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Argentina : Buenos Aires : Cine Box : Review: Oct 12 2017 by Sex-Traveler
I visited Box in the first week of October. It is just off of Santa Fe, but make sure you have the address with you as there is only a tiny sign for the place. The entrance is painted black and you go through the door and down a flight of stairs to the ticket window. Entrance fee was $120 — a little under $7 US — and the ticket seller attempted to shortchange me by giving me $20 in change when I paid $150.

The facility had one room playing a gay film, one room with a straight film, and a dark room with a couple of sofas. There was a closed-off stairway leading above one of the rooms and a semi-dark restroom. The place was relatively clean for a porn theater.

I was there around 5 pm for about an hour, and during than time maybe ten guys came through the place. Most guys appeared to 20's to 40's, a few of us older. Unlike some places, age was not an issue and a couple of the younger guys enjoyed tag-teaming my ass. Condom usage appeared to be the norm here.
Published or Edited on 10/16/17
Phoenix Metro : Tempe : LA Fitness : Review: Oct 12 2017 by jyhming
It is pretty busy so privacy is an issue. Lots of ASU students and studs coming in here. Many still don't have spa etiquette down yet but many will get uncomfortable if you bare it all. Some will stay and show interest and play.

There is a unisex bathroom right behind the pool area with shower. Got lucky a few times with some eye contact and got together in the bathroom for great fucking. Had to keep our noise down in fear of getting caught but it was fun.
Published or Edited on 10/16/17
Phoenix Metro : Mesa : LA Fitness - Mesa Gym : Review: Oct 12 2017 by jyhming
I did get lucky here in the sauna a few times. Lots of display of junk as well as dick-sucking taking place from married men. It was very hot.

Many people in AZ will go into the sauna fully dressed which I never understood because it is nasty after a sweaty workout. I hope they could change the policy to make everyone shower before using the facility.
Published or Edited on 10/16/17
New York City Metro : Bronx : A.S.A Castle Hill Video : Review: Oct 10 2017 by kuntryboy36
Great place and area.
Published or Edited on 10/16/17
Riverside and San Bernardino Counties Metro : Redlands : Panorama Point : Review: Oct 10 2017
It's been a couple years since the last review. Any chance of cruising on the trails near here?
Published or Edited on 10/16/17
Florida : Lakeland : Saddle Creek Park : Review: Oct 10 2017 by Rob
It sucks to read that they have been doing raids out there. In the late 90's when I was 14 to 17, I'd ride my bike out there, stash it on one of the trails, and just walk the trails looking for fun. And boy did I have a lot of it out there! I miss those good old days.
Published or Edited on 10/16/17
Maryland : Salisbury : Salisbury University - Blackwell Hall : Review: Oct 10 2017
The Blackwell Building no longer has a library. The library has been moved to a new building. Haven't tried hooking up in either bathroom, but I will eventually.
Published or Edited on 10/16/17
Toronto Metro : Richmond Hill : Swing Shift Adult Video : Review: Oct 09 2017 by RICHARD C
I went to Swing Shift and I had my balls played with and my ass smacked and my cock sucked. I'm still waiting to fuck any horny guy there. I also want to be fucked up the ass.
Published or Edited on 10/13/17
Massachusetts : Amherst : University of Massachusetts : Review: Oct 09 2017 by raven2006
Wow, no updates on any UMass Amherst cruise spots in more than ten years?! That's not the administrator's fault, but it's sad all the same.

I am a "veteran" of that campus from times when there were many cruising spots on it. Here's my overall update for October 2017:[list]
  • Men's room in the basement of Machmer Hall: this was the cruisiest spot on campus in the 80s and 90s, but like the rest of the campus, it's completely quiet now, and even with three large lecture halls immediately above it, it isn't even used as a bathroom too much these days, lol. I know that from my "research."
  • There's a men's room in the subterranean floor of Herter Hall that was so cruisy back in the day that when this right-winger student newspaper columnist exposed it, the university closed it, and left it closed for decades. It's reopened now, but all you will ever find there are millennium twinky guys who are there strictly to pee betw...
    Published or Edited on 10/13/17
    West Virginia : Parkersburg : A to Z Adult Bookstore : Review: Oct 08 2017 by jinx1113
    Stopped in two weeks ago and they changed the layout of the theaters. You can now go back and forth between the gay and straight sides without going out into the main store area.

