guys. I love dark uncut cock. Perefct combo. I did fuck, got fucked, sucked cock and got sucked in the steamroom with lots of guys touching me and kissing me all over as I played. A little Spanish really helps.


Posted Aug 02 2005:
A must go when in Mazatlan. Real busy after 5 pm. Lots of horny Mexican guys into foreign cock, thick cock or any cock. I met a nice Brazilian stud and had a blast but I had to share him with some locals. Porn flicks on the second floor have a senior crowd.


Posted Mar 20 2005:
On the second floor, they now show gay movies. There's a lot of action after 5 pm. Some remodeling has been taking place on the first floor. It's still a must in Mazatlan!


Posted Aug 28 2004:
This is a very interesting place and not like the American bathhouses. It's best hours betweeb 5 and 8 pm.


Posted Mar 29 2003:
It’s typically and older crowd. The best time to go is on weekends around 5 pm when they turn on the steamroom. I had fun though. There’s not much of gay life in Mazatlan.


Posted Feb 16 2003:
The straight owners also live here so you may see their chickens, dog, potted plants and, if you are lucky, their exquisite son, Benicio. By American standards it is filthy so wear sandals. They have a friendly, gay, American-trained masseur named Ernesto who offers an incredible forty-minute massage. Tip him lavishly. There are tiny private dressing rooms and not very many guys. I managed to find one cute enough to let him do me, but it takes patience. Note that the baths in Mexico happen during the daytime, and usually close after nightfall. Ernesto says it's busiest during holidays, particularly Carnival.

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