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Heads Up Listing

4498 matching results for "Heads Up Listing, 1":

This section for alerts is the place where we help one another learn about current police operations and other forms of bashing.

When you submit a tip on any Sex Listing, you can indicate if it belongs in this section by selecting the 'Head's Up' option. Throughout our Sex Listings pages you may find this notation, 'Head's Up'. This indicates that we have reports of police action or bashing at that location.

CFS recognizes that there is an appropriate place for police to protect the public, including cruisers. However, we will report on enforcement of "victimless crimes" where cruisers are targeted by police.

Get the ACLU Mobile Justice App currently for 17 states and the District of Columbia. You have the right to record what happens with police.

To read legal opinion about the civil rights of cruisers, we suggest the resources of the Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund and the American Civil Liberties Union.

Lambda Legal's undated 2000s version of their Little Black Book is excellent and deals directly with the rights of men who cruise, although there is a changing legal environment regarding cruising in some parts of the USA. The Lambda Legal link changed. It's also on Google (1993 version) at Little Black Book and the more recent version is in our archive. También en español..

The American Civil Liberties Union has a wallet-size guide, applicable to citizens of the USA, that deals with how you should respond whenever you encounter the police. This version is from 2010, and it applies with this 'Heads Up' page revision, October 2015: You can download a the 2010 version of the card from their Website. La ACLU también tiene esto sin la tarjeta en español. This link also changes, and you can find the English-language card in our archive.

Permission is hereby granted to reproduce and circulate these alerts. Please include the following notice: "Permission to reproduce given by Man Kind Endeavors, LLC. Originally appeared as part of the Website CRUISING for SEX."
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Location Comment Text Created
Sheldon Park
I checked out this place only three times throughout the Spring and Summer. Of those times, I got zero action. I went at various times.

The place was dead. By that, I mean there were absolutely no other humans anywhere near it.

The third time I checked it out, I was harassed by a cop driving around there, asking what I was doing. He bothered me for almost an hour, before finally telling me I could go.

Avoid this place at all costs!

Considering your review and the last one in 2015, I'll mark this for possible future deletion. I have seen cases where a few years go by and then action starts up again at a place, so it's rare to delete a place quickly. ~ Editor
Oct 25 2016
Knoxville Metro
Boat Ramp
"A 77-year-old Knoxville man is facing indecent exposure charges after admitting to performing public sex acts at a boat ramp off Alcoa Highway, police said."

The story goes on to give his name and describe him "masturbating and performing oral sex on another man" at the boat ramp. A younger man was offended by his advances, pulled a knife, and called police. He also claimed he saw the man charged "and yet another man masturbating one another. [The man charged] then performed oral sex on the other man."

The man charged later "admitted to the allegations, according to the report." He "said he did not know the other individual, who left in the white van shortly after the officer arrived" and "also told the officer he had engaged in the same behavior at the boat ramp in the past, but had not been there for about a month, according to the report."

From Knoxville man, 77, cited after performing public sex acts at Louisville boat ramp

Similar arrests have been reported at this or possibly other boat ramps in the area in the last two years:

2015: Two cited for indecent exposure at boat ramp

2014: Two men cited in indecent exposure sting off Alcoa Highway
Oct 23 2016
El Paso Metro
El Paso
Street cruising near Texas and E. Mills Avenues
Not to be repetitive, but there's many hustlers around Eucalyptus. They usually do the universal cock-sucking signal or they grab their crotch.

I seen one pulls his pants down to show his ass and his minimum 9-inch dick with a cock ring. But they all expect some monetary compensation.

Be extremely careful. Few of the Uber drivers hang around here but they just go to j/o while watching the parade of hustlers.

Thanks for reemphasizing the need for caution. I'd wondered if the guy who asked questions on Oct 16 had really understood the two previous Reviews, much less the "Older Reviews." There's a permanent Heads Up on this area for a reason. You might have some fun. Or you might be robbed, arrested, or worse. It's AYOR - At Your Own Risk - as we said years ago.

Thanks again, and for all your Reviews. You'd be very welcome to join CFS. You'll be in control of what information you share, including contact info. As a trucker, you must get around a lot and you also know the history and background of many places. Would love to have more Reviews from you. ~ Editor
Oct 20 2016
Farrington Woods Park
"The city has agreed to lease a caretaker's home in a west side park to a police officer, in the hopes of cracking down on public sex among senior citizen men that plagued the area this summer."

