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New Mexico : Albuquerque : Office Newsstand : Review: Sep 20 2017 by scotty12065
I drove to this address last week. There is no business of any sort at this address. Looks like another deletion.

Seeing the 2010 review (before I started handling this) and that it isn't on Google Street View, I'll put it near the top of my list to delete. More deletions are in progress this week. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 09/26/17
New Mexico : Albuquerque : Big Eye : Review: Sep 20 2017 by scotty12065
You no longer put bills in the booths, or token coupons. It costs $7 for a four-hour pass, good for in and out. Everyone has to show photo ID, regardless of age.

Depending on which clerk is working, loitering in the hallways may be tolerated.

Large booths and smaller booths with gloryholes. Not all booths have movies playing on free-play.
Published or Edited on 09/25/17
New York City Metro : Manhattan : The Shops at Columbus Circle : Review: Sep 20 2017 by Justme
Heads Up! This place is not safe. I saw an undercover security guy, grey suit dark complexion. He might look like a business guy cruising but he is not. He works for security.

Also, the regular security guards are checking this place constantly. They all know what's going on and guys have become way too relaxed. Avoid at all cost.
Published or Edited on 09/25/17
Pennsylvania : Stoystown : Adult Country Bookstore : Review: Sep 20 2017 by Koenig
I posted a brief review earlier. I am a married middle-aged guy. Been straight my whole life. I will be here Tuesday night September 26th 4 to 6 pm to suck and drain your hard cock. Message me here to meet me there. Will also be here October 3rd, likely between 5:30 to 8 pm.

I just discovered I enjoy giving head. I'm not interested in anything other than giving head and taking a load. If you’re looking for something else, I’m not for you.
Published or Edited on 09/25/17
Maryland : Laurel : Love Craft : Review: Sep 20 2017 by Latin Lovar
The fat old hag cunt that works here needs to be fired. She went in the back and threw everyone out a month ago who wasn't in a booth. Then she started knocking on the doors and if there were two in a booth she threw them both out. As I was leaving I overheard her say to a woman out front that she was sick of the "worthless ni**ers and fags ruining their business".

As of last week she was still there running back into the booth areas harassing patrons to "get in a booth and drop tokens or leave."

This makes no sense to me. We pay $5 upon entering. If we don't want to drop tokens we don't have to.

Next time she harasses people I'll call 911 and wait there until the police come to fill out a report on her and what goes on in there. I'll be back soon to report further.
Published or Edited on 09/25/17
Pennsylvania : Stoystown : Adult Country Bookstore : Review: Sep 20 2017 by Koenig
I am a married straight guy who recently developed an interest in sucking cock. I heard about this place through the reviews below. Went here a few times now. Didn't know the tradition and didn't get any the first two times.

Last night I went and got almost all I wanted. I was in the lot when it was quiet. Saw a guy pull up and go in and figured I'd try. The place is clean. Booths on the left have gloryholes. Booths on the right are larger but no holes. Those are designed to buddy up and had condoms and condom wrappers from users during the day. In general, a clean place and friendly clerk.

Getting to the back requires minimum of $5 worth of tokens. I got my tokens and saw the guy who went in was in one of the booths with the light on. Went into the booth next to him. While I was putting in my token, he shoved his cock into the hole.

I immediately got down on my knees and devoured his average sized cock. After about fifteen minutes, he pulled back without cumming. ...
Published or Edited on 09/25/17
Long Island Metro : West Babylon : Show World : Review: Sep 20 2017 by Kikiluvsit
As an insatiable Fet Tgirl slut with many girlfriends, I can honestly say that Show World is the most amazing Tgirl friendly place, from the guys playing down to owners and staff. Red Barn in Berlin NJ and Paris in Syracuse, where me and five other sluts did guys in the theater for a three day sex-cation in September, are distant seconds to Show World!!!

Like, even the ladies room is free for us to use to change and we have always had a blast. And girls, hard black bulls and yummy white studs here, not the shuffling sex zombie crew you find other places.

