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Las Vegas Metro : Las Vegas : Fantasy World : Review: May 10 2017 by Crashed1977
I visited this place on Saturday night, 11:30 pm, hoping to go to the theatre and do some cruising. Only four men in theatre, nothing going on.

You have to pay three dollars to enter the arcade. I paid the three dollars and found two men cruising. One very big older guy, not interested. The second male was an older Hispanic who motioned me to enter his booth. I was not interested.

I went to enter another booth and the Hispanic male attempted to follow. I told him no and he replied "No what? I am not looking for anything just going to stand here."

I locked the door and deposited two dollars only half of it worked and I could not control the volume.

Very slow, had to jack myself off. Where are all the cruisers at? Would not recommend this location, not busy at all.
Published or Edited on 05/15/17
New York : Goshen : Video Boxxx : Review: May 10 2017 by mike
Older guys like shaved cocks and suck well, also love getting an anal load. No one bothers you!
Published or Edited on 05/15/17
Atlanta Metro : Atlanta : Piedmont Park : Review: May 09 2017 by infopop
Heads Up! The latest Heads Up in Piedmont Park was the arrest of none other than DeKalb County Sheriff Jeffrey Mann late Saturday, May 6, 2017.

From local TV 11Alive:[quote]...The Atlanta Police incident report states that at about 11 p.m. the reporting officer, identified only as Officer Snell, was in an area of Piedmont Park along 10th Street, NE, known for sexual acts after dark, when he spotted the suspect, later identified as Mann. The officer stated that he saw Mann feeling his penis through his pants, walking toward the officer.

The officer stated in the report that, at this point, Mann exposed himself and began making inappropriate motions. The officer said he hid behind a tree to prevent Mann from seeing the reflective tape on his City of Atlanta police bicycle.

As Mann approached, the officer confronted him by shining his flashlight and Mann fled. The officer said he identified himself as police and demanded the suspect stop but Mann didn't. After running across 10...
Published or Edited on 05/15/17
Los Angeles Metro : Pasadena : Westin Pasadena : Review: May 09 2017 by GWMELDOCO
Stayed here on a Sunday so I went to check it out. Great set up, nice steam and sauna, lockers and towels. I planned to start something there and then take it to my room if he was willing.

Bad news, no one around and the lockers were out of order. Oh well, it's worth checking out if you are guest there.
Published or Edited on 05/15/17
Detroit Metro : Detroit : Body Zone : Review: May 09 2017 by Pontiacbottom69
Never been here. Want to go but nervous going alone. Any hung tops or gay couples near Pontiac interested in talking a hungry bottom here? Seeking first threesome or small group. I can host early AM's downtown Pontiac, too.
Published or Edited on 05/15/17
Louisiana : Alexandria : Adult Emporium : Review: May 09 2017 by shaved2
Stopped here a couple of days ago and was very impressed with the location. The place has been completely remodeled. It is well lighted and the arcade has six booths. The place is very clean. Good selection of videos and toys. Employee was very helpful and courteous.
Published or Edited on 05/12/17
Chicago Metro : Chicago : Steamworks : Review: May 08 2017 by GenXTopDude
So, the posters talking about this being your typical sex club are pretty right on. Some things to consider:[numbered]
  • Front desk staff is hit and miss, depending on who's working and day of week. One night this weekend I got everything but a strip search when checking in (with an open bottle of water) and dropping serious cash for a membership/room (while enjoying the pot clouds from the 100's room section), and the next night a warm greeting, and tips about the event happening that night.

  • Expect to be judged and set your expectations accordingly. If you're a power bottom, you'll generally get lucky, depending on the crowd. If you're a porn star/bodybuilder/<25 twink/jockbro, you'll only be hanging with your crowd and looking down your nose at everyone else.

  • There's a decent mix of races, sizes, ages whenever I've gone. Odds are on a busy night you'll find whatever your flavor is, but you may not be anyone's flavor.

  • The l...
    Published or Edited on 05/12/17
    Pennsylvania : Lebanon : Hobbeze : Review: May 08 2017 by BoyToy4you23
    I try to go here every few weeks. This place is pretty clean for the most part, especially compared to other places I've been.

