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Mexico : Mazatlan : Baños Sodomas : Review: Mar 30 2017 by EcoSIstemas
The number of visitors are decreasing. The reason is the entrance fee, but there is a new alternative. Rent a locker for $120 pesos. You always will find a place to fuck.

For the first time I gave head using the gloryholes. New for me but rewarding.

Drinks are strong and for $30 pesos it's worth it to get drunk while you get fucked.
Published or Edited on 04/06/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Eros Video : Review: Mar 30 2017 by Old Rancher and Cocksucker
Mr. Editor, yes, the entrance fee is seven bucks. Just a tip if you see no cars in front of the entrance don't be misguided. El Pasoans are strange people and they are paranoid their cars may be recognized, the reason why the old location was so popular: we could park in the back alley and get through the back door.

Yesterday I went around 1:30 pm, only one car in front of the store. The place was packed inside. But packed.

Of the thirty seats a good twenty were occupied plus the standing crowd and a cocksucker on his knees sucking all around the water cooler.

Between 1:30 pm to 7:00 pm I gave so much head I just wanted more. For me, cum is addictive. I can't get enough. Mostly Mexican tasty uncut meat but few white and a terrific Black GI fucked my ass at the men's room.

The place has a lot of potential. Thanks for the tip.

[i]Thanks so much for the confirmation. You El Paso guys are great! I'll have to cum over from Houston and visit someday. ~ Edit...
Published or Edited on 04/06/17
Pennsylvania : Duncannon : Big Tiki's Pleasure Shop : Review: Mar 30 2017 by QUIETGUY4
The setup is good, however there is a huge fan constantly running keeping the whole place drafty and cold and the noise drowns out the sound from the videos. Don't understand the purpose it serves. It is a small space for a huge fan running at top speed. It diminishes my cruising time and interest.
Published or Edited on 04/06/17
Virginia : Pulaski : Draper Mountain : Review: Mar 30 2017 by seafrie99
Heads Up! Do not go here. There are trail cams put up by the Sheriff's Department recording you. So, if you want your picture taken, go ahead and ignore this warning. I have see the cams and know that they are operational.
Published or Edited on 04/05/17
Illinois : Oakwood : Oasis Adult Superstore : Review: Mar 30 2017 by ndidit
My mistake on the earlier posting. The gloryholes are still there. Still a great place to go for giving or getting.

Thanks for following up. I had been curious about it after seeing their photo gallery. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 04/05/17
Las Vegas Metro : Las Vegas : Adult World : Review: Mar 29 2017 by CumBud
I've been to bookstores in a few states and this setup is really lacking privacy! Maybe it's a Nevada law or something, the way these places have to be set up? Almost every door in the arcade is a half door, so guys just end up standing on the other side and watching you and sticking their head through. Really difficult to get any privacy in this place in the arcades.

The theatre is eight dollars to get in and is basically three TVs playing gay and three TVs playing straight, with some beat up couches. I was pretty unimpressed with this place.
Published or Edited on 04/05/17
Los Angeles Metro : Los Angeles : Angeles National Forest : Review: Mar 29 2017 by SanGabrielsMuscleTOP
I might very well be there Saturday 4/8/17 afternoon. Anyone interested in meeting there that day (or some other day)? Message me!

In the past, CFS has not allowed Reviews to include specific upcoming dates when someone will be at a place.

I'm relaxing that now only for CFS Members, not for Guests who are not logged in. People can click through to CFS Profile pages for contact info or Messaging. I can't guarantee that I'll be able to edit and publish these in time. I will revise the Review Form on this page to reflect this change for CFS Members in the coming days.

Further changes will be forthcoming. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 04/05/17
Chicago Metro : Chicago : Man’s Country : Review: Mar 29 2017
Although it is open and their website is online, it's said the Man's Country may close soon.

March, 2017: Legendary Gay Bath House May Soon Close Its Doors

October, 2016: Man's Country for sale: Not your everyday piece of real estate

I hope someone who lives in or frequently visits Chicago will keep CFS updated. I rely on cruisers — CFS Members and Guests — to keep up with all the news and changes in these many places we know and love.

There's also an unofficial Facebook page for Man's Country. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 04/05/17
Long Island Metro : Deer Park : Cupid’s Boutique : Review: Mar 29 2017 by Jayin631
Finally built up the nerve to check this place out about three weeks ago. Employees are super friendly and helpful. Theatre/booth area is clean. Ten bucks to get in, fifteen for an all day pass. Two theatres. One has about four couches and two screens. The other is smaller with two couches and two screens. A bunch of booths and a few booths with gloryholes.

