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Pennsylvania : Pulaski : Adult Land : Review: Dec 02 2016
Great spot, relatively clean, always people ready to be sucked or to suck you. I have never been here and not sucked at least one cock and usually get my cock sucked as well.

I have been fucked over the couch while sucking cock too. It is a hot spot, not to miss.
Published or Edited on 12/12/16
New York : Wurtsboro : Basha Kill Wildlife Preserve : Review: Dec 02 2016 by purenergy88
Is this place still active? If so, which parking lot is the best to use? There are multiples.
Published or Edited on 12/12/16
North Carolina : Wilmington : Sweet Vibrations : Review: Dec 01 2016 by Bill
This place is great. Slipped into a gloryhole booth and got sucked and sucked. He then invited me to go to a larger room, where we 69'ed until we both came like crazy. Another time I joined a girl and her boyfriend in the big room with a bed.
Published or Edited on 12/12/16
Hawaii : Hilo : Honoli'i Beach : Review: Dec 01 2016 by Koalat53
This map needs editing. The beach is north of Hilo, not south!

Thanks very much for letting me know! Many of the places added to the CFS database years ago had incorrect or inexact addresses which caused the GPS coordinates for the map, which had been created through an automated process, to come up incorrectly.

I rely so much on cruisers like you to let me know when things need correction, and I'm very grateful. I've revised this as best I can given our current software.

Now, with this correction can you also please let us know if the beach or the toilet is still cruisy and what happens there? Our most recent Review before this was in 2006. Thanks! ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 12/13/16
Hawaii : Ninole : Waikaumalo Park : Review: Dec 01 2016 by Koalat53
Please edit your map. Ninole is north and west of Hilo, but the spot pointed out on the map is south and west!

Thanks so much! I'm grateful to you and all the other cruisers who help improve these Sex Listings with their corrections.

I posted an explanation of the error on your review of Honoli'i Beach. As with that location, could you also please give provide an update on whether it's still cruisy and what happens there? Thanks again. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 12/13/16
Thailand : Bangkok : Adonis Massage : Review: Dec 01 2016 by Thai Lover
Visited in early October 2016 and it had been abandoned for other premises.

Thanks for the update. I found a message from the owner posted at Nicky's Gay Bangkok confirming Adonis is closed here but hopes to reopen elsewhere. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 12/12/16
Atlanta Metro : Atlanta : Flex Atlanta : Review: Dec 01 2016 by josh
Skip it. Manager is rude and entitled. After few times, I have decided to go somewhere else. It's almost always empty.
Published or Edited on 12/12/16
Atlanta Metro : Atlanta : Manifest4u : Review: Dec 01 2016 by Mike
The place is well taken care of but they don't use the space as they should, which makes the club look very small. A large area wasted for the TV lounge and another for computers should be used for rooms and cruising areas. Also there's excessive amount of lights and TV sets.
Published or Edited on 12/12/16
Maryland : Edgewood : Pulaski Video : Review: Dec 01 2016 by Benny024
Late review: I stopped in here one day this last summer. I leaned against the 4" railing by the door, exposed my white ass, and began to slowly jerk my cock. A couple of minutes later, a guy came up behind me and began rubbing his cockhead up and down my ass crack.

Long story short, he couldn't get his cock hard enough to penetrate me. Upon apologizing, he asked if he could blow me while his wife finger-fucked me?!? Even though I had never experienced anal stimulation from a woman, I readily agreed.

Upon putting a condom over two of her slender fingers and then lubing them, she not only easily slid them up my ass, she quickly found my prostate. OMG. This woman had my horny ass dancing and bucking within minutes as her hubby sucked my swelling cock.

As my stimulation increased, I was forced to grab onto the railing with both hands to steady myself. However, I was soon overwhelmed. I began making loud moaning sounds as she worked my ass over and as her hubby edged me to ...
Published or Edited on 12/09/16
Los Angeles Metro : North Hollywood : Jason's II Adult Bookstore : Review: Nov 30 2016 by sbays
So they have re-opened the gloryholes here? I went a while back and they had closed them all up.
Published or Edited on 12/09/16
Maryland : Lexington Park : Plaza Books and Video : Review: Nov 30 2016 by Bob
Had quite an experience one weekend this last summer. Upon entering the booth, I removed my shorts. Seeing a young Black guy spying me through the gloryhole, I flashed him my naked white ass. A few minutes later, my greased anus was pressed against the gloryhole and I was grunting softly as his BBC plowed my tight rectum. However, after only a couple of minutes, he pulled out of my ass and left.

