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Virginia : Richmond : YMCA : Review: Dec 10 2000
The downtown Y is so cruisy. There is a gang
shower. But take to the individual showers. Turn on
the water and turn around and give him a full frontal
view. It'll happen from there.
Virginia Beach/Norfolk/Newport News : Suffolk : Big Lots : Review: Dec 10 2000
Store bathroom has not been available for a couple
months. Employees continually state that the
facilities are out of order.
New Jersey : Berlin : Berlin News Agency : Review: Dec 08 2000
I stopped by and was pleased to see that it had
been remodeled recently. All was nice and clean
and comfortable. I was
there in mid
afternoon, and most of the others seemed in the
forty to fifty five year old range, but that is what I like.
relaxed, and no
problems from anybody.
Michigan : Fenton : Rest area : Review: Dec 04 2000
A lot of action here and some of it is well worth it.
I've seen a lot of trolls but just last week a hot
young stud came in with his buddy. When his
buddy left the bathroom he stayed and gave me
some great head!
Chicago Metro : Hickory Hills : Pioneer Woods : Review: Dec 03 2000
There is a parking circle at the back of the grove
where car and walk-in action occurs. Walking down
the south hill will reveal several path's and
eventually scattered picnic tables. Fairly safe action
in the woods, except the area has horse trails so
watch for people who stray off the trails into the
woods. The woods are open in the winter. It can be
busy with groups during the summer. Usually hot
on Sunday mornings (early).
Connecticut : Norwalk : Park and Ride : Review: Dec 03 2000
The lot is labeled 'RTE 123, New Canaan Avenue.'
The main lot is a right turn from either direction,
north or southbound. Once, I went there and there
was not a single empty space to park! Quite busy,
usually on Sunday nights. Mostly cruising in the lot,
but I have seen some go into the woods. Not a
good idea, as there is only one way out; the way
you go in."
Chicago Metro : Chicago : Bear Naked : Review: Dec 01 2000
Monthly play parties, usually on Saturday night in the middle of the month. Attendance varies month to month, but consists of
bears (hairy men), more mature men, blue collar types and admirers of 'real' men (no fluff here). Visit web site for hotline
number to RSVP.

Indianapolis Metro : Indianapolis : The Works : Review: Nov 30 2000
Great place. Reasonable price, clean, friendly, lots of action. All kinds of guys. Very laid back and totally enjoyable.
Denver Metro : Denver : Pleasures Adult Entertainment : Review: Nov 30 2000
Evenings I was there it was quite busy. I even made a trip there in the wee-est hours to try to seduce the clerk, only to find the place closed from 5 am to 6 am for cleaning (as with all the Pleasures sites). As I was encountering the locked door a hunky Hispanic dude drove up, asked if they were closed, and sped off into the night when he learned they were. So, busy at all hours I guess. Hunky crowd in my opinion.
Nashville Metro : Nashville : Lion's Den Adult Superstore : Review: Nov 30 2000
An adult bookstore with sixteen booths, there are two large gloryholes, big enough to put your head through, and I mean the one on your shoulders. Very cruisy at all hours with a steady flow of all types of men looking to get their big dicks off. This place is dick heaven.
Kentucky : Grand Rivers : Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area : Review: Nov 30 2000
The gravel road that is two miles on Kentucky Lake Drive has been chained off. There is still plenty of cruising on the side of the road along the drive.
Kentucky : Owensboro : Wal-Mart : Review: Nov 30 2000
Not much action in the stalls, but a good place if you want to meet someone and go somewhere else for action.
Indiana : Clarksville : Theatair X : Review: Nov 30 2000
Lots of changes. Two theaters: 1 for "singles ONLY" and the other for "couples ONLY" and you cannot go into both. Saw lots of guys unhappy with the new arrangement. I hope they reconsider and allow you to go into either theater and at least show some gay/bi porn in one of them.
