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Pennsylvania : Lebanon : Hobbeze : Review: Feb 03 2017 by a_mous258
I just went here for the first time ever. It was $12 to go into the theatre, $2 went to the clerk and $10 to get a token to open the door. I was there on a Friday night and nobody was in the theatre area. I guess I went too late, it was close to midnight.

TS Rachel was there and I was going to buy a lap dance from her but it was $80 for two songs. Not only did that seem high to me, but I didn't have that much on me. Apparently the dancer also does not go into the theatre area, the clerk said she dances in a different room.

I found the place to be nice and clean. Since I was alone I also looked a little more carefully to see if it was well maintained and it is.

Not sure I'll go back, probably will, but if/when I do it won't be late at night.

Maybe other cruisers who cum here can suggest the best days and times to visit ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 02/09/17
Indiana : Lafayette : Fantasy Adult Gift Shop : Review: Feb 03 2017 by jonwill
I saw a sign today announcing that they are moving around the corner to Teal Rd., next to Christos. Not sure of the timing.

When they're in the new place please cum back and let us know the address along with a Review. Thanks! ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 02/09/17
Tampa Bay Metro : Tampa : Xtreme Book & Video : Review: Feb 02 2017 by Les
Went in on a Thursday around 11:30 am, hoping to get some of the lunchtime crowd. It wasn't long before an older guy was stroking in front of the gloryhole while watching straight porn. Wasn't long before he was cumming in my mouth.

Next, an older guy kicked back in a recliner as I polished his cock and fat balls. Left the door cracked so passersby would get a good look at this older guy, legs spread as I sucked on him.

Finally, returned to my booth to suck down a quick load, probably from a guy that had to get back to work! Yummy!
Published or Edited on 02/09/17
Washington Metro : Washington : Glorious Health Club : Review: Feb 02 2017 by bottombill
C'mon Dave! Every place like this is hit or miss. Sometimes I get ignored and end up jerking off in the video room, sometimes I get fucked and sucked multiple times!

You should not judge one of these places on one visit. I am a pale white chub, and I usually get some action according to when I show up. Rarely, I said I end up jerking off. Patience is the name of the game here, unless you are an Adonis.

I stop here all the time and have had a tremendous range of experiences. The great ones sustain me through the bad ones.
Published or Edited on 02/08/17
Birmingham Metro : Birmingham : Alabama Adult Books : Review: Feb 02 2017
Seems to be a lot more action since the remodel.

I was passing through town in September and started playing with an older Black guy who had the prettiest black dick and boy did I suck on it!

FYI, I removed a reference that could possibly get the guy in trouble with his job. I know you want him to be there again! ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 02/08/17
New Jersey : South Amboy : Video Flixx : Review: Feb 02 2017
I've gone a handful of times and have yet to leave without someone swallowing my load. Workers don't bother you and the place is clean. Haven't seen too many trolls. Like all places it can be hit or miss.

Prior to my most recent visit I had a wonderful experience. I'm 5'8", 195 pounds, well-built, 40, and have just under 8” average thickness. In walks a 30-something-year-old 6' thin long-haired guy, very feminine looking, lean nice legs in as tight jeans as one could wear. If he had tits you would have thought he was a woman. Magnificent ass, average bulge, nice lips. Clearly I was instantly attracted and interested.

I got him in the oversized booth, immediately stuck my tongue down his throat, and grabbed his ass as he did the same to me. At some point I spun him around and pulled his pants down just enough to expose that fine firm ass that I fingered and tongued for quite some time as I jerked my cock. Eventually he got to the point where he couldn...
Published or Edited on 02/08/17
Phoenix Metro : Phoenix : LA Fitness : Review: Feb 01 2017
A hot muscular man blew my big dick in the showers.
Published or Edited on 02/08/17
South Carolina : North Augusta : Mae Video by Love Shack : Review: Feb 01 2017 by Brian
I was here January 28, 2017 and it was open and I got some action in the booth. Good movies, big couches, good to fit four people on. I wish there were more people that went here.
Published or Edited on 02/08/17
New Jersey : Union : Moviethon Video : Review: Feb 01 2017 by njone
I prefer the Moviethon annex, across Rt. 22 on the Eastbound side. It's more private with four rooms, couches, etc. You can get naked and it's a nicer crowd. Sometimes couples and women also.

Have seen and had some real nice activities there.

Thanks so much for the extra info! If the annex has a separate address, let me know so I can give it separate page for Reviews. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 02/08/17
San Francisco Metro : Belmont : Notre Dame de Namur University : Review: Jan 31 2017 by ReadyNwilling
I'm a student and for the past two years it's always dead. Would give anything for some quick and easy hook-up. Total NSA cocksucker here.

