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Angeles National Forest

Category: Nude sun bathing and cruisy woods Directions: From Route 2 (Glendale Freeway) heading north, take the I-210 East exit. You'll come to the Angeles Crest Highway exit off the I-210 in about a mile and a half. Follow the signs to Palmdale, and at N3 (Angeles Forest Highway) turn left and go to Upper Big Tujunga Canyon Road and turn right. The beach is between mile marker 4.5 and 4.8. Or take I-405 north to the Highway 118. Take the Highway 118 east to the I-210 East exit, on the left towards Pasadena. Take I-210 east to the Sunland Blvd. exit. Turn left onto Sunland Blvd. and it will become Foothill Blvd. Turn left onto Oro Vista Avenue and it will become Big Tujunga Canyon Road. Drive about ten miles until you come to a fork and make the left towards Palmdale. Drive a few miles, past a store and diner on the left, and then turn right onto Upper Big Tujunga Canyon Road. Go to marker 4.6 (which will be facing you) and immediately make a U-turn, drive a few yards back and park on the right hand turn-out behind marker 4.5 (which will now be facing you).You'll notice this area has more parking space. Walk across the road there and you will notice a worn/carved footpath up the bank of the road. Go there and just follow the trail and down to the river bed.
Submitted: Mar 17 2001 (Edited 05/21/13)
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Reviews: 60 reviews

Address: Upper Big Tujunga Canyon Road
City: Los Angeles
State: California
ZIP/Postal Code:
Country: United States of America

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Posted Feb 07 2015:
I went there yesterday because I had seen the location on here. It was completely dead and I was the only one there. I'll make the consideration that it was around 4 pm on a Friday. Are there any suggestions on times/days to go?

Also, I'm assuming I was in the right place, but it's hard to tell because I feel like the trails have been overgrown. It is actually really pretty and the river/creek is has a pretty good flow because of the recent rain we've had in Cali. Oh and there are signs at the beginning of the road that say no parking but I don't think they are enforcing anymore.

Edited on 02/11/15


Posted Oct 23 2014:
I parked at the curb near mile markers 4.5 and 4.8 in July, and got a ticket. I contested it and it was later withdrawn. The area is re-opened for recreational use since Memorial Day weekend 2014, so I don't think it is legal for the Sheriff to issue parking tickets there.

Edited on 10/28/14

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Posted Aug 22 2014:
Was there May 11, 2014 for three hours sunbathing. Had the place to myself, when I returned to my car I was greeted with a parking citation for $61 left on my windshield. :-( I contested the ticket with LA County Sheriff's Dept. but no luck even though I left my National Forest Adventure Pass clearly displayed!

I had a lot of fun up there last year, so it's a shame that parking tickets are being issued, even when you don't park anywhere near the 'no parking' signs as I did, believe me. If you head up there and park on the curb near mile markers 4.5 & 4.8, be warned that you risk a parking ticket!

Edited on 08/27/14


Posted Aug 14 2014:
Been wanting to check this place out. Can anyone give tips about the parking? Is an adventure pass needed? Or signs about "No Parking"?

Edited on 08/20/14


Posted Aug 04 2014:
Hey guys! Was there couple times, but there is no parking place. And near mile marker 4.5 - 4.8 there is no water. If someone would be so kind to show pic with exact location I'll be very appreciative!

Edited on 08/11/14

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Posted Jul 12 2014:
Was there last Sunday. No signs at regular parking area. Low water. Only eight guys all day. Overgrown and underattended, both fixable. Still got off with two of them!

Edited on 07/16/14


Posted May 30 2014:
I have talked to the rangers and they tell me that the No Parking signs at the turnoff are NOT being enforced. Five years of no use has made the area a little overgrown. It would be nice if someone would bring loppers and clear the trail by the creek a little (hint, hint). I've missed it lo, these five years. Gonna go there this weekend and git nekkid! Maybe Hard LA Stud will do me.

Edited on 06/05/14

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Posted May 24 2014:
This area is now officially re-opened as of Memorial Day weekend Saturday, May 24, 2014. See LA Times article: or Forest Service website: Have had some hot times up there before the Station Fire, plan to go up there soon and suck off some hot nude men in the woods.

Edited on 05/30/14
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