Seattle Metro : Lakewood : Bowlero Bowling Lanes : Review: Nov 30 2000
As you walk in the main entrance, it is to the right at the end of the building and down the hall. If you park your car on the side of the building there is a door you can come in discreetly because it's next to the hall with the tearoom. All ages. Seems to be busier during the day around lunch and right after work. Sucked lots of hot studs there as there is a military base nearby.
Maryland : Gaithersburg : Holiday Inn : Review: Nov 30 2000
The downstairs bathroom and bar have been a big cruise spot for a long time. Hotel management has tried to put a stop to it, but folks just keep cummin' back! All kinds of guys lurk around, blue-collar to twinkies.
Phoenix Metro : Phoenix : The Adult Shoppe (South 24th Street) : Review: Nov 30 2000
Saturday night there were three men in the arcade waiting for action. Inside the theater there were a half dozen more. None were my type but others were going at it. I went back the next morning and didn't try the theater but got it on with a uniformed Hertz employee in the arcade. By the way, the arcade has tiny video cameras scanning the arcade halls. Apparently doing it in a booth is okay, but not in the hallways. Further and by the way, the booths have no doors.
Pennsylvania : Coopersburg : Adult Novelties and Gifts : Review: Nov 30 2000
There are some clerks that show favoritism toward some queens who gossip and get chummy with these clerks. It seems that the clerks will arbitrarily micromanage the place at their whim noisily and loudly throwing out people that the favored queens consider competition.
Pennsylvania : Gibson : Hillside Campground : Review: Nov 30 2000
Hillside weekends often sell out for camping sites so plan early and make your reservation by calling. Day campers are always allowed in during the camping season. A yearly membership must be purchased and they ask for ID. Men with day passes must tell the office staff and pay an extra fee by 8 pm (weekdays) and midnight (Fridays & Saturdays) if they intend to stay the night. Otherwise they must leave by 11 pm weekdays and 2 am Fridays and Saturdays.
Louisville Metro : Louisville : University of Louisville - Humanities Building : Review: Nov 30 2000
Restrooms on the second and third floors are still open. You just enter from the hallway now rather than the stairwell and there is a huge new gloryhole in the second floor restroom.
Knoxville Metro : Knoxville : University of Tennessee : Review: Nov 30 2000
A great cruise spot. Often I have met guys elsewhere and took action here. There is a wall in the middle of the bathroom with stalls on either side. The stalls on one side are completely out of the view of the door so there is time to get back together in case someone comes in.
Knoxville Metro : Knoxville : University of Tennessee : Review: Nov 30 2000
The bathroom on the first floor has a varied clientele. Many hot students go here but many older guys do, too. The older guys are not very welcome and are persistent so younger guys usually just meet here and take their action to the third floor bathroom. The third floor is safer to cruise. Older guys should know they are trespassing and that the University has a watch out for them after several complaints.
Italy : Letojanni - Sicily : Cruisy beach : Review: Nov 30 2000
Many hot, young Italian men with good action beneath the pine trees.
Rome Metro : Rome : Europa Multiclub : Review: Nov 30 2000
Great, clean place with good looking guys all the time. Staff is very friendly and helpful. But you will need a Acigay card to enter, which can be obtained at entry (but it is an extra fee. However, its good for all other gay venues after you have purchased it). Also take condoms and lube, as it is not possible to buy any extras there.
Melbourne Metro : Melbourne : Footscray Park : Review: Nov 30 2000
It would have to be one of the oldest cruising parks, safe at night with very good get off areas and plenty of room for guys to get lost.
Saint Louis Metro : Saint Louis : Club Saint Louis : Review: Nov 22 2000
I returned to The Club St. Louis after having been away for several years. Some sections of the club have been redone. The wet area and
what passes for an orgy area. The club is very, very well run and the staff is really terrific and friendly. In terms of action I have been back to
visit six times and almost all of them met with success. I purposely went to the club at a variety of different times to see how the crowds
compared. Certainly Friday and Saturday nights were the most busy. Lots of action of all sorts. But given the volume of business, that is when
someone like me moves down the cruising scale a fair jump (I am a, horror of all horrors, an average looking middle aged gay man) so you
have to wade thr...
