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Jason's II Adult Bookstore

Category: Adult store with arcade Hours / Entry Fee: Open 10 am to midnight Submitted: Jun 23 2012 (Edited 06/23/12)
4.2/5 based on 15 votes. The median rating is 4.
Reviews: 18 reviews

Address: 6408 Tujunga Avenue
City: North Hollywood
State: California
ZIP/Postal Code: 91606
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 818-506-6840

Five booths with gloryholes, lots of action, and no vice. The short Latino clerk at night lets you cruise outside booths with no problem. The day clerk, black hair ponytail, spouts religion and god and is really nasty. Stay away from him. All other times are open cruising and sex.
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gloryhole hound


Posted Apr 09 2014:
This used to be a great place but there are a number of guys that video while they're in there and some who are on their phones standing out in front of the booths and not using them. I don't blame the bearded night guy because these guys are not cool and they don't want to drop money like they should in the booths. Also the smell of the younger ones barebacking in the booths has gotten pretty nasty at times. This is not a place for fucking. It's a blow job place. Str8 guys have long since run away!

Edited on 04/14/14


Posted Feb 27 2014:
The bearded guy who works there at night hates his job so he should try something else. I overheard him say, "It's getting worse and worse in there, I can't stand these guys." He shouldn't be screaming at the customers. But having said that, some of the customers need to keep their acts together and respect the management's rules.

Edited on 03/07/14
Young and Hung


Posted Jan 24 2014:
This place has just gotten more and more popular with the pushy troll crowd. And the bearded guy who works there has gotten fed up with it. I was there the other night and a few choice disgusting guys were a bit too aggressive in the booths, forcing everyone to try and wait them out in the hallway. Making perfect sense, no one wanted to waste money in an adjacent booth. Well, the clerk came back and threw one guy out of a booth who didn't lock his door, screaming "Get your dick in your pants and get out. I don't want to see you here again." And then told the rest of us waiting that we either had to take a booth or get out.

Edited on 01/29/14


Posted Nov 11 2013:
There are several different guys who stay in booth No. 4 from 10 am until 3 pm. It looks like they have a daily rate with the manager because that can't be cheap. One guy actually has in and out privileges and his own key.

So during those hours, you can go to booth No. 1 or booth No. 2. Half a dozen guys are waiting around for hours then leave, frustrated customers. This could be solved by putting a hole between booth No. 2 and No. 3.

It's not worth driving over there to wait around in the hallway watching guys get uptight.

Edited on 11/18/13
gloryhole guy


Posted Oct 07 2013:
Fun place but there are some that come to do barebacking anal. This creates a bad odor in the booth room and is really unhealthy. If you get caught two in a booth you get 86'd fast. Please don't ruin it for everyone else.

And, just saying, if someone posts that they are married and then goes into extreme detail of what they have done, odds are, none of it's true. I've been here many times and things they are saying are not possible here.

Edited on 10/11/13

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Posted Sep 30 2013:
I was there on a Saturday night at 7 pm. All five booths with holes were taken and there were five guys awkwardly waiting around for a booth to open up. I looked at movies in the other booths for about ten minutes, but nobody ever came out of the gloryhole booths. I finally left out of frustration. There's plenty of room to add more booths; I wonder why they don't.

Edited on 10/07/13


Posted Aug 14 2013:
I went in last week at like 10:30 and all the booths with holes were already full. So that sucks. There was one dude hanging out and I closed but didn't lock the door, but he didn't bite. Maybe I'm not his type. Anyway, hopefully can get in here and get some again soon.

Edited on 08/23/13


Posted Jul 13 2013:
I'm a married guy who likes to venture out occasionally. Heard about this place and that it was cool, so figured I would try it. Wow. I dropped by on a Saturday afternoon when I was supposed to be out running errands. I walked in and saw two guys standing around and then realized all the booths were occupied except the ones near the front door. I guess no one wants them because they are too close to the door and have no gloryholes.

After waiting about 10 minutes, a booth opened up at the very end and the guys waiting didn't make a move so I took it. Good movie choice and a gloryhole. The guy in there was a troll and it took him a while to see I wasn't interested. He finally left. Then one of the guys who was outside with me waked in. He was nothing to look at but appeared clean. He had a wedding ring on like me. He then pulled out a cock that was as big around as a beer can. It was about 6 inches, but huge girth. It came through the hole and I had my way with it. Nice load and facial. I'll be back.

Edited on 07/23/13


Posted Jul 05 2013:
Yeah, this is a well-run place and the management is very cool. The customers are also easy going, except for a couple of guys who sit in the booths for hours on end. The uptight dude with the ponytail is gone. Everybody seems to stay low key coming and going through the neighborhood, which helps.

Edited on 07/12/13

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Posted Jun 10 2013:
My review #2: Went back last week and got a quick handjob. I think I'll make this place a habit.

Edited on 06/17/13


Posted Jun 08 2013:
OK, I am married and every now and then need to let myself experiment. I went there last week mid day and there were about four guys standing outside the booths and all but the two without gloryholes were filled. After waiting about 10 minutes, I noticed one guy waiting with me was rubbing himself through his thin basketball shorts. He had created a sizable lump. I was very curious to see what he was sporting. I decided to try something and walked into one of the end booths without holes. I looked back and he got the message and shortly after he stepped into the booth with me. I had left the door unlocked.

He then pulled out a sizable prize, at least 8 inches and more importantly, very thick. He was obviously wanting some attention because he grabbed my shoulder and pushed me down toward that monster. I am not an expert, but his wedding ring showed he was pretty anxious to get off. After a few minutes of trying to get more than 4 inches in my mouth, he started to cum and blew a giant load in my mouth, across my face and into the floor. He quickly cleaned up and left, leaving me kinda in a blur. Nice experience.

Edited on 06/14/13

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Posted Jun 01 2013:
Went here on a Monday night at 8 pm a couple weeks ago. Went into one of the middle booths. Flashed my cock through the hole and was fucking ass in a couple minutes. Will go back to get sucked off.

Edited on 06/06/13

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Posted May 06 2013:
This has long been a favorite of mine. During the day it gets lots of married traffic just looking to get off and get back to work.


Posted Apr 29 2013:
This can be a very hot place but the booths fill up so you end up waiting in the lobby area outside. It's hit and miss like any other place, but there are studs in there for sure. Just keep putting money in the slots and have fun. The one uptight clerk who constantly yelled at everyone seems to be gone, hopefully.

Edited on 05/03/13
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