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New Jersey : Little Ferry : Valley Fair Department Store : Review: Nov 04 2016 by bc
This store is closed.
Published or Edited on 11/14/16
San Jose Metro : San Jose : Y Not Enterprises : Review: Nov 03 2016 by lukin4m2m
Recently upgraded arcade section which now includes gloryholes. Did hear about someone seeing police cars near the place so hopefully it is not a bad sign.
Published or Edited on 11/14/16
New York : Plattsburgh : Beekmantown and Point Au Roche Rest Areas : Review: Nov 02 2016 by In the closet and like it, Plattsburgh
If you're into sweaty French Canadian truckers this is the place for you. Big uncut joints and some rocking natural bods. I've met and fucked dudes hauling from as far away as Chicoutimi.

Would love to have one of those truckers post a Review here oui, monsieur. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 11/10/16
North Carolina : Fayetteville : Fort Video and News : Review: Nov 01 2016 by VietCongApparently
Found two studs, hottest thing I ever seen! Both had dog tags with black grommets and I remembered distinctly their SSN or DD220 ID#s.

One probed me so jerkily and wouldn't let loose and made a mess while asking if I would "Surrender to the US, you zipperhead." It hurt like a bitch but was the hottest sex I've possibly had.

The other couldn't stop talking about his postings in Ko Samui and Okinawa. And something about how the Vietcong was for white men's pleasure; that one was freaky but still a nine out of ten.

Good thing you didn't try to post those SSNs or DD220 ID#s or they'd have to Hunt. You. Down. ;-)

Seriously, CFS doesn't allow identifying information about other cruisers in reviews, but you wrote a great one without it. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 11/10/16
Houston Metro : Houston : Eagle Houston : Review: Nov 01 2016 by infopop
The Eagle reopened in June, 2016. The old building that caught fire has been rebuilt to code, including the new Phoenix Room upstairs.
Published or Edited on 11/10/16
Tampa Bay Metro : Saint Petersburg : The Vinoy Renaissance St. Petersburg Resort & Golf Club : Review: Oct 31 2016 by Nick
Had a lunch meeting here a few weeks ago. I noticed a very hot guy with what appeared to be his mom.

After a lot of staring I asked where the men's room was and went in and waited. Of course, he came in, we ducked into a stall, and I got the best and fastest blowjob I've ever had. He was huge.

Too nervous to cum. He told me to meet him in a health club in some other building at five. I didn't make it, but I'd like to find that big cock! BTW, nobody was around.
Published or Edited on 11/10/16
Los Angeles Metro : North Hollywood : Romantix : Review: Oct 31 2016 by guest
Heads Up! The North Hollywood police routinely sets up in here, dressed in civilian clothes, and try to entrap you.

Don't give this place any money. They knowingly let you buy a ticket and let you go in the back to get caught. Then the undercover cop tells you to quietly walk out with him so they can charge you.

Surprised to hear this after the April 29 Los Angeles Superior Court ruling about sex stings in Long Beach unfairly targeting gay men and a similar June ruling in San Jose.

I also did a Google News Search and the only sex sting cases I found for LA involved human trafficking and/or children.

Perhaps arresting gays isn't newsworthy specifically in North Hollywood? And with a national chain such as Romantix? A smart lawyer could make it so. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 11/10/16
Long Island Metro : Brentwood : Sinderella's Adult Center : Review: Oct 31 2016 by J.M.
I went to Sinderella's yesterday, Sunday Oct 30, and the place was dead. Very surprising, considering that the last time I went there the Tuesday night before, the place was packed. About three cars in the parking lot, including mine.

There was one other guy in the back room when I first got there who had a huge cock, which I gladly sucked. Fantastic cum, so the evening wasn't a total loss.

Undaunted, I'm tempted to try again tonight Monday Oct 31, Halloween night. We'll see. If I do go, I'll let you all know how it went.

I truly believe that this place needs much more positive promotion, as it's been amazing 95% of the time I've been there.
Published or Edited on 11/10/16
Fort Lauderdale Metro : Hallandale : X-Pressions Video Outlet : Review: Oct 31 2016
I've been to this place many times over the years and always had a lot of fun here. Recently, they hired new staff and it's really gone to hell lately. They are constantly out back checking doors and yelling to put money in the machines.