Illinois : Hoffman Estates : Beverly Lake Forest Preserve : Review: Nov 21 2000
Heads Up! On Sunday 11/19/00 between 9 am to 12 pm a friend
was killed by a homeless man who stole his car and wallet and left his body covered
with leaves and brush off to the side of a path. Police found the body three days later
and have the killer in jail. But they will be in the woods asking if anyone might have
seen something on this day so that their case against this killer stands up in court and
he is not released to ...
Illinois : Ottawa : Matthiessen State Park : Review: Nov 21 2000
Heads Up! Over the last two months there have been four arrests at this park in the river area.
Orlando Metro : Winter Park : Rollins College : Review: Nov 21 2000
A few stalls and near zero traffic. Not much room for action, but the two urinals
make a good spot for a quick handjob.
Dallas/Fort Worth Metro : Lewisville : Vista Ridge Mall : Review: Nov 20 2000
Lots of noon and 5:30 pm action, including jackoff and under the stall. The four stalls are often full of
thirty-something suburban men looking for quick hot sex. Two entry doors provide plenty of notice if someone is
entering the room.
Dallas/Fort Worth Metro : Irving : University of Dallas : Review: Nov 20 2000
Very cruisy, mostly early evening, 5 pm - 7 pm, but sometimes during the day. Double entry doors to alert of entry.
Connecticut : New Haven : Fairmount Theatre : Review: Nov 19 2000
Everything and anything can happen in this porn theatre with no hassles from the management. The little man at the
box office is only cranky and rude at the window. The only problem is clientele. If you're decent looking with a good
body (like me) you can have your self-esteem blown and not your cock in this place. I don't discriminate but it seems to
be a haven for extremely old, obese men and those who only seek this type. The youngish, attractive guys are only
interested in men taking their last breath. Which is fine except for us in their thirties and forties and good shape who
are totally ignored. I did, however, have a really hot time long ago with a stray hot man.
Dallas/Fort Worth Metro : Irving : Bally Total Fitness : Review: Nov 19 2000
Showers stalls are four by four with no curtains. Medium-size
sauna could get cozy. As far as cruising, that has yet to be determined. I went Halloween night, and there weren't many
there. Mostly white and Hispanic straight guys in their twenties and thirties pumping iron (some older guys as well).
Might have been me, but not much action that night even though I was trying. Most of the guys are friendly, so a relaxed
demeanor and encouragement might get things going. There was action at the old place, so give this place some time
for the word to get out. My Cock Rating: semi-hard for potential.
Virginia : Herndon : Marriott Suites : Review: Nov 10 2000
Lunchtime fun. Some suits, mostly twenty to forty-
five crowd. Lots of warning when someone enters
room. Enter rear of hotel next to Friday's and the
men's room is on the immediate left.
Ohio : Akron : Akron Steam and Sauna : Review: Nov 09 2000
I was there on Friday night and it was great. Lots of
hung guys both old and young. A very casual, no
pressure atmosphere. Several times the action in
the TV room was hot (I took two hot loads sitting on
the couch) other times it's just relaxed. I was there
from 4:30 am till 6 am at closing. I sucked so many
cocks I lost count and got sucked off three times
myself. A great way to spend an evening.
New Jersey : Howell : Funtime Boutique : Review: Nov 08 2000
Pretty clean place, cum on the floors, although it
looked really fresh. Reported to have gloryholes,
but I didn't see any. It looked as if they were blocked
off. But the half walls are still there and I had a
blowjob by my second token.
Michigan : Parma : Velvet Touch : Review: Nov 05 2000
They have installed a video camera so everyone up
front can see what goes on in the back hallway.
