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New Orleans Metro : New Orleans : Hilton New Orleans Riverside : Review: Aug 21 2017
Hooked up with a gym member, a tattooed Latino-looking guy. Definitely a place to pick up guys. Check out the gym.
Published or Edited on 08/23/17
Connecticut : Bridgeport : Romantix : Review: Aug 20 2017 by ifuckdaddies
Haven't been here in awhile and recently started going again. Every time I have gone it has been a great time. Have gotten men of all ages, gay and bi, who have sucked me good and then offered me their asses to fuck. Has been a good time when I have gone here.
Published or Edited on 08/23/17
West Virginia : Martinsburg : Variety Books and Video : Review: Aug 20 2017 by ISuckinConcord
Definitely cruisy! I stopped by mid-day on a Thursday, fully crossdressed. I love showing off. The crowd was older but all appreciated a lady joining them in the booth area.

One older guy reached up under my skirt right in the hallway and started to tell me of his days in Tampa under the control of a dom. His touch was so gentle and his story was amazing.

I told him I was not into older guys and he indicated he was cool with it and just wanted to tell me his story, so he lured me into a quiet booth. We sat there in the dark as he told me of his story — being pimped out to other guy, being under her control and some of the "regulars" he had back in the day. All the while he continued with the gentle touches on my legs, thighs, ass, inner thighs and panties.

The complete darkness was part of the attraction. All I had was his voice sharing his story and his gentle touch. It was amazing... Our senses are amazing how they compensate for each other and this guy wove an...
Published or Edited on 08/23/17
Pennsylvania : New Milford : Oneida Campground & Lodge : Review: Aug 20 2017 by ISuckinConcord
Wonderful place, especially if you like bear hunting. I was in the area and had the urge to get naked; this is a good spot. I stripped down and spent a few hours at the pool. It was fantastic.

It's a rustic campground full of horny men, and very friendly too. Guys are coming here from hours away and on the weekends they have different themes and activities.

There is a nice pool, a gloryhole building, some bonfire areas, a small snack bar and a club for nighttime fun.

I am not into bears, so for me it was some naked time in the sun and friendly conversation. It will not be my last time here.
Published or Edited on 08/23/17
Virginia : Roanoke : Video World : Review: Aug 20 2017 by ISuckinConcord
Stopped by here in July 2017 and was very disappointed. I went in fully crossdressed and was told I was not allowed back in the booth area. When I questioned this, the guy behind the counter didn't offer much of a reason other than "my boss doesn't want crossdressers in the back area."

While the "boss" didn't want me back there apparently a couple of patrons would not have minded as two guys followed me to the parking lot.

I declined both of their advances and told them to take it up with the "boss" inside.

Disappointed because the last time there I was not fully dressed, but wore a mini skirt and thong and had all kinds of attention including one nice man eating my ass out right in the hallway.
Published or Edited on 08/23/17
Texas : Winona : Picnic area I-20 West : Review: Aug 20 2017
This place can be hot. I met two guys here who were together. Both had big dicks and the best looking one smelled sweaty like a man. I fucked this guy, while his BF sucked him. We all sucked each other's cock and cum was flying everywhere. Both guys were in their early 30s. Both were uncut.

I would go back here whenever I can.
Published or Edited on 08/23/17
Illinois : Urbana : Lovers Playground : Review: Aug 19 2017 by gregjm
I visited here several months ago on a holiday weekend. The girl at the counter was friendly and and it was quite busy. I purchased some tokens and visited the video area which has a maze of booths with locking doors. Most of them have gloryholes connecting adjacent booths. I did not count the number. Unfortunately they were sometimes placed in awkward positions.

There were a lot of guys milling around and no women in evidence. I sucked a number of cocks through the gloryholes, several to orgasm and had my cock sucked to completion. Not a bad place.
Published or Edited on 08/22/17
Oklahoma : Seminole : Little Cemetery : Review: Aug 18 2017 by Hungry586
Did a drive by and found only the Cemetery and a gas station. Nowhere to park to visit woods. Need better description and directions.

