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Florida : Lakeland : Gator Creek Reserve : Review: Mar 15 2017
Heads Up! Two arrested here, two also at Saddle Creek Park. Photos, names, and hometowns were published.

Four arrested on lewdness charges in Polk parks
Published or Edited on 03/21/17
Florida : Lakeland : Saddle Creek Park : Review: Mar 15 2017
Heads Up! Another bust here and also at Gator Creek Park. Photos, names, and hometowns were published.

Four arrested on lewdness charges in Polk parks
Published or Edited on 03/21/17
Pennsylvania : Montgomeryville : Adult World : Review: Mar 14 2017 by Jsang
Been here a few times to get blown through a gloryhole. Staff is friendly and they don't bother anyone up in the booths. I've never been in a buddy booth, but the gloryholes are usually always available to get my cock sucked.

I usually go after work around 6 or 7 pm and there are usually a few people roaming the halls in the arcade. I've received a great blowjob every time I've gone. Will definitely be going again.
Published or Edited on 03/21/17
Tampa Bay Metro : Tampa : Ybor Resort and Spa : Review: Mar 14 2017 by Stephen
This place burned down last week and is closed.

I found a news story indicating the place had closed at the end of February and the building was vacant.

Second fire in a week at vacant gay bathhouse in Ybor ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 03/21/17
Orlando Metro : Orlando : Club Orlando : Review: Mar 14 2017 by Indy_bi_guy
I've been to the Clubs in St. Louis, Indianapolis, and Columbus, but Club Orlando has the best set up of the four. I was able to go four different times over three weeks. Very large and lots of play areas.

First was on a Saturday afternoon. Decent crowd and I hooked up with two or three guys. I just had a locker that time, so mostly got head in the public dark areas. I did go in one of the locking gloryhole rooms in the Man Cave to get my ass plowed by a BBC.

I went on half price Tuesday, twice, and spent the whole night. The place was packed with a waiting list for rooms and even though I am older, 50's, I still had plenty of action. There are lots of young guys who are attracted to in-shape silver daddies.

The outside Man Cave is the best. I bent over the table in the side room and soon had a nice BBC fucking my ass. I think my moaning just turned him on even more. He fucked me for a good ten minutes before he shot his load in my ass. It was heaven.

I went on two ...
Published or Edited on 03/21/17
Ohio : Cambridge : Salt Fork Lake State Park : Review: Mar 13 2017 by ImJohn2
This place is off the Kimbolton exit just north of Cambridge, Ohio going north on I-77. Just exit, make a right. Go to the top of the hill to a stop sign. Go straight through intersection and continue until you reach the park.

I have never been to this area before, but had heard of it back in the 90's that it used to be the spot.

Thanks so much for the clear directions! The previous ones mentioned Rte. 541, which actually goes west to Kimbolton rather than North Salem. I found the exit and the location on Google Maps Satellite View, thanks to you, and I'm updating this page.

Great pics, too. I can see why guys would hang out there. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 03/21/17
Maryland : Owings Mills : Owings Mills Town Center : Review: Mar 13 2017 by bonerhound
This place no longer exists. Should be removed from the listing.

Thanks for the info. I'd only received an update about this a few months ago. CFS always allows at least a couple years to pass before deleting a place so that people who may not know can be informed.

Wikipedia indicates there is partially completed redevelopment between the Owings Mills Metro Station and the old Owings Mills Mall site. Keeping this in mind, the page should stay on the site for enough time to find out what happens. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 03/21/17
Baltimore Metro : Baltimore : Love Craft : Review: Mar 13 2017 by bonerhound
This is to verify that the booth area is closed, and is not opening. The retail store is still open. This happened because some asshole reported the place to cops last summer.

Thanks for the confirmation. I'm changing the Category here to "Adult store with no arcade." If they ever do change this in the future, someone please let CFS know. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 03/20/17
Boston Metro : Boston : Boston Jacks : Review: Mar 13 2017 by Steve
Yes, still an active free set up for like-minded men who enjoy stroking their cocks to hot porn, pictures, and stories with like-minded men. All types of Bate Fuel is shared with others.

Still an active email address, the host does require pics and stats and meets one on one with all interested in joining, so best to contact him directly at his email address if seriously interested in joining.

He also supplies lube and beer, a great discreet male bonding experience.