    I'm in my mid 20s and this place is definitely hit or miss for me. I tend to see certain regulars no matter the day or time I go. The crowd definitely tends to be predominantly 50+, with the occasionally 30-40 something. I'm always the youngest guy there by at least 15 years.

    Staff doesn't bother you here and the furniture is nice. Only thing holding this place back is the lack of privacy — new lights have also made it brighter — and sometimes the crowd can have some weird or creepy people who can't get the hint.

    All in all it's a pretty solid place, I look forward to more visits and fun.
    Published or Edited on 05/12/17
    El Paso Metro : El Paso : Eros Video : Review: May 08 2017 by Frank P
    Paid a visit Friday. Not a single dick to suck. Big, clean, and pretty, but no men.
    Published or Edited on 05/12/17
    El Paso Metro : El Paso : Ascarate Park : Review: May 08 2017 by Frank P
    Lots of action between 3:30 pm and 5:00 pm, especially group J/O's and anal pumping. For me the picnic tables are the best.
    Published or Edited on 05/12/17
    Mississippi : New Albany : Park Along the River : Review: May 07 2017 by peyton
    What time is best?
    Published or Edited on 05/12/17
    San Diego Metro : San Diego : Adult Depot I : Review: May 07 2017
    Omg is this place gross. You stick to the floor because of dried cum. I threw my shoes away before I got in my car. It was that disgusting.

    In the room to the left there for tweakers in that back row working each others' Tina dicks that could not get hard. There were three upscale homeless guys that could afford the eight bucks to get out of the rain. One of them looked so freaked out by what was going on it looked like he was going to pee himself.

    I went to the other room. It just as cum-stained. There was even a guy smoking meth in there. I headed to the door and was going to leave.

    Then walked in a cute mixed-race guy in his middle 20's. I milked him good and jacked off my load while blowing him. Then I left, never to return.
    Published or Edited on 05/12/17
    Florida : Panama City : Joe Moody Harris Park : Review: May 07 2017 by Kevin
    Great place to find a warm willing mouth. I have had my cock sucked here many times. Just walk the pier and hang out in he last gazebo.

    There are also trails behind the building with the attached deck that open up to a small clearing in the woods I have used before when the park was busy.

    You can always find a cock to suck or willing mouth here.
    Published or Edited on 05/10/17
    Tampa Bay Metro : Tampa : Hotflixxx Tampa : Review: May 07 2017 by Freqtravel42
    Will be in the area Monday late morning till around 1. Wondering if anyone wants to meet up and give me some cock.

    Your post was delayed because there were others waiting from before yours; that Monday was just the next day. Hope you had fun anyhow and that next time you can post a few more days in advance. ~ Editor
    Published or Edited on 05/10/17
    Kansas : Wichita : Vegas Video : Review: May 07 2017 by hot sucker
    Heads Up! Cops have been sending in undercover officers and have been targeting this place for the past couple of months, stay away! It's not worth being hauled out in handcuffs. Usually three or four officers will go in at one time. I've seen needles left in booths before, drug residue. It's absolutely disgusting.
    Published or Edited on 05/10/17
    Wisconsin : Kenosha : Kenosha Steambath : Review: May 07 2017 by Buck
    What a fuckin' sausage party! Bi guy here, was curious about this place and finally decided to check it out.

    Two hot bears getting undressed in the locker room were cruising me hard and we all were fluffing up our dicks and getting hard. Went to the steam room and opened the door to a fit and muscular hairy dude sitting there with a boner at full salute. Chowed down on him ASAP and was fed an awesome pulsing load while the two bears starting fucking. Swapped that load with the top bear and we took turns on the bottom's furry bubble butt while two older guys jacked and watched.

    We took our action out to the massage table and both unloaded loudly in the cub's hairy hole and other dudes were squirting out their cum on his chest. We all had a great time and everyone got off.

