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Ontario : Hamilton : CF Lime Ridge Mall : Review: Apr 30 2017
The hottest place in Hamilton. Very little normal use. Double door, and four private stalls in their own room, with good access under the cum-covered walls of the stalls.

Like most Bay stores, everyone working there is on the team so it's anything goes...
Published or Edited on 05/02/17
Florida : Naples : Naples Grande Beach Resort - Spa/Healthclub : Review: Apr 29 2017 by Youngnaples
Is anyone going to this place anymore? Great set up, but last few times I've been I haven't seen anyone. 3rd floor, steam room in mens locker room.
Published or Edited on 05/02/17
New York : Liberty : Exotic Gifts and Videos : Review: Apr 29 2017 by Wolfhill
Just an FYI, this venue is now only open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11 am to 6 pm.
Published or Edited on 05/02/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Eros Video : Review: Apr 29 2017 by Beto
I hope the Editor publishes my comment. The place may be big, clean, and fancy but the action is real slow.

I think it's the parking issue. When they were at the old location guys would park in the back alley and get to the theatre using a back door. Now the parking is in the front next to busy stores, barber shops, beauty salons, and a cell phone distributor so most El Pasoans are very paranoid. They are afraid people will see them getting into the theatre.

Yesterday on a Friday pay day was empty, four guys plus me. I was so horny that as soon I got in and I sat in the seat and pulled my dick out, two did suck me, both older men in their 60's.

One made me go to the rest room and locked it. The other went onto his knees where the water cooler is but made me cover his face with my body! That one said, "Man I been waiting for an hour for a dick" and he ended swallowing my cum.

The third one was an extremely obese guy that never moved off his seat and the fourt...
Published or Edited on 05/01/17
North Carolina : Gastonia : 74 Videos & Novelties : Review: Apr 28 2017 by Randal Martin
No booths, gloryholes, or arcade. Those are illegal. They have a theatre with couches and love seats though. Store is well kept and the staff is knowledgeable and friendly. You can't return anything you purchase though. That's illegal. So ask the clerks questions before you buy. Follow the signs posted, and you'll have a great experience.
Published or Edited on 05/01/17
Houston Metro : Houston : Zone D’Erotica : Review: Apr 28 2017
The store owners, who also own the property, are seeking a tenant to replace Zone d'Erotica here. It's located in a former fast food building painted purple and pink. However, the high rent expected for a property in this neighborhood may deter potential new tenants.

Podcast at Listen: What's up with Uptown's Zone d'Erotica?
Published or Edited on 05/01/17
Newark/Jersey City Metro : Newark : Little Theatre : Review: Apr 27 2017 by been there
The place is a joke. It's crawling with hungry trolls and thieves. Heads up, do not bring valuables! They would pull it off your fingers and drag your head if you have a necklace.

I almost got robbed there several years ago, will never go back. They almost took my watch.
Published or Edited on 05/01/17
Tampa Bay Metro : Tampa : Adult World : Review: Apr 27 2017 by ironworker59
Went late last night. Checked out the booth area, sucked a nice cock then he fucked me through the gloryhole twice before he came in with me and fucked me again.

Then went in the theatre in a private room, left the door open with pants down, and sucked another cock.
Published or Edited on 05/01/17
Connecticut : Naugatuck : Video Temptations : Review: Apr 26 2017 by LoveItAll
VT is newly remodeled and is fantastic! 40-inch screens with fast-forward and rewind. Best time is Thursday-Sunday. F/M. Suck or be sucked, it's all good. Love getting naked!

I edited and condensed this from two successive reviews by the same anonymous Guest user. I'm sorry, but since you're not a CFS Member I removed specifics about your hookup desires and generalized the days.

I recently changed the policy for editing and publishing Reviews to allow CFS Members — but not Guests — to post plans including future days when they submit a Review.

Although I can't guarantee that a Review will be published in time — there is usually a delay of a few days — I will be revising the format and wording of this page as my next task before publishing more Reviews. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 04/27/17
Newark/Jersey City Metro : Newark : Little Theatre : Review: Apr 26 2017 by BBC sucker
How is this place lately? Haven't seen anything posted in a while and interested in heading back there after a few year hiatus from going.

Cute toned white guy with a big cut dick who loves to suck on big black dick. It's my weakness. Still a good place to go? And if so, when?
Published or Edited on 04/27/17
Florida : Fernandina Beach : Burney Park : Review: Apr 26 2017 by Islandvisitor
I was on the island for work. Stopped by in the late afternoon and at dusk. Absolutely nothing happening here. Waited for forty minutes at dusk, saw only one guy who never left his car.

