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El Paso Metro : El Paso : Arcade Adult Video : Review: Jul 20 2017 by El pito loco
Mexican trucker here. Always had enjoyed this place. I guess I always go around 2 am. Saturday I paid a visit coming from New Mexico but it was 5 pm.

The attendant was so rude. First told me I needed to have exact change to get in. So I went back to my truck that was parked on Emory St. to get exact change.

He was asking people to keep going from the theater to the arcade. Hello, that is the purpose of paying the extra two bucks to have access to the arcade.

Short story in less than 1 hour all patrons decided to leave. We ended up, a nice white cutie in his early twenties and me. The cutie was a terrible cocksucker and when I tried to fucked his ass he said was too thick and left after cleaning his ass with some tissue so I ended with the place just for me. I also left.

The other attendant always says thank you, this one said nada.
Published or Edited on 07/20/17
Oregon : Newport : Spice Adult Video : Review: Jul 20 2017 by Utah69Guy
Does this place have gloryholes yet?

Published or Edited on 07/20/17
Panama : Panama City : Teatro Tropical : Review: Jul 19 2017 by TomTakesItAll
This place is still open. It is now called Teatro Tropical. Entrance fee was $2.15. Its old and run down, not very clean but there is definitely action going on. All types of guys, young and old.

I was there on a Wednesday afternoon between 3 pm and 5 pm. About forty guys there. I got my dicked sucked three times. Good place, the last of an era.
Published or Edited on 07/20/17
Cincinnati Metro : Cincinnati : Xavier University : Review: Jul 19 2017
This building was gutted and thoroughly renovated, reopened by 2015. No word about the toilets.

Xavier U. Blog, Sep 2015: Alter Hall, Transformed
Published or Edited on 07/20/17
Michigan : Coloma : Rest area : Review: Jul 19 2017
What looks like a rest area still appears on Google Maps' Satellite View and Bing Maps Aerial View.

Is this an abandoned rest area that still has a place to pull off out of view of the Interstate? That might be a better place than a regular rest area.

Anyone who drives this way know?
Published or Edited on 07/20/17
Portland Metro : Portland : Hawk's PDX : Review: Jul 19 2017
Willamette Week recently visited on "Bisexual Night," resulting in a long article with a few photos.[quote]...Hawks is a maze. It's a scatterplot of dressing rooms with netted ceilings that allow you to peer in from the tops of curvy landings. The glass doors of the steam room and the silver shower faucets dotting the walls make for funhouse mirrors.

I asked T about Jane's whereabouts. He said he had had his fill and was ready to leave. Having encountered something sentimental, I also felt fulfilled. We set out in search of Jane—he said he thought he saw her last in the middle of an orgy with a gaggle of older men.

This was believable: I estimated that out of 50 or so people, the average person at Hawks was about 45. On bi night, the split was about 70 percent men and 30 percent women. Most men were lone wolves...

...The gray-haired guy gazed at me and ask...
Published or Edited on 07/20/17
West Virginia : Parkersburg : A to Z Adult Bookstore : Review: Jul 19 2017 by Visitor
Is this still open and good?
Published or Edited on 07/20/17
Washington Metro : Washington : Glorious Health Club : Review: Jul 19 2017 by slutbomb
Hmmm... Let me see, so I got there from work wearing a tee shirt, underwear with my dick hanging out, and with my black work boots on.

The first dude was this Black bald dude with a big dick print in his shorts. We passed each other a couple of times, then I went upstairs and saw this slim muscular Latino with his door wide sleeping in his underwear. This brought out the creepy fuckin' perv out in me, playing with his bulge in his underwear without waking him up.

That's when the bald dude caught me and I turned around and left the room and he followed me and pulled out his dick, which was thick and long. I felt like a chipmunk with puffy jowls trying to suck him. He gave up on me, gave "dap", and left.

I went downstairs to the dark maze and found a succulent tit pig to fuck up the ass, then deep-throated him while I finger fucked, making him cum in my mouth.

