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Portland Metro : Portland : Taboo Video for Adults : Review: Feb 11 2017 by uncut cumpig
This place is a pretty good bet for a fun time. Because of its central location it seems to get a decent amount of foot traffic. My experiences are limited to later hours, 8 pm or later, but I've almost always found hot guys to play with.

With any video store, there's some weirdos and lurkers or guys who just want to jerk off alone. But if you hang around, you'll find a hot, hung, horny dude looking to bust a nut or bottoms looking for a load. Clerks are always really friendly too.
Published or Edited on 02/16/17
Germany : Trier : Pleasure Erotik-Shop : Review: Feb 11 2017 by mddumont
Entrance is now 13 Euros since they renovated. Very clean and more room now.
Published or Edited on 02/16/17
Portland Metro : Portland : Fantasy for Adults Only : Review: Feb 10 2017 by Uncut
This is my favorite video store in Portland. They don't have as many gloryholes as they could, although more than a previous reviewer said. There are maybe six?

But every time I go here there's a nice mix of guys, usually some hot/hung guys looking for fun. Latino dudes, runners, bearded dudes, some married guys.

I've been fucked here and had evenings where I've sucked off four or five guys in hour.

Worth a visit. They've got a back entrance for privacy too. Staff almost never bothers anybody.
Published or Edited on 02/15/17
Phoenix Metro : Mesa : Personal Preference : Review: Feb 10 2017 by Ahappysock
Have taken my girl here a few times. She was the one reviewed on July of 2015 who was sucking me while taking all who wanted her.

She loves the feeling of random guys shooting their loads inside her. All the guys have been very respectful and wait for me to wave them over to take turns inside her. We can't wait to go back.
Published or Edited on 02/15/17
Los Angeles Metro : Castaic : Castaic Lake State Recreation Area : Review: Feb 10 2017 by M
Perhaps a place that cost $11 for the day use fee and is directly across from the sheriff station and the patrol car parking lot is not the ideal place to cruise for cock. Just sayin'!
Published or Edited on 02/15/17
Texas : Victoria : Riverside Park : Review: Feb 09 2017 by j
Great location. Recently gave head and received hand job.
Published or Edited on 02/15/17
Dominican Republic : Santo Domingo : Apolo Sauna : Review: Feb 09 2017 by Visitor
I agree, visitors pay very much more than the locals.
Published or Edited on 02/15/17
Maryland : Germantown : The Home Depot : Review: Feb 09 2017
I have been in this restroom many times and never seen any action. It is long enough that I would expect you could get some understall action in the far stalls but never seen a sign of anyone looking or connecting. Anyone have a different experience?
Published or Edited on 02/15/17
New York : Middletown : East Main News-Adult Video : Review: Feb 08 2017 by purenergy88
Been here a couple times and note to nycponyboy, the gloryholes are on the right when you walk into the back. Everytime I have been here it seems as if the guys are afraid to have some fun. Multiple times I've had guys on both sides but they never wanted to put it through. Don't know what was up with that. All i wanna do is suck on some long fat cock.
Published or Edited on 02/14/17
Los Angeles Metro : Los Angeles : Midtowne Spa : Review: Feb 08 2017 by BlueHawaiian
I have been to Midtowne Spa several times with varying degrees of hookups. There is a wide variety of men here. You can get a locker or a room. I would also advise using the secure parking next door.
There are essentially three floors plus dungeon/basement/GH plus roof deck and a maze on the roof deck.

On the first floor, there is a bathroom plus showers/dry sauna/steam room/spa/pool/patio. I have hooked up in the sauna/steam room before.

The second floor has lockers and rooms. The rooms had adult videos playing. Men cruise the hallway, and check out the rooms, if the door is open, to see if someone wants to play. There is a video room with some benches, a dark room with a bed/benches and gloryholes/cubicles. One of the cubicles has a plexiglass wall so you can see the person in the next room. I think they recently added a small gym at the end of the hall. There are also lockers at the end of the hallway. There's also vending machines and a TV room playing regular shows.
Published or Edited on 02/14/17
Florida : Cape Coral : Tubby's City Hangout : Review: Feb 08 2017 by Jack
They are closed.
Published or Edited on 02/14/17
New York : White Plains : Bloomingdales : Review: Feb 08 2017 by safebet1980
Been shopping at Bloomingdale for many years now and just about every time I go there I make it a point to check out the bathroom for a quick blow and go to make shopping easier. I have never met or found a single person in there. Spent a whole hour once on a weekend and nothing. Not worth your time trying here.
Published or Edited on 02/14/17
North Carolina : Fayetteville : Peaches Adult Boutique and Arcade : Review: Feb 08 2017 by Guest
I'm visiting the area and was planning on dropping by here tomorrow before I left town. Wanted to blow some people through a gloryhole for the first time. Does anyone know if there would be anyone there around 1ish who would be looking for that?