Agreed! I did the best I could editing what was submitted about this place. Hope the cruiser who gave CFS this tip will come back and clarify things. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 08/22/17
San Jose Metro : San Jose : Guadalupe River Park and Gardens : Review: Aug 18 2017 by Henry
I came cruising here back in 2016 in February and found a guy to suck off and a dude watching us which was hot. This was happening deep in the bushes.

On my way out from leaving the park a older guy kept eyeing me and walked to the bathroom. I regret not following him into the stalls.

Just wondering if there is still gay cruising going around there, even after the string of arrests.

Considering that the arrests from the sting operation were dismissed and a class action lawsuit followed, why not check it out for yourself? As always in any public place, be discreet and cautious until you're certain it's safe to play.

If you do go here, cum back and tell us what happened. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 08/22/17
Riverside and San Bernardino Counties Metro : Fontana : Liberty Books : Review: Aug 17 2017 by Hot Damn!
Holly cow, what a hot place. Paid, got my tokens, went into the arcade and found every booth was taken by a guy standing where the doorway would be if the booths had doors, jacking off!

Most seemed kind of shy to make eye contact.

I made a "lip to tip" connection with one guy who looked over and nodded yes, to my pleading look, and who rewarded me with the sweetest, creamiest load ever.

He said thank you before I got a chance to. I cannot wait to go back.
Published or Edited on 08/22/17
Portland Metro : Portland : Silverado : Review: Aug 17 2017 by jcldaddybear
The pin on the map for this location is wrong! Silverado is actually downtown PDX, not Gresham.

Gotcha. I've corrected it.

Many of the maps on these pages were last updated in 2010 by an automated process which failed if the street address was missing or in an odd format — like this one had.

These days since we rely on geolocation and GPS ever more and more, I check each place as I publish new Reviews. With the coming software upgrade I hope to include the approximate GPS latitude and longitude coordinates on the pages.

Always grateful for corrections from CFS Members and Guests! ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 08/22/17
New York City Metro : Brooklyn : Plumb Beach : Review: Aug 17 2017 by 18teenAnd thick
Went here the other day. Parked all the way at the end following the highway and went into the trails. Seen an older black curly haired woman flashing some Hispanic guy. Looked up at me, smiled.

I stayed around. He turned her around and fucked her, so I decided to flash her. Thirty minutes later I'm fucking his 180-pound wife in all holes.

Later that day I was on the beach and seen a man in a wig wearing a thong. I walked by while fixing my already swollen tool. Short story short, I took his throat and then blew one on his butt and put his thong back up and walked away back to my car.

Last year there were a few bikers who tied a really sissy boy to a tree at his will deeper in the trailer. They took turns filling him up.
Published or Edited on 08/22/17
New York City Metro : Brooklyn : Near Closed NYC Red Room : Review: Aug 17 2017 by 8inchredbull
So. Even though the store is closed, right on that block going away from the beach, is a dead alley. Lots of action, trannies and crossdressers there after 10 or 11 pm.

After you pass the Red Room, it's a one way street away from the beach. A few steps and there is a dark alleyway to your right. Hang out there. Make some eye contact.

I had a Latino teen give me his asshole behind one of the houses there. Also there is a 50-something woman who hangs out on the corner, got to throat-fuck her for ten dollars. She is there usually but sometimes isn't.

I'd love to have some more willing cocksuckers here. It's a great spot.
Published or Edited on 08/21/17
Pennsylvania : West Chester : West Chester University - Killinger Hall : Review: Aug 16 2017
Blue Marsh parking lot to left as you come in to day area.

Doesn't look like this is part of West Chester University. Trying to solve a mystery, perhaps you mean the Dry Brooks Day Use Area at Blue Marsh Lake, almost 50 miles from West Chester. Looks like a likely good spot. ;-)

If I don't get some clarification or confirmation on this, when I can I'll set up a new page for Blue Marsh Lake and move this Review to the new page. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 08/22/17
Ontario : Hamilton : CF Lime Ridge Mall : Review: Aug 15 2017 by canman
Incredible place with 90% men looking for sex, a double door and private back area where the stalls are. You can almost always find hot action here with nice looking cocks ready to cum. Basically no traffic otherwise.

The mornings have regular horny visitors as does noon and after. It slows down after 6 pm but still good.

