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Glorious Health Club


Category: Sexclub Hours / Entry Fee: Open 24 hours day / Fees vary per day of week & time of day per web site Submitted: Sep 27 2009 (Edited 03/28/17)
3.5/5 based on 48 votes. The median rating is 4.
Reviews: 66 reviews

Address: 2120 West Virginia Avenue NE
City: Washington
State: District of Columbia
ZIP/Postal Code: 20002
Country: United States of America

Also known as Glorious Health and Amusement Club, 2120, and The Glory Hole.
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Super Reviewer

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Posted Mar 30 2017:
I stopped by Monday afternoon, got naked, and started cruising. I walked around some, there was not much in the dark area the back corner. Went to the back gloryhole area, went into a booth and after a while someone finally stuck their cock through a hole. I sucked on it for a while hoping to get a nice load in my mouth. After about ten minutes of sucking he pulls back, pulled his pants up and left, Damn!

So I headed for the video room. I was sitting there stroking my cock watching a video for a while and several guys went by and into the dark area behind the video. I decided to go back and see what I could get.

There was a tall Black guy with his cock out. I walked up and touched his cock and he responded so I knelt down and began sucking his cock. His cock got rock hard and was so big I was having trouble getting much more than his head in my mouth. I looked up at him and asked if he would like to fuck me.

He reached down and motioned me up, so I got up and I was honestly a little worried that this would hurt. I quickly put some extra lube on my asshole and offered it up. To my delight his cock slipped right in! It stretched my hole, but only to a wonderfully pleasurable level. He was trying to get me to bend over but the area is too narrow so I had to turn and face the entrance area where several people had gathered to watch him fuck me. It felt incredible!

I was bent over stark naked on my toes because he was so tall and hanging on to the side rails to avoid falling forward as he buried his huge cock deep inside me. Suddenly he stopped and said he had to leave. I am pretty sure he had not cum yet.

I headed to the showers since I had a bunch of lube on my hand and all over my ass. While showering he came in and said he had to leave but enjoyed fucking me but he was out of time and had to leave. He said he would have to fuck me for a long time to cum — that would be heaven!

I told him I would love to get into one of the slings, which would make it easier for him to fuck me, and everyone could watch. He said he was hoping to see me again.

I really hope to see him again, so he can fuck me for as long as he wants while everyone watches!

Edited on 04/06/17

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Posted Mar 21 2017:
Entry prices vary depending on the day of the week and the time you visit. See the pic. If you're visiting from out of town and do not have a car, using public transportation, take bus E2 (Ivy City) from the Ft. Totten Metro station.

I visited Tuesday at about 2 pm and stayed about five hours. I agree with the past posts. Mainly a Black crowd. At around 4 pm I saw a few men stopping in on their way home from work.

It's a huge warehouse that has been built into a sex club. When you pay and walk in there is a small lounge area. Keep walking back and you'll find another lounge area. Lockers can be found in the first room or bathroom area.

There are two locations with a maze of gloryhole booths. Two dark areas where some fuking around happened.

The place indeed smells like a locker room gone bad. Agree with previous post, there are a number of homeless men "camped" out in here, tolerant of the activities but not taking part.

This actually wouldn't be a bad place if the smell wasn't so bad. During my mid-week visit, I estimated about twenty to thirty guys coming and going, most Black men, a few white men, one Asian, and two Latinos.

Edited on 03/28/17

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Super Reviewer

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Posted Feb 02 2017:
C'mon Dave! Every place like this is hit or miss. Sometimes I get ignored and end up jerking off in the video room, sometimes I get fucked and sucked multiple times!

You should not judge one of these places on one visit. I am a pale white chub, and I usually get some action according to when I show up. Rarely, I said I end up jerking off. Patience is the name of the game here, unless you are an Adonis.

I stop here all the time and have had a tremendous range of experiences. The great ones sustain me through the bad ones.

Edited on 02/08/17


Posted Jan 30 2017:
I visit this club two or three times a month during afternoons. Weekends and holidays are best. Clientele are mostly Black. There is no reason more white guys should not cum here, especially in view of lack of alternatives.

I like to wear sexy underwear and not much else, enjoy sucking cock and getting sucked and fucked. Hope to see you there!

Edited on 02/07/17


Posted Jan 01 2017:
Don't! Don't! Don't! The place is dirty and the young Black man at the front was extremely rude. I had not been here before and had questions about the different prices, etc. He acted as if I shouldn't ask any questions.