    Coming back again soon. This place is all about dick — no pretense or attitude — come in, and get right to business and get off. Excellent.
    Published or Edited on 05/10/17
    Maryland : Gaithersburg : Rio Sport and Health : Review: May 07 2017 by gburg_ready
    Rio S&H will be closing on May 21, 2017. New location to be built sometime next year.
    Published or Edited on 05/10/17
    Nevada : Henderson : Equestrian Park North : Review: May 06 2017 by Crashed1977
    Once you enter the parking lot area, drive up and park near the cement walkway near the bathroom area. Exit the vehicle a walk up the cement walkway as it winds around up the hill to a fenced-in horse arena. This arena has bushes and trees all around it making it very difficult to see this area.

    As you continue to walk up this walkway you will come to two large cement picnic tables that are covered. There is a Bar-B-Que pit and trashcans near the tables. These are very big cement tables that make a great outdoor bed for some great action. I have located used condoms on and under these tables, so it is used as a sex hookup area.

    To the left of the tables are two sets of metal bleachers that are blocked from view from the parking area. These bleachers are a great sit down or lay down area to have sex. Again, it is obvious this is known as condoms have been found on and below the bleachers. The bushes and the hill make these areas hidden from view from the parking area.

    Continue ...
    Published or Edited on 05/17/17
    San Jose Metro : Santa Clara : Lawrence Health Spa : Review: May 06 2017 by John
    Spent a few hours here on a weekday around 3ish to 6ish. Typically middle-aged to older Asian and Russian men. A few young patrons frequent the place such as myself, also generally Asian and white. Can be a hit or miss.

    I had an older Latino male start jerking off in front of me in the steam room hoping I'd join him. Unfortunately he wasn't my type although there are a few DILF types. Anyhow, the steamroom and perhaps the lounge area, if not too busy, are your best bets for cruising.

    I ended the day jacking off with another younger patron in the body scrub area across from the steamroom. That person purposely bumped into me while briefly grabbing my dick. So I knew quickly what that was about and led that person to the semi-private area and we both had a hot jack off session.
    Published or Edited on 05/09/17
    Indiana : Gary : Romantix : Review: May 06 2017 by stryker
    Way less people now that holes are closed and way more attitude from arcade users. Many of the people who come here are out of shape, older, or just not sure of who and what they want. Also, a lot of racist, age and race. I see this place closing down in a few years because the clientele really is not as diverse as it should be.
    Published or Edited on 05/09/17
    Los Angeles Metro : City of Industry : Spearmint Rhino Adult Superstore : Review: May 06 2017
    Active arcade, loads of fun, service or be serviced! The bigger the better!
    Published or Edited on 05/16/17
    Ohio : Akron : Xtc Video : Review: May 06 2017 by mg366
    Stopped here last Saturday. The crowd was heavily older, as it often is. The videos were probably 85% straight and the ones that were not straight were not very good.

    A couple of guys were lingering in the spa area but nothing going on. There was a guy in a wheelchair. Different, I thought. The video booths are definitely not ADA compliant. He did find some action in the spa area.

    A crossdresser arrived. Blond wig, black teddy, black hose and high leather boots. Ugly, ugly, ugly! And the worst part was she smelled like body odor so badly that one wanted to either gag or vomit when she got near. I don't know how guys let it suck them off.

    This day was not very eventful for me.
    Published or Edited on 05/09/17
    Riverside and San Bernardino Counties Metro : Devore Heights : Kenwood trucker pull-off : Review: May 06 2017 by 2holes0wait
    I posted something about this place yesterday but it was for the wrong location. I was off of Kenwood on Old Rte. 66. I can't seem to find a listing for it here.

    Anyway, I stumbled on this place in 2001. Out here on vacation and decided to swing through. A lot of traffic. Sucked off two long, uncut Mexican cocks and let a third Mexican bear with a thick one have my ass. Love it when they moan in Spanish when I'm being fucked.

