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Texas : McAllen : RGV Video : Review: Aug 01 2017 by Freqtravel42
Was in town on business a couple weeks ago and hit here and Texxx up. Was here mid afternoon and was kinda disappointed

Paid eight or nine bucks to get to the arcades which was nice so you weren't always dropping dollars. But the videos kept stopping. At one time of the ten or twelve booths none of them had a playing video.

Would have been OK, except the two hours I was here there were only three other guys. None of us hooked up while I was there. Eventually got bored and went back to the hotel.
Published or Edited on 08/07/17
Texas : Weslaco : Texxx Video Store : Review: Aug 01 2017 by Freqtravel42
Was here a couple weeks ago while in the Valley on business. Stopped in midweek around 5 pm I guess. Was nine dollars, I think, to get into the arcades.

Few guys in there but none that were really my type were cruising. Saw a hottie leave the booths and saw another come in and he was pounced on in no time.

Just as I was leaving to go to dinner a hot dilf type, mid 30s I'd guess, popped in. Went to the booth next to him and he had a nice average cock. But he gave me one hell of an appetizer.
Published or Edited on 08/04/17
Vermont : Brattleboro : Guilford Welcome Center : Review: Aug 01 2017
Found it!

Doubt it's worth updating but the welcome center is in Guildford 5 miles south of Brattleboro. I-91 Northbound Vermont Welcome Center


Thanks! There were actually five "star" ratings here in 2016, most of them 5's and 4's, with the most recent in October. Might be worth checking out even with no written Reviews. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 08/07/17
New Orleans Metro : New Orleans : Hilton New Orleans Riverside : Review: Aug 01 2017 by Jake
I've stayed here frequently and usually hook up in the showers, the sauna, the private stall, or invite guys to my room.
Published or Edited on 08/04/17
South Dakota : Hot Springs : Nelson's Oil & Gas : Review: Aug 01 2017 by cruzing_sd
I think this place closed or moved. Closest thing I saw at the address was an old building. No trucks or activity. There is a new gas stop out by Rte. 18, but I didn't see any indications of action there.

Nelson's web site says they are still there doing deliveries but have no store front. I'll add this to my list for deletion. Thanks! ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 08/04/17
South Dakota : Sturgis : Fort Meade Recreation Area Park : Review: Aug 01 2017 by cruzing_sd
Been stopping by off and on all spring and summer. Been absolutely no action to speak of here.

I'll keep trying with Sturgis coming in. Hopefully get a bit more action that week, August 4 to 13.

I added the dates in case anyone doesn't know when the famous Sturgis Motorcycle Rally takes place. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 08/04/17
Michigan : Hermansville : Rest area : Review: Aug 01 2017
This is an old listing. This park is frequently patrolled now. The old fiberglass-lined toilet house has been long been replaced and the privacy wall blocking the open doorways in front has been removed. Great woods to prowl, but no longer a good cruising spot. Go to the casino. Better luck there.

Thanks for the update! Are you referring to Island Resort & Casino a few miles east of this place? If so, use this link to tell us more. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 08/04/17
Charleston Metro : St. Albans : Crazy Mitch’s : Review: Jul 31 2017
Google lists this as closed and on Street View the store looks shut.

Thanks for the update! There's also a Facebook page which hasn't been updated in years. ~ Editor.
Published or Edited on 08/04/17
Kentucky : Paducah : Wild Things : Review: Jul 31 2017

The Ultimate Strip Club List: Wild Things and The Playhouse has been reported as permanently closed

Yelp: Wild Things Lingerie & Adult Superstore - CLOSED
Published or Edited on 08/04/17
Kentucky : Paducah : Playhouse Pleasures Adult Book Store and Theatre : Review: Jul 31 2017

The Ultimate Strip Club List: Wild Things and The Playhouse has been reported as permanently closed

Yelp: Wild Things Lingerie & Adult Superstore - CLOSED
Published or Edited on 08/04/17
Alabama : Montgomery : X-Mart Adult Supercenter : Review: Jul 31 2017 by ford
Look for door cracked, show cock to be sucked or go down road to play after 2 pm, Mon - Fri.
Published or Edited on 08/03/17
Manitoba : Winnipeg : Dominion News : Review: Jul 31 2017 by Swallows
Place has gone downhill.
Published or Edited on 08/04/17
Long Island Metro : Montauk : Gosman's Dock : Review: Jul 31 2017 by Longislander631
Hey, has anyone been here lately and can tell me about the spot? I've never went but thinking about checking it out this weekend. Just would like somebody's info on it and if it's still there.

