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Paris Metro : Paris : Beverley : Review: Dec 09 2017
Closing late December.

The Daily Mail: An unhappy ending for the last porn cinema in Paris: Once thriving venue shuts its doors as internet pornography takes customers away

RT: Last porno palace in Paris: French capital’s favorite erotic cinema set to close its doors

Published or Edited on 12/11/17
Maryland : Lexington Park : Plaza Books and Video : Review: Dec 09 2017 by anon
Another sweet adventure on a Saturday night. Almost immediately, I had a greedy mouth sucking my big, fat hard-on through the gloryhole. I let the dude suck me for a good twenty minutes before letting him into my booth. I was going to face fuck him, before emptying my aching balls down his throat.

No sooner had I begun, a long, hard black cock came through the gloryhole on the other side. I stroked a bit before telling my cocksucker that I was sorry, but that I wanted to fuck that cock. He reluctantly left as I lubed my horny asshole and then backed it up against the purple, plum-sized cockhead. It took some effort to get it past my tight sphincters, but it was worth it. My prostate was soon in ecstasy as he began fuck me.

About two minutes later, the guy came into my cube, too. He wanted his entire length up my tight ass. I bent over, face to the door, and spread my cheeks wide, but there was not enough room, so I bravely opened the door and stepped into the hallway so I could g...
Published or Edited on 12/11/17
Washington Metro : Washington : Union Station : Review: Dec 07 2017 by Johnny
Went here recently after discovering this website. I wish I found it sooner, doesn't seem this website is very alive anymore. But anyway, anyone browsing around, this bathroom is still somewhat active.

I've personally never done anything here yet. However I went here to use the restroom around 2 pm. I heard a lot of shuffling and a guy moaning. Clearly something was going on.

Went another time around later, 7 pm, saw some guys jacking off and noticed people moving around in the stalls.

This bathroom is kinda busy during the day. It's a little hidden so there's less tourists than the upstairs bathroom. The cleaning people do come in around 5 to 6pm. I've heard them threaten people but nothing really serious.

I do plan to come back and join in next time.

[i]Glad you found us and thanks for the Review! Hope you consider registering as a CFS Member — it's free, gives you a Profile page...
Published or Edited on 12/08/17
Miami Metro : Miami : Fight Club - Doral : Review: Dec 07 2017 by infopop
That boxing gym is called Fight Club. We have a couple 5-star votes on this page after the review about LA Fitness closing. So, I'm changing the name. Don't know if it's cruisy but either way we want to know.
Published or Edited on 12/08/17
Los Angeles Metro : Los Angeles : Angeles National Forest : Review: Dec 07 2017 by maleinmotion
Haven't been there for more than a year. I went up to the creek after workout on December 1. I was the only one there and it seems to be very quiet there.

When I was about to leave a guy around my age, early 30s, showed up and we jerked and both came a lot all over my body. It was hot!
Published or Edited on 12/08/17
Orange County Metro : Huntington Beach : UFC GYM Huntington Beach : Review: Dec 06 2017 by WildWhiteGuy
Could you just delete this? It's gone. Closed, and even the building is gone.

Google shows there's now a "UFC GYM" at the address. The photo looks like a newish dark red building. CFS has always left closed places on the site for a year or two in case they move (ABS's sometimes do that) or change names or owners (often with both ABS's and gyms).

I'll leave it online with the new name but also have it on my list to delete on schedule if (quite possibly) it isn't cruisy. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 12/08/17
Orange County Metro : Fountain Valley : LA Fitness : Review: Dec 06 2017 by WildWhiteGuy
Been remodeled, no more steam room!
Published or Edited on 12/08/17
Durham - England : Darlington : Cruisy layby off A68 : Review: Dec 06 2017
Heads Up! There is a renewed call to stop dogging — cruising for sex by both gays and straights — here.[quote] The layby, which is set back from the road, is known for being a dogging hotspot and features an area nicknamed 'The Tunnel of Love'.

For years, it has attracted people all hours of the day and night.

A woman who ran a burger van there until last week said the litter - including used condoms and tissues - discarded there had got out of hand, making it difficult for her to run her business there.

Speaking to [Ron Hogg, Durham's Police, Crime and Victims Commissioner] at a Darlington Borough Council meeting, [Councillor Gerald Lee] said: "The layby on the A68 has been used for some most unsavoury goings-on.

"They have been sending police cars so we can get a bit of a reduction in incidents and the council has helped by cutting back shrubs and bushes in the turn-off, but still it continues.

