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Chicago Metro : Chicago : Wilson Skate Park : Review: Jul 19 2000
Protocol is to drive around in a counterclockwise circle of the perimeter of the parking lot. You see something you like, pull next to it and either
strike up a conversation or make the appropriate gestures, and voila! The later in the day, the more risky. Its an amazing site to see. You have
your cars parked along the perimeter either with the driver visible or not so visible. Then you have the driver's ed vehicles which stay to the
inside of the lot. Usually the two worlds never intersect, and often, sex occurs in the parked cars unbeknownst to the driver's Ed vehicles!

Make sure before you engage in anything, one of you is looking out, and check all around, especially on the hills. Cops like to sit a ways away
Austin Metro : Austin : Arboretum Shopping Center : Review: Jul 18 2000
The two stalls have peepholes and a urinal peephole. Most action is in late afternoons and late evenings between 9 pm and 11 pm (closing
time). Mostly a genX and yuppie crowd. The staff have a live and let live and don't ask don't tell attitude. The restroom has small entryway which
leads to larger room with side-by-side urinals. The really nice part is that the stalls have floor to ceiling doors. Some jackoff action after 6 pm.
The place is pretty new so it's not too busy yet.
Virginia : Fort Chiswell : Carter Wayside : Review: Jul 10 2000
This park is active usually after 9 pm. The road
goes around in a big circle so there is no way of
getting lost. There are picnic tables you can use to
do anything you need. A lot of younger guys through
the week and older men through the weekend.
Virginia : Fredericksburg : Rappahannock River : Review: Jul 10 2000
Venture on the trail after 3:30 pm till about 5 pm.
Not much police interference.
Virginia Beach/Norfolk/Newport News : Norfolk : Naval Base Gym : Review: Jul 10 2000
Now that the base is open to the public, anyone can go to the gym. This gym is a guaranteed lay. The steamroom and sauna are very cruisy and the showers are full of hard sailor cock. Sometimes trolls stroll in but they are soon gotten rid of by the more experianced cruisers. Sometimes you will get a stalker, but just leave the locker room for a little while and do a gym thing. More than likely he will be gone when you return.
Ohio : Hamilton : Greater Miami River Trail : Review: Jul 09 2000
Cruisy after dark. There are two parking lots off
River Road. One is near the waste water plant, the
other in front of Miami University. Lots of wooded
areas to play in close to the river, but beware of the
late night fishermen.
Ohio : Hillsboro : Rest area : Review: Jul 09 2000
The rest area is very active right now. A lot of
diverse action with younger, middle age,
construction worker, college, travelers, everything! I
had two hot ones at lunch then came through the
next morning at 7 am and had three. One of the
best places in southern Ohio for this type of out of
the way action. I drive thirty-five miles from Dayton
to visit. It's well worth your time.
Ohio : Youngstown : Foster Theatre : Review: Jul 09 2000
Middle aged crowd when I went mid-afternoon on a
rainy Friday in July. After the rains, the men
appeared and soaked my tonsils with their cum.
New Jersey : Bloomsbury : Rest area : Review: Jul 08 2000
Police occasionally drive through the rest areas,
but I've never seen them bother anybody (I hang out
there a lot!).
Obviously, it's more
active during the evening rush time (5 pm - 7 pm)
but you can usually find what you're looking for at
anytime of the day
or night.
Michigan : Kalamazoo : Markin Glen Park : Review: Jul 05 2000
Nice Park, well wooded, with many trails leading
around the park. Go into the west entrance, or the
entrance on the left
side of the road,
and drive all the way to the back parking lot. There
is a restroom there that has a very roomy stall that
can be locked.
There is another restroom in the trails also. From
the parking lot, there is a lot of places right there
are secluded and
private, or you may use the trails.
Michigan : Ludington : Rest area : Review: Jul 05 2000
Secluded rest area with scenic lookout, foot trails,
lots of parking for cars and trucks. Very busy during
summer months.
Michigan : Mason : Rayner Park : Review: Jul 05 2000
Usually pretty good action, especially after 8:30 or 9
pm. Check the restrooms, playground, and woods.
Michigan : Saugatuck : Oval Beach : Review: Jul 05 2000
Pay to park in the State Beach parking lot, then walk
north to the private area. (If you walk along the
beach, they charge you more. The alternative is
slogging through the dunes.) Very active dunes and
Michigan : Saugatuck : Douglas Dunes Resort : Review: Jul 04 2000
The nightly cruising scene is in the woods behind
the motel.