This place seems to be limited in private space. If anyone has insight to the island scene please chime in.
Published or Edited on 04/27/17
Seattle Metro : Everett : Adult Airport Video : Review: Apr 25 2017 by Sirjaxalot
Went to APV today, Tuesday Apr 25. They were showing gay videos. There were two screens both showing guys fucking. I dropped my pants and started stroking.

Eventually one guy sat beside me and started playing with my cock and I reciprocated. Pretty soon there were three guys having sex together in a daisy chain. I got naked and came, way too fast. Pretty hot.
Published or Edited on 04/26/17
New York City Metro : Manhattan : Times Square Gloryhole / Bareback Muscle Twink : Review: Apr 24 2017 by TeaRoomTrade
HOT. Where is your gloryhole located? How does one get in touch with you to set something up?

As noted here, contact through BBGloryholeNYC's CFS Profile Page. His current settings only show contact info to other CFS Members. The easiest thing to do is to join CFS yourself. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 04/26/17
Georgia : Rome : Kmart : Review: Apr 24 2017 by understall
Used to be a great fun bathroom but sadly Kmart in Rome is out of business and the cops cruise the old parking lot after dark now.
Published or Edited on 04/26/17
Washington Metro : Washington : Glorious Health Club : Review: Apr 24 2017 by jiminiinva
I've been to this place twenty-five or thirty times over the past year. Some good days, some with no action. Best time is Saturday and Sunday afternoons, holidays.

I wish there were more white guys here. It is safe enough* and the best action in the DC area other than the Crew Club. The place is also clean enough for a warehouse turned into a big gloryhole and customized for cruising.

*During the day, can't say anything about nights.
Published or Edited on 04/26/17
Los Angeles Metro : Pasadena : Brenner Park : Review: Apr 23 2017 by John
Been here a couple of times and no action. It's also not the safest place to cruise since it's a small park. Maybe I should go at night. ;)
Published or Edited on 04/26/17
Los Angeles Metro : Pasadena : Brookside Park : Review: Apr 23 2017 by Estevan
Was here on a Sunday afternoon and although the park was full, the bathrooms were empty. There's three different bathrooms in the park and it has potential since it is big. But here were a lot of families around so not safe.

Thanks so very much for the Review! It's been awhile. With your information I was able to update the park's description. I also correct the map — badly off! — and the directions.

I wonder if there are better chances other days of the week and times of day. Might be a good place to meet someone from an App who likes park sex. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 04/25/17
Rhode Island : Providence : The Mega-Plex : Review: Apr 23 2017
This place is terrible! It has gone downhill so bad. Just think, if you go here, they'll let someone break into your locker and leave with no questions or cops being called. I was here and saw it happen.

Don't waste you time. Go to Club Body Center Providence instead. It's downtown, clean, and safe!
Published or Edited on 04/25/17
Phoenix Metro : Mesa : Personal Preference : Review: Apr 23 2017 by Mark
I was here in March of this year. It was about 4 pm on a weekday and it was busy.

I walked into the theatre and thought I had walked onto an adult movie set, half a dozen guys sucking and fucking each other. Ended up sucking off two hung Hispanic dudes at the same time. It was a fantasy cum true!

I loved it, I'll be back.
Published or Edited on 04/25/17
Riverside and San Bernardino Counties Metro : Victorville : Oasis Adult Bookstore : Review: Apr 22 2017
Heads Up! A man was carjacked outside the store about 12:45 am on Tue Apr 18, 2017. No weapons were used and no injuries reported.

The news report does not indicate a history of incidents here but as always, keep your eyes open and exercise normal caution.

See Man Carjacked Outside Victorville Adult Book Store
Published or Edited on 04/25/17
Denver Metro : Denver : Pleasures Adult Entertainment : Review: Apr 22 2017 by jax
Was in last weekend, and something must have gone down. All the gloryholes were sealed up. There's still a nice assortment of crossdressers who come in, and I banged one hard, but I miss the holes!
Published or Edited on 04/25/17
Miami Metro : Homestead : Dixie Adult Store & Theatres : Review: Apr 22 2017
Went here last Tuesday, Apr. 18, and I was there for three hours, from before 1:30 pm to after 3:30 pm. In the time I was there, there were probably fifteen or sixteen guys in and out. Of those, nine or ten were older, and all of them were playing with each other — nice to watch. They even had a foursome going on for awhile.