From Danbury hopes to end public sex in park by having cop live there
Oct 12 2016
New York City Metro
Xcellent DVD
I went in there this morning and there was this young Latino standing outside the door. The back was closed so I left.

The Latino guy outside the door said, "Yo!" and started following me. I shook my head and then he started yelling, "Where's my money?!" And when I went across 6th Ave. he started yelling, "Where's my money?!" louder. When I went down the subway steps he got really mad and said, "Where's my fuckin' money, faggot?!"

I looked up this place on Google and made a few small corrections for this page. I couldn't find the current hours, even checking several sites, so I removed them.

Clearly and aggressive homophobic people can be found many, many places. I'll keep the 'Heads Up' alert you have on this, although whether this is typical of this business is unknown. ~ Editor
Oct 11 2016
New Hampshire
Victory Park
Police have begun watching the park and neighboring lot intensely and are sending in undercover officers. Do not go here. The risk is not worth it.

I did a quick search and found the news of the August, 2016 assault and robbery in the parking garage across the street. The victim fought back and stabbed the male assailants, said to be "two people he knew."

I didn't see anything specifically related to gay cruising, but it's understandable that police would watch the area, especially with the murder later that month of another man in Prout Park less than two miles away.

Nonetheless, the 'Heads Up' does seem warranted. Best to cruise elsewhere for now. ~ Editor
Oct 08 2016
New York City Metro
Grand Central Station
Me and another guy were arrested a few months ago. Seems the cops are lurking out of uniform and catching guys in the act. Cost me a few hours in a cell in GCT, a desk appearance ticket for a later date, and a fine. Not worth the risk.

Thanks for sharing this. CFS has several 'Heads Up' alerts today. I'm sorry you went through this. It's important to stay safe.

I did a quick search for news reports of recent gay undercover stings at Grand Central but found nothing.

Perhaps in a place as busy as NYC it isn't considered newsworthy unless it leads to an extended court case or being overturned on appeal, as in Long Beach and San Jose, where class action lawsuits are pending following the dismissal of charges against cruisers earlier this year.

I hope someone in New York will follow California's example. ~ Editor
Oct 07 2016
El Paso Metro
El Paso
Street cruising near Texas and E. Mills Avenues
I think it's important to alert you guys of this. Three weeks ago on a Tuesday around 9 pm I was cruising Eucalyptus St. and a guy came to my window and asked me to follow him to the alley to give me a blow job. The alley ends at the rail tracks.

I pulled out my dick and he said let's go to the end. The train was crossing so the alley was blocked. All of a sudden three other guys came and the next thing I remember I was at the ICU of a local hospital with a cerebral concussion.

They stole my car with my wallet and laptop inside but I am alive. Be extra careful. That area is not what used to be.

Thanks for the Heads Up, and I'm glad you're alive.

I did a quick search for news reports, including the El Paso Times and one TV station, but found nothing.

Perhaps under the circumstances you did not file a police report, although both ending up in ICU and the stolen car would both tend to attract attention in El Paso, a city claiming an overall low crime rate. ~ Editor
Oct 07 2016
Pittsburgh Metro
Moraine State Park
The reviewer CUM2mee is absolutely correct about Moraine State Park. Since he did not label it a "Heads Up", I will do so for him. Let's just be perfectly clear, pretty much all of the public parks in the Pittsburgh area are under surveillance and are heavily patrolled by undercover police and park rangers.

Pittsburgh police in particular are as homophobic as they are corrupt, and if they even think that you may be cruising, make no mistake, they will arrest you! And all that rhetoric about asking them if they are a police or cop and they "have to tell you" is complete rubbish. At the end of the day, it's not worth the risk.

Thanks for the Review. Can you also provide links to news stories about arrests at Moraine State Park and also at other locations in the Pittsburgh area?

This would be extremely helpful for verification and documentation and also to allow me to label specific parks which have been especially subject to scrutiny by law enforcement. I had only a couple minutes to search, but I still could not find any news stories or other recent links related to this. Thanks again. ~ Editor

PS., As anonymous reviewers, it is possible that both you and CU2mee are the same person. You might even be a non-cruiser seeking to deter cruising activity here. This is another reason why I seek news stories for verification.
Oct 07 2016
Buck Creek State Park
The news is reporting that a Clark County public defender was arrested for public indecency at this park for engaging in a sex act at this park. Park rangers are watching!

