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Bijou Theatre

Category: Theatre showing porn, Sexclub Hours / Entry Fee: Open 24 hours Directions: Located at North Avenue. Take the 'L' train to either Clark/Division or Sedgwick.
Submitted: Aug 03 2002 (Edited 09/18/15)
3.5/5 based on 50 votes. The median rating is 4.
Reviews: 44 reviews

Address: 1349 North Wells Street
City: Chicago
State: Illinois
ZIP/Postal Code: 60610
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 312-943-5397

This landmark of gay history will be closed as of September 30, 2015.

This listing will stay online as a tribute and because of the many reviews over the years. You are most welcome to submit additional reviews with your memories, not to mention anything special from the last days of this bacchanal.
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Posted Sep 11 2015:
Bijou is closing for good at 9 am on 9/30/2015.

See details here. Bijou will have a number of special events from through closing. ~ Editor

Edited on 09/18/15

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Posted Aug 08 2014:
I love to suck deep, swallow as often as offered, and get bonus wads up my bareback ass. Repeat encounters can be hotter then next time with a hot explosion of cum.

Bijou can be low profit or smashing success. Like on a afternoon Sunday last month, when a striking white guy in his early 20's or so had me from behind unzip his nylon shorts to stroke the thickest, stiffest cock I'd played with in months: Heaven. Amazing sensation to feel his rod stiffen, swell; and stroke his cock while his muscular legs and lean torso began to rock, ending with the groaning explosion and splat. He didn't want me to swallow, very regretably! Tough not playing with myself after that, but good thing.

Not too long after that, an otherwise normal appearing business-type guy in golf shorts and polo had me play with his bare butt from behind while reaching around to stroke his cock, again another mushroom-capped cock, mouth-watering hard, long, and I caressed his pecs. Then I enjoyed stroking my cock up and down his firm ass until I shot. All while we both watched three guys trading fuck and suck sessions.

Edited on 08/15/14


Posted Apr 10 2014:
I've been here maybe five or six times and I think I had action twice. The first time was with a nice enough looking younger guy who came in with his girlfriend. They kicked her out. But he really wanted to suck some cock, so he stayed and sucked mine while doing poppers.

The second time, I didn't have much time and was surprised when a cute, bearded young Brazilian came in. He was moving rapidly form guy to guy, and met touched and kissed me once. Then he went on to touch and kiss other guys. I stopped him again and he said he was only a voyeur and didn't want to do anything. But we kissed and I realized he had a smallish dick. But so is mine. So, I eventually coaxed him into a booth and he jacked me off, which was all I really wanted. It was cool.

But such experiences are rare for the high cost. It's mostly older, desperate men who try to push their way into the booth.

Edited on 04/15/14
Chicago Cock Lover


Posted Jan 17 2014:
I stop in three or four times a year, most recently last week. Usually Sunday early afternoons have interesting opportunities, but Saturday nights are busier. Last week, I was deep-throated by four nicely endowed men, ages from about 30 to 50, in the upstairs front dark room.

First was smallish, but beautifully-shaped head, and we both really enjoyed my face fucking; he took a break, in favor of a thick/long/stiff guy who had watched nearby, stroking his cock in anticipation. The second guy after a good session of deep-throating shot long multiple loads down the throat, while exclaiming loudly, and I kept my mouth wrapped around the head and shaft as long as I could while he calmed his gasping.

Later the first guy passed me in the hall, asked "Want to finish what you started?" and ended up tensing up his whole body, perched on his tiptoes, as he thrust deep and exploded while I slurped and slobbered.

The third guy was very interesting in that he was somewhat older, but very well hung, a bit short, but thick and fantastic mushroom head which grew to plug my mouth so I struggled to breathe and massage his shaft and head with my tongue, but in good order he sped up the pace of his thrusting into my throat -- I would have loved it up my ass, too -- but rather quietly tensed, arched backward while thrusting his hips forward as deep as he could reach, stiffened and swelled before he popped several loads while I clasped tightly on his ass and thighs.

