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Kentucky : Prestonsburg : Jenny Wiley State Park : Review: Jan 23 2017 by easypussy
Older bottom looking for older men to use me around Dewey Lake.

Go to easypussy's Profile Page to make a connection. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 01/24/17
Dallas/Fort Worth Metro : Fort Worth : Texas Motor Speedway : Review: Jan 22 2017 by BiBuddy
So is this place still cruisy? They've got an off-road show coming up March 11-12, 2017. I wouldn't mind checking out the showers while there.
Published or Edited on 01/24/17
New Jersey : South Amboy : Video Flixx : Review: Jan 22 2017 by BigWhiteDik
This place is okay. Usually a bunch of trolls there that don’t know how to take a hint or straight up how to take no for an answer. Sometimes they can be too annoying so I’ll bounce. But it’s hit or miss. Sometimes I’ll find a delicious cock to suck on and milk. Other times I leave there without doing a single thing with a soul.

I’m a cute white dude, early 30’s with a big cut dick. Went tonight and a bunch of trolls but eventually an attractive Latin dude came in and we played til I busted. Usually I’ll just go there when I need poppers because they are way less expensive than the place in Woodbridge. But the one in Woodbridge usually has a slightly better selection of "clientele."

This place has potential to be awesome. But the one thing they need to do is update their gay porn playing in the booths. Jesus it’s like I’m stuck in 1991 with their porn. Give us more recent porn, bareback porn, just better. And for some r...
Published or Edited on 01/24/17
Chicago Metro : Roselle : Exotic Adult Books & Videos : Review: Jan 22 2017 by mywifecindy68
Cindy and I are starting to plan our return to here in the Spring. We want to wait until then so she can wear very little and not freeze. We want to hear from all of you who have been here recently. Are there gloryholes? Do any of the buddy glass booths work? Do they have booths for two or more?
Published or Edited on 01/23/17
Mexico : Mazatlán : PP Club : Review: Jan 21 2017 by EcoSIstemas
Heads Up! This morning around 4 am I was enjoying a nice deep blow job when a guy pulled my wallet out of my back pocket. Using the intense light app in his cell phone my cocksucker shined the guy. After a very intense and bothersome argument, the thug gave me the wallet back. Of course the money was gone. Sorry for all the guys with their pants down.

Tip: If you're entering the dark room: No money. No wallet. No jewelry and I will add no cell phone, no keys. No nada!

Great reminder!

When in any dark room or play space, it's always best to leave valuables in a safe space or at home. This is why sexclubs and bathhouses have lockers, of course, and why some guys keep the minimal ID and cash in their boots, wristband, or an inaccessible pocket. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 01/23/17
Phoenix Metro : Phoenix : Pleasure World : Review: Jan 21 2017
Met a very attractive blonde boy in his late 20's, sucked my big cock and swallowed my load.
Published or Edited on 01/23/17
Winston-Salem/Greensboro/High Point Metro : Winston-Salem : New Vision Video : Review: Jan 21 2017 by jcooltool
Place is not closed. But there is no arcade. I met a guy there a few months back. We stood around waiting for another guy to leave.

When he did, the guy behind the counter came around and got on his knees. Started sucking the other guy, while I stroked.

Then the other guy got on his knees and they both started sucking me. I gave them both a facial. Guy that worked there said come back, and he'd give me a free membership, and anything else I desired. :)
Published or Edited on 01/23/17
San Francisco Metro : San Leandro : PSY Health Town Spa - Hang Bang Sauna : Review: Jan 20 2017 by Jared
This place is great. Lots of guys looking to play or just watch. The staff walks around so watch out but they keep the place clean. There's this one aggressive guy who sits in the corners of the steam room and jerks off. Kinda off putting when you're not interested but oh well.
Published or Edited on 01/23/17
Indianapolis Metro : Indianapolis : 501 Eagle Tavern : Review: Jan 19 2017 by Geo
501 is closed permanently. Building has been sold and plans are for it to be developed into housing.

Thanks so much for the update, though I'm sorry to see them go. I did a quick search and found this:

Indy’s 501 Eagle to close Oct. 15

Too many of our important and historic community spaces — yes, bars — keep closing these days. Let's resolve to support them more in 2017. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 01/23/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : 77 Hundred Sports & Spirits : Review: Jan 19 2017 by Curious but shy
Can someone tell me how to find a man who will fuck me?

