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Maryland : Laurel : Love Craft : Review: Nov 27 2017 by HeyHey
Place is good. Have not encountered a rude clerk. As long as you treat them with respect, you'll be fine.

It can take a little bit to get some. Some of the gloryholes are too small, but I enjoy sharing a booth rather than the gloryhole.
Published or Edited on 11/29/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Eros Video : Review: Nov 27 2017 by Jim Jr
Agree, clean etc. but no action. Two weeks ago tried to get in, was closed on a week day. The store was open but the cinema was closed. Last week the cinema was closed Tuesday. The attendant told me it will open tomorrow (Nov 28).

My last two or three visits were a total disaster. A few feminine divas posing and a few very elderly men at the theater. The parade of cocks I used to see is history.

The action that characterized the old Eros is gone. I read all opinions. I think the convenience of the back parking is reason number one. Price is the same.

I have no idea why I go, I guess to remember the old good times when I used to suck cock after cock.
Published or Edited on 11/29/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Ascarate Park : Review: Nov 27 2017 by Sexy Pony
Best times are usually around 4 pm. I love the latrine at the entrance to your left. Perfect score last week.
Published or Edited on 11/29/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Northeast Laundromat : Review: Nov 27 2017 by Paco Pepe
Last night was so busy. Despite the cold weather I managed to do three cocks between 1 to 3 am, two blacks, 1 white. The unknown gem of El Paso for after midnight cocksuckers like me.
Published or Edited on 11/27/17
Florida : Punta Gorda : Bada Bing Adult Video : Review: Nov 26 2017 by Anabelleblows
We've been visiting the place for a while with my husband, we love the gloryhole action there. Weekends are good! We'd like to meet couples next visit.
Published or Edited on 11/27/17
New York City Metro : Queens : Captain Tilly Park Goose Pond : Review: Nov 26 2017
Captain Tilly Park Goose Pond 165-01 Highland Ave, 85 Ave. between 165 St. and Chapin Pkwy. Map

Again, thanks for the correction! ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 11/30/17
New York City Metro : Queens : DCD Exclusive Video : Review: Nov 26 2017
DCD Exclusive Video Inc 10230 Queens Blvd # 6, Flushing, NY 11375 (718) 830-9799 Map

Thanks for the correction. I found the hours on Yelp. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 11/30/17
Seattle Metro : Seattle : Video Videos : Review: Nov 26 2017 by Paul
Super hot afternoon here today. Arrived to a hot bodied nude masked puppy with a huge cock being edged by a bald bear. That hung pup was groaning and didn't take long to pop.

I headed further back passing a daddy with some girth and length. Gave him the nod and was on my knees swallowing that bone. He was verbal which turned me on. Kept telling me to go buy a condom so he could fuck me. I kept up my oral skills on him then he flipped me around to check out my ass and others filled the room.

One older dude in a leather bike jacket pushed me against the wall, lubed my crack, and then took my hole. After boning me there for a bit he moved me up front to the bench and nailed me like a rag doll. He wanted to get others to do the same so I bailed and headed back to the guy I originally serviced. He fucked me til I came.

I left there so spent. Those older gents do you right. :-P
Published or Edited on 11/27/17
New York City Metro : Manhattan : The Shops at Columbus Circle : Review: Nov 25 2017
Heads Up! A man was arrested and charged with attempted rape for an attempted sexual assault of a teen girl in a bathroom here. It is possible that patrols or surveillance may increase.

New York Post: Man busted for attempted sex assault at Time Warner Center
Published or Edited on 11/27/17
San Jose Metro : Palo Alto : Stanford University - Cecil H. Green Library : Review: Nov 25 2017
This place is basically dead and gone.

First, strictly speaking you don't need Stanford ID to get into the Green library; but you do need a government-issued ID — which Stanford scans. Yes, they take a complete, permanent scan of your driver's license or passport. For most outside cruisers, that is too high a barrier.

Second, the men's room intended here was the one underground between the Green and Meyer libraries, and it might not exist anymore. They walled it off and perhaps destroyed it when then demolished the old Meyer Library building a couple years ago, replacing it with the new "Meyer Green" park area.

I couldn't say if cruising still happens in the regular bathrooms of the Green library. I can say that, if it does, it is effectively limited to the Stanford community only.

In its heyday in the early 2000s, 1990s, and before, the Green South Stacks Men's room was great. I sucked many a cock here, including many fit, spurting colle...
Published or Edited on 11/27/17
Pennsylvania : Montgomeryville : Adult World : Review: Nov 25 2017 by Fitbeard
I've never seen this place dead. My favorite time to go is lunchtime on weekdays for the straight married crowd. Weekend afternoons are good too.

