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Austin Metro : Austin : Hippie Hollow Park : Review: Jun 04 2017 by Jay
I've managed to get a quickie in the restroom furthest to the end of the park. It was later in the evening and pretty dead. Nonetheless, be careful with trying to cruise. Usually there is a park ranger in street clothes looking for activity.

The gentleman I'm familiar with is a older Hispanic male who periodically stands by entrances to different sections to watch for activity.

I removed your "Heads" Up" alert since you didn't mention that anyone had been arrested. As in any park or other public place, always exercise caution. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 06/06/17
Austin Metro : Austin : Fiesta Mart : Review: Jun 04 2017 by Jay
Not sure how this place is cruisy. I visited the restroom on a Friday afternoon by the entrance and no action was going on. Very small window, doesn't leave enough time for potential quickie.
Published or Edited on 06/06/17
Pennsylvania : Easton : Hugh Moore Park : Review: Jun 03 2017 by Jay
You can no longer park by the river, nor down in the old cruising lot. That lot is now a mountain bike course. Still, there are guys in the small parking lot near the entrance almost every day. Many are older men, but a few of them are cute and have nice cocks to suck. Some of them are there every day , so I stay away from them due to risk of diseases, but many are just horny married men looking for a thrill.

Have had some very good times at this place, as recently as Thursday this week. Don't be afraid to talk to guys here.

Be cautious for cops, though. One older dude in particular looks and sounds very suspicious. He is careful not to solicit, but he always wants you to, and he uses a number of conversational trap devices to try to get you to ask for something sexual. He usually has headphones, which I think are probably disguised microphones because they don't look normal.

[i]I removed your "Heads Up" alert since you didn't indicate that anyone had b...
Published or Edited on 06/06/17
San Francisco Metro : Oakland : Lakeside Park : Review: Jun 02 2017
See the posts for immigrants being harassed. I hang out here with a buddy often but had not seen this.

But last night I was chillin' up on the hill at the picnic tables, this short chubby Mexican dude came running around the fence and down the hill. Moments later a tall white dude came running around, flashed a flashlight our way and went down the hill.

He came back ten minutes later and asked, "What's up guys? Did you a short Hispanic guy come by this way?"

We just shook our heads and he went back around the fence.

I guess I would recommend you keep your ID on you or be ready to run hella fast. Action is slow otherwise but still happens odd nights.
Published or Edited on 06/05/17
Maryland : Laurel : Love Craft : Review: Jun 01 2017 by don696942
It seems like I am not the only one who has been rudely treated for no reason by the day clerk. Sometimes he is OK but there are other times he is totally rude and overbearing.

I would visit the place at least three or four times a month and spend no less that $40 per visit in tokens. The last time he insulted me for no reason that I can think of or recall.

I always follow the rules, I'm not loud or interruptive. The way I see it, he has cost the owner at least $160 plus per month. I am one customer lost — how many others?
Published or Edited on 06/05/17
Palm Beach County Metro : West Palm Beach : Adult Video City : Review: Jun 01 2017 by DonW
I stopped by about 11:30 in the morning. I have been here before but not for a lot of years. When I came in and asked about the cost of the theater I was told and then informed that they had no abjection to any activities as long as it was between consenting adults.

The place is two theaters, the first was gay porn and the second was straight porn. I sucked cock in both sides but the best I had was on the straight side. A guy there naked gave me a good blowjob then I sucked him. He had a good hard cock and I brought him to orgasm, but he pulled out of my mouth and finished shooting into the garbage can by the screen.

I will be going back in a couple of weeks hoping to find another good hard cock.
Published or Edited on 06/05/17
Los Angeles Metro : Van Nuys : Roman Holiday Health Club II : Review: May 31 2017 by bottombill
It has been a long time since I was here. I am the old chub that some talk about, but I have a great cock and asshole. I fucked some great ass and took some great cock in my ass.

I will be here next Wednesday night stark naked and hoping to suck, get sucked, and get fucked.
Published or Edited on 06/05/17
New York : Poughkeepsie : Kaal Rock Park : Review: May 31 2017 by Robert
Kaal Rock has been gone for several years, apartments, condos and retail space there now. There is a small park left, however it is heavily monitored by cameras. Cops and new buildings can see everything.