Campus security drives up every now and then.

If you are going to hang out for a while, go pick up a day parking pass. It's only $2. Put it on your dash and you won't get hassled.
Published or Edited on 02/08/17
New Jersey : Avenel : Adult Variety Store : Review: Jan 31 2017
Been stopping in here on and off for years, hit or miss, all ages, races, trolls, etc. The last time I stopped in on a Saturday around 4 pm the place was empty. I stayed for a few minutes and decided to leave. As I was pulling out I noticed a car pulling in and a flash of blonde hair so of course I went right back in.

She was all set up in the very last stall, legs to die for, nylon short skirt, padded bra, head to toe looked really hot. I immediately dumped in my money and pulled out my aching throbbing cock 7.5” by 5” hard as could be. I was really turned on.

She was completely shaved. I couldn't contain myself, I started tugging on her cock. I was shockingly surprised to find a thick mushroom head by the time I got my mouth on it. She was poking out of her skirt. I licked and tongued her ass then worked my way to the cock again just under 8" I would guess.

We were all alone, no one came in the entire time we were sucking each other. I couldn't hold back any ...
Published or Edited on 02/07/17
New York : Buffalo : University at Buffalo North Campus - Alumni Arena Gym : Review: Jan 31 2017 by Joe
Heads Up! There are now signs prohibiting sexual misconduct and contact on both the sauna and steam room. Also, the sign states you need to wear a bathing suit in the sauna and steam room. Not sure what happened, but the facility knows what's up. Still cruisy though.
Published or Edited on 02/07/17
New Mexico : Albuquerque : Adult Video : Review: Jan 31 2017 by weekend_boy
I used to love going to this adult store, but there's no point in going here anymore. Management finally "cracked down" on all the activity in the theatre by turning that are into a stripper joint. If that's your thing, though, then go for it!

I didn't go into the arcade booths to see if the large gloryholes were still there or not, but who cares? Without the main theatre room where all the real hot sex happened, it's not even worth it IMO to wait in an arcade booth waiting for cock while you're wasting money powering the arcade video.

This was easily one of the best NSA hookup spots in this city due to its location next to a truck stop, but it's no longer a legit spot to cruise. Oh well. At least I had fun times here.
Published or Edited on 02/07/17
Long Island Metro : Huntington : Pure Pleasure : Review: Jan 30 2017 by Oromis
Love getting sucked here every chance I get.
Published or Edited on 02/07/17
Washington Metro : Washington : Glorious Health Club : Review: Jan 30 2017 by Jim
I visit this club two or three times a month during afternoons. Weekends and holidays are best. Clientele are mostly Black. There is no reason more white guys should not cum here, especially in view of lack of alternatives.

I like to wear sexy underwear and not much else, enjoy sucking cock and getting sucked and fucked. Hope to see you there!
Published or Edited on 02/07/17
Cleveland Metro : Beachwood : La Place Shopping Center : Review: Jan 30 2017 by steve
Good spot on Saturdays.
Published or Edited on 02/07/17
Long Island Metro : Brentwood : Sinderella's Adult Center : Review: Jan 30 2017 by Jim
Went here this past Saturday night about 8. Two really muscled black guys brought me to the couch area. They stripped off my clothes and tag-teamed me in front of about six hungry looking guys. Their cocks were huge and I enjoyed every minute.

Great place, going back for more.
Published or Edited on 02/07/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Eros Video : Review: Jan 29 2017 by Frank P
Just a positive comment about this place. Tip: Park in the back. You must go through an alley to reach the back. Friday around 8 pm I got here and to my surprise a guy was getting fucked. He was in the passenger seat of a service van, telephone or cable company, by a bear-type shaven head guy pants down. They never stopped until the guy finished.

OMG when he moved to pull his pants up I could not believe the thickness of that dick and the perfect mushroom lemon-sized head. The guy in the van never moved so I went and did the same: Pounded his semen-cum-filled ass with mine. Not sure he felt anything after that monster dick he had before me. Two guys were watching from their cars as they smoke their cigarettes.

After I came I went inside the theatre. Seven bucks to get in. No one was inside the theatre so I decided just to watch the nice porn. About a half hour later another big corpulent bear type guy got in and pulled his pants down to j/o. I moved to a seat a row behind him, pu...
Published or Edited on 02/06/17
North Carolina : Apex : Old Nature Bird Observation Point : Review: Jan 29 2017 by jcooltool
Haven't been in about a year. Last time by the parking lot was "open," but a bunch of stupid a-holes were just sitting in their cars.

