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Maryland : Savage : Rest area : Review: Oct 31 2000
Good action in the cars parked away from the stop. Careful of cops sometimes. Guys usually just meet up here then go elsewhere.
Ontario : Courtice : Courtice Beach : Review: Oct 31 2000
Lots of action in parking lot, in surrounding corn fields and in trees along the beach. Variety of types of guys and action, from young well-built guys to older, seedy types. Cops visit infrequently and usually just drive in, look around, then leave.
Ontario : Windsor : Jackson Park : Review: Oct 31 2000
Active after 9 pm. Cars park and guys hang out around the baseball diamonds. There is an overpass the guys meet under, either in their cars or on foot.
Sydney Metro : Sydney : Pleasure Chest Adult Bookshop & Club : Review: Oct 31 2000
This place shows gay videos and has a very mixed bag of men, both in age, race, social status and out-ness. Afternoons are fun and it gets a bit crowded after work. Great on weekends from 2 pm.
Belgium : Brussels : Orly Cinema : Review: Oct 31 2000
All visitors are cruising, a lot of action going on (I was happy every time I left), especially during the afternoon, less during the evening. A bit sleazy. And there were a lot of pickpockets in this establishment. So just a warning to guard your valuables.
New York City Metro : Queens : Forest Park : Review: Oct 24 2000
Heads Up! There is a park road which is closed but used by the police to patrol the
park. Curfew is10 pm each and every night and at about 10:20 pm an unmarked police
car patrols up and down the park road for about an hour looking for curfew violators.
They drive without headlights on and it is very easy to not see them until they see you.
They will stop and question you about what you are doing inside the park and ticket you
New York City Metro : Queens : Fair Theatre : Review: Oct 24 2000
This is one of the best adult bargains going in New York City. They have about thirty-five or so suck and fuck booths in back and they allow
two to a booth. So cruise to your heart's content. Inside the booth they show three different porn videos and you have choices of straight, gay or
transsexual videos. The booths are totally enclosed and you cannot peep inside from the outside nor hear what is being done inside the booth
from the outside. They have real door locks and indication lights when the booth is occupied. Once inside with your partner, no one will bother

There are not many places like this left in NYC. Take advantage of it!
San Francisco Metro : San Francisco : San Francisco State University : Review: Oct 23 2000
It has been really hot lately. I have been getting nearly a dick a day from there. I am a student. Lets keep it
Illinois : Peoria : Green Door : Review: Oct 22 2000
A small, poorly lit, smelly dive with about twelve or fourteen booths and no gloryholes. Very dark, and small! If you go here, stay away from a
crusty old manager named Lee. He doesn't understand 'no'. The other staff is nice, but this guy is rude and insulting. However, young trade
can be purchased for a nominal fee on weekend evenings.
New Brunswick : Sackville : Mount Allison University : Review: Oct 22 2000
A long hallway and right turn gives notice of people entering. Can be quiet, but with patience hot
action can be a reward. Take the stairs by the circulation desk to the second floor. Soon as you enter second floor, washroom is to the
immediate left.
Brisbane Metro : Windsor : Downey Park : Review: Oct 22 2000
You can find action in the sheds on the bike track and near the toilets. The trees near the stream all work at night. This park gets very busy between about 8 pm and 11 pm.
Illinois : Hoffman Estates : Beverly Lake Forest Preserve : Review: Oct 21 2000
Heads Up! Watch out for a predator type here. This person goes by
a number of names. He drives a black 1989 Ford Taurus. He's 6'2", brown hair and
eyes (scar over left), olive complextion. He trys to get money from older man and if
drunk can be dangerous.
Atlanta Metro : Atlanta : Northeast Athletic Club : Review: Oct 21 2000
Heads Up! Gym has hired 'undercover' patrons to scope the sauna,
whirlpool and shower. Anyone caught doing anything will be kicked out and have their
membership terminated. They want to make an example out of someone by parading
them out the door and prosecuting.
Atlanta Metro : Atlanta : Street cruising along Cheshire Bridge Road : Review: Oct 21 2000
Heads Up! Police patrols, observation, and
harrassment are at an all-time high now in this area. If you so much as appear to be
cruising the street or a parking lot, you will be questioned. On Saturday night, October
21st, it seemed like half of the city's police force was concentrated in this area. Be very
careful if you are in the area along Cheshire Bridge Road between Piedmont and I-85.
But especially watch out around ...
Orlando Metro : Orlando : Valencia College, West Campus - Nursing and Fitness Center : Review: Oct 21 2000
The staff locker room is an unused place with showers -- many meetings here.
Excellent spot.
