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Thailand : Bangkok : Hawaii Theatre : Review: Mar 22 2017 by ChristianPFC
Keep in mind these places close early.

On 16 Mar 2017 I was near Hawaii, so I went and arrived 19:07, where the cashier told me they close 19:30 and didn't let me in (didn't sell me a ticket).

From this [url=]CFS Message Board post 21 Mar 2017.
Published or Edited on 03/29/17
Thailand : Chachoengsao : Chachoengsao Bus Station : Review: Mar 22 2017 by ChristianPFC
I was in Chachoengsao last Sat 18 Mar 2017 and went to the bus station. Part of the bus station is closed for renovation. The remaining part has a free public toilet, with two cubicles, separated by a tiled wall. (I.E., there is no glory hole, you would have to drill through tile and concrete (?) wall.)

From this CFS Message Board post 21 Mar 2017.
Published or Edited on 03/29/17
Jordan : Amman : Al Hamra : Review: Mar 22 2017 by Paul
Is this cinema still running?

It is not.

"In an effort to maximize profits, some cinemas showed pornographic films to attract a younger audience. These were soon shut down by the authorities.

At one time, there were 15 cinemas in the city centre, and now only four remain.

One of those, Cinema al-Hamra, now looks derelict. "There is no income to renovate. The cinema's income barely covers the running costs," says Abu Yosef.

Business has got so bad that Abu Yusuf is thinking of turning it into a coffee shop."

From a May 2015 article in The New Arab / Al-Araby based in the UK: Curtains come down on Amman's cinemas ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 03/29/17
Seattle Metro : Everett : Adult Airport Video : Review: Mar 21 2017 by NewtoBi
I visited on a Tuesday around 5 pm. As a versatile top I hoped to suck some cock and fuck some ass or at least beat myself to cumming while sucking. Today, I sucked one guy who came into my mouth and waited a long time for a new partner.

Just as I was ready to leave, a new guy entered the gloryhole booth. I beckoned to him and he complied. His large, soft cock grew into a monster, I think it was eight inches but with the wall between us, it was hard to tell.

I sucked him for a long time and he was about to cum and pulled away. He wanted to suck me while he cooled down. His mouth was warm and welcoming. He sucked me for a bit and I was ready to cum but not ready to cum in his mouth. I pulled back and asked for his cock.

I sucked on it a few minutes and then turned around try to take it in my ass. I had some lube but no condoms, so took him bare. He was hard but gentle.

This was the biggest dick I've ever taken. He let me set the pace. At first he wouldn't fit, he was...
Published or Edited on 03/29/17
Washington Metro : Washington : The Crucible : Review: Mar 21 2017 by Loneranger
Crucible is not open... yet. There is a mailing list one can get on for updates and events. $25 membership.

By my estimation, it may be two weeks to a month before opening. The web URL listed for the club is correct. There is also a Facebook page set up.

Thanks so much for the update! The Crucible's web site shows an event scheduled for April 8, so let's hope they are all complete and ready to get down to business then.

I also found this Facebook page which seems to be an unofficial one showing their old location. I did not see a Facebook page linked from the Crucible web site, but it may be there and I overlooked it. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 03/28/17
Washington Metro : Washington : Glorious Health Club : Review: Mar 21 2017 by Loneranger
Entry prices vary depending on the day of the week and the time you visit. See the pic. If you're visiting from out of town and do not have a car, using public transportation, take bus E2 (Ivy City) from the Ft. Totten Metro station.

I visited Tuesday at about 2 pm and stayed about five hours. I agree with the past posts. Mainly a Black crowd. At around 4 pm I saw a few men stopping in on their way home from work.

It's a huge warehouse that has been built into a sex club. When you pay and walk in there is a small lounge area. Keep walking back and you'll find another lounge area. Lockers can be found in the first room or bathroom area.

There are two locations with a maze of gloryhole booths. Two dark areas where some fuking around happened.

The place indeed smells like a locker room gone bad. Agree with previous post, there are a number of homeless men "camped" out in here, tolerant of the activities but not taking part.