This used to be the premiere cruising spot in the Triangle. Then it got raided and they had a controlled burn. All the good cover was gone.

However, it's back now, and hopefully the cruising has picked back up.

Thanks for the tip! I saw our map location was way off, so I moved it close to Jordan Lake, like the directions say. Let me know if it needs to be moved again. This helps other cruisers find it if they use the Quick Search. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 02/06/17
California : Santa Barbara : Franceschi Park : Review: Jan 28 2017 by gloryholemaker
Went here a while ago, mostly empty except in the evening. The old gloryhole is still sealed up, but can easily be re-opened.
Published or Edited on 02/06/17
California : Santa Barbara : For Adults Only : Review: Jan 28 2017 by gloryholemaker
Very fun with many holes. Always fun to stop by in the afternoon. Mostly older crowd, but still lots of opportunities to suck, get sucked, and more.
Published or Edited on 02/06/17
California : Santa Barbara : For Adults Only : Review: Jan 28 2017 by chrs930
The back has been remodeled. It is now one aisle. One side has small booths with gloryholes, the other has midsized booths. The entry fee has gone up; it is now $10 for two $5 coupons. Other than that, still the same great place.
Published or Edited on 02/06/17
Indiana : Osceola : Pleasureland Museum : Review: Jan 28 2017 by dudestheone
All gloryholes in each booth are generously sized. Theatre also available with decent vids. Place is kept clean and well-run.
Published or Edited on 02/06/17
Rhode Island : Providence : Adult Video & News : Review: Jan 27 2017 by abwg28
I believe this place is back in full swing and doing well these days. I've been a few times over the last several months when it appeared they had changed their name from Flixxx to Hush Boutique. I don't normally write reviews but I thought this piece of info and others findings were worth mentioning.

Mostly it has improved over the problems they had before, where it was too well lit and the gloryholes were a problem. Now, the lighting and music are pretty cool, still only five bucks to get in. They haven't solved all the gloryhole issues as some are directly above benches so you have to squat with your knees far apart if you want to get any action. There is one booth however where one side has no bench so whoever occupies it tends to stay there and attempt to do all the sucking.

Lunch hour is particularly busy I have noticed, and that wasn't the case a month or so ago. I think the number of guys going has really increased. Just can't really tell if they'r...
Published or Edited on 02/06/17
Maryland : Germantown : Wegmans : Review: Jan 27 2017
Yes! That's the one!

Thanks! That Home Depot now has a page of its own. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 02/06/17
Tampa Bay Metro : Temple Terrace : Lettuce Lake Regional Park : Review: Jan 26 2017 by latinouncut10
Someone at Lettuce Lake Park? I'm new here.
Published or Edited on 02/06/17
Nashville Metro : Smyrna : Nice Mill Dam : Review: Jan 26 2017
What's the best time to go here? Never had any luck.
Published or Edited on 02/06/17
Maryland : Edgewood : Bush River Books & Video : Review: Jan 26 2017 by eastcoastvers
New-ish guy bi, attractive in my 40s, loves to suck cock and really loves getting fucked. Looking for a FWB with a nice cock for regular meetings. If you have a nice hard cock 6.5+ and want to swap message me through my Profile page.
Published or Edited on 01/28/17
San Jose Metro : Santa Clara : Lawrence Health Spa : Review: Jan 26 2017
Spent several hours here on a Wednesday evening. It got very busy, especially after 7:30 pm. Even a few hot guys cycled through. Dozens of nude men, right next to each other, chatting away. Mostly straight, so still almost no cruising.

But I made eye contact with one cute guy who was looking. We took it to the one room where hardly anyone goes — the bathroom — for some fast mutual sucking. He came quickly in my mouth. I swallowed.
Published or Edited on 01/28/17
Kansas : Topeka : Moonlight Adult Boutique 4 : Review: Jan 26 2017 by Neverenuf
Tuesday afternoon, mid January. Usual trolls and geriatric set pulling on doors and shuffling, but I did take three young loads in about an hour. Many booths "out of order," but plenty of fun to be had if you're patient!
Published or Edited on 01/28/17
Denver Metro : Denver : Pleasures Adult Entertainment : Review: Jan 25 2017 by bjnass
Stopped by at lunch on a Thursday and the arcade was pretty active. One guy came in my booth offering to fuck my ass so I dropped my pants and bent over while he slipped on a condom, lubed up, and then he drove it home!

He fucked me for what seemed like a half hour then he pulled out and ate my ass. As I was cumming he hammered it back home and fucked me hard until he pulled out his cock, pulled the rubber, and shot a huge load across my face!