Last time I was here I went into a gloryhole booth with holes on both sides and drained about eight cocks on my lunch break.

There are a few regulars who stalk around, but ignore them.
Published or Edited on 11/27/17
New Hampshire : Seabrook : Leather and Lace : Review: Nov 24 2017 by Mike
Best experience ever! I got here at 5, quickly found it was good I came on am empty stomach. Right away I found myself the cock of my dreams! I started sucking him dry while his partner took me from behind, human centipeding me between the two gloryholes. It was the most amazing experience I've ever had, writhing there in beautiful agony!

Both guys finished at the same time and I took both loads on my face. My complexion has never been better!
Published or Edited on 11/27/17
New York City Metro : Brooklyn : Brighton Beach Boardwalk : Review: Nov 24 2017
Is the new rest room cruisy or is that a thing of the past?
Published or Edited on 11/27/17
San Francisco Metro : Oakland : 24 Hour Fitness : Review: Nov 24 2017 by chango73
The showers now have glass doors, so the cruising is minimum.
Published or Edited on 11/24/17
Wisconsin : Janesville : Shockwave Video Adult Superstore : Review: Nov 24 2017 by wanabeslut
Been in few times. Nice staff, helpful. Got me nice pair of sexy boots and helped me pick out sexy underthings.

First time in there I was crossdressed. Some guys kept following me around, liked, some felt me up, really liked. One even cornered me upstairs and sucked me off. Best time ever, want more.

Am always back. Like this store and the staff.
Published or Edited on 11/24/17
Wisconsin : Lyndon Station : Shockwave Video Adult Superstore : Review: Nov 24 2017 by wanabeslut
I come in cross-dressed, am always clean. Have been lucky a few times. Given and received some nice BJs. I always get a big booth and I tell anybody that comes in they can have there way with me. I am a whore, they do not have to pay. I am open to just about anything.

Best BJ I got the man also fisted me, it was great. Looking for more men like that. Would love to get gang-banged in a booth, would take on all cummers. Would like to spend time in a semi also.

You will know me when you see me, dressed sexy, heels, stockings, very short skirts, and always ready for action. I always say, "If you do not ask you never know what fun we could have. Hope to be used by you soon!!!"
Published or Edited on 11/24/17
New Hampshire : Rochester : Lilac Mall : Review: Nov 24 2017 by Steve
JC Penney bathroom is better than Kmart.
Published or Edited on 11/24/17
New York City Metro : Manhattan : Crunch - 54th Street : Review: Nov 23 2017
The Gold's Gym here closed and has been a Crunch for the last four or five years.
Published or Edited on 11/28/17
New York City Metro : Manhattan : Crunch - Tribeca : Review: Nov 23 2017
The Eastern Athletic here closed and is now a Crunch.
Published or Edited on 11/28/17
New York City Metro : Manhattan : David Barton Gym - Chelsea-Limelight : Review: Nov 23 2017
Permanently closed.

It's actually still open as "David Barton Gym - Chelsea - Limelight," or as Google shows, "Limelight Fitness." Still part of David Barton and still open. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 11/27/17
New York City Metro : Manhattan : Crunch : Review: Nov 23 2017
Crunch closed.
Published or Edited on 11/27/17
New York City Metro : Manhattan : NYU 404 Fitness : Review: Nov 23 2017
Crunch closed; now an NYU gym.
Published or Edited on 11/27/17
Miami Metro : Cutler Bay : Adult Depot Superstore : Review: Nov 23 2017 by CraigP
This location appears to be closed.
Published or Edited on 11/27/17
Orlando Metro : Orlando : Club Orlando : Review: Nov 23 2017 by gzim
Went Tuesday night and had a great time. Have heard of the place but never been. After paying and getting undressed, I began exploring.

Immediately I found the gloryhole wall and sucked two cocks. After sucking a bit I found the man cave and other dark room and proceeded to suck more. Prior to Tuesday, my record was twelve cocks in a day. Being a piggy that night I sucked twenty cocks.

In between cocks, I did venture to the gloryhole booth in the man cave and started sucking a nice seven-incher — I wanted that in my ass. So I got him nice and hard and then backed up against the hole.

I think he was startled at first but once he slid in my ass he went to town. I could hear the plywood cracking as he was pounding. He dumped a bare load in me and left. Another guy came in after him and bred me too.

Overall it was a great night and I even got sucked off two times myself. I definitely recommend Club Orlando.
Published or Edited on 11/24/17
New York City Metro : Manhattan : Tapout Fitness 32nd Street : Review: Nov 23 2017
Yelpers report this Bally's location has closed.