Then there were about four or five guys in the 30 to 50 range, and they eventually played with each other. Only one guy was younger — maybe 21 or 22 — too young for most of the people there, so he didn't get a lot of play time which was frustrating for him. But as I was leaving, some younger guys were coming in.
Published or Edited on 04/24/17
Atlanta Metro : Atlanta : Tokyo Valentino : Review: Apr 22 2017 by jackernatl
Like most sex clubs, this place can be crowded and hot, or empty and boring. The CFS-relevant area is accessed through the parking lot in the back. There are three levels, to upper level labeled as "clothing optional." CFS shows this location as a bathhouse, which I suppose technically it is because it has a shower and lockers. But those facilities are on the bottom level, where the booths with gloryholes and a dark room are located. I never see anyone without clothing on the lower level.

TV went through a period before the name change when it was regularly nasty and not worth the money. With so many guys in there fucking and sucking, it's tough for the cum-mopper to stay ahead of things. But the cleanliness is improved.

My favorite area is the upper level. There are lockers, lots of apparatus, and a large area with banquette style seating. If you like to watch or be watched, this is the place.

My big problem with TV right now is that the price has gone up to $25 o...
Published or Edited on 04/24/17
New York : Goshen : Video Boxxx : Review: Apr 21 2017 by mike
Nice place, great head and anal fun. Guys like the big shaved cock.
Published or Edited on 04/24/17
Montana : Kalispell : Old Steel Bridge : Review: Apr 21 2017
Sucked and received last summer on the path during a hot summer day. Hot sex under the sun.
Published or Edited on 04/24/17
New Jersey : Denville : Cupid’s Treasures : Review: Apr 21 2017 by Moroce
I live right down the road. This place has been closed for years and even when it was open it was worse than bad.
Published or Edited on 04/24/17
New York City Metro : Manhattan : Grand Central Station : Review: Apr 20 2017 by stachehunter
Heads Up! Someone I know was arrested here a few days ago. He had a legitimate need to pee, was at his stall and someone rushed him, getting very close in his personal space.

He turned around and was then arrested for exposure, lewd conduct etc. Cops claim there were children in the bathroom (he did not see any) and that he was carrying a ten-inch knife, which he was not.

It sounds like the entrapment they are using at Port Authority.

The Port Authority arrests were actually in 2014, resulting in the class action lawsuit this year. I'd be surprised if that department was using the same tactics in light of the legal action and publicity.

I couldn't quickly find a news report about this arrest at Grand Central. Do you know which police department was involved? Thanks in advance for the follow-up. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 04/21/17
Florida : Naples : RecPlex Fitness Center - North Collier Regional Park : Review: Apr 19 2017 by john
No reviews since 2008? I have been here at least ten times in past year with no results. I do not think anyone cruises this place anymore.

It is a great place with showers and plenty of time to hear someone entering.

Thanks for the Review! Perhaps you'll bring some attention to this place again. Also, you'd think the park around it might have some possibilities.

Not all cruisers post on CFS, of course. And sometimes much more than nine years go by with no Reviews at a place, and suddenly the action's back. Happy cruising. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 04/21/17
Oklahoma City/Norman Metro : Oklahoma City : Eastern Avenue Video : Review: Apr 19 2017 by anflexusboi
Cute young guys looking, make eye contact and get into oral/anal action.
Published or Edited on 04/21/17
Detroit Metro : Taylor : Southland Center : Review: Apr 19 2017 by Pumpndump12
This place removed the first door so there is no more warning. Still haven't met anyone here, keep trying.
Published or Edited on 04/21/17
Baltimore Metro : Baltimore : Baltimore Eagle : Review: Apr 19 2017 by Brooster65
I was shocked when I went in to find a restaurant-style bar with dance music playing, like at some twink dance club. There were lots of women there who were not gay.

It was nothing like the Eagles across the country. Albeit, the place is beautiful, just not what I expected.

[i]Simply to survive in today's market a lot of former traditional gay men's leather bars have become a just a bit more pansexual, like The Ripcord I mentioned below, or they add more dance with leather muscle men in their promotion, like Eagle Houston, or they try something else.

If the bar's not in a magnet like NYC, San Francisco, Chicago, Amsterdam, Berlin, etc., it's challenging. And even there, the cost of staying open always rises.