First time I visited the place was dead. One old guy in the theatre. wasn't real pushy but I gave him head anyway because I was there and horny to suck some cock.

Second visit there were a few guys there. Everyone just watching videos and jerking themselves off. No one playing together. Still a hot time because the guys were a bit younger and hung well, so it was a nice show.

Third visit was a bit quiet too. A few guys jerking solo and a young Hispanic guy who seemed drunk asking if I wanted to give him head but he wasn't pushy. I said no and he left the theatre.

Overall, a good place. I will return. Hope...
Published or Edited on 04/05/17
New York City Metro : Manhattan : Port Authority Terminal : Review: Mar 29 2017
There's been a pattern over the years of Port Authority Police targeting gay men in restrooms here. The practice has landed them in court.

This is similar to the 2016 lawsuits in Long Beach and San Jose, CA. These and other California cases have resulted in many (perhaps not all) jurisdictions there dropping undercover sting operations targeting gay cruising.

[quote]A class action lawsuit claims Port Authority of New York and New Jersey police are wrongly arresting gay men on public lewdness and other charges after using the bus terminal’s bathrooms.

The suit, filed Monday in Manhattan federal court, claims Port Authority police officers engage in discrimination by falsely arresting men perceived as gay at the Por...
Published or Edited on 04/05/17
New York City Metro : Manhattan : Central Park : Review: Mar 29 2017 by NYC
So let's say I'm a straight chick, cissexual, who likes to watch guys get it on. I am not interested in participating, just watching.

Other than some bitching by some of the guys, will I have any problems? I'm thinking of taking a whistle and pepper spray in case a mugger or rapist tries anything.

Also, I assume that watching in a public location is legal and that one can't be arrested for it. True?

Anyway, I love this site. It's hot just to read it.

Glad you're a fan. If you enjoy the Sex Listings Reviews, check out the Dirty Stories: Instant Jackoff Material section on the Message Board. There's a ton of reading material there going back years and years! ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 04/05/17
North Carolina : Fayetteville : Peaches Adult Boutique and Arcade : Review: Mar 28 2017 by str8 guy
is there any reason why you don't have any Black orgy porn in the booths on the other side?
Published or Edited on 04/04/17
Illinois : Rockford : Rock Cut State Park : Review: Mar 28 2017 by 815Bottom
Would be a good place to hook up, with a lot of places out of the way.
Published or Edited on 04/04/17
Illinois : Rockford : Secrets of Rockford : Review: Mar 28 2017 by 815Bottom
No action here. Just a real porn DVD store. No hookup action.
Published or Edited on 04/04/17
Illinois : Rockford : Super Pantry Gas Station : Review: Mar 28 2017 by 815Bottom
Kinda doubt any action happens here at all anymore.
Published or Edited on 04/04/17
San Diego Metro : Escondido : Romantix : Review: Mar 28 2017 by joeyflash64
Visited on Mar 22 2017 and all the gloryholes are now covered. Not as fun as it used to be.
Published or Edited on 04/04/17
Iowa : Clinton : 18 & Beyond Adult Store : Review: Mar 28 2017 by t0oL
Now newly named "18 and Beyond" Bookstore.

Thanks for the update. With this I was able to find their web site and more. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 04/04/17
Montana : Missoula : Fantasy For Adults Only : Review: Mar 28 2017 by Ralph Duff
Previously listed as Fantasy II aka Fantasy Southside in the database, this ABS/Theater is now known as "Fantasy For Adults Only."

I have never been to an open forum, like a public "theatre" before. I am a serial dater and have always shyed away from a woman that spreads her legs before I talk her into it!

I showed up and caught the tail end of three men and one woman on the flat cubicle in the corner of the room. Everyone kept quiet and the woman sucked at on end and got plowed endlessly at the other.

I watched from a leather recliner, wondering where the line-up started. Half the crowd always seemed content to watch and jerk off.

The next day, there was a Craigslist ad that treated all comers to hit a man's wife. I was fascinated to know what kind of crowd this would pull, but was surprised when only six guys showed up. Again, from my recliner I watched as the whole episode was over in twenty minutes.

So much for my expectations!