I deleted the kik name you had here. Please put it in your CFS Profile under Best Ways To Contact You Outside CFS. Also, keep in mind these pages have said for years that there's a delay between submitting a Review and seeing it published. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 08/03/17
Louisville Metro : Louisville : The Barracks Louisville : Review: Jul 31 2017
The Barracks Louisville is your favorite bear, leather, fetish bar. Formerly Boots, The Barracks.

The Barracks website
The Barracks Facebook page

What you wrote sounds like an ad, although I appreciate the update.

But is The Barracks Louisville open or closed? Google shows it closed and Yelp also shows The Connection closed. There's also this from Great Lakes Den, August 2016: The Barracks closes with a final blowout. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 08/03/17
Kansas : Wichita : Vegas Video : Review: Jul 31 2017 by n2Action
Guess things changed for the worse here. Was in over the weekend and all the holes in the arcade were covered. No one playing at all.
Published or Edited on 08/03/17
Philadelphia Metro : Philadelphia : Fantasy Island Adult Bookstore : Review: Jul 31 2017 by Bi
Weekdays noon till 3 pm, the small arcade here seldom disappoints. Steady traffic of workmen, DL married guys, the occasional couple. The crowd is mostly 30 and up. Booths take tokens. Attendants are laid back and friendly except to freeloader trolls.
Published or Edited on 08/03/17
Las Vegas Metro : Las Vegas : Entourage Vegas Spa & Health Club : Review: Jul 30 2017 by Dennis
Arrived on July 23 2017 for the Sunday afternoon special: eight bucks gets you a locker. You have to surrender identification at the door, so the attendant knew that I was from out of town. After filling out the form, the attendant asked for twenty-eight bucks! I reminded him of the special and suddenly the ask was for eight bucks. I wonder how many people he has scammed with this.

Other than the unpleasantness at the door, the rest of the day was awesome. As the previous poster had noted, "These boys do not mess around." If you see something you want better go for it!

I was able to be spit-roaster by two muscle jocks in the porn room — and loved every minute of it! I will be going back on my next trip to Vegas.
Published or Edited on 08/03/17
San Diego Metro : National City : Westfield Plaza Bonita : Review: Jul 30 2017 by Dean
The bathroom near the food court is very busy but the urinals don't have dividers so you can kinda tell who's trying to catch a glimpse of your cock and you can take a look at other men.

The bad thing is that it is very very busy and some guys aren't even hot. Yesterday I was trying to see if anything good was there but it was some ugly guy and he just kept pretending to pee anytime I went in there. He was there at least an hour.
Published or Edited on 08/03/17
Utah : Saint George : Saint George Airport Overlook : Review: Jul 30 2017 by Hornnny!!
I go to Black Rock Road and there is usually hard cock here around 2 pm on the left side headed towards Mesquite. Good place to suck and get sucked!

It sounds like this may be south of St. George in Arizona at I-15 Exit 27 and Black Rock Road Rd, just a short distance south of St. George. Google places it in Littlefield, AZ.

Here's a new page for additional Reviews of the spot at I-15 & Black Rock Road. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 08/07/17
Maine : Saco : Park and Ride : Review: Jul 29 2017 by barbara bush
Heads Up! Cops come by here a lot. They stop and ask for your license and take down information, especially if you are parking in the back of the lot. Be very careful.
Published or Edited on 08/01/17
Houston Metro : Houston : Bizarre Times : Review: Jul 29 2017 by 27yo mexican
I visited this place yesterday, Friday, for the first time. It is a large sex shop with a large arcade area and even a theater. They forgot to click play though, and the movie was not playing.

Since I wasn't sure I had gone to the right place, I asked the attendant if they had an arcade area. He was very welcoming. Very good customer service for this kind of place. It was $9.00.

