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Chicago Metro : Chicago : Manhandler Saloon : Review: Jun 20 2017 by Jim
Was here a few weeks ago and got fucked while bent over a bar stool. My fucker came in my ass so loudly that it attracted some nearby workers. When I left I serviced some of them in their van. Putting on my lucky striped shirt and going back.

You said you were going back on a certain afternoon, which has already passed. I had to delete that.

Also, only cruisers logged in as CFS Members may announce plans on these pages. There's always a delay of a few days because every Review goes through the CFS editorial process before publication. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 06/22/17
Pennsylvania : Bethlehem : The Green Door : Review: Jun 20 2017 by Mike
I love the last review. I am a filth pig and love dirty nasty places.

When I went here I licked this guy's dirty asshole. I begged him to feed but wouldn't. Another guy heard me begging and put his ass to the gloryholes and fed me. I ate it all and rinsed down with his piss.

This place is excellent. I drive two hours to get here and stay four or five hours.
Published or Edited on 06/22/17
Maryland : Laurel : Love Craft : Review: Jun 19 2017 by kscdc
Was in on Friday. A tall white construction worker was there. He slipped into a buddy booth and I went to the other side. I looked in as he undid his belt buckle and let his jeans fall to his ankles. He then gently pulled his pretty underwear down and revealed a large, beautiful, cut cock.

I slipped him the poppers that I have hidden in there and he sniffed some and began stroking his pretty man meat. He looked down at my pleading face and stuck it through the hole and deep into my throat. His cock was very sweet and the aroma of him was intoxicating! I eagerly and greedily took all of him as he shoved it all in, balls deep. I was slobbering all over his man meat as saliva dropped from my mouth and hit the floor. After several minutes, he unloaded his sweet jiz down my throat. He handed me the poppers back and left. I put bottle back in its hiding spot and went looking for more. I found more...

So after I did the tall construction worker, I was hanging out and then a tall dark ha...
Published or Edited on 06/22/17
Washington Metro : Washington : Glorious Health Club : Review: Jun 19 2017 by kscdc
I had a small amount of time today and decided to check out the Glorious Health Club in DC again. The parking lot was pretty full but that did not correspond to a lot of people inside for some odd reason.

Went in and scoped things out. There were some people about and an older white couple were fucking and fisting each other. My thought was that it seemed a little early for that, but to each his own. LOL

Cruising around and I spot a tall good-looking Hispanic man roaming around. He disappeared and I moved into the small, more private gloryhole room and went to the back by the garage door and stood there for a few minutes. Lo and behold, here comes the tall Hispanic man. He saw me and then stood with his back against the door and unzipped his jeans and pulled out his beautiful thick large uncut meat! I looked at him and then dropped to my knees in front of him.

He smelled sweet, fresh and clean and I went deep on him. He moaned and grabbed the back of my head to ...
Published or Edited on 06/22/17
Washington : Bremerton : Bremerton Cinema : Review: Jun 19 2017 by patronpk
As of recent days the Cinema has been boarded up & signs posted "Closed Permanently." Rest in peace, it was an old friend for years!

Now what? The rest of the places like this are not 'up to snuff' comparatively!

You'd also asked on the Message Board what happened. Google and Yelp both confirm it's closed, but I couldn't find out more info about why it closed. Sorry to see it go. I know it's been a popular spot. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 06/22/17
South Australia : Port Adelaide : Bilo toilets : Review: Jun 18 2017 by Shut
Toilets currently shut, anywhere else?
Published or Edited on 06/22/17
Idaho : Boise : Over 19 Adult Bookstore : Review: Jun 18 2017 by Bill
Was here June 15 right after they opened. Got in a booth and was really wanting someone to stick their cock through the gloryhole for me to suck on. But instead I got an ass in the hole so I lubed my dick up and pounded it till I blew all my cum inside his man pussy.