So finally on ...
Published or Edited on 04/04/17
North Carolina : Fayetteville : Peaches Adult Boutique and Arcade : Review: Mar 27 2017
Can anyone tell me when is the best day and time to go to Peaches and get some action?
Published or Edited on 04/04/17
North Carolina : Fayetteville : Peaches Adult Boutique and Arcade : Review: Mar 27 2017 by boislut68
When I was living here I used to visit what used to be Modern Video and News back in the late 90s and sucked plenty of cocks back then, mmmmm. When I was in town for business last year, I decided to check out my old stomping ground and I was in for pleasant surprise.

The interior of the main floor was clean and open with the usual things to expect in a ABS. The female employee was nice and courteous.

The second thing I noticed is that they have two doors. One door leads to the theatre and another door goes to the booths. I paid the $10 fee (2-hour time limit) and just like the old days, it's a ticket number so when your time is up, they will call your number.

So I checked out the theatre and nothing much was happening as any action. So I went to the the other side and struck paydirt. Booths.

The crowd was predominantly Black with a few whites. Some were in their 20s to the 40s. Anyway to make a long story short, in the two hours, I sucked seven BBCs and went home full o...
Published or Edited on 04/03/17
Arkansas : Fayetteville : Northwest Arkansas Mall : Review: Mar 27 2017
Still a great place. I had a jack-off buddy employee that I met all the time but he moved away. Looking for another. I'm usually there around noon.
Published or Edited on 04/03/17
Tampa Bay Metro : Clearwater : Love Toys : Review: Mar 26 2017 by Irish
After reading some positive reports on other locations I stopped again mid-week, lunchtime. Only $2 for the theatre.

I immediately stripped down and adjusted my eyes to the darkness. Just a large screen TV but some very interested guys. It wasn't long before I had one on my cock and another playing with my ass. Would love to have gotten nailed but this was all good.

The first guy sucked for a while, then I sat. Another leaned over and began to suck my small cock. I jacked him, he sucked me. While I was enjoying his lips I watched two others get sucked. Finally I gave him a load while he exploded in my hand. A good day of relief.

Give this is only $2, it's hard to pass up. They also have a row of booths that looked occupied. Glad this place has picked up.
Published or Edited on 04/03/17
Massachusetts : Mansfield : Massachusetts Welcome Center : Review: Mar 26 2017
I wonder if you may have the wrong map link. You have the Welcome Center which is in Mansfield (north Attleboro) but there is another rest area that looks much more conducive to the action described.

41.917462, -71.331383

if you go to Google Earth you'll see remnants of the fence described.

The Welcome Center has been a site of busts in the past.

[i]Update Apr 13: I've added the weigh station here. I also noticed another rest area nearby on Southbound I-95.

Thanks so much for the info, and for your other updates!

I s...
Published or Edited on 04/13/17
Boston Metro : Woburn : Crowne Plaza Boston - Woburn : Review: Mar 26 2017
Now Crowne Plaza Boston - Woburn.
Published or Edited on 04/03/17
Boston Metro : Watertown : Arsenal Yards : Review: Mar 26 2017
Mall closed for new development; Home Depot remains.
...Boylston Properties is unveiling new renderings and getting ready to launch a massive modernization of the Watertown shopping center, which will replace an aging section of the mall, and much of its vast parking lots, with new retail buildings and about 500 apartments. The mall will be renamed Arsenal Yards...

...The redesign will also make it easier to access the 12-acre Arsenal Park on the Charles River along Greenough Boulevard.
Arsenal Mall rebuild to begin soon, under new name
Published or Edited on 04/03/17
Pittsburgh Metro : Beaver Falls : Westgate Business Park : Review: Mar 26 2017 by Woodfordsguy
They are clearing the area to get it ready to build, which will be awhile. They're taking out the trees on the left side of Enterprise Drive and the left side of Commonwealth Drive.

No need to worry though, the areas where to go to have fun are untouched. They are at both ends of Commonwealth Drive. People still go there, meet a friend there, and when we arrived met a couple of guys around dusk that were from New Mexico going to New Hampshire.

We started talking and it didn't take too long until we began stroking with everyone. Both had nice-sized cocks, average size not big or small. Two guys sat on the tailgate of my pick up while the other two gave head, pretty good head at that. Two guys began to pound each other asses, then all of us did the same.