There were not as many guys in the arcade as I expected. Grindr doesn't show you guys farther than one mile because there are too many in the area. Maybe they come later at night or on Saturdays.

Everyone in there was either Black or Latino from age 20's to 50's. I only saw one white guy in his 50's I guess.

I made out with a Black guy first. I was disappointed though. My dick is pretty average but it was bigger than his. So I let him finish to find someone else. The next guy was a kind of chubby Latino who fucked me, and after he seeded me, I fucked him.

On the way out, I saw...
Published or Edited on 08/01/17
Michigan : Lansing : Déjà Vu Showgirls - Lansing : Review: Jul 29 2017 by Bi curious bear daddy
Been here three times now, great theater, lots of stroking and action. Last time I was there around 1 pm and got my cock sucked by some young guy. He was so good I came in one minute. And he swallowed. Action pretty much anytime after lunch.

Very nice place to play out your fantasy. Great place for married men who want someone different.

Combined two Reviews by same Guest user just over an hour apart. Remember, the CFS editorial process always causes some delay in publishing Reviews. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 08/01/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Scenic overlook : Review: Jul 29 2017 by DL_suck
This place is getting good. Used to find a cocksucker here once out of every ten times I'd swing by. Now I can have a guy sucking my big Army dick within minutes. Love it when a youngster swallows my load.
Published or Edited on 08/01/17
Cleveland Metro : Berea : Baldwin Wallace University - Ritter Library : Review: Jul 28 2017 by rudee
This place needs to be cruisy since there are not a lot of people here on the weekends.
Published or Edited on 07/31/17
Cleveland Metro : Beachwood : La Place Shopping Center : Review: Jul 28 2017 by rudee
Is the place reopened and the bathroom open again for cruising?

Google and the Beachwood Place web site say the shopping center is open. If you can check out about the bathroom, come back and post a Review. Thanks! ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 07/31/17
Cleveland Metro : Cleveland : Case Western Reserve University - Clark Hall : Review: Jul 28 2017 by rudee
Still a great place to cruise.
Published or Edited on 07/31/17
New Orleans Metro : New Orleans : Adult Video : Review: Jul 28 2017 by oharris069
This place is small but I loved it. It's actually quite dark so there is anonymity. lol

Some of the rooms have a gloryhole on each wall so you can maybe have two at the same time. I had a great time. Four guys fucked me and I sucked three.

It was in the afternoon 1 to 5 pm, a Friday. Had some slow time but I bet it must be great at night.
Published or Edited on 07/31/17
Las Vegas Metro : Las Vegas : Fantasy World : Review: Jul 28 2017
Was here around 10 am Saturday June 10, visited the booths. A damn hot muscled guy in his 30's open his door. Had to go in.

He went right for the cock. Did get him to drop his shorts, but he was there for dick and took it all. Hard body, not an ounce of body fat. A real stud. Thanks.
Published or Edited on 07/31/17
Tennessee : Hampshire : Whispering Oaks Retreat Center : Review: Jul 28 2017
Out & About Nashville offers impressions of Whispering Oaks Retreat and Timberfell Lodge.
...Whispering Oaks is a private membership resort—but the annual fee is only $10 so don’t let that deter you! The camp sits on top of a mountain with over 400 acres of trees, streams and hiking trails. Amenities include a heated pool, hot tub, recreation center, common showers and restrooms, two bunk houses, cabins, and a commercial kitchen for groups and special events.

One recent reviewer of the camp, Rick, writes, “I love this place, a place to run around naked and be free. Very clean and a great place to relax, Also a great place to meet and make new friends. The staff are very friendly and welcoming. Lots of fun events. Definitely would recommend this place to anyone.” Another cites continuing improvements at the camp as a reason to keep returning.

See [url=htt...
Published or Edited on 07/31/17
New York : Angelica : Jones Pond Campground and RV Park : Review: Jul 28 2017
SFGN reports very favorably on Jones Pond:[quote]Hats off to the fun, outgoing, and awesome Jones Pond owners Bryan and Matt for their constant efforts to make sure your time there is a great one! Matt and Bryan are caring hosts and make sure every stay at their campground is a memorable time. They’re friendly owners and are really passionate about their campground, taking pride in their park. They are always improving facilities and infrastructure.