I really wanted to suck some cock. Going another morning around opening time to see if i can suck some dick this time.
Published or Edited on 06/21/17
Cleveland Metro : Richmond Heights : Richmond Town Square : Review: Jun 18 2017
This posting needs to be removed. Sears has closed. The entire mall has closed.

Thanks for letting CFS know. I'm adding it to my list for deletion. Looks like the place has been changed into Richmond Town Square and Sears closed in March, 2017. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 06/21/17
New Jersey : Tabernacle : Wharton State Forest: Carranza Memorial Area : Review: Jun 18 2017 by Hknd
It's summer, too hot to wear clothes outside. And too warm not to have sex outside. I'm at Wharton State Forest Carranza Memorial Parking Lot, usually late Saturday afternoons. I love giving head to cool guys. Come shirtless so I know you're ready for some action.

Look for a late model white car in the parking lot. I hike a lot often shirtless and sometimes in white, black, or other spandex shorts. I'll be in the vicinity. Plenty of nearby areas to walk to or drive to get more privacy within a 1/4 mile.

Cool. I moved this from Wharton State Forest, at the southern end of the forest, to this page for the Carranza area and parking lot. Looks like a big forest! Have fun! ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 06/21/17
Pennsylvania : Carlisle : Mature Fantasy : Review: Jun 18 2017 by wil
I go here a lot. Weekdays at the lunch hour is good. I wear a sexy bra and panties and always get a cock to suck, or more. I love being watched, so this place is perfect. The older daytime clerk is totally cool with whatever goes on. Even comes back to watch sometimes.
Published or Edited on 06/21/17
Tampa Bay Metro : Tampa : Buddies Adult Video : Review: Jun 18 2017 by loftwolf
Visited one weeknight and the place did not disappoint! For a seven dollar entrance, the place is huge and has several theaters and couches everywhere.

There was action going on all over the place and I enjoyed blowing a few dad dicks while there. It's cruise and be cruised from theater to theater and no place to hide. Voyeurs would love it, as I sure did.
Published or Edited on 06/21/17
Tampa Bay Metro : Tampa : Adult World : Review: Jun 18 2017 by loftwolf
Visited late on a weeknight to a slow crowd. Fifteen dollars got me into both the theaters and unlimited video booths, but you have to walk back through the sex store to cross from one to the other. The woman working the counter was helpful and kept to herself while I stayed for an hour and a half to see only a handful of guys show up.

Got on my knees in a booth for a hung, young, Latino dude and enjoyed that face fucking. Then I eventually followed a bald bear to the theaters where he sucked my cock and bent over a couch to give me his furry ass.

Exhausted, I left about midnight.
Published or Edited on 06/21/17
Portland Metro : Aloha : Mr. Peeps Adult Superstore : Review: Jun 18 2017 by Drew
I've been coming here for seven years and I used to daily love it. But about a year ago, this place has been taken over by a bunch of Mexican queens and they are there day and night or at least every time I go there. They're scaring all the straight men away and most of the time they don't feed the machines. Time to find another place.
Published or Edited on 06/20/17
New York : Utica : T.R. Proctor Park and F.T. Proctor Park : Review: Jun 18 2017
Heads Up! Four men were arrested in an undercover operation at T.R. Proctor Park and F.T. Proctor Park in mid-June 2016. Photos with names and city of residence were published in local media including newspapers, TV, and Internet.

Utica police arrest 4 men, including 80-year-old, for lewd behavior in parks

A similar operation in June, 2016 resulted in the arrests of seven men.

7 men accused of lewd acts at Proctor Park
Published or Edited on 06/20/17
Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill Metro : Durham : XSightment Video : Review: Jun 17 2017 by blknc_1234
Is this place still open?

Google and Yelp both say yes. Check it out and whether they're closed or open, come back and let us know how it went. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 06/20/17
Montana : Bozeman : Rest area : Review: Jun 17 2017 by d-dubs
Place still has plenty of action.