It's not unusual to have three guys going at it at once outside the stalls. Since it's so established it's very relaxed and easy to cum loads here.
Published or Edited on 08/21/17
Kansas : Junction City : Naughty-N-Nice Adult Entertainment : Review: Aug 15 2017 by n
Place is closed for good and is for sale.

Thanks. Google, Bing, and even Yelp still show it open, and under the Naughty-N-Nice Adult Entertainment name instead of After Dark Video.

I'm making a note of the closing on this page and adding it to my list. It'll take some time before deletion, and in the meantime someone may buy it and reopen it. It's happened with other adult stores. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 08/21/17
Connecticut : Hartford : Erotic Zone : Review: Aug 15 2017 by Josh F
Nice spot.
Published or Edited on 08/21/17
New York City Metro : Staten Island : Willowbrook Park : Review: Aug 15 2017 by Sean
Stop and Shop on Forest Ave. is a nice place to meet up, jerk off, suck, and even fuck in the big toilet. I sucked a few times here.

The bathroom is to the left when you enter. all the way to the back. Would like to see more guys here. Let's make it happen.

It's just a couple miles from Willowbrook Park. I'll make a note to add a new page for the Stop & Shop when I can and move your Review to the new page. Thanks!

Meanwhile, is Willowbrook Park still dead? Sometimes these places have action again even after ten or twelve years or more. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 08/21/17
San Jose Metro : Palo Alto : Immersion Spa : Review: Aug 15 2017
Heads Up! I've never had trouble at this place, but I've heard stories of people who have, also of crackdowns by employees or police, etc.

And I think one of those crackdowns might have been happening the last time I was there. At least one client, maybe two, were strange and uptight: moving from area to area, trying to pop up suddenly as if to catch people fooling around, not relaxing, keeping themselves carefully covered, and scowling at others.

It didn't matter much. I still met a cute guy, chatted, then fucked hard, off-site — we didn't want to try fucking on-site to begin with.

I was patient, careful, and expecting little. That's the key. Don't try to play here, unless everyone present is clearly interested. And stop, the instant someone else approaches.
Published or Edited on 08/21/17
Las Vegas Metro : Las Vegas : Desert Adult Books : Review: Aug 14 2017 by loftwolf
According to Google Maps, the joint is permanently closed.

Thanks for the update! I'm so grateful for what you've been adding to CFS recently. I'll note this on the page and add it to my list.

However, this particular case may be unclear since Google's information is essentially crowdsourced — just like ours. I've submitted many changes and corrections to Google Maps myself, simply because I look these places up all the time. :-) Google also has photos of the inside dated May 2017.

The store is/was part of a larger chain of stores. Their web page of store locations still includes this place.

When you were out and about on your trips and making those helpful reviews were you in Vegas and did you see the store closed? Or can we get a confirmation from someone who's been by the location? Thanks again. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 08/21/17
Los Angeles Metro : Hollywood : Melrose Spa : Review: Aug 14 2017 by Anonymous
Melrose Spa is now permanently closed. This location has been removed from the website for

Thanks for the update. The link we have for Melrose currently shows the message that it lost its lease and invites people to visit the Midtowne Spa or the 1350 Club. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 08/16/17
Phoenix Metro : Phoenix : Pleasure World : Review: Aug 14 2017 by george
I went in here last week. Kind of slow, sat in the back. Got my dick out. An older guy came in and started jacking himself, he had a huge cock. I whiffed some Jungle Juice and took his cock, and I was light headed enough to deep throat it. He could not get it real hard.

Another guy showed up and I sucked him to completion. Swallowed his thick load.

He left and the older gentleman started sucking me. I got naked and started fucking his face. I finally came in his mouth. We did a little cum swap and we both left. Need to go back.
Published or Edited on 08/16/17
Michigan : Grand Rapids : 2007 Division Avenue News & Video XXX : Review: Aug 13 2017 by anon
This place is closed.
Published or Edited on 08/21/17
Illinois : Chouteau Island : Chouteau Island : Review: Aug 13 2017 by Hungry586
Rains have dampened the action. But I was able to help a guy get off directly under the bridge in a little thicket. Early 40's, nice six-incher. Gobs of cum.
Published or Edited on 08/16/17
Kansas : Brookville : I-70 Novelty : Review: Aug 13 2017 by hornyksdad
Love this place! Wish the arcade was bigger and it was much busier, but still I manage to suck a couple guys off each time I go to their arcade booths.