Thanks for prompting me to check it out. Google shows it's now Tapout Fitness. Anyone know if it's cruisy? ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 11/27/17
New York City Metro : Brooklyn : Lex Video : Review: Nov 23 2017
Looks like this one is history. No evidence via Google; check the street view.
Published or Edited on 11/27/17
New York City Metro : Brooklyn : Brighton Beach Boardwalk : Review: Nov 23 2017
"...The new comfort station will replace a restroom underneath the boardwalk that was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy." It had been scheduled to open by May 24, 2013.

New York Times: Restroom on Boardwalk Threatens Luxury Views
Published or Edited on 11/24/17
New York City Metro : Bronx : Video Warehouse : Review: Nov 23 2017
1362 Castle Hill Ave
Bronx, New York 10462

Thanks for the correction! ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 11/27/17
Long Island Metro : Sayville : Bunk House : Review: Nov 23 2017
Yelpers report this location has closed. Find a similar spot.

Thanks. Google agrees. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 11/27/17
Maine : Eliot : Amazing Intimate Essentials : Review: Nov 23 2017 by Steve
Heads Up! Two guys were arrested here November 9th. You can look it up on the Kittery Maine police log. Heads up.

Thanks. I found it listed as "Suspicious Activity" and "Indecent Conduct." ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 11/24/17
New York : Syracuse : Destiny USA : Review: Nov 22 2017
Now called Destiny USA and address changed to 9090 Destiny USA Dr., same with other listings.

Thanks for the info. I've merged the three listings into one page to simplify things. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 11/27/17
New York : Schenectady : Capital District YMCA - Schenectady Branch : Review: Nov 22 2017
Location closed, moved.

Schenectady YMCA
Published or Edited on 11/24/17
Houston Metro : Houston : 24 Hour Video : Review: Nov 22 2017 by Deep Throat
This placed has moved to 45 and Aldine Bender. Right new to the Mexican night club Amazonia.

Sometimes fun still, they lowered their entrance fee.

Thanks! I couldn't find the address on Google but I did see the night club. I put the map pointer by the night club at that interchange. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 11/22/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Eros Video : Review: Nov 21 2017 by ponchito1933
For years, two porno shops existed within doors of each other, at 4828 Montana and 4812 Montana. The 4828 store closed about a year ago. Its theater was dirtier than dirty with cum stains encrusted in the carpeting. Yes, patrons liked its alternate rear parking area so they could be less observed going in and out.

But the the current 4812 location has possibly the cleanest store and theater in the Southwest. The theater features forty seats with high-backed, slightly reclining comfortable leather seats with retractable cup holders. The projection is high-definition onto a very large screen showing only straight videos. Management is very friendly and enters the theater only to change the DVDs. There is a small foyer with access to one very clean restroom which can be locked from within. Also in the foyer are two drinking fountains with refrigerated water.

It is always sad to see a video store close, but in the case of the 4828 Montana Store, good riddance. I'll take the clean...
Published or Edited on 11/22/17
New York : Colonie : Colonie Center : Review: Nov 21 2017

Albany Times-Union: Sears at Colonie Center shuts doors for good Sunday

I have a couple lists of recent Sears and KMart closings which I'll be checking against this site when time allows. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 11/22/17
Kansas : Kansas City : Moonlight Boutique : Review: Nov 20 2017 by Pete R.
Went at about 12:30 pm and the parking lot had a ton of cars in it and there was a sign saying it was more parking in the back. The lady was friendly and helpful selling me my six dollar card.

The arcade is a large, clean, semi-dark area. There's room to loiter to watch who goes in and out. The place seemed friendly and laid-back.

A married man came into my booth and we messed around a little and I came too fast because I was too excited, but I can't wait to go back and spend more time. I asked the guy if it was a safe place to mess around and he said yes.
Published or Edited on 11/22/17
Italy : Palermo : Cinema Etoile : Review: Nov 20 2017 by marck
Is Etoile still open?

Thanks for asking. I checked and found that Cinema Treasures says it closed October, 2017. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 11/22/17
Mexico : Ciudad Juarez : Estambul Spa : Review: Nov 19 2017 by El Verga Gruesa
Mr. Editor, we are all entitled to opinions. Carlos had a bad experience we must respect. I go every week, usually Thursday my day off from work. Always enjoy my stay. The guys in the front are always nice to me.

