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Recently Added Places

This page shows the fifty places most recently added to the Sex Listings.

Sweden : Gothenburg : Wandas Submitted: 03/11/18
Category: Swinger club, Strip club , Cruising area on 2nd floor

Description: Strip club with gay cruising area on the second floor including video booths. Also has swinger club and dungeon.
Dallas/Fort Worth Metro : Fort Worth : Gateway Park Submitted: 03/05/18
Category: Cruisy park

Description: This listing is added with a Heads Up alert due to repeated arrests over the years.

Tampa Bay Metro : Dover : Sydney Dover Trails Submitted: 03/05/18
Category: Cruisy park , trails

Description: It's a path around a lake and loads of wooded areas. This listing is added with a Heads Up alert due to multiple arrests since September, 2017.
Los Angeles Metro : Santa Monica : 24 Hour Fitness Santa Monica Super-Sport Gym Submitted: 03/04/18
Category: Cruisy healthclub, Younger crowd, Mostly straight/bi

Description: Although the 24 Hour Fitness off the Promenade might be more popular, the other more inland is actually open 24 hours. The best times are late nights to early mornings. Most of the cruising happens in the indoor lap pool, sauna, and steam room.
New Orleans Metro : Metairie : Planet Fitness Submitted: 03/04/18
Category: Cruisy healthclub

Description: Late nights. If you need a throat or hole to unload into, come late night and walk into the locker room a few times. You'll unload soon.
New York City Metro : New York : Nordstrom Rack Union Square Submitted: 02/26/18
Category: Cruisy toilet, Mixed gay, straight, bi

Description: Clothing store with cruisy restroom in the back. One stall and one urinal. Go downstairs and make a right until you reach the men's section and you will see a a restroom sign. Usually just wait in stall for guys to come to urinal and see how it goes.
Illinois : Morris : Three Rivers Rest Area Westbound Submitted: 02/26/18
Category: Rest area
Illinois : Morris : Three Rivers Rest Area Eastbound Submitted: 02/26/18
Category: Rest area
Honolulu Metro : Waikiki : San Souci Beach Submitted: 02/22/18
Category: Cruisy beach

Description: Just beyond the Waikiki Aquarium and the Natatorium. More guys, and much younger, than Queen's Beach. A better place to go, not just for cruising, but overall eye candy. Also, the swimming is better than Queen's Beach as well.
Brazil : Fortaleza : Rommeo Single Hotel Sauna Submitted: 02/14/18
Category: Bathhouse with full facilities, Dance club with dark room

Description: Promoted as the largest sauna in Brazil's north and northeast, it includes single rooms, suites, cabins, steam room, dry sauna, darkroom, cinemas, booths, and a nightclub with go-go boys.
Brazil : Fortaleza : Cine Encontro Submitted: 02/14/18
Category: Theatre showing porn

Description: Fairly run down. Two stories with several rooms. Some rent boys can be found.
Brazil : Fortaleza : Autorama Cruising Bar Submitted: 02/14/18
Category: Cruise bar, Men for hire

Description: Two stories with several rooms, some rent boys.
Brazil : Fortaleza : Arena Cine Submitted: 02/14/18
Category: Theatre showing porn

Description: There is no sign on the street. Two stories with various rooms.
Maryland : Berlin : Assateague State Park Submitted: 02/02/18
Category: Cruisy beach

Description: The less crowded northern section of the park has plenty of depressions and sand hills to give privacy. Sometimes dunes are available but you should make sure that many people, especially the Park Police are not watching when you go to them. I did a guy in a depression and another one in an available dune with plenty of vegetation around it.

There is a "No Nudity" sign on your way so you have to be discrete. Bring your shorts with you and stay away from the dunes as much as possible.

Reposted from the CFS Message Board with Google Map.
Brazil : Manaus : Cine Premiere Submitted: 01/31/18
Category: Theatre showing porn, Men for hire, Mixed ages

Description: Entry is down a ramp to the right side of the building.

An interesting adult theater with a larger taproom showing straight porn, with minimal action at the back row of seats. A long hallway on the right side of the theater leads to a very large, and very dark backroom. There is another room behind the VIO door that shows gay porn and is divided into cubicles with 4-foot walls that has a fair amount of action. The bathroom has a couple of urinals and a couple of stalls that get used by lots of couples.

South Australia : Locksleys : Lockleys Oval Submitted: 01/29/18
Category: Cruisy park

Description: This has been a regular hang out for a couple of guys in early morning around 7:30. Trails run from here down to Apex Park.
Victoria : Bairnsdale : Picnic Point Reserve Submitted: 01/28/18
Category: Cruisy beat, Cruisy park

Description: If cars or tradie utes are parked nearby, walk up the track to the picnic area on top of the hill after dark. Handy picnic tables with cover dotted around park.

Also walking track along river edge through gate.
Virginia : Fredericksburg : Parking Garage Downtown Submitted: 01/23/18
Category: Cruisy parking lot

Description: Parked a few times. Found a few guys that cruise here, got sucked and sucked a few times.
Honolulu Metro : Honolulu : Pleasure Emporium Submitted: 01/19/18
Category: Adult store with arcade, theatre

Description: Also on Facebook.