I've enjoyed some terrific young thick cocks plowing my ass BB, a few guys several times over multiple visits.

Recently managment seems to have stepped up cleaning a bit, but I really enjoy groping and being groped by guys, sometimes three or four at once, in the semi-dark alcoves, not so much a fan of the booths with gloryholes.

Highly recommended, visitor-welcoming, and at least I pledge excellent sweaty deep-throat swallowing service or fucking up my ass.

Edited on 01/22/14


Posted Jun 10 2013:
Always a great time in this seedy joint. Visited last week. Spent 30 minutes in the theatre swatting away old trolls before heading upstairs. Ran into a 30-something Latino on the way up, and asked if he wanted to be sucked. Headed into a gloryhole booth, and and he stuck his fat cock through. Busted quick, and missed most of my mouth. A few seconds later, a nice grey haired cock was next. After sucking a bit, I decided it was the perfect size. I wiped the Latino's cum off of the floor, and rubbed it on his cock, and slid it in my ass. He pounded me hard and filled me with a huge load. Went back down to the theatre and threw the trolls a bone, let two finger my cum-sloppy hole while I jerked them off. Hot, dirty times always had here.

Edited on 06/17/13


Posted Jan 29 2013:
The fat queen at the ticket booth is a bitch. Two people plus me were turned away for not having the exact amount. I used to go all the time but now I won't waste my money.

Edited on 02/05/13


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Aug 31 2012:
All these reviews got me to thinking about the one time I've been here. All reviews are accurate. They all depend on your perspective. It is old and tired looking, but what do you expect if you're going for a good fucking or sucking with other men?

I was here about two years ago. Took a walk through to check it out after paying the $22 (I think). You first go through the theatre and then through to some stairs that go upstairs. Really dark up there with lots of hidden areas. I think it's super hot, wandering around with holes in every wall and not knowing what's around the corner.

There were a few guys there on this weeknight, a mix. One guy stripped and wanted help with strapping his wrists up on the shackles above his head. A Mexican guy immediately started sucking his cock deep, hard, and wet. I don't think he spoke English as he never spoke. I grabbed his head and the guy's ass and pulled the thick cock into the greedy mouth. At one point, i went around behind him and felt him from head to toe while watching the cock-sucking.

He asked me to take over, but I really wasn't into sucking without a condom after this other guy was slurping, so passed. When he was ready to cum, he asked me to stroke him to completion, which I was happy to do. He came in my hand while I twisted his nipples with my other hand. For a relative novice to this scene, this was really hot, to see a hot, naked man with a thick cock hung from the ceiling completely exposed.

The theatre for me was not active that night and I did hang in the maze for a bit. I finally came with a tall slender Black man getting my hot load. It's making me think I need to make another trip!

Edited on 09/07/12
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 07, 2004

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 17


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Aug 24 2012:
I had a great time at the Bijou last week, as I usually do when I visit Chicago. Sometimes you gotta be the one to prime the pump, not stand around and wait for somebody else to make the first move. It's not cheap, true enough. After I got warmed up watching a little porn, I rented a locker for $2, stowed all my clothes, and started wandering around as the only nude guy in the place. Yes, there were some guys who weren't too interesting, everybody reading this knows about arcades and bathhouses. But I get a real rush out of being naked around clothed guys on the make, whether they are my type or not. So out to the patio for a smoke, then back upstairs to check on the action. Walking down the aisle of the theatre buck naked turns me on, watching guys reactions to the exhibitionist.

But before long the one guy who I thought was out-of-reach — a fine-looking, smooth (and much younger) Latino guy — pulled me out of the hallway into the equipment room upstairs and started kissing and caressing me all over. When I unbuttoned his shirt I discovered a tight muscular torso that was amazing to touch. He unzipped and presented his dick, which I went down on as he leaned against the wall. He was just the right amount of assertive, sliding his dick ever farther into the back of my throat while it got harder and harder. But what he was after was my butt. He pulled me up, fingered me a little while we kissed, and then he turned me around poking his dick at my hole. I whispered “No, only condom” so he eagerly pulled one from his pocket with a smile. I sort of sighed, because neither of us had lube, but I could tell from his drive and my itchy ass that somehow we were going to fuck, even if it was dry.

