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Towns Bluff Park

Category: Cruisy park Hours / Entry Fee: Best mornings or late afternoons/early evenings Directions: Located off Hwy. 221 north of town at the Uvalda Bridge where the highway crosses the Altamaha River. After turning off Hwy. 221 stay straight ahead on the dirt road (Uvalda Landing Rd.) to the river; do not take the right turn to the Lodge.
Submitted: Sep 23 2002 (Edited 09/15/17)
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4.33/5 based on 6 votes. The median rating is 5.
Read & Write Reviews: 37 Reviews

Address: on Uvalda Landing Road
City: Hazlehurst
State: Georgia
ZIP/Postal Code: 31539
Country: United States of America
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1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Feb 11 2018:
Went around 6 to 7 pm and met another hot dude who gave me an amazing blowjob.

Edited on 02/12/18

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jan 12, 2018

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


Posted Jan 12 2018:
Went last night for the first time. Met up with a shaved head daddy type of guy. We had so much fun!

It was my first m2m experience. It was fucking hot! He sucked my dick and ate my ass till I came. So fucking hot, will be going again. I went around 7.

Edited on 01/17/18


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Oct 28 2017:
This place is at/on the Altamaha River on the Jeff Davis County side on U.S. 221. At times, lot of country queers show up. Damn, some of these guys are horny and damn, some of these guys are well endowed.

Edited on 11/06/17


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Sep 09 2017:
This is still a good place to meet guys. Usually best in the mornings or late afternoon/early evenings until about dark, but not after dark.

When you turn off of Highway 221, you will be on a dirt road. You will see a road that turns off to the right. Don't take that one, it will take you to the new section with the convention lodge. Keep going straight. This will take you to the old river park. That is where guys meet.

Thanks, I'm grateful for the directions and will update the page. ~ Editor

Edited on 09/15/17
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Posted Sep 24 2016:
Can you give me a specific address for Towns Bluff Park? My GPS said "Cannot Find That Location." I want to go there and give guys my mouth service.

When I checked in 2014 I was unsure of the location. It is on Google and now comes up on Facebook. I'm changing the address to the one shown but leaving the map pointer where it is.

Not being local, I'm unsure if cruising happens in the park itself or along the river up to the bridge or both. With the original directions "Located north of town at the Uvalda bridge where the highway crosses the Altamaha River" and address of "Highway 221," it sounded like many cruisy places here in East Texas where guys park at rivers under highway bridges.

There is also a Facebook page called "Under Uvalda Bridge". The park web site says it's closed on Sundays, but we have reviews from men who have cruised here on a Sunday. When in doubt, follow the men. ~ Editor

Edited on 10/03/16


Posted Sep 16 2016:
Best time to visit this place? Where to go?

Edited on 09/26/16


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Sep 05 2016:
Went to the river this evening, Labor Day. There were several guys there today. Myself and a young guy sucked and jacked off.

I fucked another fine dude about an hour later. He came all over the place. He had a fine ass and cock. As I was leaving, another young fine ass dude showed up.

Edited on 09/16/16


Posted Jun 25 2016:
Rode down on Saturday, June 25th. Stayed from 6 to 7:30 pm. No action. Been here before when it was poppin', but today was just a few boats and fishing. When is the new time to go?

Edited on 07/05/16


Posted Jun 10 2016:
Cute fellows out and about today. I 69'd with one and we blew several loads.

Edited on 06/17/16
Jimmy Dale


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Dec 27 2015:
I got my Christmas present today! I got me a mid-aged fine stud with a mean cock. There were several country queers hanging out. There are trails here and some of the guys just walk the trails.

Edited on 01/04/16


Posted Jul 26 2015:
I was here today, July 26, 2015. There was a good bit of activity today. A couple of guys went for a run and one of them ended up getting fucked along the trail.

Edited on 08/03/15


Posted Jun 23 2015:
It's June 23, 2015 at 6:15 pm. Already some hot guy action going on down here by the river.

Edited on 06/29/15


Posted Jun 22 2015:
When is the best time to go?

Edited on 06/29/15


Posted May 26 2015:
I was here today. This place at times is HOT! Today, a guy came running out of the woods as if he was jogging. As I went further into the woods, he followed. This guy had a very nice toned body and a nice uncut cock. We both had a great time! I know I will be going back soon. As I was leaving two more guys came cruising by for some action.

Edited on 06/02/15


Posted Apr 11 2015:
Today was a good day! At times it was cruisy. I nailed two farm boyz. One had a big ole dick and was uncut. The other guy had a nice dick too, long nuts, and lots of cum. I saw another pretty guy getting fucked in the woods by a fine ass young buck.

