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New York City Metro : Queens : Little Neck Video : Review: Oct 04 2017 by hornilatino1
As of Oct 4, all the gloryholes are now open except for the first booth.
Published or Edited on 10/11/17
Los Angeles Metro : Los Angeles : Angeles National Forest : Review: Oct 04 2017 by SanGabrielsMuscleTOP
Holy Shit. I realize that all these years I've had the wrong expired email set up. Sorry to anyone who tried to contact me. My email address is now updated so if anyone wants to meet up here send me a message and I'll get it and we will fuck out in the mountains.

I was here a few months ago and a friend and I had a great time. Nobody else was there.
Published or Edited on 10/09/17
Georgia : Macon : X-Mart Adult Supercenter - Macon : Review: Oct 04 2017 by BiGuy
I go here about once a month after work around 5 pm, never had a problem finding a guy to suck or get a blow job from.
Published or Edited on 10/09/17
Florida : Panama City : Bonita Bay Outdoor Recreation Area : Review: Oct 03 2017 by Kevin
You can still find action here. I had a nice long blowjob a few weeks ago by the picnic tables down from the boat ramp.
Published or Edited on 10/09/17
Florida : Panama City : Joe Moody Harris Park : Review: Oct 03 2017 by Kevin
This place is still active and safe. Just use good judgment. I stopped by three days ago and got a great blowjob in the bathroom within five minutes.
Published or Edited on 10/09/17
Orange County Metro : Orange : Shaffer Park : Review: Oct 02 2017
This place is under construction. Currently fenced off.

Thanks for the update. This news story indicates the park reconstruction is supposed to be completed August 2018. Let us know what it's like after that. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 10/09/17
Tucson Metro : Tucson : Caesar's Adult Shop : Review: Oct 01 2017
The booths suck. No privacy and two people barely fit The door is exposed from the thigh down, about three feet. The private booths seem promising but there's cameras all around.

It depends on the clerk if they allow any sexual contact. The place was lonely, only two others around and not my type. Disappointing.
Published or Edited on 10/09/17
West Virginia : Mineralwells : Lion's Den Adult Superstore : Review: Oct 01 2017 by Benny024
While driving through stopped in. An old-timer wanted me to suck him. I was kinda hesitant, but I did. Turns out he was a surprising grower.

I sucked his big, hard, white cock for about ten minutes 'til he said he wanted to fuck me in the ass! He fucked me for a good twenty minutes before cumming!

When we walked out of the booth, he went over, with me in tow, to his two buddies. He told them he had just "greased" my ass and added that I had "fucked him back."

After a couple more minutes, I was completely naked in one of the big booths, sucking cock and getting butt-fucked. One guy was so good at sucking my smooth nuts I came with no hands as I was also getting fucked. No one had ever sucked my heavy nuts like that.

Will always cum back here!
Published or Edited on 10/09/17
South Carolina : Fort Mill : Gold Hill Branch YMCA : Review: Oct 01 2017 by uncutm
Hot steam room and shower area. If you stay long enough, you will see someone stroking or showing off.
Published or Edited on 10/06/17
South Carolina : Rock Hill : Charlotte Avenue Branch YMCA : Review: Oct 01 2017 by uncutm
Always see something good here. Be careful.
Published or Edited on 10/06/17
Las Vegas Metro : Las Vegas : A-Action Adult Books & Videos : Review: Oct 01 2017 by Matthew Capitano
I love this place. I'm a flaming gay cock-sucking cum-drinking slut-whore. I've sucked lots of cocks here and swallowed lots of cum here. I pull down my shorts, lift up my top, and get down on my knees so I can satisfy as many men as I can in one night.
Published or Edited on 10/06/17
Seattle Metro : Tacoma : Delong Park : Review: Sep 30 2017 by COCKSUCKERSLUT
Nice little park, wooded trails. But not in the winter. I will wait till some enchanted summer evening after dark. It's too Washington wet and muddy now. Also it's better after dark so you don't scare the kiddies. So suck you in the spring.
Published or Edited on 10/06/17
Texas : Wichita Falls : DW's Adult Video : Review: Sep 30 2017 by AJinDFW
This is now DW's Adult Video, address 2001 Sheppard Access Rd, Wichita Falls, TX 76306, Phone: 940-763-1000. Hours are 9 am - Midnight, Fri/Sat til 2:00 am. The arcade is now token operated. Standard little booths with old school TV's behind plexiglass I like the retro, seedy, feel about them! Some have gloryholes.

