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Recently Added Places

This page shows the fifty places most recently added to the Sex Listings.

Orlando Metro : Sanford : Lee P. Moore Park Submitted: 03/16/17
Category: Cruisy toilet, Cruisy park, Cruisy park, toilet

Description: Nice action at lunch time, 1 pm to 2 pm.
Dallas/Fort Worth Metro : Dallas : Private In Home Gloryhole Submitted: 03/07/17
Category: Private party

Description: This guy sucks amazing cock. He can deep-throat and he swallowed my load. Easy in and out. It's a gloryhole hanging in his apartment.
California : Kingsburg : Chester H Warlow Memorial Rest Area Submitted: 03/02/17
Category: Rest area

Description: Surprised to find this place still has action. It has recently been remodeled and has urinals on either end of a large restroom, with stalls in the middle.

I stopped last Saturday in the late afternoon, and there were guys loitering outside, one of whom immediately followed me in and sidled up and showed me his stuff.
California : Santa Barbara : Santa Barbara City College Luria Library Submitted: 02/28/17
Category: Cruisy toilet, College campus, Peephole

Description: In the downstairs men's bathroom, there's a small peephole between the big stall and the stall directly to the left. Potential for hookups. Young crowd.
Ohio : Lisbon : Lusk Lock Submitted: 02/27/17
Category: Cruisy parking lot and nearby woods, Mixed gay, straight, bi

Description: It is part of Beaver Creek State Park near Lisbon Ohio in Columbiana County. You have to take a short walk down the trail then look around and find a spot.

Best times to go there are in the mornings and evenings as non-cruisers visit mostly in the afternoons. You don't have to to play there. You can follow the trail down or up the creek. Mixed guys, gay, bi, and straight, come here.

You can run into some guys here sometimes but it's always best to try to arrange to meet someone here ahead of time.
Las Vegas Metro : Las Vegas : David Barton Gym Submitted: 02/18/17
Category: Cruisy toilet, Cruisy healthclub, Mixed gay, straight, bi , locker room

Description: Executive cruisy locker room with clean steamroom and sauna. Beautiful gym at Tivoli Village.
Tampa Bay Metro : Clearwater : Love Toys Submitted: 02/05/17
Category: Adult store with arcade, theatre, Mixed ages, Mixed gay, straight, bi

Description: Awesome adult store with huge selection of toys, aromas, men's clothing and fetish wear/gear. Also has leather gear, lingerie, smoke supplies, and more. Has an adult theatre, all male, with really hot movies playing and it was only $2 for all day.

It also has arcade with all kinds of movies. Very nice guy working counter, very helpful. Great action in both theatre and booths. The theatre also has booths for a little privacy.
New Jersey : Clifton : Bed Bath & Beyond Submitted: 02/04/17

Description: 2 men arrested after sex act on store display

Heads up and then some!
San Jose Metro : Mountain View : Google Submitted: 01/30/17
Category: Cruisy toilet, Gloryhole, Peephole, Younger crowd, Mixed ages, Mixed gay, straight, bi

Description: Editor's Note: Could someone please indicate which building and toilet location?
Boston Metro : Cambridge : Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Building 9 Submitted: 01/29/17
Category: Cruisy toilet, Mixed ages, Mostly gay

Description: Classic cruising spot in a newly renovated Building 9. They didn't do anything to upgrade the bathroom and it has no partitions between the urinals. Because the door is around the corner, you usually get some notice if the door opens. There are two stalls directly behind the urinals, making it an excellent way to stroke to someone in the stall and see if they are interested.

You can tell this was a cruisy spot because they riveted shut an old gloryhole in the partition. It looks like someone tried to pry it off, but that thing is riveted so tight that it's impossible.

The bathroom gets lots of traffic from construction workers working in the adjacent buildings. Best times to get action are after lunch up until 5-6 pm. Usually dead after 6 pm as the entrance to building 9 is locked from Mass Ave.
Boston Metro : Cambridge : Harvard University - Science Building Submitted: 01/29/17
Category: Cruisy toilet in basement, Younger crowd, Mixed ages

Description: Basement toilets in the Science Building have a perfect setup since four stalls are lined up directly behind the urinals. Student ID not required to enter building, but don't make sure you pass as either student, faculty, or tourist (i.e., don't look like a creepy stalker or homeless person).