One thing to mention: pretty much every morning of the week there is a group that comes and sets up a coffee and pastry station and talk to tourists. They are aware of the bathroom, and are not thrilled. I avoid during those hours. They start around 6 am.
Published or Edited on 06/20/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Ascarate Park : Review: Jun 17 2017 by Big Black Cock
If you're into military dick, I recommend lunch time. From guys just going to J/O while you watch to active cocksuckers or ass pumping experts. Plenty of big white, brown, and black military dick.

Best action I've seen, the front restroom to the right close to the baseball field. Avoid the rest room at the lake.

Second best, the restroom on Joe Yarbrough Drive is in front of another baseball field.

And the third great one is at the Golf Club House. Plenty of action all over the picnic tables and car sex.
Published or Edited on 06/20/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Eros Video : Review: Jun 17 2017 by Big Black Cock
Frank P, I used to go two or three times a week to get head. Most sure you gave me pleasure, I hope.

But the problem is the parking is in such a high traffic area of Montana Avenue. My car has a military decal and in the old location the back parking lot was ideal. Here all see you parking and getting in the store.

My dick is always ready but I now go to State Line Arcade far west or to Fiesta. Take care. Wish you the best.
Published or Edited on 06/20/17
California : Bishop : Keough Hot Springs : Review: Jun 17 2017 by bobwe1
I was here on Thursday, June 15. Got here early, and the best pool was taken. So I waited an hour or so and the people left and I moved over there. I was alone for quite a while before people started showing up.

After a while a guy in a pickup truck pulled into the spot next to me. He quickly got nude and started walking around, then got in the pool by his truck.

We kept watching each other and I would see him licking his lips. After about ten minutes of soaking he got out of the pool and sat on a big rock stroking his cock.

Then he came to the pool I was in and got in. We talked for awhile and the subject turned to his PA and other cock and ball piercings, and my cock ring. Also he was shaved, which for me is a huge turn on.

Pretty soon, before I knew it, I was splayed out on the rocks with him between my legs giving me some great head. He'd suck me until I was ready to spurt and then I'd make him stop so I could recompose myself. It was early and I didn't want...
Published or Edited on 06/19/17
San Francisco Metro : San Francisco : Folsom Prison : Review: Jun 16 2017 by sfwellbred
This place has been closed for years.

Thanks so much for noting this! The news of the closing came to CFS shortly after Keith, my former boss and CFS "Cruisemaster" passed away.

I hadn't started keeping a list of places to delete yet, or else it would have been long gone. Deletions are backlogged right now because of other priorities. Nonetheless I'm grateful to you for letting me know so we can be sure to delete it when possible. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 06/19/17
Wisconsin : Kenosha : Kenosha Steambath : Review: Jun 16 2017 by Grecomanxyz
I went around 1 pm and it was packed with young horny men. I took a quick shower then to the steam room. While I was there I kept hearing what sounded like clapping but it was guys slapping their cocks on their thighs as a sign they wanted a blow job.

A 20-year-old sat next me and there he was slapping his 8-incher then he leaned over and said he is ready to cum, can I give him a blow job. Of course I would. I worked his meat and then went to his balls. He said he was coming so I put my mouth on his head and stroked his shaft and balls. He shot a huge sweet-tasting load and I thought that was it.

But within thirty seconds of still having him in my mouth he blew another load in my mouth!

I stayed another ninety minutes and I had another five cocks, all no older then 23 or 24. Now that they are on college break it's loaded with young cock
Published or Edited on 06/19/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Eros Video : Review: Jun 16 2017 by Singh
What a tremendous difference between the old location and this one. Yesterday I was there at 12 noon and left at 4 pm. Not even the old Mexican crowd goes. It's like the place had disappeared. Very disappointed. Wasted seven dollars, one viagra, condoms, and a tube of lube.