I've been here twice, weeknights, with three cocks coming through the hole on one visit and was alone the whole time my second time. Fun place I'm sure at times!

Thanks so much for the update. I found additional info on Google and their web site, also about their store in Bellevue.

Keep going back, having fun, and posting more Reviews! :) ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 10/06/17
Tampa Bay Metro : Tampa : X-Mart Adult Supercenter : Review: Sep 30 2017 by fotospoon
Extremely clean, and good gloryholes. Checked in on a Thursday afternoon around 4 pm. It was rather slow, but the infrastructure is there. ;)

Pay-per-view is a bit boring, but in this instance nobody bothered to pay all the time.
Published or Edited on 10/06/17
Tampa Bay Metro : Tampa : Adult World : Review: Sep 30 2017 by fotospoon
Thursday afternoon visit: slow but place is OK. Not very clean, neither very dirty. Crowd was slow at 5 pm.

They have a nice "token." You charge it and it lets you come and go for the next eight hours.
Published or Edited on 10/06/17
Czech Republic : Prague : Club Valentino : Review: Sep 30 2017
Published or Edited on 10/06/17
South Carolina : Greer : Shelter Court Park : Review: Sep 29 2017 by acurvedd
Still active location. Mostly older and Black men. I've gotten a few BJs here. Be careful though. I've seen cops do drive-throughs.
Published or Edited on 10/04/17
New Jersey : Avenel : Adult Variety Store : Review: Sep 29 2017 by NJBigCok
Not sure how much longer this place will be open fellas. Especially now that they raised the starting price for the porn in the booths up to $5! Went last night, was there for over an hour and barely anyone other than a few trolls came in. And within that hour I spent $50 'cause of that $5 shit plus how quickly it sucks your money up. Shame, this used to be the place to go get some dick and ass.

I'm a cute white dude in his 30's with a big dick who loves to just go to a place where there's a bunch of dudes with their dicks out, tugging, stroking, sucking, eating ass, fucking, etc. This used to be the place to do it at. Now it's starting to turn primarily into trolls who can't ever take a hint.

The only other place close to there is the one in South Amboy, but even that is more "miss" than "hit" these days. Either that or Little Theater if you want some big black dick but that area of Newark is not the safest so y...
Published or Edited on 10/04/17
Ohio : Dayton : Adultmart - Dayton : Review: Sep 29 2017 by NFS65
Several cars in the parking lot with most guys just millings around. I did find a guy stroking and I got down and started sucking him. I then had another guy sticking his cock in my face. Neither came but left.

I then found another guy stroking and I got down. I had one of the other first guys show up and sticking his cock in my face. I ended up swallowing two loads, hot.
Published or Edited on 10/04/17
New Hampshire : Manchester : Mall of New Hampshire : Review: Sep 29 2017 by First-time
The place to go when you connect with a guy on an app. Met a hot guy my age, late 20s, and gave him a quick BJ. Other mall bathrooms are too crowded. We were both first-timers.
Published or Edited on 10/04/17
Iowa : Marshalltown : Eighteen Tobacco & More (Adult Odyssey) : Review: Sep 29 2017 by paul
Closed. Out of business.
Published or Edited on 10/04/17
Chicago Metro : Niles : King Spa and Sauna : Review: Sep 28 2017 by jyhming
Have been back several times and now they have placed a lot of staff as watchdogs at the steamroom and the wet area to prevent people from blatant cruising. That said, men still find themselves rubbing and extremely cautious about getting caught.

Due to the frequency of the sex checks, all cruising has stopped and we've got no privacy whatsoever.

That said, it is still a great place to relax and get well rested with various saunas that no rivals even come close.
Published or Edited on 10/04/17
Las Vegas Metro : Las Vegas : A-Action Adult Books & Videos : Review: Sep 27 2017 by kevin
Love this place. I only suck black dick and this is the place. Last time I was here I sucked off three BBCs and it felt so good to leave with so much cum in my stomach. I am going back for sure for BBC.
Published or Edited on 10/02/17
Atlanta Metro : Sandy Springs : Inserection By LOVE SHACK : Review: Sep 27 2017
Inserection and the two strip clubs targeted by Sandy Springs filed an appeal with the full 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, the next step after losing with a three-judge panel.

Attorney Cary Wiggins, representing the targeted businesses, says there is a possibility of a Supreme Court appeal should they lose this round. Should step be taken there would likely be further years of delay. The battle between the city and these businesses goes back to 2006, eleven years already.

