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Erotic Zone

Category: Adult store with arcade, theatre Hours / Entry Fee: Incomplete info, possibly open Sun - Thu to Midnight; Fri - Sat to 3 am Submitted: Dec 19 2005 (Edited 05/18/16)
3.44/5 based on 45 votes. The median rating is 3.
Reviews: 49 reviews

Address: 35 West Service Road
City: Hartford
State: Connecticut
ZIP/Postal Code: 06120
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 860-549-1896
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Posted Nov 19 2016:
I recently found this place during my lunch break a few weeks ago. When I got there all the private booths were in use so I went down to the theatre rooms to watch the video.

What I saw kind of surprised me: There were at least four guys, some naked, some partially clothed, and each was either giving or receiving blow jobs. It was so hot I just stood there watching a few minutes. Later someone came behind me and started rubbing my ass.

I turned around and the guy had his big dick hanging out of his pants so I slowly started stroking it. When he was nice and hard, I dropped to my knees and sucked him till he dumped his load.

I never went back to work that day! I sucked so many cocks and had a few stiff ones up my ass. I will be going back.

Edited on 12/01/16


Posted Sep 10 2016:
Subject: quickies
Great place to score a blowjob or piece of ass through the gloryholes. Mix of clientele.Relatively clean most of the time.

Staff mostly okay but for one guy who doesn't know how to run a credit card machine, mumbles a lot, but is quick to get defensive. I checked transactions after I got home and found multiple skimming attempts. Better to just pay cash.

Edited on 09/21/16

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Posted Sep 02 2016:
Went here for the first time today and just tried it out. It was kind of weird walking around and seeing all the men standing around. I'd like a younger crowd as opposed to the droves of mature and heavier men.

But I was standing watching TV in the back and felt a hand on my ass and then grabbing my cock. It was not a bad looking guy so I said what the hell and let him suck my cock.

We then went into the open room and I took a seat and let him suck me off. Then another guy joined in and started sucking away. At one point, I felt like the center of attention as I had about six or seven guys licking on my cock, ass, asshole, nipples, neck and all.

After that I went to a booth and had a guy shine a light through the hole to let me know he wanted to suck me through the gloryhole. Then he asked if I could fuck him in the big room.

It was a good first time experience and I'm sure I'd go again if I have the time.

Edited on 09/13/16


Posted Aug 28 2016:
Is this place a good spot to go if you just want to watch other guys get off, but not participate? Watching gay porn gets me so horny and I think seeing it live would be so hot.

Edited on 09/09/16

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Posted Aug 04 2016:
I've gone here five times in the last two months and love it. No hassles from the staff, you pay your ten dollars, and you can play as long as you want. I've always scored multiple cocks here, and usually get fucked.

It seems busy after work, and at times there is a lot of action going on. The larger booths are great for threesomes, and I've seen some sucking and fucking in the theatre rooms. Being a bottom cum slut, I generally like to get naked in a booth with a hole and take as many cocks as possible.

This is a pretty cool place, and I'm going pretty regularly now.

Edited on 08/12/16
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Posted Jul 12 2016:
I returned to Erotic Zone to perform another review. They do have gloryholes. On my first visit all were occupied the entire time I was there.

The crowd was much more sedate than my first visit, no overt displays of public nudity. One gentleman was hogging a gloryhole booth the entire time I was there, butt naked idly tugging on his flaccid cock.

Eventually I was able to find an open booth and went in. After a few minutes a finger entered the hole inviting me in. I was soon receiving a much needed and very professional head job. He finished me off and as I was zipping up he asked how it was.

I've never had anyone ask for a grade before.

The parking lot is fairly open and safe. There are a lot of loiterers in their cars so general situational awareness is advised.

The whole area becomes impassable during shows at the local outdoor theater so plan accordingly.

Edited on 07/20/16


Posted Jun 25 2016:
I've been to Erotic Zone a few times and I have had an amazing time at the gloryholes. Both times I have gone there has been a massive black cock.

Edited on 07/05/16
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Posted Jun 17 2016:
I went to Erotic Zone June 16 for the first time. The situation is odd. You pay a flat fee to enter the video booth area but there seems to be no time limit on the length of your stay.

To my displeasure, I saw no gloryholes but I did see a sex show. At the end of the hallway was a small room with gay porn playing. Inside was a vigorous cocksucker giving a guy the time of his life.

There must have been ten others watching the show. There were parts of the room I couldn't see due to the crowd so I bet there was even more public action going on.

As I watched I felt a hand on my ass then on my zipper. I unzipped and got a real nice handy.

He asked me to join him in a booth which I agreed to. There he hungrily attacked my cock. I was primed already and in a couple of minutes gave him what he wanted.

The crowd was mostly suits and old guys. I can say for sure I'll be back.

Edited on 06/23/16


Posted May 12 2016:
I hadn't been to Erotic Zone in a while, went once since they remodeled, but it's been a while since I had the chance to go back again. But I did go back recently, and I have to say I was a little disappointed. A while back Erotic Zone used to be a real hell hole, but after the remodeling it improved 100%.

But now, it kind of looks like it's slipping back to the hell hole days. Don't get me wrong, it's still in relatively good shape, but it appears to me that the customers are the ones who are ruining it again. The management has expanded their hours, so now, on Fridays and Saturdays they're open until 3 am. I believe on regular days they are open until Midnight. While that's fine, I kind of felt like the store closing at 10 pm cut down on the chances of loitering, hustlers, and problems.

The problem is some of the same ol' same ol' stuff as before, used condoms on the floor, used tissues on the floor, etc., and one of the double booths didn't work. The management supplies trash cans in every booth. It's just as easy to throw the used condoms and the used tissues in the trash as it is to just throw them on the floor — for the next client to step in.

The leather couch in the straight theatre is wearing out. There's pieces of leather on the floor (but that could just be from wear and tear of being on it, not necessarily abuse) and condom wrappers, etc. Even with all this, it's still a nice facility. It's one of the only places left in Hartford to go and play safely. But if the customers continue to treat it like a garbage dump, it'll go the way all the rest of those places went: closed down.

Edited on 05/18/16

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Posted Feb 22 2016:
I went here on Friday February 19 and had an amazing time. I am a CD (non-passable but tall, thin, and sexy) and saw a tall guy standing in one of the theatre rooms. Dressed in leopard pants and a silk lacy halter, I had a seat.

He sat next to me and I started rubbing him through his pants, mmmm. I started blowing him on the ouch and two guys started playing with my ass and I felt my clitty growing to it's full 9 inches.

Going back soon, look for me.

Edited on 02/26/16


Posted Dec 27 2015:
I'm looking to go for the first time Wednesday around 12 pm to set in the gloryhole both to hopefully suck off a few cocks. Hopefully there's a couple of guys I can suck off there.

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