Thanks for the info. I found this Clark County public defender arrested on public indecency charge and this Clark County to continue sting operations to combat sex in local park.

It helps to have the links to the stories. This seems to be an unsafe place; CFS hasn't seen positive reviews there in years. ~ Editor
Oct 04 2016
Houston Metro
BJ's Adult Video
Police were there on Saturday night. Be careful! Sep 29 2016
Boston Metro
Fellsway Reservoir
Apparently there was a major cruise bust there several weeks ago, Another cruise site shut down that page to let people know of the perceived danger to cruisers.

Shutting down a page — if that means removing it — seems extreme. Better to leave it up so that cruisers on teh Interwebs would see the warning.

I searched once again, quickly, but couldn't find a news report for any recent arrests at Fellsway Reservoir or "Fells Reservoir arrests." Looking at the map I imagine this place is known by more than one name. Perhaps someone can supply a link. ~ Editor
Sep 27 2016
Los Angeles Metro
Los Angeles
Central Library
LAPD undercover cop gave a guy head cruising in a public park. Then his undercover buddies made a bust on the poor victim receiving the blow job by this cop. This park is off of the 134 freeway gridiron park area.

This is submitted for the wrong place.

I honestly cannot determine where it should so, since the name of the park wasn't given and there are many parks, big and small, along the 134 Ventura Freeway. Maybe it was in Griffth Park, maybe somewhere entirely different. Not being local, searching for "gridiron park" is not helpful.

I had to edit this substantially to make it readable. I also cannot find any news stories to verify this. I'm surprised to hear LAPD would do this after this year's California court decisions and class action lawsuits about gay entrapment in Long Beach and San Jose.

I considered deleting this a probable hoax, but decided to publish it in case there's something to it.

Can someone provide the correct location and also a link to a news story for verification? Thanks! ~ Editor
Sep 26 2016
Delaware State Park
I would still exercise extreme caution in who you approach. Last time I was here I spotted this guy who looked like he could be hot, but when I got close to him he was carrying a long sheathed serrated kitchen knife in a jack knife pouch on his belt and bad look in his eyes. I got the heck out of there. Simply not worth it. Sep 03 2016
North Lido Beach Park
An undercover sting is scheduled through August/September 2016. Too many complaints from residents (locals).

Thanks! I did a quick Google News search and didn't actually find anything about arrests, only this intriguing headline: Top story at North Lido was once on lack of tops. However, it wasn't at all what I hoped it might be. ;-)

Anyhow, forewarned is forearmed. ~ Editor
Aug 25 2016
Puerto Rico
Rest area
The northbound side is still cruisy. The southbound side is a target for cops.

Got a blow job tonight on the northbound side by a older cocksucker. He ate my ass, too.
Aug 14 2016
Puerto Rico
San Juan
La Playita / Playa La Peña
Too many cops and lots of construction. Don't waste your time. Aug 14 2016
Puerto Rico
San Juan
Condado Beach
Careful, cops arresting cocksuckers. Aug 14 2016
Honolulu Metro
Mokuleia Beach
Police busted a couple guys for being naked this past Wednesday. Fortunately for me I got covered up and he didn't ticket me.

Of course there were women completely naked and none of them were arrested. They were just asked to put something on. Infuriated me.

The lady who has the horse farm apparently is calling the police in to stop the nudity.

Quick question, is the the same beach from these links?

March, 2016: Residents, swimmers clash over 'clothing optional' beach

November, 2015: Complaints about nudity at Mokuleia Beach growing

Undated, after March 26, 2013: Concerns about nudity, sex acts at beach in Mokuleia and Siri Masterson and the Case of the North Shore Orgy Beach

The last one talks about the legal distinction and double standards for men and for women.

Anyhow, I got to these pages while actually had been checking the location and wondering if the map was in the right place, since there's a lot of older incomplete address information on the site. Please let me know if I should change the directions, address, or map location. ~ Editor
Aug 12 2016
Boston Metro
Charles River
Cops like to check this place out. They will run your license plates. I was there and a cop arrested me since my license had been revoked and I did not know it. It was a mistake and it ended up fine, but he warned me that the cops monitor the place. Aug 10 2016
Fort Lauderdale Metro
Wilton Manors
Colohatchee Park
Police sting operations were conducted as recently as 2006. Although there is no current crackdown, this year "police officers have made seven arrests at Colohatchee and issued 42 trespass warnings to individuals believed to be at the park 'with ill intent.'"