I didn't pay seven dollars to get in to listen to these assholes. Until I hear they've gotten rid of that old bald fat guy I will not be back.
Published or Edited on 11/10/16
North Carolina : Fayetteville : Fort Video and News : Review: Oct 31 2016 by J Bob
I live about an hour away so I don't get here too often but it is usually very good cruising when I do come.

Mid-summer I got here and enjoyed three awesome cocks and finished off by getting a great blow job. One of the guys came in with a service dog who waited patiently while I sucked a hot and tasty load out of his owner.

It can be hit or miss like all ABS but I have had some real hits recently!
Published or Edited on 11/09/16
Miami Metro : Miami Beach : Sensations Video : Review: Oct 31 2016 by truluvisatrophy7
This is my go-to on South Beach for cruising. It can be dead or terrible at times, but it can also be the perfect place to get a big uncut dick to suck, or loads up your ass or just some great head.

I'm a VGL guy in my 20s and I usually go at least once a week and within an hour leave with a couple loads in me. Yes, this has its downfalls, but it's kinda all we have here now.
Published or Edited on 11/09/16
Austin Metro : Austin : Chain Drive : Review: Oct 30 2016 by Tx3X
Chain Drive is closed.

Chain Drive closed for good without much prior notice at the end of March, 2015.

Here's a link to an article in the Austin Chronicle about the closing: Wither Chain Drive: Longtime patrons at a loss over sudden closure

Damn. Too many bars and bathhouses closing. But thanks for the update. I rely on cruisers like you reporting closures like this.

I'll try to set up a Google News Alert for these types of closings. However, Google itself still showed Chain Drive open. I suggested an 'Edit' there. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 11/09/16
Los Angeles Metro : Los Angeles : Angeles National Forest : Review: Oct 30 2016 by SanGabrielsMuscleTOP
Hey Ray, go ahead and send me a message/email and we'll fuck there! That goes for anyone else checking this listing out. I'm game! :-)

[i]Hey, since you're both members now you can contact each other even more easily! :-)

Also, take a look at my Profile for an example of how you can put your contact info or other links into publicly visible sections of your Profile. I still need to fix the Registration and Edit Your Detiail pages to match this.

Both of you can change or add an email address, App name plus your name there, or a web link to your Profile from the User Control Panel and then the Edit Your Details page.

Yes, CFS came to me with confusing navigation and needs so much updating and replacement. They will be modernized, but I can't promise a dat...
Published or Edited on 11/09/16
Austin Metro : Austin : 1 Austin Private Gloryhole : Review: Oct 30 2016 by BigNHung
Is this still going on? If so email me (deleted).

Sorry, but we can't publish email addresses or any other for of contact info in these Reviews. You can email the man with the gloryhole at the email address shown above. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 11/09/16
Houston Metro : Houston : Midtowne Spa : Review: Oct 30 2016 by Craig
This place is closed.

Thanks for the update. I actually live in Greater Houston but have been so deeply enmeshed in personal issues and work that I hadn't heard the news.

Although the Houston location's web page is still online right now along with their Facebook page, Yelp shows it closed. I also found Midtowne Spa Houston will be closing in August from local blogger Seed My Hole. I'm suggesting an 'Edit' to Google, since it shows the establishment still open. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 11/09/16
Cape Cod Metro : West Dennis : West Dennis Beach : Review: Oct 30 2016 by GoodRichard
The smaller parking lot is better for chance meetings. The younger guys use the back row by the street. Just pull your car close to other guy and chat him up. Easy and busy.
Published or Edited on 11/09/16
San Francisco Metro : Richmond : Keller Beach : Review: Oct 30 2016 by Jersey
Where exactly does cruising happen?

Although years old and possibly out of date, the very first review from May 2005 suggests both bathrooms at the beach and the park. Those sound like natural places to start. I hope someone local will add more in a new Review.

