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New York City Metro : Brooklyn : 757 Paradise : Review: May 22 2017 by trojancock
I cum here all the time and most of the time leave happy. I've hooked up with plenty of really sexy muscled pigs with huge dicks.

There is this one muscled tatted guy with a chain necklace that's a total pig. WOOOF! I fucked him a few times over there and busted my nutt on his face. He walked out of the booth to cruise more guys wit my load all over his face.

There is another black muscled guy that cums often and always rapes my married ass even though I'm a top and can't take such fat BBC.
Published or Edited on 05/25/17
New Jersey : Cape May : Higbee Beach : Review: May 22 2017 by gburg_ready
Still not a bad place. Not as active as it apparently once was but I've met a few nice guys here. Great place for naked sunbathing, just keep your eye out for folks walking the beach and be ready to cover up.
Published or Edited on 05/25/17
Ohio : Dayton : Kmart : Review: May 21 2017 by GenXCruiser
This location is part of the retail-pocalypse of 2017, and is in liquidation mode. It should be shuttered in July 2017.

May not want to waste time cruising here anymore!
Published or Edited on 05/25/17
Kentucky : Florence : Rest area : Review: May 21 2017 by GenXCruiser
Use your brains first when you're cruising here. There are multiple entrances — front and back — to get into this restroom, and I believe it has staff on site 24/7. I didn't see cops recently, but that doesn't mean they don't come through.

Also, the stalls have no space underneath them for "wide stances," so that won't cut it.

Taking a walk to stretch your legs outside and being discrete are your best bets on either side of the freeway here.

Published or Edited on 05/25/17
Louisville Metro : Louisville : Vapor Spa : Review: May 21 2017 by GenXCruiser
This is a pretty decent "private club for men," tucked back in between a bunch of other buildings. It may take you a moment to find the entrance if you haven't been here before. Rates to enter seem reasonable and they are pretty consistent about keeping the place clean, at least when I was there on a Saturday night. It's three levels with rooms on the top and bottom floors, so if you don't want to climb stairs all night, you may want to stay on one floor.

Positives: staff was very friendly, place almost looks new, giant steam room, hot tub, and shower area, plenty of "man" space.

Negatives: hot tub could have stronger jets, A/C doesn't work well on the top floor, video room was playing softcore porn for some reason, beds in rooms are hella narrow (so don't fall off). Don't look for porn stars here, you're getting couples, different races and ages, and very "Southern" guys who don't take their trucker caps off — ...
Published or Edited on 05/25/17
Washington : Bellingham : Great Northern Books : Review: May 21 2017 by wetpet4you
I will be here in the booth on Friday the 26th and maybe the 27th. I am wanting to be barebacked. Please fill me up with your hot sticky cum.
Published or Edited on 05/24/17
North Carolina : Fayetteville : Peaches Adult Boutique and Arcade : Review: May 21 2017 by str8 guy
Went in after a long time of being not happy of the porn showed there. I see that the place has been redesigned and maybe for the best because I rarely saw the couple area being used. Smart idea.
Published or Edited on 05/24/17
Arkansas : Widener : Adult World XXX Store : Review: May 21 2017 by TAT
Stopped here Sat night about 9:30. Very nice! Sucked five cocks. Several extra large black young ones. Will be stopping again.
Published or Edited on 05/24/17
Newark/Jersey City Metro : Newark : Little Theatre : Review: May 21 2017 by Booth Buddy
On a mid-May Saturday afternoon, I traveled 1-1/2 hours through disrupted train service from Brooklyn to Newark to hang out at the Little Theater. The walk to and from Penn Station was desolate, mostly. The theater has "For Lease" banners up on its exterior walls, so it might not be there much longer. As for the three remaining porn theaters in the NY/NJ metro area, Little has a good deal to offer.

As far as action, Brooklyn's Kings Cinema has been lackluster for years. The Fair in Queens generally is very busy with a similar client demographic to Little: mostly older, and average, with a portion of post-marketable, badly out-of-shape seniors, who mainly are Latino. Little is about a third busy as the Fair; about 100 guys show up at the Fair on a Saturday night, and about 30 are at Little until closing time (9:30 pm, verified on a phone call).

The men coming to Little are a majority Black, with the rest being comprised mainly of white guys, followed by a few Latinos a...
Published or Edited on 05/24/17
Boston Metro : Boston : Primark - Boston Downtown Crossing : Review: May 20 2017 by grecoroman
They remodeled the entire store, expanding into a much bigger space. They also separated the female and male fitting rooms and the male side is now a huge winding hallway.

