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San Francisco Metro : San Francisco : Nob Hill Adult Theatre : Review: Dec 12 2016 by SFUPDATE
Downstairs gets 5 stars. I always get sucked off and often there is competition for my dick. Much fun.

Upstairs gets negative points. They have the trashiest, most tragic "dancers" I have ever seen. Truly dreadful low rent hustlers. Then they spend money on the grossest of porn stars. It is time to ditch the porn stars and get some hot regular dancers.
Published or Edited on 12/20/16
Denver Metro : Denver : Pleasures Adult Entertainment : Review: Dec 11 2016 by Artie
I contacted a woman on Craigslist. She met me here, and we went in. I paid for us to go in and we found a booth big enough for us. She was tiny. We started in, I got BJ, and Doggie, and then she let me have her ass.

She said she wanted more fun and so I should go find someone else. I found a guy entering the room just seconds after I left. They let me in and while he DATY, I got a good BJ. Then I finished up in her ass. He got to finish in her mouth. Great time.

If you can find a lady who will go with you, you have to go in at the same time. They will not allow you to meet someone there, and for safety they don't allow women in unescorted.
Published or Edited on 12/20/16
Atlanta Metro : Atlanta : Peek-a-Boo Bookstore : Review: Dec 11 2016 by infopop
Gay Atlanta sex shop closes after two decades
Published or Edited on 12/20/16
New Orleans Metro : New Orleans : Adult Video : Review: Dec 11 2016 by BigBallsJohn
Haven't been here in some time but the last trip happened to be when a bi M/W couple were in the straight theater and I came in to rub one out.

She stripped completely naked and walked over to suck my cock. After five or six minutes he joined her, kneeling on the floor, feeding each other my cock and balls.

We finally all stripped and spit-roasted her while three or four guys watched. I finally came in his mouth as she rimmed my ass while another guy fucked her. So damn hot!

Makes me wanna move to LA.

That's LA Louisiana not LA Los Angeles! ;-) ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 12/20/16
Ohio : Dayton : Total X Adult Superstore : Review: Dec 11 2016 by NFS65
I stopped in Sunday night and things looked a bit slow. I ended up sucking off three guys within a hour. I love it how they all just shot cum in my mouth without warning.
Published or Edited on 12/20/16
Washington : Arlington : Smokey Point Rest Area : Review: Dec 11 2016 by Fish
Heads Up! Hot but sketchy place. Got sucked off in a stall by a hungry young man here. Sitting in his car, eye contact, next thing I knew my cock was down his throat. Watch out for the slippery pool of cum he left.

Oh yeah, be careful. Blue lights in the parking lot when I came out — police presence.
Published or Edited on 12/20/16
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Fiesta Drive-In Theatre : Review: Dec 11 2016 by Hospice Nurse
I found that going to the Fiesta shortly after dark is the very best time this cold days.

Friday I went there around 6 pm and it was busy as hell. I J/O'd three guys to completion at the arcade. I am a hand giver. Unless it's a hairy chest bear and I will give him head with a rubber like I did to this guy. Fuck, a dream of man.

The guy in attendance was careless if you put money or not in the booths.

But some words of advice:

I was amazed to see how much condomless fucking takes place in that place, especially in the parking lot and at the cinemas, and the absolute lack of thought about STD's, as dicks would slide into asses without condoms, and the guys getting fucked wouldn't even look back to see who was fucking them or say a word to each other.

There was a guy getting dick after dick. In few hours he went over at least six guys and a bottle of poppers. One asked me to do the guy I said thanks but pass as I watch his ass was getting pounded by a...
Published or Edited on 12/20/16
Seattle Metro : Seattle : Your Choice Video : Review: Dec 11 2016
This place is closed and out of business. Seattle sucks for hookup places.

Sorry about the suckiness. Yelp shows the store closed but Google did not. I suggested an edit to Google. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 12/20/16
New York City Metro : Manhattan : Vihan's Video : Review: Dec 11 2016 by cockjock23
Try the booths on the first floor first in the back. Went there the other day and found a hustler with a huge 10" black cock who flopped it through the gloryhole. It was worth it!