This page is just for Keller Beach, not for the entire Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline. I'm making a slight revision to the location details here and attaching an aerial photo from the park web site showing the beach. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 11/09/16
Oregon : The Dalles : Adult Shop : Review: Oct 30 2016 by Cruiser
This place has a great setup. Big arcade booths. No entry fees. Gloryholes. Too bad I was the only one here aside from the female cashier. They do welcome couples according to a sign on the wall.
Published or Edited on 11/07/16
New York City Metro : Manhattan : Roosevelt Hotel : Review: Oct 30 2016
This place can be incredibly hot. I work near by and go at least once a week to either get sucked off or to give a blow job. Some very hot guys stop in, as well as a good number of old trolls.

Security keeps a very close eye, so you have to be careful, and some guys aren't discreet. If I go and the vibe is either too many trolls or guys not knowing how to cruise discreetly then I leave and come back later.

Best times are during lunch hour. Second floor is always open, and the Mezzanine Floor is open when they have a conference going on. Both are extremely hot!
Published or Edited on 11/07/16
Maryland : Annapolis : 2020 Video : Review: Oct 30 2016 by Realguy
If this information is typical of the rest of your site, your site is useless. 2020 Video on West St. in Annapolis closed more than a year ago! And the other places you list are pretty near useless too.
RG 10/30/2016

[i]I checked my list of pending deletions and found I'd added this one to it right at the time we learned about it, Nov 2014. However, I neglected to mark it on the site as closed.

You all have my apologies for that.

FWIW, right now I still see 2020 Video appearing without anything saying it's closed on Yelp, Foursquare, and one other gay cruising site that comes up on the first page of a Google search. To it's credit, the Yellow Pages site shows the place closed.

I'll indulge myself by taking a time-out to explain how Places get deleted on CFS.

The policy of CFS has always been for many years to leave places on the site after someone says it is closed because sometimes the place re-opens (after a raid, under new managemen...
Published or Edited on 11/09/16
Los Angeles Metro : Los Angeles : Angeles National Forest : Review: Oct 29 2016 by Rayxond
Hey, I'm the one who asked the question about longitude and latitude, just registered as a member. So anyone wanna go together?

I went there at Wednesday. It was a good day but no one was over there, so anyone wanna go together?

Thanks for joining CFS! Hope you will find a new buddy to go there with you. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 11/07/16
Mexico City Metro : Mexico City : Cine Teresa : Review: Oct 29 2016 by machoactivo
Permanently closed and converted into a shopping mall. Too bad, I had a lot of fun there.

Might want to take it off the list, it is never coming back.

Thanks very much for the update. I was initially confused because Google showed a this, from 2013, as Cine Teresa's web site. It's actually an article about Cine Teresa which describes the change from a movie theatre to Plaza Cel Teresa. The Google Reviews that came up talk about the change.

The Review from 2011 was from before I managed the site and later began keeping track of places reported closed. There are some cases where porn theatres, adult bookstores, bathhouses, etc. close and later reopen. That won't happen with Cine Teresa. My practice now is mark the place as closed and add it to a list for deletion. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 11/07/16
Texas : Amarillo : Zone D'Erotica : Review: Oct 29 2016 by cumbeard
I haven't lived in Amarillo in six years but I used to get sex at this porn shop pretty regularly. The arcade is where I went.

About half to two-thirds of the booths have gloryholes. It dark but it's a big huge storeroom and these booths are set up in there one right connected to the other.

Just go into a booth next to one with the light on signaling that someone is viewing in that one. Use your finger to get his attention through the hole.
Published or Edited on 11/07/16
Dallas/Fort Worth Metro : Dallas : LA Fitness : Review: Oct 28 2016 by Mascdude10
Hot gay dudes go here! I went to work out my legs and went in the sauna, definitely some gay dudes here.

We got alone and we were eye fucking each other while talking in our towels. We jerked each other while I sucked his dick and he ate my ass. So hot, and yeah there's action.

You got to be discreet and not be obvious but as someone said, they patrol. There's the girl in front desk so watch out.

But it's fun and enjoyable. Go at night. I show off in the shower. He jacked off and another guy saw us and he liked it, and than we left.

Definitely action going on in sauna and showers, just got to find it.
Published or Edited on 11/07/16
New Jersey : Hillside : Miriad Video (aka Private View Video) : Review: Oct 28 2016 by tvwatcher
This place was very hot during weekday afternoons and late mornings.