I deleted your pics because they really show the gloryhole, cocks, and action, not so much about the place. They'd be great to upload to the Cruiser Gallery with your other pics! ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 08/16/17
Arkansas : Little Rock : Adult Video : Review: Aug 12 2017 by Sex-Traveler
Stopped in on a Sunday evening around 7 pm in late July. A few seedy looking characters hanging out front, but went in and paid my five dollars to enter the arcade area.

There were no films playing. Instead the booths contained a computer keyboard and you could select your own porn from the Internet.

There were only a couple of guys in the arcade area when I arrived. One was older and heavyset, not my type. The other a nice African-American, probably in his 30's, who was standing in the doorway of a booth focused on a movie.

I stepped in the booth next door, loaded one of my videos from XTube where I am working a massive dick, and suggested he check it out. Gave him time to warm up and then went for his dick. No complaints when I touched it, so got it out of his pants and soon had a nice BBC down my throat. I asked if he liked to fuck and he put on a condom and gave me a good fuck.

I stuck around for a while, got to suck another nice fat white dick on a guy in his 20...
Published or Edited on 08/16/17
Arkansas : Little Rock : Cupid's Lingerie : Review: Aug 12 2017 by Sex-Traveler
Stopped in around 6 pm on a Sunday evening in late July. No one else in the place, no gloryholes so I didn't stay long. There were some used paper towels in the trash cans in a couple of the booths, but no idea how long they had been there.

I headed back down the road to the other ABS since I had seen cars in the parking lot there.
Published or Edited on 08/16/17
Arkansas : Texarkana : Venus Adult Superstore : Review: Aug 12 2017 by Sex-Traveler
Stopped in on a Monday afternoon around 4 pm in late July. I didn't find any arcade, but I did find two theaters, one straight and one gay. In the straight theater there was a middle-aged man stroking his cock.

I stood next to him and pulled my cock out. I then reached down and grabbed his cock, and he seemed to enjoy it. So I dropped to my knees and began to give him head. I managed to talk him into using my phone to take a video of me sucking him, up through him filling my mouth with his load.

Stayed around for another half hour, but no one else showed up.
Published or Edited on 08/15/17
Riverside and San Bernardino Counties Metro : Kelso : Kelso Depot Visitor Center : Review: Aug 12 2017 by Sex-Traveler
I stopped by to check out the Kelso Depot Visitor Center. As I pulled into the parking lot, I saw a man standing at the end of the public toilets building quickly grab his crotch. I parked, walked past him with a hello, and entered the men's room expecting him to follow. He was standing outside, and I checked him out again. He entered the men's room and went into the handicap stall. I re-entered and he motioned him into the stall. I ended up getting some great and totally unexpected head.

Not sure if this was totally random or whether it is a regular cruise spot. It certainly has potential. It's in a separate building from the depot. It has two urinals and two stalls.
Published or Edited on 08/15/17
Columbus Metro : Columbus : Exile : Review: Aug 12 2017 by ColBiGuy469
This place is now closed for good. Owner sold the property for a new development that is going in.

Thanks for calling my attention to this. I'm sorry to see that the Facebook page indicates the bar owner passed away after the last time I updated this page. Previously, it had indicated a possible reopening in a different location. In any case, this was already on the list for future deletion. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 08/16/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Eros Video : Review: Aug 12 2017 by Lucho
Agree with the other guys. Just wasted seven dollars yesterday. A Friday 11 pm and there were only two older guys beside me. I miss the smell of cum and the smell of dick. Now it's Febreze. No action.

I remember the other location so well. Friday was full house. I think they made a mistake closing the other store. RIP.
Published or Edited on 08/15/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Eros Video : Review: Aug 12 2017 by Lucho
I was bored and Fiesta was dead so I went to Eros. Three guys were doing JO in a group and after finishing they left.

I was enjoying the movie when all the sudden this guy came in, tall Latino husky, lots of ink and drunk. He sat next to me and pulled his clothes off. Not much, just shorts and a t-shirt. No underwear and was wearing sandals.

