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Tampa Bay Metro : Tampa : Rainbow Cabaret : Review: Mar 07 2017 by cumluvr4u
The website www.​rainbowcaberet.​com is not going to their site. It is pulling up a totally different site. It is pulling up a porn site that is showing all girls looking for sex.

Can you please fix this? Thank you.

Thanks so much for letting me know! I rely on cruisers like you to let me know about changes like this. The establishments themselves rarely contact CFS.

I found the newer Rainbow Cabaret web site and made the change here. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 03/13/17
San Francisco Metro : San Francisco : Westfield San Francisco Centre : Review: Mar 06 2017
From August, 2016 a man was beaten and robbed in the restroom here. This came two days a body was found in an emergency exit stairwell, with the death ruled a homicide.

"An investigation by The Chronicle in January showed that the 800 block of Market Street, which includes the Westfield mall, generates more crime reports than any other single block in the city."

Man beaten, robbed in restroom at SF's Westfield mall

I'm not adding a Heads Up to this link submitted by an anonymous guest. I summarized the link contents and it clearly sounds like a dangerous area. However, the story does not indicate that either crime was directed specifically towards cruising nor to men seeking men. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 03/13/17
Tennessee : Chattanooga : Cinema One : Review: Mar 06 2017 by cumluvr4u
Just wondering if there's any new update on the Cinema 1?
Published or Edited on 03/13/17
Toronto Metro : Toronto : Remington's Men of Steel : Review: Mar 06 2017 by robertcanada
This is now closed. Building will be demolished to make way for a condo.

Thanks for the update!

At this writing Remington's web site is still online and doesn't indicate a closure. There's also a Facebook page with a post from "23 hours ago" promoting "Amateur Night" on March 14, tomorrow night."

Nonetheless, I do see reports such as the following indicating that redevelopment is coming:

Nov 2016: RIP, Yonge Cinemas (Part 1)

May, 2015: Remington's Men of Steel threatened as Toronto strip clubs die out

I've added a note and putting the place on my list to review later. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 03/13/17
Mexico : Mazatlán : PP Club : Review: Mar 06 2017 by EcoSIstemas
Excellent news. There is a sign now as you get in saying not to take your valuables to the dark room.

So no wallet, no cell phone, no keys, etc.

Enjoy it!
Published or Edited on 03/13/17
Mexico : Mazatlan : Baños Sodomas : Review: Mar 06 2017 by Hector
The entrance fee is now $150.00 pesos, good for us but very expensive for Mexicans. So be sure to ask when you get in how many are inside. Saturday was so full I ended asking for a third condom.

I had three magnificent pieces of dick in a period of two hours.
Published or Edited on 03/13/17
New York City Metro : Queens : Sensations Video Warehouse : Review: Mar 06 2017 by nycdude3
All it takes is a few stuck up bitches to give a place an unfriendly tinge. I'm a good looking, masculine guy so it isn't for lack of desirability.

I've gone several times, more standing and posing than I remember in the clubs. Maybe I'll give this place another shot sometime. But only if I'm nearby, won't make a dedicated trip.
Published or Edited on 03/13/17
Mexico : Ciudad Juarez : Estambul Spa : Review: Mar 06 2017 by Carlos
I am sorry to say that staff is not friendly at all. The person behind the desk is more interested in using his Facebook than serving costumers.

The jacuzzi was filthy. Even worse, to save electricity the corridors are dark and I witnessed an accident with a lot of blood included. The man behind the desk didn't show sympathy.

A place to avoid.
Published or Edited on 03/13/17
Washington Metro : Washington : The Crucible : Review: Mar 05 2017 by Loneranger
New address: 412 V St. NE, Washington DC 20002. If using public transportation: take the Red Line and exit Rhode island Ave/Brentwood station. When you exit the toll stalls, take a right, cross the bridge, take the steps to the left. Left at bottom of stairs and walk along the paved trail. Keep walking and watch for signs on telephone poles for V St. (Carlos Rosario Intl. School), turn right and down the stairs. Crucible will ahead one block on your right.
Published or Edited on 03/10/17
Connecticut : Meriden : AMAZING Intimate Essentials : Review: Mar 05 2017 by dennisal
Cleaner and brighter. Booths are very large. Only saw one with gloryhole. Didn't seem as crowded as before. I was there at lunchtime.