I'm sorry you missed the note above the Review form that says posts here always have a delay for the CFS editing process. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 02/14/17
Maryland : Eldersburg : Morgan Run Natural Environment Area : Review: Feb 08 2017
Great place to play, either down the trails or even in the parking lot. Another entrance is off Nicodemus Rd to Jim Bowers. Take Bowers all the way to end.

Great private place for outdoor fun.
Published or Edited on 02/14/17
Pennsylvania : Bethlehem : Diamonz Nite Club : Review: Feb 08 2017 by BOBTOM1060
Published or Edited on 02/14/17
New Jersey : South Toms River : Peek-A-View : Review: Feb 07 2017 by Silver dad
I went into the gloryhole booth and within minutes a guy started sucking me off through the hole. Although I only have a 5" cut cock he must have enjoyed it as he stopped and invited me to join him in his booth.

Although I had never been with a guy face to face I moved to his booth. He was sitting buck naked and he simply pulled my pants down and swallowed my cock completely, playing my balls, and at the same time stuck his finger in my ass! Hot,hot,hot! He moaned as he worked me over.

I gave him a four-day load within minutes. Again, it was my first face to face experience so I was little nervous and I didn't go down on him. In hindsight, I wish I had. My next time there I plan to suck on my first cock.
Published or Edited on 02/14/17
Connecticut : Naugatuck : Video Temptations : Review: Feb 07 2017 by trainnut
I went to Naugatuck to check out the action, hearing so much good from the reviewers.

Once I found it I realized you had to purchase "funny money" from the cashier. It was similar to Monopoly money. The arcade was very dark, too dark to be considered mood lighting. The booths were cramped and poorly maintained, although they all had gloryholes.
The button to change the movies were worn, you had to press a number of times to get something to happen.

I played with my turgid member for about five minutes when I spotted a willing cocksucker motioning me through the wall. I gave him my cock and received a meh blowjob. I think the double layer of wall board had an effect of making my dick shorter than it is truly is.

Long and short, glad I checked it out, no I won't return. Too many negatives when much better alternatives are closer to home.
Published or Edited on 02/13/17
Maryland : Belcamp : Express Video : Review: Feb 07 2017 by MS
Store is closed.
Published or Edited on 02/13/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Eros Video : Review: Feb 07 2017 by Victor
Heads Up! Frank is absolutely right about the action at the back parking lot. I have been cruising for days. But yesterday two police patrol units were questioning a guy in a black car, the reason why I got inside as soon as the patrols came.

The truth is that probably it's better than going inside. Yesterday the urine and feces smell was disgusting. To my surprise the five guys inside looks like in an advanced case of AIDS, so debilitated they could even walk. My main concern was their cough and possibility of them spreading tuberculosis so common on the border.

I even made a comment to the attendant outside as I left the place that there was a guy bleeding and blood was in the toilet bowl.

Not sure if El Paso has a sanitation commission or some kind of agency to protect patrons in sex joints.

It's everyone's choice to have sex in the place of their choice but I will just be careful about this place.

Must say I went due to curiosity but left because of safety.

Published or Edited on 02/13/17
Winston-Salem/Greensboro/High Point Metro : High Point : Kmart : Review: Feb 06 2017 by Larry
Kmart in High Point closed about a year ago. The store is basically empty. Although it looks like someone is setting up a gym in part of the space, but Kmart is "gone with the wind."

Published or Edited on 02/13/17
Riverside and San Bernardino Counties Metro : Fontana : Liberty Books : Review: Feb 06 2017 by Sucker
Was here today a little after five. Paid my six dollars for tokens and headed to the back. Every booth was full. Got to the end and headed back and one of the clerks came in and kicked two guys out saying they were banned and did they forget they had cameras everywhere.

