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Georgia : Bainbridge : Cheney Griffin Park : Review: Feb 28 2001
Plenty of bathrooms, no gloryholes, just peepholes and wooded areas to have sex. Cruisy at lunch, afternoons from 4 to 6 pm, and at night from 8 pm to 12 am. A lot of car cruising going on as well.
Atlanta Metro : Lawrenceville : Tribble Mill Regional Park : Review: Feb 28 2001
When entering park, go across bridge and turn left at stop sign. The first parking lot on left there is a trail entrance at the back of the lot. Cruising along the trail to the left, hot oral action daytime around 11:30 am. Also cruisy Sundays around 6 pm. No bathrooms yet but I was told they will be building some before the end of the year. Also, park police occasionally ride bikes in the park so be careful.
Georgia : Saint Simons Island : Massengale Park : Review: Feb 28 2001
The men's room with gloryhole is active in the evening, after 4 pm, and until closing. Also, the boardwalk and beach. Altogether, you'll find very good action with locals and numerous tourists depending on the time of year and if the holidays are close. Open daily 6 am to 10 pm.
New York City Metro : Manhattan : Crowne Plaza Hotel : Review: Feb 28 2001
Second floor was at least unlocked, but no action during any of my five visits on different days at different times.
Boston Metro : Boston : Carson Beach : Review: Feb 28 2001
The lot is full of cars and trucks after dark. The action takes place in the cars and on the beach behind the old bathhouse.
Boston Metro : Newton : Norumbega Park Conservation Land : Review: Feb 28 2001
Always some action, even in a snowstorm (I know from experience!). Guys from all over. Salesmen, office workers, blue-collar, etc., cum here from dawn to dusk to 'watch the birds.' The park is right on Charles River, across from Marriott. Action proceeds like this: guys park cars on back row of spaces, facing river. Pull up along side someone you like. Lots of weenie watching and jackoff here, as well as hookups with locals.
Cape Cod Metro : Provincetown : Cape Cod National Seashore : Review: Feb 28 2001
It is on the end of the four mile bike trail that connects Herring Cove and Race Point to this forest. There are always hot men walking the trails. The trails are asphalt and there is a dirt trial that has been made around the natural pond. Lots of woods for fun in the warm weather.
Cape Cod Metro : Hyannis : Kalmus Park Beach : Review: Feb 28 2001
It's really great there, especially around lunch time and at dusk, even during the winter. It's hopping at all hours, particularly in the reeds behind the parking lot and in the picnic area along the trails in the woods. Watch out for skunks and ticks. The cops almost never go here.
Charlotte Metro : Charlotte : Methodist Home Park : Review: Feb 28 2001
I frequent this park often and during the day get some oral and anal action. Cruising is also starting to grow at night after dark. Lots of trees provide shadows to hide in. Picnic tables are also among the trees which makes it a place for a good fuck. I went three times in one week and got fucked by some hunky guys. A tip: do not park at the park at night. This tips the cops off. I park at the apartment complex next door and walk to the park.
New York : Buffalo : Buffalo State College : Review: Feb 28 2001
Has a lot of action. There are about six stalls and a lot of action under the stalls and at the urinals.
San Francisco Metro : San Mateo : Vista Point : Review: Feb 23 2001
Heads Up! Police are really trying to put an end to the cruising here.
People have been arrested and citations have been given. This place is cruisy but it is
not worth the risk. I dont recommend this place at all! Beware.
San Francisco Metro : San Francisco : Sheraton Palace Hotel : Review: Feb 23 2001
Heads Up! The hotel has hired undercover police officers to pose as
cruisers. They are arresting anyone caught in any 'lewd' acts and are taking names and
identification of anyone thought to be cruising. This is definitely an at your own risk
cruising spot.
San Francisco Metro : Oakland : Secrets Adult Super Store : Review: Feb 23 2001
This place is a great area for remembering the Pussycat theatres in the 1970's. It is fun. If you are into black guys here is the place, but also
Latin and white trash. I got a few truckers that night in the cinema one red head hunk from Arizona with a nice big uncut seven inch dick. This
is a real man place no fems. If you are, don't show up. You'll find it hard to score with the guys there. It's low key for gays, more straight deal,
but don't waste your time in San Francisco. This place is heaven for these into straight trade, keep the word.
