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Western Australia : Perth : Pat Goodridge Hockey Centre : Review: Nov 06 2017 by Dew_Drop
Can't yet review how active, only been to check, but one cubicle toilet next to stairs in the center. Locks automatically at 11 pm but nice cozy bushes all around. Best looking one seems to be in the corner near Halesworth Road.
Published or Edited on 11/10/17
Brazil : Belo Horizonte : G World Video : Review: Nov 06 2017 by Sex-Traveler
You enter from the street, pay your R$15, and then enter a small bar area with lockers. There is a small porn theater on the first floor showing straight porn with a bathroom off to one side and also a small darkroom with bench off to the side. Upstairs — stairs are in the lobby with another stairwell to the right of the screen in the first floor theater — is another small theater with three rows of seats showing gay porn. It also has a room off to the side that has a bench with mattress.

I visited twice and both times only a handful of men. First visit played with a couple of guys, first one ended up barebacking me in the toilet and also the back of the first floor theater. Second guy just wanted to get sucked off in the back row of the upstairs theater.
Published or Edited on 11/08/17
Brazil : Belo Horizonte : Sauna Très Chic : Review: Nov 06 2017 by Sex-Traveler
The price has gone up to R$25, but a real bargain for what you get. It looks as though the facility was custom built to be a bathhouse since the rooms are substantial, fulled tiled for easy cleaning, and the place was very clean with regular rounds by a cleaning person. I also did not observe any working boys here. The mix of guys was late 20s and up. I am 63 and did not have a problem finding a connection, even the younger guys had an interest.

I visited on a Sunday late afternoon and the place was very busy. I quickly found myself in a room getting fucked within about ten minutes after I arrived. With a load in my ass I checked out the other rooms. There was a thin guy, probably around 30 face down on a bed with his bare ass up in the air. I feed him some dick and someone else entered the room as I had not locked the door.

I started to fuck the kid bareback while the new guy pulled his large uncut dick out from under his towel and started feeding the bottom while watching me fu...
Published or Edited on 11/08/17
Los Angeles Metro : Pasadena : 24 Hour Fitness - Pasadena Active Gym : Review: Nov 05 2017 by SGVLatin
It still happens, just be discrete about it. Sit and do the usual rub on yourself and check others out.
Published or Edited on 11/08/17
West Virginia : Parkersburg : A to Z Adult Bookstore : Review: Nov 05 2017 by Jinx1113
Hello folks, me again. Had a special time this visit. Finally got to hook up with someone from the CFS community. Much fun. Really excited on the drive to the A to Z, knew someone was waiting to give me a load. Good news, bad news story though.

Good news: He was waiting for me to get on my knees, which I did. After stripping naked, of course. Nice cock for sucking, nice head which I just loved tonguing. I was having a great time sucking and being felt up by the other guy in the room. Then got to work chewing on his bag and this guy just loved that.

Here's the bad news: The other guy jumped in and took his load while I'm chewing on his bag. But not all bad still some of that nasty juicy load was left for a taste, yummy. Also milked another big drop out that cock to savor until next time. Lots of fun. Unfortunately, had to leave right after or I would have stuck around for some more fun, Three more guys came in and they were all looking for blowjobs. Next time!!!
Published or Edited on 11/08/17
Los Angeles Metro : Los Angeles : KLYT : Review: Nov 05 2017 by Visitor9911
Still a great place for Latino men and those who like them. Hot steam room, dry steam room and showers all work well on lower floor. Cabins are run down but functional.
Published or Edited on 11/08/17
Los Angeles Metro : North Hollywood : Jason's II Adult Bookstore : Review: Nov 05 2017 by Visitor9911
Hot place, quite active, gloryholes, lunch times, afternoons, etc.
Published or Edited on 11/08/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : 77 Hundred Sports & Spirits : Review: Nov 05 2017 by Ely
What are the chances of sucking a BBC at this spot? That's what I'm looking for.
Published or Edited on 11/08/17
Phoenix Metro : Surprise : Surprise Community Park : Review: Nov 04 2017 by Bob
I was told it's a good place but been there this times and no luck. Would love to find a nice clean cock to suck and take some warm cum.
Published or Edited on 11/08/17
Austin Metro : Austin : Bull Creek District Park - Lower Bull Creek Greenbelt : Review: Nov 04 2017 by FitMascKnobGobbler
There is a lot of action here. Saw a young dude getting fucked hard. Great for a quick, anonymous, no bullshit release of cum. Good for curious straight dudes. During the day and after the sun goes down.

