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This section for alerts is the place where we help one another learn about current police operations and other forms of bashing.

When you submit a tip on any Sex Listing, you can indicate if it belongs in this section by selecting the 'Head's Up' option. Throughout our Sex Listings pages you may find this notation, 'Head's Up'. This indicates that we have reports of police action or bashing at that location (as if there is a difference between bashing and the police!).

To read legal opinion about the civil rights of cruisers, we suggest visiting the Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund Website. They have placed online their excellent Little Black Book (also on Google at Little Black Book) which deals directly with the rights of men who cruise. Also, the American Civil Liberties Union has a wallet-size guide, applicable to citizens of the USA, that deals with how you should respond whenever you encounter the police. You can download a card from their Website.

Permission is hereby granted to reproduce and circulate these alerts. Please include the following notice: "Permission to reproduce given by, LLC. Originally appeared as part of the Website CRUISING for SEX."
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San Jose Metro
San Jose
Guadalupe River Park and Gardens
Stay away from the bathrooms if you are going to play. Trails are not good any longer, with the drought river monitors are walking the trails and photographing the river and 'trespassers.'

Take it up on the other side of the Hedding Bridge or below the Taylor Bridge.

Drug dealing and drinking have drawn complaints and cops. There is also a private patrol in a Honda driving the bike paths.

Unfortunately thoughtless folks have ruined it for all. Pick up after yourself and be very DL.
May 16 2015
New York City Metro
Flushing Meadow Park
Visited the park three times this week during the day in the deep woods on the west side. There were numerous "undercovers" dressed in ways that stand out and otherwise. Also two men with Canon DSLRs with very long lenses and two men carrying tablets in cases around their necks. There were police cars on the gravel trails in back. I saw strange large light fixtures focused across hills and gullies.

There seemed to be lots of "bird watchers" and those that are not.

Be very careful!
May 13 2015
Rest area
Beware of a trucker here targeting gays! He gives off every signal: He parks on the side designated for cars, not on the truck side. He turned his cab lights on, off, and on. He got out of his cab to smoke, then came around to where the guys in parked cars could see him and kept his hand on his crotch while he looked at me.

When he got into his cab, he left the light on, and kept looking over at me. I rubbed my crotch. He kept looking at me, then looking down at his crotch. I went behind a tree and pulled my dick out. He called the cops and had me arrested. It was a total set-up. I fell for it and am suffering the consequences. Watch out.
May 11 2015
Paris Metro
Bois de Boulogne
Beware! Normally I'm into cruising but when I was here I wanted to run. Get the fuck away from me. These guys are pushy even when you say no. I got shoved and molested/raped here just this evening. They knocked me out and stole my phone. Just be careful. 7 of 10 guys are fucking hustlers. May 11 2015
Scenic overlook
The Police are back here and are in woods watching, then arresting people. I was questioned today. Stay away! May 04 2015
Saddle Creek Park
Two were arrested here Thursday April 9 for lewdness in public or for indecent exposure in public, offering to commit lewdness, and battery. Names and addresses were published.

See the local newspaper report Police Arrest 2 Lakeland Men for Soliciting Lewd Acts
May 01 2015
Riverside and San Bernardino Counties Metro
Cajon Junction
Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area - Cajon Pass
Since the rocks have been put on Swartout Road, frequent CHP and San Bernardino Sheriff's patrols have been occurring in the remaining area under the trees. Seems guys in the bushes "aren't showing" and they don't act as if they are really there for fun, but maybe instead they are undercover. Be careful. Apr 28 2015
New York City Metro
Central Park
A tear comes to my eye thinking of the good old days. This place was hot back in the 80s with hundreds of guys fucking all night till the sun rose. Gone are the days I would come home with a hole full of cum.

However, it's not all lost. I went there last week on a Tuesday night after a while of being absentee and was surprised to see action still going on. I walked into the gazebo near the Rambles and as soon as I sat down a guy stood in front of me with a nice uncut cock and shoved it in my mouth. Another guy walking a dog saw us and he followed me till we reached a bridge. Then he pulled out his cock and grabbed my shoulders to suck him off, hot!