I have traded oral before but never had a man's cock in me before. I am very nervous about meeting someone. I thought about going to a theatre but I am afraid a man at a theatre wont be patient with me and I am scared it will hurt my first time. I have used a dildo but have been wanting the real thing to see if I like it.

I am in El Paso through the weekend I leave on Monday 23 Jan. I will appreciate any suggestions. I am 47 and want a one time thing.

[i]This type of question really doesn't belong here in the Sex Listings, since these are Reviews of places, what happens there, and occasional general questions about a place. However, I'm publishing it anyhow so you'll get a better idea how to use CFS.

CFS is a membership site, although it has anonymous "guest" Reviews on the Sex Listings. It would really be better if you [url=]Register as a ...
Published or Edited on 01/20/17
Mexico : Mazatlan : Baños Sodomas : Review: Jan 19 2017 by EcoSIstemas
I am in total disagreement with the last comment. The place is very clean with a very reasonable entrance fee.

Yesterday was my first time. Plenty of action at the steam room, the labyrinth, and the video room. Nice quiet bar with flat screen TV's and a handsome bartender. The masseur was very proper and the massage very relaxing.

I do recommend the place to any visitor.
Published or Edited on 01/20/17
Tennessee : Pioneer : Adult World : Review: Jan 19 2017 by Miffedone
Usually six to nine cars in the parking lot, some of which are employees. Arcade is $10 anytime except Friday after 3 pm and all day Saturday. Closed Sunday. Another $10 gets you into the theater, which is usually empty. Fourteen booths, five gloryholes — barely big enough for your dick, but they get the job done. Video screens run continuously, free, when they work.

Mostly older clientele during the day, a better mix outside working hours. I've seen couples in there, mostly in the shopping area, and I've been sucked off by a woman on the other side of the gloryhole, but it's 99% male.

Fairly clean, booths are cramped but adequate for two, lounge area for resting in between. I have dropped many a load here, the staff is *always* polite.
Published or Edited on 01/20/17
Massachusetts : Billerica : North Billerica "T" Station : Review: Jan 19 2017 by TasteyFred
Nice place to get some head or fuck so if anyone's interested kik me or go there around 4.

Please keep your contact info — including kik — in your Profile page. When you edit your Profile, put it under "Best Ways to Contact You Outside of CFS" ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 01/20/17
Tampa Bay Metro : Tampa : Adult World : Review: Jan 19 2017 by n2Action
I recently visited this fine establishment and was not disappointed. It set me back $15 for the fob and admission to both the theatre and arcade areas and they pretty much lived up to the billing on other posts.

I saw/had action in all three theatre areas, and ended up dropping my load via a gloryhole in the arcade. Was there a couple hours and played to my heart's content.
Published or Edited on 01/20/17
Illinois : Washington Park : Larry Flynt's Hustler Club : Review: Jan 18 2017 by bj4unstl
Went on a Wednesday afternoon, between 12:30 pm and 3:30 pm. It was extremely busy, easily between twenty and thirty men of all ages having a good time in both theatres and booths. There was M2M action even in the straight theatre.

The majority were white, with a few Black and a couple Latinos. A wide range of ages.
Also, a good mix of professionals, blue collar, and farmers.

I had a great time, gave four blowjobs to completion and teased three others.

Others complain about the $15 wristband. I think it has improved the crowd. Staff does not hassle customers, they leave things alone so everyone can have a good time.
Published or Edited on 01/20/17
Detroit Metro : Troy : Somerset Collection : Review: Jan 18 2017 by Anono
The cruisy restrooms were recently remodeled, which has cut down on most of the action. Be sure to look for close guys on the social apps apps though. There's always someone nearby looking to hook up.

Thanks for the info! CFS has the places; if no one's cruising, just go out and get 'em. ;-) ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 01/20/17
Chicago Metro : Chicago : Ogilvie Transportation Center (Chicago OTC) : Review: Jan 18 2017 by Nick
Got a quick blowjob after work from a hot daddy.
Published or Edited on 01/19/17
Connecticut : Hartford : Erotic Zone : Review: Jan 18 2017 by dennisal
These places are always hit and miss, but I've had a lot of fun here. I sucked an older guy in the theatre area when it was crowded. I've also sucked several guys in booths.

