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El Paso Metro : El Paso : Eros Video : Review: Jul 06 2017 by Ely
Big Black Cock, hope you see this post. But I would love to taste that chocolate stick of yours. Where can I find you?

Since he's not a CFS member, could you add an email address or other way for him to reach you to the Best Ways to Contact You Outside of CFS section of your Profile?

Let's keep the conversation between you two and not publicly on this page. Thanks! ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 07/07/17
Boston Metro : Boston : Fenway Victory Gardens : Review: Jul 05 2017 by grecoroman
The weather's been rather mild for summer and cruising the Fens has been good. A lot of rain though, so tons of mosquitoes!

It's a good mix of guys. You always find that one or two virgin cruisers who are curious about checking out this infamous cruising ground. Once you're there, it's pretty obvious everyone's horny. It's a bit scary sometimes with the homeless people who camp out in nearby parts, but otherwise very safe and quiet with no police presence. The best time is definitely after 9:30 pm and it seems like the later the better if you really want to see guys prowling.

Unlike cruising in a restroom, this place does encourage guys to drop the attitude and open up to quick action. Once you find a guy, it's all about going into the reeds and start playing.
Published or Edited on 07/06/17
Rhode Island : Newport : Newport Video and Magazine Center : Review: Jul 05 2017 by Shybiguy1978
Very clean place. Friendly staff. Booths are average sized. Lot more bottoms than tops. I sucked my only one here. Great place.
Published or Edited on 07/06/17
Pennsylvania : Colmar : Adult Gifts : Review: Jul 05 2017 by enigma_in_pa
The business is indeed closed. The building has been demolished. The township has approved plans to put a car wash on the site. All I have left are the memories.

Sorry to see this but I appreciate the confirmation. Google also shows it closed now too. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 07/06/17
Maryland : Laurel : Love Craft : Review: Jul 05 2017 by kscdc
Another fantastic trip to the Love Shack!!! Was able to drop by Tuesday afternoon to see what was going on and, while it is always hit or miss there, today was a hit! Was looking around and ran into a nice looking HVAC engineer. He had a brown complexion and some meat on him (a beer belly) about 5'11", brown eyes — nice! He went into the doublewide right outside of the restroom, I went into the adjacent booth. I peered in and he had his average-sized cock out and he was stroking it. He leaned back as I hit my knees and our eyes met. He dropped his jeans and leaned in to thrust his rod through the expansive gloryhole. I took all of his semi-hardness deep in my mouth and worked it until he was rock hard.

He was now completely up against the booth wall with his cock and balls on my side. I worked his man-meat and used my hands on his high and tight balls. His average — I am being kind ;-) — cock began to pulsate and I anticipated pay dirt but he...
Published or Edited on 07/06/17
West Virginia : Mineralwells : Lion's Den Adult Superstore : Review: Jul 04 2017 by JoJo
Just visited LD off Exit 170. I was in town for two days and stopped four times. Every time I got lucky, hot men, tons of WV "straight" men looking to fuck, get fucked, suck and get sucked.

Leave the stereotypes at home. In my four visits I got to fuck three guys, one guy twice, sucked six cocks, one twice, and got fucked twice.

Next time, I am staying longer.
Published or Edited on 07/06/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Fiesta Drive-In Theatre : Review: Jul 04 2017 by Alex SP
I am not usually a bitch but this time I was a royal one. Every Monday for last five weeks I've seen a guy who goes here in a truck around 3:30 pm. Parks in the back, gets naked, and shows his powerful fat Latino cut dick. I was too shy to play with it but I love to J/O watching as he gets head, or fucks an ass.

What I can't understand is he sometimes does three or four asses and gets four or five blowjobs.

Yesterday he was fucking a friend of mine so I joined. I could not believe the thickness of his head, like a yellow lemon as he pulled out my friend's hole. I became the royal slut and I sucked that dick for about twenty minutes before he came. He made swallow it. Just what I want, a tasty load.

I did ask how he can stay hard so long. He said, "i do not drink. I do not smoke. I don't use drugs and I am a vegetarian."

Man, if you're into big fat cut dicks try this guy. He's also hairy all the way. As part of the show my friend and I both li...
Published or Edited on 07/05/17
Connecticut : Hartford : Erotic Zone : Review: Jul 04 2017 by Fun One
In response to "Todd," I want to say that I'm a rather frequent patron of the place and have witnessed none of what he claims is occurring. While there may be isolated incidents which I have not observed, it is not open and obvious. Also, the bathroom is very much open. I used it just last week.