Clientele is 75% black which I am fine with. however, they mostly seemed interested in playing with each other and resented white guys' presence. It seems that some men may just go here for a cheap place to sleep and shower as there were people asleep in various locations throughout the building, kind of a flop house.

Admission of $11 allows you to stay up to twelve hours. However, I left after less than two hours. The place was creepy and made me feel dirty and I've been to similar places before in Europe and North America and had a good time.

Edited on 01/05/17
Super Reviewer

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Posted Nov 26 2016:
Went to the club last Thursday night. Got naked and started walking around, ended up in the video room stoking my cock while watching the video. A guy came in, looked around, and came up and began sucking my dick. it was really good. He was wearing a hoodie, and stopped sucking me when someone else came in. Turns out it was just a tease.

I sat there stroking my dick for a few minutes and a guy came in and started playing with my dick. He liked how fat it was, and asked if I would fuck him. I told him I needed to go get my cock ring and would be back.

I headed for my locker, which is near the entrance to the sauna. As I got near, I saw the hoodie guy waving me into the sauna. I followed him in and sat down on one of the corner seats spreading my legs as wide as I could. He knelt down and began sucking my dick again.

I slid forward a little and asked him to play with my asshole. He slid one of his fingers into my asshole playing expertly with my hole while sucking my dick. It was really incredible, I blew a huge load of cum into his mouth as he drove his finger deep into my asshole!

I felt a little bad about not getting back to the guy I was supposed to fuck, but I was really spent by the guy who liked to play with my asshole while sucking me. Hope to run into him again.

Edited on 12/06/16
Super Reviewer

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Joined: Jan 03, 2006

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Total Reviews: 19


Posted Sep 21 2016:
I did stop by the other night, got naked, and went to the dark area in the back. While my eyes were still adjusting to the dark, someone came up and started feeling me up. He realized I was the guy he regularly sucks off and started to talk to me.

Just as I recognized his voice in the dark someone worked his way behind me. I was working out where we would meet for him to suck my dick and I felt a dick rubbing against my ass crack. I told my regular guy that I think this guy wants to fuck me and that we would meet later in the center area. While I was making these arrangements I could feel a cock getting hard and sliding up and down my ass crack.

I bent over and his dick came up against my asshole, I pushed back and his cock slid in. I had lubbed my asshole before I started cruising, hoping for this. I pushed back and forth a few times, then his cock was firmly in my hole and he began pumping back and forth as everyone watched him fuck me.

Finally he exploded into my asshole and I began squeezing his dick with my asshole muscles . He finally went soft and fell out of my hole and he walked out. His cum dripping out of my asshole and down my leg, I tried to get a glimpse of who just blew there hot load into my asshole, but I only caught a glimpse of his back as he walked into the light.

I asked if anyone else wanted to fuck me, but there were no takers. I walked out to the center area and laid down naked, closed my eyes and waited. It wasn't too long before I felt lips on my dick, he began sucking my dick while jerking off, both of us were naked, and in an area where everyone could watch us.

He sucked me for about 15 to 20 minutes, edging me several times. Finally I couldn't take any more and exploded into his mouth. I was spent, and despite his desire to try to make me cum again, I was too spent. I got cleaned up and left.

For the editor, I am registered as bottombill with an email of (see Profile) where people can connect to me. I don't always log in before I leave a review. If I log in first do viewers see my email?

Another great review, thanks!

Bill, you and I had already communicated about the email question. I'd seen your name, bottombill, when you uploaded this photo for the Cruiser Gallery and I recognized who you were. I was thrilled to learn that you'd already been a CFS Member since 2006.

You already know the simple version of the answer, but I discovered that — of course — it's more complicated.

If you're logged in when you submit a Review, a link automatically comes up to your CFS Profile page. On that page you have choices on how and whether you want people to know your email address. That goes for any other contact info, such as phone numbers, various Apps such as "kik," etc.

The User Control Panel is the key to who can see your profile and what CFS Members or guests can see. For example, under Edit Your Details you can set whether your profile is visible to the general public, to other CFS Members, or only to Members who are Buddies.

Bill, I actually see that your profile is set right now to be visible only to other CFS Members. People who are not Members or not logged in cannot see it. You can change that at Edit Details when you log in again if you want. In the User Control Panel, also look at the Edit Options page. There you can set or change email and messaging choices.

Also, the Profile pages are coded so they should not come up in Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., basically any search engine that "plays by the rules."