    Neat, you can get naked and stay naked cruising for cocks to suck. Was kinda fun, actually got two really nice cocks to suck. However the young guy came too fast, didn't get a chance to work that cock like I love to do.
    Published or Edited on 10/13/17
    Pennsylvania : Quakertown : Molasses Creek Park : Review: Oct 08 2017 by Jon
    Is this place active?
    Published or Edited on 10/13/17
    Nebraska : Omaha : Blue Moon Fitness : Review: Oct 08 2017
    No reviews here since the first bad one in 2012, but there's been a few up-votes since then. Is anyone cruising here?

    If not, I'll delete the page. ~ Editor
    Published or Edited on 10/13/17
    West Virginia : Mineralwells : Lion's Den Adult Superstore : Review: Oct 08 2017 by Drillerjoe68
    I will be bringing a friend tomorrow for her first visit to the buddy booths. She is a nice BBW with a thick ass and great tits and if you can get a blow job you will never forget it. She loves getting it down her throat as far as she can. We will be arriving around 1 pm Monday October 9th.

    I'm sorry you submitted this on the 8th — one day beforehand — which doesn't allow enough time for the editorial process needed for all these Reviews, including the ones before yours. Hope you did have fun when you went.

    For now, I've asked for at least five days, more if you can, so that I can be sure to get these posts online in time. A software upgrade will provide a way for CFS Members to make these announcements separate from Reviews, and I'm working on it. Thanks for your patience. ~ Editor

    Published or Edited on 10/13/17
    Palm Springs Metro : Palm Desert : Coyote Song Way : Review: Oct 08 2017 by Brandon
    Stopped by on the way back from Indio. There were some dirt-biker dudes with their trucks at the end of the cul-de-sac when I got there, and one stayed behind after the others left.

    After some time, I re-parked closer and he swung his door open to reveal his massive boner which he was aggressively jacking double-fisted! I followed his lead and took my dick out, and was getting super horny watching him stroke.

    But then some stupid go cart patrol from Sun City came tooling down the street — and my action was interrupted, and the guy drove off.

    I guess they periodically "patrol" down that street, but since it's a public street there's not a lot they can do about anything. They didn't say a word, just drove by.

    So I stayed and enjoyed the peace and quiet, and jerked off which was great!
    Published or Edited on 10/13/17
    Las Vegas Metro : Las Vegas : A-Action Adult Books & Videos : Review: Oct 08 2017 by Mushroom Sauce
    Hot place. Love sucking cock and having strange men cream in my mouth.
    Published or Edited on 10/13/17
    Georgia : McDonough : LA Fitness : Review: Oct 07 2017 by Decaturmuscle
    Great mix of guys. Hot straight bi-curious men of all ages. More looking than action. Sauna has potential but many overstay their welcome and ruin any chance for a hookup. Afternoons at 2 pm til 3:45 pm are interesting.
    Published or Edited on 10/13/17
    South Carolina : Anderson : Kmart : Review: Oct 07 2017
    This Kmart is closed.
    Published or Edited on 10/13/17
    Las Vegas Metro : Las Vegas : A-Action Adult Books & Videos : Review: Oct 07 2017 by WizardOM64
    Tried it. Liked it. Many gloryholes. Big selection of DVDs.
    Published or Edited on 10/13/17
    Arkansas : Widener : Adult World XXX Store : Review: Oct 06 2017 by Big Daddy
    Stopped by the north side store looking for the right one. There he was. Looking through the hole, ready to suck his cock. He put it through and I sucked him good and all the way down.

    As I was taking care of him I had another come in the room. He watched until I took it all. Then I ate him until he jacked off in my mouth. That was a good stop. I will be back for more.
    Published or Edited on 10/11/17
    Denmark : Copenhagen : Body Bio : Review: Oct 06 2017 by Uwe
    Just visited Body Bio last week and it's worth a visit.

    I went on a Wednesday night around 9 pm and it was a decent mix of guys — varying ages, body types, but everyone seemed nice, polite, no-attitude, and up for fun.

    There's lots of hallways and rooms, including the sucking wall which is fun!

    It is very difficult to find once you're there. You'll see the building with the door marked number 9. Then keep following every door to the left of it and you will see a short door with a small number 7 marked on it.

    Thanks so much for the additional directions. ~ Editor
    Published or Edited on 10/11/17
    Tampa Bay Metro : Tampa : Buddies Adult Video : Review: Oct 06 2017 by neal
    Went to this place one night and won't ever go to another. It was everything I hoped for and more.

