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Erotic Zone

Category: Adult store with arcade, theatre Submitted: Dec 19 2005 (Edited 08/27/15)
3.37/5 based on 38 votes. The median rating is 3.
Reviews: 40 reviews

Address: 35 West Service Road
City: Hartford
State: Connecticut
ZIP/Postal Code: 06120
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 860-549-1896
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Usergroup: Member
Joined: Feb 22, 2016

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Posted Feb 22 2016:
I went here on Friday February 19 and had an amazing time. I am a CD (non-passable but tall, thin, and sexy) and saw a tall guy standing in one of the theatre rooms. Dressed in leopard pants and a silk lacy halter, I had a seat.

He sat next to me and I started rubbing him through his pants, mmmm. I started blowing him on the ouch and two guys started playing with my ass and I felt my clitty growing to it's full 9 inches.

Going back soon, look for me.

Edited on 02/26/16


Posted Dec 27 2015:
I'm looking to go for the first time Wednesday around 12 pm to set in the gloryhole both to hopefully suck off a few cocks. Hopefully there's a couple of guys I can suck off there.

This was submitted to the site December 27, presumably anticipating meeting someone December 30. Please remember these pages are for reviews of places and what you did there, also for occasional questions. There is always a delay of several days as I work through the queue of reviews to be edited and published. What this means is this is not the best page to use to arrange a meeting.

For CFS members, you can post on our Message Board and it will appear immediately. You can also post an ad in our Classifieds without having to be a member. That would also appear immediately. ~ Editor

Edited on 01/04/16


Posted Sep 06 2015:
I went for the first time tonight, a little nervous at first. My first gloryhole experience. I walked around at first, then I went in a booth that had a hole.

It took a few minutes but a big black cock appeared. I started off just with a hand job then got the nerve up to get on my knees and suck it. A nice thick clean cock.

I'll go back again when I get hungry for it again.

Edited on 09/11/15

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Dec 14, 2012

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Posted Aug 20 2015:
Thursday night, I'm from out of town and here overnight from just down the road. Now this is adventurous for me but I just had to do it. I posted on CL that I wanted to play at the theatre. I went in at 8 not realizing they close at 10. At home the place is 24/7. I took the tour and immediately liked the place. Clean, nice lighting, trash cans, seats.

I sat in the M/M theater because it was empty. I sat on the nice comfortable chair and watched some very hot sex for a few minutes got horny, and headed for a hole. It began slowly. No one wanted to suck or be sucked. Eventually a nice sized cock came through the hole. It got bigger and harder the more I sucked but no reward. He played with me for a while then left.

Another one came through the other hole and I sucked him for quite awhile. Later I went into the back theatre and sucked out two nice loads from two nice cocks. There were two guys who responded to my post but didn't say hello.

After closing I went to my room and found another reply from CL. This guy sounded hot but he didn't get off work until late and I had a long drive they next morning. It would have been nice. I wanted a cock in my ass and mouth. I highly rate Erotic Zone.

Edited on 08/27/15


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Posted May 15 2015:
I went to Erotic Zone a couple weeks ago. It is true what they say. It is so much better than what it used to be. I hadn't been to one of these things in a long time, so I was unsure as to what to expect, however, nothing really seemed to have changed in regards to the culture.

$10 gets you into the arcade. There are about seven booths with gloryholes made into them, and seven without, but two of the booths without holes seem to be made for two people. There are two small lounges with a leather couch in each. One plays straight porn, the other gay porn, and they are right next to each other with no doors.

The place is clean. The booths are clean. It doesn't stink like cum and dirty ass any more. And there's purple florescent lighting. It's a more respectable clientele with mostly older men.

Edited on 05/21/15
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