Along with the owners, seasonal campers take pride in the park. It is a place beloved by many. You can’t help getting a sense of family. A nice mix of men, all ages, sizes, and professional backgrounds are there. Jones Pond is more than just a campground; there is a strong sense of pride and community. For many, this is home and where their heart rests. Memorial Day weekend includes a remembrance ceremony in the Memorial Garden, hearkening back for at least a moment to campers long passed.

Fantastic facilities and welcoming hosts ...
Published or Edited on 07/31/17
Washington : Vancouver : Fred Meyer : Review: Jul 28 2017
This place is not closed. Open and quite busy.

Thanks, I'm grateful for the update. ~ Editor
Pennsylvania : Lehighton : The Woods Campground : Review: Jul 28 2017
SFGN reports on The Woods:[quote]The Woods must be popular. Even though the owners didn't promote the poll to its members it still made this year's list. Drawing from New York City, Philadelphia, and the Baltimore, Washington area, The Woods apparently has a large enough following that it needs. Regardless, enough respondents completed the survey to land The Woods at No. 7 on the Favorite Gay Campgrounds in North America list.

Those respondents had a great deal to say about their summer paradise in the Poconos. The Woods is one of the cleanest and best run campgrounds in the U.S. They love it there. The property is very well organized with excellent theme parties. Drawing from several major metropolitan areas, the demographic is diverse with a certain lean toward younger, primarily college-age men. Camp staff is welcoming, friendly, and competent, delivering a great place to relax and be you. It is a fun friendly place with a relaxed atmosphere.

Located in an area of seve...
Georgia : Canon : In the Woods Campground : Review: Jul 28 2017
SFGN reports on In The Woods:[quote]...In the Woods is a fantastic place to enjoy your choice of camping experience, from rustic to all the amenities!

There is always something fun planned to get involved in if you wish, or just choose to lie around the pool and soak up the sun. Walk the nature trails and enjoy scads and scads of blackberries along the way. In the fall, enjoy the seasonal beauty that the changing color of Mother Nature provides, spend time in the hot tub and clubhouse, and enjoy the company of other campers that love the peaceful blanket of fall and winter. Take a ride into the beautiful countryside of the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, enjoy nearby Tallulah Falls and the surrounding beauty, then come back home to a campfire, friends, and fun!

This is not a Stand and Model campground; everyone is welcome. The owners are friendly and jovial. They create the atmosphere of a big gay family not just a campground. The staff is wonderful and friendly as well. In The...
Michigan : Fennville : Campit : Review: Jul 28 2017
SFGN reports on Campit:[quote]Located near beautiful Saugatuck, Michigan, there is a great deal to do around Campit if you tire of all the activities offered on property. There are nearby wineries, farms, orchards, South Haven, Saugatuck, and Saugatuck Dunes State Park.

A gate guard greets you on Friday and Saturday nights to direct you to the store for registration. Amenities include the pool, attached entertainment area, and trails. Newer, clean and well-maintained showers are located in the huge entertainment building, and though it’s located a good distance from the main camping area, it’s worth the walk. Cabins are cute and adequate, including several big cabins and a bunkhouse with separate rooms.

Campit features several vintage trailers for rental accommodation; attested from my personal experience. Check them out personally prior to committing to a stay. Oddly, whenever asked by seasonal campers where I was staying, my answer drew rolling eyes and an apologetic grimac...
Tennessee : Greeneville : Timberfell Lodge : Review: Jul 28 2017
Out & About Nashville offers impressions of Timberfell Lodge and Whispering Oaks Retreat.
[quote]Timberfell is nestled in the state's northeastern mountain country. Timberfell is gay camping resort and lodge featuring accommodations that include rooms, apartments, a bunk room and dining. The campground offers 30/50 amp electric and water for RVs, as well as a primitive area for tents. Other amenities include a heated swimming pool with adjoining pool house, a beer bar, bath house, redwood sauna and an eight-man hot tub. Timberfell also offers trails and a stocked fishing pond.

