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Atlanta Metro : Atlanta : Peek-a-Boo Bookstore : Review: Dec 23 2016 by Cruising lover
This place closed suddenly in early December of 2016 so this listing should be removed.

CFS always keeps listings online for awhile so that cruisers will be able to learn about the closing. In some cases, a venue will reopen or move to another location. In any case, it's already on my list. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 12/28/16
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Eros Video : Review: Dec 23 2016 by Fred
Action at that Eros had gone down. Lately I just cruise the arcade and if interested in someone I just open the door. Would say a 50/50 chance you will find a nice mouth or a tight ass. Inside the theatre I had wasted my $5.00 the last three times.

To the guy is asking where action is:

Outside the theatre: Use the arcade.
Inside the theatre: Stand at back end or at the mens room and just check if a occksucker is inside.

Last time I did score was at 4 pm on a week day and a nice suit and tie young guy with no underwear, fully lubed, took few up his ass.

The crowd is turning into senior citizens.
Fred wrote:
An additional post: Mr. Editor:

I did write a review. Is to the other Eros. Please make the correction.

Thanks for your great page.

[i]You're so welcome, Fred! I'm grateful to you for posting so many Reviews I actually wish I could meet you and thank you in person.

Update Jan 02 2017: I moved this to the correct page. ...
Published or Edited on 12/28/16
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Sue Young Park : Review: Dec 23 2016 by Fred
Excellent idea to add Sue Young AKA Civic Leaders Park. For years I used to go every morning to get head. A few days ago I did a routine inspection and surprise, a nice toned shaven head guy, most probably military, was there. He got totally naked except for a jock strap and was changing to jogging gears. Kept looking at the urinal.

Finally I showed my meat and he showed me his ass, spreading his butt. Gave me a rubber and of course I fucked him. After I did the shaven-head dude as I was heading to my car an employee of the water utility company was heading to the rest room, eye contact, and he started rubbing his crotch.

Went back and we sat on the toilet with an open door and he gave me head as he JO'd. Hot guy with a fat real smelly uncut Mexican dick, he sucked me from dry to come. Fuck, I had a blast!

My only recommendation is to avoid week-ends day time (lots of family affairs) and avoid 4 - 7 pm soccer practice for local teams (also family affairs). Best time: 6 - 9...
Published or Edited on 12/28/16
Pennsylvania : Bethlehem : The Green Door : Review: Dec 22 2016 by Randibuck
True story today. I arrived there at 11:30 and only the cashier was there. It's the first time I've been there alone so I walked around with my cock and balls hanging out and checked out all the gloryholes hoping someone would show up. After about a half hour they began cumming in and did they ever cum. It was the first time I ever got four loads at one visit. Very hot. I feel like such a dirty slut.

The best was a double BJ. I walked down the booth hallway and saw a foot sticking out from one of the booths. As I approached I saw a guy on his knees sucking a beautiful, hard, big black cock. I watched a while then began touching this good looking stud. He saw me watching and told me to get down and suck.

We shared this throbbing cock for a few minutes balls and cock. The other guy stood up and I sucked them both back and forth. The other guy dumped a nice load in my mouth. The big guy then shoved his cock in my cum-filled mouth, fucking my face. He shot a very large load. ...
Published or Edited on 12/28/16
Portland Metro : Gresham : Mt Hood Community College : Review: Dec 22 2016
Building 16's bathroom seems best for some understall action. The bathroom by the library is pretty private for hooking up and bathrooms by the bookstore have peepholes. Caught a few dudes jacking off but never been invited over to help.

Thanks! For the record, I've attached on the main part of this page a PDF Campus Map. It shows Building 16 as AC1600 and labels the library and bookstore. I imagine other students/cruisers are familiar with where these are. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 12/27/16
Newark/Jersey City Metro : Newark : Little Theatre : Review: Dec 22 2016 by kuntryboy36
Best day is on Sundays. Bring your crew 'cause if the way it's going, they'll soon be having to close permanently. Don't want it to close.
Published or Edited on 12/27/16
Tucson Metro : Tucson : Bookstore Southwest : Review: Dec 22 2016 by Jack
Went here at around 5 pm. The parking lot was full. Paid my $5 for two tokens and went in. A real dive but the booths were full. I took an end one and deposited a token. Flipped the channels for a while and settled on a movie and then undid my jeans and started to work one out.

