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Angeles National Forest

Category: Nude sun bathing and cruisy woods Directions: From Route 2 (Glendale Freeway) heading north, take the I-210 East exit. You'll come to the Angeles Crest Highway exit off the I-210 in about a mile and a half. Follow the signs to Palmdale, and at N3 (Angeles Forest Highway) turn left and go to Upper Big Tujunga Canyon Road and turn right. The beach is between mile marker 4.5 and 4.8. Or take I-405 north to the Highway 118. Take the Highway 118 east to the I-210 East exit, on the left towards Pasadena. Take I-210 east to the Sunland Blvd. exit. Turn left onto Sunland Blvd. and it will become Foothill Blvd. Turn left onto Oro Vista Avenue and it will become Big Tujunga Canyon Road. Drive about ten miles until you come to a fork and make the left towards Palmdale. Drive a few miles, past a store and diner on the left, and then turn right onto Upper Big Tujunga Canyon Road. Go to marker 4.6 (which will be facing you) and immediately make a U-turn, drive a few yards back and park on the right hand turn-out behind marker 4.5 (which will now be facing you).You'll notice this area has more parking space. Walk across the road there and you will notice a worn/carved footpath up the bank of the road. Go there and just follow the trail and down to the river bed.
Submitted: Mar 17 2001 (Edited 05/21/13)
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Address: Upper Big Tujunga Canyon Road
City: Los Angeles
State: California
ZIP/Postal Code:
Country: United States of America
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Posted Oct 30 2016:
Hey Ray, go ahead and send me a message/email and we'll fuck there! That goes for anyone else checking this listing out. I'm game! :-)

Hey, since you're both members now you can contact each other even more easily! :-)

Also, take a look at my Profile for an example of how you can put your contact info or other links into publicly visible sections of your Profile. I still need to fix the Registration and Edit Your Detiail pages to match this.

Both of you can change or add an email address, App name plus your name there, or a web link to your Profile from the User Control Panel and then the Edit Your Details page.

Yes, CFS came to me with confusing navigation and needs so much updating and replacement. They will be modernized, but I can't promise a date. ~ Editor

Edited on 11/09/16

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Posted Oct 29 2016:
Hey, I'm the one who asked the question about longitude and latitude, just registered as a member. So anyone wanna go together?

I went there at Wednesday. It was a good day but no one was over there, so anyone wanna go together?

Thanks for joining CFS! Hope you will find a new buddy to go there with you. ~ Editor

Edited on 11/07/16


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Posted Oct 23 2016:
Can anybody please tell me the detail of the location? I couldn't find it, like longitude and latitude, so I can point on the Google map directly, really appreciate.

BTW anyone wanna go together? I'm 26.

The latitude and longitude I used when I last updated the map is 34.3077, -118.069. It's a big place so you might wander around a bit. Or more than a bit. The software is out of date and does not accept more precise locations. <sighs>

The Review Pages are for Reviews specifically bit also for questions about a place.

You have a great question! :-) When the software eventually is updated I should make sure to display the coordinates, not just the map!

It's unfortunate that you weren't logged in as a CFS Member when you posted this. The Reviews aren't really the place to arrange a day in the park, a hook-up, or a date.

If you had posted this as a CFS Member, a link to your Profile page would appear with your question. Your Profile lets you display as much or as little contact info as you want.

Since there is a time delay sometimes of several days in my queue to edit and publish Reviews, if someone replied, "Let's go this weekend!" it would not be published until days later. Best to be a CFS Member so that — if you allow — they can directly contact you. ~ Editor

Edited on 10/28/16

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Posted Jun 02 2016:
Despite that I fucked two guys up there last Saturday, I'll be there again this Saturday!

Sounds like you oughta be there every Saturday, unless you're going to a Pride festival this weekend. Even better, do both! ~ Editor

Edited on 06/10/16


Posted May 14 2016:
Heads Up!
The police have been monitoring the Angeles National Forest more often. Apparently, the feds found illegal marijuana farming sites in public lands. Being just briefly there, a ranger told me don't be surprised if the DEA, National Guard, and even Homeland Security cover the area more often since it's federal land.

There is a forest fire restriction along with clearly more parking restrictions. If you go to their website under "Alert & Notices," there are all sort of closures into 2017.

On my way out, an attractive younger guy informed me that cruising was going on at the trails at nearby Crescenta Valley Park though. It was actually nearby.

Here's a link to the Crescenta Valley Community Regional Park. ~ Editor

Edited on 05/25/16
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