There's only four booths with gloryholes on the first floor. The second floor you have to pay and it's usually pretty busy with some skanky hustlers, but I have been lucky there too every so often.

Yes, it's sleazy and it isn't squeaky clean Disneyland, but that's not what we're looking for on this site, are we?
Published or Edited on 12/19/16
New York City Metro : Manhattan : The Blue : Review: Dec 11 2016 by Cockjock
Still a good place to find hot guys who are not hustlers. A lot of standing and looking at times but you can still get lucky. Found a cute Black guy with a huge cock the other day and wound up taking him back to the hotel. Hot times.

Staff wants you to feed machines but they're pretty nice overall.
Published or Edited on 12/19/16
Massachusetts : Natick : Pegan Cove Park : Review: Dec 11 2016
Been here, not a single guy. Wish more guys would head here.

I found the name was misspelled and there were other issues with the page. I hope the corrections will help. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 12/19/16
Boston Metro : Boston : Boston Jacks : Review: Dec 09 2016 by John
I'd like more info.

Also is the email address still accurate? ;-) ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 12/19/16
Connecticut : Bridgeport : Romantix : Review: Dec 09 2016 by Visitor
What do I have to do to get in? How much? What's the rules?

I've updated this page with the store's phone number and hours per their web page. I don't link because the Romantix chain has large online store and they aren't a CFS advertiser.

Anyhow, if no one supplies an answer for you, don't be afraid to pick up the phone. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 12/19/16
New York City Metro : Manhattan : Bijou Film Forum : Review: Dec 09 2016 by Marcus
Nearest station is 2nd Avenue on the F line.
Published or Edited on 12/19/16
Maryland : Gaithersburg : Seneca Creek State Park : Review: Dec 09 2016 by HornyInMd
Thanks to the Editor for figuring out some confusing posts. I went yesterday and ended up connecting with two guys at the same time. We moved into the woods off the trail for privacy.

Great spot and I will go again. I arrived just past 2 pm. There were plenty of guys looking.

You're welcome! Also thanks to daddyjohn4852 for his directions. It took me some time to locate the spot, and he provided good directions. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 12/19/16
Maryland : Germantown : Wegmans : Review: Dec 09 2016 by HornyInMd
I have gone in that mens room at various times for several months and never seen any action, or even any sign of action. The larger stall would work well to hookup, or you could take it elsewhere. If this is still active, let me know what times guys show up there.
Published or Edited on 12/19/16
Las Vegas Metro : Las Vegas : Adult World : Review: Dec 09 2016 by vegasvistor
My first time here was on a Friday early evening. I bought a theatre ticket, which gave me access to the arcades also. Clerk marked my entrance ticket, you need it whenever you try to reenter the theatre. Theatre wasn't hopping this visit. It was a bit smoky in there.

I went to the arcades. They booths take dollars. There are three full size doors on select booths, the others are half doors. Of the three full doors, two have gloryholes into the next booth. Clerk didn't bother in the back on this visit.

M/F couples are allowed in both areas and there is a "couch" in the straight theatre area. This is now in the second room. The first room is the gay/ts area.

Second visit was Sunday afternoon. Theatre was hopping more this time, I was able to suck some cock and some nipples. The clerks did keep going into the arcade to tell people to be in a booth and stop standing in the hallway. And they had to be watching movies if they were in a booth. Clerk did come through ...
Published or Edited on 12/19/16
Pennsylvania : Bentleyville : Adultmart : Review: Dec 09 2016
This place has gone downhill some. Not as clean as it used to be. Don't know where everybody goes now.

I talked to a friend to pass the time while we waited for someone to come in. He only comes here weekend mornings. He said the same thing but he's glad he has some regulars who still feed him. While we were talking, one of them came in, so I watched my friend follow him into a booth and suck him off. Hot little older guy with a thick cock who stayed and watched videos in one of the booths at the front.