To my surprise the lock on the door didn't work and suddenly I had a guy open my door. Not sure of his intentions and a little startled I closed the door. Within five minutes as I was going at it the door cracked open again and another guy whispered if I needed any help. Nervous as I was I stood up and had him come in.

He immediately started stroking my cock and then sat and took me. It didn't take long and I released a load. I've never sucked a cock but decided to try.

We switched positions and he undid his jeans and I went to work. He got hard and eventually took his cock and rubbed one out into my mouth. I swallowed some but some also ended up on me. That was a first. Pretty hot place for...
Published or Edited on 12/27/16
Maryland : Owings Mills : Owings Mills Town Center : Review: Dec 21 2016 by cureus_male
This site has been shutdown and the buildings are under demolition.
Published or Edited on 12/27/16
West Virginia : Beaver : Airport Video : Review: Dec 21 2016 by frisky59abc
I've been going to Airport Video for many years, but go a lot more now. The current owners have improved the place a great deal. New clean trailer with two kinds of video, and they are going to replace the older "straight" trailer with a nice one. Can't believe how much nicer it is now and getting better all the time.

I usually go for their parties, every second Saturday, with free food and drinks for the basic price of admission. Huge enclosed deck so you can wear or not wear what you want. In fact, there is one older man at most of the parties who attends the whole evening bottomless. No pants. Nice guy, friendly, he just won't wear pants which is fine with me since he's an alright guy. I think he is just a nudist who is free with his body and advertises it — really free. I sucked him off one night and he politely thanked me. I think he'll masturbate for watchers too.

There is a fire pit with chairs and canopy for gatherings on co...
Published or Edited on 12/27/16
Massachusetts : Georgetown : Georgetown Weigh Station / Pull-Off : Review: Dec 21 2016
Had fun yesterday. Love when I get out and guy in front of me drives around back of me for a good view. Always give them the best show I can. Love when they creep up for the best view. They enjoyed it yesterday.
Published or Edited on 12/27/16
Ohio : Dayton : Total X Adult Superstore : Review: Dec 20 2016 by Beto
It was OK.
Published or Edited on 12/27/16
Massachusetts : Merrimac : Rest area : Review: Dec 20 2016
Great action daily. Guys getting blow jobs at the urinals. I jerk off while others let me get close up views. Let them put their cocks in my face.
Published or Edited on 12/27/16
Denmark : Copenhagen : Amigo Sauna : Review: Dec 20 2016 by Steve
Was in Copenhagen on business trip and stopped by on a Sunday evening. Feels like a traditional sauna/cruise-club type of joint. Was a bit slow, not very many guys.

Earlier reviews are still accurate about the joint: not super clean, not super dirty, just a traditional sex bathhouse/club kind of place. Some areas were very dark, essentially impossible to see anything even after your eyes adjusted.

There's several cabins with beds for more intimate action, and then plenty of maze areas as well. It took me a while and eventually I found the only eager bottom in the joint and absolutely fucked the daylights out of him, the whole place must have heard me cum. Grrrr.

Overall, worth a visit, would suggest going on more prime hours as off-hours it was pretty slow.
Published or Edited on 12/27/16
Spain : València : NuncaDigoNo Sexbar : Review: Dec 20 2016 by Steve
Visited a couple of times. Not bad, bit different setup than some sexclubs. It's basically a front room that's a bar with, as noted earlier, slightly overpriced drinks but no cover charge and then you go through a hallway into a darker maze area with some cabins, maze, etc.

Guys stay clothed and you can take your drink in the back, though most seem not to. Been twice, neither time at what would be considered "prime" cruising times — I went on Sunday evenings around 2200 — but there were still ten to fifteen guys there.

Not entirely set up for lots of anal action, but occasionally it happens. Seems more set up for blowjobs. When I was there I did well one time, I'm a top, and the other time was boring as everyone else was top-ish too.

I'll probably go back, unless the other joints in Valencia are better.
Published or Edited on 12/27/16
Washington : Yakima : X-Spot: Yakima Arcade : Review: Dec 20 2016 by Hawaiianloveboy
I came in one night and noticed the cute clerk was kinda eyeing me. I noticed most of the clerks are good looking straight guys. I found out one isn't.