Not sure what they were doing as a couple of the booths had two guys in it stroking each other, but the place cleared out.
Published or Edited on 02/13/17
San Francisco Metro : Redwood City : Cruisy Toilets Around Oracle : Review: Feb 06 2017 by Illswallowu
I try to make it here after 8-pm-ish. I've sucked a couple dudes off. Send me an email*. I'm always looking but this place is pretty cool. Highly recommended.

*I removed the email address. You may have missed the note just above the Review form about not including contact info, including email address.

If you register and post as a CFS Member, your email address goes on your Profile page so guys can contact you. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 02/13/17
Massachusetts : Chelmsford : Rest area : Review: Feb 06 2017
Is this after exit 32? Hoping to swing in next week.

The map was updated last week. The exit going northbound is after mile marker 32. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 02/13/17
New Hampshire : Bedford : Bedford Mall : Review: Feb 06 2017 by bill
I might head here an afternoon next week if there is still action here.
Published or Edited on 02/13/17
New Hampshire : Concord : Sewalls Falls Recreation Area : Review: Feb 06 2017 by mike
I went tonight, couldn't find anyone. There were vehicles in the lot so maybe I'm looking in the wrong spots.
Published or Edited on 02/13/17
Louisiana : Alexandria : Capri Adult Video 3 : Review: Feb 06 2017 by guest
Went back to Capri last week in the afternoon. The booths have gone downhill even more. Only two work, and they only had two channels, one with no sound. Still, the gloryholes are there...

The theatre is where the action seems to be. I paid my money and went in to the back behind the seats. There was one other guy standing back there. I started watching the movie, then unzipped and started stroking till I got hard. He watched for a couple of minutes, then knelt down and took my cock in his mouth.

He had super technique, great tongue action on the head of my cock while sliding his head up and down on my shaft. He sucked me like that for several minutes, getting me closer. I finally got so turned on that I dropped my pants all the way. He liked this and pushed me back against the wall and then really went to work on my dick and balls. I lasted another five minutes before I exploded in his mouth.

Luckily the sound on the movie was up loud enough that it covered up all my moans an...
Published or Edited on 02/10/17
South Africa : Johannesburg : The Rec Room : Review: Feb 05 2017 by Gambit
Please take note that the lockers provided do not have locks. You'll have to bring one along or buy a new one from Rec Room (and keep it).
Published or Edited on 02/10/17
Charlotte Metro : Charlotte : North Carolina Welcome Center : Review: Feb 05 2017 by kulors
Went out of curiosity. Wasn't quite a 'dud' the past couple of times. Encountered sexy Black guys.

Two weeks ago, a bold guy walked in the stall I was in. He immediately dropped and gave some awesome head.

Last night, three guys — jack off orgy. Note that each time it was after 3:00 am. Early morning horny... Will be checking it out again soon to see if this pattern continues.
Published or Edited on 02/10/17
Massachusetts : Chelmsford : Rest area : Review: Feb 05 2017 by Leomax69
This place is still active, mainly at night. Park by the vending machines, get out and walk towards the back of building. No action goes on here except car sex. Routinely make connections here and then proceed to another area.
Published or Edited on 02/10/17
Phoenix Metro : Phoenix : The Adult Shoppe (West Holly Street) : Review: Feb 05 2017 by Frank
This place rocks! Theaters on both sides of building with four different porns showing.

I have sucked a lot of guys off here. One night I started sucking this Mexican man while his friend watched me. His friend then walked up and I sucked him off then some other hot guy who was watching pulled his dick out and put it in my face. Three guys in a row!

The hottest time was when I was alone with one Mexican guy who I sucked. Then he ate my ass, slid his cock inside me, and fucked me til he shot. Didn't realize some guy was watching in a dark corner. My Mexican guy invited this stranger over and he fucked me while I sucked the Mexican guy off again.
Published or Edited on 02/10/17
Maryland : Edgewood : Bush River Books & Video : Review: Feb 05 2017 by Balto TG Gal
I haven't been up there in years. I always liked getting all dolled up and stopping in and giving the guys a treat. Maybe when the weather is warmer I'll come up one Saturday night.
Published or Edited on 02/10/17
Maryland : Wheaton : Westfield Wheaton : Review: Feb 04 2017 by cruiserman
Heads Up! There was a recent double homicide inside the mall, a stabbing. With that highly-publicized crime, you can probably expect a much higher police presence. Be discreet.
Published or Edited on 02/09/17
Connecticut : Naugatuck : Video Temptations : Review: Feb 04 2017 by mike
I went here the last three weekends on a Saturday had a good time every time. I'm a bi guy so I like women and men, met a lady there we had a good time. I hope I meet her again if she happens to see this. Love to hook up again.