No one came in for awhile except a couple much older guys. They kept looking in on the guy my friend sucked off. I looked in too and told my friend he had his cock out again. My friend said, "Yeah, I can usually get him again if he hangs around unless someone else gets him first."

My friend went out for a smoke and I walked out to take a leak. I got back in first and the front booth was empty but I could hear a movie off to the right in back. I walked back and l...
Published or Edited on 12/19/16
Las Vegas Metro : Las Vegas : Fantasy World : Review: Dec 09 2016 by vegasvistor
I was here on a late Thursday afternoon and early evening. Active still, the clerks only came in once. Was able to suck several cocks and before I left. A nice mixed guy came in and twerked his ass on my hard cock. He was cum-hungry.

It is a drive from the Strip, however, it is a good place to visit. And if you are past having to be on the Strip there are several casinos/hotels on Boulder Highway.
Published or Edited on 12/16/16
Las Vegas Metro : Las Vegas : Deja Vu Adult Emporium : Review: Dec 09 2016 by vegasvistor
I visited here on a Sunday morning. May not have been the right time; however, there were still people that came in and played. The clerk marked my entrance ticket. Therefore, do not lose your entrance ticket. You will need it if you go the restrooms which are outside of the theatres.

I think you can leave the store and come back within the timeframe of your entrance ticket. One theatre had very loud volume but still, action can be had here.
Published or Edited on 12/16/16
Las Vegas Metro : Las Vegas : Adult Superstore (Main Street Book and Video) : Review: Dec 09 2016 by vegasvistor
I visited on a Wednesday night around 11ish and was there for a while. The theatre had a few people in it and I did not check out the arcade. There is action to be had. It may be slow in coming in, but people do still visit here and they still get off here.

Note: Although there are several signs that state NO SMOKING in both English and Spanish, people are smoking in the theatre.
Published or Edited on 12/16/16
San Antonio Metro : San Antonio : ACI : Review: Dec 09 2016 by Oscar Madison
Since the ACI is — probably — the last standing bathhouse in South Texas, I'd like to mention a few things.

I've never seen feces on the floors. We know when men have sex it can get messy but the staff and the clientele do a good job cleaning up afterwards. The bathrooms and locker room are clean and kept in good condition. I don't want to eat off their floors but I don't want to eat off the floors of the local Baptist church either.

The clerks are getting better. They're warm and polite when people check in and they don't have an attitude.

The ACI could install insulation in their building. It's really, really cold in the winter and uncomfortably warm in the summer. Maybe they don't want people camping out or living there.

To the men of San Antonio: Can some of you try to lay off the beer and the pot and try to care about how you look? Not everyone is into the bear scene.

[i]Coming from an [url=
Published or Edited on 12/16/16
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Street cruising near Texas and E. Mills Avenues : Review: Dec 08 2016 by Sergio
Heads Up! I think a BIG BIG ALERT should be placed. Cops, undercovers, and possible arrests are happening. It's not in the 6 o'clock news but it's the operation to clean the area.

The main complainers are the different religious organizations with churches around Texas St. They closed the two adult cinemas and they eventually cleaned the zone. Bad for us the cocksuckers but the action was very obvious. Guys cruising twenty, thirty, forty times around the same block, sex in cars and in the dark alleys, the train tracks and behind the warehouses.

I saw a guy getting pounded in the back of his car totally naked around 11 pm! There are many adult places to go. Come on...

I could find nothing just quickly Googling, but we have seen so many Heads Up alerts here over time. This area is AYOR, "At Your Own Risk." ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 12/16/16
New York City Metro : Queens : Sensations Video Warehouse : Review: Dec 08 2016 by kuntryboy36
Whomsoever said they're mostly African-Americans here has lied. It's hardly one here and trolls hangs here. Unless you live like five minutes or so of Long Island, I suggest you don't waste your time. I'm better off in Manhattan with the hustlers.
Published or Edited on 12/16/16
Australian Capital Territory : Fyshwick : Spice of Life : Review: Dec 08 2016 by Reddywenur
Was at S.O.L on 5th Dec. Very big improvement in cleanliness of booths, a sliding window in one wall, very clean holes in the walls. The tissues were replenished and bins emptied. A bit dark until $2 coin inserted in box. Each screen operates differently to select channel of choice.