Still horny, I went outside and saw two...
Published or Edited on 07/19/17
Los Angeles Metro : Whittier : Romantix : Review: Jul 18 2017 by WildWhiteGuy
Not sure it's a new rule for the store or just this one clerk, but the trans MTF clerk yells and tries to catch more than one to a booth. Does so in nasty manner, so watch yourself in there.
Published or Edited on 07/19/17
Houston Metro : Houston : Discount 24 Hour Video (aka Pink) : Review: Jul 18 2017 by camebridge58
My wife and I went here last weekend. Plenty of kinda small booths, a couples room, and an open lounge. Couples nights Thursday and Saturday.

She got her first of black cock, one of many, and put on a show in the open lounge sucking and fucking a couple of guys. She was covered in cum!
Published or Edited on 07/19/17
Fort Lauderdale Metro : Fort Lauderdale : Barnes & Noble : Review: Jul 17 2017 by Frogandpig
Any good places in and around Fort Lauderdale?

Fort Lauderdale has many good places, which you'll see if you browse around the Sex Listings.

I'm publishing this only because you're a new CFS Member. Normally questions on these pages should be about the specific place on the page or they might be deleted. More general questions like yours would be better on the CFS Message Board for Florida. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 07/19/17
New Mexico : Albuquerque : Video Maxxx : Review: Jul 17 2017 by bottombill
Stopped by today, went into a booth, dropped my pants and began jerking off. Left the door ajar. In thirty minutes only one guy walked by.

Then I saw the young guy who was working there cleaning the booths, so I closed and locked my door. He came down and knocked on my door, telling me to open the door. I pulled up my pants and opened the door. He then said he saw the other guy in my room. I showed him the room was empty, but he persisted, saying this is not that kind of place.

He was fairly belligerent, so I just left. Won't be returning here!
Published or Edited on 07/19/17
North Carolina : Swannanoa : Fantasy World : Review: Jul 17 2017 by hungry4dick
I suck cocks here all the time. It's great at lunch time and after work, lots of cocks come in and out of here.
Published or Edited on 07/19/17
Illinois : Atkinson : Lions Den - Atkinson : Review: Jul 17 2017 by Bookstore guy
This is the first Lion's Den I've ever seen that had an arcade. The place is very clean as Lion's Dens typically are, and the arcade area was also very clean and neat. It's small but there are several booths and mirrors. I could tell there was one gloryhole and several buddy booths with the old-fashioned window that you can have raised or lowered looking into the other booth.

I stopped in around four in the afternoon and there were lots of cars in the parking lot, which is typically a good sign. I paid my five dollars to get into the arcade and ended up sucking two trucker types, one skinny and one more of a daddy type.

I had a good time, and recommend this place if you're passing through the area.
Published or Edited on 07/18/17
Iowa : Cedar Rapids : Adult Shop North : Review: Jul 17 2017 by Bookstore guy
I paid my admission fee and went into the maze of video rooms, large group rooms, theater, and wandered around the upstairs area that has amazing potential for a lot of fun.

Within a couple of minutes I was sucking on a nice cock of a younger guy, which is always a treat to find in any bookstore. Over the forty-five minutes I was there, I got to suck four cocks, got sucked once, and fucked a guy through a gloryhole. One of the guys I sucked off jerked off and came again, watching me suck number four.

The other reviewers are right on the mark with the maze of booths and rooms in this place. There are lots of little dark corners in which to have fun if so desired. The gal working today, I understand it was the owner but I'm not sure if that's true, is just as nice as can be. And on top of it all she's curvy in all the right places.

I've been to adult bookstores and theaters in twenty-nine states and this is by far my favorite one. I can only imagine how much fun ...
Published or Edited on 07/20/17
South Carolina : Leesville : Lion's Den - Leesville : Review: Jul 17 2017 by rackit59
There last night. Have been before over a year ago. Very clean and well stocked. Video booths are very clean also. Signs say one person per booth but not enforced. Several couples were in the store buying things.

Only saw men in video booths. Had a couple good encounters with gay-curious men. Only into oral and J/O here so worked well for me. Did luck out and had a threesome with a man and woman last year. Highly recommend.
Published or Edited on 07/18/17
Massachusetts : Georgetown : Georgetown Weigh Station / Pull-Off : Review: Jul 17 2017 by Joe
Still stop every day. Come by and watch me cum.