I fell in love with my ex there who is a Tgirl more beautiful than 100% of women and easily the most primal, feral girl I know. When she started our evenings at Show World, I was lucky to get her sloppy seconds! ;) /sigh

So anyway, I'm bringing my girls with me soon to rock tha World n show you how hot tgirls' whoreholes really are! Yay Show World!

PM me if interested. This is for a weekend in Cock-tober.
Published or Edited on 09/25/17
Los Angeles Metro : Los Angeles : Street cruising along 3rd Street : Review: Sep 20 2017 by John
There's a hepatitis outbreak in LA that came from San Diego. As noted in the article, ten people were infected as of September 19; prevention measures were focused on the homeless, especially in this Skid Row area. Forty to sixty people are infected in LA County each year.

Los Angeles Times: Health officials declare hepatitis A outbreak in L.A. County

An occasional troll posted this link to a health club in the LA area. Because it's newsworthy, I moved it to this location along the historic Skid Row, one of the areas mentioned in the article for special efforts by the health department. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 09/25/17
Kansas City Metro : Kansas City : Bazooka's Showgirls : Review: Sep 19 2017 by bob
I'll let others decide if this warrants a "Heads Up," but there are cameras in the ceilings of both theaters. Whether these are active or dummies, I do not know.

The main store has the same type of cameras that are monitored behind the front desk. I did not see monitors for the new ones though. Seems a bit more than a standard AYOR place to me.
Published or Edited on 09/22/17
New Jersey : Avenel : Adult Variety Store : Review: Sep 19 2017 by Jim
May be time to take our business elsewhere. Stopped by on a Saturday only to discover they raised the minimum to start the machines from $2 to $5.
Published or Edited on 09/22/17
Washington Metro : Washington : Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library : Review: Sep 19 2017 by Washingtonian
Library closed for reconstruction for three years through 2020.
Published or Edited on 09/22/17
Washington Metro : Washington : Glorious Health Club : Review: Sep 19 2017 by bottombill
I will be at the GHC Sunday September 24, looking to suck, get sucked, and get fucked while everyone watches. I will be walking around totally naked and I have no pubic hair — I pluck it so it is nice and smooth. I will be there around 4 to 8 pm.
Published or Edited on 09/22/17
New York : Plattsburgh : Beekmantown and Point Au Roche Rest Areas : Review: Sep 19 2017 by Plattsburgh State Student
There is a nerdy dude watchdog who spies through the peephole in the maintenance door just to the right of the entrance to the men's bathroom. Stick to your car, strike up a conversation with a trucker and grab your crotch or cruise the woods but do not attempt anything in the bathroom.

Really hot trade here, musky, rough truckers. Also travelers, all kinds. It's the last rest stop before Canadian border.

You have to be patient at times but I always get action here. If you're into uncut cock there's nothing else like it in the area.

I went back and forth on this, finally decided to remove the Heads Up you had here. A "watchdog" isn't an arrest or harassment, at least not yet. Maybe he's just a voyeur or a closet case too timid yet to play. Sounds like you definitely can have good action when you play it right, and in the right place.

If something bad goes down here, let us know. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 09/22/17
Alabama : Huntsville : Hobby Lobby : Review: Sep 18 2017
They are closed.
Published or Edited on 09/22/17
Pennsylvania : Bentleyville : Adultmart : Review: Sep 17 2017
Stopped by here on September 6 and saw some action. I was in and out a couple times. Wish they would clean the place better. I used to be a cleaner.

Sucked off a good-looking young married guy right after I got in. I watched a guy who hangs around out front pretty often suck off a tall guy in a dress shirt. Never saw this guy suck a cock before.

Later I watched a guy in a ball cap get sucked off by a bald guy. He has a nice fat one and the guy sucking swallowed his whole load and licked his cock clean after. He got every tasty drop.

I know it's a tasty load because I've eaten it myself a few times, but haven't gotten it in awhile. I'd have been the one in there sucking his cock if I'd seen him first.