Because Wilton Manors is known as a gay and gay-friendly city, it seems to be trying to balance these efforts against its reputation. The latest effort is evening "Woof and Wine" intended to encourage more dog-walkers and "legitimate" evening use of the park. Broward-Palm Beach New Times suggests:
“Woof and Wine” is arguably not the best name they could have chosen, and it's not clear whether people who stop by for a free glass of wine or some hors d'oeuvres will return to the park with their dogs on a regular basis.

Wilton Manors Residents Complain About Too Much Sex at Colohatchee Park

Wilton Manors Giving Out Free Wine to Discourage Park Sex

Regarding May arrests and cruising over the years:
Aug 02 2016
New Jersey
Truckers rest area
There is one NJ State Trooperwho seems to enjoy hassling non-truckers in this rest area.

August 1, 2016, 1:30 - 1:45 pm, State Trooper M. Gallant, no badge, was driving a marked car with NJ plate SP-A438A. He drove in, recognized my car because of the bumper stickers on it including a rainbow, and asked for my license, where I was going, and where I was coming from. He took the license back to his car came back returned my license to me and "cautioned" me about "loitering."

I've seen many other NJ State Troopers pass through this area. Some have stopped to ask if I'm OK, others ignored me.

I believe Trooper M. Gallant is on a private, personal mission with these stops. He has never issued me a citation for anything. I believe he keeps a personal, private log of our encounters.

CFS takes care not to publish personal information about cruisers on these pages — even if you post your own, I don't know if it's someone pretending to be you. However, we do publish information about the police. Without a time-consuming search, I was able to verify that there is or has been a trooper with that first initial and last name.

I'm also adding a 'Heads Up' warning to this. Even though you have not been isued a citation or arrested, it sounds like you've been repeatedly hassled.

This does not constitute legal advice (as they always say) but you may wish to talk to an attorney about filing a complaint or other action. ~ Editor
Aug 02 2016
Puerto Rico
Plaza del Caribe Mall
At the end of April a raid took place in this JC Penney. 13 guys were busted by undercover cops. Two major newspapers of Puerto Rico had the story.

Thanks for this.

Also, just so everyone knows, it helps to have links to newspaper stories for things like this if they're available. I don't care if they're in Spanish or any other language, since most people can use Google Translate or some other translation tool these days.

I did find one story: 13 arrestos por prostitución en tienda por departamentos en Ponce.

That sounds alarming, although it's basically indecent exposure and propositions. Among the things the police claimed they heard was "te pago si lo tocas." ("I'll pay you if you touch it.") Maybe that one's soliciting prostitution, I don't know about the others.

The story also mentioned other unnamed stores in the mall, but said when contacted by police they didn't see it as important as Penney's did.

I'm curious how this turned out, if there were plea bargains, fines, jail time, or what. One of the men was German; although the German consulate was mentioned it wasn't clear what resulted. ~ Editor
Jul 26 2016
Los Angeles Metro
Van Nuys
Woodley Park
The best cruising spots of Woodley Park as of July, 2016 are now found within that bushy acreage just north of Burbank and east of Woodley. Park on the sandy strip off-road and hop the fence to get down to the walking path. Nothing happens on the path itself, but take any of those "hiking trails" off the path into the bushes and it will lead you to various discreet areas where you will find some action.

I see a lot of posts recommending the bathrooms way north in another section of the park, and the archery range — near the outdoor theater! — but a lot of those areas are now devoid of action due to civilians frequenting them with their families. Stay south for the best action, in that area. I describe:

Many changes over the years at this place, with the heavy cruising woodland area south of Burbank being deforested by the city council due to complaints of the cruisers there, so the key word is be discreet. Always be on the alert for cops and civilians, who sometimes stroll through the deeper bushes with their kids — due to the walking trails being so inviting!

Cops sometimes use tiny "drones" that go flying low above the bushes, to seek out any activity. And rarely there will be cops on foot, or in unmarked cars on the sand parking strip. Nighttime, they will occasionally do drive-bys with bright spotlights.