It can be hit or miss as far as attractive dudes. It's probably 50/50 old and out of shape guys and fit attractive dudes.

Be discreet. Lots of hidden places to be fucked and suck cock. Just clean up after yourself and avoid dog walkers.

Five stars. Be smart, sly and safe.

Thanks so much for the Review and also the location! Although I'm keeping the park address more general, I moved the map pointer to this spot you included: Irving and Hazel Memorial Trail, 1/2, 5343 Old Spicewood Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78731 ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 11/08/17
San Jose Metro : San Jose : Y Not Enterprises : Review: Nov 04 2017
Two places in one! On a recent Friday lunchtime, this place was busy with a decent balance of suckers and suckees, older and not-so-old guys (but zero college guys), blue and white collar, etc. A few hours later, like around 4, it was "busy" with a sad army of suckers and trolls hanging around cock-blocking each other; few suckees and little real action.

Most booths are connected by gloryholes and will accept $1. Staff checked very often for cleanliness and to insist on people feeding the meters, and were otherwise friendly. Two in a booth was no problem. "Get in a booth" was heard only when reasonable due to a number of empty booths. If most booths were in use, staff were then tolerant about people loitering.
Published or Edited on 11/08/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Ascarate Park : Review: Nov 03 2017 by Lalito S.
Avoid the baseball fields Thursdays afternoon. Baseball teams do practice just in front of the mens room previously mentioned so that many cars will mislead you have a cock paradiso.

Instead of going to baseball field, go to the lake. Park and men will park next to you. Action in your car or at the portable johns! I always suck one or two guys. My day off is Thursday. Thanks for posting my comment.
Published or Edited on 11/06/17
New York City Metro : Staten Island : Nitecap Megastore : Review: Nov 03 2017 by NJBigCok
Hey NiceAndHard, yes the place is awesome. Great layout and freedom to do whatever. The places in NJ are just getting so run down, employees always screaming to put money in the booths, etc. They're becoming places that aren't even exciting to go to and bust a nut at anymore. I just wish there were more people at this place when I went, Saturday night. Are there "good" times to go?

Haha no it was definitely a dude who brought his wife there to get fucked. I could hear them all talking in the booth while the guys were taking turns fucking her. Plus I could see their shadows underneath the booth. Even though I didn't join, it was still a hot scenario going on in there.

I'll definitely be back :)
Published or Edited on 11/06/17
New York City Metro : Manhattan : East River Park : Review: Nov 03 2017
Still lots of potential in the bathroom by tennis court, just south of Houston St.
Published or Edited on 11/06/17
Indiana : Gary : Trucker's World : Review: Nov 02 2017 by schulhaf
The best place in the Chicagoland area with gloryholes. About forty minutes from Chicago.

Most all booths have gloryholes. There seem to always be excellent cocksuckers.

Mostly guys above 30 years. Old technology with quarters. $3 minimum plus $1 entrance.

Best times are lunch time, after 3:30 pm, and after 8 pm.
Published or Edited on 11/06/17
South Carolina : Myrtle Beach : Cherry Boxxx : Review: Nov 02 2017 by infopop
After the closure Airport Video finally re-opened under the name Cherry Boxxx. The county continued efforts to keep it closed and appears likely to have succeeded, although the case is being litigated again.

My Horry News: Myrtle Beach area store fights Horry County regs in court

WMBF: Horry County seeks to permanently close Cherry Boxxx

Published or Edited on 11/07/17
West Virginia : Beaver : Airport Video : Review: Nov 02 2017
This is an adult bookstore with video booths with gloryholes and two theaters. They host parties twice a month.
Published or Edited on 11/06/17
San Francisco Metro : Hayward : California State University, East Bay - University Library : Review: Nov 01 2017
Which bathroom? Is it near the entrance on the second floor?
Published or Edited on 11/06/17
New Jersey : Saddle Brook : 24 Hour Fitness - Saddle Brook Sport Gym : Review: Nov 01 2017 by Anon
I was just in here the other day and a guy with a nice long cock just started stroking it and it was getting me hard. Great for voyeur/exhibitionist activity but not really anything else, as expected. But I'm ok with that.
Published or Edited on 11/06/17
Las Vegas Metro : Las Vegas : Imperial Spa : Review: Oct 31 2017 by Vgsbttm
Is this posting/location still active? Going to be here this Thursday morning until into the afternoon. Hope to see lots of cocks swinging.
Published or Edited on 11/06/17
Memphis Metro : Memphis : Paris Theatre - Romantix : Review: Oct 31 2017 by little big boy
This place is closed. The sign on the door suggests that you visit one of the other Romantix locations.
Published or Edited on 11/06/17
Nevada : Reno : Suzies : Review: Oct 30 2017 by Gwmeldoco
Don't bother. The last of the gloryholes have been closed off. Not sure why but maybe it is because the owners have moved more into the "adult boutique" world and away from a place to cruise. The booths are still there but they are dead. The prices for everything else they sell went sky high too. I will say the staff was nice on a Sunday afternoon when I dropped by.
Published or Edited on 11/06/17
Nevada : Reno : Libido Adult Store and Theatre : Review: Oct 30 2017 by Gwmeldoco
I was back in town for a quick business meeting. Hit Suzies first but since they classed the place up they closed off the gloryholes. Cruised in about three on a Sunday afternoon. I think this place picked up as a result.