The only dick that tried to fuck me came in less than ten, yes TEN seconds.
Published or Edited on 06/19/17
New Jersey : Fort Lee : George Washington Bridge Park : Review: Jun 16 2017 by NYGuyNY
I used to go to this place ten years or so ago and it seems nothing like it used to be. I have tried this spot recently as of May this year, usually afternoons, and have found nothing. I can see the trails I used to follow are grown over now. It really has changed.
Published or Edited on 06/19/17
Washington Metro : Washington : Glorious Health Club : Review: Jun 16 2017 by bottombill
I stopped by Thursday night. The parking lot was about half full, so I decided I would go in, get naked, and probably just jerk off watching some videos in the video room. So I stripped down and started walking around stark naked.

I went to the back dark area and stood there for a while stroking my cock. A Black guy came in and started playing with my cock, got me rock hard, and I reached into his pants and pulled out his cock and began stroking it. I knelt down and began sucking his cock. It was pretty big, but I could still deep throat it. Then he motioned for me to get up. I thought he wanted to fuck me, but he said he just got there and didn't want to cum right away. What??? So he left.

After a while I left and went to the video room to play with myself. On the way I saw a big Black guy coming the other way. He was looking at my dick — I am hairless — so I stopped. He rubbed his hands all over my chest and stomach and then down to my cock. He played with my co...
Published or Edited on 06/19/17
Massachusetts : Springfield : Sheraton Springfield Monarch Place Hotel : Review: Jun 15 2017 by oringinalgamer64
Met a guy who heard about the steam room from this website. We met and I got to suck his perfect cock. It was hot!
Published or Edited on 06/16/17
Palm Springs Metro : Cathedral City : Perez Image Video : Review: Jun 15 2017 by slguy39
This place is much better as of late. It seems the cranky help is gone and they now have a couple of women working the front desk. They pretty much leave you alone although once in a while will come through asking you to drop money. Nothing like the threats that the previous clerks used to use. It's still hit or miss as far as hotness and age go.
Published or Edited on 06/16/17
Palm Springs Metro : Palm Springs : Fitness Point : Review: Jun 15 2017 by slguy39
This place has been closed for a couple of years now. Moderator may want to delete.

Thanks. It's on the list. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 06/16/17
Denver Metro : Denver : Eagle : Review: Jun 15 2017 by InDaHood
The Eagle is closed.

Thanks for the info. Searching just now I found this from Westworld last year: The Denver Eagle to Close April 2 After Sendoff Party ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 06/16/17
New York City Metro : Manhattan : The Blue : Review: Jun 15 2017 by Maulnes
Only had half an hour before my train. Took a chance and got to suck the biggest cock and balls I've ever had in my mouth. Magnificent but couldn't stay long enough to get him to cum. 11:30 on a Thursday morning and worth every minute of it.
Published or Edited on 06/16/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Eros Video : Review: Jun 15 2017 by Frank P
Monday -> Nada. Tuesday -> Nada. Wednessday -> Nada. Time to erase it from my list. Sad. At the old location it was a terrific place.
Published or Edited on 06/16/17
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Ascarate Park : Review: Jun 15 2017 by military dude
Best action after 4 pm till close.
Published or Edited on 06/16/17
Guam : Harmon : Playboy Shop II : Review: Jun 15 2017 by Keith
My phone determined the address here to be 1939 Army Dr. It was open about 4:30 on Wednesday when I drove by and first located it, but was closed at 8 pm on Thursday when I tried to go by, it was locked up tight.

The sign outside calls it "Guam's Premier Head Shop"

Again, thanks for the info! ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 06/15/17
Guam : Harmon : Playhouse : Review: Jun 15 2017 by Keith
My phone determined the address here to be 2239 Army Drive. It is also Hwy 16. Very small front end, piled with mostly VHS tapes. To go into the back you have to "rent" a movie before entering. I opted to not bother.