In other cities, an Eagle might move to a lower-rent neighborhood [url=
Published or Edited on 04/20/17
Virginia : Alexandria : The Alexandrian, Autograph Collection : Review: Apr 18 2017
Now the Alexandrian.

Thanks for the update! Is there any cruising here? There's been no genuine positive reviews for many years. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 04/21/17
Wisconsin : Kenosha : Superb Video : Review: Apr 18 2017 by Dave
They had doors and gloryholes, but the county sued them to remove them.
Published or Edited on 04/21/17
New Jersey : Gloucester City : Red Barn Books : Review: Apr 18 2017 by Gary
Is this place still good? Or any place from Millville to Atlantic City good nowadays? 24, new to this, but hooked up with a guy who used to cum here years ago.
Published or Edited on 04/20/17
West Virginia : Valley Grove : Fritz the Cat : Review: Apr 17 2017 by Bill
Lucked out a couple of weeks ago. Got in and spied a topless female and male in the booth next to me. I quickly slid my cock through the gloryhole.

As she sucked me she slid her hand through the hole, under my balls, and not only pressed her finger in my anus, she began to finger-fuck it!

Eventually, I was invited into their booth. She sat down on her hubby's cock, leaving me her ass! I came almost as soon as my cockhead entered her tight asshole. Fortunately, I was so excited I was able to keep fucking her and came a few minutes later.

After I came her husband gave me real good ass fucking as she played with herself. I went home leaking.
Published or Edited on 04/20/17
Detroit Metro : Taylor : Meijer : Review: Apr 17 2017 by Pumpndump12
Just went here stayed or an hour, no luck.
Published or Edited on 04/20/17
Boston Metro : Boston : Northeastern University - Dodge Hall : Review: Apr 17 2017 by Maulnes
Still very active. You can hook up here and then go to one of the quieter bathrooms upstairs. I've blown several fine cocks here.
Published or Edited on 04/20/17
Alabama : Columbia : Lizard Landing Camp : Review: Apr 16 2017 by Cub
Is there an age requirement?
Published or Edited on 04/19/17
Thailand : Bangkok : HERO : Review: Apr 16 2017
So Hero has reopened with a modern look make over. I was there last Sunday at 4 pm and only person in the viewing area and same when I left. They say a lot of people do not know it is has opened again. Seems they have different level of rooms you can book. I had a standard room — now has a toilet in as well as shower.

From Message Board April 16 2017 by hcmpp
Published or Edited on 04/19/17
Seattle Metro : Des Moines : Airport Video 2 : Review: Apr 16 2017 by COCKSUCKERSLUT
Great gloryhole action. No doors on the booths so you will be watched. I get naked. The theatres can be good. But again you will be watched.

It's all luck of the cock. Secrets is just south and more trans. Both places rarely get real slutty girls.
Published or Edited on 04/19/17
Milwaukee Metro : Milwaukee : Juneau Park : Review: Apr 16 2017 by infopop
So. What's happening in Juneau Park these days? I'm curious about it because of a story in Urban Milwaukee Apr 14 about the history of gay cruising here in Juneau Park. The last CFS Reviews were positive with action, but a few years back in 2014 and 2007. An anonymous Guest Reviewer also posted the same day about this; perhaps he gets the same email News Alerts that I do.

About Juneau Park, "It holds the historic distinction of being the only civic space ever defended against homosexuals by a public official. 'The park is hot!'
[quote]If not for the cruising arrests – widely publicized and certain to include their full names and addresses — we might never know that these meeting spaces existed. Milwaukee has exorcised many historic hotspots: the former “Fruit Loops” in Cathedral Square, the Third Ward, and Walker’s Point; downtown department stores; SRO hotels; university restrooms; and adult bookstores have all been either erased or cleansed of their ...
Published or Edited on 04/19/17
Sydney Metro : Mona Vale : Mona Vale Library : Review: Apr 15 2017 by surfertwink
No longer in use.

Do you mean that the library is no longer cruisy?

I found the Library's web site on Google as well as its Facebook page and other references. I didn't see anything indicating it is closed.

If you could please clarify, either here on this page or contact me directly, I can update the page correctly. Thanks! ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 04/19/17
Kent - England : Dartford : Dartford Heath : Review: Apr 15 2017
A local Kent website named this as one of four dogging spots, in this case for men seeking men.

These are the Kent parks where men are hunting for sex

[i]Similar stories are frequent in British tabloids and websites, but more often involve straight men and women, not just men seeking men.