Erotic Zone has its issues, but what Todd described is not one I would put high on the list. The action can be hit or miss, and lately the clientele seems to have taken to waiting in their cars rather than getting on with the business at hand.

That being said, just last month I had a great time sucking and swallowing seven different dicks, one of them twice. The night was capped off by an edging session that took place in one of the open areas and the guy finally came all over my face, arms, chest and pants. He just kept spewing all over me. I think he's still cumming, somewhere.

I'm planning to go today. Happy 4th of July!

[hr[[i]Thanks for the Review. Hope you...
Published or Edited on 07/05/17
West Virginia : Clarksburg : Adult News and Video : Review: Jul 04 2017 by Drillerjoe68
This place closed July 2nd 2017.

Google and Yelp both still show it upen, but I'll take your word for it. As always, I'll recheck before actual deletion. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 07/05/17
Italy : Jesolo : Punta Sabbioni : Review: Jul 03 2017 by Kuku
Was here today, July 3 2017. Not many people but still got lucky.
Published or Edited on 07/05/17
Massachusetts : Cummington : Cummington Beach : Review: Jul 03 2017 by JV
This place is still open, every summer, and it's a fine place. I will upload a photo of the correct parking area next week. There is also a paid "private" parking area, five dollars per car.

I was literally there yesterday, sucked off two men and watched a bunch of couples fuck, which I love. The scene on a Sunday is mostly older, but if the weather is right? It's perfect.

How to get there: Park in the small parking area covered in trees, not the large one that says thirty minutes only, and walk along the road until you get to a yellow road sign. Climb over the rail, and go down to the water. Cross the river and go to up to the path. Take a left to walk following the river downstream. You will reach a stone wall (lol very on the nose). Follow that stone wall and the path, and you will reach the beach in ten minutes or so.

Important: The locals are fine with gay folks in their town visiting this area. However, do not get naked within sight of the r...
Published or Edited on 07/05/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Sue Young Park : Review: Jul 02 2017 by Frank P
The place has a water park, so day time is full of families.

Try 5 am to 8 am. Military men go to get head, fuck ass, or a nice hand job.

Same crowd shows up after dark.

Thank you for your service guys.

Yes indeed, it's Independence Day and thank you for all your service! ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 07/04/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Eros Video : Review: Jul 02 2017 by Frank P
There was an ad on Craigslist and this guy asked to go to Eros Thursday at 5 pm. A fake ad, I guess. There were two elderly men sleeping and snoring. A tall cute guy came in and wanted to suck my cock. I told him no. He got mad and tried the two elderly men. Both were so out neither paid any attention. The cute guy left after trying and trying.

Another seven bucks wasted and one hour of my time.

Did some shopping. The dildos are on sale and the salesman was very handsome. Try the store for your summer dildos.
Published or Edited on 07/04/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Fiesta Drive-In Theatre : Review: Jul 02 2017 by Frank P
Fiesta is so far away but it's worth going. Friday I went ready for a night of pleasure. Got 100% naked and tried to just stay in the back of my pickup truck. Exact time, 11:23 pm.

In less than ten minutes a few guys walked into my car plus a few cars drove around. I had six guys all over me. Some giving me head, one guy fingering my shit hole, and one jumped and made me suck his nice fat Mexican dick as I was fingering his ass and caressing his balls.

This guy came from nowhere. Mid 50's, shaven head, hairy as hell. He got naked and fucked me like no tomorrow. I wanted him to fuck me again but the crowd jumped all over him, both tits had a mouth, a guy was sucking him... Damn, I was so horny. Most Mexicans in El Paso are hairless, not sure if he was Puerto Rican or Cuban, but he had a gorgeous body and a fabulous fat cut dick. The head was lemon-sized.

I stayed until closing time 4 am and ended with seven loads up my ass.

If you're a bareback taker or giver, F...
Published or Edited on 07/04/17
Washington Metro : Washington : Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens : Review: Jul 02 2017 by Magixx
Wen to smoke a blunt last night and watched four dudes going for two rounds. Very hot summer is definitely when stuff pops off.
Published or Edited on 07/04/17
Houston Metro : Houston : Club Houston : Review: Jul 01 2017 by Honoman2
Been visiting since Midtowne Spa closed. I have visited on special nights when rooms are half price. I'm over 60, but I always get plenty of action. Always get some in the elevated gloryholes. I sometimes lie on my stomach with a blindfold on and get fucked by all sorts of men who prefer anonymity.
Published or Edited on 07/04/17
Houston Metro : Houston : Montrose Mining Company : Review: Jul 01 2017 by Honoman2

Thanks for the update. Even though I live here and know about closings, I don't always know when a place is on the Sex Listings. Several years ago my predecessor had added quite a few gay bars to the site. I think he was hoping to expand the CFS audience. Personally I never found the Mining Company that cruisy and wouldn't have thought to check the site.

