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Paris Metro : Paris : MecZone : Review: Jan 09 2017 by Tourist
I visited this small bar on a weeknight, I think it was a Wednesday. There were about five people at the bar and that was it. None of them were attractive.

I had no desire to spend any time doing something with them, but they were friendly and I had a good time trying to communicate in my lousy French.
Published or Edited on 01/12/17
Oregon : Brookings : Harris Beach State Park Rest Area : Review: Jan 09 2017 by tom
Wow, stopped to use the rest room. I was hopping to meet a hung man and to my delight guess what I found.

I did not see any one there as I was taking a leak. Then as I washed my hands I noticed someone was in one of the stalls.

I asked if he wanted a blow job and he did so I went into the stall and got face fucked good. The man fucked a large wad of cum into my mouth.

It was so hot, want to do it again!
Published or Edited on 01/12/17
San Jose Metro : Santa Clara : Adult World : Review: Jan 09 2017 by BOB
Love this place. Every time I want a blow job I can get it here. Five bills in the video booth and by the time I have the money in I see a finger. Pop my cock into the hole and get a blow job from someone who really loves sucking cock! Blow a load and gone!
Published or Edited on 01/12/17
Las Vegas Metro : Las Vegas : Mandalay Bay : Review: Jan 09 2017 by gbanex
Doesn't get the traffic it used to but there's still some fun to be had in the steam room. I went for two days and one morning had very low traffic while the other had a bit more action.

I sucked five cocks, mostly married dudes, but you have to watch out for the guys that are not interested. Some dudes are too bold and start jerking in front of guys who have not displayed any interest. This will eventually lead to complaints.

They've made the steam room really really hot to the point of unbearable, and it takes a long time for it to click on between sessions.

Most of the action takes place in the steam room. The rest of the place is too open and too risky.
Published or Edited on 01/12/17
Riverside and San Bernardino Counties Metro : Hemet : Gibbel Park : Review: Jan 07 2017 by Skip.
The first cock I sucked in here was in 2002.

Fifteen years ago. I had just arrived to Hemet, and I didn't know a soul.

Anyway, I was walking down Florida Avenue and as I was passing the park I glanced to my right, and saw the rest rooms.

A tan colored little building made from cinder block.

I quickly headed right for it around 10 am on a weekday morning.

Knowing absolutely nothing about this place at that time, I walked right in and was immediately surprised to see no doors on the three stalls, also built from cinder block and painted white.

"No doors?!" I thought, "What is this?!"

I went to the last stall and sat on the toilet to think about it.

A couple of minutes later I heard someone walk in, and for some reason I got nervous.

I leaned my head forward to see an old guy sit in the stall next to mine.

And then I kinda waited... A couple of minutes later this old guy appears in front of my stall with his Big Floppy Old Guy Cock in his ...
Published or Edited on 01/10/17
Long Island Metro : Brentwood : Sinderella's Adult Center : Review: Jan 07 2017 by Jg
Are there any girls here or girls stripping? I remember going here years ago and girls were all nude.
Published or Edited on 01/11/17
New Jersey : Englewood Cliffs : 24 Hour Fitness Englewood Cliffs Super Sport : Review: Jan 07 2017
It's a 24 Hour Fitness now. Action from time to time, just gave a hot blowjob in the back bathroom stall the other day. A guy in the adjacent stall basically gave a signal and the rest was history. Would love to do it again.
Published or Edited on 01/10/17
Arkansas : Widener : Adult World XXX Store : Review: Jan 06 2017 by GloryHoleFetish
I stopped by on a Thursday during lunch to check out this spot that I had previously visited. My experience was similar to the previous reviewer. Volume was low but the men were willing to get sucked. I sucked two guys and both fed me their loads in about a half hour. My gut impression is that they were there for quick action. There was absolutely no one lingering or hanging around.

It got dead quickly after the lunch hour time frame. A number of booths were marked out of order. There were two gloryholes that were not covered up and in each case one of the pair wasn't working. This did not turn out to be an impediment to their use.

I'll re-visit when I'm in the area during peak times typical for this type of location, lunch hour and after work / early evening.
Published or Edited on 01/10/17
Arkansas : Widener : Adult World Bookstore : Review: Jan 06 2017 by GloryHoleFetish
I stopped by on a Thursday afternoon to check this out after having previously visited. There are no gloryholes at this location and several booths were out of order.