He sat on my dick and fucked my cock until I emptied my nuts. Rimmed me and went back to my dick for a terrific blow job. It was around 1 am Wednesday. Highly recommended.
Published or Edited on 08/15/17
Phoenix Metro : Scottsdale : JW Marriott Scottsdale Camelback Inn Spa : Review: Aug 12 2017 by Chris
The spa is located at the back of the property, consisting of it's own outdoor adult pool, restaurant, gym, and locker room. You pay for a $25 day pass that allows you to hang out all day.

After putting your things in your locker and changing into a robe (or towel), there is a men's only lounge where you can relax and watch TV or even take a nap.

Where the fun is is the wet area. Once you enter, you come to about a twenty-person jacuzzi and a small cold plunge pool. To the right are about eight showers, with a large multi-jet one in the back which is amazing. There is also a large steam room and decent size sauna which faces out to the jacuzzi.

Been here a few times and it is either hit or miss. But when you hit, it is hot married men walking around naked with hard ons. Play in the steam room and take it to the back shower or your room. Staff just comes in once a while to give a tour to a new arrival or to pick up towels.
Published or Edited on 08/15/17
Iowa : Sioux City : Romantix Sioux City : Review: Aug 11 2017 by paul
Need a street address for my GPS.

You got it, and the current name and hours too. When you try it out, come back here and give us a Review. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 08/15/17
New Hampshire : Keene : Ashuelot River Park : Review: Aug 11 2017 by Guest
Met a guy here and for some privacy we went to the other side of the river from the main trails. When I undid his pants, I found a big hard cock encased in silk panties.

He squatted and took my cock into his mouth. I ran my fingers through his hair and grasping his head between both hands, fucked his mouth.

I took a long time to come and really enjoyed being in the sun and surrounded by nature with the delicious sensation of his warm moist mouth wrapped around my pole. I came in his mouth. He swallowed me and then sucked me for five minutes more, massaging my softening cock with his tongue to drain every last drop.

In the half hour we were there no one disturbed us.
Published or Edited on 08/15/17
Florida : Pensacola : University of West Florida - Edward Ball Nature Trail : Review: Aug 10 2017 by Tommy
My boyfriend took me here and we found ourselves all alone. So I sat down on a bench, pulled down his swim trunks, and sucked his cock for the first time!

We've been banging and blowing ever since but the trail holds those wonderful memories for the two of us!
Published or Edited on 08/14/17
Salt Lake City Metro : Salt Lake City : Warm Springs Park & North Gateway Park : Review: Aug 10 2017
Place still exists, was in the wrong location. Just Google it. The bar Club JAM is also still there, just a block down. Wonder what it's like here after the bar closes...
Published or Edited on 08/14/17
Italy : Milan : Cinema Ambra Hard Movie : Review: Aug 10 2017
There's an unofficial Facebook page for this place with a 5-star review from "about 10 months ago," which would be November, 2016. Seems to be open after all.
Published or Edited on 08/14/17
Dallas/Fort Worth Metro : Arlington : University of Texas at Arlington - Physical Education Building : Review: Aug 10 2017 by Hornycollegehisp
Great open showers with naked showering. Less traffic and usually very quiet. Do show up and visit!

You do not need a college ID or any ID to get in. Occasional looks and stroking sessions.

Thanks! Great to see the first Review here since 2001!

Not every cruiser visits or posts on CFS. Just because there might not be a recent Review doesn't mean a place isn't worth checking out. If you're there, someone else will cum. Have fun! ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 08/14/17
Fort Lauderdale Metro : Pembroke Pines : Pembroke Lakes Mall : Review: Aug 09 2017 by Frog
Went a few weeks back and had a brief encounter in the JC Penney bathroom. There's like five stalls and urinals open under and the handicap stall was a great find.

Some places around the mall take patience.
Published or Edited on 08/14/17
Houston Metro : Houston : Children's Museum of Houston : Review: Aug 08 2017
Yup, that's Thursday Family Free Nights. Should be lots of bored daddies on hand! :) Be careful, though, if there's a crowd.
Published or Edited on 08/14/17
Orange County Metro : Santa Ana : Santiago Park : Review: Aug 08 2017 by albaqaahuna
Heads Up! I would be very careful in this place. Police patrols have actually stopped in this place, and that is actually a bad thing. Why? It is now full of homeless people camping and crackheads/drug addicts/tweakers who will rob you or assault you.