Another Pleasure Emporium location has been on Dillingham Blvd.
Puerto Rico : Mayaguez : Colegio de Mayaguez - Recinto Universitario de Mayaguez Submitted: 01/15/18
Category: Cruisy toilet, College campus, Younger crowd ; toilets in multiple locations

Description: Lots of action at different rest rooms. Nice young crowd. Always horny. Many staff and faculty members play. Late afternoon and evenings many visitors.
Columbus Metro : Columbus : Arena District Athletic Club Submitted: 01/11/18
Category: Sauna with covert action, Cruisy healthclub, Mixed ages
Dallas/Fort Worth Metro : Cleburne : Buddy Stewart Park Submitted: 01/11/18
Category: Cruisy park, Cruisy parking lot

Description: Park is best when it's foggy and rainy. I like the little road on the other side of the picnic tables. I come by driving naked at night and have gotten a few hot closeted cowboys.
New Jersey : Lafayette Township : Olde Lafayette Village Submitted: 01/05/18
Category: Cruisy toilet, Gloryhole

Description: This is an outlet mall with a gloryhole in the men's room stalls. I have sucked some nice suburban cocks there and had mine sucked there too. Not a lot of foot traffic and has no direct security.
Los Angeles Metro : Lakewood : Lakewood Center Submitted: 12/30/17
Category: Cruisy toilet at food court
South Carolina : Greenwood : Grace Street Park Submitted: 12/28/17
Category: Cruisy park

Description: This spot is new and has potential in the wooded areas. Greenwood needs to get some place that actually is cruisable. Someone help!
California : Santa Nella : Cruisy layby Submitted: 12/27/17
Category: Cruisy parking lot and nearby woods, Cruisy layby

Description: Two cars can park on the side of the road and have fun in one of the cars.
Specific location uncertain; map pointer placed on highway between Guerneville and Santa Nella
Mexico : Chihuahua : Estambul SPA Chihuahua Submitted: 12/12/17
Category: Bathhouse with full facilities

Description: Bathhouse, young crowd, plenty of action. Reasonably priced, friendly staff. Entrance fee currently is $140 Mexican Pesos/locker and $180 Mexican Pesos/room. Facilities include: Jacuzzi, sauna, darkroom, TV area, showers, and a bar.
Queensland : Mudjimba Beach : Mudjimba Beach Submitted: 12/12/17
Category: Cruisy beach
Norfolk - England : Hunstanton : Seasonal Toilets On Promenade Submitted: 12/11/17
Category: Cruisy toilet, Peephole, Mixed ages, Mostly straight/bi

Description: Lovely little public toilet, open daytime all year around so good in winter when there's not a heavy rush of tourists coming in and out. Got a lot of cubicles and urinals and you can hear people coming before they're in the room so you can easily duck into a urinal and have fun.

Map location is approximate.
Mississippi : West : Rest Area Submitted: 12/06/17
Category: Rest area

Description: Anything happening here? Google shows this rest area's open — rare in Mississippi — and the satellite view shows trucks parked there.
San Jose Metro : Palo Alto : Equinox Palo Alto Gym Submitted: 11/27/17
Category: Cruisy healthclub , Sauna with covert action

Description: The steam room. Naturally, it's hit or miss. They expel people who are brazen or bothersome; only the discreet survive.

Nonetheless, about one out of three times I happen to use the steam room, a guy will be hanging around looking and it will be possible to connect for a little showing off or j/o. For sucking, an occasional guy will want to move to a certain large bathroom stall that has minimal visibility to everyone's feet.

Best times are the gym's non-busy times: weekdays before about about 4 pm or after about 8 pm, and weekend afternoons. The gym's busy times will mean non-stop interruptions by non-cruisers. Any cruising at that point consists of eye contact and taking it off-site.
Florida : Gainesville : Santa Fe College Submitted: 11/18/17
Category: Cruisy toilet near buildings H and I

Description: Cruisy men's room near buildings H and I, always open and super discrete layout. Weekends are very quiet and a perfect time to set something up while students are always horny during the week.
New South Wales : Dunmore : Nungarry Rest Stop - Kiama North Submitted: 11/10/17
Category: Cruisy park, toilet, Rest area

Description: Quiet rest stop with path down to river. Lots of secluded spots in bush off pathway.
New York : Mt Morris : I-390 Rest Area Mount Morris Submitted: 11/09/17
Category: Cruisy toilet, Cruisy parking lot, Cruisy parking lot and nearby woods, Rest area, After hours, Mixed gay, straight, bi

Description: This used to be on here back in the day. You know it could be an active place again if it is here for some to view. It can be well worth the stop to see if anything going on. Come mostly at night because attendants are there from 5 am till almost 9 pm. Of course that is the way with most places off the expressways in NY state. A lot of truckers seven nights a week. Very busy.