Michigan : Swartz Creek : Swartz Creek Rest Area : Review: Nov 05 2000
Lots of action. Did a three-way with a Canadian
trucker with a large uncut cock and a nice
professional type. I will go back there again and
again. I pass by every day now and there is always
action with lots of nice looking guys.
Texas : Vernon : Vernon Regional Junior College : Review: Nov 05 2000
Very cruisy on Sunday afternoons. Double doors allow for plenty of warning and the bathroom is very isolated.
Connecticut : Trumbull : Old Mine Park : Review: Nov 03 2000
A very small park with public bathroom for fun time
and bike path for those of us that like nature. I
encounter many guys
jacking off in the
Detroit Metro : Detroit : Body Zone : Review: Nov 03 2000
A really great place to just relax or have a good time
sexually. I find the Body Zone is better than TNT. I
hooked with many nice people there, from hot
college guys to middle-aged in shape hunks.
Detroit Metro : Detroit : TNT Health Club : Review: Nov 03 2000
Happy to announce that the TNT has really
changed. Tent city is gone replaced by nice rooms,
reasonable. You still have to purchase a year's
membership even for one night. Staff is actually
very nice, this is new. I used to dead this place now
I can't wait to return. This is the best it's ever been.
Chicago Metro : Chicago : Fitness Formula : Review: Nov 01 2000
You will find a lot of amazing shower room action! Almost all of the clientele is in their twenties and
early thirties and goodlooking. I'm a student and when I first started going to the gym, I thought
was totally straight, but after the first few visits I've jerked-off with really hot guys in the shower
almost everytime I've gone there! The showers are separate stalls with curtains. Usually guys
leave the curtain open a bit to check things out.

Chicago Metro : Chicago : Humboldt Park : Review: Oct 31 2000
Cruisy on the east end, near the pavilion. Also, in the reeds and bushes around the lake. Warm weather, at dusk -- watch for
cyclists. Many ethnic types, especially Latinos. Some hustlers.

Montana : Missoula : Fantasy For Adults Only : Review: Oct 31 2000
I was there this month and all kinds of guys were looking for sex. I sucked off a clerk there and got fucked in a booth by this guy. Really hot!
Massachusetts : Lawrence : YMCA : Review: Oct 31 2000
Tons of action and cruising in the steamroom and showers. Lots of really well hung Latinos and Arabs in the showers jerking and showing off. Just after work and just before closing at 8:30 pm until 9 pm seems to be the best time for cruising.
Tennessee : Johnson City : Buffalo Mountain Park : Review: Oct 31 2000
Quite a bit of action going on, pick up someone in the parking lot or take a hike on one of it's many trails and get down and dirty.
Memphis Metro : Memphis : Memphis International Airport : Review: Oct 31 2000
Occasional businessmen. Seems busiest on weekdays around noon to 6 pm.
Wisconsin : Cameron : Rest area : Review: Oct 31 2000
The men's room has a concrete toilet booth and urinal. There is usually a message above the urinal. The wooden door to the toilet has a nice glory hole carved in it. A very high window opposite provides a view of the lot. You can also hear cars coming and going. Traffic is off and on. If you have patience you will have plenty of safe time. About a mile up the road on the right is the Outdoor Classroom.
Milwaukee Metro : Greendale : Cruisy park on Root River Parkway : Review: Oct 31 2000
This is mostly car cruising, especially the area around picnic area #3-3A, but a lot of activity during the summer months if you get out and walk around. There is also a fairly secluded tanning area, but I would strongly advise keeping your suit on since the local police do pick up their patrols in the summer and when complaints are received. Best time to cruise this area is on summer weeknights between 5 pm and sundown. Cops will ask you to leave after dark as park closes at 10 pm.
Madison Metro : Madison : Token Creek County Park : Review: Oct 31 2000
Action is usually around picnic shelters in the back of the park. Cruisy in the late afternoons before dark.

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