Next time when posting about a specific place and day (or every day) please post while logged in as a CFS Member. Posting for hook-ups, meetings, etc. isn't meant for non-members. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 07/18/17
Arizona : Fort Mohave : Personal Preference Fort Mojave : Review: Jul 17 2017 by Mojavebottom
This place was completely remodeled late in 2016 and is in great shape. Two huge theaters with comfortable overstuffed chairs and sofas. The store is well stocked with a massive selection of toys, videos and fetish clothing. Help is nice, play is fine if discrete and respectful of others. Safe parking, nice group of people.

I get here about twice a month and leave satisfied.
Published or Edited on 07/18/17
Texas : Corpus Christi : Adult Video : Review: Jul 17 2017 by Joe
Place could use some improvements — only bench seats, no booths or gloryholes — but I've had luck five out of the six times I've gone. Never any problems with the staff once you pay your admission to the theatre and go in. Hope word gets out on this place. This city needs it!
Published or Edited on 07/17/17
Miami Metro : Miami : Jamboree Lounge : Review: Jul 16 2017
Wow! Sounds like a good place to catch a serious disease.
Published or Edited on 07/18/17
Sacramento Metro : Sacramento : North 10th Street Levee : Review: Jul 16 2017
Checked this place out after seeing some CL posting for some outdoor late evening action. Fucked a tall ethnic dude down by the river. That was hot. Later got into a threeway with him with another black dude. Fucking hot.

Not as much homeless but they were camped down by the main cruising area.

Weekend nights seems the most active.
Published or Edited on 07/17/17
Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill Metro : Durham : XSightment Video : Review: Jul 16 2017 by DaveEvad
You won't find this place unless you look for it: no signage on the road, a side door to a building containing a pawn shop with a tiny sign on the door.

Visited around noon on a Friday. Just a few guys, mostly older. Hottest thing was a room off the booth area closed off with a curtain with several stools.

Once my eyes got used to the light I saw a guy sitting naked on one of the stools with another guy on his knees in front of him blowing him. Walked over and the guy on the stool put his hand on my cock. Was still learning the protocols of this place, but it has the potential to be one of the hottest settings ever!
Published or Edited on 07/17/17
Arizona : Sedona : Beaverhead Flat Road Scenic Viewpoint : Review: Jul 16 2017 by drivitdep
I have been looking for a cock milker that is interested in starting a sexual relationship only, but I would like to go to a more discreet location even his place. I would like to take a very large hard driving cock inside my ass hole once again just to feel the sexual pleasure.
Published or Edited on 07/17/17
Fort Lauderdale Metro : Fort Lauderdale : 321 Slammer : Review: Jul 14 2017 by Visitor
I visit Ft. Lauderdale several times a year and usually visit the Slammer. I was there in July, and it's definitely declined significantly from its heyday.

On Friday and Saturday, the busiest nights, the problem is too many people. You have trolls sitting in the gloryhole booths all night, making them inaccessible.

The other issue is that the Slammer now attracts fewer hot guys and more trolls than in the past. On Saturday night, the peak night, the placed was packed with guys in their late 40s, 50's, and beyond. This place used to attract a better balance of older and younger guys.

On most weeknights, the place is empty, and the few guys that are there are mostly trolls. If you stay a while and are patient, you may find Plan B (or C or D...) so you can get off. But it's a far cry from the glory days when the problem was choosing which hot guy to get off with.
Published or Edited on 07/17/17
New York City Metro : Manhattan : Eagle : Review: Jul 14 2017
How's the real cruising at the Eagle these days?

A portrayal of cruising as fashion — or vice-versa — happened there this week. The bar hosted a cruising-themed fashion show July 12, 2017 by designer Willie Chavarria for New York Fashion Week: Men's.