Thanks for the info. Google shows the small park right by the Hudson River below. It does look pretty exposed except for a wooded area at the north end. I'll add this to my list for future deletion. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 06/05/17
Massachusetts : Raynham : Video X-tra : Review: May 31 2017 by pasvoulu
A month or so ago, I hooked up with a friend here in the video booths. It was really fun.

A week ago I went there to "just jerk off and see what happened." The people at the counter broke my twenty for me so I could pay for the video machines — it's how they make money.

I told a guy I just wanted to jerk for him. I started off, then he pulled me in, and finished me off. It was amazing. Planning to go back soon and suck some cocks ;)
Published or Edited on 06/05/17
Maryland : Edgewood : Bush River Books & Video : Review: May 30 2017 by don696942
Love this place. It's hit or miss but when it "hits" it is great.

Would love to see more CD's. Love the gloryholes and private rooms in the theaters. Had some real great times here. Will be going up again sometime this week.
Published or Edited on 06/02/17
New York : Elmira : Deluxe Book Bargains : Review: May 30 2017 by Buttercup
I am looking for a quiet place to suck my first cock. I have been wanting to take a soft one into my warm mouth and bring it to it's full potential and then work it up and down while I play with your balls just waiting for your hot load of cum to fill my mouth and throat. Maybe you have a buddy and I can have both of you!
Published or Edited on 06/02/17
Washington : Aberdeen : Fantasy Shop II : Review: May 30 2017 by nomad
This place is going downhill fast. Only one of the video booths are still working, others take your money but don't play anything. Girl at counter tries to fix but they don't work long. Shame.
Published or Edited on 06/02/17
Connecticut : Waterbury : Video Book of Waterbury : Review: May 30 2017 by LoveBottom2
I only went here once about four or five months ago. It's definitely run down and it was the middle of the day, so there were only a couple of guys hanging around. I was kind of nervous.

I saw a guy in the big group booth in the back jerking off, so I walked in there. He was a short guy, but he had a very thick and beautiful dick. I had a great vibrator up my ass and I was wearing pink panties. I walked over to his right, put some lube on my hand and started stroking his huge dick while cupping and tickling his balls all the way at the bottom.

Right away he had to tell me to slow down. He wanted to fuck my ass, but never gave me time to remove the vibe. After a while he grabbed my hips from behind and humped my ass through my panties really hard. He left some come on me and then he left.

I started stroking myself until I was hard and finally another guy came in. I leaned forward against the bench and he fucked me in the ass for a long time until he shot his big load deep ...
Published or Edited on 06/02/17
Newark/Jersey City Metro : Newark : Little Theatre : Review: May 30 2017 by BBC Sucker
Wow, great review from the guy who just recently posted. I haven't been here in a few years but I'm thinking about heading back soon.

Cute white guy here with a big dick who loves slurping down some big fat black cock, especially with an audience with their dicks out enjoying the show. I wish more theaters like that existed. Such a hot scene.

My coworker is a cute Latino guy and has been here a few times and gets banged by several guys every time he goes. He definitely has a good time whenever he's here.

Gonna try to head here soon, I hear it's way better on Saturdays and Sundays than it is on weeknights. Nothing like having a fat black cock down your throat.
Published or Edited on 06/02/17
Fort Lauderdale Metro : Fort Lauderdale : Clubhouse II : Review: May 30 2017 by SexpigFla
They've fixed-up the place a little bit recently. Put in new carpet, added a few more VIP rooms in the back, added a bigger orgy-play area.

All places like this can be hit and miss depending on the day of the week. But this one usually seems to have more guys who are ready to get something going. Yes, the "old guys" come to this place. But afternoons really seem to be their time slot.

Evenings have all ages of guys looking for all kinds of things. This place has a couple of promotional nights: Tuesdays are a leather night and Thursdays are bear nights. I usually find more than enough dick and ass when I'm here - and I like a lot of dick and ass.
Published or Edited on 06/02/17
Toronto Metro : Toronto : Hudson Bay Centre : Review: May 30 2017 by robertcanada
Food court renovated. Bathrooms not cruisy as they are quite open now. You can just walk in without notice. Lots of people now too in this mall.