Before I left an old neighbor of mine came in and I went up to him and we talked a little. When we separated I waited then followed when I heard him start a movie. He wasn't doing anything at first so I waited. When he added more tokens he unzipped and p...
Published or Edited on 09/22/17
Miami Metro : Miami : David Barton Gym : Review: Sep 17 2017 by D
The downtown Miami location closed without notice in late 2016. No word on whether they will ever reopen here or anywhere else in Miami or Miami Beach, unfortunately.
Published or Edited on 09/22/17
New York City Metro : Brooklyn : 24 Hour Fitness - Tilden Sport Gym : Review: Sep 17 2017 by brooklyntnt
Since this club has become a 24 Hour Fitness and added shower curtains to the shower stalls, is there still cruising?
Published or Edited on 09/22/17
Detroit Metro : Detroit : Escape Book & Video : Review: Sep 16 2017 by Lcbarkon
Escape may be small, but the action can be hot. You can come into contact with CD/TV types. Lots of BJ activity.
Published or Edited on 09/20/17
Connecticut : Naugatuck : Video Temptations : Review: Sep 16 2017 by jason
Went here two times last week. Both times there were at least ten guys there. Went in a booth, left the door unlocked, and sucked several guys. Saw a lovely Latino go in a booth. I followed him in and got the best fucking I have had in a while.
Published or Edited on 09/20/17
Fort Lauderdale Metro : Davie : Leisure Time Cinema : Review: Sep 15 2017 by all4ya
Letting everyone know that Leisure Time is open and survived Hurricane Irma!
Published or Edited on 09/20/17
New Hampshire : Lebanon : Lebanon Rest Area and Welcome Center : Review: Sep 14 2017
The rest area is open seasonally, not closed all year long.
Published or Edited on 09/20/17
Michigan : Lansing : Club Tabu : Review: Sep 14 2017 by Bearnakedhung812
Bear daddy would like to know about the club, what to expect, what happens when I walk in, get naked? What is the changing room for? Do guys walk around naked or semi-dressed? MWM here curious looking to go there, excited about what I'm reading. Any new info would be awesome.
Published or Edited on 09/20/17
New Hampshire : Lee : Little River Park : Review: Sep 14 2017 by jockboston
Waited a bit in woods and then, not kidding, a uniformed baseball player from UNH came in to pee and stroke. He let me watch and then stroke him. No words spoken.
Published or Edited on 09/20/17
West Virginia : Mineralwells : Lion's Den Adult Superstore : Review: Sep 14 2017 by Jinx1113
Wow, stopped in last week and scored big after a slow start. Went to a gloryhole booth and started a movie and took a peek, an older guy with a nice cock, yum! Got to my knees and did a finger wag and he rewarded me with his cock. I was very horny and went to town being really slutty with his cock. After ten minutes I asked if I could come over and he accepted.

When I got there I got immediately to my knees and went back to being a slut. Soon after, another man entered the side I left and watched for a good time, which I truly enjoyed. After quite awhile he told me that he couldn't finish, he was too nervous but that I was the best he ever had. I told him it was okay and that I enjoyed it even without my juicy reward, and to come back and look for me if he felt he could get off.

I went to another gloryhole booth and watched some good porn for a while and no takers. I then went to the bigger buddy booths, stripped, and got on my knees and started beating off with the buddy lig...
Published or Edited on 09/20/17
Michigan : Lansing : Déjà Vu Showgirls - Lansing : Review: Sep 13 2017 by Bearnakedhung812
Will be at the Vue September 21. Would love to suck my first cock or get my tiny white hole fucked, never done either. 60 years old, great shape, 6" thick cock, big balls, and bear body. I'll wear my wife's PJ's so you can cum all over them.

To the guy I met here and sucked your balls, you know how bad I wanted to suck your hard cock, love to meet again. Anyone else be clean and HIV- and let's play together. Love to have a MWM like myself. If you're curious so am I.