[quote]Once inside the Eagle, there were a handful of old guard leathermen behind the bar and sprinkled around the space, embodying the BDSM and motorcycle-imbued subculture that continues to shape mainstream trends. The show was appropriately kicked off with Smokey Robinson's iconic song "Cruisin'" which I've haven't been able to take off of repeat since I saw the show. From the very first look, it was clear that through impeccable casting and styling, Chavarria captured a look that was sweet and full of swagger. The silhouettes were exciting and continued to advance his cholo-inspired aesthetic: His trousers sat high and were cinched at the waist, but billowed out at the leg. His b...
Published or Edited on 07/14/17
Washington Metro : Washington : Glorious Health Club : Review: Jul 14 2017 by 4BareCocks
I will be at GHC around 11:30 pm on Saturday, July 29, 2017 and staying overnight there. While there I'll be looking to suck and get bare fucked — no loads refused.
Published or Edited on 07/14/17
San Francisco Metro : Hayward : L'Amour Shoppe : Review: Jul 14 2017
The gloryholes have all been blocked with wooden planks. Still a good place to share a booth if you're discreet about it.
Published or Edited on 07/14/17
Belgium : Brussels : Argos Video Club : Review: Jul 14 2017 by eastbayman
This listing is inaccurate. There are no cabins. They sell DVDs and fetish gear.

Thanks, I've corrected the page. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 07/14/17
Nevada : Carson City : Ambrose Carson River Natural Area : Review: Jul 13 2017 by Ibready
Anyone still looking here?
Published or Edited on 07/14/17
Los Angeles Metro : West Hollywood : Circus of Books : Review: Jul 13 2017
The store will be closing, but not before it's story is told in a documentary. Circus' Silver Lake location closed in 2016.

Circus of Books, West Hollywood's gay cruising mecca before the age of the internet, will be the subject of a documentary by Cynthia Childs and Rachel Mason, the daughter of its owners.

The documentary will preserve the story of the adult bookstore, which sits on the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and La Jolla. Karen and Barry Mason, its owners for more than 30 years, announced in March last year that they would be closing it...

From WEHOville, June 22, 2017: Preserving WeHo’s Circus of Books: A Documentary by Its Owners’ Daughter
Published or Edited on 07/13/17
Baltimore Metro : Towson : Towson University - Albert S. Cook Library : Review: Jul 13 2017
Anything going on here this summer?
Published or Edited on 07/13/17
Las Vegas Metro : Las Vegas : The Las Vegas Eagle : Review: Jul 13 2017 by luv2worshipit
Any updates on this place? I was looking for public sex in a patio or backroom and was hoping this was the spot.

If you get no answer on this, why not go for a drink when your out and about? Check it out, then let us know. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 07/13/17
Las Vegas Metro : Las Vegas : Fantasy World : Review: Jul 13 2017 by luv2worshipit
I'm going to be here 7/16 - 7/20 and plan to visit this place often. It seems to be about the best of the breed for adult theatres, especially for cocksucker like me.
Published or Edited on 07/13/17
Cardiff - Wales : Penarth : Cruisy toilets : Review: Jul 12 2017
Heads Up! Increased public awareness and complaints about cruising in the toilets here has led to the posting of signs by South Wales Police warning the toilets may be monitored.
Concerns have been raised over reported illegal sexual activities at a public toilets in Penarth.

The council-owned toilets on Albert Road are a notorious hotspot for so-called 'gay cruising', where gay men look to meet others for casual, sexual encounters.

Whilst cruising is not illegal, sexual activity in a public lavatory is prohibited under the Sexual Offences Act 2003...

...The use of the Albert Road toilets as a meeting point for 'cruisers' is longstanding and there have been at least two convictions since 2013 for engaging in sexual activities on the premises. There are also a number of cruising websites promoting the toilets as a popular venue for meeting potential partners."

More from Penarth Times, 29 June 2017: [url=
Published or Edited on 07/17/17
Cuba : Havana : El Malecon : Review: Jul 12 2017
As in 2015, it's still a cruisy place where men meet by arrangement or by chance, although things are changing in Cuba. Mentioned in a Slate article about about gay cruising in Cuba and the increasing use of mobile Apps.

Grindr-ing in Havana
Published or Edited on 07/13/17
Cuba : Playas del Este : Mi Cayito : Review: Jul 12 2017
Still active, mentioned in a Slate article about about gay cruising in Cuba and the increasing use of mobile Apps.