Thanks so much for the Review! Glad to hear Boston Jacks is going on and getting it on. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 03/20/17
New Mexico : Albuquerque : Big Eye : Review: Mar 12 2017 by elpajaro81
The bad experience starts outside. When you drive in, try not to break your car on all the potholes.

Like the guy before me said, take change. They won't break a twenty and don't like giving ones, so take your own. They charge you to go in now.

More than half of the cubes are broken. Also, you can't leave the doors unlocked because the new springs on the doors open them right back up.

Not worth the money or the time. Place seems dead since the changes.
Published or Edited on 03/20/17
New York : Buffalo : Great American News Co. : Review: Mar 12 2017 by Skidder6701
Went here last night. I went in a booth. Right away a guy came and started watching. He asked if he could come in and I nodded yes. He dropped to his knees and started sucking me. He was real good and right when I was ready to cum, he stood up and left.

He was replaced by an older guy who wanted cock. He started sucking me, stopping only do some poppers. I emptied my load all over his face while he was licking my balls.

I hung around for awhile and heard a door open. A big Black guy came out and went to the adjoining buddy booth. I went in the empty booth, put my card in, and I hit the buddy booth button.

I was given a sight of a young huge cock. The big Black guy was going to town on that monster cock. I was hoping to be signaled to come and join when a Latino dude walked up and started watching.

I motioned him in and he started sucking me. Man, he took my 8" in one swallow. I lasted a few minutes and shot my load.

Wish I could feel that big black cock in my throat ...
Published or Edited on 03/20/17
Connecticut : Groton : Locomotion Video : Review: Mar 12 2017 by shyguy23173
Coming to town in a few days. When is the best time to come? Would love to give head while in town.
Published or Edited on 03/20/17
Houston Metro : Humble : Lingerie, Gifts, and Adult Video : Review: Mar 12 2017 by Beachbottom
The Video Arcade entrance is on the south side of the building. It is separate from the gift shop. Enter a long hallway then pay six dollars.

An arcade is on the left and there is another on the right. The one the right is basically free. It takes dollars. But no one ever pays. There is mixed crowd of guys.
Published or Edited on 03/20/17
Portland Metro : Portland : Fantasy for Adults Only : Review: Mar 12 2017 by Cum Bud
What I like about this place is how the booths are way in the back, away from the front of the store. The staff doesn't come back too often to bug anybody, so you aren't forced to spend cash if nothing is going on. They really could use more gloryholes. There's maybe three or four gloryholes. They focus more on booths with glass in between, if you want to open the electric shade to see the guy on the other side.

Nice central location so it gets a lot of traffic. All types of guys go in here, from fit white dudes to rough trade to Latino men to older guys.
Published or Edited on 03/17/17
Portland Metro : Portland : Eagle Portland : Review: Mar 12 2017 by Cum Bud
It's a good bar to meet hot men at, but rarely do I see any action here. Maybe a quick blowjob outside or in the bathroom but there aren't any places to get away with very much if you're looking to hook up here.

Best to find a hot guy and take him home. You can walk around naked, though, which can be hot. Varied mix of guys.
Published or Edited on 03/17/17
Sacramento Metro : Roseville : Galleria at Roseville : Review: Mar 11 2017
Wishful thinking, but no cruising here.

With the last positive Review in 2004, I'll mark this for possible deletion. I have actually seen longer intervals than thirteen years go by between Reviews with action, but it sounds like this place is no longer working. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 03/17/17
Phoenix Metro : Scottsdale : Zorba's Adult Shop : Review: Mar 11 2017
The best adult store in the Valley. Staff is very friendly and professional. Very clean arcades all the time and affordable. Five dollars buys about twenty minutes of play. The men are incredibly hot and fine.

Last Friday night I met a hot muscular blue collar stud still in his uniform. He grabbed my big long thick cock and starting sucking my rod. He would then slap his face with my massive cock. He wouldn't give up until he swallowed.