Hit me up through my CFS Profile or on Lansing Craigslist Missed Connections and let's chat. Excited about taking next step. Wife doesn't know and yours doesn't have to either.

I added the Profile link; please don't respond on this page. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 09/18/17
Palm Springs Metro : Desert Hot Springs : Cruisy vacant lot : Review: Sep 13 2017 by 2MeMen
Now there has been a fire in this location. Everything is gone, canopy, beds, chairs and trees. Too bad. Someone didn't want us to have a fun place. We have enough prejudice from the cops. This will not stop guys from meeting here.
Published or Edited on 09/18/17
Ohio : Steubenville : Pasttime Video : Review: Sep 12 2017 by First Timer
After casing the place for a few weeks with a bunch of drive-by's I finally got the nerves to go inside when I saw two pipeline workers walk inside from their truck as I drove past. They appeared to be between mid-20s to mid-40s.

Paid my dues to the clerk and saw the older guy go into a booth and the younger guy go into theatre. Took about ten minutes of eye contact in the theatre after both of us pushed away a couple dirty-looking clingers for me to go sit next to him.

He already had his dick out but covered with his shirt and I didn't hesitate to go down on it. Dirty-ass guys tried to get involved so we went into a booth instead.

First time ever going to adult theatre and haven't been back out of fear of being caught by someone who knows me, but it was a good time. I'd recommend watching for interesting clientele to go in and find your mark before you go inside. As prior posts indicate there are some horny trolls that are not very appealing hanging out.
Published or Edited on 09/18/17
Texas : Amarillo : Zone D'Erotica : Review: Sep 12 2017 by Jack
Arcade and theatre shut down, just a sex shop now.
Published or Edited on 09/19/17
San Francisco Metro : San Francisco : Nob Hill Adult Theatre : Review: Sep 12 2017 by Dick84
This review is based on several visits. First of all this is a must when visiting San Francisco or if you live in the city. $20 includes the arcade and live shows. It's $15 for the arcade. There are special events, Naked Tuesday's, Rookies Night, Jerk Off With Porn Stars, etc.

Let's start with the live shows: In my experience,the entertainers, who work only for tips, are not all that friendly, sometimes plain rude. Dancing on stage with all your clothes on is not erotic. Sometimes the number of shows is limited.

In my opinion the "live sex shows" are not worth the extra $5, although once in a while they do have shows with porn stars either solo or with another star.

Now the downstairs where the underground and video booths are located. The underground is a dark maze with gloryholes. A lot of action happens here but expect an audience or often unwelcome intrusions. Most of the video booths have gloryholes. There are two larger booths for more intimate encoun...
Published or Edited on 09/18/17
New York City Metro : Queens : DCD Exclusive Video : Review: Sep 11 2017 by Eric
Lots of older fat dudes cock blocking for all they're worth. If a dude walks in they jump him. I don't understand why someone wants to fuck around with such unattractive dudes, and they hang out for hours without spending a dime.
Published or Edited on 09/18/17
West Virginia : Parkersburg : A to Z Adult Bookstore : Review: Sep 11 2017 by Jinx1113
Oh yes, still open and good. Last visit I got five cocks in my slutty mouth. Sitting here watching porn and thinking about the last visit and getting horny. May have to go back.
Published or Edited on 09/18/17
South Carolina : Charleston : Club Pantheon / Cure Nightclub : Review: Sep 11 2017 by Mark
Bar is closed. Dudley's is just down the street.

The place seems both to have changed names and owners and since closed:

Charleston City Paper, Mar 2016: Club Pantheon changing owners and name

Out! Carolinas, Jan 2017: Closed - Cure Nightclub (Dec 2016) in Charleston, SC

~ Editor

Published or Edited on 09/18/17
Dallas/Fort Worth Metro : Fort Worth : Rainbow Lounge : Review: Sep 10 2017
Prospects of reopening dims after costs almost triple.
"Now I'm about 80 percent sure we won't be coming back," Rainbow Lounge co-owner Tom McAvoy said. "I'm sick to my stomach about it."

