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Washington : Arlington : Twin Lake Park : Review: Aug 31 2000
Bathroom between both parking lots is cruisy. Plenty of trails, bushes and trees around both lakes for discreet fun. I met two guys within thirty minutes of arriving on Monday. The bathroom offers privacy but no warning with the main door. It seemed to always be open. This was a very busy place during the summer.
South Carolina : Columbia : Wal-Mart : Review: Aug 31 2000
Went there yesterday to find the gloryhole has been filled and covered with a steel plate. Seems as if the action has moved elsewhere. All stall messages appeared to be from the same person. This is a dead end for cruising.
New Mexico : Roswell : Sally Port Inn : Review: Aug 31 2000
I quit cruising this place because a friend of mine informed me that they have installed cameras in front of the bathrooms to discourage cruisers.
West Virginia : Parkersburg : AdultMart : Review: Aug 31 2000
Newly remodeled store with action picking up in the backroom. There are some gay clerks on staff. Clientele is butch redneck types who like to get blow jobs.
West Virginia : Parkersburg : Pioneer Bookstore : Review: Aug 31 2000
My first time there tonight. A very good place in my opinion. This place uses quarters but you get more time out of your money than other videostores. Something unique about this place, the buddy booths don't have gloryholes they have squares cut out big enough to fit your whole head through (but still can be private enough if you don't want to show your face). I sucked a real nice uncut cock there and got a hot mouthful of cum. Not five seconds after that guy left, another one came in the booth and sucked me off. And best of all, I didn't see any ugly guys. All were either average or hot. Definitely worth a visit!
Pittsburgh Metro : New Brighton : Stiletto's Mens Club : Review: Aug 31 2000
Below a topless strip club, the arcade has six booths of which two are buddy booths. Doors are off of the booths, but you have to enter each booth by walking through a swinging half-door so encounters can happen relatively easily.
Knoxville Metro : Knoxville : University of Tennessee : Review: Aug 31 2000
Great secluded place for hot young college boys to get together after class about 4 pm to 6 pm. Usually, young people cruise here. A lot of buffed frat boys, and international students, too. Some hot Asians as well. Clean place to cruise and generally known to be quiet and discrete. Mostly straight men target. See you there.
Knoxville Metro : Knoxville : University of Tennessee : Review: Aug 31 2000
A lot of old men here just looking to see some college cock. The one time that I went here I saw a lot of old men who looked like they had just gotten off work. They are very persistent when they see a college age guy in there. It was definitely not worth the trouble.
Quebec : Oka : Oka Provincial Park : Review: Aug 31 2000
The best of them all in Quebec for cruising, the long beach at Oka Provincial Park. At first glance, it's just another family beach. But walk far enough, you'll pass straight couples in the nude until you reach the gay section. Wall to wall butts and dicks. Lots of cruising action, frequently in the open guaranteed. Always an eyeful or a handful. One of the most reliable places for sex in public imaginable. Groups, circle jerks and blowjobs, especially in the woods that follow the shoreline.
Quebec : Gatineau : Meech Lake : Review: Aug 31 2000
Another federally sponsored fun zone. Gay in only some areas. Need to walk into the woods about a mile. Nude zone with lotsa open sex. Beautiful spot, scenically-speaking, woodlands I mean.
Ottawa Metro : Orleans : Place D' Orleans Shopping Centre : Review: Aug 31 2000
They have renovated this bathroom and made it better for us. There are now four stalls that are around a corner and offer lots of warning to new arrivals via a squeaky door. My only complaint was that it was too crowded with gays!
Vancouver Metro : Vancouver : Wreck Beach : Review: Aug 31 2000
Wreck Beach is hopping all year round. At the bottom of the trail your choice is right to Glamour Beach and Attitude Falls or left through Geriatric Alley and on to all the fun nooks, crannies, bushes, logs and like minded cockhounds. Things happen at Attitude Falls and on the way there, so make your own discoveries. If you are too tired, old or just don't have the time to walk down the trail to the beach, fun times can be had at road level in the many trails. There are sandy areas at Glamour Beach and beyond Geriatric Ally, but the water isn't really swimmable. The times are posted at the gate so be sure to be out of there by closing.