Reporter Newspapers: Sandy Springs’ adult business battles inch closer to Supreme Court appeal
Published or Edited on 10/04/17
New Jersey : Sicklerville : Gemini Books : Review: Sep 27 2017
A complaint was filed claiming sexual and physical assault following an encounter between two men who met here in June 2017 and left for a motel. Partial details were confirmed by the store's video cameras.

The alleged assailant was indicted on one count of second-degree sexual assault, one count of fourth-degree criminal sexual contact, one count of fourth-degree aggravated assault for knowingly pointing a fire arm at another person, and one count of third-degree criminal restraint. A full account is at the link.

Be careful when you cruise.

WKXW-FM: Man sexually assaulted another man he met at adult book store, cops say
Published or Edited on 10/04/17
Pennsylvania : Murrysville : Adultmart - Murrysville : Review: Sep 27 2017
I'm an older, retired military guy who likes to suck cock. I go to this bookstore and wait for something good. Not into sucking everything that might walk in and don't hound anyone. Guys that do that need some self respect.

I talk to some of the guys that hang around while waiting for a feeder to come in. I'm 68 and another guy I talk to is about the same. Both clean-cut. Couple smelly guys hang here sometimes, young and old who stampede after anything decent that comes in, usually scaring them off. Too bad anyone behaves that way.

It was evening and the smelly ones left and about ten minutes later I was talking to the older guy I know and an athletic, older, grey-haired daddy type came in. Good-looking, goatee and hot. We watched him go into a booth, waited a bit, then we went back to get a peek. I didn't tell the guy beside me I suck him pretty regularly. Usually when he sees me he goes in a booth and drops his pants for me.

He wasn't doing anything when ...
Published or Edited on 10/02/17
Louisiana : Ruston : Louisiana Tech University - Wyly Tower of Learning : Review: Sep 26 2017
There are plans to demolish and replace Wyly Tower and the Prescott Library. The library is still open according to the university web site. What about the tower?

Monroe News-Star: Wyly Tower to be razed, replaced
Published or Edited on 10/04/17
Argentina : Buenos Aires : Cine Eden : Review: Sep 26 2017 by Sex-Traveler
Closed. Walked by today and the gates were locked. Went online and found a confirmation:

Mourn The Porn: Adult Theatre Closes Down Due To 'Hygiene Concerns'

The authorities seem to be shutting down the cines in BA.

Infobae: Video: clausuraron un cine porno en medio de una función (Video: Porn cinema closed in the middle of operations)

[i]Although the first article has a photo of Cine Eden, it's actually about the closing of the closing of Cine ABC which is already listed as closed on CFS.

The second article truly illustrates what's happening with the cinemas in BA, although it was specifically about Cine Popular Ecuador, which wasn't l...
Published or Edited on 10/04/17
South Carolina : Edmund : Peachtree Rock Heritage Preserve : Review: Sep 26 2017 by commando
Heads Up! Be careful here. I was here several months ago and spotted a trail cam in a tree near the bottom of the entry trail.
Published or Edited on 10/02/17
New Jersey : Allamuchy : Scenic overlook : Review: Sep 26 2017 by Observer
Heads Up! Stopped here to change music on my iPhone. When I was making the loop to leave I noticed — couldn't miss — a security firm with about five workers carrying cameras into the woods. I would suspect an operation is about to begin.
Published or Edited on 10/02/17
Phoenix Metro : Mesa : Granite Reef Recreation Area : Review: Sep 25 2017 by marty
It seems there was a brush fire at mile marker 22. Everything between the dirt parking lot and the river is gone. Damage extends along the road in both directions.

Cactus Fire Incident Information, Apr-May 2017

Thanks for providing the link, which helps people understand the situation now. I suppose the last Review from May 12 would have been looking back before the fire.

Over the years I've seen a lot of fire reports in Western parks that shut down cruising for some time. Sometimes it doesn't recover, sometimes it does. Hope for the best. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 10/02/17
Pennsylvania : Allentown : Lehigh Parkway Park : Review: Sep 25 2017 by Sirtricksalot
I was here a few times this summer and only saw a few people in cars at the parking lot near the bridge at MLK. Even less were at the parking lot near the water fountain, and no one there after dark. It looks like the city cleared out all the small brush in the woods up from the water fountain.

On the other side a few years ago we had a bad storm that knocked down trees this closed most of the trails, except for the trail across from the apartment building and church. The third parking lot down at the steel bridge had no one cruising.