About fifteen minutes later, someone knocked on my booth door. I opened it to see the Black dude boldly standing there, fully clothed, but holding his completely erect, glistening nine inches. Apparently, he didn't find a better mouth or ass. Anyway, he told me to turn around and bend over.

When I happily complied, he pushed his cock all up my ass, grabbed my hips, and began to fuck me — with my booth door wide open! He either didn't care or know that the lady, not the blonde, at the front desk could clearly see him sodomizing me via the hallway cameras. Yes, he deposited on...
Published or Edited on 12/09/16
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Fiesta Drive-In Theatre : Review: Nov 30 2016 by Augustine
For the last three weeks Fiesta has ben basically dead. Very little to no action. The cold weather makes it impossible to fuck and get oral in the nude outside, so very little action inside. The gay theatre now has video cameras and occasionally the manager will get in and ask you to keep moving.

My last three visits ended in just JO by myself.

So let's wait for next summer.
Published or Edited on 12/09/16
Long Island Metro : Brentwood : Sinderella's Adult Center : Review: Nov 30 2016 by Receive head
I've been waiting to try this place out but I'm shy. Are there booths with holes or do you have to be in the same room?
Published or Edited on 12/09/16
Pittsburgh Metro : Beaver Falls : Kmart : Review: Nov 29 2016 by Woodfordsguy
Kmart has closed up this store.
Published or Edited on 12/12/16
Phoenix Metro : Phoenix : Paradise Adult Boutique : Review: Nov 29 2016 by On the DL
Str8 but there's something I love about the adult theatre. The smell of cum and Pine-Sol is overwhelming, and a whole room full of guys all jacking and sucking can be pretty hot. I like to come here sometimes just to jack off. Sometimes I'll suck or get sucked if I'm feeling it. It can be hit or miss here, but I've had some damn good times.

I was here recently sitting in the back row jacking off when two guys sat next to me. If you're not interested, generally people are pretty cool about it but you do get an occasional douchebag that can't seem to take no for an answer. I don't care if they want to discretely watch me jack off, but to openly stare is unsettling at times. This kills the boner.

Anyway my new friends on either side of me are getting into it, so I reach over and start jacking my buddy on the left. I leaned over and started sucking him off, but he stopped me after a little bit. Either he was freaked out or wasn't ready to cum yet. The...
Published or Edited on 12/09/16
New York City Metro : Manhattan : Bijou Film Forum : Review: Nov 29 2016 by steve
What's the nearest subway to this theatre please, anyone?

Zoom in on the Google Map on this page and there's several close ones. I hope someone local can make the best suggestion. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 12/09/16
Miami Metro : Miami : Curiotica Adult Store : Review: Nov 29 2016
Closed. Front and back entrance locked and no sign indicating a store is here anymore.

It's strange that their web site is still online, but Google's Street View shows an empty store in an empty strip center. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 12/12/16
New Jersey : Hoboken : New York Sports Club : Review: Nov 29 2016
Weekend afternoons are great, loads of guys who cruise in the sauna and suck in the steam room. The locker room's cruisy also.

Real mix, straight guys with wedding rings, gay guys, white, Black, Latino, some Asian. Young guys hanging out looking to get sucked, other young guys jerking. A couple of Latin guys — one buff, one fat — and a hairy black guy are sure bets to give you a BJ.

Be discreet, watch the doors for each other so no one gets in trouble. Staff are aware and look the other way but don't get bold. Not everyone's there for this so be considerate.
Published or Edited on 12/09/16
North Carolina : Fayetteville : Peaches Adult Boutique and Arcade : Review: Nov 28 2016 by built4u
I got my sissy ass fucked good here and I will be back!
Published or Edited on 12/09/16
Chicago Metro : Roselle : Exotic Adult Books & Videos : Review: Nov 28 2016 by chichi
Stopped by today, weather sucked so not too crowded. Better than typical mix of guys.

A tall Cubs fan with a long thick dark cock gave me some company and I tried damn hard to get that big knob down my throat. We swapped BJs and he let me work the kind of great cock I don't get very often.

Great day to be out for fun.
Published or Edited on 12/07/16
China : Hong Kong : Ice House Street Public Toilet : Review: Nov 28 2016 by kimlo777
Can someone please give me the exact location of this public toilet? Thank you in advance.