Thanks for posting this! I couldn't find it in the archived "deleted" records in the database. It probably was on the earlier version of the site late 1990s or early 2000s. ~ Editor
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Northeast Laundromat Submitted: 11/07/17
Category: Cruisy parking lot, Mostly straight/bi

Description: This laundromat opens 24/7. Clientele is almost all US Army soldiers so mostly straight or bi. Most live close by. Action is at the back parking lot.
Nebraska : Ogallala : Oglalla Private Gloryhole Submitted: 11/06/17
Category: Private party, Gloryhole, Mixed gay, straight, bi

Description: Front door to my home is the gloryhole entrance which is open to the public. Men only 18 years old and older from 9 am every morning until 8 pm every night!

Contact this CFS Member through his Profile page for directions, etc.
Brazil : Belo Horizonte : G World Video Submitted: 11/06/17
Category: Theatre showing porn, Mixed ages, Mostly gay , dark room

Description: Includes straight and gay theaters, darkroom, etc.
Taiwan : Taipei : Gs Hotel and Spa Submitted: 10/28/17
Category: Bathhouse with full facilities, Sauna with covert action, Spa with covert action, Motel with bathhouse-type action, Cruisy healthclub

Description: It is one of the newest saunas in town which is in a much better part of the city, complete with modern decor, showers, steam room, lockers, play area, WiFi, computers — I am using one now — and most importantly, in and out privileges for NT$400. You can decide to stay here and it is fantastic, gay and male only. The prices are extremely reasonable. I came over after a nasty episode at Aniki and this is such of breath of fresh air. Boys are still very young and sleepy. Once they wake up, action resumes.

See also their Facebook page and a more precise Google map.
Sacramento Metro : Sacramento : Sac Buddies Submitted: 10/24/17
Category: Bathhouse with full facilities, Sexclub, Gloryhole

Description: Sexclub with many gloryholes, jacuzzi, off-street parking lot, and more. See web site for details or the club's Facebook page. Officially billed as "private, all male fitness and relaxation destination."
South Carolina : Greenville : SportsClub- Greenville Submitted: 10/23/17
Category: Sauna with covert action, Spa with covert action, Cruisy toilet, Cruisy college locker room

Description: This is an OK place to meet people, but take it somewhere else if you want to go any further. There is a sauna, stream room and sauna, you won't lack for things to see. Never saw any action there, though I did meet a guy one time that was interested, but we decided to meet up elsewhere to keep it decent at the club.
Florida : Fernandina Beach : BuyGO Submitted: 10/22/17
Category: Cruisy beat, Mixed gay, straight, bi

Description: Nothing happens at this store. It seems to be a gathering place for like minded and oriented folks. Nice staff, very friendly. Meet here and take it elsewhere.
Spain : Sitges : Bears Bar Sitges Submitted: 10/17/17
Category: Cruise bar with dark room, Leather bar , Bears

Description: Busy cruise bar with open area toilets, terrace with view of Sitges Bear Street.
South Africa : Cape Town : Stadium On Main Centre Submitted: 10/16/17
Category: Cruisy toilet, Cruisy cottage, Gloryhole, Mixed gay, straight, bi

Description: Gloryhole at Stadium On Main opposite Cavendish Centre. Amazing full-size gloryhole between toilets 2 and 3 from entrance door! Plenty of warning about people coming in as R2 to get in the electric gate.

Had some great cock there the last few weeks! Wonderful cut guy with massive 23 cms. at lunch times. All races and types. Cum enjoy ourselves! :)
Virginia : Rocky Mount : Waid Recreation Park Submitted: 10/14/17
Category: Cruisy park, Cruisy park, toilet, Cruisy parking lot and nearby woods , trails

Description: Waid Park restroom in wooded picnic area is a good place to suck some local cock. Early morning is good, park opens at sun up and closes at sundown. I had some good cock here at 8 am.
Kansas : Collyer : Collyer Park Submitted: 10/09/17
Category: Cruisy campground, Cruisy park

Description: Always very private and quiet. All times after dark. A few young men looking for experience usually.

Map is uncertain; park not on Google or Bing as of Oct 2017.
Texas : Bellevue : DW's Adult Video Submitted: 10/06/17
Category: Adult store with arcade
Maryland : Port Republic : American Chestnut Land Trust (ACLT) Submitted: 10/01/17
Category: Cruisy park, Scenic overlook , trails

Description: For total privacy in the great outdoors, take Bloodroot Trail (on left side of parking lot) to Hughes Trail to bench. Follow trail to bench. Easy and less than one mile walk.

Address shown is South Side Trailhead. Additional access from PF2Bay Trailhead (at church parking lot) and North Side Trailhead
New York City Metro : Bronx : A.S.A Castle Hill Video Submitted: 09/30/17
Category: Adult store with arcade

Description: Listed on Google as "West Castle" as of October, 2017.
Texas : Corsicana : Lions Den Submitted: 09/30/17
Category: Adult store with no arcade

Description: This place used to have an arcade, but there is now a sign saying it's temporarily closed. All it is now is DVD, toy and lingerie sales.
Ontario : Grimsby : GoodLife Fitness - Grimsby Gym Submitted: 09/26/17
Category: Cruisy healthclub

Description: Usually some guys showing off in the locker room and in the sauna without a towel on, most weekends late at night. Some younger guys stroking in the sauna.

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