Will continue to cruise this place for many years to come.
Published or Edited on 03/17/17
Oklahoma City/Norman Metro : Shawnee : Rest area : Review: Mar 11 2017 by Hungry586
Rest areas both directions are closed. I assume it's for construction. Westbound has been closed a long time. Eastbound just closed a month or so ago.
Published or Edited on 03/17/17
Baltimore Metro : Baltimore : Fort Armistead Park : Review: Mar 11 2017 by vue02
Is this place really that good for hook ups?
Published or Edited on 03/17/17
Ontario : Kirkland Lake : Steve's Place : Review: Mar 10 2017 by steve11
Really nice place to get a blowjob just about anytime of day or night.
Published or Edited on 03/17/17
New York City Metro : Manhattan : X-Pressions : Review: Mar 10 2017 by Dan
Just passed by and was so glad to see this place is really gone for good. The X-Pressions awning over the sidewalk is gone. There is a store for rent sign up and the inside is now completely gutted.

I'm really happy these a-holes are outta business. OK, there were some who deserved to be thrown out and didn't feed the booths. But that chubby dude was over the top in the abusive way he treated people. And charging eighteen bucks for downstairs was greedy as hell.
Published or Edited on 03/15/17
Texas : Huntsville : Sam Houston State University, CHSS Building : Review: Mar 09 2017 by Anon
What's the status of the new gloryhole?
Published or Edited on 03/15/17
Pennsylvania : Allentown : Adult Outlet : Review: Mar 09 2017 by hairBB
Single booths, no gloryholes, mostly guys. A younger group.
Published or Edited on 03/15/17
Rhode Island : Providence : Adult Video & News : Review: Mar 09 2017 by Stranger
It is still called Adult Video and News. The last review had it confused with place next door. This place is cool. Under new management. Built a great theatre on one side and still booths with gloryholes.

Very friendly. I've sucked and fucked a lot of cock there recently. MMMMM

Thanks so much for the correction! ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 03/15/17
Illinois : Washington Park : Larry Flynt's Hustler Club : Review: Mar 08 2017 by Mmmm
Went twice between 11 am and 2 pm. There seems to just be 95% older (55+) white guys with mostly small dicks. They just hang around and go in and out and get in the way blocking your view with their fat guts.

I'm going to try one more time at a later time, hoping all the grandpas with be sleeping. Not really worth the steep fifteen dollar price.
Published or Edited on 03/15/17
New Hampshire : Rochester : The Pines Rest Stop : Review: Mar 08 2017 by Steve
The state removed this area over a year ago.

Thanks for the info!

I found a news article from a few years ago about concerns over cruising here and plans for possible changes: Exit 15 rest area in Rochester may be cleared to discourage sex encounters there.

Since that article, a Park and Ride was established off Rte. 202. No one has said if it's cruisy or not. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 03/15/17
New Hampshire : Rochester : Lilac Mall : Review: Mar 08 2017 by Steve
No one comes here anymore.

With the last positive Review in 2008, it may be no longer cruisy. I've added a note to the place description.

On the other hand, I've seen as much as fourteen years pass between Reviews with action. Not all cruisers post to CFS, so you never know. We'd all be happy to see a new positive Review here. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 03/15/17
British Columbia : Kamloops : Sears : Review: Mar 07 2017 by Rob
Great location.
Published or Edited on 03/14/17
Las Vegas Metro : Las Vegas : A-Action Adult Books & Videos : Review: Mar 07 2017 by UtahCock69
Oh yeah, going back to Vegas on Friday. Will be going here on afternoon of Saturday. I would love to start off by playing in the theatre this time. Would love to start by sucking, then if some of you are up for it tag teaming me.

I want to swallow as many loads as possible. Maybe take some up my ass.

[size=1][i]Love your enthusiasm!

You had entered dates from February, last month. Perhaps you meant the upcoming weekend, perhaps not.

You may have also missed the section in a big black box, some of it in bold, right above the Review form for Guest users who are not logged in as CFS Members. It emphasizes that if you want to arrange a specific time to meet people at this place, or any place, use our Message Board or Personals

A new function for supporting CFS Members to add their Member Nam...
Published or Edited on 03/14/17
Pittsburgh Metro : Coraopolis : Moon Township Adult Novelties : Review: Mar 07 2017
How is this place now?
Published or Edited on 03/14/17
New York City Metro : Manhattan : New York Hilton Midtown : Review: Mar 07 2017
I was here today and the door didn't need a key card. It just pushed open.
Published or Edited on 03/14/17
Austin Metro : Austin : 24 Hour Fitness: Austin Sport : Review: Mar 07 2017 by fitfreak
There is cruising in the steamroom / hot tub area. Pick up guys on the workout floor and they will follow to locker room. Check it out weekday afternoons. Filled with hot young professional types. There are some really hot guys here. A lot tend to have great abs, I guess it's the Austin thing.