This actually wouldn't be...
Published or Edited on 03/28/17
Portland Metro : Portland : Oregon Theatre : Review: Mar 21 2017
A woman writes for Willamette Week about the visit she and a presumably male friend made here. Sounds like they looked around but didn't stay long:
Isabel Zacharias wrote:
The first thing you learn is not to sit down.

"You don't seem timid," says the taller guy in thin wireframe glasses, one of the men—almost all men—milling around this place like it's their living room. "But I thought I'd warn you, if you sit down, guys will start flocking around you."

No, I'm not timid; my feeling on entering the Oregon Theater on Southeast Division Street isn't embarrassment but incredulity. We went because, though the Oregon has been in business as an adult theater since the '70s (it was built as a vaudeville house in 1925), no one we knew had ever ventured inside. The bowl of free condoms in the entryway should've tipped me off, but some prudish part of me believed those were for later, when couples go home. They're not...
Published or Edited on 03/28/17
South Carolina : Hamer : Fantasy Video : Review: Mar 20 2017 by Feeder
Stopped by Sunday and went straight to the back. A couple Black guys were hanging out in the dark in booths. That didn't work, which was weird, but whatever.

Walked up to the booth playing some gay porn and an older guy was standing there. Told him I liked how the guy in the video was throating a big cock. He said he likes to throat cocks and I said well, I've got a hard cock that needs a tight throat.

I walked into the booth and he went into the adjacent booth. I pulled my hard cock out and stuck it in the hole. He devoured my cock, sucking it deep, jacking my cock when his mouth needed a rest.

I could hear him jacking his cock fast and then I felt it. So hot, he started shooting his cum on my cock, groaning loudly as several hot ropes hit my cock. Then he dropped to his knees again and ate his own cum off my swollen cock. I couldn't take it and blasted down his throat and he jacked some on his face too. Fucking hot!
Published or Edited on 03/28/17
Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill Metro : Raleigh : Triangle Adult Super Center : Review: Mar 20 2017 by DoughBoy
This place is hot! I'm from Boston and we have nothing like this. Tons of booths, some with gloryholes, some with slide-open plexiglas windows. A couple of larger booths for small private groups. Two pitch dark rooms and two "theatres," one playing straight and one playing gay.

Both times I have been here I have been an active voyeur with two groups. A very diverse crowd, great mix. There is a $13 cover. It's well worth it to not be bothered by the attendants and you can take your time. Having to buy tokens or feed $ into the machines can really add up.

Yes, there is an odor. The odor of lust, balls, cum and ass. What else would you expect? Go, have fun and be safe!
Published or Edited on 03/28/17
Wisconsin : Conover : Rest area : Review: Mar 20 2017 by oinkIronwood
Anyone still going here? Cocksucker here.
Published or Edited on 03/28/17
Wisconsin : Manitowish Waters : Rest area on Highway 51 : Review: Mar 20 2017 by oinkIronwood
Would like to see this area pick up again! I travel this corridor and want some fun.
Published or Edited on 03/27/17
San Francisco Metro : San Mateo : College of San Mateo : Review: Mar 20 2017 by BAJerking
Does this place still get cruisy?
Published or Edited on 03/27/17
New York City Metro : Queens : Fair Theatre : Review: Mar 20 2017 by Jack O'Llero
I live a block away from this place and see the same guys every day, every single day, going in and out! Is this some sort of Shady Pines? They all look to be in their 60s or 70s, they must subsidize this place with their Social Security income!

Last time I was there was nine months ago, and I have no intention of going back.
Published or Edited on 03/27/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : McKelligon Canyon : Review: Mar 20 2017 by Fred
Around 5 am thousands of soldiers, yes thousands, do their morning run, from Alabama St. to end of the Canyon and back. Just go a little earlier, 4 am, and park close to the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) Pavilion. As you head to the Canyon take the small road to the right. Is located to the end to your left.