I left my door cracked open a bit and sure enough he eventually came in. He offered to sell me some pot but I was more interested in him. Definitely worth a look.

Great Review, thanks! I did remove your description of the clerk because I don't want someone who sees this to report it to management and endanger his job.

Or maybe in some world management encourages "friendly" clerks. Hmm... It might be great, it might be disastrous! ;-) ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 12/26/16
Louisville Metro : Louisville : Mall St. Matthews : Review: Dec 19 2016 by David
Love this site.

Thanks! Most people are gonna assume that's you at the cruisy toilet, right? Usually I'd tell cruisers to post their pics in the Cruiser Gallery, but in this case a picture's worth a thousand words! ;-) ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 12/26/16
New York City Metro : Manhattan : West Side Club : Review: Dec 19 2016 by grecoroman
Due to its location, West Side Club attracts younger guys. There are more gay bars and clubs nearby, so some guys drop by this place before or after to get some sex.

Generally it will have more hung Black guys who are super picky; the rest of the guys are your typical cliques. The shower and sauna are gross and don't get any cleaning from the staff, so make sure you bring some slippers or flip flops to walk around.
Published or Edited on 12/26/16
New York City Metro : Manhattan : East Side Club : Review: Dec 19 2016 by grecoroman
East Side Club has older guys. That attracts guys who like those types. Other than that, the rooms are in a poorer layout compared to West Side Club.

The good thing is that they have a big porn video room where you can sit and jack off to attract a guy. However, it's clear the only aggressive ones are the older guys and they usually don't know how to take no as an answer respectfully.
Published or Edited on 12/26/16
New York City Metro : New York : Spa Castle Premier 57 : Review: Dec 19 2016 by grecoroman
The entrance fee is expensive, but you may be able to find Groupon discounts. You can stay all day if you want, opens at 9 am and closes around 11 pm - Midnight. On weekdays, action is mostly between 2 – 6:30 pm for the local cruisers; weekends can be all day, but generally nothing after 7 pm.

Action should be discrete since the staff patrol every so often to make sure nothing outrageous happens. However, they are fully aware that guys are having sex in the sauna and steam room. They just don't want it done in a way to scare all the straight guys who will complain or tell the press. If you start something in the steam room, guys typically will be nice enough to serve as a lookout for you as long as you are willing to do the same for them.

Guys who hook up are all types, but you can imagine they probably can afford the steep entrance fee, so that means they will have to get a little bit of action before leaving.

If you're a visitor to NYC and flying out later at night...
Published or Edited on 12/23/16
New York City Metro : Queens : Spa Castle : Review: Dec 19 2016 by grecoroman
Despite all their bad press, they still get an okay gay cruising crowd.

The main problem is that older guys don't know how to take no for an answer and basically do that awkward thing of patrolling the steam room and sauna or spending way too much time at the belly massager.

They have "lifeguards" that do rounds about three times every hour, but only after like noon time when more men are in there. You really can't get any cleaner or nicer for a place this size, so even if you don't get any action, you can sweat off a few pounds.
Published or Edited on 12/26/16
Orlando Metro : Orlando : Orlando International Airport : Review: Dec 19 2016 by grecoroman
More cruising opportunities outside of the security area than inside. Most guys outside either work there or are waiting to pick someone up. What do you do? Either find a cocksucker through Grindr or simply jack off to porn in a handicap stall.

The cleaners don't go around patrolling as often inside the terminals, so there's more chance to actually do something. The most private bathroom is near USO office.

Thanks so much!

And I hope you guys watching porn in the handicapped stalls or wherever will support CFS by watching pay-per-minute at our CRUISING for SEX Theatre or you might even visit our friends on cam at Flirt4Free, where there's always a buddy waiting for you when you're waiting. Both are mobile-friendly and it's how the bills get paid here. ;-) ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 12/26/16
New York : Middletown : Exotic Gifts & Videos : Review: Dec 19 2016 by nycponyboy
Checked this place out after there was no one at the East Main store. This place had decent traffic. Not a young crowd, but eager for business. Looked like lots of married men based on the rings.

