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Tennessee : Chattanooga : Cinema One : Review: Feb 21 2017 by cadet1990
They have reopened now and the place is much better. A designated smoking room exists now and there's a new door to go from the theatre to the private booths. Lots of improvements.

Thanks for the update! You and cruisers like you help keep the Sex Listings accurate and I'm very grateful. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 03/01/17
Los Angeles Metro : Long Beach : 24 Hour Fitness Long Beach Super Sport : Review: Feb 21 2017 by WildWhiteGuy
This is not an LA Fitness, it is a 24 Hour Fitness. Always has been, since the remodel it's a Super Sport 24 Hour. The LA Fitness is at 2180 N Bellflower Blvd.

Thanks for the correction and update!

Is the LA Fitness at 2180 Bellflower also cruisy? If so, it can be added as a new page on CFS. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 03/01/17
Orange County Metro : Huntington Beach : Bally Total Fitness : Review: Feb 21 2017 by WildWhiteGuy
Closed and gone.
Published or Edited on 03/01/17
Las Vegas Metro : Las Vegas : A-Action Adult Books & Videos : Review: Feb 21 2017 by UtahCock69
I went here on Monday, February 20, and had a great time. Like everyone says, be patient. I got here and the guy at the counter couldn't have been nicer and explained the whole place to me.

I first went into the theatre where I watched some straight porn and got my cock nice and hard. I then went into the arcade with the gloryholes. I clicked through different movies and rubbed then jacked a little bit. Some guys were cruising the hall. A couple guys walked into the booth next to mine but when I put my fingers at the hole they didn't respond and just left and walked around some more. I think there was more suckers overall.

I decided to go to the end booth on the right where there is only one hole. Next thing you know someone walked into the other booth. I saw he took his cock out so I motioned for his cock. He stuck it through hole, clean, smelled freshly washed, so I began to suck on it and good.

I deep-throated it hard, gagged some but he never really got hard. After...
Published or Edited on 03/01/17
California : Calexico : VIP Adult Bookstore & Arcade : Review: Feb 21 2017 by RDavid
This place is definitely not closed. It's alive and well and full of hot guys — sometimes. :)

Thanks so much for the update!

It also helps that even though the store has no web site nor official Facebook page, they are a "place" on Google. I suggest to the owners they look the store up on Google Maps and "claim" it as their own. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 03/01/17
Boston Metro : Cambridge : Cambridgeside Galleria Mall : Review: Feb 20 2017 by Anon
I've gone several times midday on weekdays and gotten great cocks to suck understall. Very cruisy.
Published or Edited on 03/01/17
Georgia : Toccoa : Lake Hartwell : Review: Feb 20 2017 by Steve
I go through there one Saturday a month, come through early and then back through late, and I want to see what this is like. I want to meet in the woods and have a good time!
Published or Edited on 03/01/17
Riverside and San Bernardino Counties Metro : Hemet : Gibbel Park : Review: Feb 19 2017 by Casey
I pulled in here around 9 o'clock on a cold drizzly day on a Sunday, which is perfect for this place. The regulars were parked in their cars and it was looking good, until I walked into the toilet.

There was yet another bum in there and he appeared to be camping out. So we all had to wait.

An hour, that's right, and hour later he walked out. How anyone can sit in this filthy place for more than fifteen minutes at a time is beyond me, but then, I'm not a bum.

Anyway, after he finally left, I walked in and took a seat in the middle stall, which is where I prefer to work.

And then, nothing. They wouldn't walk in, which usually means they're nervous about something.

So I went back outside, sat on a bench, and took a look at the situation. Just then, one of the regulars drove off, and as soon as he did, some old guy walked into the toilet.


So I gave him a minute, and then walked in too.

He was standing at the third urinal, which is pr...
Published or Edited on 02/28/17
Tokyo Metro : Tokyo : Shinjuku Station : Review: Feb 19 2017 by trouserguy
The toilet by exit A16 never disappoints me. Plenty of action at the four urinals. All types can be found here: younger, older, students, commuters, salarymen.
Published or Edited on 02/28/17
New Jersey : Kenvil : Cupids Treasures : Review: Feb 19 2017 by Mike
Heads Up! The place was raided by the police on Thursday.