I'm thinking of gong this Sunday. Does anyone know if it gets busy Sundays?
Published or Edited on 02/09/17
New Jersey : Denville : Cupid’s Treasures : Review: Feb 04 2017 by Jon
I have no idea what he's talking about. Drove here and it's closed. Maybe he's thinking of Playtime down the road. Here now and dead.

Thanks! This place is on my (backlogged) list of places to delete. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 02/09/17
Pennsylvania : Lebanon : Hobbeze : Review: Feb 03 2017 by a_mous258
I just went here for the first time ever. It was $12 to go into the theatre, $2 went to the clerk and $10 to get a token to open the door. I was there on a Friday night and nobody was in the theatre area. I guess I went too late, it was close to midnight.

TS Rachel was there and I was going to buy a lap dance from her but it was $80 for two songs. Not only did that seem high to me, but I didn't have that much on me. Apparently the dancer also does not go into the theatre area, the clerk said she dances in a different room.

I found the place to be nice and clean. Since I was alone I also looked a little more carefully to see if it was well maintained and it is.

Not sure I'll go back, probably will, but if/when I do it won't be late at night.

Maybe other cruisers who cum here can suggest the best days and times to visit ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 02/09/17
Indiana : Lafayette : Fantasy Adult Gift Shop : Review: Feb 03 2017 by jonwill
I saw a sign today announcing that they are moving around the corner to Teal Rd., next to Christos. Not sure of the timing.

When they're in the new place please cum back and let us know the address along with a Review. Thanks! ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 02/09/17
Tampa Bay Metro : Tampa : Xtreme Book & Video : Review: Feb 02 2017 by Les
Went in on a Thursday around 11:30 am, hoping to get some of the lunchtime crowd. It wasn't long before an older guy was stroking in front of the gloryhole while watching straight porn. Wasn't long before he was cumming in my mouth.

Next, an older guy kicked back in a recliner as I polished his cock and fat balls. Left the door cracked so passersby would get a good look at this older guy, legs spread as I sucked on him.

Finally, returned to my booth to suck down a quick load, probably from a guy that had to get back to work! Yummy!
Published or Edited on 02/09/17
Washington Metro : Washington : Glorious Health Club : Review: Feb 02 2017 by bottombill
C'mon Dave! Every place like this is hit or miss. Sometimes I get ignored and end up jerking off in the video room, sometimes I get fucked and sucked multiple times!

You should not judge one of these places on one visit. I am a pale white chub, and I usually get some action according to when I show up. Rarely, I said I end up jerking off. Patience is the name of the game here, unless you are an Adonis.

I stop here all the time and have had a tremendous range of experiences. The great ones sustain me through the bad ones.
Published or Edited on 02/08/17
Birmingham Metro : Birmingham : Alabama Adult Books : Review: Feb 02 2017
Seems to be a lot more action since the remodel.

I was passing through town in September and started playing with an older Black guy who had the prettiest black dick and boy did I suck on it!

FYI, I removed a reference that could possibly get the guy in trouble with his job. I know you want him to be there again! ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 02/08/17
New Jersey : South Amboy : Video Flixx : Review: Feb 02 2017
I've gone a handful of times and have yet to leave without someone swallowing my load. Workers don't bother you and the place is clean. Haven't seen too many trolls. Like all places it can be hit or miss.

Prior to my most recent visit I had a wonderful experience. I'm 5'8", 195 pounds, well-built, 40, and have just under 8” average thickness. In walks a 30-something-year-old 6' thin long-haired guy, very feminine looking, lean nice legs in as tight jeans as one could wear. If he had tits you would have thought he was a woman. Magnificent ass, average bulge, nice lips. Clearly I was instantly attracted and interested.