Thanks so much for the info. I'll add this to my list for future deletion. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 06/02/17
Toronto Metro : Toronto : Loft 18 Cinemas : Review: May 30 2017 by robertcanada
This is now closed. The whole block is demolished to make way for condos.
Published or Edited on 06/02/17
Florida : Panama City : Joe Moody Harris Park : Review: May 29 2017
Is this place still active? And is it safe?
Published or Edited on 06/01/17
Washington Metro : Washington : Glorious Health Club : Review: May 28 2017 by Ks
It stinks so bad in here, from a mixture of bad plumbing, add the aroma of weed on a couple. Plus right next to me an older Black guy is fucking a young Latino. Yeah, this a bit too much for me.
Published or Edited on 06/01/17
Mexico : Cancun : Cine Perlitas : Review: May 28 2017 by maxwellduke
This place is permanently closed. You can also search on Google and see that it's closed for business.

I know sometimes places in Mexico close and then mysteriously reopen again. You and I can speculate on the reasons why ;-) but I'll take your word (and Google's) here. Also, I'm so grateful to you and all the other cruisers who help keep the site updated about closings, openings too. Couldn't do it without you! ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 06/01/17
Illinois : Oakwood : Oasis Adult Superstore : Review: May 28 2017 by Anynomous
ID is required for any patron entering the store, not just booth users. Once you've shown ID, go on back. The video players take cash.

I was here about an hour on a Sunday mid-afternoon. Only one other customer came in, but he left satisfied.
Published or Edited on 06/01/17
Tennessee : Pigeon Forge : Patriot Park : Review: May 28 2017 by Texsex
Vacationing there the last week in June. Would love to break in the park. Bi-masculine cocksucker here. Deep-throat swallower. Will be looking for feeders, single or married. Other vacationers or locals in need welcome.
Published or Edited on 06/01/17
Texas : Abilene : Midnight Video : Review: May 28 2017 by Odysseus3
Went here earlier this year. Had a nice-sized video arcade with roomy booths. Simply leave your door ajar and guys will wander in. I got to suck off one great cock, then another guy came in and took my load in his mouth.

Can't wait to make another trip back to Abilene to visit this place again. My wife will love it!
Published or Edited on 06/01/17
Palm Springs Metro : Palm Springs : Street cruising : Review: May 27 2017 by Bryan
Yea! Those spots listed are pretty good. Also, there's a cruisy parking lot at 1300 East Baristo Road.

Between Sunrise and Hermosa, north side of the street, it looks like a derelict parking lot for the adjacent tennis courts, which look like they've seen better days and may or may not be associated with a nearby resort.

Anyway it's very private.

On Google Street View there's an April, 2015 image showing the lot empty but not in bad shape. Seems to be associated with the Plaza Racquet club, closed last year. Have fun! ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 06/01/17
Los Angeles Metro : West Hollywood : Studs Theatre : Review: May 27 2017 by VikkMathis
I haven't been to Studs/TomKat in a very long time. The last time I was here the place was dark, eighteen dollars and full of druggies, stoners, and trolls.

I recently decided to give it another try and found it's now twenty dollars, They've added all these red lights so not only can you see better and see everyone a bit clearer but the place looks like you've stepped into the pits of hell with all the redness.

It was the same old usual frustrating thing which I'm not into. Guys being picky including myself but let me explain. Anytime a cute guy walked in all the trolls were on them like white on rice. You never see them chasing each other. Always going after guys who're not interested in them. Even so most of the guys depending on who you're into tend to play games and like to play hard to get, which I'm not into. The one thing I hate is a guy playing hard to get and then as soon as the place dies down or is empty he all of a sudden is standing ne...
Published or Edited on 05/31/17
Houston Metro : Humble : 24 Hour Fitness Sport : Review: May 27 2017 by Beachbottom
Lots of eye candy. Had a close encounter with a guy who lingered around the shower too "long." But, I have never seen any action here.
Published or Edited on 05/31/17
Houston Metro : Houston : Midtown : Review: May 27 2017 by Beachbottom
Midtown is now closed.

This particular page is about street cruising in Midtown. I know the homeless have been moved from the big encampment under the freeway by the old Sears, but I haven't heard any "new news" about steps against neighborhood cruising.