Not worth the trip anymore, stay away.

Is there a link available to a news story or online police blotter about the raid? Thanks! ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 02/28/17
Texas : Huntsville : Sam Houston State University, CHSS Building : Review: Feb 19 2017 by Guest
Is there a hole open now?
Published or Edited on 02/28/17
U. S. Virgin Islands : Saint John : Salomon Beach : Review: Feb 19 2017 by IslandBoy
This isn't very cruisy anymore. It was packed full of tourists and families all day,
Published or Edited on 02/28/17
Illinois : DeKalb : P. A. Nehring Forest Preserve : Review: Feb 19 2017 by ckskr69
I have visited this location, and there's not a lot of privacy. I followed the trail, and it did lead to a covered picnic table. However, it was easy to see the back yards of the houses in the neighboring subdivision, which means the residents can see into the forest preserve as well.

Having said that, I do notice cars parked in the lot. So I am thinking that people meet here and go elsewhere. I don't think I would recommend playing here due to the lack of adequate cover.
Published or Edited on 02/28/17
Massachusetts : Palmer : Burleigh Brook #1 Recreation Area : Review: Feb 18 2017 by amdo2n
I have been going to this area since 2011 and while not as active as in the past, it still is my favorite. There is always someone there if you wait a few minutes. Winter is slow but you can still score. Love sucking and getting sucked in the woods but have done it on slow days right in the parking area through a car window.

As someone else said, the barriers are not to keep people out, but to keep out those who dump trash. Very clean place along the trails now. 5 stars!
Published or Edited on 02/27/17
Sydney Metro : South Wentworthville : Spurt Private Mens Lounge : Review: Feb 17 2017 by ray
What a waste of time, vile dirty old queens must be 70 in the shade of the dark dirty room.
Published or Edited on 02/27/17
Arizona : Yuma : Adult XXX Superstore : Review: Feb 17 2017 by Spider
Been here twice in a week after lunch. Slow but found hard cock each time, marine cock as well! Clean, and it's three dollars to enter arcade then dollars to watch videos.
Published or Edited on 02/27/17
San Francisco Metro : Oakland : Lakeside Park : Review: Feb 17 2017
Was out chilling with a buddy at the park. Oakland police drove up and asked what we were doing. We said we chilling and enjoying the night.

He drove on and stopped a short Mexican dude who was hiding behind a tree, patted him down, and followed him outta the park.

I didn't add a Heads Up to this, but be careful and aware about police in the park.

I suspect the cop's action was related to the recent increased suspicion of Latinos and immigration crackdown. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 02/27/17
San Francisco Metro : San Francisco : Park Central Hotel San Francisco : Review: Feb 17 2017 by B
The third floor conference rooms seem to be where the action is at.
Published or Edited on 02/27/17
New Jersey : Kenvil : Cupids Treasures : Review: Feb 17 2017 by Phil
This place is horrible. The staff is very nasty and they closed up the gloryholes. If we all stop going to this place they will finally close down. They also raised the price to nine dollars, not worth it anymore.
Published or Edited on 02/27/17
Tampa Bay Metro : Saint Petersburg : 4th Street Mangroves at Howard Frankland : Review: Feb 16 2017 by Irish
First, this should be listed as the 4th St. Mangroves at Howard Frankland, not Feather Sound. Feather Sound would be more north of I-275 then below.

There is a long stretch of mangroves on the east side of 4th. Looking at the mangroves from the street, most of the play is on the south half. While some play is in the north half, where cars and trucks back into the groves, the trails on the south half are where most of the action takes place. You will see cars lined up beside these. At low tide you can walk out to the island for some isolation.

Cops rarely stop at the mangroves and mainly watch the south trails but you can see them coming. As always, be careful. Regulars are easy to notice but new visitors warrant caution. A nice place to enjoy the out of doors, just be wise, careful and not stupid.

