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Virginia Beach/Norfolk/Newport News : Newport News : Newport News Park : Review: Apr 10 2000
This toilet is rarely busy with anyone but cruisers.
You will find action in the back two stalls, with
plenty of peepholes.
Ohio : Bucyrus : Country Road Video : Review: Apr 09 2000
They have remodeled and it is better than ever.
They now have two buddy booths instead of one.
Action, action, action is all I have to say about this
place. And if you are nice to the clerks and they will
be nice to you.
Columbus Metro : Columbus : Club Columbus : Review: Apr 09 2000
The facilities are first rate with good steamroom,
sauna, great hot tub, and outdoor pool. I went
yesterday afternoon and
had a pretty damn
good time, people were starting to loosen up (or
harden up!). No adult video to watch, but this is
supposed to
happen soon.
Ohio : Dayton : YMCA : Review: Apr 09 2000
This place is very cruisy and there is always a lot of
action. The showers, sauna and steamroom are
always loaded with great looking men.
Ohio : Toledo : Toledo-Lucas County Public Library : Review: Apr 09 2000
I've seen a lot of feet there but never any action. It's
under renovation presently. Only the future will tell
what kind of action will take place if any.
Ohio : Toledo : Adult Pleasures : Review: Apr 09 2000
There were about six to ten guys while I was there.
Some roamed from booth to booth. I only saw two
The owners didn't
seem to mind the action. Though it's not very clean.
One booth reeked of vomit. The restroom
floor had puddles
from leaky plumbing.
Ohio : Youngstown : Uptown Books : Review: Apr 09 2000
Busybody clerks regularly patrol the arcade and
action is nil. Your best chance here is in the
parking lot out back.
Newark/Jersey City Metro : Jersey City : Journal Square PATH Station : Review: Apr 08 2000
The bathroom on the concourse level is open and
is cruisy any time, especially around rush hour.
However, there is no warning when someone
comes in and the police stationed right there. The
know exactly what's going on, so be careful. Very
mixed crowd.
New Jersey : Lawrenceville : Quaker Bridge Mall : Review: Apr 08 2000
Lord & Taylor caters to a lot of pretty, preppy well
dressed store employees who come in for a quick
blowjob. Some guys will offer you there place for
New Jersey : Red Bank : Atlantic Club : Review: Apr 08 2000
The sauna and steamroom on the second floor is
where I've gotten picked up a number of times.
There's a couple of toilet stalls nearby, if you want
to duck into them.
New Jersey : Summit : YMCA : Review: Apr 08 2000
Hot guys from eighteen to fifty cruise constantly.
You can easily get more than one guy in on the
action. Best times are after 8 pm since most of the
straight traffic has left.
New Jersey : Voorhees : Bally Total Fitness : Review: Apr 08 2000
Very cruisy steamroom, more active after 8:30 pm.
Although not supposed to be permitted, nudity in
the room is common.
Michigan : Marquette : Presque Isle Park : Review: Apr 05 2000
Most active near the restrooms. Usually in the
evenings from about 7 pm till the park closes at 11
Michigan : Rothbury : Rothbury Rest Area : Review: Apr 05 2000
Double doors so you can here someone coming
in. Truckers, married men, and farm boys.
Connecticut : East Hartford : Great River Park : Review: Apr 03 2000
Lots of car cruising going on in the North Meadows
boat launch area. Fellow cruisers tell me that once
the weather warms up and the river goes down that
there are always plenty of guys walking the paths
looking for action.
Connecticut : Madison : Rest area : Review: Apr 03 2000
Last stall, go to end one, put foot over to other stall
until someone else comes in. Action happens in
the evening to early morning.
Connecticut : Orange : Park and Ride : Review: Apr 03 2000
It's best in the evening however there are people
cruising all day.
Michigan : Battle Creek : Romantix : Review: Apr 03 2000
Very clean, nice place, plenty of booths, most with
pre-drilled gloryholes. Plenty of action with guys
mostly twenty-five - forty years old. Staff don't bother
you as long as you keep dropping tokens.
Detroit Metro : Detroit : Palmer Park : Review: Apr 03 2000
Near many gay bars and bookstores. Cars parked
on the west side of Woodward are probably there
for the action. Many trails in the bushes.
Detroit Metro : Detroit : TNT Health Club : Review: Apr 03 2000
An incredible place for some hot action. There's a
very steep membership fee, but it's worth every
dollar. They have two lounges, sauna, steamroom,
pool, and hot tub. Many rooms with televisions,
beds, or there are the 'dressing rooms'.
