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This section for alerts is the place where we help one another learn about current police operations and other forms of bashing.

When you submit a tip on any Sex Listing, you can indicate if it belongs in this section by selecting the 'Head's Up' option. Throughout our Sex Listings pages you may find this notation, 'Head's Up'. This indicates that we have reports of police action or bashing at that location.

CFS recognizes that there is an appropriate place for police to protect the public, including cruisers. However, we will report on enforcement of "victimless crimes" where cruisers are targeted by police.

Get the ACLU Mobile Justice App currently for 17 states and the District of Columbia. You have the right to record what happens with police.

To read legal opinion about the civil rights of cruisers, we suggest the resources of the Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund and the American Civil Liberties Union.

Lambda Legal's undated 2000s version of their Little Black Book is excellent and deals directly with the rights of men who cruise, although there is a changing legal environment regarding cruising in some parts of the USA. The Lambda Legal link changed. It's also on Google (1993 version) at Little Black Book and the more recent version is in our archive. También en español..

The American Civil Liberties Union has a wallet-size guide, applicable to citizens of the USA, that deals with how you should respond whenever you encounter the police. This version is from 2010, and it applies with this 'Heads Up' page revision, October 2015: You can download a the 2010 version of the card from their Website. La ACLU también tiene esto sin la tarjeta en español. This link also changes, and you can find the English-language card in our archive.

Permission is hereby granted to reproduce and circulate these alerts. Please include the following notice: "Permission to reproduce given by Man Kind Endeavors, LLC. Originally appeared as part of the Website CRUISING for SEX."
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New York
Niagara Falls
Video Liquidators
About to go there for the first time.

Be sure to come back and let us know how it went. Thanks! ~ Editor
Jun 25 2013
Orlando Metro
Airport Lakes Park
Just got raided in early June. Eight guys arrested. Jun 19 2013
Los Angeles Metro
Los Angeles
Lions Spa
Had a hot time here. Had a sexy Latino guy suck my cock so long and so deep. He was very butch with many tattoos and he loved sucking cock. Also saw some other guys playing, mostly Latino, White, Black, and then Asian. But heads up! They threw one guy out in the sleeping room who was sucking cock. Banned him and took him to a room. Don't know what happened after that so always play with caution. Jun 17 2013
Detroit Metro
Highland Park
Worldwide News
Police raided this spot in early June. It is now boarded up and shut down. Jun 17 2013
San Francisco Metro
San Leandro
Marina Park
There was an undercover sting operation here in June, 2012 that resulted in arrests. Two men have filed a lawsuit which may affect the cases of dozens of men. The city was targeting only gays, not straights. See Clearly there is attention being paid to this location, so cruise at your own risk. Jun 13 2013
Tampa Bay Metro
Saint Petersburg
Pinellas County Rest Area
Beware of a guy that drives a white Ford Explorer. He is an undercover guy. He has a beard and usually wears a flannel shirt with jeans. Jun 12 2013
Thompson Hill Rest Area / Information Center
Several posts have popped up lately on C/L that state that the local police are instituting stings/traps at this location. These reports claim they are using C/L to do this. Be careful if you go here! This place may no longer be safe. Jun 12 2013
South Australia
Cruisy beat on Bridge Street
Be careful as toilets are being watched. No real action seems to be happening here anymore. Have seen police staking out the toilet block. Jun 11 2013
Adult Video & Gift Outlet
Friday June 7, 2013, undercover cops arrested two men having sex in the booths. Jun 08 2013
Seattle Metro
Delong Park
This isn't an indoor sex club but the homos are treating it like one. I'm not stupid and I know what goes on in the bushes. To each his own. I don't mind, until the guys at Delong start coming out to the main trail and exposing themselves!

Guys! Keep it in the bushes! I've seen one teenage female leave crying because one homo exposed himself to her and her boyfriend. I've seen one man threaten another man and claimed the first man got caught in the act by the second man's niece.

And today I personally witnessed a penis from the main trail. I guess that was this particular's homo's mating call. Yes, he was wagging it towards me!

Come on guys! Keep the family aspect of this family park intact. Take your activities into the bushes.

And for god's sake, DON'T assume every man in the park is gay.
Jun 04 2013
Fort Lauderdale Metro
Fort Lauderdale
Middle River Terrace
I have friends who live in this area, and even from my experience of walking through this area your name will get called that sounds like they know you, and they are selling drugs. Sadly, most seem to be under 18 and already on the wrong side of life. Be careful, keep your eyes open, and I do not recommend this as an area to openly do things. May 31 2013
Seattle Metro
Freeway Park
I was caught there a few months ago. Do not attempt. May 30 2013
New York City Metro
Central Park
Bloomberg and his cops have ruined this much-needed sexual outlet. What is the point of stopping men from having sex in a secluded area of Central Park? I got arrested here last year. I had to go to that horrible court downtown and ended up getting a plea bargain for disorderly conduct or some nonsense. All for having sex in the dark where no one could possibly see us without a flashlight. The cops were the ones who committed a crime by placing handcuffs on us and abducting us. And I think the Mexican guy I was having sex with got deported. For what? Nothing!