This place is A+ in my book!
Published or Edited on 01/28/17
Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill Metro : Durham : Duke University - Perkins & Bostock Libraries : Review: Jan 25 2017 by dukeathlete
Bostock has been remodeled. There's no big holes but there's some good understall action on the first basement level of Bostock. The ones by the Link are good after hours but can be quite busy during the day. The ones by the maps are a good place for more involved fun. Just remove the toilet paper from the peep holes as a sign you're looking.
Published or Edited on 01/28/17
Oklahoma : Henryetta : Tiger Mountain Rest area : Review: Jan 23 2017 by Hungry586
Eastbound side is closed due to road construction on I-40. Hopefully will be open again by the time warmer weather arrives.
Published or Edited on 01/24/17
Kentucky : Prestonsburg : Jenny Wiley State Park : Review: Jan 23 2017 by easypussy
Older bottom looking for older men to use me around Dewey Lake.

Go to easypussy's Profile Page to make a connection. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 01/24/17
Dallas/Fort Worth Metro : Fort Worth : Texas Motor Speedway : Review: Jan 22 2017 by BiBuddy
So is this place still cruisy? They've got an off-road show coming up March 11-12, 2017. I wouldn't mind checking out the showers while there.
Published or Edited on 01/24/17
New Jersey : South Amboy : Video Flixx : Review: Jan 22 2017 by BigWhiteDik
This place is okay. Usually a bunch of trolls there that don’t know how to take a hint or straight up how to take no for an answer. Sometimes they can be too annoying so I’ll bounce. But it’s hit or miss. Sometimes I’ll find a delicious cock to suck on and milk. Other times I leave there without doing a single thing with a soul.

I’m a cute white dude, early 30’s with a big cut dick. Went tonight and a bunch of trolls but eventually an attractive Latin dude came in and we played til I busted. Usually I’ll just go there when I need poppers because they are way less expensive than the place in Woodbridge. But the one in Woodbridge usually has a slightly better selection of "clientele."

This place has potential to be awesome. But the one thing they need to do is update their gay porn playing in the booths. Jesus it’s like I’m stuck in 1991 with their porn. Give us more recent porn, bareback porn, just better. And for some r...
Published or Edited on 01/24/17
Chicago Metro : Roselle : Exotic Adult Books & Videos : Review: Jan 22 2017 by mywifecindy68
Cindy and I are starting to plan our return to here in the Spring. We want to wait until then so she can wear very little and not freeze. We want to hear from all of you who have been here recently. Are there gloryholes? Do any of the buddy glass booths work? Do they have booths for two or more?
Published or Edited on 01/23/17
Mexico : Mazatlán : PP Club : Review: Jan 21 2017 by EcoSIstemas
Heads Up! This morning around 4 am I was enjoying a nice deep blow job when a guy pulled my wallet out of my back pocket. Using the intense light app in his cell phone my cocksucker shined the guy. After a very intense and bothersome argument, the thug gave me the wallet back. Of course the money was gone. Sorry for all the guys with their pants down.

Tip: If you're entering the dark room: No money. No wallet. No jewelry and I will add no cell phone, no keys. No nada!

Great reminder!

When in any dark room or play space, it's always best to leave valuables in a safe space or at home. This is why sexclubs and bathhouses have lockers, of course, and why some guys keep the minimal ID and cash in their boots, wristband, or an inaccessible pocket. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 01/23/17
Phoenix Metro : Phoenix : Pleasure World : Review: Jan 21 2017
Met a very attractive blonde boy in his late 20's, sucked my big cock and swallowed my load.
Published or Edited on 01/23/17
Winston-Salem/Greensboro/High Point Metro : Winston-Salem : New Vision Video : Review: Jan 21 2017 by jcooltool
Place is not closed. But there is no arcade. I met a guy there a few months back. We stood around waiting for another guy to leave.

When he did, the guy behind the counter came around and got on his knees. Started sucking the other guy, while I stroked.

Then the other guy got on his knees and they both started sucking me. I gave them both a facial. Guy that worked there said come back, and he'd give me a free membership, and anything else I desired. :)
Published or Edited on 01/23/17
San Francisco Metro : San Leandro : PSY Health Town Spa - Hang Bang Sauna : Review: Jan 20 2017 by Jared
This place is great. Lots of guys looking to play or just watch. The staff walks around so watch out but they keep the place clean. There's this one aggressive guy who sits in the corners of the steam room and jerks off. Kinda off putting when you're not interested but oh well.
Published or Edited on 01/23/17
Indianapolis Metro : Indianapolis : 501 Eagle Tavern : Review: Jan 19 2017 by Geo
501 is closed permanently. Building has been sold and plans are for it to be developed into housing.