Dallas/Fort Worth Metro : Dallas : Mountain Creek Lake Park : Review: Oct 20 2000
I've lived here all my life and never checked this place out until I saw it on this site. Totally happening place. Guys sit on
beds of trucks and masturbate to show they are interested. Guys will talk to you immediately when you pull up next to

I fucked a Hispanic dude over the bed of his truck and then later fucked a hot twenty four year old guy right out in the open
night while another guy jacked off next to us. No police drive throughs. Just off the road there are no markings that it's a
park. Just some roads to the left to turn off on if you're going north. This is now my number one spot. Men of all ages and
Dallas/Fort Worth Metro : Dallas : Midtowne Spa : Review: Oct 20 2000
There is no longer a leather shop. Prices have all gone up. However, it's much nicer than it used to be. Good place
to meet older guys, heavy guys and black guys. No attitude. Which is a good thing, to me. Activity level varies greatly.
But fun is usually possible.
Chicago Metro : Chicago : University of Chicago : Review: Oct 19 2000
Has a lot of potential for action in the locker room, but very little happens. It is still hot to see all the naked guys walking around. And I could
spend hours in the sauna because all the guys are naked and hot. I had to concentrate on not getting an erection. Although it is very rare to
find action here, I got off three times this past summer with studly gym jocks.
Dallas/Fort Worth Metro : Richardson : Point North Park : Review: Oct 19 2000
It has a bathroom where one can lock the door and be private. Lots of trees and open land in surrounding areas to get intimate in. Good place to hook up and take it to the bushes.
Dallas/Fort Worth Metro : Oak Cliff : Stevens Park : Review: Oct 19 2000
Action goes on in the cars after dark, both straight and gay. Next to the parking lot is a creek with trails in both directions that go on for quite a distance. A lot of activity. If you go in the daytime you will see where there is a lot of used rubbers etc. and this will tip you off to the hotspots to return to after dark.
Virginia : Quantico : Larson Gym : Review: Oct 10 2000
Lots of eye contact and cruising in the locker room
sauna and showers.
Ohio : Warren : Mosquito Lake State Park : Review: Oct 09 2000
There is a cruisy trail behind a toilet near the
Handicapped Fishing Dock. During the summer,
when all the leaves are on, you can step off the trail
and be totally hidden. There are benches and
plenty of other hiding places where you can make
Michigan : Tawas City : Rest area : Review: Oct 05 2000
Roadside park with very cruisy toilet and very
private areas alongside the river. Very active at
night during summer months.
Connecticut : Darien : Rest area : Review: Oct 03 2000
The men's room is cruisy, but there's almost
always an employee in there 'cleaning up', so be
Connecticut : Stamford : Cove Island Park : Review: Oct 03 2000
This is a city park that requires a permit in season.
Nice place and cruisy but better be a local in
season. From Labor Day to May Day no permit is
Connecticut : Wallingford : Rest area : Review: Oct 03 2000
Watch the action in both lot B and the trailer lot
below. Cars move back and forth. Police do patrol.
Detroit Metro : Detroit : TNT Health Club : Review: Oct 03 2000
I have been a long time member but visit only a few
times a year when in town. On my last visit, 'Tent
City' had been replaced with many very clean and
comfortable 'dressing rooms'. There are regulars
who always seem to be there but met some hot
numbers. Most are friendly and want to play. There
is little attitude and if someone isn't interested they
usually are kind about it.
Chicago Metro : Schiller Park : Schiller Woods Forest Preserve : Review: Oct 01 2000
A lot of guys cruise here. In fact, it maybe too much. Everyone driving around with so much to choose from and nobody making
any decisions. Car action will continually be interrupted by a parade of drive-by watchers, unless you're into that.

Virginia : Herndon : Marriott Suites : Review: Oct 01 2000
Heads Up! Police are arresting us and undercover sting operations are in place
for the next two months. I saw a guy get arrested today at lunch time.
Virginia : Herndon : Marriott Suites : Review: Oct 01 2000
Heads Up! Avoid this bathroom at all costs unless you enjoy sitting in a jail cell. I
witnessed a gentleman being arrested for "indecent exposure" by two cops who were
definitely on the take. They were way too buddy-buddy with the hotel manager that was
waiting in the wings. A gentleman at the bar of the TGIFridays next door said that this
has become common practice and that the cops even flash their hard cocks, leave,
come back...
New York : Liverpool : Onondaga Lake Park : Review: Sep 30 2000
Heads Up! A team of male rangers in plain clothes caught three men
exposing themselves, two in the Mud Lock restrooms near Route 370 and another at
the Willow Bay Comfort Station on Long Branch Road. A fourth man grabbed an
undercover ranger's genitals twice. Not a good place to go.
New Hampshire : West Lebanon : PowerHouse Mall : Review: Sep 30 2000
Sporadic action, mostly afternoons. Mainly an older crowd but a few Dartmouth College studs occasionally stop by.