Use the middle section of lockers and here's a tip: action happens at the back corner. Many times a guy at the big mirror will be a lookout. I was sitting on the bench when one guy needed to get to the locker on top of me. He put his fat cock in my face as he reached in and let me feel his furry ass.
Published or Edited on 03/14/17
West Virginia : Martinsburg : Variety Books and Video : Review: Mar 07 2017 by Hungryboi
Glad to report this place is still in action. I'm a young twenty-six year old twink and the daddies were mine for the picking.

I went midday on a weekday and probably eight or nine people there. The clerk was really friendly. A small hallway with little booths that play terrible porn.

But the men were pretty sexy. The first guy who caught my eye was probably early 50s, nice little bear gut, and very hairy! He followed me into a booth and I dropped right to my knees. Well, squatted because. Ew. He had a beautiful thick uncut cock. He fed the machine while I devoured his cock. And after probably ten minutes he shot a huge load all over the floor.

He left and I followed. I walked down to the end of the hall where in the last room was a much older guy. Late 60s but very sexy, good body. He was stroking a nice cock and motioned me into his booth. He slipped my sweat pants down and flipped me around and started fingering me. Hitting my spot perfectly.

There was a guy peeking ...
Published or Edited on 03/14/17
Arkansas : Little Rock : Adult Video and Arcade : Review: Mar 07 2017 by Masculine-Bottom
Went back after being away from Little Rock for four years. Not a spot of anything but trolls and the place is healthy and none of the movies work.
Published or Edited on 03/13/17
Tampa Bay Metro : Tampa : Rainbow Cabaret : Review: Mar 07 2017 by cumluvr4u
The website www.​rainbowcaberet.​com is not going to their site. It is pulling up a totally different site. It is pulling up a porn site that is showing all girls looking for sex.

Can you please fix this? Thank you.

Thanks so much for letting me know! I rely on cruisers like you to let me know about changes like this. The establishments themselves rarely contact CFS.

I found the newer Rainbow Cabaret web site and made the change here. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 03/13/17
San Francisco Metro : San Francisco : Westfield San Francisco Centre : Review: Mar 06 2017
From August, 2016 a man was beaten and robbed in the restroom here. This came two days a body was found in an emergency exit stairwell, with the death ruled a homicide.

"An investigation by The Chronicle in January showed that the 800 block of Market Street, which includes the Westfield mall, generates more crime reports than any other single block in the city."

Man beaten, robbed in restroom at SF's Westfield mall

I'm not adding a Heads Up to this link submitted by an anonymous guest. I summarized the link contents and it clearly sounds like a dangerous area. However, the story does not indicate that either crime was directed specifically towards cruising nor to men seeking men. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 03/13/17
Tennessee : Chattanooga : Cinema One : Review: Mar 06 2017 by cumluvr4u
Just wondering if there's any new update on the Cinema 1?
Published or Edited on 03/13/17
Toronto Metro : Toronto : Remington's Men of Steel : Review: Mar 06 2017 by robertcanada
This is now closed. Building will be demolished to make way for a condo.

Thanks for the update!

At this writing Remington's web site is still online and doesn't indicate a closure. There's also a Facebook page with a post from "23 hours ago" promoting "Amateur Night" on March 14, tomorrow night."

Nonetheless, I do see reports such as the following indicating that redevelopment is coming:

Nov 2016: RIP, Yonge Cinemas (Part 1)

May, 2015: Remington's Men of Steel threatened as Toronto strip clubs die out

I've added a note and putting the place on my list to review later. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 03/13/17
Mexico : Mazatlán : PP Club : Review: Mar 06 2017 by EcoSIstemas
Excellent news. There is a sign now as you get in saying not to take your valuables to the dark room.

So no wallet, no cell phone, no keys, etc.

Enjoy it!
Published or Edited on 03/13/17
Mexico : Mazatlan : Baños Sodomas : Review: Mar 06 2017 by Hector
The entrance fee is now $150.00 pesos, good for us but very expensive for Mexicans. So be sure to ask when you get in how many are inside. Saturday was so full I ended asking for a third condom.