You pretty much get no foot traffic deep at the end, so there's lots of privacy to play with someone behind the curtains.
Published or Edited on 05/24/17
Phoenix Metro : Phoenix : Street cruising along Deer Valley Road and North 21st Avenue : Review: May 20 2017 by Bisub
Went to this area last night and decided to give it a try. I stripped down to be naked and started walking down the dark streets.

This place indeed has a lot of potential because it's so deserted. Businesses are closed for the weekend. I saw a truck cruising by several times so I showed myself and got caught in his headlights.

Pretty soon I was giving him a blowjob in a parking lot while his girlfriend watched. He then bent me over his seat and fucked me while I licked his girlfriends pussy. Great night!
Published or Edited on 05/24/17
West Virginia : Bunker Hill : Vixens : Review: May 20 2017
Vixens and Taboo in Martinsburg have new owners and plan to re-open soon. Posting proof, a screenshot of the newspaper article.

As I replied on your Taboo post, I found that story from January on Google, others from February, and this one from April where the Berkeley County Council and also a public petition were asking for a state ABC hearing.

Please come back and let us know if they are actually opening or not. Thanks again! ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 05/23/17
West Virginia : Martinsburg : Taboo Gentlemen's Club : Review: May 20 2017
This and Vixens club in Bunker Hill are planing to re-open.

Thanks! I found that story from January on Google, others from February, and this one from April where the Berkeley County Council and also a public petition were asking for a state ABC hearing.

Please come back and let us know if they are actually opening or not. Thanks again. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 05/23/17
Illinois : Ursa : Bear Creek Recreation Area : Review: May 19 2017 by Hank
Hot. I been here. I got action, a nice tattooed red head who knows his way round a dick. I've seen him out under the new bridge there on way to Lima too. Coming from Ursa, hot hot.
Published or Edited on 05/24/17
Illinois : Ursa : Bear Creek Recreation Area : Review: May 19 2017 by Ricci
It's awesome, nobody bothers you. Just show your cock and it will be sucked or whatever you want. Good place to give head and to get it.

I always seen a guy hot as hell stroking his dick for anyone who asked or I've seen him naked bent over the open door asking for it. I sucked him few times, good load too. Said he likes old men, his fetish. He says he's versatile.

He's good, best I had in many years. Go get you some of that. There are lots of old guys watching him and slowly getting their turns. Was hot, is hot, he's there all day sometimes. Go get some.

I had to delete the description of his vehicle because CFS does not allow personally identifying information about other cruisers in Reviews. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 05/23/17
West Virginia : Mineralwells : Lion's Den Adult Superstore : Review: May 19 2017 by Scott in OH
Stopped in about 2 pm and went straight to the video booths. After some wandering, where I saw a younger heavy guy and an older guy, parked for a while in a booth with a gloryhole to the right. Heard the door open and close. Peeked through and saw a young, slim dude checking me out. Unbuttoned and started jacking to bi porn when I saw his finger slide around the hole edge.

I was chubbed and nearly stiff by now thinking about what I had seen of his body, so I put my cock through the very large hole. Heavenly mouth on him, so I was fully hard in seconds. He sucked me for a while 'til I knelt and motioned for his cock.

It was then I realized he was both dark-skinned and hung. I sucked him for a couple of minutes as best I could, then we swapped for a while. I asked him if he wanted to join me in my booth and he agreed. We decided to meet in another booth.

Once in better light, I realized how fucking gorgeous this guy was: African-American, 5'10", maybe 150, maybe 23,...
Published or Edited on 05/23/17
Seattle Metro : Seattle : Sound, Mind and Body : Review: May 18 2017
It is no longer the athletic club, one more place gone.
Published or Edited on 05/23/17
Long Island Metro : Brentwood : Sinderella's Adult Center : Review: May 18 2017 by J.M.
In response to anonymous trans guy, I haven't been here in a few months but the place is very open to anybody. After paying $20 to get into the place, no one is going to waste their time or money looking for a fight. Everyone is there basically for the same reason. I wouldn't worry about going here as trans. Hope this helps!
Published or Edited on 05/23/17
Michigan : Bay City : Old Great Wall Buffet : Review: May 18 2017
Is this still an active place?
Published or Edited on 05/23/17
Budapest Metro : Budapest : Corvin-negyed Metro Station : Review: May 18 2017 by Update
Still cruisy as are most toilets in the subway. Attendant is paid 150.00 (a few pennies) and sees nothing. Men whank at the toilet but when I followed a few cute ones into the stalls they wanted to be fucked. None would suck at all.
Published or Edited on 05/22/17
Vermont : Wilmington : The Ledges : Review: May 17 2017 by Jim
This is a totally nude reservoir. Nudity is not only accepted but expected.