However I did get to suck some cock, older white guy, by leaving the door ajar. I hope it starts to pick up more traffic.
Published or Edited on 03/10/17
Denver Metro : Denver : Act I & II Cinema : Review: Mar 04 2017 by D
Enter at the bookstore now.

Google shows the place 'Permanently Closed' but Bing does not. It also shows up on Westword's directory. I take it the theatre is open? ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 03/10/17
Maryland : Rockville : Sport & Health : Review: Mar 04 2017 by Rex
I'll be looking here!
Published or Edited on 03/10/17
Philadelphia Metro : Bristol : Fantasy Adult Center : Review: Mar 04 2017 by Jon
This place is hit or miss, lately more miss. The two guys who work nights are jerks, but they won't bother you once you pay $10. Used to find a lot more action here in the past, but now it's filled with lots of trolls and older dudes.

I've seen a guy from the front more than once come back when the occasionally a male/female couple comes in and join them in their booth.

It's worth a shot, you just may need to hang out a bit until a decent guy comes in. Lots of cocksuckers as always here.
Published or Edited on 03/10/17
Amsterdam Metro : Amsterdam : Oosterpark : Review: Mar 04 2017
Heads Up! There was a stabbing here near the museum the night of Friday, March 6, 2017.

'A stabbing incident that led to the death of a 33-year-old Eastern European man in Amsterdam's Oosterpark on Friday, has led to more attention for muggings in this known meeting place for gay men. According to Ellie Lust of the Amsterdam police's LGBT team, there have been a series of incidents in the park in recent months, Het Parool reports.

"There have been several robberies", Lust said to the newspaper. "These men are a vulnerable target group because it often involves men who don't openly live a homosexual life. Then you can't just go to the police. This is a bit like crawling into the minds of the perpetrators, but maybe they look for that in their victims." '

Fatal stabbing draws more attention to muggings at amsterdam gay cruising spot

Published or Edited on 03/10/17
Massachusetts : Lancaster : Johnny Appleseed Visitors' Center : Review: Mar 04 2017 by H@x0r
The hours have changed for this rest area. The restrooms are closed at 6 pm and the doors are locked.

There is still some cruising that goes on in the parking lot, but not much. And there's no place to play, as the woods are fenced off.
Published or Edited on 03/10/17
California : Modesto : Street cruising along Kansas Avene : Review: Mar 03 2017
For the longest time I thought this was BS. Maybe some queen that lived on this street wishing for rent boyster on it.

I finally saw Modesto's rentboy. Damn if it wasn't for the homeless tweaker thing he was cute. I passed.
Published or Edited on 03/09/17
Sacramento Metro : Sacramento : Oasis Sauna : Review: Mar 03 2017 by BiBen
Oasis Sauna claims to be a Men's Korean Sauna, offering scrubs and massages, but it really is a de facto gay bathhouse.

There's a hot tub, a cold pool, steam room, sauna, an open shower area, as well as a dimly-lit back shower area where one can schedule a massage and/or scrub. There is also a TV lounge area separated from the rest of the facility by a curtain.

It's rather dingy with no natural light coming in but relatively clean. The day I went, I was approached for sex within two minutes of entering the place.

There are signs everywhere warning people that sexual activity is forbidden. And according to one of the previous reviews, the place was raided. People didn't have sex in the hot tub or the open shower area, but in the steam, sauna, the back showers, as well as the lounge, there was lots of action — mostly blowjobs, but the occasional fucking as well.

As I said, it is a bit dank, but clean, and there's definitely action to be had here.
Published or Edited on 03/09/17
New York City Metro : Manhattan : X-Pressions : Review: Mar 02 2017 by gothamcruiser
Closed for good Friday, February 24, 2017. Another one gone. I happened to be hanging in the aisle in the booth section that night when a clerk said to another customer, "Tonight is last night."