I got him in the oversized booth, immediately stuck my tongue down his throat, and grabbed his ass as he did the same to me. At some point I spun him around and pulled his pants down just enough to expose that fine firm ass that I fingered and tongued for quite some time as I jerked my cock. Eventually he got to the point where he couldn...
Published or Edited on 02/08/17
Phoenix Metro : Phoenix : LA Fitness : Review: Feb 01 2017
A hot muscular man blew my big dick in the showers.
Published or Edited on 02/08/17
South Carolina : North Augusta : Mae Video by Love Shack : Review: Feb 01 2017 by Brian
I was here January 28, 2017 and it was open and I got some action in the booth. Good movies, big couches, good to fit four people on. I wish there were more people that went here.
Published or Edited on 02/08/17
New Jersey : Union : Moviethon Video : Review: Feb 01 2017 by njone
I prefer the Moviethon annex, across Rt. 22 on the Eastbound side. It's more private with four rooms, couches, etc. You can get naked and it's a nicer crowd. Sometimes couples and women also.

Have seen and had some real nice activities there.

Thanks so much for the extra info! If the annex has a separate address, let me know so I can give it separate page for Reviews. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 02/08/17
San Francisco Metro : Belmont : Notre Dame de Namur University : Review: Jan 31 2017 by ReadyNwilling
I'm a student and for the past two years it's always dead. Would give anything for some quick and easy hook-up. Total NSA cocksucker here.

Campus security drives up every now and then.

If you are going to hang out for a while, go pick up a day parking pass. It's only $2. Put it on your dash and you won't get hassled.
Published or Edited on 02/08/17
New Jersey : Avenel : Adult Variety Store : Review: Jan 31 2017
Been stopping in here on and off for years, hit or miss, all ages, races, trolls, etc. The last time I stopped in on a Saturday around 4 pm the place was empty. I stayed for a few minutes and decided to leave. As I was pulling out I noticed a car pulling in and a flash of blonde hair so of course I went right back in.

She was all set up in the very last stall, legs to die for, nylon short skirt, padded bra, head to toe looked really hot. I immediately dumped in my money and pulled out my aching throbbing cock 7.5” by 5” hard as could be. I was really turned on.

She was completely shaved. I couldn't contain myself, I started tugging on her cock. I was shockingly surprised to find a thick mushroom head by the time I got my mouth on it. She was poking out of her skirt. I licked and tongued her ass then worked my way to the cock again just under 8" I would guess.

We were all alone, no one came in the entire time we were sucking each other. I couldn't hold back any ...
Published or Edited on 02/07/17
New York : Buffalo : University at Buffalo North Campus - Alumni Arena Gym : Review: Jan 31 2017 by Joe
Heads Up! There are now signs prohibiting sexual misconduct and contact on both the sauna and steam room. Also, the sign states you need to wear a bathing suit in the sauna and steam room. Not sure what happened, but the facility knows what's up. Still cruisy though.
Published or Edited on 02/07/17
New Mexico : Albuquerque : Adult Video : Review: Jan 31 2017 by weekend_boy
I used to love going to this adult store, but there's no point in going here anymore. Management finally "cracked down" on all the activity in the theatre by turning that are into a stripper joint. If that's your thing, though, then go for it!

I didn't go into the arcade booths to see if the large gloryholes were still there or not, but who cares? Without the main theatre room where all the real hot sex happened, it's not even worth it IMO to wait in an arcade booth waiting for cock while you're wasting money powering the arcade video.

This was easily one of the best NSA hookup spots in this city due to its location next to a truck stop, but it's no longer a legit spot to cruise. Oh well. At least I had fun times here.
Published or Edited on 02/07/17
Long Island Metro : Huntington : Pure Pleasure : Review: Jan 30 2017 by Oromis
Love getting sucked here every chance I get.
Published or Edited on 02/07/17
Washington Metro : Washington : Glorious Health Club : Review: Jan 30 2017 by Jim
I visit this club two or three times a month during afternoons. Weekends and holidays are best. Clientele are mostly Black. There is no reason more white guys should not cum here, especially in view of lack of alternatives.

I like to wear sexy underwear and not much else, enjoy sucking cock and getting sucked and fucked. Hope to see you there!
Published or Edited on 02/07/17
Cleveland Metro : Beachwood : La Place Shopping Center : Review: Jan 30 2017 by steve
Good spot on Saturdays.
Published or Edited on 02/07/17

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