Detroit Metro : Detroit : Adult City : Review: Apr 03 2000
All but one of the twelve gay video booths have at
least one hole (four booths have two), and several
of the straight
booths have holes
as well. The mix is eclectic, but mainly blue-collar
guys thirty-five to fifty-five, white-collar guys
twenty-five to forty-
five, and a surprisingly robust collection of
students. Management is fairly cool, and very few of
guys have attitudes.
It is very possible for an older guy to hook up with a
younger one here. Always busy! And the bonus:
the videos are
excellent, and you get a lot of time for your money.
Illinois : Hoffman Estates : Beverly Lake Forest Preserve : Review: Mar 31 2000
These woods are hot with lots of car sex and ample trails for
diversion. Of course, you will find some old trolls, but a lot of exec
types from Sears Corporate Complex and guys from the fitness
center down the street. Anytime is good, but around lunch and after 5
pm are better.
Rhode Island : Warwick : Crowne Plaza Hotel : Review: Mar 31 2000
Located across from the restaurant, there are three stalls and five urinals that can be seen through the mirrors facing the stall. I have had numerous encounters with businessmen.
Washington Metro : Washington : Malcolm X Park (Meridian Hill Park) : Review: Mar 31 2000
Most action is found on the lower level of the park, especially around the water fountain late at night. Lots of bushes. Just hang around and someone will be at your service shortly. But be careful: Locals might recognize danger when they see it, but visitors could be badly harmed, if not just robbed.
New York City Metro : Manhattan : Columbia University : Review: Mar 24 2000
The showers and sauna are cruisy, especially in the evenings. Mostly just looking and some teasing. Unfortunately, it is too busy and there
is no place in the gym to go. It is worth a visit, however, just for the view.
Dallas/Fort Worth Metro : Dallas : Paris Adult Bookstore : Review: Mar 20 2000
It's a huge warehouse like space with tons of rentals and guys (mostly straight) browsing. The action is in the back
there are huge rooms (big waste of space) with basically a couch and a video screen. Only takes dollars but they go
pretty far. Not heavily cruised by gays but you can get any guys cruising to come into one of the rooms with you and
there's total privacy.
Colorado : Fort Collins : Colorado State University : Review: Mar 19 2000
I've been going here for about a year now, and have had the chance to suck and be sucked by many including students,
fratboys, even professors. Usually hot during the morning and afternoon. Quiet and secluded, stalls are around the
corner from the rest of the bathroom, and there are double doors before entering.
San Francisco Metro : San Francisco : Video Secrets : Review: Mar 17 2000
I've been here dozens of times and each time I
walk away more amazed. If you like 'no questions'
asked type of service then this place is the
best. The staff is
very cool and unconcerned. It's much cleaner than
Arcades on Folsom Street.
Virginia : Alexandria : Home Depot : Review: Mar 10 2000
Lots of suburban guys with some jackoff under the
stalls. The bathroom only has one door, so you
have to be careful. Best on weekdays when there's
not so much traffic.
Virginia : Richmond : Virginia Department of Education : Review: Mar 10 2000
This is a marvelous men's room -- especially safe
for encounters. Due to a series of three doors you
must enter to get to the final restroom area, you can
always hear when someone's approaching. And,
for additional enjoyment, you pass by an open
shower area, where there's most always nice
scenery from the lunchtime workout and jogging
enthusiasts coming clean after lunch. 2:30 pm
seems to be a popular meeting time there.
New Jersey : Paramus : Garden State Plaza : Review: Mar 08 2000
The bathroom at J C Penney is huge and you have
to go through two doors to get to it giving plenty of
time to zip up or recover from any activity, making it
difficult to get caught with your pants down.
San Diego Metro : San Diego : Naval Station : Review: Mar 02 2000
There is a new gloryhole at
the bowling alley. I've
been there two days in a
row. Both times were
satisfying. There is only one
hole between the middle
stall and the one to its left.
But it's a pretty big hole. The
peepholes are also still
there and the doors are a
noisy as ever. The only
catch is it is hard to get on
base with out an ID card.
New Hampshire : Wilmot : Gardner Memorial Wayside Park - Gile State Forest : Review: Feb 29 2000
This is a turn off to a trailhead. The action is best late afternoons and about dark. I've had several wonderful encounters and I have not left there without at least satisfying one guy.