I found it on Google, and there's even a GovHK page for it which I won't link to here; if they see a link from CFS in their web site analytics it would draw attention.

Here's the Google Map. I'll update this page, too, but CFS' archaic software is less precise. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 12/07/16
Pennsylvania : Liverpool : Adult Depot : Review: Nov 28 2016 by Jerry
Since this place is a memory, I would like to know where everyone hangs out now. There were so many regulars and a good amount of the time there were lots of "new faces."

Where did everybody go? This place always meant a good time.

I hope you get some suggestions from other cruisers. You might also try using the search near the top of the page where it says Find ________________ (optional) within ___ miles of US Zip Code ________ ). I left the first box blank and searched within 25 miles of Zip Code 17045. There's a couple places in Duncannon that have good Reviews from this year. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 12/07/16
Pennsylvania : Bentleyville : Adultmart : Review: Nov 28 2016
Stopped in on Nov 22. I was pretty horny. I was wearing black stockings and garters and pink string panties under my guy clothes.

I went in one booth and found a crossdresser in the booth and she was a total turn-on. I dropped my pants exposing my panties and stockings and she pulled my cock out and gave me the most amazing blow job I've had in a long time.

There were two guys there watching us. It was so hot having them watching me in my panties and stockings and with a crossdresser. Luv this place.
Published or Edited on 12/07/16
Texas : Huntsville : Sam Houston State University, Lee Drain Building : Review: Nov 27 2016 by Lshsu
There's a hole in progress in the CHSS second floor mens restroom.

I'll add a new page for the CHSS. Holes on campus are always having to move. Good luck! ~ Editor

Update Dec 20: The CHSS page is now online.

Published or Edited on 12/20/16
Texas : Huntsville : Sam Houston State University, CHSS Building : Review: Nov 27 2016 by Lshsu
There's a hole in progress in the CHSS second floor mens restroom.
Published or Edited on 12/20/16
Key West Metro : Key West : Boca Chica Beach : Review: Nov 27 2016 by fulcrum
I stopped by Boca Chica Beach a few weeks ago when I was in the Keys for the weekend. I wanted to see how this place had changed. On the plus side, the beach area is wider and sandier than I remembered from years ago. There were a variety of men and two M/F couples laying out. The old roadway is all washed out and I had to wade through spots where the underlying road bed had washed out completely.

A guy who I would estimate was in his mid 60's who I met there said that the washed out road actually encouraged more nudity on the beach beyond the washout. He took me on a little tour of the area beyond the boulders. We ended up on a little sandy beach near an inlet to waters that had signs warning not to enter the adjacent naval air station. As we poked around on the path, the bugs got more intense so we retreated back to the an open air section that had a good breeze.

As we stood there in the breeze, I recounted some of my past exploits there including some group scenes and a co...
Published or Edited on 12/07/16
Orange County Metro : Santa Ana : Campesino Park : Review: Nov 27 2016
Always meeting guys. It's usually in my car and making contact with other guys in cars or walking into restroom. I've had car fun to restroom fun.

I'm always horny and looking for dick to suck or get sucked. I always stop here while running errands or just have some time to check things out. Usually around 10 am to 1 pm. Let's meet up.

Thanks for the Review! Since you're not a CFS Member guys can't contact you here. I hope they'll respond by just showing up when you're at the park. Have fun! ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 12/07/16
North Carolina : Fayetteville : Peaches Adult Boutique and Arcade : Review: Nov 27 2016 by str8 guy
Well I went a week ago on a Sunday morning and there were a couple of people there. I went into the movie area and watched a couple of clips that got me semi-hard. Then I started to stroke my cock and got hard and an older man wanted to enjoy my hardness. He went and got another guy to come and watch as he sucked me dry.

Nice time and it only took about fifteen minutes for action. Usually it takes about two to three hours. What a relief.
Published or Edited on 12/07/16
New York City Metro : Manhattan : Vishara Video : Review: Nov 26 2016 by dlpadgett1
Wonderful time at this location. My young bride was with me. Huge gloryholes. Removed her blouse and bra. Gave me a instant, rock hard prick. A guy sucked on her nipples. Much more happened.
Published or Edited on 12/07/16
Washington Metro : Washington : Glorious Health Club : Review: Nov 26 2016 by bottombill
Went to the club last Thursday night. Got naked and started walking around, ended up in the video room stoking my cock while watching the video. A guy came in, looked around, and came up and began sucking my dick. it was really good. He was wearing a hoodie, and stopped sucking me when someone else came in. Turns out it was just a tease.