Orlando Metro : Orlando : Club Orlando : Review: Feb 21 2001
I had the opportunity to visit Club Orlando on a Friday night. As a forty year old, average looking guy, I was able to have lots of fun with a variety of
men. The club itself is very clean, although somewhat small. They have a large gym for those who wish to workout (proper workout attire
required), about forty-five cabins, a TV lounge, sauna and steam room and a very nice outdoor pool/hot tub area. I got a TV cabin which was a
disappointment because they only show 'soft-porn', no real fucking and sucking, and it was the same movie replayed over and over the entire
time I was there. However, the place had a nice variety of men, something for everyone! Young and old and in between, big guys, muscle guys,
Austin Metro : Austin : Dobie Mall : Review: Feb 18 2001
This place is intensely cruisy and seems well known but not well checked out by the police at all. Keep it discreet and you should have no
problems. The bathroom is down a long hallway on the second floor. A couple of peepholes in both stalls permitting views of each other and
urinals. Under stall action, and the doors on the stalls have huge gaps on the hinges. I've been there as late as 12:30 am and I've gotten
some action. Watch out for older guys or bums who might set roost for a long time.
Austin Metro : Austin : Zilker Park : Review: Feb 18 2001
Heads Up! The last four times I have been there, day or night, there have been
undercover cops 'cruising'. Once when I was driving by, I noticed a worker going into the
woods with a ladder. Later I went back and noticed several small cameras mounted
high in the trees. Almost impossible to see, unless you know where to look. I'll never go
San Francisco Metro : Fremont : L' Amour Shoppe : Review: Feb 17 2001
Not much going on inside (the booths have those
wooden slat clothing store changing-room style
doors and there is no
way for two people
to be in one of them) but the parking lot can get
cruisy at night. Hit-and-miss, though.
Michigan : Menominee : M and M Plaza : Review: Feb 05 2001
Lots of men looking for quick sex. One stall with peephole overlooking urinal. Not too private but I have picked up three guys there looking to get their cocks sucked. Mostly local men, married and middle aged, and blue-collar. Best time is at lunch and between 4 pm and 6 pm (factory shift changes).
Published or Edited on 03/07/16
Connecticut : East Hartford : Great River Park : Review: Feb 03 2001
You now have to park and walk past a park ranger
booth. The ranger says that the area has been
'cleaned up' of 'unsavory types.' Sure enough, I took
a walk into the wooded area as far as the train
trestle and not a single person in sight.
Michigan : Adair : Rest area : Review: Feb 03 2001
Hot action at the urinals and in the stalls anytime of
the day or night. Good percentage of young
'student' types, blue- and white-collar, truckers,
and, of course, occasional trolls.
Detroit Metro : Dearborn : Fairlane Town Center : Review: Feb 03 2001
It's hidden away in the corner and looks very safe.
Two stalls and looks like good action during
weekday lunch time and after work hours. I have
sucked a guy in the public toilet on the ground floor
mall restroom, too.
Chicago Metro : Des Plaines : Adult World : Review: Feb 01 2001
Brand new book store as of December, 2000. Individual booths. No gloryholes. Video cameras. The monitor is over the cash
register so the clerk can see everything. Not gay friendly at all. Avoid at all cost. Do not support this establishment. Not gay
friendly at all. They watch everything that goes on. Not worth it.

New York : Binghamton : Broome Community College : Review: Jan 31 2001
Good action when schools in session. Last two stalls on the end, away from the doors are best. Urinals are right in front of the doors and are
too risky.
New York City Metro : Queens : Northern Men's Sauna : Review: Jan 24 2001
As far as saunas go, this has got to be one of the worst. This dump has nineteen private rooms and about nine public rooms. The place is filthy.
On a recent Saturday, some old troll shit in his room, stinking the whole place out. The public rooms smell like piss. Most of the time they are
hoarded by trolls who lie there all day. Some of the private rooms, which many times you have to wait for in the public rooms and the last thing
you need to see is some fat troll jerking off. The showers are nasty with used condoms, low water pressure and no hot water. And God forbid
you show your cock in the video room, the stupid 'security' sternly tells you to put it in your towel.

As for the clientele, on the thr...
Minnesota : Alexandria : Alexandria Technical College : Review: Jan 22 2001
Two stalls, good warning time, hot young cocks to suck.