Only one other guy there and we hooked up in my booth. Wow! What a good fifteen-minute session! I've been there at lunch time and seen plenty of guys but not always M2M, just str8 lunch time wankers in solo booths.

Guy at the desk clean and friendly, I think he was wishing he could join us.
Published or Edited on 12/16/16
Pennsylvania : Liverpool : Adult Depot : Review: Dec 08 2016 by fulcrum
I used to hit this place a lot when working in the area back in the 80's. There were a few bookstores along U.S. 15 and I'd stop in each one when I had time. I remember one particularly hot spit-roasting I got here from two older guys who took full advantage of my then-twinkish body. Sorry to hear that it has closed.
Published or Edited on 12/16/16
West Virginia : Beaver : Airport Video : Review: Dec 08 2016 by Joe Dee
I stopped in on the Monday before Thanksgiving, about 7 pm for an hour or so. They have replaced the old "gay" movie trailer with a newer remodeled one and it is very nice. Nice layout, furniture, and very clean.

It was slow. Only two 30-something guys, and I'm 50. One of these nice looking young men had his pants around him ankles and offered a BJ to me. It was great and I was on the road.

I will stop by anytime I'm in the area. They look to be replacing the other trailer soon.
Published or Edited on 12/15/16
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Street cruising near Texas and E. Mills Avenues : Review: Dec 07 2016 by Panadero Mejicano
Heads Up! Tonight just after 7 pm police were all over the area. First undercovers, cute young guys, were rounding and eventually the EPPD began stopping all cruisers.

I was asked the reason why I was there. I told them I work at the bread factory. They let me go but were flashing lights at me until I got to work. They were asking for documents mostly to the cars cruising like maniacs.

The undercovers were on cars with TX, NM, and CO license plates. They also went all over the alleys with big lights flashing and looking.

I think it's time to look for some other place. Between the cops and the thugs the place has too much of a bad reputation.
Published or Edited on 12/15/16
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Street cruising near Texas and E. Mills Avenues : Review: Dec 06 2016 by I learn my lesson.
Heads Up! Not worth your life for a dick. Tonight I went and saw a nice Mexican rubbing his dick at Eucalyptus. In his 30's and all dressed in black. Yes I know. Even the Editor will call me an idiot but it's true and I deserve it.

When I was ready to suck his dick two cars came and blocked the alley, both dark pickup trucks, old models with temporary license plates, impossible to read. Instead of sucking the dick I ended loosing my wallet, my watch, and my wedding ring. I deserve it.

Happy Holidays, hope this place receives more police patrolling or enough light so idiots like me stop looking for dick here. As far as the Uber drivers they now moved to Dallas Street.

I won't call you an idiot, just someone who had "a teachable moment." Stay safe.

Dallas Street looks like just a couple blocks away. It's a movable feast. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 12/15/16
Spain : Barcelona : Boyberry : Review: Dec 06 2016 by grecoroman
Cheap entrance fee and they have special events each month. You can see what's listed on their website or Facebook page. Since it's cheaper than going to a bathhouse, you get a lot of younger guys and travelers who want a quickie.
Published or Edited on 12/15/16
Boston Metro : Boston : Boston University College of Arts and Sciences : Review: Dec 06 2016 by grecoroman
This listing is still accurate in that it is a potential cruising place. There are peepholes drilled into the stall next to the urinals.

The urinals in this building are so odd in that they're actually just toilets with no seats. Very hot that you can essentially see each others cocks while pissing. This setup is used for all mens rooms on that side of the building.