Often guys will back in and catch some sun in very skimpy speedos, more often late morning, early afternoon. If you have a kayak there is a sandy beach along the south side of 275 yo...
Published or Edited on 02/27/17
Maryland : Carderock : Carderock Recreation Area : Review: Feb 16 2017
The gloryhole is back in the bathroom that is in the first parking lot. Also other signs of activity, scribbling in the walls, etc.

What time do guys go here?
Published or Edited on 02/27/17
Connecticut : Meriden : AMAZING Intimate Essentials : Review: Feb 15 2017 by Cock Sucker
This place has gotten much better since they upgraded the booths. They’re all new. Some have gloryholes and some are big enough for viewing with three or four people. All have viewing windows into the adjoining booth that can be cleared or not.

The last couple of times I’ve visited I’ve had a threesome. Absolutely fantastic.

They’ve increased the price from $5 to $10. You receive two coupons worth $5 each that you can insert into the machines. Still a bargain if you’re really into sucking cock like me.

I had two beautiful ones within five minutes of arriving and two more after that. My lunch was great that day.
Published or Edited on 02/24/17
New York : Kingston : Ulster Video and Gifts : Review: Feb 15 2017 by Ghost
Published or Edited on 02/27/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : University of Texas at El Paso, Liberal Arts Building : Review: Feb 15 2017 by paul
Best times are at 11 to 3 basement level.
Published or Edited on 02/27/17
New York City Metro : Manhattan : Fort Tryon Park : Review: Feb 15 2017
What days and time I can go? I would really like to get fucked by a group, Black guys or Dominican thank you.
Published or Edited on 02/24/17
Honolulu Metro : Waikiki : Velvet Video : Review: Feb 14 2017 by Mickey
I'd say seven out of ten times I find a really do-able guy here. With most of the booths with gloryholes, lots of opportunities for sucking. One bank of buddy booths, too — although I have never been not able to share a booth with another guy. Late afternoons are the best.
Published or Edited on 02/24/17
Honolulu Metro : Waikiki : Royal Hawaiian : Review: Feb 14 2017 by mickey
Still able to get some action here, mostly understall. Late afternoons, post-beach, are the best times.
Published or Edited on 02/24/17
Honolulu Metro : Waikiki : Max's Gym & Health Club : Review: Feb 14 2017 by Mickey
The sign is off the entry door but nothing else has gone in the space. Will there be another gay sauna in this location? There is certainly a demand for one, with the hordes of gay tourists in Waikiki.
Published or Edited on 02/24/17
Honolulu Metro : Waikiki : Diamond Head Beach : Review: Feb 14 2017 by Mickey
All of a sudden, there's a homeless encampment just above the beach, pretty much ruining the place not just as a place to cruise, but even to enjoy the beach. Really sad.
Published or Edited on 02/24/17
Honolulu Metro : Mokuleia : Mokuleia Beach : Review: Feb 14 2017 by Mickey
Go down the trail and then turn right, about 150 yards, and that's the gay area. Scenic, beachwise, and a fair selection of guys most of the time. The woods are fenced off, kind of, but still accessible for some action. Good most days, with the afternoons the best.

Thanks for the update! I noticed our map wasn't at the place in the directions.

I moved the map pointer to a spot just before the polo fields closest to Mokuleia Beach where Google's Satellite View showed a car parked by the highway near a trail to a beach.

If this isn't correct, please post GPS coordinates. Thanks again. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 02/24/17
Wisconsin : Stevens Point : University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point - Library : Review: Feb 14 2017 by Mr
Is this really the only place in the point area? Is it still open? When is a good time to go?

I recently graduated from this school and never saw anyone at that bathroom. I would be interested in meeting up with someone at a different location or this one if anyone knows any. I'll try to stay up to date on this page but it doesn't seem like it is up to date.

Thanks for posting! Looks like the last Reviews with action here were in 2014. This sort of thing can come and go with times of more activity followed by none, or sometimes it's just a matter of extreme patience if you have time to kill.