Thanks so much for the update, though I'm sorry to see them go. I did a quick search and found this:

Indy’s 501 Eagle to close Oct. 15

Too many of our important and historic community spaces — yes, bars — keep closing these days. Let's resolve to support them more in 2017. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 01/23/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : 77 Hundred Sports & Spirits : Review: Jan 19 2017 by Curious but shy
Can someone tell me how to find a man who will fuck me?

I have traded oral before but never had a man's cock in me before. I am very nervous about meeting someone. I thought about going to a theatre but I am afraid a man at a theatre wont be patient with me and I am scared it will hurt my first time. I have used a dildo but have been wanting the real thing to see if I like it.

I am in El Paso through the weekend I leave on Monday 23 Jan. I will appreciate any suggestions. I am 47 and want a one time thing.

[i]This type of question really doesn't belong here in the Sex Listings, since these are Reviews of places, what happens there, and occasional general questions about a place. However, I'm publishing it anyhow so you'll get a better idea how to use CFS.

CFS is a membership site, although it has anonymous "guest" Reviews on the Sex Listings. It would really be better if you [url=]Register as a ...
Published or Edited on 01/20/17
Mexico : Mazatlan : Baños Sodomas : Review: Jan 19 2017 by EcoSIstemas
I am in total disagreement with the last comment. The place is very clean with a very reasonable entrance fee.

Yesterday was my first time. Plenty of action at the steam room, the labyrinth, and the video room. Nice quiet bar with flat screen TV's and a handsome bartender. The masseur was very proper and the massage very relaxing.

I do recommend the place to any visitor.
Published or Edited on 01/20/17
Tennessee : Pioneer : Adult World : Review: Jan 19 2017 by Miffedone
Usually six to nine cars in the parking lot, some of which are employees. Arcade is $10 anytime except Friday after 3 pm and all day Saturday. Closed Sunday. Another $10 gets you into the theater, which is usually empty. Fourteen booths, five gloryholes — barely big enough for your dick, but they get the job done. Video screens run continuously, free, when they work.

Mostly older clientele during the day, a better mix outside working hours. I've seen couples in there, mostly in the shopping area, and I've been sucked off by a woman on the other side of the gloryhole, but it's 99% male.

Fairly clean, booths are cramped but adequate for two, lounge area for resting in between. I have dropped many a load here, the staff is *always* polite.
Published or Edited on 01/20/17
Massachusetts : Billerica : North Billerica "T" Station : Review: Jan 19 2017 by TasteyFred
Nice place to get some head or fuck so if anyone's interested kik me or go there around 4.

Please keep your contact info — including kik — in your Profile page. When you edit your Profile, put it under "Best Ways to Contact You Outside of CFS" ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 01/20/17
Tampa Bay Metro : Tampa : Adult World : Review: Jan 19 2017 by n2Action
I recently visited this fine establishment and was not disappointed. It set me back $15 for the fob and admission to both the theatre and arcade areas and they pretty much lived up to the billing on other posts.

I saw/had action in all three theatre areas, and ended up dropping my load via a gloryhole in the arcade. Was there a couple hours and played to my heart's content.
Published or Edited on 01/20/17
Illinois : Washington Park : Larry Flynt's Hustler Club : Review: Jan 18 2017 by bj4unstl
Went on a Wednesday afternoon, between 12:30 pm and 3:30 pm. It was extremely busy, easily between twenty and thirty men of all ages having a good time in both theatres and booths. There was M2M action even in the straight theatre.

The majority were white, with a few Black and a couple Latinos. A wide range of ages. Also, a good mix of professionals, blue collar, and farmers.

I had a great time, gave four blowjobs to completion and teased three others.

Others complain about the $15 wristband. I think it has improved the crowd. Staff does not hassle customers, they leave things alone so everyone can have a good time.
Published or Edited on 01/20/17
Detroit Metro : Troy : Somerset Collection : Review: Jan 18 2017 by Anono
The cruisy restrooms were recently remodeled, which has cut down on most of the action. Be sure to look for close guys on the social apps apps though. There's always someone nearby looking to hook up.

Thanks for the info! CFS has the places; if no one's cruising, just go out and get 'em. ;-) ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 01/20/17
Chicago Metro : Chicago : Ogilvie Transportation Center (Chicago OTC) : Review: Jan 18 2017 by Nick
Got a quick blowjob after work from a hot daddy.
Published or Edited on 01/19/17

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