I recall seeing a couple transgender hookers in broad daylight closer to the Pierce Elevated a few years ago. There were news stories as recently as last summer about anti-trans violence which perhaps was connected with cruising.

In any case, Midtown the neighborhood is "open" but rapidly changing and gentrifying. If you want to cruise the streets there, be careful.

We already knew the Midtowne Spa is closed, and it has a page of its own. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 05/31/17
Connecticut : Hartford : Erotic Zone : Review: May 25 2017 by 278SU
I'd like to reply to Young Dude:

This is more of an "infomercial" rather than a reply per se. I'm older than you and I can say with assurance that for as long as I've been going to adult bookstores, and bathhouses (because they are similar in their clientele), they have always attracted an older more mature crowd.

I can't speak for all older men, but for a good many of us, adult bookstores and bathhouses appeal to us because we can see who we're getting, unlike at a bar or club where you don't see who you've got until you get the person home.

Another big reason these places attract older men is that a great many of the patrons tend to be bisexual or married or both, therefore discretion is a main priority. If the guy is married, or has a partner, significant other, etc, he obviously can't bring anyone home, so he has to play there.

I can't speak for you young people either, but I'd say a reason that there is a lack of younger ...
Published or Edited on 05/31/17
San Diego Metro : San Diego : Adult Depot I : Review: May 25 2017 by jake8inch
I visited on April 28 about 10 pm. Walked into the theater and saw a nice looking guy with a big thick cock out. I walked up to him and he pushed me onto my knees and started fucking my face.

We were instantly swarmed by five other guys, some with their cocks out slapping my face as I sucked and a couple of guys behind me that pulled my pants down and started fingering my ass.

Very hot scene!

I'm a hung slut cocksucker so this was perfect for me!
Published or Edited on 05/31/17
Phoenix Metro : Phoenix : Pleasure World : Review: May 24 2017 by bitone
Great place, but you have to bring your own $10 to get in the arcade/theater. Luckily I had ten ones that the cashier changed, but he would not break a twenty dollar bill.

Inside is fun, lots of nooks and crannies.
Published or Edited on 05/31/17
New York : New Hartford : Sangertown Square : Review: May 24 2017
Is this place still good?
Published or Edited on 05/31/17
Iowa : Clinton : 18 & Beyond Adult Store : Review: May 24 2017 by centauri
Stopped in today for the first time in over a year. The changes here are great! The place is much cleaner and well kept now. They have gone to a flat-rate admission currently $7, which is good for the entire day. Come and go as you please.

In the arcade area, there is one large lounge/theater room with many chairs. Some other furniture would help. Then there are many booths with large gloryholes on one or both sides, and there are a few private booths without holes. All booths can accommodate two people easily. They also have a few movie preview booths available. Those are outside the arcade area, and do not require the admission.

I did happen to stop at a very quiet time. But there was one gentleman there who gave me the grand tour, as well as one of the best blowjobs I have ever received. He says the place can be busy, especially nights, weekends, and lunch time. He also says women and couples are welcomed, and the staff is cool and doesn't bother anyone.

I was even offe...
Published or Edited on 05/30/17
Las Vegas Metro : Las Vegas : A-Action Adult Books & Videos : Review: May 24 2017 by Utahcock69
Going back on June 5th. I hope this time I can get fucked in the theater by multiple guys and swallow a lot of loads.

Just checked and you are a CFS Member, just apparently hadn't logged in the last time you posted. Remember to log in before posting so that what you say will link to your Profile Page. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 05/30/17
Atlanta Metro : Stockbridge : South Rockdale Community Park : Review: May 24 2017 by fadedlooking
Anyone around?
Published or Edited on 05/31/17
Snellville : Snellville : Lenora Park : Review: May 24 2017 by fadedlooking
Anyone around?
Published or Edited on 05/31/17
Atlanta Metro : Lithonia : Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area : Review: May 24 2017 by fadedlooking
Anyone still around?
Published or Edited on 05/31/17
Georgia : Athens : University of Georgia - Journalism Building : Review: May 24 2017 by fadedlooking
Anyone still around?
Published or Edited on 05/31/17
Los Angeles Metro : Silver Lake : Circus Of Books II : Review: May 23 2017
This place has been closed for several years now.