"There are a lot of families who are going on hol...
Published or Edited on 12/08/17
Leicestershire - England : Groby : Groby Pool and Woods : Review: Dec 06 2017
Heads Up! There is more publicity on efforts to stop dogging.

Leicester Mercury: Council trims bushes at Groby Pool in attempt to stop dogging: It has a reputation as a favourite on dogging websites
Published or Edited on 12/08/17
Illinois : Edgewood : Adult Time : Review: Dec 06 2017 by guyn61938
What is the latest information on this place? Seems like it's the only place in east central Illinois south of Champaign.
Published or Edited on 12/08/17
Houston Metro : Houston : YMCA Cossaboom : Review: Dec 06 2017 by WW
Since Hurricane Harvey this place has been closed.

Thanks for the info. It comes up on the YMCAHouston website along with the closing info, so I'll mark it as closed but check back later to see if it reopens. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 12/08/17
Japan : Niigata : Niigata Train Station : Review: Dec 06 2017 by Alexander
A little quiet at first, but enjoyed seeing a few cocks.
Published or Edited on 12/08/17
Florida : Tallahassee : X-Mart Adult Supercenter : Review: Dec 06 2017 by jeep95
Not much going on there but there are two gloryholes.
Published or Edited on 12/08/17
Tampa Bay Metro : Tampa : Adult World : Review: Dec 06 2017 by jeep95
Great place, always find large beautiful cock.
Published or Edited on 12/06/17
Connecticut : Hartford : Luv Boutique : Review: Dec 05 2017 by trainnut
Went here today as Erotic Zone was full of weirdos. When I went back to the arcade I heard women's voices. Seems they give private dances where for $250 you get a half hour with them and everyone leaves happy, so she said. Looks like a thin front for prostitution.

I declined the offer and went to the booths. After a while a guy opened my door and saw me, apologized, and began to close it.

I asked if he wanted to suck my dick. He lit up and said yes he did. I went from half mast to full on raging in moments as he gave me a tongue bath. When I came he swallowed it all, even milked it for a bonus.

Place is really hit or miss, just have to keep trying.
Published or Edited on 12/06/17
South Carolina : Darlington : Passions Video : Review: Dec 05 2017 by guest
Had a few great afternoons here showing off my cock and letting some of the guys stroke me or lick my balls.

Was thinking about going back.
Published or Edited on 12/06/17
Los Angeles Metro : Hollywood : Tiki Theatre : Review: Dec 05 2017 by VikkMathis
I went here Monday night to see what was up. $14 for four hours and $20 for eight hours and you can go and come as you please.

I only paid $14 and I was lucky. There wasn't anything going on and there were about eight guys inside, all drug addicts or crackheads.

Around 3 am just as I was about to leave these two very handsome Spanish guys arrived. They seemed a bit shocked as was I and stood in the place for about five minutes, talked to some crackhead guy who was telling them about all the sex clubs in LA, and around 3:30 they decided to leave as did I.
Published or Edited on 12/06/17
Berlin Metro : Berlin : Ajpnia : Review: Dec 05 2017 by Peter
Well Ajpnia's homepage is, of course, updated. The club has relocated. Don't go to Eisenacher Str! Look for Wartburgstraße 18 instead.

I really like this club. It is very friendly, very comfortable, and inexpensive.
Published or Edited on 12/06/17
Michigan : Lansing : Club Tabu : Review: Dec 04 2017 by anonymousdick
I also stopped by on a weekday at 4 pm. There were eight guys. Mostly older guys, but OK. A couple younger sexy men. Some guys seemed to be picky. But I found a hot butch dick to suck. Later I fucked a guy. The crowd was shrinking when I left at 4:45 pm. Crowd size might be hit or miss.

I noticed for the first time that there is a sling. Not well lit and easy to miss. However it was in full use today.

I think the $15 admission is too high for this place. For $16 I could enter a full fledged high-end bathhouse in Chicago. But what can you do... At least this place is clean and private.

From the road look for the Fantasies Unlimited adult store. Club Tabu is just a section of the store that has been divided off. In other words, Club Tabu is inside of Fantasies Unlimited.
Published or Edited on 12/06/17
Long Island Metro : West Babylon : Show World : Review: Dec 04 2017 by LarryS
I took my girlfriend a few months ago. They let us in free. I wasn't sure what she would do.

We went to the room off the big room with the couches opposite where the sex is usually happening. We sat there and drew quite a crowd. My girlfriend is young and attractive.

I pulled down my pants and starting masturbating. Several of the men were masturbating. I motioned to one to step toward us so I could play with his hard. My girlfriend just watched. She seemed a little freaked.