If you enjoy a nice morning tasty blow job from a young horny GI that's the place. It's car sex with some opening trucks to get fucked. To my surprise many will enjoy a nice raw bareback dick.
Published or Edited on 03/27/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Kayak Gentlemen's Club : Review: Mar 20 2017 by Fred
Editor, please consider a deletion. My humble opinion. Not the place to fing male-male sex.

There are actually straight, bi, down-low, etc. guys who read CFS and post reviews, sometimes mentioning women.

There's also clubs like Larry Flynt's Hustler Club east of St. Louis which see both M4M as well as straight action.

I appreciate your opinion and I'll mark Kayak "Possibly not cruisy." There's always a lag time for deletions, allowing time for others to chime in. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 03/27/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Eros Video : Review: Mar 20 2017 by Fred
Mr. Editor, Eros moved to 4812 Montana Avenue, El Paso, Texas 79903 where the Venus used to be located. Now it has a bigger and better cinema. It opens from 10 am to Midnight daily. The Entrance Fee is the same.

No back entrance or back parking alley so the paranoid crowd is not enjoying the place. I guess they're afraid their wives or partners will see their cars or something like that. Some are moving to the back alley of the old location but it's AYOR. Now the cops are patrolling that spot.

I visited Eros last week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Slow but rewarding. Plenty of action at the mens room. Big, quiet, and clean. Better time is after dark till close. The daytime crowd is mostly elderly men.

There's action also around the water coolers and in the halls. A nice cute masculine gave me head in the front row. His job went from dick to ass including balls. Terrific blow/rim work.

Was told by one of the attendants the arcade at the basement is opening soo...
Published or Edited on 03/27/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Venus Adult Gifts : Review: Mar 20 2017 by Fred
Venus is closed. The owner decided not to have two porn shops competing each other at the same shopping mall. So now the Eros was moved there in its entirety. Will miss Venus, especially the old arcade at the basement, but will enjoy Eros.

Thank you, Fred. I "suggested" the changes for both Venus and Eros to Google Maps. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 03/27/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Ascarate Park : Review: Mar 20 2017 by Fred
Last week was extremely busy at all tea rooms. Better between 12 noon to 4 pm.
Published or Edited on 03/27/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Arcade Adult Video : Review: Mar 20 2017 by Fred
Busy as hell. With the opening of a Walmart just across from the Arcade, there is so much traffic at the arcade and the inside cinema. Be ready with just at least a month's worth of cum.

I did stop for a quick check and the back parking was full. The front parking was almost full.

Got a terrific blow job by a nice Hispanic guy at the arcade then came not once — but twice — at the cinema. Ended by fucking a nice lubed ass for the grand finale.

Not bad for the last Sunday of winter.
Published or Edited on 03/24/17
Orange County Metro : Santa Ana : Santa Ana Bike Trail : Review: Mar 19 2017
Not as cruisy as it used to be but it still happens. I ran into tall masculine ethnic bro here late Thursday night. Fucking hot cocksucker and wicked as I banged up for about an hour. Nutted twice back on the path.

Gonna be lookin' for this bro again for sure! Fucking hot!
Published or Edited on 03/24/17
Milwaukee Metro : Milwaukee : Midtowne Spa : Review: Mar 18 2017
It's history.

Walker's Point development adds building, parking lot
Published or Edited on 03/24/17
Indiana : Crawfordsville : Sugar Creek Trail : Review: Mar 18 2017 by Wheelz619
I went here last fall and managed to get sucked off. I believe it is mostly dead though.
Published or Edited on 03/24/17
Miami Metro : Homestead : Dixie Adult Store & Theatres : Review: Mar 18 2017 by Dom
Not all old guys. It's hit or miss, sometimes really hot. Theaters are good.

If you feel it's only old guys and don't come then it's going to be only old guys.

That makes perfect sense! ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 03/24/17
Florida : Punta Gorda : Bada Bing Adult Video : Review: Mar 17 2017 by B.
Been a few years. Stopped by last weekend. Crowded with middle-aged to older guys like me. Very clean and clerk was totally cool.