I hung out for over an hour and the clerk was no problem. Sucked a few dicks. Fucked a guy which is hard to do through a gloryhole but was still hot.
Published or Edited on 12/26/16
New York : Middletown : East Main News-Adult Video : Review: Dec 19 2016 by nycponyboy
Checked this place out on a trip to Middletown. Small store. A few booths but I didn't see gloryholes. Just screens that you can raise and lower. Nobody there when I went around 6.
Published or Edited on 12/26/16
Birmingham Metro : Birmingham : University of Alabama - Sterne Library : Review: Dec 19 2016 by drive by
More info regarding this location: Sterne Library News

Access to Second and Third Floors

Due to the installation of sprinklers, the second floor and the north wing of the third floor are closed to the public. To request an item, please fill out a form at the Circulation or Reference Desk. We appreciate your patience!

Thanks! I checked their web site and saw the notice. Too bad they don't say how long this project will last. Perhaps there'll be some interesting sprinkler installers around... ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 12/26/16
New Mexico : Santa Fe : Motel 6 Locations on Cerillos Road : Review: Dec 19 2016 by B Juan
Mexican trucker here. Had stayed at all Motel 6 in Santa Fe and the action is as the other guy explains. I leave the curtain open and late at night show my hard dick posing naked at the window. Just open door.

Can´t recall the address but one of the Motel 6's has no direct access from the rooms to the parking area, so don´t waste your money staying at that one. No action.
Published or Edited on 12/23/16
Connecticut : Hartford : Erotic Zone : Review: Dec 19 2016 by Young Dude
It's terrible. That's the best way to put it. I'm 22 years old. Went for my third time a while ago. There were a bunch of old dudes all day long. Literally men who, looked old enough to be my grandfather. I'm not trying to be ageist or poke fun at respectable men in the community but...

Damn Straight, if I'm going to risk my life for a short sexual thrill, I could at least enjoy it.

I waited for hours for a decent looking dude to step in. There was one really hot guy, the whole day. I wanted him like Steve Harvey wants a full head of hair.

I went up to him only to find out he's a hustler, shaking down grandpa's like strippers make bank on basketball players. Grindr, Jackd, or whatever is better.

When does the younger crowd show up, cuz I'd try again if I'm not going to be disappointed.

[i]Damn. I'm 55 and I'm old enough to be your grandpa or your Daddy, but I know you and I are looking for different things. I like gu...
Published or Edited on 12/23/16
Kansas : Topeka : Moonlight Adult Boutique 4 : Review: Dec 19 2016 by John
This place is back open under new name. Thank god the gloryhole is back.

You didn't say the name but I found it on Google not there, but at several other sites. Among them was this Facebook page created Aug 12 2016. Unfortunately the store has not posted anything since. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 12/23/16
Mozambique : Maputo : Polana Serena Hotel : Review: Dec 19 2016 by noman
The sauna and steam room here have great potential for action but few guys seem to cruise. I've come across just a handful unfortunately over the course of a year.

That being said, it's a great set up to play. I prefer the steam room since it's easy to see people coming but hard for them to see in. You can purchase a day pass for 1,500 meticais.
Published or Edited on 12/23/16
Austin Metro : Austin : All Things Adult : Review: Dec 19 2016 by joeblowbang
Best place in Austin to catch a few loads. The guys are hit and miss but I've regularly been able to find at least one cock to suck and load to swallow. I've also had a few group encounters.

After work and Sunday afternoon seem to be the best times. I sucked eleven cocks and swallowed eight loads a few Sundays ago. God why can't every weekend be like this?
Published or Edited on 12/23/16
San Francisco Metro : San Rafael : Meridian's Bodies In Motion : Review: Dec 18 2016
Published or Edited on 12/26/16
West Virginia : Mineralwells : Lion's Den Adult Superstore : Review: Dec 18 2016 by The Den Fan
I stopped by while traveling through the state and chose to stay overnight. Great cock to be had in the back, straight men and young gay men both. Some hot, definitely in the closet.

Two glory holes are always busy, but many of these folks will also go in the bigger booths to get off. I'll be back Xmas weekend.
Published or Edited on 12/23/16
Los Angeles Metro : City of Industry : Spearmint Rhino Adult Superstore : Review: Dec 18 2016 by jtl74_yh
It is hit and miss. Sometimes a lot of action, most times it is dead and people just sit in the booth with nothing going on.