The system is still high-tech. You can fast forward and rewind the videos as you are watching. Small booth area. More or less confirmed that the North side is the place to go for action. (See my review there.)
Published or Edited on 01/10/17
Missouri : Ava : Cactus Canyon Campground : Review: Jan 06 2017 by wolf_starchaser
Most recent trip was a couple of years ago but was wonderful. The guys have done great things with the property, and there were other guys of all body types and sizes.

As we were driving in, we saw one of the RV setups had a sling in place that was being put to good use. Pretty much set the tone for the weekend.
Published or Edited on 01/10/17
France : Lyon : Sauna Bellecour : Review: Jan 06 2017 by Ursine58
Great facility, friendly staff, and lots of hot, French daddies.
Published or Edited on 01/10/17
Rhode Island : Providence : The Mega-Plex : Review: Jan 05 2017 by NA
Went here on Dec 21, Wednesday afternoon between 3 to 5 pm. Very very quiet. Maybe four or five other guys besides me, so almost nothing going on. Even these guys I didn't getting on with each other and I wasn't getting any vibes either. Even in the dark sauna room, I went there a few times and three of us would sit around and leave the room.

Finally one guy approached me. I sucked him pretty good and let him cum in my mouth, didn't swallow it though. Then he left without returning the favor.

I was about to leave as there was no action then in the locker room, but another guy approached me. We went to sauna. I sucked him too and let him cum in the mouth. He barely returned the favor for a few seconds and then left.

Luckily there was another guy watching and he readily sucked me good and had me in his mouth. Then I left. There were almost no other guys left there.
Published or Edited on 01/09/17
Atlanta Metro : Tucker : Lucky Shoals Park : Review: Jan 05 2017 by billybj69
Super close for me, too. Perhaps we can revive?

Cool! You're both CFS Members and have contact info in your Profiles! You know how to connect on your next warm day. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 01/09/17
Riverside and San Bernardino Counties Metro : Hemet : Gibbel Park : Review: Jan 04 2017 by Lacy
I dropped by here today at noon after it had been closed on and off for the Holidays. All I can tell you is it was extremely busy, and I think everyone has a good feeling about keeping this spot hopping for the New Year.

I walked in when it looked good, and was met by some scruffy-looking guy in his late twenties who showed me a very large cock wearing a cock ring. While I was happy to see such a big cock, I was unhappy to see the cock ring because I have never sucked cum out of one of those.

But his cock was very large indeed, so I took a seat in the middle stall and went to work. We got into a nice rhythm, and I was just starting to slurp, when a pest walked in and startled him. I told him it was ok, and went back to work, when just then a horn honked out in the parking lot.

And that was enough for me. Between the pest, the honk, all the cars in the parking lot, and the cock ring, which meant no load anyway, I got up and walked out.

But still, it was nice to see all the t...
Published or Edited on 01/09/17
Ohio : Akron : Xtc Video : Review: Jan 04 2017 by xtcvideoakron
Best place in Ohio hands down, $15 unlimited viewing with come and go privileges.

I can't help noticing your member name matches the store. I don't know if you're from the store or just a big fan of the store. Anyhow, thanks for being a member of CFS. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 01/09/17
Michigan : Rochester : Oakland University : Review: Jan 03 2017 by Anon
I don't think anyone cruises here anymore. There used to be a lot of action in the basement, but they eventually installed a camera in the hallway. If there's still any random action on campus, I'd love to know where.

And so would we! ;-) Let CFS know if something cums up. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 01/09/17
South Carolina : North Charleston : Chateau Exxxperience : Review: Jan 03 2017 by dickrich6969
Ended up going to Chateau today as I traveled back south around 6, only to see that the power was out at the place. But man there were so many cars coming and going out of there, I guess it had just gone out.

But with the ten to fifteen cars I saw as a I pulled into the lot and then left, I think the place still has a good amount of action going on.
Published or Edited on 01/09/17
North Carolina : Fayetteville : Peaches Adult Boutique and Arcade : Review: Jan 03 2017 by dickrich6969
Today was a good day to go apparently as there were a handful of guys, mostly older, around 1 pm. I locked eyes with a guy in the theatre room and went over to suck him.

Took it to a booth on the other side and had a good suck session and got sucked myself. He blew his load all over me. There was a older guy with a hot curved dick jerking but I didn't get a chance to suck him.

Unfortunately I ended up with a guy who couldn't get it up before I left, but it was a fun time.
Published or Edited on 01/09/17
Phoenix Metro : Tempe : Modern World Adult Boutique : Review: Jan 03 2017
Probably the only place with gloryholes in the Phoenix area. A young hot dude sucked my big cock real good and swallowed.
Published or Edited on 01/06/17
San Diego Metro : San Diego : Balboa Park (Redwood Circle and Fruit Loop) : Review: Jan 03 2017
I stopped by this place while visiting over New Years' weekend around 10 pm after seeing some CL postings for outdoor action. Not a lot of guys but I saw several tents. I wasn't sure if I was at the right place.