Edited on 04/17/15


Posted Mar 13 2015:
Evenings are good, weekends too. Hot country boys with hot rods. Discrete place to go to suck and/or get sucked.

Edited on 03/18/15


Posted Jan 19 2015:
Hot southern guys! Good place to give or receive a blowjob. Masculine and rugged.

Edited on 01/22/15


Posted Jan 03 2015:
There was a guy jogging today down the river and the park. When done, he went to the bathroom and stripped for a shower. Before he left, I drained his nuts. He had a fine toned body and a nice cock. Cum gushed outta his fine cock.

Edited on 01/09/15


Posted Jul 13 2014:
At times, this place is hot! Those country queers come out of the woodwork for a blowjob or other fun. I was there on July 7 and July 12, 2014 and it was a success both times. I was there during the evenings. Some of these guys have a big ole dick. These guys are mostly white and are of all ages.

Edited on 07/17/14

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Mar 24, 2014

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


Posted Mar 25 2014:
Has anyone been there lately in 2014? I'm anxious to try it out but don't want to make the drive in vain.

Edited on 04/01/14


Posted Dec 15 2013:
I was here yesterday. I went to the "beach" area. I hung around for about 30 minutes. All of a sudden, I am sucking this middle aged very athletic stud. My wonder that guy had a big juicy cock. He must to have not cum lately. He almost drowned me with cum. I had a great time! I'll be back soon!

Edited on 12/20/13


Posted Dec 06 2013:
Yes, this place is HOT at times. I was there today and got laid by some young buck sporting a load of cock. I was here about a week ago and got a wonderful blowjob. You'll meet all kind of "country queers" here.

Edited on 12/11/13


Posted Aug 03 2013:
This is a good place to go especially weekdays early evenings and weekend mornings and late afternoons and evenings. A lot of young "straight" country boys just looking to get their dicks sucked. When you turn off the main highway, 221, you will see a long dirt road. Go straight down that road to the "beach" area. Don't turn off that dirt road on a road to the right. If you do that it will take you to the main boat ramp and park Heritage Center. Only the riverfront "beach" area is the cruisy area.

Edited on 08/12/13


Posted Oct 07 2012:
I have been here a few times here lately and have got good country cocks each time. There are gay and bi guys going here. Some play or try to act straight, but they are looking to bust a nut. The ages varies and fun can be gotten if you go the right time of the day and week. I usually go in the evening or the weekend.


Posted Jan 21 2012:
I was there today when two young guys came up in a nice truck. They proceeded to play around with each other and later they fucked on the hood of the truck. Later, I nailed a local guy with lots of meat and juice. He told me people come here often and at times the place is slow, but I had a nice time.

Edited on 01/25/12
River Rat


Posted Nov 13 2011:
At times there are lots of bi and gay men here. Many of the guys are very hot. Many of the guys have nice tools and are well loaded!


Posted Feb 20 2009:
At times this place is hot!


Posted Jun 21 2008:
I was down there at the park the other day. I saw two cute guys fucking on the hood of a truck. They looked like they were in there twenties. The two trucks they were driving were almost new. I see guys here all the time. But not all people who go to the park are gay, so be careful. I see some hotties from time to time and most often they are horny as hell. Great place if you want to enjoy the view until someone comes along. I have not ever seen the police, sheriff, or the game warden bother anyone.


Posted Jan 10 2008:
Don't stop going because I keep going to get what you are trying to give. It's a shame guys don't use these facilities in these small towns discreetly so that we can meet and all enjoy what we want in M2M sex. It's impossible now to meet anyone around Alma, Baxley, Douglas and you know there are guys wanting to meet.


Posted Dec 18 2007:
I have been there about eight times looking for a cock to suck. Nobody is ever there.


Posted Dec 17 2007:
Sometimes this place is rocking! I was there the other day and got laid by a cutie.


Posted Jan 24 2006:
Lots of country queers here.


Posted Nov 15 2005:
This place is getting a lot of attention. Cute guys go there. A lot of action at times!


Posted Feb 08 2003:
This place is most active on Friday and Sunday late afternoons and early night. This is a public fishing area so not everyone you see there is looking for sex. You have to be discreet.


Posted Dec 30 2002:
I was there the other day (on a warm day) and there were two guys already doing their thing. I waited about an hour and a middle-aged cute guy pulled out a hot rod. I cooled it off.


Posted Nov 13 2002:
I was by there the other day and did not see anybody.


Posted Nov 04 2002:
I got laid here the other day. The guy was an old farm boy and had meat all in his drawers. When I finished, I was well satisfied.

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