We all had a great time.
Published or Edited on 04/03/17
Alabama : Huntsville : Adult Emporium : Review: Mar 26 2017 by GloryHoleFetish
Re-visited on a Saturday from 11:30 to 2:30. It is a cool place, reasonably clean and maintained, with a good porn selection.

It was very slow during this time slot. I did get a few sucks in and swallowed a nice load before I fed an older gentleman my own. I suspect this was the wrong time frame to visit on a Saturday.

Don't forget that you have to drive from the main road through a parking lot next to a strip joint and around the building to access the back, second story entrance.

Thanks so much for those specific directions. I added them to the main part of the page. It's easiest to see the location using the Satellite View. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 04/03/17
New Jersey : Kenvil : Cupids Treasures : Review: Mar 25 2017 by JustaGuy
They were not raided. An anonymous complaint was sent in to the local police and the Morris County Prosecutor's office about Cupids in Kenvil and Adult Playtime in Randolph. They stopped by and spoke with the clerk and with the manager. They had to follow up on the complaint. Cupids boarded up the holes proactively.

I'd ask why Randolph isn't telling anyone that they had a visit as well and lying about this nonexistent raid in Kenvil. That's what I want to know.

Thanks so much for the info!

I think the other place you may be referring to is the Playtime Boutique, also listed under that name on Google and the associated Adult World site. I do see an unofficial Facebook page for Adult Playtime, so perhaps it's known by both names. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 04/03/17
Ohio : Canton : Pilot Travel Center : Review: Mar 25 2017 by ImJohn2
Rebuilt as Pilot Truck Stop.

Thanks! I'm grateful to you for the update. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 04/03/17
New Jersey : Sicklerville : Gemini Books : Review: Mar 25 2017 by lonely guy 57
Was at Gemini this morning. No hard cocks to ride, in need a cock.
Published or Edited on 04/03/17
Argentina : Buenos Aires : Cine Ideal : Review: Mar 25 2017 by mark douglas
This place is quite incredible. The ticket is now Arg$ 120 but it is worth every penny. I love to go there whenever I am in Buenos Aires.

There's five huge cinemas, a large darkroom with comfy benches, and guys sucking and fucking everywhere — in the stalls, in the corridors, in the restrooms, and of course in the dark room, with lots of other guys watching and jerking off.

The taxiboys are in general very good looking and polite and leave you alone if you are not interested, but definitely worth the Arg$ 150 they charge, and truly hung they are too.
Published or Edited on 03/31/17
Wisconsin : Green Bay : Ken Euers Nature Area : Review: Mar 25 2017 by lil_bear_yooper
Heads Up! Place watched a lot by cops and they send official letters to your home about the type of activity suspected out there. Not good reading material for your wife or girlfriend.

Undercover cops bust guys daily. The whole area has had all the overgrown brush removed and land is bare. Best to avoid the area. Or make contact and agree to drive to a new location.
Published or Edited on 03/31/17
Wisconsin : Oconto : Copper Culture State Park : Review: Mar 25 2017 by lil_bear_yooper
Heads Up! The area is under surveillance, patrolled, and has a curfew. Cops will question loiterers.
Published or Edited on 03/31/17
Chicago Metro : Chicago : Taboo Tabou : Review: Mar 25 2017
Moved: 843 1/2 W Belmont
Chicago, IL 60657
Phone: 773-883-1400

Google has no indication of an arcade.

Thanks for the update! ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 03/31/17
Baltimore Metro : Baltimore : Baltimore Eagle : Review: Mar 25 2017
Reopened January 2016:
...What makes the new Baltimore Eagle distinct from the old bar is its diversification. The complex features not only a leather "Code" bar, where fetish wear is required to enter, but a sports bar, an outdoor patio area, and a small dance floor on the first floor. Upstairs, there’s Nest nightclub, which has a stage for drag shows, musical acts, and entertainers, and can be rented out for private parties. And there’s a packaged goods store that will sell wine, beer and liquor, a fetish art gallery, and a leather shop — all scheduled to open two weeks or so after the main bar....
The Baltimore Eagle is Ready to Fly

[i]I'm so grateful to you for the update. I think someone had mentioned the re-opening to me, but I hadn't seen a news story like this. The photos look great, not to mention the interview with the co-owner. He truly illuminates wha...
Published or Edited on 03/31/17
Dallas/Fort Worth Metro : Dallas : Club Dallas : Review: Mar 25 2017 by SomeLatino
I went here on Tuesday for half room price. The place is clean and staff is friendly.