Still a camera in the arcade hall but all the booths, though cramped, have gloryholes.

Sucked off a really sweet midsize cut cock and had mine sucked too. Really wanted my ass fucked. Maybe next time when I feel a bit more comfortable.
Published or Edited on 03/24/17
New Orleans Metro : New Orleans : University of New Orleans - Earl K. Long Library : Review: Mar 17 2017 by FratBoyinNYC
Gloryhole is open, but the last stall door has been removed.
Published or Edited on 03/24/17
Dallas/Fort Worth Metro : Carrollton : Spa Castle : Review: Mar 17 2017 by David
You can most certainly get play here but be careful and don't cruise guys who are not interested. I like it better than the bathhouse. The guys are hotter and even though many of them aren't there to hook up, it's good eye candy.

If you want to see orgies and cum all over the floor, go to a bathhouse. But if you want to see average naked guys that maybe get a little touchy-feely, this is an awesome place. In spite of what some say, the staff is not constantly patrolling the wet area to bust people for cruising.
Published or Edited on 03/23/17
Virginia : Annandale : Home Depot : Review: Mar 17 2017 by Joe
Still checking, any action here?
Published or Edited on 03/23/17
Philadelphia Metro : Philadelphia : Dream Boutique : Review: Mar 16 2017 by kuntryboy36
If they change out movies in the theatre it will be awesome. And the smoking too.
Published or Edited on 03/23/17
Philadelphia Metro : Philadelphia : Adonis Cinema : Review: Mar 16 2017 by kuntryboy36
So my first time here and I loved it. The space is freaky if I might say. So hate the 6 am cleanup time but gotta keep it clean. I will definitely come back when it's warm though.
Published or Edited on 03/23/17
San Diego Metro : Escondido : Romantix : Review: Mar 16 2017 by will
I went during the week about 1:30. I found four cocks to suck on ranging from small to big. Being more private will be great. No one really bothered us back there. What a fun place to go in North County.
Published or Edited on 03/23/17
Denver Metro : Denver : Pleasures Adult Entertainment : Review: Mar 15 2017 by Carl
I just left here about 9 pm and it was great!

I had on a dress and a black thong and it wasn't five minutes before a guy came in to the booth and pushed me down on to the bench. He started kissing me all over, laid me back, pulled my panties aside, and lubed up my tight hole. He played with my nips while he slid a condom on and slid his cock up my ass. He fucked me good with my legs up in the air and two guys watching through two holes.

i get lucky here most of the time either crossdressed or not.
Published or Edited on 03/23/17
Louisville Metro : Louisville : Vapor Spa : Review: Mar 15 2017
Louisville Metro Councilman David James recently raised a controversy over Vapor Spa when, in response to a request to close adjacent alleyways for additional development, he publicly called it a "sex club" and claimed he'd received constituent complaints. James had entered Vapor Spa last year to look around using a fake ID or someone else's ID.

Developer and owner George Stinson, who has operated gay establishments for over forty years, says it is not a "sex club" but has "private member for gay males" with "a full physical facility... a gym, exercise rooms, exercise equipment, indoor-outdoor swimming pools."

The Metro Council did approve rezoning for the development project with James abstaining.

Metro councilman says private spa in Smoketown is actually a 'sex club'

Published or Edited on 03/23/17
Florida : Lakeland : Gator Creek Reserve : Review: Mar 15 2017
Heads Up! Two arrested here, two also at Saddle Creek Park. Photos, names, and hometowns were published.

Four arrested on lewdness charges in Polk parks
Published or Edited on 03/21/17
Florida : Lakeland : Saddle Creek Park : Review: Mar 15 2017
Heads Up! Another bust here and also at Gator Creek Park. Photos, names, and hometowns were published.