I went to walk out and decided to walk up to the castle. On the way three guys followed me. When I stopped to examine the situation I saw a silhouette of someone in the nearby woods, just standing in between the trees. The guys who were following me didn't do anything, just stared. I got bored and walked towards the silhouette in the woods and the other guys walked away.

As I reached this person behold, he had a huge fat 11-inch cock! I dropped to my knees so fast and hard, it caused a 3.0 temblor. I couldn't get this fat dick all the way in my mouth, so I got up, bent my white bubble butt over, and he fucked me deep and raw, hot, hot, hot! It was close to closing time, so pulled my pants up and ran out of there.

Warning: I have been ticketed in the park twice for being there after closing. Once a cop actually followed me into the subway and ticketed me. That ticket read I was in the park at 1:02 am, two minutes after closing. Both times I had to go to court downtown, was treated like crap by the NYC court system, and both times the charges dropped. The inconvenience experienced was not worth being there after closing.

Further, I know of someone who was caught having sex in there. This was on a Friday and the person he was fucking had no ID, so they both went to jail for around five days till a judge heard their case. Jail wasn't a party. He had to shit in front of a bunch of rowdy guys, eat sandwiches with questionable mayo, drink horrid sweet juice, etc.

Advice: First, the park is still cruisy however, not what it was, so take precautions. If not certain, ask the guy if he is a cop and never make the first move. Even if they touch their cock, wait for them to show it to you and have them make the first move.

Second, be discreet. The park has areas extremely secluded. Look for them, don't just get on your knees and expect to be safe. Cops are asses and are there to mess up your life.

Third, closing time. It's best to be out of the park five minutes before closing. Don't risk it.

Last, crime. I have been mugged here before. I've heard of these cases, some worse, but very rarely a heinous crime can occur. If the guy you are with can't get a hard-on and you feel cornered, or he is threatening, yell for help and yell your location. You will be surprised at the response from our fellow cruisers.

Thank you so much for your detailed review of what's happening recently in the park, and especially the warnings and advice. I'll just re-emphasize that even if you ask someone if they are law enforcement they may lie or may reply in a way that misleads you (e.g. "Do you think a cop would be out here with a hard-on like this...?") Trust your instincts and common sense and keep thinking with "both your heads," as they say. ~ Editor
Apr 26 2015
Cleveland Metro
Edgewater Park
This was the best spot in Cleveland for hot gay action. Men and boys of all types ages whatever to 80 getting it on especially in the woods on the far western end of the park. I sucked a group of 15 "skater boys" one after the next. Oh my god, I still get hard remembering that in 2008.

The only place safe from cops is the farthest west end of trail after climbing up some rocks at Hermits Cove, last two piers. I never got caught to this day and I sucked 1,000+ guys there since 1995. And that's a low-end estimate. I go six days/nights a week from May through August each summer. The best time for young guys and twinks is summer, after 3 pm till 9:30 pm.

The rangers walk on foot around 7 to 8 pm on the trail, religiously between those times only unless called for drug use, etc. 99% of all summer days since 1995 to the present (2015), the 7 to 8 pm time frame of the rangers being there applies. I've found the reason they walk instead of being on bicycles in that section is because of steep rocks that have to be negotiated to access the westernmost part of the trail. A "stool" of rocks are set up at the trail end for men to, shall we say, "worship the male genitalia" :)
Apr 24 2015
Fort Lauderdale Metro
Pompano Beach
Fern Forest Nature Center
Police are undercover here. Last week (April 14) in the parking area I saw a undercover cop jump out of his parked Expedition with safety gloves and a radio and he ran into the woods after seeing two guys that met and 'wandered' into the woods. Two arrests were recorded. Apr 22 2015
Philadelphia Metro
Love Boutique
Undercover arrests regularly. Apr 21 2015
Riverside and San Bernardino Counties Metro
The Adult Shop
Place got raided by the cops after the CDC linked an HIV case to it. Now the cops are going there all the time. Another good place busted thanks to the chatting old Mexicans bothering every guy and the homeless activities going on in the area. Apr 13 2015
Brisbane Metro
Stones Corner
Stones Corner Shopping Complex
Cameras in the hallway and cops patrolling regularly, no longer a safe spot for a fun time. Apr 07 2015
Birmingham Metro
West Homewood Park
Police patrol! Apr 05 2015

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