Here's some perspective from about the closure illustrating changes in the Montrose. In 2016 they called it "Houston's oldest gay bar," but for me that was always the much cruisier already-closed Mary's Naturally, opened 1968 and finally closed permanently 2009. See Mary's vintage ads and photos. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 07/04/17
Illinois : Edgewood : Adult Time : Review: Jul 01 2017 by shy
Is there still action here? I've stopped in store for some Rush but have never tried the arcade.
Published or Edited on 07/03/17
Massachusetts : Lynn : Lynn Beach : Review: Jul 01 2017 by Jay
This place was made for cruising. It's amazing, it has so many trails and secluded areas to play and even has little sheds to play in and furniture to sit on.

It was a little hard to find at first but I found it. It's right behind Club Morgan's on the right of Lynnway Mart. There's a main trail going all the back to the beach but there are hidden places on the left and right.

To me the left was the cruisiest. Just follow the trails and foot marks. I am 20 and there were a lot of daddies mostly 30's and 40's.

Trust me, this place is a hidden gem. I sucked about five cocks here today.

Thanks for the great Review! Seems to be pointing out a trail and area around here. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 07/03/17
Indiana : Lafayette : Fantasy Adult Gift Shop : Review: Jun 30 2017 by TinMan
Had a great visit to this place. Stopped into the arcade hoping for some action and got more than I bargained for. Put money into the machine and not thirty seconds later my first visitor stopped in. He dropped to his knees and started sucking my cock.

Less than a minute later the door opens again and visitor #2 stepped in. Startled us at first, but he started to caress my ass and balls and then he rimmed me. And I came like a firehose.

Great time. Staff didn't bother us at all.
Published or Edited on 07/03/17
Alabama : Mobile : Hearin-Chandler Family YMCA : Review: Jun 30 2017 by Johnnie
Anyone know the current code to the upstairs locker room? Will be visiting and want to check it out.
Published or Edited on 07/03/17
New Mexico : Albuquerque : Pussycat Video : Review: Jun 29 2017 by Rob
I went to Pussycat last week, stripped except for my thigh highs. I made about four friends there in just two hours. It was hot, I want more.
Published or Edited on 07/03/17
Vancouver Metro : Vancouver : Steamworks Vancouver : Review: Jun 29 2017 by bodvil
Is this place safe or worth a visit? I'll be in Vancouver in August and staying nearby.
Published or Edited on 07/03/17
Connecticut : New Britain : Walnut Hill Park : Review: Jun 29 2017 by aabill
I like this place. The monument looks like a huge penis calling any guy who has one to come forth. Go to the giant penis and that is what you will find. Penises galore!

Some want to be sucked. Others want to suck. And others just want to watch. A shrine to the brotherhood of the penis. Come on down and place yours into the mix. It will be appreciated and given the reverence and awe it deserves.

And make sure you wear your rubbers.
Published or Edited on 06/30/17
Denver Metro : Aurora : Havana Sauna : Review: Jun 29 2017 by Jason
Was back again June 27. A good number of very attractive bodies were cruising in the saunas and the steam room. As always, the best action was in the Crystal Room. It was mid-afternoon and I got fantastic nipple play. Nobody seemed to care whether other guys came into the room. It was pretty much gay guys only.

And yes I mastered it finely: excellent encounter in front of the lockers with a twink Black guy who had trouble getting his nine iron-hard inches into his briefs. It was sheer pleasure to help him!
Published or Edited on 06/30/17
Boston Metro : Cambridge : Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Building 9 : Review: Jun 29 2017 by grecoroman
This place is still very hot. Easy access from the street before 6 pm and you can wait in the stalls or urinals for action. Guys who are there to actually use the bathroom won't linger. Lots of guys just arrange on Grindr to meet here for action, so it all works out.
Published or Edited on 06/30/17
Boston Metro : Cambridge : Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Walker Memorial : Review: Jun 29 2017 by grecoroman
The basement bathroom inside the library isn't easy to find if you're not actually a student there. You need to walk through the entrance first and across the floor to get to the back stairwell to go here.