There were clues already, the front section of the store was undergoing renovations, the exterior of the building was covered with scaffolding.

The next day, Saturday, I went by and found the front door propped wide open. From there I could see all the way back to back of the store and realized they must have gutted the booths already. I glanced in the back of a big truck parked outside and saw a bunch of black panels that must have been booths.

The store had good access to the 53rd St. subways. The weightlifting guy who seemed to be manager was often nasty to customers, pounding on doors and yelling at them. Once I saw him in a boxing pose ready to beat up a guy who didn't like the abuse, though this customer was no threat at all. The customer called the cops but I don'...
Published or Edited on 03/09/17
Portland Metro : Portland : Hawk's PDX : Review: Mar 02 2017 by Dogman
My first visit to Hawks was great! I went at 3 pm and there was a good mix of fellows.

After wandering a bit I sat in the sauna and a guy started sucking my cock after just a few minutes. I cum easily so I didn't let him do me very long before I slid down to suck him. This went on with several guys before I went to explore a bit more.

I saw a guy in a booth lying on his back and gave him a little head. He invited my in and gave my ass a good fuck, with condom, which are plentiful in the place.

Another guy that I met in the sauna gave my ass a good going over in one of the slings. A bit later I got off in the steam room by a guy using his hand. All in all a great time was had by all!
Published or Edited on 03/09/17
Wisconsin : Stevens Point : University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point - Library : Review: Mar 01 2017 by Ya
Used to be great, but as far as I can tell, it's dead. Point has never had any good cruisy spots as far as I have found.
Published or Edited on 03/09/17
Florida : Venice : Caspersen Beach : Review: Feb 28 2017
Heads Up! An two-day investigation and undercover sting operation here at the end of February, 2017 resulted in the arrest of six men for indecent exposure or lewd behavior. Names, photos, and home towns were published.

Hungarian Honorary Counsul among men arrested at Caspersen Beach for indecent exposure

Undercover cops arrest 6 men for indecent exposure, solicitation at Sarasota beach
Published or Edited on 03/09/17
Florida : Cape Coral : Home Depot : Review: Feb 28 2017
Nothing. There is nothing happening here.
Published or Edited on 03/09/17
New Orleans Metro : New Orleans : Adult Video : Review: Feb 28 2017 by Virginman68
I was here Saturday night / Sunday morning. Immediately upon walking in, a cute li'l young guy was cruisy. He followed me to the adjacent booth and sucked my dick a bit through the hole. Then stuck his dick through.

I sucked it for a minuted and it was hard and long as fuck. I then stuck my ass in and he fucked me for a minute. Then he said he wanted to come in the same booth.

He fucked the shit out of me for about ten minutes until he couldn't hold that nut any longer and shot what felt like a gallon in my ass.

As soon as I walked out there was another Black guy waiting to follow him. And I let him. Beautiful body but dick not as big, he came quick 'cause my ass was wet.

Then after about thirty minutes a guy I had seen since I got there finally let me see his dick. It was huge, like thirteen inches! He fucked me mercilessly until he gave me the final load of the night.

I could not take any more but it was good night. Please visit. If you are sexy you will ha...
Published or Edited on 03/08/17
Tyne and Wear - England : Newcastle-Upon-Tyne : Eldon Square Shopping Centre / Eldon Garden Shopping Center : Review: Feb 27 2017
Heads Up! "A shopper in Eldon Square was subjected to a terrifying sex attack by a talented footballer who tried to pull him into a toilet cubicle while out of control on drugs.

Linton Mwingi went from being a promising footballer and athlete to a criminal deviant after becoming hooked on legal highs.

While hanging around toilets in the city centre shopping complex, he approached a young man, exposed himself, made lewd comments and tried to drag him into a cubicle..."