Once you enter the nude area the gay area is the farthest down the path. Wear aggressive hiking shoes or sandals as the trail is very rough.

Guys openly cruise the trail wearing nothing but boots or sandals. The action has always been very hot, especially on Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the summer months.
Published or Edited on 05/22/17
Oklahoma City/Norman Metro : Oklahoma City : Eastern Avenue Video : Review: May 17 2017 by Sissycd
The real action is outside in the back.
Published or Edited on 05/22/17
Nevada : Henderson : Equestrian Park North : Review: May 17 2017 by Crashed1977
Was at park May 17. Saw one car with a male drive through. Did not stop, 6:00 pm. Will check this evening. Please post if you will be cruising park.

If you're posting about plans to cruise, CFS Members only, of course, and post your plans several days in advance. I read and edit as needed everything that appears here, and that takes time.

There'll eventually be a way for "Supporting" CFS Members to post plans immediately. That upgrade will be in stages over several months. Please be patient and thanks! ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 05/22/17
Las Vegas Metro : Las Vegas : Fantasy World : Review: May 17 2017 by cockymatt
Went here on a Sunday afternoon about a month ago and had a great time. The ten dollar entrance to the theatre was worth it. After paying, saw a few dudes watching in straight porn so I went to other screen. I could see a younger slim short guy on his knees blowing an older guy so I decided I'd get a closer look. The older guy had an average cock and the young dude was working it with his mouth. I was rubbing my semi-hard cock and both motioned for me to get closer.

I did and before I knew it I had hands grabbing my now raging-hard cock, balls, and ass. As soon as I let out my fat cock I felt the young guy's hot wet mouth kissing, licking, and sucking my tool. He knew what he was doing.

I told him to finish the older guy off, and I grabbed his head and was bobbing it on other guy's cock. I told that guy to pull out his cock when ready to cum so he could cum on young guy face and my cock. When he shot his hot load all over my cock it made me even hornier.

The young ...
Published or Edited on 05/22/17
Iowa : Council Bluffs : Romantix : Review: May 17 2017 by CuervoJones
I'm surprised to see that there hasn't been a recent review of this place, other than the one posted before this. I have been to this theatre multiple times, and it's pretty much as it's been described in previous reviews. If you're not getting any action, you probably just showed up at the wrong time. I'm one of those "fat guys" that everyone says to stay away from, and I get plenty of action here. I have sucked, been sucked, fucked, and been fucked here. Like any place, it's hit and miss.

Yes, the staff is friendly, and they leave you alone. Yes, there are trolls, but I haven't ever seen a theatre/arcade that doesn't have them in some form or another. It is clean, for the most part. I'll go back here sometime soon, and post another review with more current information.

Thanks so much! I look forward to your next Review. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 05/19/17
Wisconsin : Sheboygan : Mobil Truck Stop : Review: May 16 2017 by WIUncutGuy
Update of address for Mobil Truck Stop:
4912 N Vanguard Dr
Directions: From I-43 take WI Hwy 42 North to Vanguard Drive, take the 1st exit on the circle (towards Menards), Mobil Truck Stop will be on the left.

Category: Cruisy parking lot

Thanks so much for the correction! This clearly had incomplete information before. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 05/23/17
North Carolina : Fayetteville : Fort Video and News : Review: May 16 2017 by str8 guy
I went and went into a booth and started to stroke when both men came in and took good care of me. Wow, what a session!

Wish it was a little bigger so we all could have good space. One of them wanted me to fuck him.
Published or Edited on 05/19/17
Rhode Island : Providence : Adult Video & News : Review: May 16 2017 by Chris
Went today 16 May 3:30 pm, dead. How much is the theatre? Is it cruisy?
Published or Edited on 05/19/17
Palm Springs Metro : Desert Hot Springs : Cruisy vacant lot : Review: May 16 2017 by 2MeMen
A homeless man has taken up residence under the tarp where it used to be a fun place. He has destroyed the place with junk and crap all around the place. There are still places nearby for fun. Don't go near this guy.

Let us know about the nearby places! ;-) ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 05/19/17
Charleston Metro : Jefferson : Adult Video : Review: May 16 2017 by Bbill
Great staff. Clean. Lots of room. I was here Saturday morning at 8 and found a hot young Black man for some fun in the booths. Holes were a little low for both of us, but bend your knees a bit and enjoy.