Not sure about that incident but the place has enough illumination at least for me to show my hard dick. There is labyrinth in the back where most guys go to fuck and it is quite dark but that is the purpose of it. I always get head or fuck ass at the dry and wet saunas. The showers are a paradise. The VIP area is for kink, especially the fist fucking slings. I've done few asses to my elbow.

I hope he is not one of those that are wondering and cruising and despite the fact we tell them no they keep insisting. This past Thursday there was a guy with a foot-long dick. By his accent he was either Cuban, Dominican, or Puerto Rican. I rarely bottom but I wanted had that one badly. I tried once, he said no. so I stopped at that point. Attitude is important as well a...
Published or Edited on 11/22/17
Maryland : California : Myrtle Point Park : Review: Nov 19 2017 by Bill
About a month ago, when I pulled into the parking lot there was no around, so I went to the back of my van, opened the doors, and began to change into my hiking clothes. About a minute later a pick up parked about 30 feet from me.

When we made eye contact, he got out and began walking over. Long story short, we took turns sucking each other's big cocks, until he said he wanted "to fuck my ass." I immediately greased my horny hole, laid back in the van, lifted my legs up, and surrendered my asshole. He fucked me a good fifteen minutes before emptying his balls deep into my loosened rectum.

Wanting more, I came back the very next day. Again, no one was around. This time I walked down to the far picnic tables. Eventually, an about 50 year-old single woman joined me. Again, long story, she was sucking my cock, when a much older guy interrupted us. She was not interested in sucking him, but I was and did. When his old cock got surprising long and thick, I bent over the pic...
Published or Edited on 11/20/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Eros Video : Review: Nov 19 2017 by RIcan Pinga For U
I always check the opinions. I remember the old Eros was wild and nasty but with plenty of action. Most businesses around this place have closed so both sides are empty.

Yesterday around 3 pm the parking lot was packed with nice cars so I got it. Talked to the guys in front both having lunch and both said "pretty much" when I ask if there was people inside.

It was very dark so it takes time to adjust your vision. Finally was able to check the theaters. Ten or eleven guys all between 60's to 80's. In the back three guys standing. all three 30's to 40's but very feminine. I was so horny pulled my big Rican pinga and two started playing with my dick. As I tried to pushed them down, no action. One with this feminine voice said I don't suck.

Went back to the theater. Sat next to a guy had who covered his head with a sweater but looked nice, maybe early 20's with a trimmed beard and mustache. Again pulled out my dick. This one also did not go down, j...
Published or Edited on 11/20/17
Washington Metro : Washington : Glorious Health Club : Review: Nov 18 2017 by bottombill
Been meaning to add this review for a while. I was at the GHC about three Fridays ago, around 2 pm. I went to the locker area and was getting naked and there was a guy sitting there watching me get undressed. He was putting on a pair of shorts while watching me. I asked him if he liked to get his dick sucked, he said yes.

I thought he was putting on shorts to leave. I said it was a shame he was leaving because I love to suck dick, but he was just arriving and was getting into something he could cruise in. I told him I just had to douche and I would be right out.

When I came out of the locker area he was sitting on the bench directly across from the locker entrance. I walked over, stark naked, and suggested we move to the center area. He followed me in and I got on my knees and pulled his shorts down. He had a really nice cock but he wasn't fully hard yet. I slipped his dick into my mouth and started sucking on his cock. He got hard pretty quick and his dick was an easy seven ...
Published or Edited on 11/20/17
Palm Beach County Metro : Lake Worth : Palm Beach Book & Video : Review: Nov 18 2017 by all4ya
Went here today November 18 for the first time. Arrived around noon and stayed until 4:30.

The two adjoining (through an archway) theater spaces were packed with a very eclectic crowd, 20-somethings to 70-somethings.

No one was too old to walk and no-one tripped or fell anywhere. Quite the opposite! Action was not to be believed, almost too much for me to handle.

The projection quality in the larger straight porn theater leaves a lot to be desired.
The smaller gay porn space has HD quality, but on a large screen TV.

The seats had to be the most uncomfortable things I have ever sat in, stadium seating, but hard vinyl.

The staff is super friendly and nice. There is only one single bathroom down a long hall. You have to wait until someone leaves before you can use it.

Will definitely go back. Need to get comfortable with the scene.
Published or Edited on 11/20/17
Knoxville Metro : Knoxville : Sharp's Ridge Memorial Park : Review: Nov 18 2017 by buttsucker
Actually, you can still cruise here. Just don't get out of your car.

If you see a hot dude, follow him out of the park. Ain't a damn thing the cops can do about that, because you ain't in the park.