He stayed hard as a rock, even sheathed: Ah, youth. We lubed it as best we could with spit, he pushed his jeans down below his knees, and I bent over and guided him in. It took a few deep breaths to get past the sandpaper thrusts before we got going, but it was amazing once he was in. This man was driven to spill some seed. He must have wanted me a little lower, because he shuffled us over to the fuck bench and draped me over that and fucked me some more from the rear. Then he turned me on my back so I was lying on the fuck bench with legs in the air (another reason it's so much nicer to start out naked) and we got into an amazing rhythm. It was great to watch his face while he was pounding me. It wasn't too long before his thrusts got quicker and then his eyes glazed over while he was emptying his load. After he pulled out I hung around watching him get his clothes back in place. We chatted a little. He patted me, offered a polite “thank you” and wandered away, me still standing there naked and content, wondering what else was on the menu.

Played some more later and had a nice conversation with the manager, standing around naked while he did some maintenance.

Edited on 08/30/12


1 of 3 people found this review helpful
Posted Aug 13 2012:
If you've been going to the Bijou since '84, then you're one of the "no one under 45" people that the guy from 9/30/11 whined about, thereby proving his point!


2 of 2 people found this review helpful
Posted Mar 23 2012:
I absolutely love the Bijou. I've been going there since '84, and when it's popping, it's non-stop sex. The only problem is that it's dull and disappointing as hell when the crowd is thin and no one interests you. On one of my most recent visits, I sucked off 12 guys. Two of those guys let me eat their asses and suck them off twice! Every time I'm in Chicago, I go there. Check it out for yourself before you listen to people's comments about how dirty the place is. Just how clean does a place that allows indiscriminate sex in a sling have to be to satisfy some people? I think the some what dingy appearance of the place only adds to the sexual appeal of the place.

Edited on 03/26/12


Posted Feb 22 2012:
I sucked off 5 guys there last Saturday. I would have done more, but that's all that wanted it.
Decent person


0 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Dec 16 2011:
For the person who was upset that he "took a leak" on the patio, were you born in a barn? I have been to the Bijou and there are bathrooms right on the way to the patio. No one wants to go outside for some air to only be greeted by the smell of urine. Speaking for other decent gay people, don't come back to the Bijou.

Edited on 12/28/11


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Sep 24 2011:
Went here on a Friday night. I had to pay $22 to get in. What a major disappointment! There were only 5 guys, and no one under 45. There's a huge cruise space upstairs, but it's dirty and tired. If they dropped the price in half they could easily attract more than twice the number of customers.

Edited on 09/30/11


0 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Sep 12 2011:
The black security guy here made me leave because I took a leak outside on the patio. I will never return to this seedy dump.

Edited on 09/16/11
Tourist From WeHo


Posted Aug 09 2011:
Loved it. I go every time I'm in Chicago. Always find 3 or 4 hot guys to fuck or suck.

Edited on 08/09/11

Usergroup: Member
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1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Apr 12 2011:
I use this place to arrange meets with those who can't host, as I can't host, too. No better place to go for variety and fun. It has a bondage room, theatre, gloryholes, and even an outside area where I love to get fucked al fresco. It is what you make of it. I have been known to invite several guys to meetup here and we've had some major gang bang fun.

Edited on 04/17/11


1 of 2 people found this review helpful
Posted Mar 17 2011:
The place is a real shit hole. All the great reviews are written by the staff. I have gone four times now at different times. Never met a hot guy, not even once. It is a bunch of old smelly men trying to live in the past, and by that I mean at one time this place used to be the shit in Old Town. Now it is just shit.

Edited on 03/24/11


Posted Nov 04 2010:
This place is amazing. I go every Thursday between 4 pm and 8 pm, and have hot fun with at least 4 or 5 guys. Last Thursday I had 3 cocks shower their cum all over me, while I was butt naked. Two of them plowed my hole well before doing so. I pumped a guy's hot butt too, and sucked off 2 other guys before departing. This is the hottest spot in Chicago, by far.