The area along Keystone Rd. next to a bridge is almost overgrown, I walked past the parking lot on Sept. 23, saw one person in a car.
Published or Edited on 10/02/17
Pennsylvania : Allentown : Kimmett's Lock : Review: Sep 25 2017 by Sirtricksalot
Dead, just a few in cars. I was there Sept. 15, no one in the woods. A bridge over the Lehigh River was built to connect the American Parkway with Airport Road just to the south of the parking lot. On one of the bridge's street lights is a camera mounted, has a full view of the parking area.
Published or Edited on 10/02/17
Florida : Fort Myers : Bottom Line : Review: Sep 25 2017
Closed May, 2017.

The News-Press: The Bottom Line nightclub closing after three decades in Fort Myers
Published or Edited on 10/04/17
Boston Metro : Newton : Boston College - Thomas P. O'Neill Jr. Library : Review: Sep 25 2017 by grecoroman
Went while school was in session. Yes, there is still activity here. It seems like someone's also putting fresh graffiti up with cock drawings and writing about blowjobs.

There are some older guys that seem to go from stall to stall seeing if there's college cock to suck, but it is actually possible to find a college guy who wants to play understall.

The only annoyance is that the bathrooms get tons of foot traffic since there's only one per floor in a very large building, so it's hard to not get interrupted.
Published or Edited on 09/29/17
Memphis Metro : Memphis : Fantasy Zone : Review: Sep 24 2017 by jay
Just recently visited, not a good place to go watch movies. Soon as you step in it smell like smokes. I was tryiing to go in back to go watch sex movies in the booths, but it was so dark I left that location. You barely can see anything. Looks like a scary movie. Stay away from this location — danger.
Published or Edited on 09/29/17
Oregon : Newport : Spice Adult Video : Review: Sep 24 2017
Yes there is one gloryhole at the Spice Adult store in Newport, Oregon.
Published or Edited on 09/29/17
New Hampshire : Portsmouth : Walmart Supercenter : Review: Sep 24 2017 by Specs
I went to one of the urinals in the back bathroom. It didn't seem like anyone was in there and I never tried this before.

I started going at it, took me maybe three minutes at most. As I finished, I heard a guy say "Fuck!" and clean up. Seemed like he was enjoying himself too!
Published or Edited on 09/29/17
Pennsylvania : Blairsville : Adult World : Review: Sep 24 2017
Not a bad place. My friend and I usually have a decent time here. A good variety of cocks, hit or miss, college, married, truckers, rednecks.

One time, we found out we were both sucking the same guy every week when he came in while we were both here. He's an older, trim, good-looking guy, on the smaller side, a dad-type. Probably has grown kids, maybe grandkids. Grey goatee or mustache with a fat, juicy cock that drips precum, that he's loves to have sucked and swallowed. We both sucked a thick load out of him that day. Very tasty.

I followed that up with a load from a solid college kid with a rock-hard cock, then sucked on a married trucker cock for forty minutes, licking his musky balls and nursing on his meaty cock head till he filled my mouth with his hot cum.
Published or Edited on 09/29/17
Dominican Republic : Santo Domingo : Cine Lido : Review: Sep 24 2017 by mike281
Lido is still open 6:30 to 10:30. 150 peso entrance.

There is a lobby with refreshment stand and a big clock. Then you walk through the next set of doors to enter the seating of the theater. Bathroom is on the right down the stairs. Went down to bathroom about 6:45. Nobody. Went back up the stairs to the aisle along the back wall. There are two fans in that location which help with how hot it is in the theater. There is a four foot wall before the seats. The lights from the porn movie is all the light you get.

Saw a few guys walk in and go downstairs to the bathroom. Followed down after the guys. Smiled at one guy and the next thing I knew he was undoing his pants. I was standing in front of the toilets. Of course, no doors. So went down to my knees and started giving blow job. A little bigger than normal. The other guy went back upstairs. Finished the guy off and I went back upstairs to the back aisle in front of the fan.

Another guy came up after five minutes and started tal...
Published or Edited on 09/29/17
Montana : Helena : Lewis and Clark Library : Review: Sep 24 2017 by d-dubs
I've been cruising here since I was a teenager. But there's hardly anyone who goes here anymore. I haven't gotten lucky in here for a long, long time. Sad, cruising seems to be dying out.
Published or Edited on 09/29/17
Argentina : Buenos Aires : Tom's : Review: Sep 24 2017 by Sex-Traveler
Closed. Went by the location today and it is boarded up.

Thanks for the info. I'm so grateful for the update! I'll add it to my list mark it "possibly closed" pending more information.