Other spots named in the story but not currently listed on CFS are Reculver Bay and Memorial Park in Herne Bay as well as [url=
Published or Edited on 04/18/17
Florida : Lakeland : Gator Creek Reserve : Review: Apr 15 2017
Heads Up! Undercover vice detectives arrested four men here Apr 13, 2017. Among the charges for different men were soliciting another for lewdness, offering to commit lewdness, and indecent exposure. Two had previous arrests on one or another of these charges.

Names, photos, and town of residence were published. The operation was reportedly done "in response to complaints about lewd activity."

From PCSO Vice Unit Arrests Four at County Park For Lewd Behavior
Published or Edited on 04/18/17
Washington : Bremerton : Bremerton Cinema : Review: Apr 15 2017 by COCKSUCKERSLUT
Can be great for cock, but sometimes all you get at the hole is asshole. Old school video arcade with gloryholes and a sticky floor. It's all about luck here.

Turf is OK but no gloryholes so leave the door open. And Elmo's is a total waste of time.
Published or Edited on 04/18/17
Virginia : Bristol : Bristol Mall : Review: Apr 15 2017
Mall stores closing for redevelopment. Belk moved to The Pinnacle Bristol in adjacent Bristol, TN.

See Bristol Mall’s owner plans to shift away from retail

If the Pinnacle Belk or other places in The Pinnacle are cruisy, please use this link to add the place as a new page on the Sex Listings. Thanks! ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 04/18/17
Washington : Bellingham : Great Northern Books : Review: Apr 14 2017 by wetpet4you
I am going tomorrow looking for adult fun! I am not leaving until I get fucked real hard by a stiff cock. Hoping the regulars are in to finger my ass and blow me again. Bareback only! I am going to be a real slut. Please cum fuck me.

As noted in the anonymous Review published yesterday, I'm now allowing CFS Members only to post upcoming plans to visit a place in a Review. I'm glad you posted this as a CFS Member because a link to your profile appears with your Review. This means guys can get in touch with you through your Profile page.

However, the CFS editorial process has always required at least a few days to edit and publish new Reviews. Unfortunately, your "tomorrow" was last weekend. This delay is explained on the page where you submit a Review and reiterated on the page appearing after submission.

When time allows, and sooner rather than later, I will revise the page format and wording here. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 04/18/17
Amsterdam Metro : Amsterdam : Oosterpark : Review: Apr 14 2017
There has been an arrest in the March 6 murder of the gay man here:
A 17-year-old youth has been arrested in connection with the murder of a Polish man in an Amsterdam park at the beginning of March. The victim died of his injuries after being stabbed in what police say appears to be a robbery gone wrong. The killing caused an outcry at the time because it took place in part of the Oosterpark known as a gay cruising zone...

...Detectives are also appealing for gay men who have been robbed or attacked in the Oosterpark to come forward as possible witnesses.
Youth, 17, arrested in Amsterdam cruising zone murder investigation

Also Teen boy held over fatal stabbing at Amsterdam gay cruising spot
Published or Edited on 04/18/17
Washington : Bellingham : Great Northern Books : Review: Apr 13 2017 by Horny 1
I am going again! I am hoping that guy is back to finger my ass again! I really want some cum in my ass. Please cum and cream me!

[i]I deleted the time-frame you announced you were going because it's already passed. Please remember, there is always a delay in editing and publishing these Reviews to ensure they meet CFS' editorial standards.

In the past, one of those standards was not to allow cruisers to announce future plans on Review pages that they're going to visit a place. My predecessor's intent was to make these pages be only for Reviews and another part of CFS for hookups. In the last few years that hasn't worked well.

I've just recently changed that to allow CFS Members only to post plans. However, that courtesy will not extended to anonymous Guests who are not logged in on CFS. This will change again whenever I can finally install an overdue software update.

[b]Contact information still belongs in a CFS Profile pag...
Published or Edited on 04/17/17
Seattle Metro : Seattle : Westcrest Park : Review: Apr 13 2017
While this place was really hot in the past, I ran into a young family on the "cruising" trail last week. Not the first time I have encountered families in close proximity of the "fun zones."

I have concluded this is no longer a cool spot. Too many chances of innocent eyes seeing something they shouldn't.

Take it to T107 Park where it's hot and crazy. I would say this should be a "no go zone"

Happy Cruising!
Published or Edited on 04/17/17

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