I had three magnificent pieces of dick in a period of two hours.
Published or Edited on 03/13/17
New York City Metro : Queens : Sensations Video Warehouse : Review: Mar 06 2017 by nycdude3
All it takes is a few stuck up bitches to give a place an unfriendly tinge. I'm a good looking, masculine guy so it isn't for lack of desirability.

I've gone several times, more standing and posing than I remember in the clubs. Maybe I'll give this place another shot sometime. But only if I'm nearby, won't make a dedicated trip.
Published or Edited on 03/13/17
Mexico : Ciudad Juarez : Estambul Spa : Review: Mar 06 2017 by Carlos
I am sorry to say that staff is not friendly at all. The person behind the desk is more interested in using his Facebook than serving costumers.

The jacuzzi was filthy. Even worse, to save electricity the corridors are dark and I witnessed an accident with a lot of blood included. The man behind the desk didn't show sympathy.

A place to avoid.
Published or Edited on 03/13/17
Washington Metro : Washington : The Crucible : Review: Mar 05 2017 by Loneranger
New address: 412 V St. NE, Washington DC 20002. If using public transportation: take the Red Line and exit Rhode island Ave/Brentwood station. When you exit the toll stalls, take a right, cross the bridge, take the steps to the left. Left at bottom of stairs and walk along the paved trail. Keep walking and watch for signs on telephone poles for V St. (Carlos Rosario Intl. School), turn right and down the stairs. Crucible will ahead one block on your right.
Published or Edited on 03/10/17
Connecticut : Meriden : AMAZING Intimate Essentials : Review: Mar 05 2017 by dennisal
Cleaner and brighter. Booths are very large. Only saw one with gloryhole. Didn't seem as crowded as before. I was there at lunchtime.

However I did get to suck some cock, older white guy, by leaving the door ajar. I hope it starts to pick up more traffic.
Published or Edited on 03/10/17
Denver Metro : Denver : Act I & II Cinema : Review: Mar 04 2017 by D
Enter at the bookstore now.

Google shows the place 'Permanently Closed' but Bing does not. It also shows up on Westword's directory. I take it the theatre is open? ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 03/10/17
Maryland : Rockville : Sport & Health : Review: Mar 04 2017 by Rex
I'll be looking here!
Published or Edited on 03/10/17
Pennsylvania : Bristol : Fantasy Adult Center : Review: Mar 04 2017 by Jon
This place is hit or miss, lately more miss. The two guys who work nights are jerks, but they won't bother you once you pay $10. Used to find a lot more action here in the past, but now it's filled with lots of trolls and older dudes.

I've seen a guy from the front more than once come back when the occasionally a male/female couple comes in and join them in their booth.

It's worth a shot, you just may need to hang out a bit until a decent guy comes in. Lots of cocksuckers as always here.
Published or Edited on 03/10/17
Amsterdam Metro : Amsterdam : Oosterpark : Review: Mar 04 2017
Heads Up! There was a stabbing here near the museum the night of Friday, March 6, 2017.

'A stabbing incident that led to the death of a 33-year-old Eastern European man in Amsterdam's Oosterpark on Friday, has led to more attention for muggings in this known meeting place for gay men. According to Ellie Lust of the Amsterdam police's LGBT team, there have been a series of incidents in the park in recent months, Het Parool reports.

"There have been several robberies", Lust said to the newspaper. "These men are a vulnerable target group because it often involves men who don't openly live a homosexual life. Then you can't just go to the police. This is a bit like crawling into the minds of the perpetrators, but maybe they look for that in their victims." '

Fatal stabbing draws more attention to muggings at amsterdam gay cruising spot

Published or Edited on 03/10/17
Massachusetts : Lancaster : Johnny Appleseed Visitors' Center : Review: Mar 04 2017 by H@x0r
The hours have changed for this rest area. The restrooms are closed at 6 pm and the doors are locked.

There is still some cruising that goes on in the parking lot, but not much. And there's no place to play, as the woods are fenced off.
Published or Edited on 03/10/17
California : Modesto : Street cruising along Kansas Avene : Review: Mar 03 2017
For the longest time I thought this was BS. Maybe some queen that lived on this street wishing for rent boyster on it.

I finally saw Modesto's rentboy. Damn if it wasn't for the homeless tweaker thing he was cute. I passed.
Published or Edited on 03/09/17

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