There were four or five cozy rooms jam-packed with couches and lounge chairs and packed with guys playing, sucking and fucking. I fucked some really nice ass in there and sucked a lot of dick.

The place across the street doesn't have the same vibe. Used to call this place the Annex, but most times it's empty now. I thought it was related to Moviethon and you checked in/paid across the street and then cruised here and played.
Published or Edited on 11/04/16
Pittsburgh Metro : Butler : Moraine State Park : Review: Oct 28 2016 by Woodfordsguy
That's nothing new about the undercover and the rangers at the park. Sure cruising is not like it used to be in the past, but you're still able to do so, just gotta be careful.

Use common sense. Keep your eyes and ears open while there.
Published or Edited on 11/07/16
Pittsburgh Metro : Beaver : Bridgewater Crossing : Review: Oct 28 2016 by Woodfordsguy
Update: There is no longer a big field on the right side of road, they're doing construction and putting up a building.

Still able to cruise and have fun on the left side of road along the river between the train tracks and parking area, along paths, etc.
Published or Edited on 11/07/16
Maryland : Wheaton : Wheaton Plaza Mall : Review: Oct 28 2016 by xXitsme77Xx
Looking for someone who's up for understall near me. I'm in Silver Spring, Maryland. Contact info's in my CFS Member Profile.
Published or Edited on 11/04/16
Boston Metro : Boston : Northeastern University : Review: Oct 28 2016 by alumni
I just tried it Monday, eight years after graduation. The place is now a park and a do-nothing fancy queers t-room. All mens rooms are full of guys at stalls doing nada.

At the urinal I gave head to a nice white boy with an impressive lemon-shaped head, but the guys at the stalls were there for hours.

In the old good times we'd have a J/O circle as I enjoy the dicks but it's all passé composé.


Thanks for the Review! To clarify, Dodge Hall, the building itself, is still there next to Krentzman Quadrangle.

As one who graduated in — wait for it! — 1984, it's interesting to see this. Guys my age have seen our "good old times" come and go, rise and fall and sometimes rise again, many times over.

"Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose." ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 11/04/16
Des Moines Metro : Des Moines : Romantix Adult Book Store : Review: Oct 28 2016 by n2Action
I recently visited this store, nice layout. I was there on a weeknight so did not have many options when it came to playmates.

Still, I would go back if in the area.
Published or Edited on 11/04/16
Belgium : Gent : Sexy World Cinema : Review: Oct 28 2016 by sexy world ghent dampoort
Today's "gay film" was nothing more than six free sneak previews of gay films with promising titles, repeated every fifteen minutes. Nothing more.

The straight movie was third-rate and the entrance was €10.

At around lunchtime there were four other people.

You decide if this is value for money. There are sex cinemas that cost less and offer far more.
Published or Edited on 11/04/16
Pittsburgh Metro : Pittsburgh : Adultmart - North Hills News : Review: Oct 28 2016 by local
I was here October 21. This is part of the Adultmart chain of stores. The hours are very irregular, it is supposed to close at 1 am weekdays. However, if the clerks think it is a slow night, they close at 10 pm.

I was here around lunchtime. At least four clerks, all female, were standing around the front desk. There was one person in the back booths and one person in the preview booths. When it got busy, one clerk came and turn the back lights on hoping people would leave.

So between irregular hours, and rude clerks this place is totally gone downhill.
Published or Edited on 11/04/16
Connecticut : Naugatuck : Video Temptations : Review: Oct 28 2016 by Chad
I met a hot guy with a huge dick. I wanted to go into his booth but he said "I'm good". Hot guy. Big dick. Loved it. Would love to see him again.
Published or Edited on 11/04/16
Pittsburgh Metro : Coraopolis : Holiday Inn Airport : Review: Oct 27 2016 by Woodfordsguy
This place no longer exists. They tore it down and made an office complex on the grounds.
Published or Edited on 11/04/16
Arizona : Kingman : Lewis Kingman Park : Review: Oct 27 2016 by Mojavebottom
I have met two men recently near the south ramada. Both had vans/RV's and we went to their vehicles to play.

If you are into older men who are cruising for head, this place can work.

