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Thailand : Bangkok : HERO : Review: Apr 10 2017 by infopop
Hero is open:
NEW Hero, on exactly the same spot as old Hero in temp. barracks has been reopened by the PRInce as a saakhaa with some of its staff and very high prices (1200 bt/hr or 90 mins), even more as Senso.
Initial reports not very promising though.
From Message Board Feb 19 2017

My previous massage boy from Hero just texted me to say Hero has reopened "room very new and clean more before". So I may go tomorrow. Anyone else been?
From Message Board Apr 8 2017
Published or Edited on 04/14/17
California : Stockton : In-Shape - Stockton West Lane : Review: Apr 09 2017 by John
This In-Shape is a gay Hispanic man's paradise. Every time I go here I get flashed a lot more than just smiles in the locker room. I've jerked off with and sucked guys off in the steam room. Young and old guys ready and willing to show you all they've got.
Published or Edited on 04/13/17
New York City Metro : Manhattan : New York Sports Club : Review: Apr 09 2017 by BerlinNY
It is amazing to me that they managed to boot every single cruiser save Birdman, King Troll, and Velociraptor. These three Vultures on Viagra still haunt the locker room all the time. Save for their painful desperation this club is now officially dead.

Those who want to get off, head to Wall Street.

Thanks for the update! I'd be tempted to delete this spot except for the amazingly negative yet well-written Reviews!

Yet, maybe the three you single out — and a few others — still enjoy themselves here. I'd love to hear from some of them, too. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 04/13/17
San Francisco Metro : Berkeley : University of California - Dwinelle Hall : Review: Apr 08 2017
Heads Up! A man was arrested on April 4 for "allegedely masturbating" in the Level C bathroom. "The individual asked to press charges, so UCPD arrested [the man] under charges that included alleged indecent exposure, possession of drug paraphernalia and failure to register as a sex offender."

His name was published in the Daily Californian, but with no photo or other personal details except the existence of prior criminal history, again with no details.

It was not disclosed if UCPD would have arrested him without the request.

Man arrested on suspicion of indecent exposure after allegedly masturbating in Dwinelle Hall
Published or Edited on 04/13/17
Pittsburgh Metro : Homewood : Buttermilk Falls Park : Review: Apr 08 2017 by Woodfordsguy
Correction on the Directions: When you exit the Turnpike you want to go towards Beaver Falls on PA Route 18 south for about an one-eighth of a mile. You will see a sign saying Buttermilk Falls area. Turn right by the sign, it's before the motel. It is not one mile from the pike.

Thanks so much. I'll update the page. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 04/13/17
New York City Metro : Staten Island : Nitecap Megastore : Review: Apr 07 2017 by Cockjockey
Sometimes it's like musical chairs. Mostly married guys who can't share their perversions with their wives. But once somebody starts fooling around and opens the door to the big booth, they're all filing in and it's a Cum Festival.
Published or Edited on 04/13/17
Indiana : Lafayette : Tippecanoe Mall : Review: Apr 07 2017 by jonwill
I was here for a little while today, and there wasn't anything going on. Lots of guys there, just no action. At times, it can be a lot of fun.
Published or Edited on 04/13/17
Ohio : Bucyrus : Country Road Video : Review: Apr 06 2017 by ghost
I might be able to open up the Aumiller Park's bathrooms up at night when everyone leaves. I'm not sure when I'll be able to start.

Eventually this page for Country Road video will be deleted.

I don't see Aumiller Park listed on CFS. If you actually do make it a cruisy place, please use this link to add it with a new page here on the Sex Listings. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 04/13/17
West Virginia : Martinsburg : Martinsburg Mall : Review: Apr 06 2017
Mall is now closed; it has been torn down.
Published or Edited on 04/13/17
Orange County Metro : Santa Ana : Cesar Chavez Campesino Park : Review: Apr 06 2017 by Davelewis
Would love to check this place out. What's the best time to go?
Published or Edited on 04/12/17
Texas : Tyler : Apache Drive-In Theatre : Review: Apr 05 2017 by aa crusier
I went here one night. It was dark and an older man with a large grey beard came up to my car window. We made small talk. He mentioned that he saw me earlier. And he complemented my legs. I was wearing shorts and he thought my legs were pretty and tan.