Skip wrote of after his recent visit to Timberfell, “Spent many years vacationing at Timberfell Lodge. The thing I really enjoy … it is one of the few spaces I've been to where it really does not matter what walk of life you come from, you're met with open arms from the guests and t...
Denver Metro : Commerce City : Romantix Commerce City : Review: Jul 27 2017 by John
This place is great! I was in the gloryhole booth, sucked one guy off, another came in and bent me over and fucked my ass, and I blew a guy through the hole at the same time.

I will definitely return!
Published or Edited on 07/27/17
West Virginia : Mineralwells : Lion's Den Adult Superstore : Review: Jul 27 2017 by Drillerjoe68
I stopped in here on the 24th of July and had a good time. I first got a cock through the gloryhole and into my ass for the first time and I was amazed how once it was in how good it felt. And I never thought Id be able to feel him shooting into my ass.

Then I walked around until a middle-aged man asked me if I wanted to get a corner booth for more room. He was a great cocksucker and also chewed on my balls like I love and drained my balls. He also did one more thing and if he is reading this and wants to meet again just comment on this with what you did and I will look you up this coming Sunday if I come through again.

[i]How about if you update your CFS Profile section for Best Ways to Contact You Outside of CFS? That way the great cocksucker could contact you directly even if he isn't a CFS Member.

That's better than commenting here since other guys might also comment, guessing the right answer or a wrong one.

[b]More important, since I don't publi...
Published or Edited on 07/27/17
South Australia : Adelaide : Pulteney 431 Sauna : Review: Jul 27 2017 by biboycums
I have been here a few times during my stay and this is a pretty good men's club.

The steam room was hot and steamy and the sauna got even hotter. There is a good range or men but it depends on the day it seems.

I went the first time on a Friday afternoon and there was a nice mix of old and young, hung and not so hung. The second time was on a Sunday afternoon and it was a bit more of an older crowd. But there were a few cute young Asian guys there willing to let the older men enjoy them. Then I saw them fucking together just outside the sauna. It was an erotic sight. You will find a lot of willing feeders and half decent looking men there.

Lots of fun action takes place upstairs in the dark rooms and private rooms. Lots of gloryholes for the shy or anonymous types too.

If you are in town and you need your fix of the sauna or steam room this is the place for you. You won't be disappointed and everyone here is very friendly. So go play safe and enjoy the sights and s...
Published or Edited on 07/27/17
South Australia : Adelaide : Club X : Review: Jul 27 2017 by biboycums
I thought that may this place might have been updated since the last review in 2002. Well I was wrong. This place is pretty much a dump.

The store and theater is over a restaurant and everyone can see you walk into it. So it's not for the shy person that might want to check it out.

Once you go upstairs it wasn't a very well organized set up nor a clean environment. I asked what the RAM Lounge was and the attendant said it's really a men's cruise theater and the cost is 17 AUD to get in. I thought 431 Pulteney was a better deal for 25 AUD. And based on what I saw around the shop I decided not to try the theater. Save your money and go somewhere else, but that's just my thoughts.
Published or Edited on 07/27/17
Chicago Metro : Aurora : Lovers Playground : Review: Jul 25 2017
Was here July 24, 2017 around 10 pm. Couple of guys standing around. Sat in a booth towards the back that had a video running even without tokens. Left the door open, pulled out my rather small penis. After a few minutes a big guy passed by and I leaned out and said, "Do you want a blow job?"

He said no, started to walk away and then turned around and said: "Are you giving blowjobs?"

I said yes and he stepped in and said, "I'm going to close the door." and then dropped his pants. Nice big penis already erect, came in my mouth after about eight minutes. He left, leaving the door open, I shot my load across my shorts and the floor a minute later without even touching my penis.

Definitely going back, I want to be soliciting blow jobs with the cum of the previous guy still on my face. Won't mind piss too but not sure how to ask for that.

Booths are a little tight for two but OK.
Published or Edited on 07/26/17
Dominican Republic : Santo Domingo : Cine Lido : Review: Jul 25 2017
Still open in 2017?

Probably. Our most recent 'star' review was in May, 2016.

It is on Google with little information but reviewed three times in the last six months. However, one of the reviews links to a page mentioning the building's architecture!