Not trying to turn people off here, because I am a regular at all hours of the day and night. You can always find some action, no kidding. Just be discreet and careful and you will be okay. Although in being discreet, don't look too suspicious yourself!

After 9 pm, the action moves out of the deep bush areas and closer and closer to the street, until by 11 pm to 5 am, you can find action on the sandy off-road parking strip itself within the cars and mini-vans that park there. It's an excellent place and I hope guys continue to frequent the place, so I can keep getting action!

Normally I wouldn't have a heads up without some details of arrests or citations, ideally a link to a news story.

However, since the patrols are so heavy — Drones? Wow! — I'll keep it as you posted it. As you say, there is still action anyhow but you have to be careful.

I don't have time today to update the page details, but I'll add it to my Calendar to do ASAP. ~ Editor
Jul 23 2016
Atlanta Metro
Piedmont Park
Police found men in a 3-way "about 9:30 p.m. on a recent Wednesday." One man left, the others continued until seeing the officer, then left in different directions. One man ended up arrested for indecency.

Read the story from Project Q Atlanta including humorous commentary and explicit excerpts from the police incident report:

Man arrested after Piedmont Park 3-way goes bad
Jul 15 2016
Philadelphia Metro
30th Street Station
Undercover and plainclothes police and cameras everywhere in there. Those days of hooking up and having sex in that men's room are over. Make no mistake, the cops and undercover police will arrest you. Same with NYC Port Authority and Grand Central. Jul 12 2016
Phoenix Metro
Just for Fun
I was leaving Just For Fun today — fortunately — when a Police SUV with at least three officers pulled into the parking lot. I didn't hang around, but I doubt they were there to rent a DVD. A hustler had hit me up a minute before. Luckily I wasn't interested. Jul 10 2016
Los Angeles Metro
La Crescenta
Crescenta Valley Community Regional Park
You'll probably get arrested or at least ticketed, along with your vehicle, if you're here after dark for trespassing. Also, you can't really be here before 9 am supposedly.

The most popular and clearly least cruised places are the dog park and the most recently added skate park.

With the various children's areas along with baseball diamond and basketball court, this space is more kids and family oriented. They have a children's and separate teen programs and adult stuff like tai chi and karate.

The reviewer gave this a Heads Up warning. I'm not sure whether that's warranted with it phrased as a probability, especially if you exercise the type of caution you should when cruising a park or other public place.

I'll let this one stand, but it would be more helpful with a link to a news story about one or more arrests. ~ Editor
Jul 10 2016
Los Angeles Metro
24 Hour Fitness: Altadena Sport
The Altadena Sheriff's Department is often here at various hours. Don't be surprised if you see a patrol car running license plate numbers even late nights and early mornings in the parking structure along the signs not to not leave valuables in your vehicles.

Lately there's also been more gym members who're veterans that you can tell from their various t-shirts and bumper stickers. The more recently hired staff are instructed to monitor more aggressively the locker rooms, saunas, and pool.

Not content just standing by the door, this is the only gym I know that even has a security guard on duty that roams the gym.

That's quite a change in three months. I hope other cruisers can verify this. ~ Editor
Jul 09 2016
Houston Metro
Mercer Arboretum and Botanic Gardens
A sting operation responded to "complaints from residents about lewdness at community parks." One man was arrested and charged with indecent exposure Friday, July 1 by Harris County Constables. His name and photo were shown on local TV news and newspaper websites July 6.

He also resigned from his job as a school bus driver. The deputy he had approached in a park restroom was an adult and there is no allegation of any inappropriate activity with children.

Man arrested for indecent exposure at Harris County park

School bus driver arrested over public lewdness in park

The Chronicle story was also by CFS Member greasethehead on July 7. Thanks, buddy! I saw it on Channel 2, but these were better versions of the story. ~ Editor
Jul 06 2016
Vietname Veterans Memorial Park
Two were arrested here July 1, 2016 and charged with public indecency for "performing lewd acts" in the parking lot. The names and addresses of both men were published in local media.

Men charged with public indecency at Wallingford park
Jul 06 2016
Farrington Woods Park
At least ten men have been arrested in an ongoing police operation at Farrington Woods Park. Names and photos along with their age and town where they live have been publicized in several local media stories. Per the second story, "Police have now beefed up patrols at the park."