    Sounds like you were very close to this area by Kenwood, so I moved this to the Kenwood page. Sound OK? Thanks for the great Review! ~ Editor
    Published or Edited on 05/09/17
    Malaysia : Kuala Lumpur : OTOT2 : Review: May 06 2017 by Maulnes
    The bathhouse is no longer called the Pink Triangle; it's now got a small sign saying "Toto." It's on the second floor on the stairs to the left of the karaoke place. The Grand Central is now the Sani Hotel.

    I only had a couple of hours. If I'd had more time, I might have decoded the protocol of the place better.

    Generally, an attractive younger crowd at 7 pm on a Wednesday. I was the only Westerner.

    The sex only takes place in small, very dark spaces off of pitch black corridors except in the sauna. I slowly figured out the a number of the men there had a distinct distaste for Westerners — confirmed by an attendant, who went out of his way to assure me that he admired my big cock.

    In the end, I sucked several sweet, delicious Asian cocks, but never managed to get any attention paid to mine. Wish I'd had more time to decipher the mores of the place better.
    Published or Edited on 05/09/17
    New Hampshire : Wilmot : Gardner Memorial Wayside Park - Gile State Forest : Review: May 06 2017
    I am the bear bottom who use to service and please men at this location. Would love to rekindle my services for interested top men. I will check back here regularly to see if anyone is interested.

    CFS Members may now post plans, dates, etc., for visiting a place. Because you posted as an anonymous Guest user I regretfully revised your Review so it no longer has a specific day of the week. ~ Editor
    Published or Edited on 05/09/17
    Riverside and San Bernardino Counties Metro : Cajon Junction : Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area - Cajon Pass : Review: May 05 2017 by 2holes0wait
    This place never lets me down. Haven't been there since 2001 and it's just as awesome as ever. Fifteen minutes and I had two long uncut Hispanic loads in my belly.

    See more...
    Published or Edited on 05/09/17
    San Francisco Metro : San Francisco : Nob Hill Adult Theatre : Review: May 05 2017 by Jack
    I went back in January. I opted for downstairs. Guys were in and out of the booths but the real action started in the maze.

    While watching a guy pound on an older dude, myself and a younger Asian guy started to stroke each other. He suggested we go to one of the double booths and before long we were naked and kissing.

    He then started to suck me off, which is what I usually do as I am very married. I had never swallowed a load yet but at that moment I knew that would change.

    I reversed positions, and went at him. He was small which helped. It wasn't long and I was rewarded with my first load. I didn't know what to expect but I swallowed it all.

    Now I get it. He loved it, I loved it. I can't wait to do it again.
    Published or Edited on 05/08/17
    Florida : Naples : World Tennis Club : Review: May 05 2017 by Frankie
    Yes, great safe spot in the dark sauna or understall bathroom wall. I have had many threesomes and single play recently. All totally anonymous in the dark sauna. Just bring towel to cover yourself up with while nude.

    Lockers and showers; Easy to get in; Gate usually open daytimes; Nighttime the code is 7576.

    Park to the right. Walk past the pool area to the men's bathroom / locker-room.
    Published or Edited on 05/08/17
    Florida : Naples : Naples Grande Beach Resort - Spa/Healthclub : Review: May 05 2017 by Frank
    Yes, still a great safe spot to play. Best times are nights after 9 pm, but daytimes work also. Open 24 hours.

    Play in sauna, dark steamroom, or Eucalyptus steamroom.

    All anonymous.

    No talking.



    Published or Edited on 05/08/17
    Los Angeles Metro : Los Angeles : Griffith Park - Zoo Drive : Review: May 04 2017
    OK, it is cruisy here but it looks like the Grim Reaper's waiting room. 90% of the guys are 65+ and would need to go to the truck scale to get an accurate weight. Desperation has made them quite aggressive and they do it quite openly not caring who sees them.

    It is more of a dark comedy than a cruise spot. Well, unless you are into big guts, he titties, gray pubes and guys with wedding rings.
    Published or Edited on 05/08/17
    Florida : Punta Gorda : Bada Bing Adult Video : Review: May 04 2017 by jeep95
    Was here last week. A woman and her hubby were in the store. They went into the booth next to me and she stripped, nice pussy. She blew her husband but only gave me and the guy on the other gloryhole handjobs as she was blowing him.
    Published or Edited on 05/04/17
    San Francisco Metro : Berkeley : Tilden Regional Park : Review: May 04 2017
    This is actually in Berkeley on South Park Drive in Tilden Park. It is a great spot. Along South Park there are day use areas. There are lots of trails and two restrooms.