Thanks for the tip. It was actually August, 2016: Silver Lake's Circus of Books is closing up shop. CFS relies on cruiser like you to let us know when places close or move and when new ones open. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 05/30/17
New York City Metro : Brooklyn : Brooklyn College - CUNY - Boylan Hall : Review: May 23 2017 by Daniel578
Anything going on here recently? I'll be around this summer in the afternoons.
Published or Edited on 05/30/17
Michigan : Battle Creek : Romantix : Review: May 23 2017 by bossestime
So there are no more gloryholes?
Published or Edited on 05/30/17
Montana : Billings : Ball Adult Books & Video : Review: May 23 2017 by jake8inch
I have stopped at Ball a few times over the years when passing through. One clerk has a nice big cock and has let me suck it a few times!

I will be there again June 7th through 9th. Hope to find some big cocks to suck!
Published or Edited on 05/30/17
San Diego Metro : San Diego : Balboa Park (Redwood Circle and Fruit Loop) : Review: May 22 2017
Still a good place for quick NSA suck/fuck action early evening into late night. Kinda slow the first night I went but the second night I got in hot three-way with a hot Black top dude on a bike and a tall ethnic dude with a Raiders cap. Met two other dudes with big dicks.

Go around the circle and down on the path, in the trees or behind the shacks.
Published or Edited on 05/26/17
Sacramento Metro : Sacramento : North 10th Street Levee : Review: May 22 2017
The action is back gradually now that the river is almost back to normal, right behind the levee at the end of 10th st. The homeless are way less, maybe washed out.

Was out there on Sunday night after seeing CL posts for outdoor. Got in some action and watched these Black brothas bang up a tall dude with camouflage pants down by the river. Fucking hot.

Forward for summer night action!
Published or Edited on 05/26/17
Amsterdam Metro : Amsterdam : Drake's : Review: May 22 2017 by Addammm69
I was at Drake's in November 2016, and it is still a hot, sexy gathering of gay and bisexual men who come by here to drop a load or to drain my load. I'm glad it is still thriving.

I first visited here about twenty years ago and have been back four times since. It's always my go to spot for fast, furious, and steaming hot sex. Now that I"m in my 50s, I don't always get the young boys, but I always have a great time. Lots of big dick and excellent oral sex.

My last trip I met a man from California and he came into my booth after we had played around through the gloryhole. A hot young guy came into the booth he had left, unzipped his pants and stuck his 11" blond surfer dick through the hole. So my friend and I serviced him simultaneously.

We'd switch back and forth, from me deep-throating his dick, while my friend sucked on his huge balls and then we'd switch positions. The young guy came in my friends mouth, and he saved it and gave me a big wet...
Published or Edited on 05/26/17
Los Angeles Metro : Sherman Oaks : Romantix : Review: May 22 2017
Went there the other night for some hot gloryhole action. The holes between the last two booths are now covered up. Hopefully this is a temporary situation.
Published or Edited on 05/26/17
Saint Louis Metro : Saint Louis : YMCA - Downtown : Review: May 22 2017 by amfyoyo
Closing May 2017; relocated.
Published or Edited on 05/26/17
Indiana : Clarksville : Theatair X : Review: May 22 2017
Yes the holes are back, not as busy as in the past but that maybe a good thing.
Published or Edited on 05/26/17
New York : Marcy : Now Playing Video : Review: May 22 2017 by Grumpybear
Closed May, 2017:
Grumpybear wrote:
Yes, it closed down earlier this month. Set that store up and ran it (along with others in the chain) for over twenty years. New owner a-holes came in and ran it into the ground. When I left, I estimated they would last one year. I was wrong, they lasted one year and a week before closing up. The customers were the ones that got the raw deal on that.
From the CFS Message Board May 22
Published or Edited on 05/26/17
Salt Lake City Metro : Salt Lake City : 24 Hour Fitness - Sugarhouse Sport Gym : Review: May 22 2017 by hipdick
It's a local bathhouse, really.
Published or Edited on 05/26/17
Toronto Metro : Toronto : Scotia Plaza Tower : Review: May 22 2017 by Gryfin
It's still active to this day. I've given and received a few handjobs. Got spanked while I jerked off, loved it.
Published or Edited on 05/25/17

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