Eldon Square shopper subjected to terrifying sex attack in toilets by talented footballer

And at Eldon Garden, the centre next door:

"Two men have bee...
Published or Edited on 03/08/17
New Jersey : Kenvil : Cupids Treasures : Review: Feb 27 2017 by Scorsagian
This place was great until a few weeks ago when they were raided by the police. All the gloryholes have been boarded up, and they will tell you, after paying the nine dollars, that there is no "funny business" allowed or you will be removed.
Published or Edited on 03/08/17
South Carolina : North Charleston : Chateau Exxxperience : Review: Feb 27 2017 by Unknown
Stopped in Sunday afternoon and had my cock in a mouth in a matter of minutes, sucking my cock hard and deep before swallowing my big load. I wish I cold of stuck around longer to blow another load.
Published or Edited on 03/08/17
Washington : Pasco : Elmo's Adult Books & Videos : Review: Feb 27 2017 by Jack
Are there any women who like to fuck here?
Published or Edited on 03/08/17
Tampa Bay Metro : Clearwater : Love Toys : Review: Feb 27 2017 by Irish
Nice location but on my one and only visit months ago it was devoid of people around lunchtime. Store was very bright and clean but being one of only three people there — the other two were a couple shopping — I did not visit the booths nor theatre.

Would this place be recommended for a daytime visit or only a nighttime venue? Wondering about the size of the theatre.
Published or Edited on 03/08/17
Maryland : Carderock : Carderock Recreation Area : Review: Feb 27 2017 by HornyInMd
The gloryhole is back. I like to stop by early afternoons during the week.
Published or Edited on 03/08/17
New Jersey : Avenel : Adult Variety Store : Review: Feb 26 2017 by LatinoLover
Started going here once in a while for the last five months. I was there sometime last week, during a late evening. I walked in one of the booths and in the booth next to me was a crossdresser or at least a panty-wearing crossdresser with a hot looking smooth ass sticking out into my booth.

I couldn't help myself so I had to eat her ass a bit and I whipped my cock out and slowly started to rub my cock between her sissy ass cheeks. Then eventually I slipped in and heard a hot fem moan that just turned me on.

I started to fuck her while other guys from other booths were looking. I shot my load deep inside that juicy sissy ass. And not even two seconds after I stepped out of my booth, another guy jumps in there and started to fuck the sissy again.

Awesome experience, will be going there again, and hopefully find another hot sissy ass to fuck again.
Published or Edited on 03/08/17
Arizona : Yuma : Adult XXX Superstore : Review: Feb 26 2017
Always stop here on my way to San Diego. Within thirty seconds, I had three offers to suck my big thick dick. Ended blowing my load on a hot hungry mouth and he swallowed!
Published or Edited on 03/07/17
New York City Metro : Manhattan : Xcellent DVD : Review: Feb 26 2017
Heads Up! "Two assailants slashed a 63-year-old man during the robbery of a Greenwich Village sex shop early Sunday, cops said.

The knife wielding duo stormed Xcellent Video, 24-hour porn shop on Sixth Ave. near W. 13th St. around 5:20 a.m., and slashed a store clerk, according to officials."

Man, 63, slashed in sex shop robbery in Greenwich Village

In light of the Review from Oct 11 2016 I think your Heads Up alert may be justified. Some bad things are going down here. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 03/07/17
Denver Metro : Commerce City : Romantix Commerce City : Review: Feb 26 2017
"Officers with the Commerce City Police Department responded to reports of an altercation between a man and a woman at a Romantix adult bookstore at 4810 Pontiac St. about 5:30 a.m.

When officers arrived, the man [who was wearing body armor] went to the nearby parking lot of Hensley Battery and Electrics in Denver. Police followed and shot at the suspect, hitting him in the leg. It's not known how many officers fired their weapons."

Man injured in shooting by Commerce City officers in Denver

I removed the Heads Up alert attached to this because it's probably an isolated incident involving two people where police were call to intervene.

If a pattern of problems at this store arises I will reconsider. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 03/07/17
West Virginia : Parkersburg : Pioneer Bookstore : Review: Feb 26 2017
Place is toast.