Sometimes there's too many submissives like me. If you're a top, you can get a blowjob here anytime. Lots of older men, but their cocks work and most of them are pretty big.
Published or Edited on 01/19/17
Los Angeles Metro : Azusa : Red Panty Boutique : Review: Jan 18 2017 by Latino Chill
Place is a hit or miss. The manager has a diva attitude, like he hates working there.

Like I said it's a hit or miss. All about luck, I guess.
Published or Edited on 01/19/17
San Francisco Metro : Oakland : Secrets North Oakland : Review: Jan 18 2017 by sluttyboi
I'm a young white twink and I just sucked on the biggest black cock I have ever seen until he came in my mouth! :)) Ut was really hot 'cause another Black guy watched while he jacked off! I felt like such a slut!

Published or Edited on 01/19/17
Pittsburgh Metro : Pittsburgh : Club Pittsburgh : Review: Jan 17 2017 by lasher15209
I go here regularly. It is sometimes hit or miss, but when it is hit I usually leave with a few loads of cum in my beard.
Published or Edited on 01/19/17
Maryland : Germantown : Wegmans : Review: Jan 17 2017
Would love to find a local hotspot. Home Depot is better setup for some understall fun.

Is it this Home Depot? If any action's happening there I can add a page for it. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 01/19/17
Dallas/Fort Worth Metro : Carrollton : Spa Castle : Review: Jan 17 2017 by bruvaluvah
This is not a cruisy place, it is eye candy only. You might get lucky from time to time and hook up elsewhere but it is a family environment so don't come here expecting anything other than relaxation. Go, relax in the hot water and dry sauna, enjoy the sights, but the workers check at random times. They know.

Higher prices don't keep out the undesirables, they only keep out the young hotties who don't have a lot of money to spend. The old guys who seem to get a bad name are retired and have plenty of money saved up so they will pay anything to get in.
Published or Edited on 01/18/17
Mexico : Mazatlán : PP Club : Review: Jan 17 2017 by EcoSIstemas
The new Mayor of Mazatlan is gay and Pepe el Toro, now PP Club, is back in great business. Also all gay bars and gay friendly establishments.

The darkroom is a paradise. Great drinks and great prices. The best big, fat, uncut dicks.
Published or Edited on 01/18/17
Louisiana : Shreveport : Capri Video : Review: Jan 17 2017 by malesack
Store closed in 2014 due to excessive law enforcement interference and clientele arrests.

Thanks. It's on the list to be deleted. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 01/18/17
Maryland : Edgewood : Bush River Books & Video : Review: Jan 17 2017 by rnwright
It is hit or miss, sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you don't. Lots of twinks looking to blow the big boy married truck driver types. And older men/TV's sometimes wearing skirts using any gimmick to get laid.

Weekdays are better, at least there are more normal men coming in but it is a far cry from what it used to be. I can't figure where everyone is going anymore. Lots of people wanting to suck but less wanting to get sucked.

If you are a larger guy looking to get sucked this is definitely the place for you because that is what everyone seems to want here. Truck drivers stop here a lot.

Clerks do not hassle you here. There is an arcade that takes quarters and bills and a movie area that costs $11.00 to go back to that has a four-hour limit but I don't think it is enforced. The movie area has four movie rooms, two straight and two gay.

Note: The old TV's are the ones who get the younger straight guys, perhaps because they look the most desperate. But i...
Published or Edited on 01/18/17
Maryland : Rockville : REI : Review: Jan 16 2017 by Md2525
Does anyone still go here? I've stopped by several nights and it's been empty.

Sometimes with these places it's best to pre-arrange a meeting with another CFS Member or someone on a website or App. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 01/18/17
San Jose Metro : Santa Clara : Lawrence Health Spa : Review: Jan 15 2017
Tried this place 2:30 to 5 pm on a Sunday. I liked it, but I don't see how it can be called "cruisy." Only the steam room has potential, and it's always either under-temperature — that is, totally visible to the outside, no privacy, or over-temperature — that is, unendurable.