Place gets extremely busy when the auditorium clears out and students taking their piss breaks in between. If you want to cruise at the urinals, use the ones all the way in. Usually plenty of warning since the door is loud and squeaky when it opens. Cleaning people come in frequently to give all the stall toilets a cleaning, so don't hang around too long in a stall if you want them to go away.

Frequent cruisers are basically horny gay students looking for some action. Although there are lots of construction workers and straight guys, don't bother them or they'll report you. Some old guys who can't get a hint if you're interested, but head out if they're lingering and attracting unwanted attention.
Maryland : Germantown : The Home Depot Submitted: 01/27/17
Category: Cruisy toilet

Description: Good for understall action
Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill Metro : Durham : Duke University CIEMAS building Submitted: 01/25/17
Category: Cruisy toilet at east side bathrooms on third floor

Description: There is a new spot for Duke students. The CIEMAS building is a popular study spot but is locked after hours and on weekends. You need a Duke ID to get in so there is opportunity to have some student on student fun without being disturbed.

The east side bathrooms on the third floor are the best for understall action. Big stalls, two doors, and quiet. Check around midterms and finals time for some hot guys who need to get off.
U. S. Virgin Islands : Saint John : Reef Bay Beach Submitted: 01/21/17
Category: Cruisy beach, Cruisy beach and nearby woods, Nude sun bathing and cruisy beach, Mixed gay, straight, bi

Description: Wander away from the ruins and find lots of nude sunbathers and some action in the woods. Mixed crowd with quite a few straight couples. Watch out for park rangers; nudity is technically not allowed.
Switzerland : Geneva : Cruising Canyon Submitted: 01/19/17
Category: Cruise bar with dark room, Gloryhole

Description: A small bar with a large basement area that is a maze of cabins, playrooms, gloryhole booths and slings, with videos in some of the many rooms. Ring the bell to get buzzed in and pay 15 Francs to go downstairs. Condoms and lube provided.
San Jose Metro : Palo Alto : Immersion Spa Submitted: 01/14/17
Category: Sauna with covert action, Spa with covert action, Mixed ages, Mixed gay, straight, bi

Description: Asian-style, nude-only bath spa that is somewhat cruisy. In the Mens section, guys hang out naked and move about several areas: showers, jacuzzi, dry sauna, small steam room, "jade room" which is a heated floor that guys lie on to relax. Mix of different grown-up ages.

The place is smaller than it sounds; a dozen guys and it will feel crowded. It has a straight clientele and attentive employees, so yes, you need to keep things discreet and be considerate of others. It's rare to do any more here than a little J/O. Nonetheless, J/O happens discreetly and can occasionally get hot.

$30 entry as of Jan 2017 and optional expensive, good-quality spa treatments are also available. Hit or miss because it all depends on "who shows up when". The most popular times are probably mid-afternoon through early evening.
Massachusetts : Billerica : North Billerica "T" Station Submitted: 01/13/17
Category: Cruisy toilet in train station bathroom
Pennsylvania : Shamokin : Claude Kehler Community Park Submitted: 01/11/17
Category: Cruisy park

Description: This place is added with a Heads Up alert.
Orlando Metro : Orlando : Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve Submitted: 01/07/17
Category: Cruisy park, Cruisy parking lot and nearby woods , trails

Description: Free nature preserve open till 6 pm. Lots of trails and places to go J/O and suck. I've J/O'd there many times but no one else seems to know about place, spreading the word.

The trail called "Palmetto Passage" is a good trail to find a hiding spot and J/O. Rarely see anyone else in late afternoons.

It's just about five miles north of Epcot. Once there, just go through the main building and the trails start on other side.
Belgium : Antwerp : Man Playz Submitted: 01/05/17
Category: Sex shop with cabins, Sexclub

Description: Sexclub including cabins/booths with gloryholes, darkrooom/playspace, "voyeur" area with TV, booth with window, stage, and cruising/playspace. Also has adult store with separate hours.