At least half of those visiting the bathhouse were older whites, not my type, but after a while I found a young — about 30 years old — good-looking Latino and we made out.

Later on I got in a threesome with an older white bottom and a Black top. I took turns with the Black top to fuck the white bottom, and I'd get some BBC in my ass randomly as well.

Around midnight, a Latino couple came and they double fucked me in the outdoors maze. It was hard to take a shit the next day.

In the end, I wanted someone to help me cum but it was pretty much dead by then. I J/O'd in the movie room.

If you're patient to wait for the right guys to come, you can have a lot of fun.
Published or Edited on 03/31/17
Denver Metro : Aurora : Havana Sauna : Review: Mar 25 2017 by Jason
Was at the Havana again on March 23. Woah! This place has getting better and better. Started out in the steam room with three other guys. No hesitation from anyone to let the others know why we were there! The small dry sauna was equally 'loaded'. The Crystal Room as always provides excellent opportunity to play around. They added one more mat. So 'accidental' touching of the guy next to you is very natural. I loved it when the guy next to me started playing with my nipples and absolutely drove me crazy.

If you like a quick jack-off go to the Swim Club. But if you love a long drawn out playing/feeling/rubbing this is the place to go.

Yes this is 'officially' still a mixed straight/gay place. But on this visit there were at best few who showed no interest in the other guys and ample guys in all age groups who were more than ready to play and to let you know in no uncertain terms.

My next goal: get played with right in the locker room when I come in. Have...
Published or Edited on 03/31/17
Miami Metro : Homestead : Dixie Adult Store & Theatres : Review: Mar 25 2017 by fulcrum
Funny, I am into older guys and went there last week to find some Daddy Dick. I went to the back booths where the gloryholes are and stripped naked and pressed my ass against the hole and waited.

I was soon being felt up by a new occupant of the adjacent booth. He got me to the point of begging to be fucked so he asked to come over into my booth.

So I'm standing there butt naked in the booth when he opens the door I see it was a hot young Latino with a meaty pinga sticking out of his pants.

Let's just say a good time was had by all.
Published or Edited on 03/31/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : University of Texas at El Paso, Liberal Arts Building : Review: Mar 24 2017 by Frank P
I went to school at UTEP and I sucked so many cocks I think I swallowed liters of milk. Traditionally the action was at the basement.

Went again last week. Surprise: Spring break, so I just J/O'd remembering the old good times.
Published or Edited on 03/30/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Sue Young Park : Review: Mar 24 2017 by Frank P
Action is only at lunch time. Make a choice, wait outside and follow the guys getting it because the restroom is so hot you will sweat like a pig if you wait inside.

Nice luck with soldiers.
Published or Edited on 03/30/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Street cruising near Texas and E. Mills Avenues : Review: Mar 24 2017 by Frank P
Heads Up! Just an update on the cruising there. The new movement is dark-colored cars with no license plates or temporary fake plates parking on Eucalyptus and at the end of the alleys. They're also on the streets close by leading to the rail tracks.

No idea what could happen if you follow those guys but Wednesday, March 22 a guy in a bike was cruising around and eventually cornering the guys following him where those cars were park.

Just be careful. He was wearing tiny shorts showing an impressive manhood. He'd stop, pull it out, and go back to his ride. I think is all a set up.
Published or Edited on 03/30/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Eros Video : Review: Mar 24 2017 by Frank P
Victor, try the new location. Eros moved to the old Eva theater. Fuck clean, ample, new seats, and a perfect to fuck in a restroom. I had a five-way!

Even boxes of Kleenex on the wall so you can clean you dick, ass, or mouth.

Fred's Review Mar 20 said the place moved to the former Venus location. Hope that's the same place. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 03/30/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Ascarate Park : Review: Mar 24 2017 by Frank P
I was off work this week. Every day between 10 am to 2 pm there is lot of action at the three men's rooms. I never visited the golf course restroom.

From guys that just go to J/O or watch to fabulous three-ways or four-ways like one today.

Hours of operation had changed and was I scared one day. Around 7:45 pm after I finished giving head to a Black guy, I was washing my face and a Sheriff's officer got in the men's room. Very polite, he told me, "Sir, we are ready to close the park."