Nice place to drop in and swallow some spunk in the morning and move on. I was here a few months ago and got some great head from an older man who sure knew how to work a cock.

For someone who has to be discreet and sneak in and out quickly, I've never been disappointed.

[i]A quick Googling shows this is probably the same place CFS also have listed as St. Albans Adult Video Superstore, which has an accurate map. A news story about a robbery last year seems to place the St. Albans store in Jefferson.

Can someone confirm this...
Published or Edited on 05/19/17
Milwaukee Metro : Milwaukee : Best Western Plus Milwaukee Airport : Review: May 15 2017 by geekman
This place is still here and still a great place for discreet meetups. Just say good day or hello as you walk past the front desk and go down the hall to the left. Turn left again in the hall before the bar/restaurant.

It's quiet with private stalls that have plenty of room for underwall fun. The urinals are around two corners and the door is plenty loud so you have enough warning to assume the peeing position.

Now if there was only someone here to suck me off.
Published or Edited on 05/19/17
Wisconsin : Manitowoc : Fischer Creek State Recreation Area : Review: May 15 2017 by WIUncutGuy
Great early May Saturday weather and I needed to see if the action was still good here! Couple cars in the lot that looked like families down by the main beach area, middle shoreline of the park.

I took the trail heading north to the secluded beach and by the time I got to the silo, I already had two guys working on my cock and balls. We took it to one of the open fields nearby and we got into a hot three-way chain suck. Sadly they both blew their loads before I did and left me hanging with a hard, dripping cock.

I made my way to the secluded beach, to find a bull-hung stud slowly jacking his fat cock while nude sunbathing. We sucked each other for a few minutes before he started eating my ass out. After giving my ass a royal reaming, he told me he wants me to 'sit on his fat uncut cock and ride it till he blows his hot spunk up my tight ass cunt!'

While riding his cock he starts jacking my uncut cock, and with that thick meat up my ass it didn't take long for me t...
Published or Edited on 05/19/17
San Antonio Metro : San Antonio : Saint Phillip's College - Library : Review: May 15 2017 by dv8r
Just sucked the hottest young cum-filled cock. No waiting. Walked in. Boom.
Published or Edited on 05/18/17
Florida : Lakeland : Gator Creek Reserve : Review: May 14 2017
Heads Up! Undercover Polk County Sheriffs continue their pursuit of M4M sex with three arrests here. Fox35 had the names, ages, photos, and hometowns of the men arrested, describing them as "elderly" although one is only 51. Ageist much? The other two are 70 and 74 and clearly full of life.

Charges ranged from "battery on a law enforcement officer" down to the more frequent "soliciting another for lewdness" and "indecent exposure."

Without naming names nor showing photos, BayNews9 had the overview of PCSO's ongoing crackdown on sex in Polk County parks from the Sheriff's Office news releases: "...since March of 2016, there have been nine lewd behavior arrests at Gator Creek Reserve, 14 at Saddle Creek Park, and three at the [url=]Lake Fannie Boat R...
Published or Edited on 05/18/17
New Jersey : South Amboy : Video Flixx : Review: May 13 2017 by Cprinz
This place is the best! It's fucking awesome. You don't have to pay to go to the back, the workers don't bother you, and there's always at least a few guys there.

More often than not there's an eager boy or two there ready to suck and get fucked. Everyone needs to come here!
Published or Edited on 05/18/17
Maryland : Laurel : Love Craft : Review: May 13 2017 by anonymous guest
Was in last Friday after 6 pm and was sucked by two different dudes who both left after only a couple of minutes.

Then a guy came into the booth opposite to me and put his dick through the hole but left the door behind him open. I began to service him and did so for about three minutes or so when someone else entered his booth and began to suck him. This lasted for about a minute or so, then they both left.

My tokens by now had run out so I left. This was not a bad day!
Published or Edited on 05/18/17
Denver Metro : Denver : Pleasures Adult Entertainment : Review: May 13 2017
Heads Up! Adams County Sheriff's does random walk throughs now. Last time they must've shown up in an unmarked car because they were inside but there was no marked vehicle outside.
Published or Edited on 05/18/17
Phoenix Metro : Mesa : LA Fitness : Review: May 12 2017 by jyhming
I work very close to the Spa and it is open 24/7. I believe you can find the youngest crowd in Phoenix there since there are plenty of apartments around and sometimes boys looking for action.

I was afraid to do it there since the wet sauna and steam room is co-ed. Managed to get a blow job but we decided to finish up at his apartment for a full session of bareback fucking. Great way to spend a evening.