Ontario : Sault Ste. Marie : Art Gallery Park : Review: Aug 31 2000
Always guaranteed to be someone else there looking for action. In the summer, many guys stroll through the park down along the water. Action only takes place after dark but lasts all night until dawn.
Ottawa Metro : Ottawa : University of Ottawa : Review: Aug 31 2000
The first floor is good for urinal cruising since there are about ten urinals in a row. The washrooms are opposite the bookstore and, ironically, right by Campus Security, nothing like doing it under their noses.
Ottawa Metro : Ottawa : University of Ottawa : Review: Aug 31 2000
These second floor toilets seem to be more of a meeting place. Guys often hook up and then leave for quieter spots, of which there are many.
Brazil : Sao Paulo : Ibirapuera Shopping Center : Review: Aug 31 2000
Absolutely the best restrooms in town. All restrooms are quite busy all day. But the real action happens after the stores close at 9 pm. The mall remains open because of the movie theatres and so you can still be inside the mall. That's the best time to cruise. Also the attendants are off by then. Most guys stay in the restroom showing off their cocks. I had great sex there many, many times. Very hot!
Dallas/Fort Worth Metro : Dallas : Club Dallas : Review: Aug 20 2000
Great atmosphere, and lots of good looking men. Great action in the pool area, hot tub and steamroom. It needs a maze,
cave or playroom, as previously mentioned. Good club.
Virginia : Marion : Wal-Mart : Review: Aug 10 2000
Lots of young horny guys who like to suck and fuck.
Also a really hot parking lot where cruisers are in
and around their cars until late at night looking for
hot action.
Ohio : Findlay : Rest area : Review: Aug 09 2000
There is a secluded, seldom used trail at the north
end of the area. No one ever goes back there but
the occasional cruiser. The word needs to get out
about this place. Just follow either sidewalk that
leads away from the parking area past the
restroom and keep going. If this grown over
sidewalk is not private enough for you there is a
stone trail that leads off further into the woods.
Ohio : New Harrison : Darke County Lake Wildlife Area : Review: Aug 09 2000
Many ponds are in the area, but the one on
Highway 36 is the best. Drive in, park, and walk to
the pond's edge. When someone's watching, duck
into the woods or walk around the pond and wait
for someone to follow.
New Jersey : East Brunswick : LA Fitness : Review: Aug 08 2000
A lot of action in the shower and steamroom guys.
Best time around 6 pm to 8:30 pm weeknights and
Saturday from noon to 4 pm.
New Jersey : Ocean Grove : Ocean Grove Beach Boardwalk : Review: Aug 08 2000
You will find local guys walking the boardwalk,
especially after 10 pm looking for action. Summer
is the best, but Sunday afternoons in winter can be
good as well.
Michigan : Muskegon : Bronson Beach - Norman F. Kruse Park : Review: Aug 05 2000
Very hot and cruisy. Nude sun bathing on left side.
Climb dunes to the left of the park and the trails are
busy afternoons.
Michigan : Onekama : Portage Point Sunset Park : Review: Aug 05 2000
Beautiful beach on Lake Michigan. Gets cruisy at
sunset, especially weekends. Park in lot and walk
to gazebo area. Also, can walk to pier or on beach.
Michigan : Empire : Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore : Review: Aug 04 2000
Action is in the dunes, but it would be best to take a
'hike' a few dunes back with your trick. Use
common sense and stay out of sight and anything
goes especially in the back dunes. Some nudity on
the beach but for sex stay in the dunes.
Connecticut : Greenwich : Metro North Railway Station : Review: Aug 03 2000
Three urinals and three stalls in a moderately busy
toilet. The best times are at lunch or late afternoon
when commuters come home. Some security staff
patrolling. The tall, thin black guy in civvies can be a
buster. It's best to hook up and go someplace
unless you're super quick. There is metered
parking on Railroad Avenue on both sides of the
Connecticut : New Haven : East Rock State Park : Review: Aug 03 2000
I have found three cruisy areas. At the bottom of the
park, near the baseball fields, is where the more
'mature gentlemen' hang out. Also, the lower
parking lot is very cruisy, on weekends and lunch
times especially. Park there and go for a walk in the
woods. Up top in the parking lot is another cruisy
place, but with less access to the woods.