Fort-Worth Star-Telegram: Could this be the end of Fort Worth’s iconic Rainbow Lounge?

Iconic Fort Worth gay bar Rainbow Lounge won't reopen after all

KXAS: Rainbow Lounge Owners Say Bar Will Not Reopen at This Time
Published or Edited on 09/18/17
San Francisco Metro : San Francisco : Buena Vista Park : Review: Sep 10 2017 by 24gay
I was walking home from the Castro on a Thursday night just after midnight a few weeks back and thought I'd walk by to see what it was like. It's pretty dark over there, not much light, but I saw about three or four dark shadows so I just paused by the fence.

I looked to my right and saw a Latino guy jerking off his cock, so I went over and start sucking him off. As I'm sucking him, I feel another cock moving up and down my ass over my pants.

The guy I'm sucking backs him off and proceeds to get behind me, pull down my pants, and just starts fucking me on the ground right in the middle of the paved pathway. He came inside me and I left, but definitely could've stayed around for some more.
Published or Edited on 09/15/17
New York City Metro : Brooklyn : Barnes & Noble Bookstore : Review: Sep 10 2017 by Shining
Stopped by recently. It was dead. Also there was police presence on the lower level just patrolling.
Published or Edited on 09/18/17
New Jersey : Bordentown : Scenic overlook : Review: Sep 10 2017
On 9/10/17, a guy was taken away from the Scenic Overlook in handcuffs by undercover cops. They were speaking Spanish so I don't know why.

We can't tell if this is a Heads Up or not. A second Review was later posted for this place with a link to a Craigslist ad, but that ad was removed. As always, be discreet, on guard, and pay attention when cruising public places. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 09/15/17
Florida : Tallahassee : Lofton Pond : Review: Sep 10 2017 by Benny024
The third time I came here, it was on a late weekday afternoon in late July. Unbelievably, I was butt-fucked three times right there in the parking lot! Never happened since.

When I arrived, there was only one car in the lot and it was backed in, so I did the same a couple of spaces away. I got out and opened the back doors of my van for some privacy as I removed my black thong and then lubed and loosened my horny tight butthole.

Within fifteen minutes, at least four vehicles parked nearby. A Black guy parked alongside me. When I saw him looking at me — I was still standing behind the rear van doors — I teasingly exposed my bare, white ass. About a minute later, he got out of his vehicle and walked over to me. Seeing me naked from the waist down and completely shaved, he unzipped and I immediately went down on his soon to be erect BBC.

After a couple of minutes of sucking, he motioned for me to bend over my van bed. Even though he slowly pushed into my lubed hole,...
Published or Edited on 09/15/17
Austin Metro : Plugerville : Blue Light Glory Hole : Review: Sep 09 2017 by BarebackTX
Moved to a new house. The lights outside are now blue instead of red. Located near 45 and 130 toll roads. Check the web page for updated information.
Published or Edited on 09/15/17
New York City Metro : Manhattan : Vihan's Video : Review: Sep 09 2017 by cockjock
The police busted this place a few months ago. Now the downstairs booths are locked off and upstairs theater/booth space where you pay $15 has at most one or two sad souls in it. Don't bother.
Published or Edited on 09/15/17
New York City Metro : Queens : Little Neck Video : Review: Sep 09 2017
Went here two weeks ago to find that they closed all the gloryholes with steel plates. All the gloryholes, even the postal slot ones that were too low for most guys.

Published or Edited on 09/15/17
Florida : Clarksville : Chipola River : Review: Sep 09 2017 by Scruffguy
I was hanging out looking for action. Saw a dude on a bicycle who said he was going to Pensacola and had just got released from prison near Jacksonville. He said he was broke, no food or cigs.