Got home at 5 am. Slept really well after firing my cannon just like a horny dog who just wouldn't get up after hot sex with a bitch.
Published or Edited on 05/17/17
Phoenix Metro : Mesa : Granite Reef Recreation Area : Review: May 12 2017 by jyhming
Took my buddy out a few times and saw cars parked along the area. He likes older men so he had a great time but I just walked around and tried to find people more in my age group.

He got fucked three times with different men, mostly retirement age, but I just walked and enjoyed the cool afternoon shade periodically beating the grass to scare the snakes away.

You might find a big one as he had a few 9" in his tight boyhole.
Published or Edited on 05/17/17
Phoenix Metro : Gilbert : LA Fitness : Review: May 12 2017 by jyhming
Been here periodically to workout and cruise. Only men in Arizona would dress in full gear in the sauna so the stench is unbearable. I thought you had to shower in order to use the sauna so other will not have to endure your nasty sweat and I can see your junk.

Occasionally you see men naked and ready so I usually let them know I am interested. Got lucky a few times with some 20 year-old and some early 30's who are eager to have fun.

You should let it hang and make yourself available for action.
Published or Edited on 05/17/17
China : Shanghai : Ding Lin Men's Club : Review: May 12 2017 by jyhming
I was here for a sixteen-hour layover. The place did not welcome foreigners but they let me in since I am a Chinese-American from Taiwan for overnight stay. They serve delicious food and the staff were very friendly. The place is rather dirty and there is some interesting artwork that features prominent Chinese artists.

I did not have fun that way but met some great people at the spa. Slept well and got back to the airport for my onward flight on time.
Published or Edited on 05/17/17
New Hampshire : Concord : Sewalls Falls Recreation Area : Review: May 12 2017 by Russ
The park is fully open now, trails on both sides of the bridge and beyond the railroad tracks into some pretty secluded woods. There are a few young guys hanging there now, walking the trails back and forth or getting baked. Got some action early evening off trail.

This could be the premiere local meetup spot if guys hung around more instead of driving in and out. Also, the young guys need to give the mature guys some action instead of being icicles.
Published or Edited on 05/17/17
China : Hong Kong : Alexander Spa and Sauna : Review: May 12 2017 by tonypilot
Closed. Please update your listings.
Published or Edited on 05/17/17
Dallas/Fort Worth Metro : Dallas : Dallas Love Field Airport : Review: May 12 2017 by Js
The hole between the stalls is gone and the bathroom is way too busy for anything to happen.
Published or Edited on 05/16/17
Dallas/Fort Worth Metro : Dallas : Midtowne Spa : Review: May 11 2017
Closed permanently as of May 12, 2017.
Published or Edited on 05/16/17
Wisconsin : Two Rivers : Edgewater Mall : Review: May 11 2017 by WIUncutGuy
This mall has been closed for a couple years now. The property has recently been bought Mjier Foods of Michigan tear down the building to build their 'Wal-Mart' like store. Its location is actually the SE corner of E Magnolia Ave & Johnston Dr.
Published or Edited on 05/16/17
Long Island Metro : Brentwood : Sinderella's Adult Center : Review: May 11 2017 by Anonymous
Hey, is this place friendly for trans guys looking to give head? I'm stealth and want to stay that way. I really want to check this place out but I don't want to get the shit beat out of me for "pretending" to be a man.
Published or Edited on 05/16/17
Michigan : Battle Creek : Romantix : Review: May 11 2017 by tommy4241
I was here today and had a great time. I got here around 11 and no one was around but by 11:45 several had arrived and they kept coming. The gloryholes in the booths are all covered over and that was a big disappointment, but the theatres were active and fun. The place is clean, clerks are nice, and it seems a really good place to go to play. I'll be back soon.
Published or Edited on 05/16/17
Florida : Winter Haven : Lake Fannie Boat Ramp : Review: May 10 2017 by George
Many mature men go here not to fish, but just for male comradery. There is nothing wrong with men speaking to each other in a park, after all we pay taxes for this park. Then the deputy sheriff or fish and game boy comes along and harasses us for doing nothing wrong. Such a shame the police don't go after criminals instead.
Published or Edited on 05/15/17
Florida : Dade City : Sawmill Camping Resort : Review: May 10 2017 by George
This place was nice when it opened up about 17 years ago, but it went downhill quick. It has also changed hands often, and each time it did, the place got nastier. I will not go back to this slum.
Published or Edited on 05/15/17

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