Rhode Island : Middletown : Purgatory Chasm : Review: Feb 29 2000
Overlooks the ocean with a few wooded trails. Best to meet and go somewhere for action. Supposedly closes a dusk, but there is activity at night (some straight boys too, just looking to drink and smoke). Police patrol sometimes.
Rhode Island : North Kingstown : (formerly Video Expo) : Review: Feb 29 2000
Gloryholes are covered with sheet metal plates and one-way screws. Windows are replaced with frosted plexiglass. Basically not much going on.
Rhode Island : Providence : Adult Video and News : Review: Feb 29 2000
I went there on a Sunday evening. It's a pretty good gloryhole setup. But there are too many weird old guys and lurkers. A couple of cute boys did come in. I sucked off one husky young guy and ended up pumping my load through a gloryhole down some guy's throat.
Rhode Island : Providence : Video Expo : Review: Feb 29 2000
The gloryholes are gone, but there were several men cruising and there seemed to be some same booth action. Also between some back booths, they have put in opaque plexiglass. You can't see clearly, but you can see, especially if the person presses up against the plexiglass. Management seemed pissed off.
Rhode Island : Warwick : Warwick Mall : Review: Feb 29 2000
J C Penney has a large, quiet men's room that sees anything from twinks to businessmen.
Honolulu Metro : Honolulu : Alan Davis Beach : Review: Feb 29 2000
Isolated, spectacular, easy-access small sandy beach between rocky points with crashing surf. Usually frequented by a handful of gay male nude sunbathers (and horny surfers) on weekdays only. Families and fishermen on weekends. Action occurs right on the beach, in the lava rock 'nests,' or underneath the few backshore trees for more privacy. Marginal swimming, great views, sheer freedom. Safest nude beach on Oahu, thirty minutes from Waikiki. No facilities. Bring water. Spend the day.
Georgia : Macon : Mercer University : Review: Feb 21 2000
Very cruisy with 'straight' guys cruising for oral. Lots of messages usually left on library restroom stalls.
Dallas/Fort Worth Metro : Carrollton : 24 Hour Fitness : Review: Feb 19 2000
The staff is so rude they should pay you for attending. Mostly paranoid straight guys with no muscle definition who
think they are hot.
Virginia : Richmond : Quality Books : Review: Feb 10 2000
This is a very nice place to visit. The booths have
no doors but one can find action from time to time.
Cruising mostly takes place outside as patrons will
drive around until their hearts and other parts are
content. There is a minimum of tokens to buy and
the rules are only one person per booth. It's best on
Ohio : Akron : Xtc Video : Review: Feb 09 2000
Pay the fee for unlimited time. You can suck off
straights from the titty bar next door. Lots of sex
here with all ages.
Connecticut : Hartford : Art Cinema : Review: Jan 03 2000
It is really dark, and when I was there, there were a
lot of trolls.
Ohio : Aurora : Tinkers Creek State Park : Review: Dec 09 1999
A few trails and a bathroom. Cruisy in the afternoon
and evening. Very few cops.
Ohio : Youngstown : Southern Park Mall : Review: Dec 09 1999
There is a lot of action here -- fucking and sucking -
- especially after seven.
Sacramento Metro : Davis : University of California : Review: Nov 23 1999
Excellent location. Lots of very hot jocks and college guys with some faculty. Two very noisy doors
announce anyone coming. Old fashioned urinals have no partitions between them so there is lots of eye
action. Also, a gloryhole between two stalls.
Dallas/Fort Worth Metro : Dallas : Street cruising along Binkley, at Southern Methodist University : Review: Oct 20 1999
This is a street that runs down frat row, past the practice field and parking garage going east off of Bishop Blvd. It is really cruisy as you get into
the university apartments. Lots of walled courtyards and a laundromat with a lot of late night cruising. Mixed lot, but mainly college guys.
Virginia : Leesburg : Roy Rogers : Review: Oct 10 1999
Graffiti indicates a lot of activity and it looks like a
good place to meet and go somewhere else. Little
notice is given when people come in.
Virginia : Marion : Hungry Mother State Park : Review: Oct 10 1999
There are many trails and discreet hiding places
throughout the park, an old bathroom in the middle of the park near the bridge that crosses the lake, and a communal type bathhouse. Best times are in the spring and summer, in the daytime between 2 pm and 4 pm.

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