See their Facebook page and Twitter feed for frequent updates.
New Mexico : Las Cruces : Burn Lake Submitted: 12/26/16
Category: Cruisy park, toilet, Cruisy parking lot, Mixed ages, Mixed gay, straight, bi

Description: Burn Lake is a small man-made lake cruisy all day long. Very famous in the region. I go every time I visit Las Cruces and always get a nice blow job. Usually in my truck but some action at the men's room or at the end on the picnic tables. If you're into real masculine men it's the place to go. The best guys are real friendly and very open to suck and swallow.
New York City Metro : New York : Spa Castle Premier 57 Submitted: 12/19/16
Category: Sauna with covert action, Spa with covert action

Description: The Manhattan location owned and operated by the same people from Spa Castle in Queens. This is their own upscale Korean spa facility, which is a fraction of the size compared to their College Point facility. It still has a mens only section where nudity is mandatory; co-ed areas include an indoor pool and rooftop hot tubs, weather permitting. Mens only is pretty much ruled by all the gay men, mostly from Midtown. Straight guys totally skip this part, so they run upstairs to their girlfriends into the co-ed areas.
Maryland : Fort Washington : Fort Washington Park Submitted: 12/19/16
Category: Cruisy toilet, Cruisy park, Cruisy park, toilet, Cruisy parking lot, Mixed ages

Description: Many hot encounters here in the bathroom in the very back and down the wooded trails. On a good day you can have as many as four cocks in your mouth!
Birmingham Metro : Hoover : At Home - The Grove Submitted: 12/19/16
Category: Cruisy toilet

Description: Restroom at left side of store is set up perfectly for some hot times. There are two side by side urinals completely hidden from the entrance door by a wide partition. The entry door is 20+ feet from the partition and provides plenty of "recovery time" when someone enters.

I discovered this completely by accident and met a young stud looking for some oral relief.
Portland Metro : Gresham : Mt Hood Community College Submitted: 12/18/16
Category: Cruisy toilet possible at Building 16; by library; by bookstore
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Sue Young Park Submitted: 12/16/16
Category: Cruisy park, toilet, Cruisy parking lot, Younger crowd, Mixed gay, straight, bi

Description: This park is very cruisy. Action is at the mens room and at the parking area. Most action at lunch time is at the rest room and after dark in the parking area. Best stop at far end.

I've done a few park and recreation employees, students from EP Community College, and men who cruise very early in the morning. Older men during day times as well as military guys. The after dark crowd is mostly married men thirsty and hungry for cock. Lots of tasty uncut Mexican meat.
Puerto Rico : San Juan : Temptation Submitted: 12/13/16
Category: Dance club with dark room, Dance club, Male strippers, Men for hire, Mixed ages, Mostly gay

Description: A large, new bar/disco with twink strippers and darkroom in the Santurce neighborhood of San Juan, near the Condado tourist zone. It has a Mezzanine w/XXX video. High stripper/guest ratio, but they're friendly and aren't pushy.

Good drinks, music a bit loud.
New Mexico : Santa Fe : Lincoln Avenue near Santa Fe City Hall / Mayor's Office / Office Building Submitted: 11/30/16
Category: Cruisy parking lot, Street cruising along Lincoln Ave. near City Hall / Mayor's Office

Description: Cruise Lincoln Ave. and park facing the Municipal City Hall. Had great action, car blow job by a nice college type boy. Next day by a nice Mexican cocksucker.
New Mexico : Santa Fe : Motel 6 Locations on Cerillos Road Submitted: 11/30/16
Category: Cruisy parking lot

Description: There are three Motel 6 locations on Cerillos Rd. Action is as follows. Cruise the parking lots. Look for open curtains. Park close and the rest is up to you. Action is late at night. Intense during weekends.

I had a wonderful time going from motel to motel. I fucked a few truckers, a nice M/F couple, and some married men. The advantage is no lobby, no cameras; just park and get into the rooms.

The Motel 6 web site shows a fourth Motel 6 at 3007 Cerrilos Rd.; I don't know if that one also is cruisy. Our map is positioned at 3695 Cerrillos Rd. ~ Editor
Pittsburgh Metro : Monaca : Beaver Valley Mall Submitted: 11/30/16
Category: Cruisy toilet

Description: In the back of the mall past Boscov's there's an entrance to the mall with the letters "D C I" alongside of it. Just past the entrance and to the right are the restrooms. Great place to meet as there's hardly any traffic. Employees from different stores mostly park in the lot and use that entrance. Pre-arrange to meet there.
North Carolina : Candler : Fantasy World Submitted: 11/28/16
Category: Adult store with arcade
Texas : Huntsville : Sam Houston State University, CHSS Building Submitted: 11/27/16
Category: Cruisy toilet
Belgium : Antwerp : Planet Sexy Submitted: 11/26/16
Category: Adult store with arcade, Adult store with arcade, theatre, Sex shop with cabins, Theatre showing porn, Mixed gay, straight, bi

Description: Sexshop (DVDs, toys, and booths) and sex cinema. The Sex cinema has three rooms:
  1. Straight (hetero) porn with 35 seats; every hour a stripper/pole dancer performs in this room for free
  2. Gay porn with 12 seats
  3. Trans porn with 6 seats and a dark corner behind a wall of more discreet action.
There's also a backroom with fold-down seats and a big mat/mattress on the floor. The ticket costs only €9 and is good all day long. It's very nice to be able to go back and forth between here and the Cine Royal where you can also get your ticket stamped to make it good all day long.