He asked me if i ever had my legs worshiped. I said no, so he asked if he could show me. I said OK.

He got in my car and I reclined my seat back and he preceded to kiss, lick, and suck on my thighs. Best feeling ever. He then went down on me and gave me a great rimjob! After that we kissed a little and he left I loved every minute of it! Would love to go back again.
Published or Edited on 04/12/17
San Diego Metro : Oceanside : Hayes Street Beach : Review: Apr 04 2017
This place was once a no-fail off the hook fun ways place. I went to check it out for old time sake, and I'm glad I did.

I got rewarded with two white boy Marine cocks. I blew one and the other one fucked me.
Published or Edited on 04/12/17
New York City Metro : Queens : Cunningham Park : Review: Apr 04 2017 by green66
Drove by today to see if anything was starting to pick up. A few cars were in the parking lot around 8:30 pm, so hopefully that's a good sign. Going to check it out soon and see what the action is looking like.
Published or Edited on 04/12/17
San Diego Metro : La Jolla : Black's Beach : Review: Apr 04 2017
This place is way cruisy, the north parking lot and the north part of the beach. The guys on the beach tend to be fitter, younger, and hotter. The guys in the parking lot tend to be retirement age or out of shape.

This place is fun just to watch. But be careful, not just cops and lifeguards but turbo hoes. I watched this cute Latino guy take eight guys up his ass.

He came over to me. I asked if he was clean, he said no. I said I didn't think so. I passed.

[i]Thanks for the Review! When I lived in North County and later in San Diego in the 90s, I often went to the beach and found the best action in the bushes and trails above the north end of the beach.

I saw Black's Beach had been last updated here years ago, had the wrong map location, and was categorized only for the parking lot and not the beach. I've updated this and also the directions. I think my late predecessor might not have been into going down and climbing back up the bluffs. ;-) ~ Editor[/...
Published or Edited on 04/12/17
San Diego Metro : San Diego : Adult Depot II : Review: Apr 04 2017
I can't say what it is like inside. I was parked outside having a smoke before I went in. This cute Asian twink about 22 parked and looked at me.

As I walked over to his car he moved in his backseat and pulled his shorts down. I got rock hard seeing his smooth bubble but waiting for my cock. I opened his door and slid my 7.5" thick cock up his ass.

Fuck he was tight. It took about five minutes to get balls deep. I had to fuck his sweet hole nice and slow. I bred him good. Then I gave him a thank-you blow job, swallowing his load as I finger fucked him.
Published or Edited on 04/12/17
Memphis Metro : Memphis : Overton Park : Review: Apr 04 2017 by miscboy
I don't know what the most recent reviewer is talking about, because this place always has cruisy action going on. I go by almost daily. It's sometimes hit or miss as far as the quality of guys, so some days I just leave without messing around.

Great in the summer with all the leaves. Even when the park is packed there are always guys around.

Thanks so much for the info!

This is another reason why CFS doesn't delete places right away. Often there's contradictory information. I rely on cruisers to say what's going on. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 04/11/17
Michigan : Bay City : Ace Book Store : Review: Apr 04 2017
Was there a few weeks ago on a Friday and Saturday around noon both days. Action in the booth area was slow and in the male theatre was the same.

However, I did get a great BJ in the male theatre after the guy took out his teeth and sucked my load out. Went back to the booth area with another and got a good creampie. All in all not bad.
Published or Edited on 04/11/17
Victoria : Mildura : Cruisy beat : Review: Apr 04 2017 by Young
Young guy here pretty new to Mildura. Is this spot still used? I want to have a bit of fun.
Published or Edited on 04/11/17
Mexico : Mazatlán : PP Club : Review: Apr 03 2017 by La Paka
Darling. They can post as many ads, the mayates will find a way to rob the jotos at the dark room. It's part of the ppClub.
Published or Edited on 04/11/17
Mexico : Mazatlan : Baños Sodomas : Review: Apr 03 2017 by La Paka
There is a guy who goes every Wednesday and Saturday, a magnificent bear if you're into bears. No idea but he fucks, fucks, and fucks. I did ask and he said the blue pill.