"A preliminary plan has the video lottery establishment, a City Perk, on the site of the Pioneer Adult Bookstore"

Wood County officials OK video lottery variance
Published or Edited on 03/07/17
Honolulu Metro : Waikiki : Max's Gym & Health Club : Review: Feb 26 2017 by COCKSUCKERSLUT
Really going to miss Max's. Always was a good time. Hope someone opens up again. Maybe Steamworks? Max's steam was always good.
Published or Edited on 03/07/17
U. S. Virgin Islands : Saint John : Reef Bay Beach : Review: Feb 26 2017 by JD
I hiked down here to check it out. The trail was about six miles round trip, although I suspect that there's an easier way to get here since both of the other people came from the other direction down the beach.

It's far too remote to be considered cruisy, but I ran into two sunbathers over the course of the afternoon.

The spot is actually one beach to the west of the reef bay ruins. Take the trail to the right, just before the factory ruins. It's a short hike over the hill then walk to the far end of the beach.

Both of the guys that I saw went to this spot before undressing. It's a quiet spot to safely sunbathe.

Thanks for the helpful additional info!

Sometimes these "remote" places can provide remarkable, if less reliable, cruising opportunities. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 03/07/17
Philadelphia Metro : Philadelphia : Club Philly : Review: Feb 26 2017 by SteveDisque
Much the same as when I've been here previously. The locker room is under renovation, though I don't think the old TV lounge is coming back, too bad. Meanwhile, they've moved the lockers into the snack bar, which can be awkward. The entry attendant was efficient but terse.

There's an added $1 "towel fee," which you can't avoid even by bringing your own. There's also another $1 added onto credit card payments. Isn't this illegal in PA?

There are free condoms available, but no free lube; they sell lube at the front at a significant markup from, say, drugstore prices.

As someone else mentioned, the crowd is very hit-or-miss, and I mostly "missed" last night, being either too early or too late.
Published or Edited on 03/07/17
Palm Beach County Metro : Lake Worth : John Prince Park : Review: Feb 25 2017
Heads Up! 'An SFGN investigation has revealed that law enforcement officers in Palm Beach County are stopping men and questioning them in at least one public park with no legal basis to do so.

Over the past month the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office has been aggressively patrolling John Prince Park in Lake Worth, stopping men, who are walking alone, and then interrogating them. In some instances, they’ve even taken photos of the men for their “personal use.”' ~ From SFGN (South Florida Gay News, Feb 22, 2017:

Walking While Gay: Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office targets men in John Prince Park

And in the recent past at this and other parks in Palm Beach County:

Cops Accused of Entrapping Gay Men
Published or Edited on 03/06/17
Winston-Salem/Greensboro/High Point Metro : Winston-Salem : New Vision Video : Review: Feb 25 2017 by WakeStud
There absolutely is an arcade. I was there three days ago.
Published or Edited on 03/06/17
New York City Metro : Manhattan : X-Pressions : Review: Feb 24 2017 by Onlyme
This place has closed for good as of February 23, 2017. I was there in the afternoon and the place was literally gone.

They were still letting guys into the back booths and ten downstairs where only the big screen was on and the nasty sofa. All booths gone. When I left the guy confirmed it was their last day.
Published or Edited on 03/06/17
Austin Metro : Austin : 24 Hour Fitness: Austin Sport : Review: Feb 24 2017 by like2play
This place is still one of the best places to meet guys with no strings attached. Lots of very fit guys who are probably married and like to be discreet are regulars.

Also agree that 2 - 5 or so in the afternoon is the best time because you have time to blow a load when there is not much activity in the locker room. Super easy to jerk off at the first urinal while the other guy watches so you can't get caught. Some extra cautious guys like to flex and show off in the sauna or steam room.

Last week I played in the middle section of the locker room with a super-buff hairy god, just my type, while a guy at the mirror watched by the mirror and acted as a lookout to give us plenty of lead time if anyone was coming.
Published or Edited on 03/06/17
New York City Metro : Manhattan : Blue Door Video : Review: Feb 24 2017 by Flex
Great place but the Health Dept. is looking at the basement.