I spoke with a man who was savagely beaten and robbed by three men who left him badly injured. He did not make a police report because he's here in this country without papers and he's scared of being deported. Another person had rocks thrown at him by homeless people. Somebody else had somebody pull out a knife and chase him.

If there is nobody here or hardly anybody, I recommend not hanging out here. Only go here when it is crowded. There is more safety in numbers. However, when the man was beaten by three people, nobody came to help him. All the other men cruising just ran away.

Cholos also come here to jump and rob people. Be careful!
Published or Edited on 08/11/17
Philadelphia Metro : Fairless Hills : YMCA Fairless Hills : Review: Aug 07 2017
Is this still a good spot? I'm looking to get into cruising and would love a nice sauna time.
Published or Edited on 08/11/17
Pittsburgh Metro : Pittsburgh : University of Pittsburgh - David Lawerence Hall Auditorium : Review: Aug 07 2017
This location no longer exists, really. The bathroom was remodeled and is totally unsuitable for cruising now.

Thanks for the update! CFS has always allowed a couple years to pass before deleting a place, and I have a backlog. I've added it to my list and will come to this later if there are no further reviews. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 08/11/17
Budapest Metro : Budapest : Palatinus Strandfürdő : Review: Aug 05 2017 by updater
Ruined by renovation. Nude sundeck is now women only. Locker rooms are mixed and those famous back showers exist no more.

Filled with obnoxious screaming kinders.
Published or Edited on 08/11/17
Wyoming : Casper : Emporium Video : Review: Aug 05 2017 by cruzing_sd
Decided to stop in as I was riding around the area today. This place is still open and located at this address.

Decent selection of vids and toys in the front. Arcade is an "open" area lobby — no door or curtain — with little sound isolation to the front desk and free view into the front. It is semi-dark, with booths that have lockable doors. No gloryholes that I could find.

Also, stayed around for about an hour sampling the booth videos, no traffic in the arcade while I was there.

I did notice they have a cork board for people to leave notes to call them. Not necessarily solicitations, but more bathroom wall "call for a good time" type of notes.

Maybe someone else can figure out the best day of week and times. This place still has some potential assuming the front desk isn't worried about interrupting.
Published or Edited on 08/11/17
Florida : Palm Bay : AIS Trail Park : Review: Aug 05 2017
Heads Up! Warning don't go here. Was here today. After being here twenty minutes a cop pulled up, blocked my truck in, and harrassed me for twenty minutes. This is pure bullshit. I wasn't even crusing. Stay away from AIS Trail Park. The cops are back.

Before this, it was a good place to have some fun outdoors. Would stay out of the restrooms but you can get some privacy back off on the trails. You can hear people approaching long before they can see you.

Three men were arrested in separate incidents in a sting operation in late June, 2017. All were charged with lewd and lascivious behavior; two were also charged with exposure of sexual organs. Names, town of residence, photos, and even occupations were published in one or more local media accounts.

WFTV: Police: 3 arrested on suspicion of lewd behavior at Palm Bay park

Florida Today: [url=http://...
Published or Edited on 08/11/17
Baltimore Metro : Baltimore : Fort Armistead Park : Review: Aug 05 2017 by bonerhound
This park attracts a redneck older crowd. It's overgrown, and parts are dangerous simply because of the terrain, the garbage, and the condition of the concrete former gunnery section. Wear long pants and comfortable shoes. I go to watch, but not getting into any action there.
Published or Edited on 08/11/17
South Dakota : Hot Springs : Nelson's Oil & Gas : Review: Aug 05 2017
There is a Nelson's at that address in Hot Springs. The map link is correct, but the city is not.

Here's an image of the location.

Thanks so much for the correction! ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 08/10/17
New York : Waterloo : Show World : Review: Aug 05 2017 by Curious Dude
Been a few times, generally no one around. My last visit quite the surprise. Someone just opened the door and joined me, a few moments then he was on his knees. I opened the curtain between the stalls and gave the guy next door quite the show.
Published or Edited on 08/09/17

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