In Berlin's Tiergarten you can be completely naked and easily have sex in hidden places. Is this wrong? No, it's good and healthy. There is no where else in New York City that is good for cruising. The city needs to take into consideration that this kind of activity is natural and beneficial to society as it provides a release for male sexual aggression. I've been all around the world and cruising happens everywhere. It has always gone on and is necessary, good, and healthy. Wake up New York government: You are the one committing the crime!
May 29 2013
Seattle Metro
Mercer Slough Park
Undercover cops lurking now during late nights/early morning. May 29 2013
Hikshari' Trail - Elk River Access Area
This is now a public walking path and it is very heavily traveled. They ripped out the reserve and turned it into a public area with self-guided tours. May 28 2013
New York City Metro
Forest Park
Still very active but be cautious, police presence has been sighted. Rumor is that the task force that is cracking down on the bathroom cruising at Union Turnpike and 71st-Continental are the same as the one patrolling the park. May 28 2013
Fort Smith
Rice Carden Walking Trail
This place is dangerous! Stay away! There have been numerous arrests here over the past couple of years. May 22 2013
Ušće Park
Update: Lot of bushes are cut to ground. But there are some left still. Be on the alert, police may make a raid, but you will be warned by flashlights. May 21 2013
New Mexico
Was here today when the place was raided. I was given a warning because I had just entered the theatre and my pants were up. May 19 2013
Park and Ride
05/10/2013: Police have been making arrests here using undercover officers. Beware! May 12 2013
Tampa Bay Metro
Saint Petersburg
4th Street Mangroves at Howard Frankland
DANGER: This place is not safe. Undercover operations take place weekly and you can get a ticket just for being on the paths. Harassment is fairly constant and it is easy for cops to know if someone is there since you can drive by and look for parked cars. Hopefully you will heed this warning before you, too, end up arrested or at the very least have your vehicle recorded for future harassment! May 11 2013
Knoxville Metro
Sharp's Ridge Memorial Park
Back in the news again, be careful here.

Knoxville News Sentinel: Knox County Commissioner Jeff Ownby pleads no contest to public indecency; commission to seek censure
May 11 2013
Knoxville Metro
Oak Ridge
Solway Park
The posted location is not correct. The park is on the south side of Edgemoor and immediately west of Haw Ridge Park. The park has an asphalt 1/4 miles circle and fishing pier. Undercover Oak Ridge police are often present so be very careful what you say and do not break any laws while there.

Editor's Note: Thanks for the correction. The initial listing may have been referring to a parking area near the park. I've updated the listing to include your information in addition to what was previously provided. The Google Map should also be helpful.
May 10 2013
South Carolina
Granby Park
Be careful in there, cops are undercover, some days there some days not. It can be a hot fuck place with young guys if cops are not there. May 10 2013
Dallas/Fort Worth Metro
Town Park
Cops always around every time I've gone. May 09 2013
Don't even think about doing anything in this place other than work out and shower, or enjoy the steam room. The posters on the wall about illicit behavior are for real. You get caught doing anything, your membership is revoked and police called on the spot. May 09 2013
Harhoura Beach
Two guys recently were arrested for having sex in a car. Not clear if this was near the beach or not, but Arabic newspapers indicate that police have also cracked down on cruisers at the beach area. See May 08 2013
New York City Metro
DVD Explosion
Used to have some of the hottest black cocks around. Now it's just lame black hustlers showing their limp cocks and asking for money. And picking your pockets if you're not careful, so watch out. My friend had his cell phone snatched while he was having sex with a guy. Not sure what happened to all the hot black guys, but it seems like the same crowd at a couple of the places in Chelsea. Take care. May 02 2013
Adult Video Gallery (Old Paramount Club)
Reviewer CJ is right on. I was at this place last night when the cleaning lights went on and in walked a slim blonde 45ish junkie type who announced to the only three patrons in the theatre (including me) that if we so much as lowered our pants in the theatre, we would be thrown out either by him or by the cops. This once was a great place but not anymore. May 01 2013
Vancouver Metro
Steamworks Vancouver
If it wasn't bad enough that the place might only feel full for maybe an hour or two on a Saturday night. Things just got more pleasant when a staff member had a meth freak out in the middle of the night so bad that what customers were there were afraid to leave their rooms. Cops had to be called to take him away.