I ended up sucking and swallowing three different guys and had one guy finger fuck my ass. I was hoping to cum in someone's mouth but there were more cocks than cocksuckers. As a homo I was not into the pussy porn and the place was dirty, as you might expect. But it was a fun time.
Published or Edited on 11/06/17
Toronto Metro : Mississauga : Marie Curtis Park : Review: Oct 30 2017
About a dozen of the men charged in 2016's "Project Marie" operation saw charges withdrawn with the assistance of a group of local lawyers. At least seventy-two men had been ticketed for non-criminal offences and one for a criminal offence at the time.
[indent=10][quote]"In terms of the legal defences, the lesson here is the same as it has been for 30-plus years: that those who choose to fight these types of morality raids tend to be vindicated," [Toronto lawyer Marcus] McCann said.

"The tickets themselves are fairly minor, no more serious than a jaywalking ticket, and yet the consequences for those who are affected by Project Marie can be very, very serious. We know historically that the effect of these kinds of morality raids has been devastating on some of those captured by them, leading to the break-up of families, depression, other mental issues, suicide attempts. These are high-stigma offences."

Toronto police have always denied that Project Mar...
Published or Edited on 11/06/17
Kentucky : Horse Cave : DC's Video : Review: Oct 30 2017 by La la man
This place was horrible!!! Bunch of guys pacing the halls, no talking, same movie playing over and over in the theatre. Some guys playing, but the overall vibe is creepy.
Published or Edited on 11/06/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Fiesta Drive-In Theatre : Review: Oct 30 2017 by Gerry
Hope the Editor considers my post. Last time I was there was in 2012. Saturday I paid a visit. Entrance fee is the same, $6 USD for the back entrance and $5 USD for the front entrance.

The arcade is the same but wide open to get in; close the door and stay as long as you want. Problem, not a single dick showed up for me to suck while I was standing alone like a statue at the hall.

My problem was the two cinemas. Cameras everywhere, and they all go to TV monitors in the front. The attendant was monitoring all the action. That was none!

The real action is in the parking area in the back: behind the bushes, in the cars or outside. Lots of CD's, shemales, and transgenders. Something new for El Paso. Also a very old crowd walking naked.

I got there at 1 am so the young crowd was coming then but mostly bottom boys. After waiting like an hour — I am not into the young crowd — a white jeep parked next to me. A fucking gorgeous Cuban or Rican guy all in black...
Published or Edited on 11/06/17
Ontario : Shelburne : Rest area : Review: Oct 29 2017 by Continental Drifter
Action most weekdays mid-day and weekend evenings. Head to the northwest corner of the park and back into one of the secluded spots. Chances are very good that anyone else backed in is there for the same reason. The trails are behind these parking spots and very hidden from view. Closed through the winter
Published or Edited on 11/06/17
Vermont : Burlington : Burlington Town Center : Review: Oct 29 2017 by barebtmnova
Stopped in on the way out of town for some fun. There was an older guy in the second to last stall, so I took the large end stall at the back.

Although there were several interruptions, I sucked on his beautiful cock until I was finally rewarded with it throbbing as he came in my mouth.

I tried to put him in my ass too, but he declined that option.
Published or Edited on 11/06/17
Phoenix Metro : Scottsdale : Zorba's Adult Shop : Review: Oct 29 2017 by jake8inch
Was visiting and checked out Zorba's on a Wednesday mid-morning. Nice arcade type setup. Tons of channels.

Five minutes after entering my booth a hot Asian biz guy cam in and asked if he could join. We both had our cocks out. I dropped to my knees and he face-fucked me and rewarded me with a hot creamy cum load. He zipped up and left.

