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Inserection By LOVE SHACK


Category: Adult store with arcade Hours / Entry Fee: Mon - Fri: 10 am - 12 am; Sat - Sun: 9 am - 12 am Directions: From I-285 get on Roswell Road going north. Go about five miles. This location is on the right in a small strip center that also contains a spa and liquor store. Drive down the hill to the back parking lot. The entrance is in the rear of the building. Or from Highway 400, get off on the Northridge exit and head toward Roswell Road. At Roswell Road turn left and go one mile. It will be on the left.
Submitted: Oct 31 2007 (Edited 03/31/16)
3.22/5 based on 27 votes. The median rating is 3.
Reviews: 34 reviews

Address: 7855 Roswell Road NE
City: Sandy Springs
State: Georgia
ZIP/Postal Code: 30350
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 770-677-9650
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Posted Sep 27 2017:
Inserection and the two strip clubs targeted by Sandy Springs filed an appeal with the full 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, the next step after losing with a three-judge panel.

Attorney Cary Wiggins, representing the targeted businesses, says there is a possibility of a Supreme Court appeal should they lose this round. Should step be taken there would likely be further years of delay. The battle between the city and these businesses goes back to 2006, eleven years already.

Reporter Newspapers: Sandy Springs’ adult business battles inch closer to Supreme Court appeal

Edited on 10/04/17


Posted Aug 28 2017:
In the latest chapter of their legal battles, Inserection along with two other nearby strip clubs lost at the US 11th Circuit Court Appeals. This, along with possible redevelopment in the neighborhood, may cause the business to close.
Sex doesn't sell in Sandy Springs, apparently.

Unless they file an appeal, an adult bookstore and two strip clubs must close up shop or move out of the city in north Fulton County.

On Monday, Aug. 14, the federal 11th Circuit Court of Appeals sided with Sandy Springs and ruled that the city’s ordinances regarding adult entertainment businesses were not unconstitutional. This upholds a district court ruling from a year ago.
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Court rules in favor of N. Fulton city in case against strip clubs

Reporter Newspapers: Sandy Springs wins legal appeal on adult business restrictions

The ongoing legal fight goes back to 2006. Inserection's location is still a legal issue. The three businesses have thirty days to appeal and further action is expected.

Separately, the owners of the almost-vacant shopping center where Inserection is located have been seeking to sell it although one deal has already fallen through.

Northside Neighbor: Redevelopment could force Inserection out

Edited on 08/31/17
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Posted Mar 23 2016:
This store and two strip clubs lost a ten-year legal battle with the City of Sandy Springs about restrictions on adult businesses. The three businesses would be forced to relocate or close and were said to be planning an appeal.

Sandy Springs wins lawsuit on adult business restrictions; appeal expected

Sandy Springs Wins Adult Entertainment Lawsuit

The stories said the deadline for appeal was twenty days, which has passed. Please keep us informed on how this plays out. Thanks! ~ Editor

Edited on 03/31/16


Posted Jan 05 2016:
Was here today and the none of the movies work. I wasted five bucks on the machines after paying a six dollar cover. No wonder nobody was there. Disappointing.

Edited on 01/13/16

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Apr 24, 2002

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Total Reviews: 1


Posted Nov 17 2013:
No longer a place if you're looking for action. I did hook up and suck a nice dick on Saturday 11/16/13 but there are now "warning signs" of "patrols" (presumably by store employees when so inclined, although the old warning was that the Sandy Springs police make routine visits) and that cameras are monitoring and you need to get in a booth. If you're caught "doing anything" (presumably this means with another person but it's unclear) the store will threaten to ban you.

It's really sad. The store used to be a pretty good place for action but it doesn't appear to be that way any longer.

Edited on 11/21/13

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Nov 16, 2013

Total Listings: 1
Total Reviews: 1


Posted Nov 16 2013:
Last time I was there looking for cock to suck it was a total miss. While I don't mind showing off my dick-sucking skills to an audience, it has to be in a place that's safe to do so. I didn't feel like this was safe.

No doors on the booths plus signs posted saying police may be present had me out the door almost as soon as I arrived. There were guys there, but maybe they didn't have as much to lose in life if they were arrested.

Unless they install some measure of privacy for two consenting guys to hook up and play I won't be back.

Edited on 11/20/13


0 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Oct 24 2012:
No doors on the booths. $5 to get in. Usually a few guys in here and something going on.


Posted Aug 27 2011:
Some good fun last weekend. Swapped blowjobs with three guys, all married like me. Staff were cool and never bothered us.

Edited on 09/02/11


Posted Nov 28 2010:
There are no doors on the booths, but there were several guys hanging around when I went. All different types and I saw a couple of guys huddled in one booth going at it.

Edited on 12/07/10


Posted Mar 24 2010:
This place has an unreal number of video cameras watching in the booth area. Some are mounted openly, and others are up among the ceiling ductwork.

Edited on 03/28/10


Posted Mar 03 2010:
Heads Up!
I had an encounter with an undercover Sandy Springs police officer in the booths. He wrote me a ticket for indecent behavior and threatened to arrest me if he caught me again.