Yesterday, the entrance door was locked.

A couple times, an employee was harassing and threatening people. They call the cops if more than one person is in a booth.
Published or Edited on 12/23/16
Portland Metro : Gresham : Mt Hood Community College : Review: Dec 18 2016
Not much action going on but totally hoping to get it going. Bathrooms are private and perfect for understall or giving blowjobs.

Is there a particular building or floor you have in mind? Or the locker room location? ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 12/20/16
New South Wales : Eden : Aslings Beach : Review: Dec 16 2016 by tradey
Toilet block adjacent beach, at the south end of the cemetery can be interesting, especially during holidays season after dark. Tracks down to beach and bushland opposite are quiet and accessible.

Toilet block at skate park draws too much attention.
Published or Edited on 12/22/16
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Eros Video : Review: Dec 16 2016 by Cris
Have been going here for the past weeks and there was just an old man recording the films with his cellphone and eating chicharrones? Not hot.

Plus, can somebody tell me where the action takes place?
Published or Edited on 12/22/16
Alabama : Huntsville : Adult Emporium : Review: Dec 16 2016 by James
I have been twice. It was no problem having all the cocks you want. I had a great time, and I will be going back.
Published or Edited on 12/22/16
Las Vegas Metro : Las Vegas : A-Action Adult Books & Videos : Review: Dec 15 2016 by JS
Great Gloryhole place! Been here about forty times in the last year, only a few times did I not get action. Morning seems busy with guys who mostly want to suck, night 50/50. A lot of BBC here. I like both giving and receiving head, depends on my mood. Mostly head taking place here, but I have seen tops and bottoms doing it in the booths and theatre on occasion. Sometimes the homeless will be sleeping in a booth. That's cool I just leave them alone. Clerks are cool.

Last time I was here I gave head to a Black guy, 11-inch cock, and big balls. It took me over thirty minutes but I got him to cum, a nice sweet/sour huge load. He had to lean on the wall just after cumming because he got lightheaded. I stopped going deep on his cock shaft and only worked his beautiful large mushroom head when he started cumming so I could enjoy the taste and texture of every drop of his very strong shooting and powerful-tasting cum.

Writing about it now makes me crazy hot for more. In fact, I will...
Published or Edited on 12/22/16
California : Gaviota : Vista Point : Review: Dec 15 2016 by Hilobeachfucker
Thank you ucsbjock! Visited this place on a surf trip cause I'm a big truck and trucker fan and I had a blast. You get a nice selection of horny truckers 'cause one guy told me it was the last good spot on 101 until South of LA.

And you're right about the smell. The vista point has a steep hill so the exhaust lingers. So if that diesel smell makes you horny it's a great place.

The best time so far was when I barebacked a well-built Mexican guy while a guy driving a gas tanker choked on his eight uncut inches. We did it right in the open between their two big rigs as they idled away.

[i]Great review, thanks!

I know the map location is wrong. Can you — or anyone — help me fix it, maybe provide GPS coordinates?

I found the Arroyo Hondo Vista Point on Goo...
Published or Edited on 12/22/16
New South Wales : Casino : Casino Drill Hall : Review: Dec 15 2016 by Piss4u
Needs more cruisers, always empty. So much cum to give and no one's thirsty.

Across the bridge is OK for piss drinkers. But the town needs more daytime cruisers.
Published or Edited on 12/22/16
Hawaii : Kihei : Mai Poina Oe Ia'u Beach Park (aka Sugar Beach) : Review: Dec 15 2016 by Hilobeachfucker
Right now its mostly a bathroom more than a beach. As the guy said, sit down, get a boner, and watch the guy next door through the peephole. Pull out the toilet paper if you like what you see.

Pretty good mix of guys here, I've gotten with surfers and jocks and even some barely legal guys from the houses nearby.

One suggestion is after hours after you meet a guy you can go to the womens room next door to pound. Nobody goes in there.
Published or Edited on 12/22/16
Hawaii : Kahului : Kanaha Beach Park : Review: Dec 15 2016 by Hilobeachfucker
Pretty good place, mostly locals. A little quieter because of that but still fun. I barebacked that speedo porn star guy here last year in the rocks by the power plant.
Published or Edited on 12/22/16
Hawaii : Kailua : Kailua Beach Park : Review: Dec 15 2016 by Hilobeachfucker
If you're a fan of military boys, this the place to go to fuck the Marines at the base.