Connecticut : Groton : : Review: Jul 03 2000
They have about fifteen booths that are located in
the backroom of the store. After 5 pm there are
usually tons of sailors. Plus, it is next to a topless
bar, so there is almost always someone wanting to
get off. People range from early twenties to late
Connecticut : Winsted : Mad River Reservoir : Review: Jul 03 2000
Just past the top there's a road to the left. Lots of
places to park, cruise around, walk around, and,
yes, you can go fishing there. After all, it is a state
park, of sorts, where people go to relax. Also, just
past the dry dam on Route 44, there's another road
to the left. A little way down the road there's a place
to park and cruise around.
Michigan : Battle Creek : Romantix : Review: Jul 03 2000
This is a 'can't miss'. I've scored everytime.
Cleanest establishment I've ever used.
Chicago Metro : Schiller Park : Schiller Woods Forest Preserve : Review: Jul 01 2000
All the action seems to take place in groves one through nine. Best to take it into the woods. Many weekends will find the park
full of and family picnics and the like.

Chicago Metro : Chicago : Touche : Review: Jul 01 2000
A front bar with pool table, pin ball machines, but no action. But that changes when you head to the back bar. Most of the heavy
action takes place along the far wall of the back bar. The crowd is not as hard-core leather as the Eagle, but not as preppy as
the Manhandler can be. While it is a leather bar, there is no dress code for the back bar, and 'activity' goes on if full-view of the
bartenders in the back. There are mirrors over the urinals so that other guys can get a good view of the men taking a piss.
That line you see outside the john is probably not guys waiting to pee, but rather guys waiting to watch men pee.

Massachusetts : Salisbury : Salisbury Beach State Reservation : Review: Jun 30 2000
Quiet off-season parking lot with lots of action before dark. Park and wait for someone to pull up and give you the eye. Action occurs right in the car, sometimes in adajcent dunes. Good in the morning before work.
New Mexico : Albuquerque : Big Eye : Review: Jun 30 2000
Nice adult bookstore, arcade and peepshow. The gloryholes had been closed for a while. But now two of them are back open between booths six and seven and booths ten and eleven. A lot of gorgeous cock lately.Ê Hot latinos, professionals and travelers. Many cruisers in the hall and large booths for one-on-one action. Definitely a great place for hot action.
Maryland : Emmitsburg : Rest area : Review: Jun 30 2000
Moderately cruisy rest area in an otherwise sexually desolate part of the state. Always some action after dark, though usually older. Usually you make contact in the toilet and then go back in the bushes above the information center for action.
Charleston Metro : Charleston : Daniel Boone Rest Stop : Review: Jun 30 2000
It is still pretty active. Men park their cars and wait for other guys to drive up to them. After 11 pm you're not supposed to be there. But if you happen to get stopped by the cops, they'll just give you a warning the first time. They can't arrest you the first time for just being there. There's also a restroom that can be cruisy.
Phoenix Metro : Phoenix : Sycamore Creek : Review: Jun 30 2000
Sadly no action when I visited, but vast potential. It is a beautiful area, perfect for nude hiking etc. Now all we need is more people to frequent it!
Pennsylvania : New Milford : Camp Oneida : Review: Jun 30 2000
Accommodations are not the best, but they're slowly improving and the regulars are a pretty eccentric bunch. On the other hand, lots of sex happens. The 'sauna' is generally happening and we, along with some other folks, have no problem at all with fucking openly on our campsites. There is also a distinct lack of attitude.
Sydney Metro : Sydney : Hoyts Cinema : Review: Jun 30 2000
One can't get to the toilets unless you have purchased a ticket and ushers are at the top of stairs to check tickets. A very long corridor to walk down with steps every so often. You would be given for thinking that you were Orpheus descending into the underworld. But plenty of sex at this place. Lots of guys come (and cum) during lunch as well as all through the evening. Gives you the added feel of a sex haven in the middle of the city.
Brazil : Sao Paulo : Parque Trianon : Review: Jun 30 2000
At lunch time during the week executives go there to cruise other guys. You can find men showing off their cocks. If you enjoy being an exhibitionist it is the best place in town. But be careful, there are some cops patrolling the park during the day. At night male hookers stay outside the park in the streets around the park. Be careful because sometimes they just want to assault you. Some of them are not prostitutes, just assaulters.
Brisbane Metro : Logan City : Cruisy beat along Loganlea Road : Review: Jun 22 2000
Cruising all day. Action also at back of park in wooded area.
Brisbane Metro : Fortitude Valley : Den, The : Review: Jun 22 2000
Great facilities, always some hot action. All types of guys into many different things. Facilities are kept clean, and the staff are friendly. Great music and video's.
Queensland : Atherton : Rotary Park : Review: Jun 21 2000
Toilet with two cubicles and a peephole between. Fairly quiet, but can be okay during daytimes with masculine country men looking to play. Discretion is best.