Anyhow I want that gorgeous fat cut dick but he told me no so I respect that. Saturday he even went to the gloryhole in the hall getting head as we all passed and watched. Of course he is not local.
Published or Edited on 04/11/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Eros Video : Review: Apr 03 2017 by Frank P
My fault Editor, Fred is right. Eros moved to the old Venus location not Eva. Eva closed many years ago. Sorry!

No worries! You El Paso guys are the best! ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 04/11/17
New Jersey : Randolph : Playtime Boutique : Review: Apr 03 2017 by bigalnj
Don't go anymore, new rules. Clerk now greets you with a list of don'ts and tells you she and the owner will be watching you on their camera system.
Published or Edited on 04/11/17
Thailand : Surin : Heaven Spa Surin : Review: Apr 03 2017 by infopop
They can be reached via Line (ID: themist25) or via their Facebook page.

The line-up seems to be largely made up of veterans from Bangkok massage parlors (Body Club, Hero, Albury) who enjoy the relative lack of competition in this part of the country.

1,400 for a one-hour oil massage, including minimum tip.

From icon513 on the CFS Message Board.
Published or Edited on 04/13/17
West Virginia : Princeton : Exotic Illusions Adult Bookstore : Review: Apr 03 2017 by josh
It's a place for old men. Don't waste your time unless you like men 65 plus. Total waste of time.

I see the street address and phone number here matches Exotic Illusions, 853 Frontage Rd., Princeton, WV 24740. This comes up on both Google and Facebook.

Although I can search further and find a store by the same name in Bluefield, I'm moving this page to the location near Princeton. If this is a mistake, someone please let me know. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 04/10/17
Denver Metro : Denver : Pleasures Adult Entertainment : Review: Apr 03 2017
Remodeled and clean. Fixed entry fee $10. The arcade is one of the newer trends: About 600 channels which are categorized and delivered over the internet. You surf and enter your choices on a touch screen. There are a couple of arcades in Denver which use this system. The channels are the same but with hundreds of them.

Although relatively small with ten booths or so, four have gloryholes. The place seems to be inviting to folks who get turned on at the strip club next door and walk over for a BJ.
Published or Edited on 04/10/17
Pennsylvania : Colmar : Adult Gifts : Review: Apr 03 2017 by Guest42
Rumor has it this place is now closed for business. Haven't seen any cars in the lot any time I've passed it in the past five days.

I checked Google and Bing and found no information about it closing. I've put a note on this page and added it to my list. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 04/10/17
Seattle Metro : Everett : Adult Airport Video : Review: Apr 02 2017 by Loving Bi Sex
I am new to bi sex and am loving it. The first few times I visited Airport Adult Video I was happy to be suck and even got to fuck a guy in the ass. I was there last night and wanted to try something new.

I had to wait a little while as guys came and went without playing. Finally I heard high heels coming my way and a lovely crossdresser entered the booth next to mine. Very passable and dressed all in black leather. She asked for my cock and I happily obliged. She sucked me for several minutes until I was about to cum. I pulled back and asked for her big clit. I sucked that little beauty for a couple of minutes until she came in my mouth.

I hoped she would give me her ass but she cleaned up and left, I guess to the theater. After just a few minutes a guy entered the adjacent booth. He was older but had a fat, six inch, bullet-shaped cock. He sucked me for a minute or two then fed me his dick. He got nice and hard.

Wanting something new, I flipped around to offer him my ass. Th...
Published or Edited on 04/10/17
Virginia : Martinsville : Walmart Supercenter : Review: Apr 02 2017
They have replaced the partitions so there is no peep hole, but I was in there the other day and a guy was in the center stall. I entered the last stall. We were both taking our time and being very cautious. I did the foot move thing, then the peeking under, then finally he stuck his cock under and I did the same. He made me cum fast. I wish I would have sucked him, but finished and left fast.
Published or Edited on 04/10/17
Florida : Naples : Lowe's : Review: Apr 01 2017 by Anthony
Best place for under stall wall anonymous play! Was here twice this week and found great action. The last two stalls re best.