    Weekdays are great. Weekends are more busy with people visiting the park. Also at the end of South Park Drive across the street from the botanical garden is a quiet restroom. Great spot to play and plenty of warning.

    I'm grateful for these directions and clarification. Thanks! There's an address for the park on Grizzly Peak Blvd., but while Google currently places it in Orinda, Bing places it in Berkeley — and with different Zip Codes for the same address.

    Considering where cruisers are coming from and going, I'm moving this to Berkeley for CFS and moving the map pointer towards South Park.

    I also found PDF maps including trails and facilities for the South Park area and the entire park, which I'll add as attachments to this page. ~ Editor

    Published or Edited on 05/04/17
    El Paso Metro : El Paso : Eros Video : Review: May 04 2017 by Carlitos
    Beto is all right. I am off work this week. Monday I had to J/O to get relief, not a single blow job. A few mature men with soft dicks in the back waiting for a dick. Sad to say, way to old for me.

    Tuesday I met a guy and told me about Ascarate Lake Park on Delta St. Fabulous time around 2 - 3 pm. A three-way with two Latinos and a BBC. Man, the biggest black dick I ever seen!

    And yesterday I saw an ad about a nice Black man at Eros. I guess it was all fake. Only two guys were there and both did nada. I left 7 bucks short and horny as hell. Place is no good anymore.
    Published or Edited on 05/04/17
    Ohio : Toledo : Adultmart : Review: May 03 2017 by JG
    Published or Edited on 05/04/17
    Tucson Metro : Tucson : Bookstore Southwest : Review: May 03 2017 by luv2worshipit
    There are limited choices in Tucson for sexual outlets. This is a dive, yes. But at least you can suck or get sucked fairly easily here depending on who is working.

    There is this skinny crack whore gal that harasses guys off and on. The other more full-figured gal is totally cool and very polite. I love my regulars who come in knowing that they can enter my booth, pull it out and get drained with no hassles.
    Published or Edited on 05/04/17
    New York City Metro : Manhattan : NYPL - Science, Industry and Business Library : Review: May 02 2017 by beary
    Wondering if anyone knows if this place is still active and, if so, does one need an ID to get into the building? Thanks!
    Published or Edited on 05/03/17
    Minneapolis Metro : Forest Lake : Forest Lake Rest Area : Review: May 02 2017
    Is this still a good place to cruise?
    Published or Edited on 05/03/17
    San Diego Metro : San Diego : Westfield Mission Valley : Review: May 01 2017 by JoeyFlash
    Still active. Just be careful...
    Published or Edited on 05/03/17
    Indiana : Lafayette : Fantasy Adult Gift Shop : Review: May 01 2017
    New location is open and apparently they have new management as well. Very rude and won't tolerate any action. Will walk right into your booth and harass you. Place is very bright as well.

    Old place was a decent spot for action. Not here, threatening management makes it impossible.
    Published or Edited on 05/03/17
    Miami Metro : Miami : Happy Adult Books : Review: Apr 30 2017 by spada
    One of the gloryholes is open now, but I heard that somebody was arrested there.

    Can anybody confirm that?

    I searched Google several different ways but found nothing. Of course, it might not have been in the news. If Miami-Dade County has a police blotter online, you might be able to check there. I'm sure we'd all like to know. ~ Editor
    Published or Edited on 05/03/17
    California : Tracy : Altamont Pass : Review: Apr 30 2017 by M4m bj xchange
    Let's do this. Five-day load for you.

    Wish you were a CFS Member, so that you could post a day when you'll be there. Who knows, you might be there every day, but then it wouldn't be a five-day load. ;-) ~ Editor
    Published or Edited on 05/02/17
    Ontario : Hamilton : CF Lime Ridge Mall : Review: Apr 30 2017
    The hottest place in Hamilton. Very little normal use. Double door, and four private stalls in their own room, with good access under the cum-covered walls of the stalls.