What this place does give you is a relaxing atmosphere amidst the pools, the showers, and the buck-naked, flabby Asian and Russian men. If that's all you need — some relaxing same-sex nudism and bathing among guys who are neither hot nor "looking" — you will leave this place happy.
Published or Edited on 01/18/17
Illinois : Oakwood : Oasis Adult Superstore : Review: Jan 14 2017 by Cautious
I'm a little cautious about this place. I stopped in during the Summer of 2016 a couple times. First time was amazing. It was mid to late afternoon and in the hour or so I was there I swallowed about nine or ten loads from a steady stream of guys that were coming in and out. The next time, not so busy but I still got a couple loads.

But, in early Fall I was there and it was very slow. The first employee that had checked me in called back once and told me to keep putting money in, which I respected and went out to the store to browse for awhile. Later, after spending about $10 in the booths with no one else there, some guys started trickling in and there was some fooling around.

But the employee who had relieved the first one called back several times in the course of ten minutes that she expected to see more videos playing, etc. When I called out that my video machine had stopped working (which was true), she proceeded to accuse me of not putting any money in for awhile (not ...
Published or Edited on 01/17/17
Illinois : Bloomington : Risque's : Review: Jan 14 2017 by Visitor
I visit B/N a handful of times per year and started stopping here the last few visits. Can usually tell how busy the place is from the number of cars in the lot.

I mostly have gone in the afternoons and it can be hit or miss. Once I got as many as four loads down my throat from a mix of younger and older guys. Another time I sucked a couple cocks but didn't get any cum. I've run into some more str8/curious and paranoid married men here than in other places.

The staff has never been a problem, the only time that anyone called back was once when there were a lot of guys back there and the employee wanted to make sure "everyone had a booth."

If you're in the area and there are a few cars in the lot, it's worth checking out.
Published or Edited on 01/17/17
Indiana : West Lafayette : Veterans Home Park : Review: Jan 14 2017 by Curious
Been awhile since this has been reviewed. Any updates? Cops still patrolling? Safer now? Good times to go?
Published or Edited on 01/17/17
Indiana : Lake Village : Sun Aura Resort : Review: Jan 14 2017 by Curious
Been awhile since this was last reviewed, anybody have any updates on whether this is still a good place? Areas to go to for finding action? Best days/seasons?
Published or Edited on 01/17/17
Indiana : Lafayette : Fantasy Adult Gift Shop : Review: Jan 14 2017 by Anonymous
I'm a 30's local who goes maybe one or two times a month to suck cock. As with any ABS, the crowd can be hit or miss. I'd had some good times mid-afternoon when one of the local assembly plants changes shift. Some early evenings are good too. I've heard the lunch crowd can be good.

In terms of the crowd, it can range from the older guys that hobble around with canes to some of the college crowd from across town. I tend to go for the average to bearish guys in their 30s to 50s and usually have no trouble finding someone to get on my knees for.

The staff is pretty much hands off, unless you're the only one back there and not putting any coins in. Remember, it's a business and they need to make some money off of you back there.

That being said, recently there was an announcement that Fantasy will close (at least temporarily) as the building/grounds was bought by a neighboring church. The news article said the owner would be re-opening the store in a large...
Published or Edited on 01/17/17
Texas : Winona : Picnic area I-20 West : Review: Jan 13 2017 by CJ
Is this place still cruisy? Best days and times?
Published or Edited on 01/17/17
Texas : Nacogdoches : Banita Creek Park North : Review: Jan 13 2017 by JD
Curious if this place is still cruisy? Best days and times? Does it still have a gloryhole?
Published or Edited on 01/17/17
Texas : Henderson : Rusk County Courthouse : Review: Jan 13 2017 by Will
Curious if this place is very cruisy? If so, best days and times?
Published or Edited on 01/17/17
Seattle Metro : Tacoma : Morgan Family YMCA : Review: Jan 12 2017 by COCKSUCKERSLUT
Not a place for sex. Naked is frowned upon. Nobody is sporting any wood. No privacy. The C in YMCA does NOT stand for cock. Pickup maybe takeout but not makeout.
Published or Edited on 01/16/17
Ohio : Akron : Xtc Video : Review: Jan 12 2017 by WetThroat
I posted a review earlier. I love this place. I'm a fan of sucking on big black cock, although anything that can be shoved down my throat is a sweet treat.

There is one guy with something between 9-1/2 to 10-1/2 inches that is a regular. Even though I only go here two or three times a year, since its not too close. He remembers me and immediately walks over and pulls it out so we can both have a delicious good time.