We left. She said she would go with me again if I wanted. I want her to watch me suck anonymous cock, as I have watched her do in another place.
Published or Edited on 12/06/17
North Carolina : Waynesville : Kmart : Review: Dec 04 2017 by david12345
Small peephole, good to watch guys jerkoff.
Published or Edited on 12/06/17
Michigan : Lansing : Velvet Touch : Review: Dec 03 2017 by anonymousdick
This location is permanently closed. A few other Velvet Touch stores remain in Michigan, none in the Lansing area.
Published or Edited on 12/06/17
Michigan : Bay City : Ace Book Store : Review: Dec 03 2017 by cobrakid
I have gone at different times and different days and it's hit or miss. If I get sucked or played with its usually in the male/female theater.
Published or Edited on 12/04/17
Michigan : Lansing : Club Tabu : Review: Dec 03 2017 by anonymousdick
I visited on a Saturday late night around 1 am. There were about fifteen guys. I got off without much effort. The guys seemed serious about action, not just judging and watching. The guys were average age and attractiveness, a few young ones.

It costs $15 to get in once, or $20 for a day pass. The facilities are sparse and simple, but get the job done. There are some couches, semi-private booths with gloryholes, etc.

I got my dick sucked a bit then quickly found a guy to fuck. I saw a couple other guys get fucked in the booths. This is not a bathhouse. You wear street clothes.
Published or Edited on 12/04/17
Saint Louis Metro : Bridgeton : At Home : Review: Dec 02 2017 by Cruiser
This place is closing again. Need to find a new cruisy spot nearby.
Published or Edited on 12/06/17
Oklahoma : Tulsa : Midtown Adult Superstore : Review: Dec 02 2017 by AR55
I go here often to suck cock and have never been disappointed. It's best to pay for all three theaters and just roam about.

When I meet someone, I find that it's best to engage in small talk at first. If the guy acts interested, I start rubbing my cock outside of my pants and wait for him to do the same. If he does, I slowly unzip my pants but don't pull out my cock until he unzips his.

If he does, it almost always leads to me dropping to my knees and giving great head! I just love swallowing a hot load of cum! Hope to see you there!
Published or Edited on 12/04/17
Belgium : Brussels : Homo Erectus : Review: Dec 02 2017
Moved and closed.
Published or Edited on 12/05/17
Belgium : Antwerp : Cargo Club : Review: Dec 02 2017
Now Cargo Club.
Published or Edited on 12/05/17
Belgium : Antwerp : Club Random : Review: Dec 02 2017
Now Random.

Thanks! Researching this, I found that Rubbzz at Sudermanstraat 12 had closed, then later reopened with a new owner at Geulincxstraat 28. It has since become Club Random. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 12/04/17
New Jersey : South Amboy : Video Flixx : Review: Dec 02 2017
Used to go here often, though haven't been in over a year until recently being back in the area to see family. While back I've gone about a dozen times, hit or miss like all of these places. There never seems to be a rhyme or reason, just pot luck.

About two weeks ago I was here and had a great experience with late 20's - early 30's married guy, he was clearly new at this a little shy but willing. He was in a booth next door, pretty lean, tall side, 5'10, 185, a little over 7" I would guess but hard as hell, veiny, and think like a Red Bull can. I'm 5'8, 195, stocky not fat, 7.5" cut.

We enjoyed the mutual sucking and jerking through the slot for a while until I finally convinced him to let me in or come over to me. He came over. I got his pants at his ankles, his hard cook in my mouth, and my thumb circling his asshole. He wasn't sure how far to go.

Eventually I got my thumb in there and within a minute or two he let out this moan of p...
Published or Edited on 12/04/17
Budapest Metro : Budapest : Action Bar : Review: Dec 02 2017
Published or Edited on 12/04/17
Morocco : Marrakech : Jemaa el-Fnaa Square and Market : Review: Dec 02 2017 by Updater
I think it all depends on your age. If you are an old man they think you have money and the cons and hustlers charge at you. The police will arrest you for being with a younger guy, also for a bribe.

But if you are a young backpacker with a nice body the place is heaven. It was obvious I had no money so the hustlers and others flocked to the old guys. I hooked up twice a day.

If you are over 40 and also catch the eye of men who are over 40, no problem.
Published or Edited on 12/04/17
Israel : Tel Aviv : Independence Park (Gan Ha-Atzma'ut) : Review: Dec 01 2017 by bimblkman
OK, as I still use this site for cruising knowledge and updates are important, I will follow up with my post yesterday. I went back to the park tonight right after sundown. Took a little while to get things going — it is a Friday night — but about 7:30 pm activity picked up, basically after the families and hetero couples in the park started to depart.