The other side has traditional urinals with no partitions. They also have stalls that used to have peepholes, but are all covered up now.
Published or Edited on 12/15/16
Boston Metro : Boston : University of Massachusetts : Review: Dec 06 2016 by grecoroman
This place gets ruined by certain older guys who just park themselves in the stalls for hours. There are peepholes in the middle stalls and that's where they sit waiting.

There are some cruisers who will stand in front of the urinals looking for action, but the general lack of warning due to the single door makes it risky to do anything beyond looking and maybe touching.
Published or Edited on 12/15/16
Boston Metro : Boston : Northeastern University - Curry Student Center : Review: Dec 06 2016 by grecoroman
Don't know why this is listed here because it's impossible to have any action in here. The student center is always open, so there's never a safe time to initiate anything. You can occasionally guess that a horny student is masturbating in the stall judging how long they take to take a dump.

The 3rd and 4th floor bathrooms are more private and have urinals without partitions. The 4th floor is also where they moved the Rec Center, so it probably gets more foot traffic, but not a lot of guys looking for action.

Thanks so much for the info! Yours is the first Review for this spot since 2004. Most likely the page was neglected waiting for someone to say something.

I'll revise it to suggest possibilities on the 3rd and 4th floors. All of the pages for Northeastern University also need some revisions for formatting and perhaps map placement, so I'll add those to my "soner than later" list. :-) ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 12/15/16
Boston Metro : Boston : Northeastern University : Review: Dec 06 2016 by grecoroman
Busy place, but the basement location is too small to allow privacy. When classes are in session, it has lots of students who come in, so you don't get to do any urinal action. The two stalls are constantly occupied by guys who are too scared to initiate anything. Sometimes they sit there for over an hour — not very discreet if you ask me.

Best bet is to go to some of the bigger bathrooms in other buildings.
Published or Edited on 12/15/16
New Jersey : Batsto : Wharton State Forest : Review: Dec 06 2016 by Hknd
Question: Someone told me there is a nice hangout off Dover Rd*. He didn't tell me the actual road name but I found the area he was talking about on "Maps." There seems to be a nice meeting place in the woods, often there's skinny dipping and a lot of sex there.

Does anyone know the exact location? There are a few trails east and west of Dover Rd.

* I think he referred to Dover Forge off Dover Rd between South Toms River and Bamber Lake. It almost parallels the main runway at RJ Miller Airport.

It doesn't seem to be connected to this Wharton State Forest location, though it doesn't hurt at all to ask here.

It might help also to post your question on the CFS Message Board for the region including New Jersey. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 12/14/16
Ohio : Dayton : Total X Adult Superstore : Review: Dec 05 2016 by Secret Me
I was here in November on a Saturday evening and the place was great. Plenty of guys willing to suck you off while you watch a movie. Great place for a straight guy to get off with no strings. Hope management leaves this alone.
Published or Edited on 12/14/16
New York : Middletown : Exotic Gifts & Videos : Review: Dec 05 2016 by purenergy88
Well, I went back here two days ago and was browsing the store. I was gonna go in back for some fun but the guy at the counter within five minutes said at least three times, "If you're in the booths, they better be running. I know there is more than one of you back there. Only one per booth." And he was saying it with such attitude.

I wasn't dealing with that so I left. let me know if anyone has the same issue or if they wanna get together for fun elsewhere.
Published or Edited on 12/14/16
Mississippi : Hernando : Rest Area and Mississippi Welcome Center : Review: Dec 04 2016 by Ramtough35
I'm spending the night here again tonight. A perfect night for cruising. I'm alone aside from the security guard. All I need is some horny guys to stop in for a blowjob.

As noted on this page, there is always a delay of at least a few days between submission of a Review or some other question or comment and the time my Editorial Process takes to get it published on the site. CFS has followed this procedure since 1995 to ensure quality and readability of Reviews.