Connecticut : Stamford : Cove Island Park : Review: Aug 03 2000
The woods near the tennis courts are cruisy. Wait
by the picnic table in the alleyway between the
tennis courts and the woods. Then wait for
someone to walk into the woods. Follow them in.
It's thick woods with many paths and so it's private
and safe too.
Connecticut : Bristol : Rockwell Park : Review: Aug 02 2000
A year-round cruise spot. Drive around and you'll see what I mean.

Chicago Metro : Chicago : Wilson Skate Park : Review: Aug 01 2000
Everything from hustlers and sugar daddies to gym dandies, and corporate execs, to guys in mini vans with car seats and all!

Denver Metro : Denver : Denver International Airport : Review: Jul 31 2000
I had some time to kill at DIA, so I went to check out the men's room on Concourse A. This site suggested that the gloryhole there had been covered up. True, but I'd like to report that the men's room is apparently active. I went to the second to the last stall in the very quiet men's room, sat down, and within a few minutes a gentleman took the stall next to me. Toe tap. I ended up in his stall. An airline employee, very studly, big dick. We sucked a bit and I asked him if he wanted to cum. He whispered to me that he had already cum twice that day! So, obviously, men have discovered the pleasure to be had at DIA Concourse A.
Washington : Issaquah : Sammamish State Park : Review: Jul 31 2000
A large park with several restrooms, plenty of trails and secluded spots. Usually action around the restrooms in the afternoons. All types of guys. As you enter the park, you will find the picnic area on the right, with shelter and restrooms being the hot spot, but there is plenty of room to roam at this big park.
South Carolina : North Charleston : Northwoods Mall : Review: Jul 31 2000
The restroom is angled and has two toilets on each side of the room. Under the stall action is possible, especially in the stalls on the left, as the door to the restroom is very loud which gives plenty of warning.
Pennsylvania : Bethlehem : Cupid's Treasures : Review: Jul 31 2000
Four booths with gloryholes, six and seven, and nine and ten. The night clerk is fair and reasonable, if dropping your quarters. Day shift clerks tend to be more critical of this. Action is sporadic with more slow times than anything. But patience is the key, you will most likely find what you are looking for given time.
Pennsylvania : Erie : Modern Adult : Review: Jul 31 2000
Magazine/video sales, peep shows, and two theatres (one straight and one gay). The peep shows were dead owing to the Pennsylvania 'no doors' law. Theatres were fantastic, though. Locked doors. Plenty of warning before someone enters since they have to be buzzed in.
Nova Scotia : Halifax : Crystal Crescent Beach : Review: Jul 31 2000
There is a public beach by the parking lot. Along the ocean you can find action by walking around and over the rocks along the shore. Guys wander around nude and minimally clothed, looking to meet up with other guys. It didn't look like there was any police surveillance, but there are also straight couples wandering around, so a bit of caution is advised.
Rome Metro : Rome : Cinema Ambasciatori : Review: Jul 31 2000
Action in the toilets, on the right side of the screen, and on the second floor. Incredibly busy in the top reaches of the second floor.
Tokyo Metro : Tokyo : Cruisy toilet outside Jiyuugaoka Station : Review: Jul 31 2000
Rather cruisy with a stall that faces the urinals with a peephole drilled into it for better viewing, and guys looking for dick seem to congregate there. I've seen guys jacking off at the urinals as well as getting together in the stalls.
Dallas/Fort Worth Metro : Dallas : Mockingbird Adult Video : Review: Jul 20 2000
Harassed by an obnoxious employee last week. Each time money ran out of video machine, within seconds he
was knocking on the door saying, 'Money! Money!' I got so fed up with his hassling (he knocked three times in less
than ten minutes) that the guy I paired off with and I took the action elsewhere. He wasn't harassing anyone loitering
in the hallways, just people inside the viewing rooms. This was on a weekday at lunchtime. I have been going here
over a year and this was the first time I've been hassled by anyone.