Edited on 03/03/10


Posted Feb 21 2010:
Was there last night and had some fun. I was able to suck on a nice white uncut cock and get mine sucked as well. It was 10:30 on a Saturday night and I definitely had my choice of cocks. Worth the 5 bucks to get in as it gives you 5 bucks worth of time on the machines as well. There are no doors on the booths, but that seems to make it hotter and anyone can stop and watch the action.

Edited on 02/21/10


Posted Jan 08 2010:
This place is always hopping during the daytime, sometimes around lunch hour. I have seen up to 12 to 14 guys cruising their dark back room. Well worth the $5 entry fee!


Posted May 30 2009:
The last couple of visits, it was a ghost town in there.


Posted May 25 2009:
I was there on Memorial Day and had a really good time. Not a lot of guys but it was still fun. Got sucked and sucked a few.


Posted May 08 2009:
Heads Up!
Staff now point out a sign as they let you into the backroom. It states that Sandy Springs does not allow sexual activity and that Sandy Springs police are patrolling.


Posted Apr 09 2009:
I've been several times recently and people have figured out that the staff doesn't seem to care what goes on. I've had a couple of hot threeways with other hung guys, taking turns feeding our big cocks to a guy while others watched and jerked off.


Posted Apr 02 2009:
I was there on the 27th of March, used to go all the time until I moved out of state. Anyway, it's $5 to get into the back and that was fine and no doors on the booths is cool, no monitors either. I sat in a booth with some poppers and pretty quickly this dominate top was fucking my face with his seven-incher. He finished and left and another quickly took his place followed by two more waiting their turns, stroking and watching. When they were all done I sat for about five minutes then a hot Latino came in and fucked the hell out of me with at least nine inches. He came and left. I will be going back tomorrow!


Posted Mar 31 2009:
Don't waste your time. There are no doors and a Mexican guy walking around monitoring. It is a waste of your money and time.


Posted Jan 09 2009:
It appears that people are getting used to the new setup. If you are a voyeur or exhibitionist, head to this place. I have given and received handjobs and blowjobs in the booths with no interference from the staff.


Posted Oct 04 2008:
I was just there an hour ago (Sunday) and this place blew it big time. Great booths until they closed all the gloryholes. Ok, you could still invite someone in -- not! They took all the doors off! What the fuck!? And they still charge a $5 cover? Fuck that! I'm not going back until I hear that the place has changed.


Posted Sep 21 2008:
All gloryholes have been closed but you can still hit the booths with anyone you want.


Posted Sep 07 2008:
This place is very clean and redone. You have to pay a $5 flat fee to get in the back area. There are manufactured gloryholes in every booth but they are all screwed shut. It was pretty boring.


Posted Sep 04 2008:
Wasn't expecting much, but I was there only 15 minutes before this hot hung Latino boy came in and fucked the you know what out of me, then came inside me and left. Totally worth it.


Posted Aug 26 2008:
Was great till this week. The glories have been screwed shut and they are always watching to catch people sharing a booth. What a waste of their great renovation!


Posted Jul 09 2008:
Awesome! I was just there two weeks ago. The booths (hell, they're more like little rooms) are huge and very well done. I sucked off a nice seven-incher before fucking some other guy. This place is great! I can't wait to go back. They really did an excellent job!


Posted Jun 14 2008:
Oh my God! They have remodeled the booths and it is the hottest place going. I had so much cock there I didn't know what to do. Amazing new booths, they are big with a bench. Hot place to go for cock!


Posted Jun 07 2008:
I've sucked a lot of cock through the gloryholes and been sucked a lot. They have redone the place. I was there yesterday and sucked one big cock. The booths are very nice and there are manufactured gloryholes between pairs of booths. I believe that every pair has holes. Time for everyone to go back there.


Posted Jun 04 2008:
They have closed up all the gloryholes. Don't waste your time.


Posted Mar 15 2008:
The place is pretty cool but the guy that patrols the booth will not allow you to stay in the booth without putting money in the machine. Sort of gets on your nerves while you are in the middle of getting your dick sucked.


Posted Feb 18 2008:
The video preview booths have little doors in between so you can reach through and jackoff the person next to you, or just suck the big hard dick sticking through.


Posted Nov 09 2007:
I go here often and hookup almost every time. It's mostly white, younger guys. Hotties pop in and out, especially at night on the way back to their homes, drunk and horny. Best of all, it doesn't smell like butt sex and dried cum doesn't cover the walls.


Posted Nov 08 2007:
I've been there a few times in the last few weeks. Got sucked off by hot looking bi-men. Each took my load.


Posted Oct 31 2007:
This location is much nicer and cleaner than the one at 6400 Roswell Road. And this one does not have a gang of guys hanging in the hall in front of the booths. This location has thirteen booths with seats in each one. The gloryholes are between all booths except for number 3, 6, and 9. If the maintenance guy is there, he will knock on the door if the video is not running. The best times are around lunch, rush hour in the afternoon (4-6), the mid-evening (7 to 10 pm), and of course it's hit-or-miss. The downside is that there are a number of regulars who are older and overweight who (1) can't take a hint or 'no' for an answer, and (2) will try to 'steal' a new dick that just arrived by hanging in front of the booths waiting for the new dick to go in. Then they jump in front of you. If the new dick is there to just get sucked off, chances are the old troll will get the prize. But there are some hot younger guys that do go. I would rather have a hit-or-miss visit with a hot young guy than the gang of trolls you get at the 6400 Roswell Road location.

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