I need to revise the Edit Details page and the Registration page to include the changes I made just a few days ago to the profile display pages. The Best Ways to Contact You Outside of CFS is an optional section. Although it has labels for each of the four fields, you can actually use them any way you want. See my profile for an example. I used the " Handle" to put in a link to another web site.

I also need to revise the "Help" page because, honestly, it isn't very helpful. The software for all of this is over ten years old. One way or another it will be replaced and truly archaic. ~ Editor

Edited on 09/29/16
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
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Posted Aug 19 2016:
For the Editor, I am a member of men4sex. If entering it through your site helps I would be glad, to. Need an anonymous way of donating, need for discretion.

Gosh, thank you bottombill!

About donations, I haven't settled yet on a payment gateway to use for this, since PayPal doesn't work with sites like ours. I have a few to consider but have been extremely pressed for time. Payments would probably appear on your statement as MKE LLC, the initials of the company I set up to run the sites when I became responsible for them. FWIW, the name may change in connection with changing the legal business structure; it would still look sort of generic.

You can also use the Contact Us form if you want to know how and where to send a check or money order. That isn't workable as the main payment method, but I can handle a few.

I also want to mention regarding discretion, if you yourself or for anyone who might register as a CFS Member, you have Profile Options including Privacy Options to hide your email address from other members and even to not accept private messages on the site. Based on your reviews, I suspect there's more than a few who might like to send you a message but don't know how to reach you. ;-)

Entering Men4SexNow through CFS does help, since they'll know guys from CFS are using their site when they look at their reports.

CFS actually gets an additional commission for newly registering M4SN members who enter through the links such as the Instant Sex banner above. That takes you to a co-branded CFS version of the M4SN site which they set up with Keith years ago.

Their sites are among the most important CFS sponsors and have had a long business relationship and personal friendship with Keith, and now with me. Together, they and I have plans to expand cooperation. That's yet another of those projects I've had to delay and delay, but they've been beyond understanding and kind because they know me and my circumstances.

If anyone wants to take that as my endorsement, go right ahead. ~ Editor

Edited on 08/24/16
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jan 03, 2006

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Total Reviews: 19


Posted Aug 14 2016:
I was here Friday around 3 to 5 pm. I got naked and began walking around looking for some action. A Black guy with a big dick was dancing in the center area on a platform. His dick seemed the right height, so I went over and started sucking it. He got down on the the table and I sucked him for at least fifteen minutes, both of us stark naked, while people walked by. Some were stopping to watch me, with others pretending they don't see anything!

I finally started getting lockjaw, and was convinced he was not going to cum so I said I needed a break. I went around the corner and got into one of the slings presenting my hole to anyone walking by. Got nothing, then some older Black guy came over and said I had given him a blow job before and he really liked it and wanted it again. I got out of the sling and found the brightest spot as you enter the center area so everyone could watch me suck his dick. He came in my mouth after about five minutes.

I cruised around for a while then went to the video room and was slowly jerking off watching a video and this Black guy came in, hopped up next to me, pulled his cock out and started jerking off. I asked if he would like his dick sucked, and he said yes.

So I knelt on the seat and began sucking his dick. Several people were watching now. He grabbed my head and began shoving my head down on his cock, using my mouth to jerk off. He blew his hot load into my mouth pretty quick. I went out and let his cum roll off my tongue into a trash can, then returned to jerk off some more.

Another Black guy came in, looked at me, and went into the little alcove behind the screen. I followed him in, his cock was out, so I knelt down and started sucking his cock. After a few minutes he blew his load into my mouth.

This time I went back to watching the videos, jerking off with his cum still in my mouth! I rolled the cum around in my mouth while jerking off in front of anyone who wants to watch, while I watched a Black guy fuck a white guy on screen. I finally blew my load, then got cleaned up and left.

Really liked BtmCumSlut's review. Hope to see him sometime soon. I will be there naked on Monday around 5 pm. Then maybe we can write a joint review!

Seeing you wrote this on Sunday, August 14 I don't know if you meant you'd be at the GHC on Monday the 15th or Monday the 22nd. We don't usually post specific dates and times for future get-togethers on Review pages, but I'll allow it here.

I'm actually considering a way to loosen that policy, but only for CFS Members. weekend_boy made that great suggestion in this discussion about the future of CFS

I think you're already familiar with the lag time between cruisers submitting reviews and me editing and publishing them, right? Since you've written so many incredible reviews here already! Anyhow, glad you're having a good time! ~ Editor

Edited on 08/19/16

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Oct 06, 2002

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Posted Aug 04 2016:
Went to GHS last yesterday afternoon around 3. The parking lot was almost full, so I figured I was in for a good time. I got my locker, got undressed, removed my panties, and lubed my asspussy good. I began cruising, showing that this short white pussy bottom was ready to be fucked.