Guys fully nude in stalls!

Fucked and gave mutual head under the stall walls. No talking or seeing. Stay in the stalls.
Published or Edited on 04/10/17
Missouri : Carthage : Vegas Video and Temptations Men's Spa & Gym : Review: Apr 01 2017 by Hungry586
Hadn't been to Vegas Video in a while so I don't know when they added the 'Couples Video Room.' A sign on the door says couples only. Do not enter without a couples ticket unless you are invited in.

It was early in the day and there were no couples around, but definitely interesting.

This was around 10ish in the morning. One of the employees, fat, unkempt, kept trolling back into the video areas. I finally gave up and left.
Published or Edited on 04/07/17
Pennsylvania : Bethlehem : The Green Door : Review: Apr 01 2017 by Dan in S Jersey
If you have a filth fetish like me, you'll love this place. It's filth, raunch, dirty, nasty... I am in love with how disgusting the Green Door is.

There's usually a snotty young lady or guy at the door, and you can tell how much they hate how their lives have turned out to be admitting middle-aged fathers and husbands into the place to be the pigs we are.
Published or Edited on 04/07/17
New Jersey : West Berlin : Red Barn Bookstore : Review: Apr 01 2017 by Dan in S Jersey
This has been my local place since about 1998, when I moved here. It's changed over time, and for the better. Usually a crowd, and usually action. Been fucking and sucking here for so long, I really love it.

Large, clean, friendly staff. Old guys, but I love old guys. The best place for anonymous, gay sex.
Published or Edited on 04/07/17
Winston-Salem/Greensboro/High Point Metro : Winston Salem : Annabelle's Adult Supercenter : Review: Mar 31 2017 by ISuckinConcord
Annabelle's rarely disappoints and again this trip was "suck-sessful." I like to crossdress and go there, but time did not permit me to do that, so I just slid into a miniskirt and thong and dropped by for a bit.

Immediately I blew a guy sitting on the couch in the big theater. He had it out and hard, what was I supposed to do?

Had a hot Black man feel me up, under my skirt and told me he wanted that later. And, indeed he got it later in my visit — feeding me and fucking me through a gloryhole in a booth. He was huge as the Magnum condom only covered about two-thirds of his dick.

I had one guy lick my ass-pussy and fondle me every time I walked past. And there was one big Black guy who I must have sucked ten different times. Every time we would pass he would show that cock and I would instantly drop to my knees — in the hallway, in a booth, in the smokers' area and in the theatres. Didn't matter where, he showed and I blowed. Ultimately h...
Published or Edited on 04/07/17
New Mexico : Albuquerque : Adult Video : Review: Mar 31 2017 by mdb413
Love taking my gf there, she's got fucked about five times. When she's drunk she loves taking all cocks. A guy even slipped it in her ass and she loved it!

I got fucked there a few times too, by the same guys that took turns on us through a gloryhole.
Published or Edited on 04/07/17
North Carolina : New Bern : Twin Oaks Movies : Review: Mar 31 2017 by boislut68
I sucked a lot of hot sexy cocks and older men, turns me on. Even though it's the only one in New Bern, it has become somewhat popular for the locals. The owner is cool and friendly.
Published or Edited on 04/07/17
Texas : Huntsville : Sam Houston State University, CHSS Building : Review: Mar 31 2017 by Anon
It hasn't been finished. It's pretty much just stayed the same.

Y'all need to cum together and work on it now if you wanna have it done in time to drop a load during finals! ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 04/07/17
Washington Metro : Washington : Glorious Health Club : Review: Mar 30 2017 by bottombill
I stopped by Monday afternoon, got naked, and started cruising. I walked around some, there was not much in the dark area the back corner. Went to the back gloryhole area, went into a booth and after a while someone finally stuck their cock through a hole. I sucked on it for a while hoping to get a nice load in my mouth. After about ten minutes of sucking he pulls back, pulled his pants up and left, Damn!