Lots of guys in and out. Didn't see any old trolls or any pushy guys. Booths are small but plenty of space for sucking cock! Very clean too.

I will be back next time I'm in town!
Published or Edited on 11/06/17
South Carolina : Honea Path : Hot Spot : Review: Oct 28 2017 by Dbjr73
I'm here a lot and have never been lucky enough to meet anyone for my first time. I'm very curious for a long time and decided to finally experience how great it feels but just haven't been able to find anyone to help me with my desire.
Published or Edited on 11/06/17
Taiwan : Taipei : Rainbow Sauna : Review: Oct 28 2017 by jyhming
This place has closed. I will supply the latest information regarding to this establishment. There was a drug bust at their new location recently with arrests of many famous college professors that was all over the news in Taiwan. I will let you know if there is any new development on that front. Keep tuning in.

Thanks for this and all your updates. I saw TravelGayAsia says the new place is Soi 13in. Is that correct? ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 11/06/17
Taiwan : Taipei : Aniki Health Spa : Review: Oct 28 2017 by jyhming
Went back for Gay Pride in Taiwan and this place was fully packed. The entrance fee was NT$1000 which is by far the most expensive sauna that I have ever been to; I thought Switzerland was expensive. I had a membership so otherwise it is $1200.

It turns out that I was one of the oldest ones there — I am 48 — so there are lots of young boys who are 20, younger than me calling me uncle — gay harassment — and rude Western men pushing me away with angry looks.

The place was so worn out from my last visit and it is not worth it. Will probably not return until they have a NT$200 special.
Published or Edited on 11/06/17
Los Angeles Metro : West Hollywood : Studs Theatre : Review: Oct 28 2017 by jyhming
Actually, I was there in a weekday afternoon the place was dead. I was been greeted by a very kind staff and said that just be patient since this is a typical married man's lunch hour.

Sure enough, slow and steady streams of married Hollywood studio employees started waking in looking for trouble. I got sucked off a few times and got fucked a few since I was not in business attire where I really can play.

Generally older white married men looking for sex. Exactly what I wanted.
Published or Edited on 11/06/17
Georgia : Hazlehurst : Towns Bluff Park : Review: Oct 28 2017 by Keith
This place is at/on the Altamaha River on the Jeff Davis County side on U.S. 221. At times, lot of country queers show up. Damn, some of these guys are horny and damn, some of these guys are well endowed.
Published or Edited on 11/06/17
Mexico : Nuevo Vallarta : Paradise Village Resort and Spa : Review: Oct 28 2017
Visited twice on vacation. Had hot encounter in steam sauna on one of those visits.
Published or Edited on 11/03/17
California : San Gregorio : San Gregorio Nude Beach : Review: Oct 28 2017
Still happening. Still tends to be older guys, with an occasional younger guy who will be hot but aloof and snotty.

I'm an exceptionally fit older dude, and in August I found a similar dude here and he fucked me raw in the sun with his thick long cock until he came deep inside me, calling me his dirty cum whore.

The title of this place should be changed - yes, it's a public beach. Not private. Only the nearest access road and parking is private.

Thanks for the Review and for mentioning the title. Google shows both "Private Beach" and "Nude Beach" on different sources distinguishing it from the State Beach. I'll change it to Nude Beach. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 11/03/17
San Jose Metro : Palo Alto : Stanford University - Roble Arts Gym : Review: Oct 28 2017
This building has been remodeled as an "Arts Gym." The old parking places in back are gone. And the old locker and open-shower complex is gone. It's replaced by a student Theater and practice rooms.

The new Men's room might have potential due to its size, classy old-time look, and long entrance. Still, I doubt that people are hooking up here. On a recent weekend afternoon, it seemed dead as a doornail — despite students playing on a nearby field.

Thanks for the update. I'll change this to 'Cruisy toilet' but also mark this for possible deletion if CFS gets no further reviews. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 11/03/17
Maryland : Port Republic : American Chestnut Land Trust (ACLT) : Review: Oct 28 2017 by Benny024
First time had sex was this mid-summer. I was walking to my vehicle and I spied a petite, short-haired MILF walk from her car to a bird feeder, lower her shorts, squat, and pee. She then pulled up her shorts, scampered back to her vehicle, and came back with TP. This time she squatted in front of a different bird feeder. Maybe she had to take a dump, I don't know, but I saw her wipe. She then took off hiking down a trail.

Long story short, eventually I caught up to her and I engaged her in conversation as we walked. She actually gave me a hug and squealed when I said something she really liked. When we got to the bench on Hughes Trail, we immediately began to make out. I lowered her back onto the bench, put her legs over my shoulders and then we both pulled our shorts down exposing, our genitalia.