The setup is pretty good since it's either a row of urinals or the row of stalls behind it. The stalls are dark and you can't really see anything from the outside walking in. However, with the out of the way location in the library and compared to other bathrooms on campus, it does not get any action at all.

I updated the page name to reflect the specific building. I also checked the web site for MIT Libraries and didn't see one inside Walker Memorial. I'm a little uncertain if this is on the right page. Can you help? ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 06/30/17
Boston Metro : Boston : South Station : Review: Jun 29 2017 by grecoroman
Smells horrible, but actually encountered a straight guy jacking off in the stall and he was really going at it since you can see the shadow of the stroking action. When he came out of the stall, he looked like he was either drunk, stoned, or high, but he was pretty hot.

No possibility of any action here since it's so crowded and busy at all times.

With no really positive Reviews, I'll mark this for deletion and add it to my list. It will be checked again before deletion in case there is action. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 06/30/17
Boston Metro : Boston : Northeastern University - Dodge Hall : Review: Jun 29 2017 by grecoroman
Heads Up! Guys here are either getting stupid or desperate. Some guy(s) has been vandalizing all the stalls and walls with messages about sucking cock, etc. In permanent ink!

It's going to attract the attention of campus security when the cleaning crew reports all of the graffiti going up. It's also stupid to draw this much attention when it's normally busy with cruising traffic.

It's not hard to find guys on Grindr and other apps that are cruising the campus, so vandalizing property will only cause the straight students to steer clear and have campus police doing rounds soon enough.

[i]Hm. When I was in college at UT-Austin years ago guys would use something hard and metal to scratch their words or phone number in the stall walls. Of course, no one ever showed up when I sat there.

Cruising toilets with results had to wait until I was taking night classes for work and hanging out in the [url=
Published or Edited on 06/30/17
Boston Metro : Boston : Longwood Galleria : Review: Jun 28 2017 by grecoroman
Place is still kinda scary with the occasional homeless or drug addict hiding out in the stalls. Occasionally one of the older guys who have cruised this place for decades will show up. Almost never any young guys who are down for action come here. Since it's only two urinals in there, most of the waiting and action goes on in the five stalls.
Published or Edited on 06/29/17
Boston Metro : Boston : Bunker Hill Community College : Review: Jun 28 2017 by grecoroman
There are some students who go on Grindr looking for action, but most likely the DL types. There are apparently some employees who may try to get lucky while in the stalls or urinals, but they got all the free time in the world to do that, right?

The stalls here are nice and high, so good for understall action. In general, you're more likely to find horny straight guys just jacking off between classes.

The most potential is the fact that the gym has some of the hottest guys on campus. The locker room is open to anyone, so you could easily hook up with someone in the shower areas — just make sure they're actually gay!!!!
Published or Edited on 06/29/17
Palm Springs Metro : Desert Hot Springs : Cruisy vacant lot : Review: Jun 28 2017 by 2MeMen
There is a better location on the west side of Rt. 62 going up Mission Creek Road which is a dirt road. Go about a mile from 62 to where the stream goes under the road. Just before, there is a little used dirt road that will take you along the stream. It will dead-end. Not a busy location, but could be fun to meet late afternoon or early evening. See you there.

Thanks. Desert Hot Springs sounds hot in more than one way! ;-)

I'd added the Mission Creek place June 30 but missed adding the link back here until today. Glad you posted both, wish I could visit. ;-) ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 08/24/17
Oklahoma : Woodward : Boiling Springs State Park : Review: Jun 28 2017
Can you post which trail at Boiling Springs is the one to cruise? I see several trails, but don't want to waste my time on trails where there is no action.

Thanks for asking! I hope some cruiser gives you an answer. :-)