Saw a couple guys walking down the hill on the freeway side. I walked up on this Black dude fucking a tall dude in a Raiders cap and black hoodie over the log. I jacked and watched for about 40 minutes til another Black dude came by. He and the other dude fucked this dude for a while. They didn't have me join but it was hot watching this scene. Hooked up with a couple guys later. Guess I was in the right place.

I stopped by and saw the tall guy with the Raiders cap the following evening. I was banging on the hole deep and it really started to rain. This was a hot place for sure.
Published or Edited on 01/06/17
Louisiana : Baton Rouge : Highland Road Community Park : Review: Jan 03 2017 by Me50ishu70ish
OK, so where in this park are the men?
Published or Edited on 01/06/17
New York : Buffalo : Video Liquidators : Review: Jan 02 2017 by ExitHereNow
These places aren't meant to be clean, get off your fracking apps, show up in person, and have some great orgy sex. This place is prime.

You boys in Buffalo have no idea how lucky you have it to have such a place. Travel to Massachusetts or Rhode Island or Connecticut? Zippo. So get off your butts and cum here.

Second review by ExitHereNow 5-1/2 hours later:
Place is clean, old reviews should be nixed. Walked in on January 2nd at 8 pm. I had three cocks within ten minutes. The male attendant was extremely friendly and helpful.

[i]Thanks so much for your Reviews and for encouraging guys to cum out and meat in person. That's what it's all about, after all.

CFS doesn't delete old Reviews because they're a record of what we did, how we had sex and where, and what it all was like over time. The ones here are pretty short, but lots of places have long reviews, old ones, tha...
Published or Edited on 01/06/17
Long Island Metro : Ronkonkoma : Heaven's Back : Review: Jan 02 2017 by Brad
This place sucks. The tired queen who owns it lets his cronies in the theatre door. Everyone should be buzzed in. They recently raised the prices. The temperature is always wrong in there. They will be out of business soon if they don't stop letting people sneak in the theatre door.
Published or Edited on 01/06/17
Iowa : Newton : Lion's Den Newton : Review: Jan 02 2017 by Shaved4youml
I used to work here and while there's no arcade or backrooms, fun can still be had in the bathrooms or with the many truckers that stop here in their trucks. I've even sucked off a couple cocks by the magazine rack on my overnight shift.
Published or Edited on 01/06/17
Boston Metro : Waltham : Boston Sports Club : Review: Jan 02 2017 by Marco
I heard that the steam and sauna are closed. No mention of either on the website for this location. I haven't been to this gym since October 2016, so don't know. Anyone been here?
Published or Edited on 01/06/17
New York City Metro : Manhattan : New York Hilton Midtown : Review: Jan 02 2017 by nycponyboy
Yup the basement bathroom now requires a key card to get in. Bummer. Any other area hotels to check out?

It's unfortunate cruisers in the general public can't come here.

It's a big hotel and also hosts many meetings and events. I suppose guests and those attending an event would have access but it is a smaller group, although not necessarily as small as those in a bathhouse or ABS any particular night.

If it's not cruisy at all, for anyone, I'll mark this for deletion. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 01/06/17
Amsterdam Metro : Amsterdam : Man To Man : Review: Jan 02 2017 by eastbayman
Google Maps reports place as permanently closed. Any info?

What I see on Google Maps is that "Amsterdam Gay Zone" has closed. GayCities reports that there had been two changes of name and ownership, but in 2014 came back to the original owners under the original name.

I'm updating the page with their website in Dutch (you can translate in Google Chrome) and also double-check the information.

Thanks so much for asking. Questions help get information updated. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 01/05/17
Belgium : Antwerp : Gay Ron : Review: Jan 01 2017 by eastbayman
According to Google maps, this place is permanently closed. The site transfers to a Man Playz site for a gay porn theater nearby.

Thanks, I'm grateful for the update!

Just checking on this, I found that Man Playz is opened in November 2012 by the owner of Gay Ron as more of a sexclub with cabins (booths with gloryholes) and darkroom, etc. A shop was added the month Gay Ron closed.