First stop, the bigger, more lit gloryhole room. A white guy followed me in, and showed me his cock at the back wall. I began sucking him, then a Black guy noticed and came up to us. He was watching, then the white guy decided to push my head over to the black cock. I obliged and began sucking. I was really horny. Once he was hard, I stood up, and turned around to show I needed cock in my pussy. He wasted no time in entering and fucking my hole. He told me he was ready to cum, and I let him breed me deep. As he pulled out, I felt some cum run down my balls and leg.

I went back to sucking the white guy. I stood up and offered him my ass too. He said he wanted to watch another guy fuck me. It was hit or miss after that. Lots of guys cruising, but only a few really wanting sex. I took two more covered cocks before leaving at 5 pm, knowing I'd return. There were two trannys cruising, but I didn't know at the time. They were very passable in the dark. I figured not much action, so since they were in a gloryhole I let a load off by them via a nice BJ, then left.

I came back around 8 pm. Not as many cars in the parking lot but still active inside. I repeated my undress procedure, making sure whoever walked by could see I was a panty-wearing bottom. Cruised to the dark gloryhole room. I was immediately followed by a guy, who showed me his cock. I sucked it hard, then stood up to show my asspussy. He began fucking me bare as I braced myself against the wall when he pushed in hard and bred my pussy.

Almost immediately another guy showed up. He must have been watching me and the other guy. I sucked him hard and again, turned and got a nice bare fuck before being bred. He pulled out and walked away.

I could feel cum running out of me as I walked. It was the hottest feeling. I stopped, squatted in the dark, and fingered my pussy some, feeling the cum around my cunt ring and inside. I still was in heat though.

I went over to the gloryholes near the movie room. They've opened up a connector to the movie room now. I went into a booth, and a guy walked into the one next to me. I sucked him through the hole, then backed my pussy up to to hole when I figured he was ready. He wasted no time working his cock into my sloppy fuck cunt, fucking and seeding my hole.

Three loads now dripping from my pussy!

I got a few more fucks that night, nothing spectacular. One covered upstairs, another covered through the gloryhole. I took a facial from one guy who had nice precum flowing by the time his pants slid down. I left his cum dripping off my face as I cruised. It was very hot feeling it run down and eventually crust over. Once it was dry, I went to the bathroom and washed it off.

There were two trannies walking around, the same ones from earlier. The lead one I thought was an actual woman. I followed one into the dark gloryhole room, and "she" pulled out her cock. No worries, I sucked it hard and turned around. She knew what I wanted, as she had been watching me walk around naked all afternoon cruising for cock. She rolled on a condom and fucked my pussy. I was on my tippy toes as she was taller than me. It was tough to get the right angle for that swollen black tranny cock. I managed and it felt great. She finished and I left the area.

It was hit or miss by this time, roughly 11:30. I did have one guy who followed me like a puppy. I gave him my pussy. He had a short fat dick which if hard would have felt wonderful. It had a lot of potential, but he just couldn't keep it inside me. At one time, he was hard, and got maybe ten strokes. I thought for sure I was going to get his cum pumped into my cunt. But after much fucking around the place, I had to just cut him loose. I wasn't getting anything out of it, and I could tell he was getting frustrated.

Overall, a good day at GHS! My questions about dressing as a woman and walking around seem answered — trannies were there. I'd rather have lingerie on and walk around, but I'm not sure how that would go off. I don't think mangement would care, just not sure about the men. I know black guys love it, and since this is the primary demographic, it would probably work well. Then they could just slide my panties down and work my cunt over. Then I could feel their cum in my panties as I walked around.

Glad you had a better time this time! I think we all know things vary from one visit to another and you never know who'll you find — or who'll find you. ~ Editor

Edited on 08/11/16

Usergroup: Member
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Posted Aug 03 2016:
I went here again the following week. Got in around three, so the afternoon guys were still there. Some action, got some nice fucks.

Again, I walk around naked with just a towel in my hands showing my asspussy. I let guys see that I'm a bottom by periodically fingering my pussy as I walk around. I also go to my locker and rub lube on and inside my pussy as guys walk by. Then when they see me some place else in the club, they know.

The slings are a great addition! I got one fuck from a brother who only fucked about ten strokes, pulled out, pitched the condom on the floor and walked off.

First, he didn't cum. Second, he just threw the condom on the floor. Come on, there are plenty of trash cans to dispose of condoms. Please be decent here!