Anyhow, I'm sorry this is published after you were at the Rest Area. I hope you come again and cum again! ;-) ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 12/14/16
California : Santa Barbara : For Adults Only : Review: Dec 04 2016 by anonymous sucker
Gone here multiple times. It's a fun, quiet, discreet place with lots of gloryholes and booths where you can have some fun.

Kind of quiet in the daytime, but after lunch and around 5 pm is when it starts to pick up. If you're in the area and want somewhere to stand or kneel, this is the place.
Published or Edited on 12/14/16
New York City Metro : Queens : S & J Video & DVD Inc. aka SMS Video : Review: Dec 04 2016 by BtmBear
Store is not closed. It just doesn't have any particular schedule. Afternoons and nights are when they are always open.

Thanks! I'm very grateful to you for this correction. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 12/14/16
El Paso Metro : El Paso : 77 Hundred Sports & Spirits : Review: Dec 04 2016 by Mar20
Drive few more yards and park at the corner of Alabama and Zion. Action after dark. Guys from the apartment complex across that intersection will come and suck you. Mostly military. Action at the alley behind the Chinese eatery.
Published or Edited on 12/14/16
West Virginia : Clarksburg : Adult News and Video : Review: Dec 03 2016 by Drillerjoe68
Have stopped in a few times. Many are very helpful at getting their fair share of loads.

I had two that decided to share my cock and one chewed on my bag while the other sucked me. Both took turns getting their share of my load.
Published or Edited on 12/13/16
New York City Metro : Manhattan : Spadium : Review: Dec 03 2016 by Jeff
This place closed awhile ago.

Thanks for the info. Yelp shows it closed, Google shows it open, and the last post on their Facebook page was in 2014. I will suggest an update to Google. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 12/13/16
El Paso Metro : El Paso : University of Texas at El Paso, Geology Building : Review: Dec 03 2016 by Memo
The Geology Building is the building where the main library used to be. Exactly across the Centennial Plaza.

Please be aware behind the central courtyard is another fabulous restroom with tall cubicles, marble walls, and ebony doors. I lost my virginity there during my freshman year to a nice guy in his 30's. In the UTEP Map it is Building 35. It is so special for me.

Thanks so very much!

FYI, I tried to attach the UTEP Map but the file size is too large for this software. This archaic software also is imprecise in GPS coordinates for certain locations, although I've made a small edit just now for this place. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 12/13/16
Los Angeles Metro : North Hollywood : North Hollywood Spa : Review: Dec 03 2016 by TheCritic
I've gone on weekends many times, most recently a month ago. Almost always find at least one person to have fun with or have brought somebody here with me when I couldn't host.

Rooms are a little pricey. Place is as clean as a bathhouse can be expected to be. I enjoy relaxing on the sunbathing patio with a cigar and sometimes a BJ between playtimes.
Published or Edited on 12/13/16
New Jersey : Atlantic City : Atlantic City Hilton Casino Resort : Review: Dec 02 2016
ACH Complex Permanently Closed as of 2015.
Published or Edited on 12/13/16
New Hampshire : Manchester : Forbidden Fruit : Review: Dec 02 2016 by the basics
Can someone tell me how this place works? Never been before and need some steps on what to do when I walk in. Do I give the clerk ten or twenty bucks and then head downstairs? Thanks for the advice.
Published or Edited on 12/13/16
Vermont : Sharon : Vermont Welcome Center & Sharon Rest Area : Review: Dec 02 2016 by jj teddy
Same experience as other poster. The place closes around 7 pm. Never had luck finding anyone. Advice?
Published or Edited on 12/13/16
Vermont : St. Albans : Rest area : Review: Dec 02 2016 by no luck
I stop by this place but I am not sure how to make contact. I have gone into the woods but no one follows. I am usually there Sunday after dinner. Advice?

Often cruisers flash their lights in a parking lot in places like this. Perhaps others will give further suggestions. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 12/13/16
Vermont : Bethel : Peavine Park : Review: Dec 02 2016 by driving through
I am headed near this area. Is this park still active? And when is the best time to go?
Published or Edited on 12/12/16

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