So I headed for the video room. I was sitting there stroking my cock watching a video for a while and several guys went by and into the dark area behind the video. I decided to go back and see what I could get.

There was a tall Black guy with his cock out. I walked up and touched his cock and he responded so I knelt down and began sucking his cock. His cock got rock hard and was so big I was having trouble getting much more than his head in my mouth. I looked up at him and asked if he would like to fuck me.

He reached down and motioned me up, so I got up and I was honestly a ...
Published or Edited on 04/06/17
San Jose Metro : Santa Clara : Adult World : Review: Mar 30 2017
This place is a sure thing for guys who want to get their cock sucked. And not for the cocksuckers.

Spent most of a recent Saturday evening here. Fun! Sucked seven cocks, swallowed six loads. Those numbers took a few hours to reach, as business was slow. But it had a good mix of "straight trade:" guys just looking to get it sucked as they watch a little straight porn. I got several big uncut Latino cocks and their delicious loads.

Came back for most of the following Thursday afternoon. Miserable! Sucked six cocks, but only swallowed one load. Why? This time, almost all other guys were fellow cocksuckers, hoping to suck me — bait-and-switch. Cocksuckers trailed each other uselessly from booth to booth, like a pack of sharks with nothing to eat.

If you're a cocksucker, and you hang around for awhile, be prepared to drop some money. The staff are cool, but they do insist on "one to a booth" and continually feeding the meters, at five dollars a p...
Published or Edited on 04/06/17
Orlando Metro : Orlando : Valencia College, West Campus - Nursing and Fitness Center : Review: Mar 30 2017
If anyone still cruises here, what are the best times to go? I checked out all the spots on campus and it was all clear, potential for action but no one around to mess with.
Published or Edited on 04/06/17
Mexico : Mazatlan : Bar Vitrolas : Review: Mar 30 2017 by EcoSIstemas
What a waste of my time. It's a place to show your hair full of gel, your expensive perfume, and your tight pants — but not to have sex. Personally if I were the Editor I will delete this diva's place.

What really fucks you is the attitude of the fags, the queens, and the boys go just to show off.
Published or Edited on 04/06/17
Mexico : Mazatlan : Baños Sodomas : Review: Mar 30 2017 by EcoSIstemas
The number of visitors are decreasing. The reason is the entrance fee, but there is a new alternative. Rent a locker for $120 pesos. You always will find a place to fuck.

For the first time I gave head using the gloryholes. New for me but rewarding.

Drinks are strong and for $30 pesos it's worth it to get drunk while you get fucked.
Published or Edited on 04/06/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Eros Video : Review: Mar 30 2017 by Old Rancher and Cocksucker
Mr. Editor, yes, the entrance fee is seven bucks. Just a tip if you see no cars in front of the entrance don't be misguided. El Pasoans are strange people and they are paranoid their cars may be recognized, the reason why the old location was so popular: we could park in the back alley and get through the back door.

Yesterday I went around 1:30 pm, only one car in front of the store. The place was packed inside. But packed.

Of the thirty seats a good twenty were occupied plus the standing crowd and a cocksucker on his knees sucking all around the water cooler.

Between 1:30 pm to 7:00 pm I gave so much head I just wanted more. For me, cum is addictive. I can't get enough. Mostly Mexican tasty uncut meat but few white and a terrific Black GI fucked my ass at the men's room.

The place has a lot of potential. Thanks for the tip.

[i]Thanks so much for the confirmation. You El Paso guys are great! I'll have to cum over from Houston and visit someday. ~ Edit...
Published or Edited on 04/06/17
Pennsylvania : Duncannon : Big Tiki's Pleasure Shop : Review: Mar 30 2017 by QUIETGUY4
The setup is good, however there is a huge fan constantly running keeping the whole place drafty and cold and the noise drowns out the sound from the videos. Don't understand the purpose it serves. It is a small space for a huge fan running at top speed. It diminishes my cruising time and interest.
Published or Edited on 04/06/17
Virginia : Pulaski : Draper Mountain : Review: Mar 30 2017 by seafrie99
Heads Up! Do not go here. There are trail cams put up by the Sheriff's Department recording you. So, if you want your picture taken, go ahead and ignore this warning. I have see the cams and know that they are operational.
Published or Edited on 04/05/17
Illinois : Oakwood : Oasis Adult Superstore : Review: Mar 30 2017 by ndidit
My mistake on the earlier posting. The gloryholes are still there. Still a great place to go for giving or getting.