I'll add a page for Man Playz. If you're planning to visit Belgium, the Netherlands, etc. I hope you can give us a Review of it along with other cruisy spots. And of course, please use the 'Suggest New Place For This Area' link in the menu for places that aren't on CFS. Thanks again! ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 01/05/17
Washington Metro : Washington : Glorious Health Club : Review: Jan 01 2017 by Dave
Don't! Don't! Don't! The place is dirty and the young Black man at the front was extremely rude. I had not been here before and had questions about the different prices, etc. He acted as if I shouldn't ask any questions.

Clientele is 75% black which I am fine with. however, they mostly seemed interested in playing with each other and resented white guys' presence. It seems that some men may just go here for a cheap place to sleep and shower as there were people asleep in various locations throughout the building, kind of a flop house.

Admission of $11 allows you to stay up to twelve hours. However, I left after less than two hours. The place was creepy and made me feel dirty and I've been to similar places before in Europe and North America and had a good time.
Published or Edited on 01/05/17
Las Vegas Metro : Las Vegas : PeepLand : Review: Jan 01 2017
I hear that this is quite an up and cumming place. Close to the Strip too!

I plan to be here mid-January. I am not shy, so will suck cock and be fucked with an audience! Keep the movies running, and tip the clerk!

You had entered specific dates but since this page is for Reviews and occasional questions, I changed it to "mid-January."

The long-delayed software update will happen in 2017 and will include a way for CFS Members to indicate their interest in a place. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 01/05/17
Las Vegas Metro : Las Vegas : A-Action Adult Books & Videos : Review: Jan 01 2017 by Kori
I had great luck as a bottom in Vegas bookstores and hope to do better this January! Keep the movies running and tip the clerks! Hoping to get fucked in front of a crowd at the theatre, and suck many cocks in the arcade!
Published or Edited on 01/05/17
Charlotte Metro : Charlotte : University of North Carolina : Review: Jan 01 2017
Is this place still hot and, if so, when? Thanks!
Published or Edited on 01/05/17
North Carolina : Salisbury : Wal-Mart : Review: Jan 01 2017
All stalls have been changed to metal. No gloryhole. Still can play under stalls though. Anybody still play here and, if so, when?
Published or Edited on 01/05/17
North Carolina : Salisbury : Magic Mart : Review: Jan 01 2017
Heads Up! The store is now closed! Also, there are signs in the parking lot stating "No Solicitation". Avoid!
Published or Edited on 01/05/17
North Carolina : Salisbury : Kmart : Review: Jan 01 2017
Can anyone confirm if this place is still hot and best times to go?
Published or Edited on 01/05/17
North Carolina : Salisbury : Love's Travel Stop : Review: Jan 01 2017
Derrick's Truck Stop no longer exists. It was torn down and is now a brand new Love's truck stop. Also, the Wilco on the opposite of the highway is now a Pilot.

Be careful if trying to catch someone's eye because these stops are jam-packed every time I go by. Best advice, make discrete eye contact and go from there. Be careful!
Published or Edited on 01/04/17
New Mexico : Las Cruces : Hotel Encanto de Las Cruces : Review: Jan 01 2017 by EMT
I think this place died many years ago. If I need to get a blow job it's either Burn Lake or the Eros parking lot late at night. Las Cruces is not a cruisy town.

Agreed, delete this.

OK, I'll go with the consensus. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 01/04/17
Maryland : Temple Hills : Marlow Heights Periodicals : Review: Dec 31 2016 by kuntryboy36
Just visited for the first time and I must say I was impressed. Miss the one in Beltsville but this is wayyyy better than Beltsville. All they ask is drop tokens and they hardly don't mess with you at all. And if you want Black dick on a Saturday afternoon, then come here.
Published or Edited on 01/04/17
New Mexico : Las Cruces : Burn Lake : Review: Dec 31 2016 by Pepe El Chingon
Great tip. Just got the last blow job of the year. The guy sucked and swallowed as he masturbated. He was in his car I was standing outside. Chingon el lugar. (Fuckin' awesome place.)
Published or Edited on 01/04/17
Newark/Jersey City Metro : Jersey City : Newport Centre : Review: Dec 31 2016
Enjoyed another hot session in the handicap stall. I shared the stall with a silver-haired grandpa type, and we called over two guys who had their cocks out at the urinals. Grandpa and me on our knees, him sucking a beefy, goateed office type, and me working on a short, smooth Puerto Rican's cock. As he pulled my head down onto his cock, I noticed my guy was wearing a gold band on his left ring finger, which turned me on.