Thanks for the address. I wasn't able to find the place searching by name — is it correct? — or address. Google's Street View was a bit blurry for me. I'll go with your info regardless. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 06/15/17
Dallas/Fort Worth Metro : Fort Worth : Rainbow Lounge : Review: Jun 14 2017
A fire caused the bar to close June 1. One of the owners says they plan to re-open the Rainbow Lounge in a new location, perhaps in the Fall of 2017.

See: Still Not Over The Rainbow
Published or Edited on 06/15/17
Maryland : Lexington Park : Plaza Books and Video : Review: Jun 14 2017 by anonymous
Was here this last Saturday morning. As soon as I entered a booth, a long thick white cock pushed through. I immediately dropped to my knees and began sucking that fine piece of meat.

After a couple of minutes of deep-throating, I greased my ass and then centered on the gloryhole. The dude gave me one hell of an ass fucking! He slammed my ass for almost ten minutes! I paid him back by sucking his cock clean after he gave a big sperm enema.

A couple of minutes later I let another dude into my booth. Sucked his cock, too, before I bent over and took his cock up my ass. He gave me a good fucking and came in me as well.

I had cumfarts all day long. Haha.
Published or Edited on 06/15/17
Sacramento Metro : Sacramento : Oasis Sauna : Review: Jun 14 2017 by chunt
This location is closed. After sitting in the parking lot — they have always been on time or early — for 30 minutes, a neighboring business owner provided the info.
Published or Edited on 06/15/17
Fort Lauderdale Metro : Pompano Beach : Adult Novelties : Review: Jun 14 2017 by Rob
Went here this past Monday morning. The curtain is still there. Walked into a booth with a gloryhole, put on some gangbang porn, and started stroking my cock. My intention was to work a couple of cocks and get some loads. Boy was I surprised!

After a couple of minutes of stroking my cock I heard someone go in the booth next door. I took a peek through the hole a bit later and I saw this hot black girl and an older guy and he was fingering her pussy while she's watching porn. Her knee was right by the hole so I slipped my hand through and started feeling her leg.

He grabbed my hand and put it up against her pussy and I started playing with her clit. He made her stand up and put her pussy up against the hole and I started licking her clit. After a few minutes of that, he pulled her back and asked me to come in their booth. I went right over.

She stood up facing me and he told me to fuck her so I moved up and pressed my cock against her pussy but damn, she was tight. So he ha...
Published or Edited on 06/15/17
Washington Metro : Washington : Glorious Health Club : Review: Jun 13 2017 by bottombill
I don't think this place is as bad as Tony and Ks feel. I am the chub white guy there, easy to spot me, I am stark naked feet and all. I am open to most everyone.

I will be there Thursday night from about 2 - 4. Would love to get fucked by multiple guys.
Published or Edited on 06/14/17
Los Angeles Metro : Van Nuys : Roman Holiday Health Club II : Review: Jun 12 2017 by bottombill
OK, I forgot one incident. I was walking past a room and a Black guy was stroking his cock while watching a video. I pushed his door open a bit and asked if he would like his dick sucked. He nodded. I stepped in, got on my knees between his legs, and began sucking his cock.

His cock was long but not too thick. I was able to take it down my throat and bury his cock and balls deep in my mouth. After sucking him for about ten or fifteen minutes he began to arch forward and involuntarily gyrate his hips so that he was fucking my mouth. He began moaning and soon exploded into my mouth. His cum tasted good.

He offered the trashcan for me to spit his cum into, but it tasted so good, I opened my mouth to show him all his cum — it was a large load — then closed my mouth, swallowed, and opened my mouth to show it was gone. He was pleased.
Published or Edited on 06/14/17
New York City Metro : Queens : Fair Theatre : Review: Jun 12 2017 by Mike
The place is what it is. I go once a month and always enjoy myself.

What I don't understand is there are always a couple decent looking trannys that stay in a booth yet never seem to want to hook up. Are they looking for cash?