Nov 23 Update: I try so hard to get it right that sometimes it makes me get it wrong! LOL.

I learned from Mojavebottom that the park has two ramadas — covered patios — and all this started at the south one. And here I'd believed it was by a Ramada Inn.

Learn a new word every day and eventually you can pretend to be smart. ;-) ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 11/23/16
Pittsburgh Metro : Monroeville : Monroeville Mall : Review: Oct 27 2016 by Head of operation
It's up and running.
Published or Edited on 11/04/16
West Virginia : Bunker Hill : Vixens : Review: Oct 27 2016 by NeedaTop70
Vixens is closed permanently.
Published or Edited on 11/04/16
Long Island Metro : Brentwood : Sinderella's Adult Center : Review: Oct 27 2016 by J.M.
OK, answering my own question here. I was at Sinderella's this past Tuesday, and the place was packed! Plenty of cocksuckers and cocksuckees.

Yes, the park and ride at Commack Rd., Exit 52 is still there as well.

What can I say aside from the fact that it was a great night? I shall be returning!

BTW, I've had the same problem in locating a phone number for the place, which perhaps is just as well. It seems to survive by word of mouth, which is probably safer. Thanks!

You're very welcome, and thanks for the great review and the answers! ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 11/03/16
Washington : Yakima : X-Spot #10 : Review: Oct 27 2016 by jerkinjake
This place is permanently closed.

Google and Yelp both show it open as an X-Spot. I'll revise this page. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 11/04/16
El Paso Metro : El Paso : McKelligon Canyon : Review: Oct 27 2016 by Lamar
This is my third tour of duty to Ft. Bliss. This place used to be the spot to go, action 24/7. The famous love tunnel was closed after the floods of 2007 +/- and the Canyon underwent extensive renovations.

They also closed the trails. Action now is in the back in the parking areas and at the rest room. I usually go at lunch and would say action is sporadic. Best place for military cock. It is more of a place to relax. If you find a cocksucker, fine, but do not count it will always occur.

Over the last six months I've never seen a cop or a military patrol like used to happens in the past. After dark is mostly a couples place where men go to romance their chicks.
Published or Edited on 11/03/16
El Paso Metro : El Paso : 77 Hundred Sports & Spirits : Review: Oct 27 2016 by Lamar
Great tip. I went last night. A guy parked next to me. Cooking recipe. Asked me for time. It was 10:40 pm. Asked me to get inside his car.

After rubbing my crotch, he said fuck nice big one. I was real hard. He did try to place a rubber but he had no idea what he was doing so I ended placing one I had in my pocket.

He gave me great head. I pushed it so he could deep throat.

Too safe I guess, but enjoyable.
Published or Edited on 11/03/16
Sacramento Metro : Sacramento : North 10th Street Levee : Review: Oct 26 2016
Checked this place out Friday evening after seeing CL posts. I watched this tall ethnic guy in camouflage pants getting fucked by two Black guys down by the river. Fucking hot.

Caught up with the bottom dude later and got all up that sloppy hole and nutted a five-day load. I left him with cum dripping out that hole.

There was a chubby Mexican dude with a hoodie running this way and that way. He kept fucking with me, ended up leaving,

Seems to be some action going on.
Published or Edited on 11/03/16
Idaho : McCall : Rotary Park : Review: Oct 26 2016 by NotGasoline;)
I'm 20 years old, athletic, and fun. Who wants to make this spot famous? ;) Down as fuck to swap some head and have some adventures. Shy but been trying to get this started forever, let's do this!

Wish you were a CFS Member so that guys could contact you through your Profile page. They can't really reply here on a Review page. When you register it's free! And you can control how much information you share. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 11/03/16
Cape Cod Metro : West Dennis : West Dennis Beach : Review: Oct 26 2016 by Quick BJ if you initiate it
This place is hopping anytime of the day. Younger guys use Grindr and the beach as a safe meetup place.

Just a hint, if a cute older guy pulls up beside you and you are reading this, put down your window and say hi. You have more of a chance if you initiate the conversation.

When you pull beside someone's car — lots of trucks — pull kinda close so your safe space is between your two cars when you play. 1:30 pm, 3:30 pm, 10 pm, 11 pm. It's all happening here.