I found a different web site from the one we'd had showing it open; there's also a Facebook page with no recent posts. Google shows it open, Yelp has a recent review specifically saying it's not closed. I also see it on GayCities and other travel/review sites, though I can't vouch for their information. I'll come back to this. ~ Editor.

Published or Edited on 09/28/17
Seattle Metro : Everett : Adult Airport Video : Review: Sep 23 2017 by Julius
Went in June 2017. Cruised the arcade, lots of gloryholes, but clearly built by short people, I am tall, so it is awkward.

Last time I went the aggressive Asian did me within five minutes. Disappointing, as I went to suck. This time, I hung out for a few minutes and got a nice cock through the hole. I was enjoying it, even though I had to stoop low to get it, but guys kept walking by and stopping to watch over the batwing doors. Dude freaked out and left.

I went to the theatre and Wow! I walked in, and of the twenty or so guys, all of ten had their cocks out. A guy was sitting in the back row, center seat, and the dude bent over blowing him was being brutally fucked. I took a seat and enjoyed the show.

Within four minutes of my sitting down, four guys dove face-first into their neighbors' crotches to resume the blowjobs I had interrupted. I wanted to join the fun, but am shy. Since that day, I have fantasized non-stop about boldly blowing them all. Maybe next time.....
Published or Edited on 09/27/17
Palm Beach County Metro : Lake Worth : Palm Beach Book & Video : Review: Sep 23 2017 by Tommy
Theatre is great. I sat in a back seat along the aisle. Guys were jerking off.

I turned my head and immediately a big cock was in my throat. I sucked it for less than five minutes and it exploded in my throat. It was so deep I wasn't able to taste the cum.

That afternoon I swallowed about twenty loads of cum! I'll be back.
Published or Edited on 09/27/17
North Carolina : Apex : Jordan Lake State Recreation Area : Review: Sep 22 2017 by Moore
What is the status of the trails, now in 2017? The parking lot looked open the last time I drove by.

Check their web site for recent information. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 09/27/17
Ontario : Kitchener : Victoria Park : Review: Sep 22 2017 by infopop
There's a murder trial related to a 2014 killing in Victoria Park happening now. With this being over three years ago and no current pattern of incidents, I'm not adding a Heads Up alert here. As always, be aware of your surroundings, who you play with, and stay safe.

Toronto Sun: Gay threesome ends in murder: Court

NewNowNext: Toronto Man Accused Of Murdering Cruising-Park Hookup: "I Can’t Stop The Urges, The Thoughts To Kill Someone"
Published or Edited on 09/27/17
Cape Cod Metro : Provincetown : Dick Dock : Review: Sep 22 2017 by infopop
The Dick Dock is still active and even celebrated in an article and video discussing it as history and a current happening:
"The Dick Dock is an open secret; for years and years, gay, bisexual and curious men have gathered here under the cover of darkness.

Much like a bathhouse, the sex is often anonymous. Glances and bodily fluids are exchanged more than names and formalities. And yet, the sex can be passionate, wild, ecstatic and even oddly intimate. Under the Dick Dock, there’s a certain magic that happens. And it’s a magic that’s deeply interwoven into our history."

Huffington Post: The Magic Of Provincetown’s 'Dick Dock'
Published or Edited on 09/27/17
Los Angeles Metro : Los Angeles : Echo Park Lake : Review: Sep 21 2017 by Jah
Echo Park needs to be reborn after it's closing and remodeling. Yeah, all the guys seem to have turned to boring-ass Grindr but I say bring back the cruising for sex in Echo Park dammit!

Here's info on the re-opening in 2013.

So. You know where to meet and CFS can help you find more places. Now just get some dudes from Grindr or Scruff or Mobile Men4RentNow to cum there. Happy cruising! :-) ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 09/27/17
Nevada : Reno : Libido Adult Store and Theatre : Review: Sep 21 2017 by jake8inch
Stopped in on a Tuesday at 10 am. There were two other guys in the theater. Hung around and jacked off for awhile.

More guys came in closer to lunch time. All had their cocks out. I was standing with my cock out and a guy walked in with a nice thick seven-inch-plus cock sticking out of his pants. I grabbed it and started sucking.

Would have finished him off but another gross guy jumped in and I didn't want to suck after him.

I will stop in again. I was pleasantly surprised.
Published or Edited on 09/27/17
Phoenix Metro : Phoenix : Kmart : Review: Sep 20 2017 by scotty12065
This KMart is in the middle of a going out of business sale.

Thanks so much for the info. I found it here, will also make a note to check the latest round of KMart and Sears closings nationwide. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 09/26/17

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