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Brown Bag Video

Category: Adult store with arcade Hours / Entry Fee: Open 24 hours Directions: Located on the south side of I-80 at exit 93.
Submitted: Mar 29 2001 (Edited 01/13/10)
4.13/5 based on 30 votes. The median rating is 5.
Reviews: 72 reviews

Address: 3042 North Route 71
City: Ottawa
State: Illinois
ZIP/Postal Code:
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 815-434-0820

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Posted Dec 29 2014:
Stopped in to check it out and didn't stay long. Paid my $8 to get into the arcade and noticed the it was pretty empty. All I saw were old and I mean old trolls. Well I was really wanting to bust a nut and get fucked but oh well. Undressed and walked the hall a bit and the trolls came running. One guy had to be 80 and shook the whole time he tried to blow me. Had a few others try but it just wasn't working. As the old guy was blowing me he took his teeth out and that was all she wrote. Got dressed and got out of there. Was mid morning on a Monday. Not sure I will go back.

Edited on 01/05/15
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Posted Nov 25 2014:
I have been here many times, and while the set up is promising for safe, unrestricted fun, the place is usually empty except for a group of about 10 guys who are there so often I suspect they have cots in the back and mail delivered there. They completely ruin the mood for the straight blue collar guys, the truckers, and the occasional business guy driving through the area. They stand in the main hallway right by the door and chat loudly with each other talking about the guys in the booth area. Typically the talk is either about the guy (who had him before, what he was like, rude comments, etc.) or about how awful the place has become and saying they don't even know why they bother to come. Well, I don't either then! Just stay at home and do the rest of us who are trying to actually connect to work in peace.

There is a large Rec Room with pool table, TV, and video games which stands empty but these chatty old ladies don't go in there. They literally stand within 10 feet of the door holding up the wall and stare at everyone who walks in. The place is a ghost town because they chased everyone off, yet they don't seem to get it!

Three ways I could think of to get the business back: First, shorten the time on the pass. It's good for 8 hours. Any real guy who wants service doesn't need an 8 hour pass. and this would also stop the ones who live there from setting up camp. 4 hours should be plenty of time. Second, give commercial truck drivers a discount. Most don't want to pay the $8 for the long shot that someone they haven't seen in there every time they come through will be around. They also like to save money. By charging truckers $5 they would stop in more often. Lastly, don't let the regulars hold up the wall in the entry way. Prohibit hanging at the end of the hall (where they literally watch every movement between booths) and make them move it to the Rec Room. I mean it is there for a reason right?

Edited on 12/02/14


Posted Jul 13 2014:
I went there just to see what it was like. I spent several hours there and was used by several guys. When I left my jaws and butt were both well used. I will be coming this way again for the guys to use me again. It was the best I have ever had.

Edited on 07/17/14

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Posted May 13 2014:
Where to begin... I had been thinking of trying this place out for a while, so last weekend on my way to Chicago I spent a couple days in Ottawa. I was not disappointed. Over the course of two afternoons/evenings I blew, fucked and/or got fucked bareback by 29 guys.

Most were blue collar types, some young, some daddies, some straight, but all fun! The guys who fucked me included a married guy who had never fucked an ass, a hot married Mexican daddy who then went home to the wife and kids with my ass juices all over his cock, and two hot college-aged jocks with huge cocks.

My only disappointment was that I didn't see any women. I really wanted to be in a gang bang situation with a chick. The cost to enter is $8 for 8 hours, and you can go in and out as you please. I would highly recommend this place!

Edited on 05/19/14

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Posted Apr 25 2014:
Do any cds go there? 'Cause I like to dress.

Edited on 05/01/14
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