Four arrested on lewdness charges in Polk parks
Published or Edited on 03/21/17
Pennsylvania : Montgomeryville : Adult World : Review: Mar 14 2017 by Jsang
Been here a few times to get blown through a gloryhole. Staff is friendly and they don't bother anyone up in the booths. I've never been in a buddy booth, but the gloryholes are usually always available to get my cock sucked.

I usually go after work around 6 or 7 pm and there are usually a few people roaming the halls in the arcade. I've received a great blowjob every time I've gone. Will definitely be going again.
Published or Edited on 03/21/17
Tampa Bay Metro : Tampa : Ybor Resort and Spa : Review: Mar 14 2017 by Stephen
This place burned down last week and is closed.

I found a news story indicating the place had closed at the end of February and the building was vacant.

Second fire in a week at vacant gay bathhouse in Ybor ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 03/21/17
Orlando Metro : Orlando : Club Orlando : Review: Mar 14 2017 by Indy_bi_guy
I've been to the Clubs in St. Louis, Indianapolis, and Columbus, but Club Orlando has the best set up of the four. I was able to go four different times over three weeks. Very large and lots of play areas.

First was on a Saturday afternoon. Decent crowd and I hooked up with two or three guys. I just had a locker that time, so mostly got head in the public dark areas. I did go in one of the locking gloryhole rooms in the Man Cave to get my ass plowed by a BBC.

I went on half price Tuesday, twice, and spent the whole night. The place was packed with a waiting list for rooms and even though I am older, 50's, I still had plenty of action. There are lots of young guys who are attracted to in-shape silver daddies.

The outside Man Cave is the best. I bent over the table in the side room and soon had a nice BBC fucking my ass. I think my moaning just turned him on even more. He fucked me for a good ten minutes before he shot his load in my ass. It was heaven.

I went on two ...
Published or Edited on 03/21/17
Ohio : Cambridge : Salt Fork Lake State Park : Review: Mar 13 2017 by ImJohn2
This place is off the Kimbolton exit just north of Cambridge, Ohio going north on I-77. Just exit, make a right. Go to the top of the hill to a stop sign. Go straight through intersection and continue until you reach the park.

I have never been to this area before, but had heard of it back in the 90's that it used to be the spot.

Thanks so much for the clear directions! The previous ones mentioned Rte. 541, which actually goes west to Kimbolton rather than North Salem. I found the exit and the location on Google Maps Satellite View, thanks to you, and I'm updating this page.

Great pics, too. I can see why guys would hang out there. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 03/21/17
Maryland : Owings Mills : Owings Mills Town Center : Review: Mar 13 2017 by bonerhound
This place no longer exists. Should be removed from the listing.

Thanks for the info. I'd only received an update about this a few months ago. CFS always allows at least a couple years to pass before deleting a place so that people who may not know can be informed.

Wikipedia indicates there is partially completed redevelopment between the Owings Mills Metro Station and the old Owings Mills Mall site. Keeping this in mind, the page should stay on the site for enough time to find out what happens. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 03/21/17
Baltimore Metro : Baltimore : Love Craft : Review: Mar 13 2017 by bonerhound
This is to verify that the booth area is closed, and is not opening. The retail store is still open. This happened because some asshole reported the place to cops last summer.

Thanks for the confirmation. I'm changing the Category here to "Adult store with no arcade." If they ever do change this in the future, someone please let CFS know. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 03/20/17
Boston Metro : Boston : Boston Jacks : Review: Mar 13 2017 by Steve
Yes, still an active free set up for like-minded men who enjoy stroking their cocks to hot porn, pictures, and stories with like-minded men. All types of Bate Fuel is shared with others.

Still an active email address, the host does require pics and stats and meets one on one with all interested in joining, so best to contact him directly at his email address if seriously interested in joining.

He also supplies lube and beer, a great discreet male bonding experience.

Thanks so much for the Review! Glad to hear Boston Jacks is going on and getting it on. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 03/20/17
New Mexico : Albuquerque : Big Eye : Review: Mar 12 2017 by elpajaro81
The bad experience starts outside. When you drive in, try not to break your car on all the potholes.