    I'm a good-looking guy and when I went into the theaters I wore shorts, no underwear. There's a small dark room so I went in and dropped my shorts and leaned over one of the couches. Next thing I felt was someone lubing my asshole. Then he slid his big cock in and started fucking me good.

    I noticed this other guy to my side stroking his meat. I soon had it in my mouth and he was face-fucking me. Soon I heard the guy fucking me grunt and shoot his load in my ass. As I was swallowing the load I could feel cum running down my leg.

    I sat on the sofa to compose myself when another guy stepped in front of me with a nice hard cock. I started licking and sucking on his nut sack. I sat him on the couch and got on my hands and knees in front of him and started sucking his big cock, taking it deep in my mouth.

    I felt someone playing with my ass. I turned and there was a black...
    Published or Edited on 10/11/17
    Honolulu Metro : Waikiki : Velvet Video : Review: Oct 05 2017 by TightBottom
    I came here three times during my vacation. Several hot guys each time and big dicks. Straight married guys, surfers, young Asian and Latin guys, white muscle studs! I had a really hot time every visit.

    Best cruising spot in Waikiki. Definitely will be at the top of my list every time I visit.
    Published or Edited on 10/11/17
    Missouri : Columbia : University of Missouri - Ellis Library : Review: Oct 05 2017 by Still active
    This location is still active. I have found a few good guys here.
    Published or Edited on 10/11/17
    New York City Metro : Manhattan : New York Sports Club : Review: Oct 04 2017 by Don’tBother
    Like other reviews state, this location in particular has a long standing problem with bitter, jealous trolls. I have a theory: maybe these guys were banished from other locations, either by management or just by anger from other annoyed cruisers.

    As BerlinNY mentioned, King Troll (or as named by the scratchitti in the dry sauna, Mr. Giggles) rules this place with an iron fist. He will snicker, guffaw, whisper and cock block his way up and down the wet area. Instead of perhaps spending some time on the equipment upstairs in the actual gym (which is actually really nice and has lots of equipment), Mr. Giggles and his pear-shaped clan take up residence in the basement for hours on end.

    The only reprieve is on some weekend mornings and I mean early.

    Save yourself the trouble. Go elsewhere if you're actually looking to play and not take part in petty games and gossip.

    Part of me wishes for the crackdowns to resume, just so Mr. Giggles can get his comeuppance.
    Published or Edited on 10/11/17
    New York City Metro : Queens : Little Neck Video : Review: Oct 04 2017 by hornilatino1
    As of Oct 4, all the gloryholes are now open except for the first booth.
    Published or Edited on 10/11/17
    Los Angeles Metro : Los Angeles : Angeles National Forest : Review: Oct 04 2017 by SanGabrielsMuscleTOP
    Holy Shit. I realize that all these years I've had the wrong expired email set up. Sorry to anyone who tried to contact me. My email address is now updated so if anyone wants to meet up here send me a message and I'll get it and we will fuck out in the mountains.

    I was here a few months ago and a friend and I had a great time. Nobody else was there.
    Published or Edited on 10/09/17
    Georgia : Macon : X-Mart Adult Supercenter - Macon : Review: Oct 04 2017 by BiGuy
    I go here about once a month after work around 5 pm, never had a problem finding a guy to suck or get a blow job from.
    Published or Edited on 10/09/17
    Florida : Panama City : Bonita Bay Outdoor Recreation Area : Review: Oct 03 2017 by Kevin
    You can still find action here. I had a nice long blowjob a few weeks ago by the picnic tables down from the boat ramp.
    Published or Edited on 10/09/17
    Florida : Panama City : Joe Moody Harris Park : Review: Oct 03 2017 by Kevin
    This place is still active and safe. Just use good judgment. I stopped by three days ago and got a great blowjob in the bathroom within five minutes.
    Published or Edited on 10/09/17
    Orange County Metro : Orange : Shaffer Park : Review: Oct 02 2017
    This place is under construction. Currently fenced off.

    Thanks for the update. This news story indicates the park reconstruction is supposed to be completed August 2018. Let us know what it's like after that. ~ Editor
    Published or Edited on 10/09/17
    Tucson Metro : Tucson : Caesar's Adult Shop : Review: Oct 01 2017
    The booths suck. No privacy and two people barely fit The door is exposed from the thigh down, about three feet. The private booths seem promising but there's cameras all around.