Grindr-ing in Havana
Published or Edited on 07/12/17
New York City Metro : Brooklyn : Sunset Video & DVD : Review: Jul 12 2017 by wescravn
This place is interesting, because the last few times I came here I had alot of hot action. I went about 8 to 10 pm weeknights.

The first time which was two weeks ago. I sucked this Latino and this white guy with really big dicks. I made both of them cum, while other guys were watching. It was hot.

The next time I came in there was a hot Black guy whose dick was OK, but probably like 7". Hard-core thug from the local area, and he wanted to fuck me but I really wasn't ready. Then this hot Latino papi came in, and fucked me hard.

Both times I had been at Paradise Video before and there were ugly guys and guys just walking around.
Published or Edited on 07/12/17
Michigan : Chase : Rest area : Review: Jul 11 2017 by Dave
Try the early morning hours before dawn on Saturday and Sunday mornings.
Published or Edited on 07/12/17
Las Vegas Metro : Las Vegas : A-Action Adult Books & Videos : Review: Jul 11 2017 by cockymatt
This place is good but can be hit or miss. Last time I was there it was hot.

A man was there with his blonde BBW wife. I seen through the gloryhole that her husband was filming his wife sucking a huge cock on the gloryhole of the other booth. So I pulled out my fat hard cock and slid it through the gloryhole, felt a soft hand grab my cock then I felt her hot wet mouth sucking my cock.

I was really horny 'cause I came all down her throat quick. They left but the huge cock from before was still throbbing through the gloryhole. I told him to wait.

I went into his booth and went to my knees, after all, I wanted a cock of this size in my mouth to begin with. I have a 7-1/2" fat cock but this man's cock made mine look small. He was older man, smelled clean. His cock was good and it took him forever to cum but he shot a good load down my throat. And he returned the favor of sucking another load out of me.

Good times indeed. I'll be back soon.
Published or Edited on 07/12/17
Los Angeles Metro : West Covina : Plaza West Covina : Review: Jul 10 2017 by toonx4
Heads Up! Warning! Management of Macy's is taking action! Avoid this place because is no longer safe.

Customers apparently are complaining of the constant traffic in those stalls. I saw security coming into the bathroom too. Guys, be very careful.
Published or Edited on 07/12/17
Delaware : Rehoboth Beach : Junction and Breakwater Rail Trail : Review: Jul 10 2017 by Fellatio Lover
This data has obviously not been reviewed for years.

All of Rehoboth is dead for cruising today. This particular spot used to be very good, but after several years of police arrests it is useless. Only cameras will watch you there.

The most amazing thing about Rehoboth is that the gays — as usual — have just eaten it all up. Of course, 50% of them (i.e. us) are saintlier than thou. But what about the rest?

Anyway, Rehoboth has ceased to exist as a center of gay cruising. All of the former spots: trails, bars, bathrooms, you name it, they are all in the past. Oh well. Fire Island had the same fate before. Internet will never replace the relative freedom of cruising we used to know. But it is still the land of the free, right? Unless you have been to other countries, of course.

[i]I'm grateful to you for posting this. CFS relies most of all on cruisers to tell us what their experiences are and when places change. In this case, no Reviews had been su...
Published or Edited on 07/11/17
Maryland : Ellicott City : Lovecraft - Ellicott City : Review: Jul 10 2017 by Anonymous
This place is no longer the "Pack Shack". It has since been bought out by the "Lovecraft" chain of ABS here in Maryland. So this listing needs to be changed to "Lovecraft Ellicott City."

I haven't had a chance to visit the arcade yet to see if they have any gloryholes; the previous owner had them all covered. But the parking lot around lunch time on a weekday was packed with cars, and there wasn't anyone in the front of the building except the clerk when I walked in.

Hadn't been in this place in a long time and I just stopped in for a bottle of Rush, so I only saw the front area of the store. The inventory of toys, videos, and lingerie are all the same. The two big differences I noticed were that the bulletproof turnstile for the clerk had been removed, which always made the place look shady. And the clerk behind the counter was incredibly polite and helpful, unlike the typical rude AF clerks that the previous owners employed.