Dallas/Fort Worth Metro : Dallas : Mountain Creek Lake Park : Review: Jan 19 2001
Mostly car cruising along roadway along park. Some brush, but mostly fairly open. People are quite bold and either
have sex in their cars or in the open. Some portable toilets which can be cruisy. Crowd is mostly older men during
the day, but at night all kinds.
Dallas/Fort Worth Metro : Fort Worth : Riverside Park : Review: Jan 19 2001
Parking lot with some who sit in their cars and wait for action, but most go into the trees that go down a ways that
lead into the river. Lots of hidden areas within the trees. Plenty of time to get yourself together. Most of the action is in
the morning 'straight guys looking for a blow'.
Austin Metro : Austin : University of Texas : Review: Jan 18 2001
There are peepholes and tons of written requests for action. A small hallway leading to the toilet gives a little warning time for visitors.
San Francisco Metro : Oakland : Secrets Adult Super Store : Review: Jan 17 2001
I visited on a Friday night recently and it wasn't very
busy at all, even though it's in the heart of the
nightlife district in downtown Oakland. The
arcade booths are
set up for one to six people to sit inside them and
there are no gloryholes or peepholes. They
primarily show straight porn.
Columbus Metro : Columbus : YMCA : Review: Jan 09 2001
The men's locker room is chock full of action. In the
afternoons, the steamroom, sauna, and shower
rooms are full of
straight and gay
guys looking to get off. The bathroom off the
shower is even equipped with a convex mirror so
that you
can see anyone
approaching. Weekdays from about 3 pmuntil after
dinner hours the place is hopping, and I've seen
some pretty wild
things going on. It's not fat friendly though, and the
presence of one or two persistant older guys
sometimes causes
the place to empty out almost immediately.
New Jersey : Edison : Menlo Park Mall : Review: Jan 08 2001
Great place to jack off with very little straight traffic.
Most guys are on the younger side. There is usually
a line of guys waiting for the urinals to do their
Michigan : Coloma : Rest area : Review: Jan 05 2001
Action is hit or miss, but I did suck off a pretty hot
trucker in the men's room there.
Michigan : Onsted : Hayes State Park : Review: Jan 05 2001
Winter action as no pass is required in winter. Park
at far end and go up into woods area.
Charlotte Metro : Charlotte : Freedom Park : Review: Jan 04 2001
Heads Up! There has been a great deal of police activity and undercover cops
working Freedom Park. There was at least one arrest three weeks ago. The undercover
cop was younger, nice looking and very friendly.
Cincinnati Metro : Cincinnati : University of Cincinnati : Review: Jan 04 2001
Heads Up! There is a sting by the UC police
going on at the bathroom on the fifth floor of Teacher's College. I was there on
Thursday night using the computer lab (not the bathroom) and the campus watch was
talking about how they had busted someone. I guess I should have gotten the clue but I
went there on Friday night. There were only two of us and we were fooling around using
the gloryholes, of course, but someone came in (saw his...
Detroit Metro : Detroit : TNT Health Club : Review: Jan 03 2001
Be careful when going to the TNT Health Club, you
could be charged an extra $100 on your next visit if
they claim you left drug paraphernalia there on your
last visit. Remember the key word here is 'claim.' I
don't use drugs and never have. Could have been
left before me and not found. It's their word against
mine. But they win. I have gone there for six years
but not again. It's a way of ripping people off.
Miami Metro : Key Biscayne : Bear Cut Park (Crandon Park) : Review: Jan 03 2001
Heads Up! Police are arresting anyone attempting to go to this beach. Do not go
through the gate near the bridge; you will be arrested. Police are also patrolling the
entire area on bicycles and arresting anyone not actually on the beach below the high
water mark. All other areas, including the trails and mangrove areas, are now off limits
and there are new 'no trespassing' signs. There have already been numerous arrests
Los Angeles Metro : Hollywood : Tiki Theatre : Review: Jan 02 2001
The guys here range from fifty up with many of them being very drunk. I have seen guys pissing on the floor instead of getting up to the
bathroom. Many will often sit there with their pants down no matter who comes in. This has brought down the vice and I have witnessed
many arrests lately. It's not worth the entry fee.