Queensland : Bundaberg : Queens Park : Review: Jun 21 2000
There is only one stall but if any cars are parked near it, it is worth a look. You will find just about anything here. Best times are in the mornings and between 5 pm to 6 pm. Park closes at 6 pm.
Queensland : Toowoomba : Cruisy beat in library car park on Victoria Street : Review: Jun 21 2000
There are two well lit stalls. Most action happens in the disabled cubicle. Best at lunch or late afternoon. A lot of young guys.
Dallas/Fort Worth Metro : Dallas : Valley View Center : Review: Jun 20 2000
It does not have locks on the stalls, and the door to the place is pretty quiet, making this a place to meet and take it elsewhere.
Austin Metro : Austin : Zilker Park : Review: Jun 18 2000
Natural swimming hole and park southwest of downtown. Follow the creek upstream, there's lots of bushes. Days, evenings and nights are
busy. It is located about one half mile from downtown Austin. Barton Springs has a very nice and private open air mens dressing and shower
area. During the warmer months there is daily action with the best times during the mid to late afternoon. You will find nude sunbathing,
though not in the swimming area, but in the open air shower area. In fact, one would think this place was designed by a cruiser! If for some
reason you get no action, there is a lot of very nice scenery of all ages.
Virginia : Bassett : Philpott Dam Overlook : Review: Jun 10 2000
Two stall toilet is cruisy, plus some action in nearby
woods. Mostly noon to 8 pm.
Virginia : Dale City : Sport and Health Club : Review: Jun 10 2000
I'm a member and the steamroom and sauna are
awesome fun spots. Both allow time to clean up
from others entering shower stalls. The
steamroom gets more hits.
Virginia : Harrisonburg : Westover Park : Review: Jun 10 2000
Lots of paths in the woods just over the hill where a
lot of action occurs afternoons and early evening.
Virginia Beach/Norfolk/Newport News : Virginia Beach : First Landing Park : Review: Jun 10 2000
Great cruising spot during warmer months. Lot's of
picnic tables and shelter. You will find people
waiting in
cars, walking or
sitting on the picnic tables. There are plenty of trails
that lead into the woods to head off on.
Best time is 5 pm
until closing (dusk).
Ohio : Alliance : Butler-Rodman Park : Review: Jun 09 2000
There is cruising in the rear of park near
restrooms. Mostly a place to meet and go some
other place for action.
Ohio : Barberton : Lake Anna Park : Review: Jun 09 2000
Restrooms in visitor center are open during the
summer and cruisy. Also, occasionally during all
the year, above on the balcony at the fiberglas
tables, you can find cruisers.
Cincinnati Metro : Cincinnati : Street cruising between 6th and 7th, Walnut and Vine : Review: Jun 09 2000
Evening cruising for hustlers, mostly after 8 pm.
Ohio : Canton : McKinley Park : Review: Jun 09 2000
During the day restrooms are active with all ages,
all types. At night, especially after the local bars
close, the park becomes active.
Cleveland Metro : Brecksville : Cuyahoga Valley National Park : Review: Jun 09 2000
Pretty active for the most part, and not too many
patrol officers. In the summer there is some nude
sun bathing.
Columbus Metro : Columbus : Durancreaux Park : Review: Jun 09 2000
The park is located alongside the river. There is a
ravine for private action as well as paths for action.
Best times are
during lunch from
11:30 am to 2 pm and after work from 4 pm to
dusk. I have had many fun lunch hours here. The
are a mixture of
blue-collar and white-collar as well as various
Columbus Metro : Columbus : Lower Scioto Park/Olentangy-Scioto Bikeway : Review: Jun 09 2000
This riverfront in the German Village area is very
active usually. Guys will park and wander the
wooded areas along the water. Columbus police
are pretty active about patrolling other more public
areas, but this area is much more secluded.
Ohio : Findlay : Blanchard River : Review: Jun 09 2000
A small parking lot with wooded trails and lots of
action during day.
Ohio : Lake Milton : Lake Milton State Park : Review: Jun 09 2000
There are pit toilets just east of bridge on Mahoning
Avenue that are very cruisy. They are mostly
frequented by fishermen. But there is both car
cruising as well as graffiti on the john walls. I've
gotten lucky here a few times. There seems to be
little police activity. Most action is after dark or early
morning. But action can happen any time.
Ohio : Newark : T.J. Evans Family Park : Review: Jun 09 2000
The back pond has a trail that leads back to the
woods and is very cruisy.
Ohio : Sandusky : Boeckling Docks : Review: Jun 09 2000
All day and heavy evening activity. Especially after
the local bar closes. There are actually two docks,
and one has been turned into a little park. There is
activity at both places.
Ohio : Warren : Packard Park : Review: Jun 09 2000
Most of the action takes place on the trails across
the foot bridge at the north end of the park.

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