Like the guy before me said, take change. They won't break a twenty and don't like giving ones, so take your own. They charge you to go in now.

More than half of the cubes are broken. Also, you can't leave the doors unlocked because the new springs on the doors open them right back up.

Not worth the money or the time. Place seems dead since the changes.
Published or Edited on 03/20/17
New York : Buffalo : Great American News Co. : Review: Mar 12 2017 by Skidder6701
Went here last night. I went in a booth. Right away a guy came and started watching. He asked if he could come in and I nodded yes. He dropped to his knees and started sucking me. He was real good and right when I was ready to cum, he stood up and left.

He was replaced by an older guy who wanted cock. He started sucking me, stopping only do some poppers. I emptied my load all over his face while he was licking my balls.

I hung around for awhile and heard a door open. A big Black guy came out and went to the adjoining buddy booth. I went in the empty booth, put my card in, and I hit the buddy booth button.

I was given a sight of a young huge cock. The big Black guy was going to town on that monster cock. I was hoping to be signaled to come and join when a Latino dude walked up and started watching.

I motioned him in and he started sucking me. Man, he took my 8" in one swallow. I lasted a few minutes and shot my load.

Wish I could feel that big black cock in my throat ...
Published or Edited on 03/20/17
Connecticut : Groton : Locomotion Video : Review: Mar 12 2017 by shyguy23173
Coming to town in a few days. When is the best time to come? Would love to give head while in town.
Published or Edited on 03/20/17
Houston Metro : Humble : Lingerie, Gifts, and Adult Video : Review: Mar 12 2017 by Beachbottom
The Video Arcade entrance is on the south side of the building. It is separate from the gift shop. Enter a long hallway then pay six dollars.

An arcade is on the left and there is another on the right. The one the right is basically free. It takes dollars. But no one ever pays. There is mixed crowd of guys.
Published or Edited on 03/20/17
Portland Metro : Portland : Fantasy for Adults Only : Review: Mar 12 2017 by Cum Bud
What I like about this place is how the booths are way in the back, away from the front of the store. The staff doesn't come back too often to bug anybody, so you aren't forced to spend cash if nothing is going on. They really could use more gloryholes. There's maybe three or four gloryholes. They focus more on booths with glass in between, if you want to open the electric shade to see the guy on the other side.

Nice central location so it gets a lot of traffic. All types of guys go in here, from fit white dudes to rough trade to Latino men to older guys.
Published or Edited on 03/17/17
Portland Metro : Portland : Eagle Portland : Review: Mar 12 2017 by Cum Bud
It's a good bar to meet hot men at, but rarely do I see any action here. Maybe a quick blowjob outside or in the bathroom but there aren't any places to get away with very much if you're looking to hook up here.

Best to find a hot guy and take him home. You can walk around naked, though, which can be hot. Varied mix of guys.
Published or Edited on 03/17/17
Sacramento Metro : Roseville : Galleria at Roseville : Review: Mar 11 2017
Wishful thinking, but no cruising here.

With the last positive Review in 2004, I'll mark this for possible deletion. I have actually seen longer intervals than thirteen years go by between Reviews with action, but it sounds like this place is no longer working. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 03/17/17
Phoenix Metro : Scottsdale : Zorba's Adult Shop : Review: Mar 11 2017
The best adult store in the Valley. Staff is very friendly and professional. Very clean arcades all the time and affordable. Five dollars buys about twenty minutes of play. The men are incredibly hot and fine.

Last Friday night I met a hot muscular blue collar stud still in his uniform. He grabbed my big long thick cock and starting sucking my rod. He would then slap his face with my massive cock. He wouldn't give up until he swallowed.

Will continue to cruise this place for many years to come.
Published or Edited on 03/17/17
Oklahoma City/Norman Metro : Shawnee : Rest area : Review: Mar 11 2017 by Hungry586
Rest areas both directions are closed. I assume it's for construction. Westbound has been closed a long time. Eastbound just closed a month or so ago.
Published or Edited on 03/17/17

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