I've seen Reviews with action even many years after the last Review of any sort, positive or negative. Of course, not everyone who cruises comes to post on CFS, either. Best of luck to you! ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 02/20/17
Miami Metro : Miami : Happy Adult Books : Review: Feb 14 2017 by jockfsu32306
Doors on all the booths are gone and so are the gloryholes. I went yesterday.
Published or Edited on 02/20/17
San Francisco Metro : San Francisco : Westfield San Francisco Centre : Review: Feb 14 2017 by philandros
I'd noticed that there has been a large bald white man standing at the railing near the second floor facility day in and day out observing comings and goings so I've stopped going. This place is probably best for a one-off random cruise than any sort of sustained action.
Published or Edited on 02/20/17
Connecticut : Naugatuck : Video Temptations : Review: Feb 14 2017 by VN's bitch
This place is usually a home run for me, although sometimes you have to be patient since there are a lot more bottoms than tops.

I went a week or so ago and hooked up with a cute, construction-type guy. Bonus for me was he had a huge cock and he was rock hard.

Started off with the gloryhole but then joined him in his booth, so much fun!
Published or Edited on 02/20/17
Chicago Metro : Chicago : Sears : Review: Feb 13 2017 by ChiBottom
Sears has permanently closed this location.
Published or Edited on 02/20/17
Miami Metro : Miami : Happy Adult Books : Review: Feb 13 2017 by Spada
Heads Up! I've seen Metro Police parking next to it
a couple of times and a cop watching the parking lot.

But last week I saw the police here and now all the gloryholes are closed. Be careful.
Published or Edited on 02/20/17
North Carolina : Fayetteville : Peaches Adult Boutique and Arcade : Review: Feb 13 2017 by str8 guy
Went here to meet up with a guy and when we hooked up in the connecting booths. His sucking skills were great.

He had a wedding band on and I think his wife must have been out because he sucked me real good but he did not swallow at all. I viewed porn while he was sucking my BBC.

Love to do it again real soon, man.
Published or Edited on 02/17/17
Berlin Metro : Berlin : Steam Works (Apollo Splash Club) : Review: Feb 13 2017
Three men died in a fire here and it may not reopen

The name was changed from Apollo to Steam Works.

Steam Works (Apollo Splash Club) – currently closed

Berlin gay sauna may not reopen after three men die in fire
Published or Edited on 02/20/17
New Jersey : Clifton : Bed Bath & Beyond : Review: Feb 13 2017 by infopop
Heads Up! I'd seen the story in my Google News alerts, but I didn't add this place myself because I didn't know if this Bed Bath & Beyond is regularly used for cruising. Sounds like an extraordinary event! ~ Editor
Memphis Metro : Memphis : Fantasy Zone : Review: Feb 13 2017 by porsche911
Went here last Tuesday night around 9 pm. Saw a few guys standing around, went in one of the booths that had a gloryhole and started the videos.

Was sitting on he bench rubbing my dick through my pants and saw fingers through the hole so I stuck my dick in and received a BJ to completion. Quietly zipped up and left.

Have been back one more time, same thing, left satisfied each time. Mostly old white and Black guys ready to suck my cock. No door on the booth but I didn't care.
Published or Edited on 02/17/17
Georgia : Savannah : Frank W. Spencer Park : Review: Feb 13 2017 by Swallower
Wow, what a surprising place! I had stopped by here a couple months ago, and it was very easy to hook up. I had only just pulled into the parking lot when the action found me.

I parked next to a guy standing outside his SUV either on the phone or pretending to be. As soon as my car stopped, the guy grabbed what looked like a massive hog through his slacks and shook it at me while making some pretty intense eye contact. Then he hopped into the driver's side of his SUV and waited. His windows were almost blacked out tint, so I figured what the hell and walked around to the passenger side.

When I opened the door, he was sitting there with the biggest white cock I've ever seen in person before out and ready. I hopped in and he proceeded to pound my throat for the next twenty minutes. I was wrecked.

That being my one and only experience here, I was happy to find myself back in the area a few months later and decided to stop back in. I got to walk around the area some this t...
Published or Edited on 02/17/17
Fort Lauderdale Metro : Hollywood : Holland Park : Review: Feb 13 2017 by Tom
Come often, hit or miss, need more visitors.
Published or Edited on 02/17/17
Maryland : Germantown : Montgomery College : Review: Feb 13 2017 by GermantownVers
Does anyone still go here? Would it be odd for a non-student to be in that bathroom?