Westchester Man Charged With Having Sex In Public

10 arrested in one week for engaging in sex acts at Danbury park
Jul 05 2016
New York
Stewart Park
Park management is chasing guys who are cruising out of the park. Got chased out the last times I went. The last time I was told to never come back. Jul 01 2016
Saint Louis Metro
Saint Louis
Willmore Park
Seeing a follow-up story in a news feed about a sex offender having his probation revoked alerted me to a series of sting operations here earlier in 2016 that led to 34 arrests in the Willmore Park restroom from January through at least April.

KMOV: Convicted sex offender accused of lewd conduct at South City park, July 23

KTVI: Sex busts in St. Louis park bathrooms lead to surprising plea deal, April 28 This includes photos of the restroom and a screenshot of a post from another site, but which one? Most of the men received plea bargains resulting in suspended sentences or minor charges and their names might mot have been publicized but for this story.

KTVI's follow-up Sex bust plea deals getting a second look after Fox Files investigation confirmed that at least 13 cases ended up with no public record, 8 were on probation, the remainder were still being adjudicated. Most of the men were said to be in their 50s with one 90 years old.

Riverfront Times: Fox2's Moral Crusade Against Gay Public Bathroom Sex Misses the Mark This criticizes KTVY for fearmongering about "the children" while providing no evidence of child molestation nor that any of the men were dangerous. KMOW shows now just one of the 34 was a previously convicted child predator, but not that the 1990s kidnapping case was related to Willmore Park cruising.
Jun 24 2016
Jelks Preserve
Five were arrested here and at Caspersen Beach in a sting operation in April, 2016. Their names and photos were published, ages too. One of them was 84, three were in their 70s.

5 arrested for exposure in undercover sting at beach, park

5 Caspersen Beach, Jelks Preserve Flashers Arrested
Jun 23 2016
New York City Metro
Vishara Video
The place was raided by NYPD on June 21. I'd be careful. Jun 22 2016
Corpus Christi
North Padre Island
The county has "civilized" the beach. Formal camping areas. State Troopers, not the County Sheriff. Many arrests or tickets. Jun 21 2016
Chimney Park
When law enforcement sees a number of cars in the parking lot, they set-up in the vacant lot area by the railroad track crossover. As guys come out, and back across the tracks to the parking lot, they are asked for ID and either given a warning or a citation for trespassing on railroad property.

This goes for both fishermen going to the water and cruisers. This is only going to get worse, as this track is scheduled to carry passenger train service in the next year or so.

This has been a great place to cruise back in the woods for years, maybe no longer.
Jun 20 2016
Caspersen Beach
Caspersen Beach has become a place for the police to harass innocent people trying to enjoy the beach.

I was sitting on one of the benches on the boardwalk when a cop tried to pick me up to entrap me. He asked, "Dude, do you like to party?". I told him I knew he was a cop, and to move on and leave me alone! He got very defensive. I told him to shut his mouth, and he left. He was driving a gray Chevy Impala unmarked cop car.

So men, use your good judgement. Cops will lie to you to arrest youft instead of doing the job the hard working tax paying citizens of Sarasota County pay them for.

Thanks so much for posting this! I'm adding a "Heads Up" for this because I found news stories about a sting operation and arrests here and at Jelks Preserve back in April:

5 arrested for exposure in undercover sting at beach, park

5 Caspersen Beach, Jelks Preserve Flashers Arrested

Their names and photos were published, ages too. One of them was 84, three were in their 70s. Such a shame the police are entrapping the elderly instead of arresting violent criminals and preventing violent crimes. I've added a page for Jelk's Preserve because guys have been going there and the sting has happened. ~ Editor
Jun 17 2016
Boston Metro
Fellsway Reservoir
Be forewarned, the state police have upped their patrols in the more common areas so caution is advised unless you want to end up in a police blotter somewhere.

The killer was the men walking through the woods dressed completely inappropriately for a hike. Guess what. When you walk through the woods in office attire, you're kind of conspicuous!

Thanks for the update! I'm adding a "Heads Up" to this, though I don't know if anyone's been arrested or warned by the police. As always, use good sense and be careful with who and what you encounter. ~ Editor
Jun 11 2016
Jensen Beach
Bob Graham Beach
Sting operation netted five men on June 3, 2016. The men were charged with exposure in public. $750.00 bond. Names, ages, address and employer were listed in local paper. The sting was conducted between 6 pm until shortly after midnight. Use caution.