    Like most Bay stores, everyone working there is on the team so it's anything goes...
    Published or Edited on 05/02/17
    Florida : Naples : Naples Grande Beach Resort - Spa/Healthclub : Review: Apr 29 2017 by Youngnaples
    Is anyone going to this place anymore? Great set up, but last few times I've been I haven't seen anyone. 3rd floor, steam room in mens locker room.
    Published or Edited on 05/02/17
    New York : Liberty : Exotic Gifts and Videos : Review: Apr 29 2017 by Wolfhill
    Just an FYI, this venue is now only open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11 am to 6 pm.
    Published or Edited on 05/02/17
    El Paso Metro : El Paso : Eros Video : Review: Apr 29 2017 by Beto
    I hope the Editor publishes my comment. The place may be big, clean, and fancy but the action is real slow.

    I think it's the parking issue. When they were at the old location guys would park in the back alley and get to the theatre using a back door. Now the parking is in the front next to busy stores, barber shops, beauty salons, and a cell phone distributor so most El Pasoans are very paranoid. They are afraid people will see them getting into the theatre.

    Yesterday on a Friday pay day was empty, four guys plus me. I was so horny that as soon I got in and I sat in the seat and pulled my dick out, two did suck me, both older men in their 60's.

    One made me go to the rest room and locked it. The other went onto his knees where the water cooler is but made me cover his face with my body! That one said, "Man I been waiting for an hour for a dick" and he ended swallowing my cum.

    The third one was an extremely obese guy that never moved off his seat and the fourt...
    Published or Edited on 05/01/17
    North Carolina : Gastonia : 74 Videos & Novelties : Review: Apr 28 2017 by Randal Martin
    No booths, gloryholes, or arcade. Those are illegal. They have a theatre with couches and love seats though. Store is well kept and the staff is knowledgeable and friendly. You can't return anything you purchase though. That's illegal. So ask the clerks questions before you buy. Follow the signs posted, and you'll have a great experience.
    Published or Edited on 05/01/17
    Houston Metro : Houston : Zone D'Erotica : Review: Apr 28 2017
    The store owners, who also own the property, are seeking a tenant to replace Zone d'Erotica here. It's located in a former fast food building painted purple and pink. However, the high rent expected for a property in this neighborhood may deter potential new tenants.

    Podcast at Listen: What's up with Uptown's Zone d'Erotica?
    Published or Edited on 05/01/17
    Newark/Jersey City Metro : Newark : Little Theatre : Review: Apr 27 2017 by been there
    The place is a joke. It's crawling with hungry trolls and thieves. Heads up, do not bring valuables! They would pull it off your fingers and drag your head if you have a necklace.

    I almost got robbed there several years ago, will never go back. They almost took my watch.
    Published or Edited on 05/01/17
    Tampa Bay Metro : Tampa : Adult World : Review: Apr 27 2017 by ironworker59
    Went late last night. Checked out the booth area, sucked a nice cock then he fucked me through the gloryhole twice before he came in with me and fucked me again.

    Then went in the theatre in a private room, left the door open with pants down, and sucked another cock.
    Published or Edited on 05/01/17
    Connecticut : Naugatuck : Video Temptations : Review: Apr 26 2017 by LoveItAll
    VT is newly remodeled and is fantastic! 40-inch screens with fast-forward and rewind. Best time is Thursday-Sunday. F/M. Suck or be sucked, it's all good. Love getting naked!

    I edited and condensed this from two successive reviews by the same anonymous Guest user. I'm sorry, but since you're not a CFS Member I removed specifics about your hookup desires and generalized the days.

    I recently changed the policy for editing and publishing Reviews to allow CFS Members — but not Guests — to post plans including future days when they submit a Review.

    Although I can't guarantee that a Review will be published in time — there is usually a delay of a few days — I will be revising the format and wording of this page as my next task before publishing more Reviews. ~ Editor

    Published or Edited on 04/27/17

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