I go there and spend two or three hours and always suck on at least five or six great cocks. I have never used the hot tub, but love the idea of giving up my tight hole there. The dark lounge area has some amazing fag orgy fun.

I really need to move close to this paradise palace.
Published or Edited on 01/16/17
Indiana : Lafayette : Fantasy Adult Gift Shop : Review: Jan 12 2017 by sexontheside6942
The store is moving. The property, including the neighboring strip club, is being bought by a church for a community center. The strip club will close; the store is said to be moving to Teal Road.

See: Filly's Gentleman's Club will sell to Lafayette church
Published or Edited on 01/16/17
Palm Beach County Metro : Lake Worth : Palm Beach Book & Video : Review: Jan 12 2017 by scott4j
You must be at least 70 to cruise this place! It's a nursing home.

They thought by opening the theatre to the arcade it would help business, but it's just more old men falling down in the aisles! Seriously!
Published or Edited on 01/16/17
Florida : Daytona Beach : Daytona Beach : Review: Jan 11 2017 by Dominic386
Is this an active place?
Published or Edited on 01/16/17
Pennsylvania : Shamokin : Claude Kehler Community Park : Review: Jan 11 2017
Heads Up! Two men were arrested here January 10, 2016 after police observed them in "what looked to be a disturbance" on the street. They were followed and later caught in oral sex, charged with open lewdness, disorderly conduct, and public drunkenness. Their names were published by a local newspaper/website.

See: Police: Men caught in lewd act in Shamokin park
Published or Edited on 01/13/17
Tucson Metro : Tucson : Continental Adult Shop : Review: Jan 11 2017 by luv2worshipit
Owned by the same owner as Ceasar's. Best option in Tucson, especially the private rooms except when a couple of the staff are working who are among the nastiest, greasiest lowlifes imaginable. They taunt, harass, hassle and intimidate customers like nothing I've ever seen.

Be wary of the place and don't say you weren't warned.
Published or Edited on 01/13/17
Tucson Metro : Tucson : Caesar's Adult Shop : Review: Jan 11 2017 by luv2worshipit
After several visits, I realized that I would be a masochist if I ever went back to this place. Tucson overall is sexually regressive, but this place is awful. Dirty, smelly, poor layout, and most of all, staff that are among the rudest aggressive assholes I have ever encountered.

If ever a place deserved to close, this is it. Avoid at all costs.
Published or Edited on 01/13/17
Phoenix Metro : Phoenix : Paradise Adult Boutique : Review: Jan 11 2017 by luv2worshipit
One of the best adult theater venues I've ever been to. Clean, well run, great owner and staff. And most of all, a great selection of men of all ages and types ready to play. I have never left disappointed.

The two theatres are the happening spot, but the peeps get crazy fun too. I am here every time I'm in town which is a couple times a month.
Published or Edited on 01/13/17
Illinois : Oakwood : Oasis Adult Superstore : Review: Jan 11 2017 by ndidit
This place used to be great. I got sucked or could suck any time I went there. However, they've covered over all the gloryholes.
Published or Edited on 01/13/17
New York : Woodstock : Zena Swimming Hole : Review: Jan 11 2017 by Footdom
This area used to be great. Lots of tourists are finding the spot last year or two. The trick is to get there first and strip nude and swim and take the sun. They will leave or move on.

I hope this spring is more productive.
Published or Edited on 01/13/17
New York : Rhinebeck : Ferncliff Forest : Review: Jan 11 2017 by Footdom
Anyone still cruise here? I like to sunbathe nude after a good hard mountain bike ride!
Published or Edited on 01/12/17
Baltimore Metro : Baltimore : Love Craft : Review: Jan 10 2017 by CKenter
They closed the viewing booth area of this store just before Christmas. I do not believe they are planning on reopening the viewing booths.
Published or Edited on 01/16/17
San Francisco Metro : San Francisco : Palm Beach Arcade : Review: Jan 10 2017 by Adam
This is place is outstanding. The booths are super clean, many with perfectly cut gloryholes on one side or both sides. The video selection is outstanding with something for any pleasure, lots of straight porn too.

There are young and middle-aged guys here for all sorts of fun. Evening and lunch time hours are the best — any time of the week. The staff is also very respectful and nice. No issues there.
Published or Edited on 01/12/17

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