Tonight was more Arab than last night and equally hot. I walked around for about thirty minutes when this masculine, built Arab guy in dark jeans and shirt walked by a few times. He went into the bushes near the water pumping house and I heard his belt come undone. By the time I could get there another young built Arab guy came onto the scene. The built original guy zipped up and left. I followed suit.

He then walked into a cove in the bushes that run along the front of the park along HaYarkon Road and I followed suit. By the time I got into the cove his pants were down around his ankles and his thick cock was rock-hard...
Published or Edited on 12/04/17
Leicestershire - England : Groby : Groby Pool and Woods : Review: Dec 01 2017
Heads Up! In May 2017 there were extra police patrols here and some work on the grounds to deter dogging and cruising. More recently:
Bushes at a popular nature park have been chopped back in a bid to deter hedonists using them to indulge in daytime sex trysts.

The move is part of ongoing action at picturesque Groby Pool, long plagued by individuals meeting up to engage in intimate acts.

Officers from Hinckley and Bosworth's community safety partnership team and the green spaces department have worked on thinning out foliage and removing trees bordering walkways and around the car park.

The Hinckley Times: Bushes trimmed to deter dogging at beauty spot
Published or Edited on 12/04/17
Massachusetts : Lynn : Lynn Shore & Nahant Beach Reservation : Review: Dec 01 2017 by Dan
Just a follow up to my last post. I'm including a map screenshot with marked areas. Nahant Beach is on the same stretch but is usually dead at night and not very well lit, more discrete than the Lynn section.

If you're going to park at the rotary, be aware that it's next to a playground so use some common sense and wait until it's closed after dark.

Thanks again! ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 12/01/17
Boston Metro : Salem : Dead Horse Beach : Review: Nov 30 2017 by Jim
Regarding the last couple of comments, if you're talking about who I think you're talking about, that person is no longer a councilor but he's still involved in a downtown community stalking of gays. Downtown businesses call him if they see possible cruisers.
Published or Edited on 12/04/17
Israel : Tel Aviv : Independence Park (Gan Ha-Atzma'ut) : Review: Nov 30 2017 by Bimblkman
In Tel Aviv on business frequently and decided to take a walk along the promenade (tayelet) to the park behind the Hilton. Not a lot of action at first but definitely very cruisy. After about ten minutes a hot, 30-something Israeli walked by and we cruised each other, both turning around to stare. I turned direction and walked up to him and we started to chat. He was absolutely beautiful. I could see even in the dark the outline of his thick cock in his sweat pants.

We walked around the park for a little while catching furtive grabs of each others' dicks. He didn't feel completely comfortable getting hot and heavy in the bushes, although others most definitely were, so I invited him back to my place, about a ten to fifteen minute walk. The walk was torture...

As soon as we got into the apartment we ripped each other's clothes off and I finally got to suck one of the most beautiful dicks I have ever seen. We were both so hot that it didn't take long before he was m...
Published or Edited on 12/01/17
Chicago Metro : Chicago : Man's Country : Review: Nov 29 2017
The legendary Man's Country will finally close with a party on New Year's Eve 2017 to New Year's Day 2018.

The Advocate: Facing Closure, Chicago's Oldest Bathhouse Throws Epic Party for the Ages
Published or Edited on 12/01/17
New York City Metro : Brooklyn : Sunset Video & DVD : Review: Nov 29 2017 by roger
Went here last week about 2 pm. Met two guys, one quite incredible who worked my tits. Am going to try later in the afternoon, closer to 4 pm when construction workers in the neighborhood get off.
Published or Edited on 12/01/17
Arkansas : Texarkana : Venus Adult Superstore : Review: Nov 29 2017 by want2likcock
My first visit here was great, had only been there twenty minutes and had already sucked my first cock.

There were two other men watching who pulled theirs out and I took both of them. The next one bent me over a chair and started fucking me while four others were watching.

He finished and as I started to get up I was pushed back over and another cock was in me. As he fucked me another man got in front of me and pushed his cock in my mouth. By this time I had a nice audience.

In the next three hours I fucked four guys and sucked more than ten cocks.
Published or Edited on 12/01/17
Memphis Metro : Memphis : Candyland Gentlemen's Club : Review: Nov 28 2017
Now Candyland Gentlemans's Club.
Published or Edited on 12/04/17
Florida : Stuart : Joe's River Park : Review: Nov 28 2017
Heads Up! Arrests from the Sheriff's operation in county parks have risen to at least 46 with a man caught on camera in July who was recognized in an October traffic stop.