Meanwhile, seeing this I was able to update the park location on this page and also found a PDF map of the park, including the trails. Perhaps now that we have the park in the right place, a few more guys will show up. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 06/29/17
Connecticut : Stratford : Long Beach Park : Review: Jun 28 2017 by Gbrooks17
I'm a big-dicked feeder and I've found some excellent cocksuckers here. In the evening, right around to the right, at the end of the lot, and days out beyond the third jetty.
Published or Edited on 06/29/17
Texas : McAllen : RGV Video : Review: Jun 27 2017 by Freqtravel42
Will be in the area mid-July. Wondering when a good time in the afternoon is to get some uncut cock in me.
Published or Edited on 06/29/17
Chicago Metro : Des Plaines : O'Hare Airport : Review: Jun 26 2017 by BJ
Hit or miss. Today was hit. Gotta be careful, no door therefore not much sign janitors or cops are arriving.
Published or Edited on 06/28/17
New York City Metro : Manhattan : John Jay College - North Hall : Review: Jun 26 2017 by Mike
North Hall is now rented by a City agency. Between Haaren Hall and the New Building, have not found a consistent place. Please post a review!
Published or Edited on 06/28/17
Wisconsin : Hartford : Toadally Natural Garden : Review: Jun 26 2017 by TravelinBi
Last summer I was on an extended work assignment in Wisconsin. I found a camper for rent at a clothing optional camp ground and decided to give it a try. The camp ground has a spring fed pond with a nice "beach." There is normally a membership required but that was waived since I rented the camper.

The second day there I met a local who was a member. We were just hanging out on the beach in adjacent chaise lounges and just started chatting. I had a supply of beer in the camper and offered him one. He accepted and as we sipped our beers in the glorious natural setting we lost track of time. I made several trips to the camper for more beer. We got into discussing some of the others hanging out at the beach. (One European guy was a real hottie with a magnificent uncut cock who asked me to take his picture, another was a gent that kept getting a hard-on then would try to hide it as he dove off the "dock" to cool it off. The owner made an appearance too (he’s also quite...
Published or Edited on 06/30/17
San Diego Metro : San Diego : Adult Depot I : Review: Jun 26 2017 by IECruiser4U
This was my second time to the Adult Depot. There is ample parking in the back lot. It can be confusing to locate as there are two sharp turns to get there. It is very promising given there are two strip clubs down the street.

It cost eight dollars to get in for four hours and you are given in and out access within that time frame. There is no hassle from the staff and there is a bathroom located next to the theatre.

Inside the theatre there are two rooms with four rows each of seats. In the back of each theatre there is an open space where most action can be found, everything from public displays of masturbation, sucking, ass munching to blow jobs.

There is a mixed crowd of people who attend. College students, business professionals, blue collar men, and middle aged to senior men. I didn't see any military men, although I wasn't asking to see people's W-2 forms.

The older crowd can be too pushy. I was getting a blow job in the back and some grandpa wouldn't...
Published or Edited on 06/28/17
Houston Metro : Houston : Club Houston : Review: Jun 25 2017 by 27yo mexican
I went last Saturday from 9 pm to 1 am. It was my second time here. I went on a Tuesday the first time. Saturdays are a lot more fun.

After walking around a little bit to see the available merchandise, I went to the maze. A young guy followed me and knelt in front of me to suck my dick. He was cute but not my type. So as soon as I saw an older Latino, I went after him. He was kind of shy, so nothing happened. The young guy kept following me.

Eventually, I saw a guy getting fucked. The bottom was a white guy with tats and a slim body. As soon as he got a load from the guy who was fucking him, I went to fuck him and rim him. It was a nice warm hole with cum dripping out of it.

I also got fucked by a white bear and swallowed his cum. I fucked the white guy with tattoos again and gave him my load.

I went to shower to leave the place, but another Latino in the shower followed me to my room and fucked me. He had a nice thick dick.

Club Houston is really fun on Saturdays. Maybe...
Published or Edited on 06/28/17
Pennsylvania : Martins Creek : Martins Creek Environmental Area: Tekening and LMBT Trails : Review: Jun 25 2017
Stopped by, on and off over the past six months to hike the trails and see if there is anything going on. Only thing I got was blisters from hiking.
Published or Edited on 06/28/17
Montana : Billings : The Victorian : Review: Jun 25 2017 by jake8inch
Was visiting Billings and stopped into the Victorian. Doesn't look like much from the outside but the arcade area is very nice and clean and updated. Got a tour from the very friendly staff. It was hot outside and AC wasn't working, so pretty hot inside.

Ran into a hot BBW sucking cock and another hot couple with a super petite female ready to fuck.

This is my bookstore of choice when I visit Billings!
Published or Edited on 06/28/17
West Virginia : Mineralwells : Lion's Den Adult Superstore : Review: Jun 25 2017 by Traveler 2017
I was recently traveling through West Virginia north on I-77 and stopped in to check out this place. Upon entering the store, the friendly clerks sold me a five dollar card to Paradise, the video arcade in the back. It was 8 pm, a couple of folks all roaming the arcade.