Published or Edited on 07/11/17
Philadelphia Metro : Philadelphia : Venus Video Adult Superstore : Review: Jul 09 2017 by loftwolf
Visited for a couple hours on a weekday afternoon and had a great time. No bother from the clerks thankfully. In two hours there were only a handful of guys who came through and some were apparently straight and didn't want to be bothered, which is just fine with me. Those fellas made their way to their booths and stayed there, no problem. Other guys walking from booth to booth were obviously looking for more.

When I arrived there was only one guy, door ajar, stroking his big black dick for anyone to see. I followed him to a private booth way in a back corner and sucked him on my knees. His cock was big and his chest had the lightest amount of hair on it. He was younger than me, really horny and gentle, and really wanted to fuck but I wasn't sure I could take all of him.

Turned out to be a turn-on unlike any other as he fucked me hard in the ass with just spit for lube. That big cock tore me up and I loved getting pounded. I didn't take his raw load as he shot across ...
Published or Edited on 07/11/17
Ohio : Lebanon : Countryside YMCA | Lebanon : Review: Jul 09 2017 by firebear
Great spot! Big jacuzzi, steam room, and sauna with private showers. All great spots. Played with a few guys and got fucked in the showers. Definitely a hot spot!
Published or Edited on 07/11/17
Orlando Metro : Orlando : Hyatt Regency Orlando : Review: Jul 09 2017 by Josehot
This place is now Hyatt Regency, is it still cruisy? Would like to know before booking.

Thanks, I've updated the page. Looks like a great location and amenities from their web site; I hope it is still cruisy. Someone let us know. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 07/11/17
Brisbane Metro : Bowen Hills : Wet Spa & Sauna : Review: Jul 08 2017 by biboycums
I loved this place. The location is a bit of a walk if you are in town but it's in a secluded area of town. That's nice if you are a bit shy to or do not want to be seen to go in.

It was clean, well laid out, and it had a nice range of men. After you check in, get your key and locker, there is a nice lounge upstairs where you can get snacks and drinks and watch some TV. Then you can go downstairs to where the real fun can happen.

When you come down the stairs there is a shower area, a dry sauna, and a Jacuzzi at base of the stairs. Then if you head towards the right you will enter the dark room and maze area filled with rooms withs bed. gloryholes, and hidden away nooks to enjoy an anonymous moment. At the back there is also a smaller room playing porn with nice seating where you can stroke and show to the other guys what you are packing. I loved the layout. Good for cruising and playing, which I noticed a lot of. :)

Now for the men. It was a good range of old and yo...
Published or Edited on 07/10/17
New Hampshire : Manchester : Sports Authority : Review: Jul 08 2017 by Guy
Store is now permanently closed.

I've added it to the list for deletion. Guess you guys will have to go to DICK'S (Concord? Nashua? Let us know) if you want to cruise at a sporting goods store. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 07/10/17
Boston Metro : Newton : Boston College - Thomas P. O'Neill Jr. Library : Review: Jul 07 2017 by grecoroman
Checked this spot based on the listing. Whatever happened here in the past was probably wild, because they have giant metal panels riveted onto every stall partition, probably covering tons of gloryholes and peep holes that were drilled in during the past. They had this both on the 5th and 2nd floor bathrooms where there are five stalls.

Being that I visited this place in the summer when there aren't many students using the library, I can't vouch for how much real action goes on. But BC is a conservative school with lots of closeted students, so it's possible that there's covert action among students that do not want to put their faces on Grindr.

Maybe will report back during the school year on whether there's any real action, but the setup of the bathroom is very good, because you need to go through two doors before you get the urinals/stalls, so there's plenty of warning.

Also, if you're using the stalls closest to the back wall, you can...
Published or Edited on 07/10/17
Long Island Metro : West Babylon : X Dreams II : Review: Jul 07 2017 by loventhelobster
Was here two weeks ago during the day Friday. They have three rooms. Only went to men's only room. Met a nice older guy and we jerked each other off. Wanted to have him fuck me, not interested but was nice about it. Would go again or try other places near by.
Published or Edited on 07/10/17
Portland Metro : Portland : Fat Cobra Video and Arcade : Review: Jul 07 2017 by Christian
The most wonderful place for great toys. The friendliest place in town . Off the hook arcade! 10 out of 10.
Published or Edited on 07/10/17

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