Honolulu Metro : Honolulu : Queen Liliuokalani Botanical Gardens : Review: Sep 30 2000
Be careful as the parking area in the hospital gets lots of attention from police and is promptly closed at 4 pm.
Massachusetts : Milford : Louisa Lake Park : Review: Sep 30 2000
I was in town on business and decided to check this out. I'm glad I did. This guy gave me some good head. Nice way to start the day. I will definitely stop in on my next trip.
Massachusetts : Northampton : Meadows Conservation Area : Review: Sep 30 2000
Lots of guys come here to play after meeting on I-91 rest stop, very safe.
Tennessee : Cookeville : Cane Creek Park : Review: Sep 30 2000
Both sets of toilets are cruisy, but those by the boat launch are the busiest. Also take the paved walking paths into the woods and watch for unpaved trails, which is where guys lurk. Some hot college students hang out during the school year.
Nashville Metro : Nashville : YMCA - Downtown : Review: Sep 30 2000
Gym with sauna and steamroom, active mid afternnon, more so after 5pm until closing. Very gay clientele as well as businessmen looking for action to be taken elsewhere.
Saskatchewan : Saskatoon : Cranberry Flats : Review: Sep 30 2000
Gay, nude men all over and a lot of activity in the bushes of the shore. You cannot miss it, it is so obvious! No police, no interruptions, other than mosquitoes.
South Carolina : Spartanburg : Frontage road along I-585 : Review: Sep 30 2000
A real cruise spot during the day until 6 pm when the road is closed. People park, then go walk around the woods looking for men to connect with.
Maryland : Lexington Park : Plaza Books and Video : Review: Sep 30 2000
Was there on a rainy night and found action beyond my dreams. Saw a good looking middle age red-head who made eye contact. We got together in the back booth. He was shaved smooth from the neck down and had a great cut cock! I fucked his smooth ass for a while and then noticed he was also getting head through the gloryhole. Hot! I blew a load so hard I thought I'd faint.
Iowa : Sioux City : Sergeant Floyd Monument : Review: Sep 30 2000
Small park with two parking lots and public restrooms in the summer. Very private and no police involvement. Wooded areas and trails for walking and playing.
Phoenix Metro : Phoenix : Dreamy Draw Recreation Area : Review: Sep 30 2000
I have never left frustrated. You can find pretty much what you want. There is some action in the restrooms, but much more action at the opposite end of the parking lot down the trails in the bushes and in the tunnels. Park rangers come to the park, but I have never seen one head out into the trails. They service the restrooms and leave for the larger parks.
Phoenix Metro : Mesa : Granite Reef Recreation Area : Review: Sep 30 2000
Weekday action mostly, just walk west along the dirt path toward the dam, watch for guys looking or walking around in the wooded areas off the path.
Phoenix Metro : Phoenix : South Mountain Park : Review: Sep 30 2000
Very cruisy, lots of action with hot college hunks. Lots of people ride in on their bikes after dark till about midnight.
Phoenix Metro : Phoenix : South Mountain Park : Review: Sep 30 2000
Hot, hung, and young! Cruising begins late afternoon till about 10 pm. Proceed through the entrance to the parking area. Action takes place near the Ramada on the north side of the parking lot. I've only ever seen guys under thirty. Best times are after sundown.
Pennsylvania : Hanover : Codorus State Park : Review: Sep 30 2000
Cruisy toilet at the golf course by tee three. Also action in the woods. I've found a gloryhole in the toilet at the boat ramp on the road that goes from Jefferson Square to Route 216. There are only two stalls. You can find all kinds of action. It appears that park rangers and local cops do patrol the park, so discretion is advised.
Pittsburgh Metro : Monroeville : Monroeville News Stand : Review: Sep 30 2000
The bookstore has video booths (no gloryholes), but most clerks seem accepting of this scene. The rear parking area and adjacent bank parking lot are very hot from 11 pm to 5 am.
Indiana : West Lafayette : Purdue University : Review: Sep 30 2000
Action continues to get better and better with a lot of young college guys going in and out of the bathroom. Action is hottest between 5 pm and 9 pm on weekdays and all day long on weekends.
Massachusetts : Dartmouth : University of Massachusetts : Review: Sep 30 2000
The bathroom at the reading and writing center is hot. The gloryhole is open again.
Toronto Metro : Toronto : Ashbridges Bay : Review: Sep 30 2000
Very cruisy late night action just south of the parking lot in or near the clump of trees near the covered picnic area and before the boardwalk. The parking lot is also cruisy. If you meet someone you like there are lots of secluded areas you can take your tricks. The parking lot is busy year-round and the park picks up around late April to October.

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