Guys of all ages come here and an occasional tranny, many married and Mediterranean/Middle Eastern types looking for blowjobs and sometimes to top a willing bottom. Be a little patient and keep your eyes open for cues and the action and blowjobs here can be excellent!
New York : Cadyville : Kent Falls Bridge Submitted: 11/26/16
Category: Cruisy parking lot and nearby woods, Mixed gay, straight, bi

Description: A closed bridge on Kent Falls Rd. which runs between Morrisonville and Cadyville. Plenty of parking on either side of the bridge. For now, you can walk across the bridge but the bridge might be torn down in 2018.

Local kids hang out and party in the summer along a trail to the cliffs upstream of the bridge on the Cadyville side. Do not cruise this area!

Best cruising spot is the NYSEG public parking area on the Cadyville side. Wait in your car with the driver window down and make eye contact with anyone who drives in or walks by. Or you can walk down a short trail that starts at the back end of the parking lot. It leads to an access road to a dam downstream.

This area is popular with all kinds of people including geo-cachers, day hikers, mountain bikers, fisherman, dog walkers, and photographers so be very discreet with whoever you approach. Never play on a trail or in the parking lot unless it is after dark! Go into the woods far enough so you can't be seen by passersby!

It's a good idea to walk to the other side of the bridge once and a while to see if anyone is cruising there. It also helps to post on Craigslist when you are going and what you like.

There are usually people around during the day but the chances of finding someone for sex are not high. However it is becoming more popular so it is worth checking out. Not much action in the colder months when the leaves are off the trees.

If you strike out there you can always drive fifteen minutes to Wild Dreams Video on Hwy. 9 in Plattsburgh and check out the video booths.

Regarding possible future demolition of bridge: Oxbow bridge — site of 4 deaths — may come down. The bridge is listed on the state Historic Registry; there is also a possible future alternative of a pedestrian bridge.
El Paso Metro : El Paso : University of Texas at El Paso, Geology Building Submitted: 11/22/16
Category: Cruisy toilet as you enter to the left & behind central courtyard
Maryland : Frederick : Willowdale Park Submitted: 11/17/16
Category: Cruisy park , trails

Description: Saw a bunch of guys hanging around the trail, some Hispanic. I live close by so I walk the tails in the morning. Walking by them, I could see they where watching me, and I overheard a comment about my ass, but kept walking.

On my trip back I saw them again and started talking to them. To make a long story short, I ended up getting my brains fucked out by two of the guys I had invited up to my apartment. So I would say, possible good new place.
Birmingham Metro : Birmingham : University of Alabama - Sterne Library Submitted: 11/14/16
Category: Cruisy toilet, Peephole on third floor

Description: The UAB Sterne library on the third floor has a great peep hole and also some great blow job action.
Chicago Metro : Carpentersville : Sears Spring Hill Mall Submitted: 11/06/16
Category: Cruisy toilet on the second floor

Description: Never guys in these bathrooms. One large bathroom. Great potential hook-up spot.
New York City Metro : Queens : Sensations Video Warehouse Submitted: 11/05/16
Category: Adult store with arcade, Gloryhole, Mixed ages

Description: Sensations has porn DVDs, slutty clothes for women and men, dildos, the usual sex accessories, and gloryhole booths with hot guys.

The space is large and laid back, with one worker at a counter in the middle of the space who does not harass you to constantly feed the video machines money. The booths are set up win an "L" shape near the store's front door, and all of the booths have gloryholes. Most of the guys here are African-Americans in their 30s and up. The space is rather liberated, with dudes exposing themselves in the hallway. I do not think there are cameras. I've come a few times and been able to play with other brothers and swap head, etc, and have a good time.