If the hot dude pulls over, he's probably a UC. And forget the "anti-cruising" message. There's nobody monitoring how many times you pass a certain point. That's BS.

If there's a parked car that you pass, that's probably a UC, too.

Sounds like this almost needs a Heads Up alert still, or at least y'all need to be pretty careful. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 11/20/17
San Diego Metro : San Diego : Club San Diego : Review: Nov 17 2017 by Anonymous
I visited Club San Diego again on a Sunday afternoon/evening in mid-November, 2017. I had previously visited in 2011; my review from 2011 is below. This time, I went with my boyfriend, happily acquired in the interim!

Not much had changed from my 2011 visit. There have been some upgrades in the paint department, but otherwise, pretty much the same. I got my dick sucked by several guys, and sucked a couple myself, but didn't get in any top action. A lot of guys seemed skittish or hesitant to engage. Not sure why; my dick is big, but not scary big.

My boyfriend, who is a bottom, however, got some action in the open upstairs rooms with the bunkbeds, which were a new addition since I had last visited.

Most of my comments from 2011 still apply. In addition, I would say that the steam room is too hot, and the dry sauna not hot enough. The 'hot' and 'cold' knobs on the showerhead I used were reversed. The jacuzzi is shallow, and the water not particularly hot. ...
Published or Edited on 11/20/17
San Diego Metro : San Diego : Adult Depot I : Review: Nov 17 2017 by Anonymous
I visited this location for the first time in mid-November, 2017. First let me say, don't bother with the video booths, unless you are strictly a voyeur. They were completely empty for the two or three hours I was there, and I checked several times. There are no gloryholes at all, in any of the booths, but there are those windows that will clear if the person in the booth next to you wants to reveal himself.

The two theatres had many visitors while I was there, generally skewing older, plus three transvestites. I was literally walking out of the theatre when I finally spied a hottie going in, so I returned. He was shy at first, but instead of being a straight trade type, as I had pegged him, he was an avid cocksucker. He sucked my dick three times with excellent skills.

I wouldn't rush back there, but I might try it again. Note that the theatres are not for the shy; everyone can see what is happening.
Published or Edited on 11/20/17
Pennsylvania : Kutztown : Cupid's Arcade : Review: Nov 17 2017 by disgusted
This place is going down hill fast. They play the same fifteen-minute movie over and over upstairs. Been here a couple of times at night even on Friday and it is dead. Once was a great place but no more.
Published or Edited on 11/20/17
Minnesota : Saint Cloud : Pure Pleasure : Review: Nov 17 2017
Local news reports an arson fire causing over $380,000 damage. The building is said to be a "total loss."

St. Cloud Times: Man charged with arson for fire at adult bookstore in St. Cloud

WJON: Update: $380k in damage done in east St. Cloud arson fire

Published or Edited on 11/20/17
Ohio : Steubenville : Pasttime Video : Review: Nov 16 2017 by Paul
Stopped in after 10 on a Wednesday and the door to the first booth on my left was open with a short guy spotting an 8 inch hard-on. I walked past the booth and watched a few movies.

I noticed that the door was still open so I looked in and his dick was still hard. I walked in said hello and closed the door. I started to finger his cock and balls and I was getting hard also. I knelt down and took the head of his cock in my mouth and he moaned. I slowly moved my mouth up and down his cock licking and gently sucking on his balls. My tongue flicked the head of his cock and wrapped my mouth around that gorgeous hard-on. Slowly my head went up and down on his cock working my tongue around and around that shaft.

I could tell he was building to a climax and he wanted to fuck my mouth. I let him drill my skull from the tip of his cock to balls deep. I loved that face fucking he gave me. Felling his balls tighten up against him, I knew he was about to cum so I stopped and he held back his ...
Published or Edited on 11/17/17
Maryland : Laurel : Love Craft : Review: Nov 16 2017 by kylesil
I was thinking of checking this place out tomorrow (Friday) either in the morning or early afternoon but I'm worried about the clerk reviews.

Do they still give folks a hard time? Is there better times to go? It's about an hour's drive for me so I'd hate to waste my time for a lousy experience.
Published or Edited on 11/17/17
New Mexico : Albuquerque : Big Eye : Review: Nov 16 2017 by jyhming
Went to this place and it generally picks up later in the evening. Since it is way too visible, most patrons park their vehicles in the back but you can tell how busy it is in the front. $7 for a four-hour pass and people are still quite selective here.

Got to suck a nice blond boy there who shot a big load and came three times. It tasted so delicious where I gobbled it all down and traces of it lingered along my tongue with full scent of cum lingering for hours.
Published or Edited on 11/17/17

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