Keep it discreet as lots of younger men don;t want you sharing their information or tag info. I also agree, the 25 to 45 year-olds run from the pushy guys.
Published or Edited on 11/03/16
New York City Metro : Queens : Fair Theatre : Review: Oct 26 2016 by flyguy
I was just here, going after a few people had told me about it. I will say there are several elders there as previously mentioned — they need love too, and maybe shot of Geritol.

However there were several other varieties available. Me being somewhat attractive, I must say I literally got my full of Latin dick. And every one them was hung... About eight uncut dicks fucked the shit out of me.

One huge-dicked Black guy loaded me up in front of everyone and screamed loud as fuck when he shot that load inside me. All in all, it was a well spent few hours.
Published or Edited on 11/02/16
Fort Lauderdale Metro : Fort Lauderdale : Clubhouse II : Review: Oct 26 2016 by ezez7
I have only been weekdays between 11 am – 4 pm. Staff is friendly. They sell poppers. Condoms and lube are free. The place is clean and dark and there are plenty of play spaces.

The crowd is hit or miss, typically between 10 - 25 guys depending on time of year. During the season, November to May, the crowds are larger. Age range is 45 - 65 years old with the occasional 30-somethings. I have found the guys to be really nice.

Most of the play takes place in the space with the mattress or in the front hall near the video room. This is where you find the group action. I wish there was more uninhibited group play. It happens, I just wish more often. At times it can be a little vanilla.

The video room is active, mostly sucking. I've seen no fucking in there. There is also action in the sauna and steam room. On occasion I have seen some hot pig play in all spaces.

All in all, I really like the place and highly recommend. My only wish would be for more guys to drop their tow...
Published or Edited on 11/02/16
Houston Metro : Houston : George Bush Intercontinental Airport : Review: Oct 26 2016 by IAH
This is still a good spot. Three guys jerked off for me and another did some under-the-stall action.

The key is broken off in the toilet paper dispenser. Just turn the keyhole to the left so it's sideways and then open up.
Published or Edited on 11/02/16
South Carolina : Darlington : Passions Video : Review: Oct 26 2016 by ISuckinConcord
It was a rainy Friday night, but I was happy to see six or seven cars in the parking lot as I made my first visit to Passions in Darlington. Upon entry I was told it was $10 for arcade entry and they only took cash. Fortunately they have and ATM machine and I was quickly headed to the theatre area.

Upon entry into the booth area I found a good variety of men as I checked the place out for the first time. I was comfortable quickly and decided to take off my shorts and just walk around in my t-shirt and thong panties.

As often happens when I do this, I got a variety of reactions. The cruising was good as guys bounced from booth to booth, but there was more walking and looking than actual hooking up. I decided to get bold.

I went into the large room at the end and just got right on my knees and left the door open. Again, a lot of looks and I thought a few times I might have company but the guys were just a bit shy at this point.

I heard the door to the arcade open and a middle...
Published or Edited on 11/09/16
Mexico : Ciudad Juarez : Baños Roma : Review: Oct 26 2016 by Fred
I hope the editor considers my opinion. This place used to be the jewel of the crown in Juarez, Mexico in the 80's and 90's. Now it is in ruins. The crowd is mostly elderly men, some very ill looking.

I was there recently and is sad to see us at that age looking for dick. But the show must go on.

There are two steam rooms. One is totally dark but totally covered by a plastic acting as a door. The other is an old door full of mold and is the opposite, totally bright, and you may find a nicely toned Mexican waiting for a blow job and whispering to your ear they let you do it for $200 pesos — roughly 10 bucks.

A must see if you in the region.

[i]Of course I'll consider your opinion, Fred. In fact, I welcome it! You've written some great reviews on CFS. And a wide variety of opinions appear in these Reviews, sometimes people disagreeing with each other.

Keith, the late founder of CFS, taught me to edit Reviews for readability, to screen out personal...
Published or Edited on 11/02/16
Detroit Metro : Novi : IHOP Restaurant : Review: Oct 26 2016 by wateriswet
There are some secluded areas in the parking lot.
Published or Edited on 11/02/16

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