I sat there stroking my dick for a few minutes and a guy came in and started playing with my dick. He liked how fat it was, and asked if I would fuck him. I told him I needed to go get my cock ring and would be back.

I headed for my locker, which is near the entrance to the sauna. As I got near, I saw the hoodie guy waving me into the sauna. I followed him in and sat down on one of the corner seats spreading my legs as wide as I could. He knelt down and began sucking my dick again.

I slid forward a little and asked him to play with my asshole. He slid one of his fingers into my asshole playing expertly with my hole while sucking my dick. It wa...
Published or Edited on 12/06/16
New Mexico : Santa Fe : Arcade News : Review: Nov 26 2016 by Fred
Not much action. Waste of time.
Published or Edited on 12/06/16
Los Angeles Metro : Los Angeles : Lions Spa : Review: Nov 26 2016 by Alex
This is one of the best old-school Korean spas in Los Angeles with an amazing sleep room where anything goes! Sadly, Sunday the 27th is to their last day in business and they are shutting down forever. Let's make it a night to remember!

I'm sorry that the lag time for editing, approval, and publishing Reviews made yours on Nov 26 too late to post before that date. I had just looked at Lions Spa a few weeks ago and didn't see the closing on Google or Yelp, but it's there now. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 12/06/16
Massachusetts : Merrimac : Rest area : Review: Nov 26 2016 by n/a
The stalls have had the walls covered in steel, though it appears that someone's tried to drill through in a spot. The area is still full of guys cruising usually but no more gloryhole. I blew a fellow young guy in his car in the lot.
Published or Edited on 12/06/16
Vermont : Barre : Planet Rock : Review: Nov 26 2016 by handyman12901
Went here with a friend just before lunch time a couple of weeks ago. Love how the modern booths are staggered about in a maze with dim lighting. We were the only ones there so he blew me in one of the booths. Another guy showed up just as we finished. Wished he had come a little earlier.

I can't get there often but certainly hope it stays around and guys support it.

Many men are nervous about going to video booths because they don't know what to expect or how to act to get sex. Trust me, it's easier than you think and the guys you meet are typically very respectful and as horny as you are. The worst thing than can happen is you approach someone and they shake their head no or say no thanks. And that's all you have to do if someone approaches you, just say yes or no. It's really that simple.
Published or Edited on 12/06/16
San Francisco Metro : Belmont : Notre Dame de Namur University : Review: Nov 26 2016 by Willem
Stopped by on a Wednesday, late afternoon early evening just at sunset. Parked in the lot — there were very few cars — and soon another car appeared and parked right next to me.

The guy was jacking his cock and I joined him in his car. We jacked off together and then he licked the cum off my cock.

He said it's hit or miss, but that some weekdays at noon or weekday evenings there are a few guys and the occasional NDNU student who cruise the parking lot.
Published or Edited on 12/06/16
New York : Plattsburgh : Wild Dreams Video : Review: Nov 26 2016 by handyman12901
Been five times in the last thee months and always found someone to suck me off. Seems like it is getting a little busier, maybe due to the colder weather. You might wait fifteen or thirty minutes depending on what you are looking for. It is typically dead after 9 pm according to the clerk, even though they stay open until 11 pm.

Definitely not an upscale place but it's functional and fun! Hope more guys will start checking it out. Would hate to see it go out of business.

There are ten working booths with video machines. A $3 entry fee buys you 3 tokens. Each token gets you 3 minutes and 15 seconds of video. Video machines take bills or tokens. A dollar bill also lasts 3 minutes and 15 seconds.

No gloryholes or buddywindows. Bathroom-stall-type plywood doors open at the bottom and top. Very dim red lighting and the booths can't be seen from the front desk. Clerks don't hound you to keep feeding the video machines. But if you leave the booth area to go out to the pa...
Published or Edited on 12/06/16
Tokyo Metro : Tokyo : Jin-Ya Bathhouse : Review: Nov 25 2016 by jd
Oh, I had some very good times here back in the day. Lots of country boys who were dying to have sex with a foreigner — age no matter whatsoever.
Published or Edited on 12/06/16
Tokyo Metro : Tokyo : Ginza Station : Review: Nov 25 2016 by jd
Most bathrooms in Japanese train stations are cruisy late at night, especially a few minutes before the last train.
Published or Edited on 12/06/16
Tokyo Metro : Tokyo : 24 Kaikan Asakusa : Review: Nov 25 2016 by JD
I went here many times, 1981 to 1998. It was wonderful. Country boys, military etc. Also they're welcoming to foreigners; most bathhouses are not.