Chicago Metro : Chicago : Wilson Skate Park : Review: Jul 19 2000
Protocol is to drive around in a counterclockwise circle of the perimeter of the parking lot. You see something you like, pull next to it and either
strike up a conversation or make the appropriate gestures, and voila! The later in the day, the more risky. Its an amazing site to see. You have
your cars parked along the perimeter either with the driver visible or not so visible. Then you have the driver's ed vehicles which stay to the
inside of the lot. Usually the two worlds never intersect, and often, sex occurs in the parked cars unbeknownst to the driver's Ed vehicles!

Make sure before you engage in anything, one of you is looking out, and check all around, especially on the hills. Cops like to sit a ways away
Austin Metro : Austin : Arboretum Shopping Center : Review: Jul 18 2000
The two stalls have peepholes and a urinal peephole. Most action is in late afternoons and late evenings between 9 pm and 11 pm (closing
time). Mostly a genX and yuppie crowd. The staff have a live and let live and don't ask don't tell attitude. The restroom has small entryway which
leads to larger room with side-by-side urinals. The really nice part is that the stalls have floor to ceiling doors. Some jackoff action after 6 pm.
The place is pretty new so it's not too busy yet.
Virginia : Fort Chiswell : Carter Wayside : Review: Jul 10 2000
This park is active usually after 9 pm. The road
goes around in a big circle so there is no way of
getting lost. There are picnic tables you can use to
do anything you need. A lot of younger guys through
the week and older men through the weekend.
Virginia : Fredericksburg : Rappahannock River : Review: Jul 10 2000
Venture on the trail after 3:30 pm till about 5 pm.
Not much police interference.
Virginia Beach/Norfolk/Newport News : Norfolk : Naval Base Gym : Review: Jul 10 2000
Now that the base is open to the public, anyone can go to the gym. This gym is a guaranteed lay. The steamroom and sauna are very cruisy and the showers are full of hard sailor cock. Sometimes trolls stroll in but they are soon gotten rid of by the more experianced cruisers. Sometimes you will get a stalker, but just leave the locker room for a little while and do a gym thing. More than likely he will be gone when you return.
Ohio : Hamilton : Greater Miami River Trail : Review: Jul 09 2000
Cruisy after dark. There are two parking lots off
River Road. One is near the waste water plant, the
other in front of Miami University. Lots of wooded
areas to play in close to the river, but beware of the
late night fishermen.
Ohio : Hillsboro : Rest area : Review: Jul 09 2000
The rest area is very active right now. A lot of
diverse action with younger, middle age,
construction worker, college, travelers, everything! I
had two hot ones at lunch then came through the
next morning at 7 am and had three. One of the
best places in southern Ohio for this type of out of
the way action. I drive thirty-five miles from Dayton
to visit. It's well worth your time.
Ohio : Youngstown : Foster Theatre : Review: Jul 09 2000
Middle aged crowd when I went mid-afternoon on a
rainy Friday in July. After the rains, the men
appeared and soaked my tonsils with their cum.
New Jersey : Bloomsbury : Rest area : Review: Jul 08 2000
Police occasionally drive through the rest areas,
but I've never seen them bother anybody (I hang out
there a lot!).
Obviously, it's more
active during the evening rush time (5 pm - 7 pm)
but you can usually find what you're looking for at
anytime of the day
or night.
Michigan : Kalamazoo : Markin Glen Park : Review: Jul 05 2000
Nice Park, well wooded, with many trails leading
around the park. Go into the west entrance, or the
entrance on the left
side of the road,
and drive all the way to the back parking lot. There
is a restroom there that has a very roomy stall that
can be locked.
There is another restroom in the trails also. From
the parking lot, there is a lot of places right there
are secluded and
private, or you may use the trails.
Michigan : Ludington : Rest area : Review: Jul 05 2000
Secluded rest area with scenic lookout, foot trails,
lots of parking for cars and trucks. Very busy during
summer months.

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