Los Angeles Metro : Long Beach : California State University, Long Beach : Review: Jan 02 2001
Heads Up! The second floor bathroom in the
business building, which has seen its share of heavy cruising and action over the
years has now, once again, attracted the attention of campus police. Whereas their
presence over the past six months has been limited to uniformed personnel
occasionally, but always brazenly, walking into the back stall area with walkie-talkies
blaring, some people are being stopped, their names taken, and being g...
Portland Metro : Portland : Peep Hole Adult Superstore : Review: Dec 31 2000
Still a good place for 'regular' young guys. Even one of the clerks is into the action.
Portland Metro : Portland : Taboo Video for Adults : Review: Dec 31 2000
A new branch of the store of the same name on 82nd Avenue. This store is smaller than the 82nd Avenue store, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in action. I was sucked dry by a handsome businessman I met there last week and plan to return soon.
Minneapolis Metro : Minneapolis : Mississippi River Flats (Bare Ass Beach) : Review: Dec 31 2000
The City of Minneapolis doesn't realize that the recent destruction of the native habitat allows for easy early warning whenever the cops are about. I've actually noticed a recent increase in activity here since now it is easy to spot someone, especially park police, approaching the various areas that are active! Have fun guys!
Minneapolis Metro : Minneapolis : University of Minnesota : Review: Dec 31 2000
This has become a local hot spot for meeting other guys of all sorts. Sometimes you can get some action right there in the locker rooms. But it is usually safer to meet a guy and then go somewhere where the state can't tell you how to live your life. The steamroom is a serious hot spot. I've met quite a few guys there! I've even seen some guys with total hard-ons just walking around and enjoying the attention! Lucky for us that having an erection is not illegal.
Charleston Metro : Institute : West Virginia State College : Review: Dec 31 2000
The gymnasium is a hot spot. Complete access from the locker room to the pool. One can get a lot of good action in the showers which are only visable from the bathroom.
South Carolina : Charleston : College of Charleston : Review: Dec 31 2000
There are bathrooms on each floor with stalls where you can sit and watch through the huge crack between the stall wall and the actual wall and see all these guys come and piss, jackoff and wave their cock at you. Action there and hook up to take it elsewhere. Students locals, tourists etc. there, especially frat guys! Go into the main entrance of Stern Center on George Street. Restroom on first floor is by elevator and is busiest. This is also the building with the college's pool and swim team locker rooms.
Sydney Metro : Sydney : MLC Centre : Review: Dec 31 2000
Heads Up! Police not in uniform have been walking in during lunch hours wearing badge on belt.
Italy : Milan : Canyon Cruising : Review: Dec 31 2000
It has a little cinema showing nonstop porn. There are some dark rooms, gloryholes, a sling room, a fake little bush that simulates a Milan city park area where people usually cruise, a relaxing area and a booth area. A lot of action and people of any kind. You find a crowd of people from 6 pm to 2 am. But there's someone virtually in at every hour. Because it's a private club, according to Italy's laws, you have to be a member. In other words, you should have the UNO/Arcigay card to enter, cost varies. That's a nationwide key to enter in a lot of gay clubs.
New South Wales : Budgewoi : Birdie Beach : Review: Dec 31 2000
A nudist beach with sand dunes and rocks, major car park and cruising area. The cruising happens between both the upper and lower car parks, though at night mainly the upper. Very active beach during the summer months, and many men escape Sydney or Newcastle on the weekends. Entry fee to the park.
Detroit Metro : Detroit : Body Zone : Review: Dec 22 2000
I live twenty minutes from the Body Zone and go there often. The help is very friendly and the crowd is varied in every way. Tuesdays are very
busy because the competition is closed. It is very, very clean. It seems a worker is always cleaning the private rooms, steamroom, hot tub,
vacuuming public rooms. Two TV lounges; one porn, one regular TV. Pool table, weight equipment. And the price is right. Best thing that has
happened to Detroit since the Stanley Cup.
Florida : Venice : Caspersen Beach : Review: Dec 20 2000
Heads Up! Be aware that Casperson Beach, a popular gay cruising area is
being closely watched by local police. Some individuals have begun a campaign to
make some part of Casperson a legal nude beach and are actively forcing arrest upon
themselves in order to push their agenda. Unfortunately, the unadvised are being
caught in some of these arrests as well.

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