I did smile and left. Must say he gently rubbed his dick several times but it was too much for me. A cute toned Mexican with tight black pants. Eventually I will have that dick.
Published or Edited on 03/30/17
Illinois : Atkinson : Lions Den Adult Bookstore : Review: Mar 24 2017
Nice bookstore, very clean, staff very friendly and helpful. Good selection of your average bookstore merchandise. Now, on to the fun part.

The arcade is clean and dark. Multiple booths are big enough for a few people. There's a couple buddy booths, and one gloryhole between two of them. My wife and I frequent on the weekends. Mid to late afternoon, evening seem most active. Third shift seems to be the slowest.

A bonus of third shift is the clerk working it. He's a young guy with a noticeable imprint of his cock going half way down his thigh. If he notices you looking, he'll give it a squeeze and smile. Wife and I have been trying to get him in the back, but subtlety isn't working and we're a little shy about just asking him. So, if you know who we're taking about, any info or past experiences is greatly appreciated.

Clientele is mainly truckers, the occasional local farm boy, and couples. Over all, good times but it can be slow.

[i]I deleted th...
Published or Edited on 03/30/17
Arkansas : Greers Ferry : Shiloh Park - Greers Ferry Lake : Review: Mar 24 2017
I am a good looking slim younger guy and I live within a mile of here. In the summer when the bath houses are open, I constantly frequent the new large bath house by the marina late at night, after Midnight, and jack my cock hard in hopes some dude will come, well, cum down my throat along with his friends.

Winter time, I park either next to the boat launch, or on the launch and "fish" while I either walk around jacking my cock, or lay across a picnic table in the two secluded campgrounds to the right of the launch, once again, hoping for some hot cock to be shoved in my mouth.

This is such an easy and great place to take advantage of, why aren't there any dudes shoving cocks and cumming down my throat?!?!

They just close off large parts during winter, even safer. Park, walk in to those spots, cum everywhere.

Same with Cherokee, Mill Creek, Hill Creek, Heber Springs Recreational, Devils Fork, JFK Park, pick a place at Greers Ferry Lake, I constan...
Published or Edited on 03/30/17
Mexico City Metro : Mexico City : Baños Finisterre : Review: Mar 24 2017 by Lorenzo
Baños Finisterre is open. I've gone four times since I've been in Mexico City. It closes at 9 pm M-F and at 4 PM on Sunday.

129 peso entry. 100 peso massage. 40 peso beers.

It's good time. Crowd varies.

I'm grateful to you for the update (or correction). Thanks!

I rely on cruisers like you to tell CFS when places close, and I do try to verify it when possible. Sometimes they never closed, closed and reopened, or there's some other explantion. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 03/30/17
Tampa Bay Metro : Tampa : Ybor Resort and Spa : Review: Mar 23 2017 by Don
Looks like the only true bath house in town is the Men's Club.

Hopefully it help their business and make it busier.
Published or Edited on 03/29/17
New York : Buffalo : Great American News Co. : Review: Mar 22 2017 by Big Dick
I was here once and made three or four guys cum watching my big twelve-inch dick. I am planning on going back soon.
Published or Edited on 03/29/17
Seattle Metro : Des Moines : Secrets Adult Video Store & Theatre : Review: Mar 22 2017 by Horny1
We went there the other night and spent the entire time in the anonymous booth. She was well fucked by numerous cocks. She even made one of the guys suck my cock! Love this place!
Published or Edited on 03/29/17
California : Bakersfield : Yokuts Park : Review: Mar 22 2017
I was traveling down Highway 99 on a rainy day and decided to get out of the stop-and-go traffic. Found this park on this site and thought I would check it out.

Man this place is cruisy. When I got here there was a six-man orgy. It was a bit of a bust so I walked out and let them finish. I ran into a cute straight Mexican guy and blew his thick eight-inch cock in his truck.

Then a 19 year-old Black skater boy saw me checking him out. He went in the slide tube in the playground that was empty due to the rain. I walked where I could see up the tube. He brush the crotch of his pants with his hand. I did the same, and he pulled out a beautiful 9" cock.

As I walked over to the tube he climbed up further. I crawled up the tube and started sucking his cock and balls. They were tasty. He looked at me and said, "I want some ass."

I pulled my shorts down showing my ass and he slid up beside me. Then he shoved his cock up my ass bareback. Man, did this boy know how to work...
Published or Edited on 03/29/17

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