Will go this afternoon/tonight to get my pussy's cock fix as it's been a while. I love the taste of cum, but not many guys give me their load.

Edited on 08/10/16

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Oct 06, 2002

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 5


Posted Jul 10 2016:
I have to agree with bottombill, I think cruising naked is the best. I don't understand why most of the guys wear clothes; maybe because the towels are not free? I just bring one from my hotel. I also cruise with a towel around me, or naked.

My last trip, I was sitting on a bench in the maze, and a Black guy inched over to me. I grabbed his cock and started sucking. He was a 20-something kid, he stood me up, and fucked me right there, guys passing and watching. He came in me and walked off.

I then went to the patio and laid naked face down. I got a nice fuck from a Latino boy there but his fucking skills didn't include deep fucking, you know, like all the way to the balls. Another load dumped.

I was then in the dark room in the very back sucking a brother's cock, when I felt a finger groping my asspussy. I stood up and got a nice split roast, condomed in my ass, but raw in my mouth. I loved the brother's cum as he finished up and walked off while the Latino continued fucking me.

I found a rotund brother with a nice 7" thick cock waiting for a blowjob, so I blew him while getting fucked. This Latino guy though, liked pulling his cock out and stabbing my pussy. Honestly, that is a terrible way to fuck and it kinda ruined the fuck. I told him I needed more lube, and went to my locker. I avoided him the rest of the night.

Too many guys walking around looking for that perfect guy. Come on. As a bottom, I'm there to suck, and be fucked. Just be clean, man!

I'm going back soon! I'd love to be able to come in as a CD, lingerie, makeup, panties, nylons, heels. I'm not sure if management would allow.

You should ask. There's a form to contact the club on its web site. ~ Editor

Edited on 07/19/16

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Aug 22, 2004

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Total Reviews: 10


Posted Jun 21 2016:
Hot review Bottombill. I'll have to check this place out on my next trip to DC. I love bending over for Black cock where others can watch and join in.

Edited on 06/29/16
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
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Total Reviews: 19


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted May 14 2016:
Last week I stopped at the club, and it didn't look like a lot of cars in the parking lot. But I was horny so I went inside. I got undressed and started walking around. Checked the back room, nothing. Went to the first set of gloryholes, didn't look like initially anybody was there.

As I was leaving there was a black guy in the dark hall with his dick out, I reached out and gently touched his dick and he responded. I began stroking it as I knelt down and began sucking it. I sucked it for a while as it became rock-hard and I looked up at him and asked if he would like to fuck me.

I stood up, turned around, and he backed into a booth and I backed in with him without closing the door. He shoved his dick into my hole and began thrusting. People could walk by and see him fucking me. I was totally naked. After a while he began to moan. And then he shot his load into my ass. I walked away not totally sure who just fucked me.

And then I found another guy standing out in the open, also with his cock hanging out. I asked if he would like his dick sucked, he said yes, I said where, he said right here. So I got on my knees stark naked out where everybody could watch and began sucking his dick.

After sucking his dick and twiddling his nipples for a while, he wanted to move into one of the booths. He said he wanted to fuck me. Privacy now? Everybody just watched me suck your dick! Oh well, sure, so we went into the booth and I knelt down and continued sucking his dick. He shot his load of cum into my mouth. And then he said it would take another twenty minutes before he could fuck me. Oh well.

So I went into the second set of gloryholes and found a dick sticking through a hole that I began to suck. He got real hard so I stood up turned around and offered my asshole. He fucked me for a fair amount of time and of course I did this with my door open so anybody walking by could see that I was getting fucked. He finally stopped, and not sure if he came in my ass or not, and I began to walk away.

I walked into the video room, and there was a big guy lying on one of the elevated areas with his dick out. Looked like an invite to me. So I walked over leaned in and began sucking his dick. I kept sucking his dick which was pretty nice and started jerking off. I love jerking off with a dick in my mouth, I keep hoping one of these days both will come at the same time. I sucked him while I was stark naked and jerking off while everybody walked by.

I get excited by people seeing me performing sex acts. Although he got real hard I came before he did and I lost my desire to suck his dick. So I went and got a shower and left.

Getting fucked twice and sucking five dicks was a pretty successful afternoon and I wasn't even in there that long. I wish every trip there was as successful. The place is the Glorious Health Club on West Virginia Avenue just off New York Avenue, NE. I am easy to spot, I'm the guy walking around stark naked.

Edited on 05/24/16
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