After ten minutes, him standing there with jeans around his knees and working my nips, me eating his cock and rimming his musky little hole from down on the floor, there's a knock on the bathroom door, and two young voices call out in Spanish, "Vamonos!" My guy then yells ""Sí!" back to them, looked at the three of us and said, "I'm here with my wife and kids." He then grunted and came in my mouth. It was fucking hot as hell.
Published or Edited on 01/04/17
Long Island Metro : Brentwood : Sinderella's Adult Center : Review: Dec 31 2016 by J.M.
In response to Receive head, they have booths with gloryholes, so you don't have to be in the same room if you don't want to.

I went there on Xmas day and there was a decent crowd. Not as crowded as it used to be, but an improvement over the past few times I've been there.

I was pleasantly greeted by someone when I first walked into the back room, a first for me. He seemed to recognize me. It worked out very well, as he had a very nice cock which I gladly sucked, and an ample amount of Grade 'A' cum, which I gladly swallowed.

I might be going again tonight, New Year's Eve, depending on the weather. Well Happy New Year folks, whoever may be reading this. Let's try to get more people to visit Sinderella's in 2017!
Published or Edited on 01/04/17
Pennsylvania : Pulaski : Adult Land : Review: Dec 30 2016
I like this place and get here about once a month. Not a big fan of the gloryhole booths. The walls are too thick, the curtains work well though.

My older brother is back for Christmas from Oregon where he has lived for over thirty years and he's divorced now. We fooled around as kids, but no real contact for many years. I'm 48 and he's 8 years older.

We were out for a few beers, a meal, and some catching-up. I loosened up enough to talk about the stuff we did as kids. He seemed a little embarrassed about it, I guess since he's the older brother and should know better. I laughed and told him that they were good memories to me. I also told him I'd like to do him again, right now in fact.

He gave me a long look and finished his beer and said he was ready to go. Walking out to the truck I told him I was serious and I know a place. He didn't say anything so I drove us to Pulaski bookstore. He followed me in and I paid for both of us to enter the theatre.
Published or Edited on 01/03/17
Miami Metro : Miami : Video Warehouse : Review: Dec 30 2016 by longnine
Something has happened here, I drive this way after work and couldn't even get in the parking lot. Now the place is a ghost town. It's been this way for at least a month.
Published or Edited on 01/04/17
Virginia : Centreville : Spa World : Review: Dec 30 2016 by Simon
Lots of "underwater" play! Staff overlooks almost everything that is not "Blatantly Obvious." Pooper play in steam and sauna. Mutual Asian-style seated wash areas. Use your head!
Published or Edited on 01/03/17
Illinois : Brooklyn : Pleasure Palace : Review: Dec 30 2016 by Sarah
I have wanted to do a gloryhole for a long time. Are most of the men gay or would they be excited over a girl in the theatre?
Published or Edited on 01/03/17
Tampa Bay Metro : Seminole : Seminole Mall : Review: Dec 30 2016 by AlwaysLooking
This location is closed. What used to be a traditional indoor mall is being rebuilt as an exterior-entrance-to-each-store type mall.
Published or Edited on 01/03/17
Birmingham Metro : Birmingham : Alabama Adult Books : Review: Dec 30 2016
Went here last night and there was no one up front, so I went back to the room with the videos. I was met there by a couple of Black guys and a white guy. The Black guys said that I could get naked and get fucked.

Standing there in the dark with one Black guy standing behind me, I pulled down my pants and he eased his big thick cock inside while the others watched and rubbed all over my body. He fucked me for a while and shot a big load of cum deep inside me.

Later a small Latino guy came in and the other Black guy with a bigger dick took him into a room and fucked him raw.
Published or Edited on 01/03/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Eros Video : Review: Dec 30 2016 by Elmer
The arcade was very busy last night. Mostly tasty uncut Mexican dicks. Did a few but after a fat curved uncut niner moved from the arcade to the theater I said lets go in.

It's a five buck entrance. Pretty dark at the beginnin. I was on my knees until midnight, so I ended sucking a few nice ones but also a few pretty small but tasty ones.

Very little attitude, most men there are ready to get head. Crowd is mostly older truckers, ranchers, and farmers.

Do not waste your time with the young crowd. Too much attitude. The staff is very very friendly and the store is very interesting to cruise. All kind of toys.
Published or Edited on 01/03/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Adult Video Warehouse : Review: Dec 30 2016 by Elmer
Great tip. Met a guy in his 40's. I think he had weeks worth of load in his nuts. Never seen so much cum out of a dick. Tasty as hell and real thick. Action was in my truck.
Published or Edited on 01/03/17
Indiana : Merrillville : Kmart : Review: Dec 30 2016 by kinkypopperpig
Published or Edited on 01/03/17

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