Something about outdoor sex... My cock looked huge and I could see her clit was throbbing too. However, I also realized my thick cock was not about to go into her little bald pussy ...
Published or Edited on 11/03/17
Connecticut : Manchester : Laurel Marsh Trail : Review: Oct 28 2017
Heads Up! Three men were arrested on "lewd behavior complaints" here October 26, two charged with "indecent exposure and breach of peace" and one with "breach of peace." Photos, names, and ages were published in the local news.

Hartford Courant: This article notes the previous series of arrests here: Manchester Trail Arrests Resume After Complaints About Lewd Behavior

WVIT: 3 Men Arrested After Lewd Behavior Complaints at Laurel Marsh

Published or Edited on 11/03/17
Texas : Palestine : Upper Lake : Review: Oct 28 2017
Heads Up! Four men were arrested in October, 2017 at Upper Lake and Lower Lake on charges of "indecent exposure and public lewdness." Mugshots, names, and ages of the men were published in the local newspaper and its website which noted, "The investigation is ongoing, and could result in more arrests."

Month-long investigation nabs 4 Anderson County men for public lewdness and indecent exposure
Published or Edited on 11/03/17
New York City Metro : Queens : Kissena Park : Review: Oct 28 2017
Apparently the body was found to be a suicide victim as a note was left.

QNS: UPDATE: Body found in Kissena Park identified as a missing person who took his own life
Published or Edited on 11/03/17
Los Angeles Metro : Studio City : Romantix : Review: Oct 28 2017 by tech
This place is closed. Some other kind of business is opening up there.
Published or Edited on 11/03/17
Dallas/Fort Worth Metro : Dallas : King Spa and Sauna : Review: Oct 27 2017 by Jonathan
I am headed there tomorrow but wanted to comment on the guy from October 2013 who stated that a cop was attempting to entice you to do something inappropriate.

If the cop was masturbating, then he himself was breaking the law and should be made to register as a sex offender. It doesn't matter if he did it to trick men into fooling around. He broke the law and should be treated accordingly.
Published or Edited on 11/03/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : 77 Hundred Sports & Spirits : Review: Oct 27 2017 by GI Joe Sgt
Thanks for the tip but the opening of the Laundromat at the corner of Alabama and Zion brought a different perspective to the area. Best cruising is after midnight at the Laundromat. The attendant is a lesbian so she understands your needs.

Just go and do eye contact to those horny soldiers like me. Some chat or share coffee. Coffee is free. I take a guy home almost every week.

I live at the same apartment complex, it's easy. I do my laundry Sunday after midnight. Not into car fun but was asked by a nice Mexican once and by two guys, probably lovers, another time.

I can add a separate page for the laundromat if other guys find it cruisy. Looks like it's a short distance up the street. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 11/03/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Sue Young Park : Review: Oct 27 2017 by Frank P
Best action is 6 am to 8 am. Then it's dead!
Published or Edited on 11/03/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Street cruising near Texas and E. Mills Avenues : Review: Oct 27 2017 by Cuco
I just started working at the bakery so around 2 am when I go home I cruise the area around the rail tracks on Mills. There is a guy in a car who gets out and JO's totally naked as you cruise back and forth.

He is Latino and has an impressive fat uncut tool. He shaves his pubic hair, so looks even bigger. Nice balls but real up. One day I stopped and sucked on it but I left. I think it's very risky.
Published or Edited on 11/03/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : McKelligon Canyon : Review: Oct 27 2017 by Frank P
Try lunch time and park at the amphitheater. Nice military dick. The 5 am comment is true but regular guys like me have no idea how to approach a battalion of men.
Published or Edited on 11/03/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Fiesta Drive-In Theatre : Review: Oct 27 2017 by Frank P
Action is usually weekends after 2 am. Better on pay days.

Weekdays are mostly drag queens, CD's, she-males, and elderly men looking for them.
Published or Edited on 11/03/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Eros Video : Review: Oct 27 2017 by Frank P
Getting worse by the day. Be sure you ask the attendant if there is any action. Yesterday I had a great time but just because the attendant came with me and let me suck his dick. Fuck, nice fat tasty smelly dick.
Published or Edited on 11/03/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Ascarate Park : Review: Oct 27 2017 by Califapal
Action is pretty much all day with peak at lunch time and at 5 pm when firefighter cadets get out school. Great place to fuck ass.
Published or Edited on 11/01/17

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