    It depends on the clerk if they allow any sexual contact. The place was lonely, only two others around and not my type. Disappointing.
    Published or Edited on 10/09/17
    West Virginia : Mineralwells : Lion's Den Adult Superstore : Review: Oct 01 2017 by Benny024
    While driving through stopped in. An old-timer wanted me to suck him. I was kinda hesitant, but I did. Turns out he was a surprising grower.

    I sucked his big, hard, white cock for about ten minutes 'til he said he wanted to fuck me in the ass! He fucked me for a good twenty minutes before cumming!

    When we walked out of the booth, he went over, with me in tow, to his two buddies. He told them he had just "greased" my ass and added that I had "fucked him back."

    After a couple more minutes, I was completely naked in one of the big booths, sucking cock and getting butt-fucked. One guy was so good at sucking my smooth nuts I came with no hands as I was also getting fucked. No one had ever sucked my heavy nuts like that.

    Will always cum back here!
    Published or Edited on 10/09/17
    South Carolina : Fort Mill : Gold Hill Branch YMCA : Review: Oct 01 2017 by uncutm
    Hot steam room and shower area. If you stay long enough, you will see someone stroking or showing off.
    Published or Edited on 10/06/17
    South Carolina : Rock Hill : Charlotte Avenue Branch YMCA : Review: Oct 01 2017 by uncutm
    Always see something good here. Be careful.
    Published or Edited on 10/06/17
    Las Vegas Metro : Las Vegas : A-Action Adult Books & Videos : Review: Oct 01 2017 by Matthew Capitano
    I love this place. I'm a flaming gay cock-sucking cum-drinking slut-whore. I've sucked lots of cocks here and swallowed lots of cum here. I pull down my shorts, lift up my top, and get down on my knees so I can satisfy as many men as I can in one night.
    Published or Edited on 10/06/17
    Seattle Metro : Tacoma : Delong Park : Review: Sep 30 2017 by COCKSUCKERSLUT
    Nice little park, wooded trails. But not in the winter. I will wait till some enchanted summer evening after dark. It's too Washington wet and muddy now. Also it's better after dark so you don't scare the kiddies. So suck you in the spring.
    Published or Edited on 10/06/17
    Texas : Wichita Falls : DW's Adult Video : Review: Sep 30 2017 by AJinDFW
    This is now DW's Adult Video, address 2001 Sheppard Access Rd, Wichita Falls, TX 76306, Phone: 940-763-1000. Hours are 9 am - Midnight, Fri/Sat til 2:00 am. The arcade is now token operated. Standard little booths with old school TV's behind plexiglass I like the retro, seedy, feel about them! Some have gloryholes.

    I've been here twice, weeknights, with three cocks coming through the hole on one visit and was alone the whole time my second time. Fun place I'm sure at times!

    Thanks so much for the update. I found additional info on Google and their web site, also about their store in Bellevue.

    Keep going back, having fun, and posting more Reviews! :) ~ Editor

    Published or Edited on 10/06/17
    Tampa Bay Metro : Tampa : X-Mart Adult Supercenter : Review: Sep 30 2017 by fotospoon
    Extremely clean, and good gloryholes. Checked in on a Thursday afternoon around 4 pm. It was rather slow, but the infrastructure is there. ;)

    Pay-per-view is a bit boring, but in this instance nobody bothered to pay all the time.
    Published or Edited on 10/06/17
    Tampa Bay Metro : Tampa : Adult World : Review: Sep 30 2017 by fotospoon
    Thursday afternoon visit: slow but place is OK. Not very clean, neither very dirty. Crowd was slow at 5 pm.

    They have a nice "token." You charge it and it lets you come and go for the next eight hours.
    Published or Edited on 10/06/17
    Czech Republic : Prague : Club Valentino : Review: Sep 30 2017
    Published or Edited on 10/06/17
    South Carolina : Greer : Shelter Court Park : Review: Sep 29 2017 by acurvedd
    Still active location. Mostly older and Black men. I've gotten a few BJs here. Be careful though. I've seen cops do drive-throughs.
    Published or Edited on 10/04/17
    New Jersey : Avenel : Adult Variety Center : Review: Sep 29 2017 by NJBigCok
    Not sure how much longer this place will be open fellas. Especially now that they raised the starting price for the porn in the booths up to $5! Went last night, was there for over an hour and barely anyone other than a few trolls came in. And within that hour I spent $50 'cause of that $5 shit plus how quickly it sucks your money up. Shame, this used to be the place to go get some dick and ass.