Considered checking it out, but this listing is so old and I don't want to stand out too much.
Published or Edited on 02/17/17
Palm Springs Metro : Palm Springs : Street cruising : Review: Feb 12 2017 by Bryan
Nah, don't agree with the location listed here. There's street cruising in Palm Springs, but it's more or less just everywhere.

Recent top spots:
• North Calle El Segundo, between Amado & East Alejo
• North El Cielo, between Tahquitz & Aviation Way
• Area around Varner Road & Ramon, north of the 10 Fwy.
• Along Ramon, between Calle Encillia & Warm Sands

Thanks very much for the update! This had been put on CFS almost ten years ago, and of course street cruising moves as neighborhoods change. I'm changing the map pointer to a spot near the last one you mentioned, and I'll update the page to include the others. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 02/17/17
San Jose Metro : Palo Alto : Immersion Spa : Review: Feb 12 2017
More than J/O can happen here. I agree it's hit or miss. Went there on a Sunday afternoon. At first, it was busy and straight. Cruised a somewhat-hot white guy and barely sucked him a few seconds; more was impossible due to the interruptions. We finally had to give up.

Then around 5 or 6 pm, the crowd started to thin and the change in atmosphere was astounding. Saw a guy emerge from the sauna with his face covered in ropes of cum. Was in a group of five guys doing J/O, mostly to themselves, except one did suck another guy who came in his mouth.

Moved on to another part of the spa and did more J/O mini-groups, now with more touching. Moved on and did another five-man group; tried to suck another guy but he said no. Moved on and found a hot, lean Asian who did want to be sucked: mission accomplished. Moved on and found a hot, lean Latino who was dying for a hand job: mission accomplished. Moved on and found a somewhat-hot guy with a great attitude who wanted to make out and do...
Published or Edited on 02/16/17
California : Modesto : Tuolumne River Regional Park : Review: Feb 12 2017 by veshya
There aren't that many options in Modesto, but this place can be quite reliable if one has patience and isn't too picky. However in the winter months the cruising in the evening has really gone downhill.

Firstly they've closed off the farthest parking lot in the back, and secondly there is this one troll gay couple in a silver car that have recently started coming every single day and night and harassing everyone. They refuse to take no for an answer and tend to follow everyone. Every single time Ive been there they shuffle up to me and just stand four feet away, staring at me. It's completely unnerving and quite a put off. I have half a mind to get nasty, but I don't want to draw attention and further kill the vibe.
Published or Edited on 02/16/17
New York City Metro : Queens : Kissena Park : Review: Feb 12 2017
A decayed body was recently discovered near the cruising area in the southeast corner of the park near 164th St. Details are still lacking at this point.

In 2015, another body was dumped in the park by someone since arrested.

Decomposed body discovered in Kissena
Published or Edited on 02/16/17
Washington : Pasco : Elmo's Adult Books & Videos : Review: Feb 12 2017 by dude
I've been here many times over the years. I stopped out of curiosity ten years ago and watched lots of action, wasn't ready to participate myself yet though. Had progressively more fun each time I visited.

Last time I went just over a year ago I got some special help from the clerk. Had a great time.
Published or Edited on 02/16/17
Portland Metro : Portland : Taboo Video for Adults : Review: Feb 11 2017 by uncut cumpig
This place is a pretty good bet for a fun time. Because of its central location it seems to get a decent amount of foot traffic. My experiences are limited to later hours, 8 pm or later, but I've almost always found hot guys to play with.

With any video store, there's some weirdos and lurkers or guys who just want to jerk off alone. But if you hang around, you'll find a hot, hung, horny dude looking to bust a nut or bottoms looking for a load. Clerks are always really friendly too.
Published or Edited on 02/16/17
Germany : Trier : Pleasure Erotik-Shop : Review: Feb 11 2017 by mddumont
Entrance is now 13 Euros since they renovated. Very clean and more room now.
Published or Edited on 02/16/17

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