I am a young good looking guy and whenever I try to interact with them they wave me off. Maybe I'm not their type but it seems like nobody else is either. I don't get it.
Published or Edited on 06/14/17
Orlando Metro : Orlando : Wet 'N Wild Waterpark : Review: Jun 12 2017 by Joe
Permanently closed. Location was demolished in 2017.
Published or Edited on 06/14/17
New Jersey : Hackensack : Hackensack River County Park : Review: Jun 12 2017 by NYGuyNY
I've been going here for years, average guys, lots of places to hide. There are regulars.

Bizarrely, there is this handsome Black or Dominican guy who walks around completely naked and wont let you touch him. He just jerks this huge dick and looks at you. The closest I got to him was about ten feet. Very odd, he's really taking a chance though walking around like that but this is how he gets his thrills I guess.

There are "straight" guys of course looking for blow jobs or to fuck. Not a huge amount of people here though but a nice place to walk around looking and maybe getting lucky.
Published or Edited on 06/14/17
West Virginia : Paw Paw : Avalon Resort : Review: Jun 11 2017 by Jayishereandthere
So, I have been to Avalon three times now during 2016. I wasn't aware the place was a cruising location until after my second visit when I was openly approached twice by two different men during the Avalon Fest. Mind you I wasn't out looking for anything but sun, music, and hanging out naked.

I am new to male/male hookups and have just been on the receiving end of three blowjobs from guys, one at age 15. But yeah, the place offers some secluded woods and other options, such as tents, RVs, and travel trailers for your personal encounters. Just be conscious that the place is a family-oriented resort and no one wants to be a part of your personal sex party.

I missed the Faerie Fest, but do plan on heading there for the Avalon Fest and Fireworks weekend. I am down to let any guy who is looking to suck a guy off, so if you are heading to Avalon hit me up.
Published or Edited on 06/13/17
Connecticut : Hartford : Erotic Zone : Review: Jun 11 2017 by Todd
This used to be a hot spot, but has declined quite a bit in the past year. Don't be surprised if you see crackheads lighting up in the open. It was because of that and other drug abusers that the bathroom was permanently shut down. In my opinion, just not worth it for free, let alone ten bucks.
Published or Edited on 06/13/17
Texas : Cooks Point : Picnic area : Review: Jun 11 2017 by PassIngBy
Love this spot. Low traffic, but great for outdoor hookups. Had a regular guy that would meet me there. It's very hot sucking and fucking with traffic passing so close by.

I moved the map pointer from the center of Cooks Point to a spot on Hwy. 21 that looks more likely for cruising. If it's not the right spot, let me know. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 06/13/17
Austin Metro : Austin : Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park : Review: Jun 11 2017 by LunchGuy
Had lunch here last week in the west parking area. A guy drove though and made eye contact as he passed. He came back and parked up by the restrooms. Walked past his car and he followed me into the restroom.

I pissed and he pulled his cock out. I stepped back so he could see me big hard dick. Stroked a few times and shot a huge load for him.
Published or Edited on 06/13/17
Texas : Granger : Granger Lake : Review: Jun 11 2017 by PassingThrough
Was here about April of this year and sad to report the toilet partition has been removed. It's just a room with urinal and toilet now.
Published or Edited on 06/13/17
Indianapolis Metro : Indianapolis : Adultmart - Indianapolis East : Review: Jun 10 2017 by Solid
This store is now called Adultmart and no arcade, no movies.
Published or Edited on 06/13/17
Texas : Rockdale : Park and Ride : Review: Jun 10 2017 by RestAreaRegular
Stop here once a week. Have hooked up several times with all types, country farmers, middle aged men, hunky daddies.

If a guy drives and is alone, just make prolonged eye contact as they pass you. If they stare back then you probably are in for a hookup in the woods.
Published or Edited on 06/12/17
Indiana : Hammond : Sibley Courtyard Inn : Review: Jun 10 2017 by dave smith
Man who lived upstairs killed himself. Shots fired in parking lot April 7, 2016.
Published or Edited on 06/12/17

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