No heat, toilets overflowing, seating is torn and probably infested with bed bugs and fleas. Owners must not care except for the $10 fee. Health dept. will certainly be there to check.
Published or Edited on 03/06/17
New Jersey : Sicklerville : Gemini Books : Review: Feb 24 2017 by peter
Was here a couple weeks ago at around 9 am. There was a very clean girl in front, very nice and helpful, who showed me around. Been a long time since I been here. Place was empty that time in the morning. Hope to go back soon for some fun.
Published or Edited on 03/06/17
Ohio : Akron : Cocktails 2.0 : Review: Feb 24 2017 by Chuck
This place is closed. The building was torn down.

Thanks for the update! This prompted me to search and I found it's now Cocktails 2.0 at a new location per GayCities, Facebook, Google and Yelp. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 03/06/17
Las Vegas Metro : Las Vegas : Las Vegas Lounge : Review: Feb 24 2017 by Jack
When I come to Vegas I always stop at the LV Lounge. Last time through I was hanging at the bar and encountered a beautiful white Tgirl who went by the name of Jenna.

After a drink of two we decided to take it back to my room. She had nice tits but the lower unit was not happening. So I let her suck me until I was rock hard and then I pounded her in the ass. I'm sure the rooms around me thought there was a murder going on!

Anyway I dumped my load and then we fell asleep. In the morning she sucked me off and then we had a coffee together and exchanged numbers. I plan to see her the next time I'm there.
Published or Edited on 03/02/17
Connecticut : Danbury : Fantasy Isle : Review: Feb 24 2017 by Lovemyassbanged
I love this place. I wear a thong and get my ass fucked every time.
Published or Edited on 03/02/17
Virginia : Richmond : Home Depot : Review: Feb 23 2017 by Almost beat up
Heads Up! There was a guy in the handicap stall the other night. He was in there for over 45 minutes. He would tap his foot from time to time. You could see a shadow of his arm moving like he was jacking off.

I started making jacking off sounds and trying to get his attention. He would tease but never make a move. He never said stop or anything.

Over an hour later, he got up to leave. I followed to wash my hands and he went off on me, saying I am a fucking sick bastard and he should break my fucking neck. What the fuck is wrong with me.

He followed me all the way to my car cussing and threatening me. In all actuality, I never made a move or even showed him my dick. Very scary and strange. So be careful.
Published or Edited on 03/02/17
New York City Metro : Manhattan : Bijou Film Forum : Review: Feb 23 2017 by Robert
This place is dying. Monday to Thursday, very few people. Drug sales are rampant. People are rude and obnoxious.

Better on Friday and Saturday late, after 11 pm. There's less obnoxious people on the weekend. I guess they must be more horny or drunk.

Save your $13.
Published or Edited on 03/02/17
San Jose Metro : Santa Clara : Adult World : Review: Feb 23 2017 by Wendy
I went in here with no makeup on and my hair tucked under my baseball hat, got through counter quick with my paper bills went into arcade.

After maybe ten minutes I found a room and secured the door, and within seconds someone stuck a nice sized cock through.

I started sucking just the head until he gave me the entire length. Wow, he was very thick and long. I stayed on his entire cock about thirty minutes. Then there was a loud bursting yell as he had cum in my mouth, pulled out a little and squirted on my face.

I loved it!

Going back today looking as a boy. Let's see what happens.
Published or Edited on 03/02/17
Austin Metro : Austin : 24 Hour Fitness: Austin Sport : Review: Feb 23 2017 by hairymucl
There are some really hot guys working out here who also like to show off and play. New showers here make that scene impossible.

Between 2 and 5 (pm? am? ~ Editor) is a great time to go. Easy to scout willing guys in the hot tub. The steamroom and sauna are coed but you can see when someone is coming.

Best thing is that a lot of the guys here are younger, fit, and clean.
Published or Edited on 03/02/17

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