Thanks for the Heads Up! I found a story without the employers and also another story from March, 2012.

In the March story, the sting lasted two days and ten men in all were changed, one of them with "battery for engaging in sex acts in remote parts of public beaches and parks."

As it says, "Arrests for illicit sex acts in public places are nothing new for Martin County." ~ Editor
Jun 06 2016
West Virginia
West Virginia University
Heads up! Not safe anymore. Jun 05 2016
Los Angeles Metro
Long Beach
Recreation Park
This place is still active according to an article on the front page of today's LA Times on growing concerns the public at large has with the few large police agencies targeting gay public sex.

The City of Long Beach has since decided not to appeal the court ruling on this case that sting operations unfairly target gay men. However, the city is developing a new policy on how to enforce lewd conduct laws.

"[Long Beach Mayor Robert] Garcia did not offer specifics about how the department might police lewd conduct in the future, but promised the department would strike a balance between enforcing the law and respecting the LGBT community.

"There will be incidents in the future where police officers will have to make an arrest if something is occurring, if something bad is happening in a restroom, regardless of this issue,” he said. “So we want to make sure that, if and when that happens, it's being done in a way that's appropriate and that's fair and our cops have all the tools they need to both enforce the law and implement best practices."

This is a developing story. When time allows, I hope to update the Cruising 101 page about public cruising as well as the Legal Q & A: About Public Sex written years ago by Keith, the late founder of this site. Clearly much has changed both legally and socially.

As always, those who cruise in public places should take care.~ Editor

P.S. Delayed update, Nov 2016: The City of Long Beach chose not to appeal a Superior Court ruling that police stings there unfairly targeted gay men. There is also a Federal class-action lawsuit pending against the City.
May 29 2016
New York City Metro
Hotel Pennsylvania
Heads Up! I was in here a few weeks ago and a guy next to me was jerking off at the urinal. I was peeing.

About a minute later, security came in and started screaming for us both to get outside. I looked in confusion and said "OK, right after I pee." The guy went with them, but I just walked out. They kept telling me to come back, but I ignored them.
May 23 2016
New Hampshire
YMCA of Downtown Manchester
They do have a big sign warning against lewd behavior and how it will get one expelled or suspended.

This place has an awesome setup. Huge open shower, steam room, and sauna. Unfortunately the community here seems to use the steam room in a towel unlike other YMCAs. I have only seen some jerking here once.
May 21 2016
Kansas City Metro
Kansas City
Bazooka's Showgirls
Cops busted this place around noon today. They rounded up everybody who had their cocks out jacking and wrote them all tickets for "public masturbation." May 17 2016
Dallas/Fort Worth Metro
Amazing Superstore
Guys, there have been reports of arrests at Amazing lately, so watch your backs!

Personally I have not seen any police action here, but it's all over other cruising websites.

I checked Google including Google News quickly and couldn't find any news stories about this. In many cities these types of arrests get publicity, although it depends on the media market and type of community.

It should be possible to use the Data Catalog in the City of Dallas Open Data Portal to verify this, but I'll leave that task for someone else. ~ Editor
May 16 2016
Los Angeles Metro
Los Angeles
Angeles National Forest
The police have been monitoring the Angeles National Forest more often. Apparently, the feds found illegal marijuana farming sites in public lands. Being just briefly there, a ranger told me don't be surprised if the DEA, National Guard, and even Homeland Security cover the area more often since it's federal land.

There is a forest fire restriction along with clearly more parking restrictions. If you go to their website under "Alert & Notices," there are all sort of closures into 2017.

On my way out, an attractive younger guy informed me that cruising was going on at the trails at nearby Crescenta Valley Park though. It was actually nearby.

Here's a link to the Crescenta Valley Community Regional Park. ~ Editor
May 14 2016
Fort Oglethorpe
Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park
Heads up! Don't go there to play. The Rangers are in the woods, and they are running stings. May 09 2016
Los Angeles Metro
Atwater Village, Los Angeles
Romantix San Fernando
This place is between the northeast division offices of the LAPD on the same block and a Denny's down the street where the law often grab a quick bite. Despite the tempting video booths and parking lot, you should be aware of the various monitoring cameras and self-asserting staff who're very friendly with their neighboring cops. If you want to get arrested, try cruising here. May 05 2016

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