    I'm a cute white dude in his 30's with a big dick who loves to just go to a place where there's a bunch of dudes with their dicks out, tugging, stroking, sucking, eating ass, fucking, etc. This used to be the place to do it at. Now it's starting to turn primarily into trolls who can't ever take a hint.

    The only other place close to there is the one in South Amboy, but even that is more "miss" than "hit" these days. Either that or Little Theater if you want some big black dick but that area of Newark is not the safest so y...
    Published or Edited on 10/04/17
    Ohio : Dayton : Adultmart - Dayton : Review: Sep 29 2017 by NFS65
    Several cars in the parking lot with most guys just millings around. I did find a guy stroking and I got down and started sucking him. I then had another guy sticking his cock in my face. Neither came but left.

    I then found another guy stroking and I got down. I had one of the other first guys show up and sticking his cock in my face. I ended up swallowing two loads, hot.
    Published or Edited on 10/04/17
    New Hampshire : Manchester : Mall of New Hampshire : Review: Sep 29 2017 by First-time
    The place to go when you connect with a guy on an app. Met a hot guy my age, late 20s, and gave him a quick BJ. Other mall bathrooms are too crowded. We were both first-timers.
    Published or Edited on 10/04/17
    Iowa : Marshalltown : Eighteen Tobacco & More (Adult Odyssey) : Review: Sep 29 2017 by paul
    Closed. Out of business.
    Published or Edited on 10/04/17
    Chicago Metro : Niles : King Spa and Sauna : Review: Sep 28 2017 by jyhming
    Have been back several times and now they have placed a lot of staff as watchdogs at the steamroom and the wet area to prevent people from blatant cruising. That said, men still find themselves rubbing and extremely cautious about getting caught.

    Due to the frequency of the sex checks, all cruising has stopped and we've got no privacy whatsoever.

    That said, it is still a great place to relax and get well rested with various saunas that no rivals even come close.
    Published or Edited on 10/04/17
    Las Vegas Metro : Las Vegas : A-Action Adult Books & Videos : Review: Sep 27 2017 by kevin
    Love this place. I only suck black dick and this is the place. Last time I was here I sucked off three BBCs and it felt so good to leave with so much cum in my stomach. I am going back for sure for BBC.
    Published or Edited on 10/02/17
    Atlanta Metro : Sandy Springs : Inserection By LOVE SHACK : Review: Sep 27 2017
    Inserection and the two strip clubs targeted by Sandy Springs filed an appeal with the full 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, the next step after losing with a three-judge panel.

    Attorney Cary Wiggins, representing the targeted businesses, says there is a possibility of a Supreme Court appeal should they lose this round. Should step be taken there would likely be further years of delay. The battle between the city and these businesses goes back to 2006, eleven years already.

    Reporter Newspapers: Sandy Springs’ adult business battles inch closer to Supreme Court appeal
    Published or Edited on 10/04/17
    New Jersey : Sicklerville : Gemini Books : Review: Sep 27 2017
    A complaint was filed claiming sexual and physical assault following an encounter between two men who met here in June 2017 and left for a motel. Partial details were confirmed by the store's video cameras.

    The alleged assailant was indicted on one count of second-degree sexual assault, one count of fourth-degree criminal sexual contact, one count of fourth-degree aggravated assault for knowingly pointing a fire arm at another person, and one count of third-degree criminal restraint. A full account is at the link.

    Be careful when you cruise.

    WKXW-FM: Man sexually assaulted another man he met at adult book store, cops say
    Published or Edited on 10/04/17
    Pennsylvania : Murrysville : Adultmart - Murrysville : Review: Sep 27 2017
    I'm an older, retired military guy who likes to suck cock. I go to this bookstore and wait for something good. Not into sucking everything that might walk in and don't hound anyone. Guys that do that need some self respect.

    I talk to some of the guys that hang around while waiting for a feeder to come in. I'm 68 and another guy I talk to is about the same. Both clean-cut. Couple smelly guys hang here sometimes, young and old who stampede after anything decent that comes in, usually scaring them off. Too bad anyone behaves that way.

    It was evening and the smelly ones left and about ten minutes later I was talking to the older guy I know and an athletic, older, grey-haired daddy type came in. Good-looking, goatee and hot. We watched him go into a booth, waited a bit, then we went back to get a peek. I didn't tell the guy beside me I suck him pretty regularly. Usually when he sees me he goes in a booth and drops his pants for me.

    He wasn't doing anything when ...
    Published or Edited on 10/02/17

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