Sundays are the bomb!
Published or Edited on 12/06/16
Thailand : Bangkok : Hawaii Theatre : Review: Nov 25 2016 by josh4u
I went here about six weeks ago. It was down to about ten to fifteen people, Friday around 4 o'clock, including some money boys. After 5 pm some local office workers came and get jerked off in the toilets or near fans inside the theatre. Old guys sit near the screen and jerk off. I find it safe but boring.

Posted by josh4u on the CFS Message Board, the our "decaying web forum", Nov 23 2016. ;-) ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 12/06/16
Boston Metro : Medford : Torbert MacDonald State Park : Review: Nov 25 2016 by Dave
Pretty much a dead place now. All the reeds have been mowed down. Maybe next year.
Published or Edited on 12/06/16
San Antonio Metro : San Antonio : Woodlawn Lake : Review: Nov 25 2016 by jesse
Just came back from here. I instantly met a cock I sucked for about twenty minutes. He shot his hot load of cum in my mouth.

From 3 am to 5 am guaranteed cock to suck. Someone to suck your cock, or a random cock up your ass filling you with cum. Never a disappointment. ;)
Published or Edited on 12/05/16
New Mexico : Las Cruces : Eros Video : Review: Nov 23 2016
Limited action at the arcade, just leave door open. Plenty of action at the parking lot. If they flash their lights, they are waiting for your mouth, hands, or ass.

I love it real late. Make me so horny to jump in a car with a a nice fat uncut one.
Published or Edited on 12/05/16
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Street cruising near Texas and E. Mills Avenues : Review: Nov 23 2016 by Panadero Mejicano
Mixed emotions. If you want a blow job the perfect place is here. I go to work at 9 pm at a bread factory in that area. The cruising is intense at East Mills Ave. between South Dallas St and Poplar St. Better after midnight until about 3 am, then all cruisers go home.

The most action I've seen is behind the warehouses of the newspaper EL Diario. Also if an 18-wheeler truck has door open, it means a dick is waiting for you. I just gave nice head to a trucker in his 50's.

Be safe, so just cruise the new cars and trucks and the 18-wheelers. Plenty of them. Do not follow the guys on bicycles or just walking around. Could means trouble.
Published or Edited on 12/05/16
Ohio : Akron : Xtc Video : Review: Nov 23 2016 by Soldierboy
Stopped by four weeks ago. I met up with a guy that had a buzz cut, second time with him. Unbelievable head. He pushed my legs back towards my head on one of the couches and tongue fucked my ass. Still don't know how I didn't scream so loud everyone would be aware that I just busted.

Usually an older crowd but if you hang out for awhile something good comes along. Will be stopping back in soon.
Published or Edited on 12/05/16
Florida : Panama City : Bonita Bay Outdoor Recreation Area : Review: Nov 23 2016 by James
Really wish people would stop in here. It's so convenient since I work on base. It would be nice to just stop by for a warm mouth and continue my day.

Seeing this, I checked the map pointer and found it was actually at the Earl Gilbert Park Public Boat Ramp on the other side of the bridge. I moved it to a parking lot near the boat ramp at the Bonita Bay Rec. Area on the Tyndall side of the bridge. Hope that helps cruisers be more aware and find it. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 12/05/16
New York City Metro : Queens : Little Neck Video : Review: Nov 23 2016
Can be a decent place if you hit it right. I've swallowed hundreds of loads at this place over the years.
Published or Edited on 12/05/16
Tampa Bay Metro : Saint Petersburg : Demens Landing Park : Review: Nov 23 2016 by anon
I've been here numerous times and days over the last few years and have never found anything going on.
Published or Edited on 12/05/16
Wisconsin : Janesville : Rest Area 17 : Review: Nov 22 2016 by PAUL S
I stop at the rest area all the time. Have never met you, need some action.
Published or Edited on 12/05/16
Newark/Jersey City Metro : Newark : Little Theatre : Review: Nov 22 2016 by MeDP
This place was awesome!

Love playing in front of other horny men! A lot of action, I came four times here.

Published or Edited on 12/02/16

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