Treasure Coast Palm News: Park sex acts investigation in Martin County lands Port St. Lucie man in jail
Published or Edited on 12/01/17
Knoxville Metro : Louisville : Boat Ramp : Review: Nov 27 2017 by DAC61
This ramp was closed after the intersection with Alcoa Hwy and Topside Road was improved. Concrete barricade at highway.
Published or Edited on 12/01/17
Brazil : Sao Paulo : Cine República : Review: Nov 27 2017 by Sex-Traveler
Correct address is 752 Av. Ipiranga. R$18 entrance charge and it is open 24 hours.

On the street level is a mostly deserted very large theater showing straight porn. At the back, and off to the right side are stairs leading down to a men's room with trough urinals and several stalls. Some action happens here.

On the second level is another large theater showing gay porn. Some action in the seats. At the back of the second level are stairs leading down to a darkroom, and another set leading to the third level with another darkroom and two toilets. Another set of stairs leads up to the fourth floor which has a bar.

Pretty much anything goes here. Lots of oral sex and some anal. Some guys were wandering shirtless. Mix of ages here.
Published or Edited on 11/29/17
Brazil : Sao Paulo : Praça da República : Review: Nov 27 2017 by Sex-Traveler
Praça da República is a public park, not to be confused with Cine República which is about half a block away. The park has a number of rent boys working, mostly in the area by the ponds, especially on the bridges. No place for any action, so make a deal and move to another location.

The park is safer than in the past, with a mobile police station now in the park.

Thanks. Here's the Cine República page. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 11/29/17
Brazil : Sao Paulo : Arte Palacio : Review: Nov 27 2017 by Sex-Traveler
Closed. The cine I saw no longer is in operation.
Published or Edited on 12/01/17
San Jose Metro : Palo Alto : Equinox Palo Alto Gym : Review: Nov 27 2017
Regardless of the cruising, this is a worthwhile (if expensive) gym: well equipped and maintained, clean, lots of hot people around, helpful floor trainers, fun, and about 25% gay men. You can do yourself some good here — and then occasionally/maybe get jiggy in the steam room.

My one criticism would be that guys in the locker room do a lot of covering up. But the situation isn't helped by the gay dudes who stare way too obviously.

A certain unattractive, 30-something Asian guy spends hours — yes, literally hours — in the men's locker room trying to check out the hot guys. In the process, he makes them all edgy and wanting to cover up. On occasion, I've done a lengthy complete workout, and he was in there the whole time, staring while barely pretending to dress or undress.
Published or Edited on 11/27/17
Massachusetts : Lynn : Lynn Shore & Nahant Beach Reservation : Review: Nov 27 2017 by Dan
Just a warning about the Lynnway site. First of all, that's all the way at the other end of the Lynnway at the Saugus bridge. Second, there is a community watch keeping an eye out from the Starbucks across the street. Old Catholics and college students. City and state cops also frequent this Starbucks.

Stick to the beach. Teenagers are always parked at the Nahant lot smoking weed in their cars and I've never seen the cops bother anyone. Just be careful if you're going to cruise the dark section of the wall. People intentionally spit into the dark from the sidewalk as they walk by.

Thanks. I've moved the map pointer down the beach. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 11/29/17
Boston Metro : Stoneham : Sheepfold Park - Middlesex Fells Reservation : Review: Nov 27 2017 by Dan
Heads Up! Squirt took down their page for Sheepfold so something has gone down in the past year. I haven't been there in a while but the last couple of times I was there, there was always a DCR truck in the lower lot and sometimes a state SUV would pull in and out.

Just don't do it out in the open. I recall one incident where a yuppie couple on bicycles almost caught a couple guys who had been fooling around on the path going up to top of the center hill. One of them was wearing a camera on their helmet. A close call.
Published or Edited on 11/29/17
Boston Metro : Saugus : Choi's Health Spa : Review: Nov 27 2017 by Dan
Choi's has been taken over by new management since the last review. They maintain the facilities better and don't bother you as long as you're discrete about it. They're not stupid. They know where the bulk of their business is coming from.

The only time I ever heard of someone being thrown out was when a straight couple were going at it very loudly in the sauna. The new manager only interrupts goings on in the late afternoon to sterilize the water and that's usually for about five minutes. He doesn't blink an eye at any full nudity.

The best time to go is early afternoon on the weekends. The place gets especially busy on Sunday. Last Superbowl Sunday, they told me to come back in an hour because they were at maximum capacity.

The only things to watch out for is the Mexican church a few doors down. In the past, church members have intentionally brought their children into the spa room in an attempt to set people up for indecent exposure, though legally,...
Published or Edited on 11/29/17

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