I was checking out the front from the arcade area when I saw this tall blond, young, surfer-type, pretty boy enter. While he checked the movies and mags I could see him looking back towards the arcade.

In no time he was in the back, clearly his first time. Everyone was running for positioning. He went in the right booth and I caught the other side. By the time I got the door closed, his dick was out.

In no time his 10 inch meat was in me. He loved every minute of it. Every hole of mine was raped by his thick beautiful meat. He rewarded me with a huge load, feeding me his last drop.

I hope his wife appreciates his talents as much as I do. Shalom.
Published or Edited on 06/27/17
Dallas/Fort Worth Metro : Dallas : Paris Adult Bookstore : Review: Jun 24 2017
Still a good place, nothing like it used to be, but still the best adult bookstore in Dallas.
Published or Edited on 06/27/17
Illinois : Atkinson : Lions Den - Atkinson : Review: Jun 23 2017 by want my first load
Been to this great store two times now. Both times I got to suck on some fat cocks, 7+ inches. I was really wanting my first load in my mouth but it has not happened yet.

What's a good night to catch one of you guys who can blow a nice hot load in my mouth?
Published or Edited on 06/27/17
Montana : Missoula : Channel Drive Park : Review: Jun 23 2017 by Megaloads
Anyone cruising here anymore? Tried a few times during mid-day with no luck.
Published or Edited on 06/27/17
Washington Metro : Washington : Glorious Health Club : Review: Jun 23 2017 by kscdc
Decided to stop in again Tuesday afternoon. Arrived at around 2:30 and stayed through 6:30. Right out of the starting gate, a hot Hispanic man follows me into the larger gloryhole area and goes into a booth. I go into an adjoining one and drop down to peer through. He sees it's me and he drops his drawers and passes his big thick uncut meat through and into my waiting and eager mouth and throat. I take his semi-hard meat into my mouth and begin my expert servicing. I take his shaft in and fondle his balls and pull his skin back and work the head. He becomes fully erect and rock hard and I drop from a squat to my knees to give me better access and control.

I continue working his beautiful manhood and he is moaning as I do — I do all the work! — I am sucking and slobbering all over him as I feel his meat begin to harden even more and it is throbbing in my mouth — he is close. I pick up the pace and he begins to unload his delicious cum onto the back of my...
Published or Edited on 06/27/17
Kansas : Wichita : Circle Cinema : Review: Jun 23 2017 by n2Action
Thing are kind of slow in Wichita lately. I hit the Circle for the first time in quite a while last weekend and was not knocked out but did have a decent time. I started in the theatre and there were three guys in there. I sat down at the back and one came down from upstairs. He had a nice five-inch rod that I played with for about fifteen minutes until he unloaded in my mouth. Not a huge load but pretty tasty. He then zipped up and left and I headed upstairs to check out the guy up there. He wasn't sure he wanted to play so after trying to start something I headed back down and then walked up to the other side.

A nice Black guy was jerking up there so I joined him and found myself on my knees sucking his dick. It wasn't huge but it was a good size. He wanted to kiss and I am always up for that, then he wanted to play with my butt and I never turn that down. I was lubed so he pushed me over the bench and put a wrapper on his cock and fucked me hard for about ten minutes. I d...
Published or Edited on 06/27/17
Oklahoma : Henryetta : Tiger Mountain Rest area : Review: Jun 22 2017 by Hungry586
Both sides are open again. Eastbound you have the woods. Not sure about the Westbound. Anyone want to advise?
Published or Edited on 06/26/17
Maryland : Edgewood : Bush River Books & Video : Review: Jun 22 2017 by don696942
Looks like no one uses this comment forum including the store owners. I posted the problems with the monitors being out of focus especially when sitting down in the booths and the validators not accepting ten and twenty dollar bills and sometimes even getting them to accept one's and five's is difficult.

I can only say again to the store owners you are losing money because of the frustration experienced when trying to pay to watch the movies. The last time, this week, I was there and intended to spend at least sixty to eighty dollars and left out of frustration after spending only thirty dollars. Tried to get change for twenty-dollar bills from the cashier and each time I'm told I can only get two fives and a ten.

[i]I clarified that you meant the owners of the store, not me, the owner of CFS. Judging by the number of Reviews other than yours, this place gets more Reviews than many places on the site.

Not everyone who cruises comes to CFS. Not everyone who rea...
Published or Edited on 06/26/17

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