Whoever owns this place needs new management! The managers they have are never there!
Apr 30 2013
Birmingham Metro
Alabama Veterans Memorial
Police sits up there all the time. Apr 30 2013
Walkup and Robinson Memorial Reservation
Police activities here. Apr 29 2013
San Diego Metro
San Diego
Balboa Park (Morley Field)
Was here last weekend and the cops were all over this place like fly-on-shit. It sucked because there was a hot dude with huge cock I was nursing on. I went over to the Redwood Circle and two hot tops banged me out hard, deep, and long. Seems better on that side.

Editor's Note: See the listing for the Balboa Park Fruit Loop area for information on the west side of the park:
Apr 21 2013
Columbus Metro
Durancreaux Park
Was arrested there. Be careful of SUV with black curtain behind seat. Apr 21 2013
Hertfordshire - England
Brocket layby
New reports of dogging have led to stepped up police patrols: Apr 20 2013
Zone D'Erotica
BIG WARNING! For you truckers, a religious group here called "Repent Amarillo" have been taking down the company names and truck numbers of trucks parked there and are sending a letter and pictures of the truck to the truck companies, asking them if they know that their driver is stopping at a place like this! Apr 19 2013
Adult Video Gallery (Old Paramount Club)
I'm going to try again. This place is getting busted two or three times a week. It's dirty the people are rude and their parking lot has big ass holes that they won't fix, It tears the shit out of your car. Than they have the nerve to tell you if you ask about them to go elsewhere if you don't like it. It was going down for the last two years and than the rich old guy that opened it {for his own play ground} died and the kid that ran it was given it in the old man's will and he doesn't put a penny in the place, plus he's junkie and has his friends hang around all the time that makes fun of us "FAGS." Nasty place, stay away!

Editor's Note: You've posted similar reviews of this place every day for several days running. It isn't necessary to post more than once, and most of the repeats have been deleted. Typically there is a time lag of five to seven days between submission of a review and it being edited and published on the site. Please be patient and do not resubmit the same review. Thanks!
Apr 17 2013
Zone D'Erotica
I just joined and wanted to warn everyone that the police have been hitting this place three or more times a week. Plus the people are still as rude as ever. I have heard they tell others about the "FAGS" that come in there all the time, real assholes. Apr 12 2013
Adult Video Gallery (Old Paramount Club)
The cops are busting like crazy here. Besides the cops sometimes some very mean rednecks fuck with you on the parking lot. It's in a very rough neighborhood. Plus it is still nasty as hell, plus the parking lot has big pot holes. My car hits the ground. Not going there again. Apr 12 2013
Nashville Metro
Rockland Park
Nashville News 4 just had a story on this park. Police are patrolling and people are being arrested! Apr 11 2013
Carderock Recreation Area
The Park Service workers (who have no legal authority) have become really aggressive here, harassing the guys in the park. Recently while I was sitting in my car alone, a Park Service worker (in a government issue pickup truck) came up to me and took my picture. Let me reiterate that I was doing nothing but sitting in my car, enjoying a beautiful day. These guys are trouble. Not sure what's going on. Apr 11 2013
Turkey Run Recreation Area
The Park Service workers (who have no legal authority) have become really aggressive here, harassing the guys in the park. Recently while I was sitting in my car alone, no one else in the parking lot, a worker in a government (Park Service) pick up pulled up to me, slowed down, staring at me. He drove off and then circled back. He came by me again and yelled, "I know who you are!" He then sped off. I waited awhile, reading email and enjoying the weather. When I went to leave, a few minutes later, he passed me again slowing down to glare at me. Not sure what's going on. Apr 11 2013
New York
Rest area
Cops are everywhere. Apr 10 2013
Fort Lauderdale Metro
Fort Lauderdale
Middle River Terrace
Not a good idea. This area is very dangerous. Lots of straight drug dealers, etc. Apr 06 2013
New Jersey
River Road Park
This is a police trap. Many have been arrested here. Stay away for sure. Apr 02 2013
Hamel Memorial Park
SPD Undercover officers have been at this location frequently. Mar 27 2013
Rincon Point Beach
This used to be the hottest beach in Cali but there are some local nudists, str8, that think they own the beach and have killed almost all of the action. Sheriffs also stand on the cliffs with binoculars and long range cameras. Mar 26 2013
San Francisco Metro
University of California - Dwinelle Hall
Heads Up March 25, 2013: Police are doing undercover stings using multiple plainclothes people. Male and female patrol officers are involved. Mar 25 2013
Mazo Beach
The beach will now be closed on weekdays because police were not successful in the crackdown.
Mar 21 2013
Puerto Rico
San Juan
Ocean Park Beach
Still the best cruise area in San Juan, but the police patrol it constantly. If you see the lights heading your way, walk out to the street or down to the water's edge. Mar 21 2013

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