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This section for alerts is the place where we help one another learn about current police operations and other forms of bashing.

When you submit a tip on any Sex Listing, you can indicate if it belongs in this section by selecting the 'Head's Up' option. Throughout our Sex Listings pages you may find this notation, 'Head's Up'. This indicates that we have reports of police action or bashing at that location.

CFS recognizes that there is an appropriate place for police to protect the public, including cruisers. However, we will report on enforcement of "victimless crimes" where cruisers are targeted by police.

Get the ACLU Mobile Justice App currently for 17 states and the District of Columbia. You have the right to record what happens with police.

To read legal opinion about the civil rights of cruisers, we suggest the resources of the Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund and the American Civil Liberties Union.

Lambda Legal's undated 2000s version of their Little Black Book is excellent and deals directly with the rights of men who cruise, although there is a changing legal environment regarding cruising in some parts of the USA. The Lambda Legal link changed. It's also on Google (1993 version) at Little Black Book and the more recent version is in our archive. También en español..

The American Civil Liberties Union has a wallet-size guide, applicable to citizens of the USA, that deals with how you should respond whenever you encounter the police. This version is from 2010, and it applies with this 'Heads Up' page revision, October 2015: You can download a the 2010 version of the card from their Website. La ACLU también tiene esto sin la tarjeta en español. This link also changes, and you can find the English-language card in our archive.

Permission is hereby granted to reproduce and circulate these alerts. Please include the following notice: "Permission to reproduce given by Man Kind Endeavors, LLC. Originally appeared as part of the Website CRUISING for SEX."
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Hobbeze of Liverpool
I heard cops have been sitting across the road watching. Be careful, guys. Jan 22 2016
New York City Metro
Vihan's Video
Extremely dangerous place! Do not go there at all cost! You may be stolen from, assaulted, and placed in a dangerous situation by black hustlers. Jan 18 2016
Laurel Marsh Trail
Two men were arrested on Monday, January 11 and on Thursday, January 14, both charged with public indecency and breach of peace for “touching himself in public.” Names and photographs of both were published in local news media, including TV, newspaper, and web sites. Police have had officers on special assignment monitoring the area including the trail off West Middle Turnpike by the Howell Cheney Technical High School after users on a Facebook Group complained that Laurel Marsh was a known spot for "cruising" and public sex.

Police: Facebook Posts Lead To Arrest For Indecent Act On Manchester Nature Trail

Another Person Arrested On Indecency Charge At Manchester Nature Trail

Two Men Arrested for Public Indecency on Laurel Marsh Trail

Thanks to the anonymous "John" who provided this Heads Up alert. I noticed that you copied and pasted one of the articles redacting the names of the men involved. I appreciate your respect for their privacy, although it's already been compromised by the news media.

For future reference, when anyone has future Heads Up alerts for which a news story is available, I'd be incredibly grateful for a link to the story so that I can condense the story if needed and also provide refernces to the sources. Thanks again! ~ Editor
Jan 15 2016
A man was arrested for lewd conduct, loitering, criminal trespass, and stalking here on January 11. This comes after an incident in the shoe department that day and a report given the same day of another incident in the restroom in November.

The man's name and photo were published in local media and police are seeking other possible victims.

Man Charged with Lewd Conduct, Police Ask for Public's Help
Man arrested for lewd conduct in K-Mart
Police seek potential victims of man charged with lewd conduct

CFS does not endorse non-consensual behavior and also advises cruisers to exercise all due discretion in public places. ~ Editor
Jan 12 2016
Tysons Galleria
Watch Out! An older undercover cop with split salt and pepper mustache is constantly circling bathrooms on Macy's end of the mall. Dec 30 2015
Saint Louis Metro
Creve Coeur
Creve Coeur Park
Don't try it! Undercover and uniformed police patrol the park. They are determined to chase out anyone attempting this here. Dec 14 2015
New York City Metro
Port Authority Terminal
Don't do it! Security cameras everywhere! Signs in the restroom tell you that the bathrooms are under surveillance!

Especially now with so much terrorism, the bathrooms are highly patrolled! I got arrested in the downstairs bathroom couple years back! Best to take it somewhere else.

Not worth the pain, suffering, and humiliation of getting arrested!
Dec 07 2015
Birmingham Metro
YMCA - Mountain Brook
Danger! The Mountain Brook Police Department are now monitoring the wet areas. They have arrested two people so far for lewd conduct. While I was there a Mountain Brook police officer came by and opened he doors to the steam room and sauna.

Do not try anything here. You could end up going to jail because someone may not like you and could say you were doing stuff. Just avoid the wet areas until things settle down. It is not worth going to jail over getting a bj.
Nov 25 2015
Los Angeles Metro
Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area
I was there twice this month. Both times I saw cops on patrol within 15 minutes of being there and nobody cruising. It's still a nice park, but watch out for the vicious geese. Nov 24 2015
Birmingham Metro
YMCA - Mountain Brook
Danger! They have recently started monitoring the steam room and sauna for any type of gay activity. So please just find your friend and take him home with ya. They are patrolling day and night now and have already had eight guys kicked out for jerking and sucking in the sauna. Don't risk getting caught. Nov 06 2015
Buck Creek State Park
A man was arrested after being "allegedly caught in the middle of a sex act in a bathroom" and then leading park rangers and deputies on a low-speed chase Monday, October 26. He faces several charges in the incident, among them a misdemeanor in the unnamed sex act.

The man's name was published in the local news. He pleaded not guilty the next day and is no longer in the county jail. Rangers have had two sting operations this year, most recently on October 7, and will continue to patrol the park.

See Springfield man accused in sex act, leads authorities on chase
Nov 01 2015
Buck Creek State Park
Three men were arrested here in an undercover operation by The Clark County Sheriff's Office October 7, 2015. Names and photos were publicized on local TV. From the final story:

According to officials the men were touching themselves, one man even touching the officer.

“We hope that we’re sending the message that this type of conduct will not be tolerated in our community and if it is your going to suffer the consequences,” said Sheriff Gene Kelly, Clark County.

Sheriff Kelly says many of the men use social media to connect, then meet at the park. He sees at least a dozen of these cases every year.

Some park patrons 2 NEWS spoke with say they know the park is known for men soliciting sex, but it doesn’t stop them from coming to the park.

Indecent exposure investigation at state park

3 arrested for public indecency in Buck Creek sting

Two of three arrested for indecent exposure appear in court

Park gets bad rep for sex solicitation
Oct 10 2015
Rest area
AYOR, cops and vice in unmarked cars. Nothing going on here lately anyway. I suspect this place has been busted. I talked with a couple cops in street clothes recently, definitely vice. Avoid. Oct 05 2015
Five Lakes Rest Area
Vice cops most nights, license plates recorded. This place is history. Sorry. Don't blame me. Oct 05 2015

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