Occasionally a straight guy who wants to jack off and not be bothered with any of the guys will come in, and we all figure out that is his story and try to respect those boundaries. Since the fellas are from the area, they aren't too easily identifiable as gay. I have not seen any annoying hustlers here, unlike in Manhattan video stores.
Berkshire - England : Maidenhead : Maidenhead Thicket Submitted: 11/04/16
Category: Cruisy park, Cruisy car park , trails, dogging

Description: Large wooded Common with about five miles of footpaths through broadleaf woodland, rides, and tree-lined avenues. This page is added with a 'Heads Up' alert.
South Africa : Cape Town : Sea Point Pavilion Pools - Small Male Change Room Submitted: 10/28/16
Category: Cruisy toilet, Cruisy beat, Cruisy cottage, Cruisy park, Cruisy beach, Younger crowd, Mixed ages, Mixed gay, straight, bi

Description: Have been having great sex in the change rooms here but do be discreet as straight guys use it too. :)

Last showers are best for pick up and wanking, just stroke and watch for reaction.
Some really horny locals and also visitors all day, but lunch times are best.

Editor's Note: This is one place within the much larger Sea Point Beach
Mexico : Ciudad Juarez : Estambul Spa Submitted: 10/27/16
Category: Bathhouse with full facilities, Younger crowd, Mostly gay

Description: Bathhouse with hot tub, gym and showers. lounge, jacuzzi, and lockers. Clean and very safe.

Also on Facebook.

Map is imprecise due to limitations of our software; see a better map on Google.
South Carolina : Darlington : Passions Video Submitted: 10/26/16
Category: Adult store with arcade, theatre

Description: Adult store with an arcade in the back. Simply pay $10 for entry into the arcade area. There are six or eight booths of average size with locking doors. There is one gloryhole in the both at one end of the row. At the other end is a larger room, probably 12’ by 12’ with multiple chairs.
South Dakota : Vermillion : Cotton Park Submitted: 10/25/16
Category: Cruisy park, Nude sun bathing and cruisy woods, Mixed ages, Mixed gay, straight, bi , trails

Description: There are some wooded trails behind the park in Lower Vermillion. Just take Dakota St. down the hill into Lower Vermillion. In the woods I have fooled around with college students, guys in their 30s, and married men.
Knoxville Metro : Louisville : Boat Ramp Submitted: 10/23/16
Category: Cruisy parking lot and nearby woods , boat ramp

Description: This place is added with a 'Heads Up' alert.

Map location is approximate
El Paso Metro : El Paso : 77 Hundred Sports & Spirits Submitted: 10/23/16
Category: Cruisy parking lot, Neighborhood bar , Street cruising near Alabama & Zion

Description: Action is at the parking lot. Car fun. Military and their chasers.

Action limited to the after-dark crowd.
Belgrade : Belgrade : Banjička Forest Submitted: 10/19/16
Category: Cruisy park

Description: Banjica sumica behind Hotel M in Banjica. Meet on paths, go over creek for sex in bushes. Watch for walkers! Up the hill is the best.

(From Review submitted for Ušće Park)
Serbia : Belgrade : Cruisy Toilet Near Opera / National Theatre Submitted: 10/14/16
Category: Cruisy toilet

Description: I didn't expect to find someone so fast. I stood at the urinal perhaps a minute and a handsome guy in his 40s walked up and stood next to me. Then within 30 seconds, he invited me into the stall. I had the most delightful time sucking his 9" to 10" inch uncut. Wow. Ended up with a mouthful of nectar. He loved showing me his cock and slapping my face slightly.

You will find it near the Opera, a big sign which says "WC." It is underground, don't accidentally walk in the women's. The money collector wasn't there when I went. You may not be so lucky.
Washington Metro : Washington : Internal Revenue Service Submitted: 10/09/16
Category: Cruisy toilet
San Antonio Metro : San Antonio : Gold's Gym Submitted: 10/09/16
Category: Cruisy healthclub

Description: I am honestly surprised that nobody has posted this place before. One of the only Gold's in the San Antonio area that has separate sauna, steam room, and hot tub. Nearly everyone goes naked in the hot tub. You can get action almost any time of day but I find early mornings on the weekend to be a bit dead.

The locker room attendants are constantly in and out but I have never seen them say anything to anyone about it, even though I am sure they know it is happening. Just don't let them see anything sexual.

Remember this is not a bathhouse. Don't cruise anyone who is clearly not interested and for God's sake, if you cum, clean it up. All it takes is one person to ruin it and make the staff start cracking down.

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