Last time I was there shortly after dark, I quickly met up with this tall white Marine who had a lifted diesel truck and a huge smoke stack. I rode his big alpha male cock on the lifeguard stand and I ended up blowing my load into the sand below.
Published or Edited on 12/21/16
Seattle Metro : Everett : Adult Airport Video : Review: Dec 15 2016 by tb
I went inside the theatre, looked around, and saw men sucking and fucking each other. So I pulled off my pants and looked around for someone to let me fuck them and let them fuck me also.

I looked to the right of me and saw a huge black cock staring me right in my face. He said do you like it, I said you bet I do. He then said suck it. It was huge. I started sucking it.

He said can I fuck you, and I said yes. I rolled a condom on his cock and started to suck him again. I got a little bit of extra condom up and started to bite a hole in it. when I succeeded I told him I wanted him to fuck my ass with no lube so it would be a tight fit.

He stuck it in my asshole with a little spit and started to fuck my asshole. He fucked me for about ten minutes, then the condom finally broke. He told me it broke. I was in to much ecstasy, I told him to keep on fucking me.

He said where do you want me to come. I told him to come anywhere he wanted to so he blew a huge load right in my asshol...
Published or Edited on 12/21/16
North Dakota : Fargo : Romantix : Review: Dec 15 2016 by Slutboxcumster
I love the place, cum loads never let me down and I could easily live in the store and take all the dicks with my little chick who're friends who love to join me!

Going in an hour to introduce a new whore and try to dp her and get cum in my pussy too before I swallow the finale!
Published or Edited on 12/21/16
Phoenix Metro : Phoenix : Pleasure World : Review: Dec 14 2016
Got my big long cock sucked until completion by a hot blue collar worker late at night around 8 pm.
Published or Edited on 12/21/16
Sacramento Metro : Sacramento : Oasis Sauna : Review: Dec 14 2016 by EGtop
Heads Up! Inspector and sheriff raided. Now signs say no touching others allowed, no sexual activity allowed. There's a new masseuse so tables are now off limits.
Published or Edited on 12/21/16
Las Vegas Metro : Las Vegas : A-Action Adult Books & Videos : Review: Dec 13 2016 by Utahcock69
I am going here on Monday Dec 19th. Is this a good place to suck on some good cock, maybe get fucked? I am going to Vegas strictly to check out the gloryholes. Anyone else know of any other good places for some public action?

I'm really sorry, but there's always been a delay in CFS' Editorial process for Reviews. You posted on the 13th, were going on the 19th, and here it's being published on the 21st. I'd been catching up but didn't work on the weekend. :-(

Your questions are great but it's best for now to post specific dates either in the Message Board for Nevada or the Personals for Las Vegas.

There's a long-delayed software upgrade which I hope can use to let CFS Members show their interest in a place here on a Review page. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 12/21/16
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Street cruising near Texas and E. Mills Avenues : Review: Dec 13 2016 by UncutMaster
Heads Up! Careful. Looks like the cops moved their headquarters to Texas St. You are parked and they flash the bright lights directly to your face.
Published or Edited on 12/21/16
New York City Metro : Manhattan : Bijou Film Forum : Review: Dec 13 2016 by John
Stopped in my first visit Saturday Dec 10th. $13 to enter, about twenty booths, no holes. One theatre which has approximately thirty seats. Several small table sitting areas. Lockers for 75 cents if you want to walk around nude or briefs.

No sex in the theatre ever, sex is in the booths. I went to the restroom, one guy walked in and jerked it out.

About twenty people in the place.

Plus: Sex is everywhere and cocks are all colors. Minus: The people from NYC are not looking for just sex, they will ask 300 questions trying to qualify you too see if you are date material.
Published or Edited on 12/21/16
Los Angeles Metro : Duarte : Lario San Gabriel River Trail : Review: Dec 13 2016 by herschel77
There's a bridge leading to a bike trail all the way along the 605. Many empty washouts that are low key.

And the trail actually goes all the way south to Seal Beach and Long Beach, connecting to many others. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 12/21/16

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