It does appear on LGBTQ tourist and cruising sites, for example, this. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 07/26/17
Illinois : Naperville : McDowell Grove Forest Preserve : Review: Jul 25 2017
I was here last week, around 11, was hanging out trying to see if there was action. Didn't see much, lots of people working out on bikes and running. I walked to a garbage can to throw my lunch out. There was a runner standing there 30's-ish, tan, and in shape, no shirt.

I took a walk down a trail. A few minutes later the runner jogged by me. As he passed he looked back then started walking. So I thought he might be looking for action. I walked behind him a long way lol — there was no place to go off and play.

We got back to the parking lot and I got back to my truck. I was standing behind my truck, so I climbed in the back and opened the back door. After a few minutes he jumped in.

I got right on my knees, he pulled out one of the nicest cock I've ever seen. We both were nervous about cops but I had to suck him off right now. For being sweaty from running I thought he might be a bit stinky but he didn't. He shot a nice load in my mouth, said he lived in...
Published or Edited on 07/26/17
France : Marseille : Cinema De L'Etoile : Review: Jul 24 2017 by Jon
This is an old-fashioned porno theatre with three theatres. It has its trolls to be sure, but yesterday I sucked off a hot man and he shot quite a load. I watched a guy get fucked down the row. Going back today.

It's definitely worth a visit. There's another sex shop with theatres across the street. I'll try and get some more info today.
Published or Edited on 07/26/17
Utah : Ogden : Beus Pond Park : Review: Jul 24 2017 by GayVerse
Great for public play, love to play in the bathrooms.
Published or Edited on 07/26/17
San Francisco Metro : Hayward : L'Amour Shoppe : Review: Jul 24 2017 by J
They are getting very aggressive here about limiting one person per booth and making sure you feed the machines with money, gloryholes blocked.

Last time I was here gave a guy a blow job and he had s**t on his dick from the last guy he fucked. I'm glad I have had all my shots. Really dude, wash your cock after you fuck. At least they have a bathroom — no soap or towels.
Published or Edited on 07/25/17
Ohio : Dayton : Wright State University - Fawcett Hall : Review: Jul 24 2017
The place is still busy during the semester, but filled with older guys that no one wants to do anything with. If they stayed out, it'd be busier again.
Published or Edited on 07/25/17
New Jersey : Woodbridge : Woodbridge Center : Review: Jul 24 2017 by pts123
Macy's 3rd floor closed.

Thanks for the update. I updated the page to only mention the Lord & Taylor. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 07/25/17
Phoenix Metro : Phoenix : The Adult Shoppe (South 24th Street) : Review: Jul 24 2017 by hornyblackguy
I went here at 10 am yesterday morning, walked into a viewing booth, dropped my pants and started jacking off. Within a few minutes a rough looking Mexican came into my booth and started jacking me without saying a word. I unfastened his pants and pushed them to the floor and started jacking him back.

After a couple of minutes he literally spun me around and shoved his fat cock in my ass. Man did it hurt, but I obligingly bent over and pushed back against him until he finally got it in. For the next five minutes he fucked me hard until he busted his nut in my ass!

I've never been that crazy and reckless before, and I doubt I'll ever have anonymous, unprotected sex again, but I left that place twenty minutes after arriving, sore and satisfied. Wow!
Published or Edited on 07/25/17
Pennsylvania : Montgomeryville : Adult World : Review: Jul 24 2017 by nedric2000
Not really a review, but when's the best time to go? looking to get used like a bitch.
Published or Edited on 07/26/17
Connecticut : Old Lyme : Park and Ride : Review: Jul 24 2017
Late on the afternoon of Sunday, July 23, 2017, I pulled off I-95 here and just north of it found a park and ride lot with some paving equipment being stored for the weekend. There was also a really hot guy in shorts hanging-out by his car. I backed into a spot opposite his car and indicated my interest by licking my lips. He walked down into the woods. After a minute I followed, as if to take a leak and found him working-on his nice seven-incher. I made like I was going to piss and he looked at me and back at his cock. I walked over, and he offered it to me. Tasted real good.

This seems to be a locally known spot because about ten minutes after we got back to our cars another guy drove in and parked for about fifteen minutes, but seeing the two of us didn't do anything.
Published or Edited on 07/26/17

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