Told him I'd give him $20 to let me suck his cock and he agreed. We went in the woods. Damn, he was horny! He skull-fucked my face, shot a load, then forced me around and raped my ass twice. Was hot as fuck.
Published or Edited on 09/15/17
Georgia : Hazlehurst : Towns Bluff Park : Review: Sep 09 2017 by Localboy
This is still a good place to meet guys. Usually best in the mornings or late afternoon/early evenings until about dark, but not after dark.

When you turn off of Highway 221, you will be on a dirt road. You will see a road that turns off to the right. Don't take that one, it will take you to the new section with the convention lodge. Keep going straight. This will take you to the old river park. That is where guys meet.

Thanks, I'm grateful for the directions and will update the page. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 09/15/17
Mississippi : Biloxi : Adult Theatre - Gulf Coast Movies : Review: Sep 09 2017 by CuckoldCuriosity
Love this place. I had been in the store part a couple of times with my girlfriend. The Black guy behind the counter has always been very cool.

I finally got my girl to go into the theatre the last time we went back in July. She was a little hesitant but It was empty when we went in and sat in front of the wall on the love seat. I pulled her dress up ate her a little then she started riding me.

Unfortunately two guys came in. One sat directly in front of us and one sat across the aisle from us and immediately started stroking his cock. This spooked her and she wanted to leave. I grabbed her ass the whole way out.

When we got back to our room all she was saying how big the guy's dick was across from us. We fucked like crazy and I told her that she should have finished there and that it would be OK if she stroked his big cock.

I haven't had a chance to get her back there but I hope it comes soon.
Published or Edited on 09/13/17
Denver Metro : Denver : Pleasures Adult Entertainment : Review: Sep 07 2017
Well I've been sitting here for a couple hours watching senior after senior walk in and out. Don't come unless you like oldies.
Published or Edited on 09/13/17
Texas : Granger : Granger Lake : Review: Sep 07 2017
Gosh. There has to be a way to hook up without a partition!
Published or Edited on 09/13/17
Texas : Georgetown : Rivery Park : Review: Sep 07 2017 by RRcruiser
There has been a lot of development between Rivery Blvd and Rivery Park, a 7-story hotel with huge ballroom, apartments, and condos overlooking the park. I'll try to stop by soon to see if there are still guys cruising.

To the Editor: With that said, you should probably update the directions. Remove the sentence, "The second driveway is entrance to park." Replace with, "On Rivery Blvd drive one quarter mile. Turn right onto Hershey Avenue and drive 250 feet. Turn left onto unnamed divided street and drive 250 feet. Turn right onto unnamed road and proceed 500 feet to the parking lot for Rivery Park."

While you are updating, please move the map pin to the southeast and place on the parking lot.

Thanks! It's been years since I've been in Georgetown and I'm grateful for the update. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 09/13/17
Orlando Metro : Sanford : Lee P. Moore Park : Review: Sep 07 2017 by NENESUAVE
Had a nice time here.
Published or Edited on 09/13/17
Berlin Metro : Berlin : The JAXX : Review: Sep 07 2017 by nudebiorgies
Yes, I agree. I am a foreigner and got the same line during Europe Folsom week. Take your business elsewhere.
Published or Edited on 09/13/17
Toronto Metro : Toronto : Remington's Men of Steel : Review: Sep 06 2017 by Gums
They have supposedly moved to Queen West. I can't figure out the new address though. FB page is listing events happening this weekend.

Toronto's most famous male strip club is on the move

From the article, "Next June Remington's will move to a new location on West Queen West." That would be in June, 2018. Google and their FB page still show the Yonge St. location for now. There's also images on the FB page stating "NEW LOCATION SUMMER 2018."

So, head over to Yonge St. for now and have fun. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 09/13/17
Toronto Metro : Toronto : Hudson Bay Centre : Review: Sep 06 2017 by Gums
Not as cruisy at the urinals due to gigantic dividers post renovation. But definitely still guys cruising under stalls and doubling up in stalls. Occasional security guard, door gets propped open. But there's still action here.

Thanks so much! I'm grateful for the update and will keep this online. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 09/11/17

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