Thanks for following up. I had been curious about it after seeing their photo gallery. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 04/05/17
Las Vegas Metro : Las Vegas : Adult World : Review: Mar 29 2017 by CumBud
I've been to bookstores in a few states and this setup is really lacking privacy! Maybe it's a Nevada law or something, the way these places have to be set up? Almost every door in the arcade is a half door, so guys just end up standing on the other side and watching you and sticking their head through. Really difficult to get any privacy in this place in the arcades.

The theatre is eight dollars to get in and is basically three TVs playing gay and three TVs playing straight, with some beat up couches. I was pretty unimpressed with this place.
Published or Edited on 04/05/17
Los Angeles Metro : Los Angeles : Angeles National Forest : Review: Mar 29 2017 by SanGabrielsMuscleTOP
I might very well be there Saturday 4/8/17 afternoon. Anyone interested in meeting there that day (or some other day)? Message me!

In the past, CFS has not allowed Reviews to include specific upcoming dates when someone will be at a place.

I'm relaxing that now only for CFS Members, not for Guests who are not logged in. People can click through to CFS Profile pages for contact info or Messaging. I can't guarantee that I'll be able to edit and publish these in time. I will revise the Review Form on this page to reflect this change for CFS Members in the coming days.

Further changes will be forthcoming. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 04/05/17
Chicago Metro : Chicago : Man's Country : Review: Mar 29 2017
Although it is open and their website is online, it's said the Man's Country may close soon.

March, 2017: Legendary Gay Bath House May Soon Close Its Doors

October, 2016: Man's Country for sale: Not your everyday piece of real estate

I hope someone who lives in or frequently visits Chicago will keep CFS updated. I rely on cruisers — CFS Members and Guests — to keep up with all the news and changes in these many places we know and love.

There's also an unofficial Facebook page for Man's Country. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 04/05/17
Long Island Metro : Deer Park : Cupid's Boutique : Review: Mar 29 2017 by Jayin631
Finally built up the nerve to check this place out about three weeks ago. Employees are super friendly and helpful. Theatre/booth area is clean. Ten bucks to get in, fifteen for an all day pass. Two theatres. One has about four couches and two screens. The other is smaller with two couches and two screens. A bunch of booths and a few booths with gloryholes.

First time I visited the place was dead. One old guy in the theatre. wasn't real pushy but I gave him head anyway because I was there and horny to suck some cock.

Second visit there were a few guys there. Everyone just watching videos and jerking themselves off. No one playing together. Still a hot time because the guys were a bit younger and hung well, so it was a nice show.

Third visit was a bit quiet too. A few guys jerking solo and a young Hispanic guy who seemed drunk asking if I wanted to give him head but he wasn't pushy. I said no and he left the theatre.

Overall, a good place. I will return. Hope...
Published or Edited on 04/05/17
New York City Metro : Manhattan : Port Authority Terminal : Review: Mar 29 2017
There's been a pattern over the years of Port Authority Police targeting gay men in restrooms here. The practice has landed them in court.

This is similar to the 2016 lawsuits in Long Beach and San Jose, CA. These and other California cases have resulted in many (perhaps not all) jurisdictions there dropping undercover sting operations targeting gay cruising.

[quote]A class action lawsuit claims Port Authority of New York and New Jersey police are wrongly arresting gay men on public lewdness and other charges after using the bus terminal's bathrooms.

The suit, filed Monday in Manhattan federal court, claims Port Authority police officers engage in discrimination by falsely arresting men perceived as gay at the Port ...
Published or Edited on 04/05/17

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