Edited on 11/08/10

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Feb 01, 2003

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Total Reviews: 1


2 of 2 people found this review helpful
Posted Jul 17 2010:
My owner took me there by surprise (my first time). He made me strip as soon as we entered, right in the theatre in front of everyone, and then had me sit in the second last row with him behind me. In just a few minutes a guy sat next to me and began playing with me -- nipples, cock, ball, and fingering my ass. Without warning my owner put a collar and leash on me and told the guy that I was his for the next hour and to have fun. He pulled me by the collar to his crotch where I found a semi hard 9 inch cock. I took it out and sucked and played with it before he led me upstairs and down a dark hallway to a playroom with slings and bondage stations. He put me on a raised stage, secured my wrists to the cross, and then got rough with me. He pulled roughly on my balls and cook and cock fucked with two then three and four fingers. Then I heard the sliding of the belt from his pants loops and thought "Oh shit, this is going to hurt." Wack, wack, wack -- it stung like hell.

Edited on 07/23/10

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 05, 2009

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


Posted May 07 2010:
Hit or miss. I guess you have to go on a lucky night, but when it's a hit it's a HIT. Men galore, blue collar, boi's, white, black, Asian, Hispanic. Euro men are cruising here, too. A great mix of guys that like their cocks socked and vice versa.

Edited on 05/13/10


Posted Apr 05 2010:
This place is the best place by far in Chicago, and I have been to all of them. The friendly staff allows you to be nude, the crowd is mixed straight, bi, and gay, all ready to have fun, and quite a hot atmosphere. I was there last week and had 5 cocks. Best time seems to be during the days between noon and 4 pm.

Edited on 04/07/10


Posted Nov 16 2009:
This place is a ripoff. Used to be fun sometimes, but the entry fee has gone way up, the vids are sort of stuck in some lame nineties time-warp, and the clientele seem to be mostly homeless guys stopping in for a place to sleep.


Posted Aug 28 2009:
This is what sex was in the 1970s and early 1980s. The second floor has a 3000 square foot play space with gloryholes, slings, bondage racks, open and private play areas, and summer outdoor gardens. It is dark and can be wild and dangerous. This place is for serious sex not for the timid at heart.


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Nov 04 2008:
The Bijou's not merely a theater, though you can sit in the dark rows of seats, stroking while watching the boys on film and watching other cocks being tugged by guys sitting nearby, sometimes resulting in mutual jackoff and sucking. But upstairs are several darkened rooms of gloryhole booths and a couple of common areas. From two recent visits (August and September), some choice stories: one compact moderately hairy forty-ish white guy fucked and deep-throated me with his well-defined mushroom-capped cock while two other guys offered their stiff cocks for my sucking pleasure (of course, I eagerly accepted), and later he fucked me bareback twice over the course of my several hour stay that night as I, gasping, shot twice total with him as I played with his balls and then grasped his butt to slam his thick dick even deeper into my ass. Once while on my knees absolutely devoted to slurping an engorged veiny white dick, my face was gently slapped by the gorgeous head of a twitching eight-inch cock belonging to a guy who had been watching to the side, and so he ended up giving me a highly erotic face-fuck. One thirty-ish white guy had been looking me over as we passed in the halls, ducked into a booth where I followed, and unfortunately too-quickly I felt his throbbing dick swelling to the far reaches of my throat as he gripped both sides of my head with his hands and manipulated himself between my lips and playing tongue, to unload several big shots in quick succession, so that I came without even touching myself. (I love being held with my head against the abs, my mouth full of cock, as guys shudder a bit, twitch and begin relaxing their frames on top of me to regain their breath.) One tall black guy about twenty-eight years old let me lick and suck as best as I could the rock-hard and too-thick cock, before lifting me up, turning me around and working it deep up my ass as I came all over. Unfortunately, I've not recently seen a Filipino guy who's teasingly grabbed my butt while a small group is in progress, and fingered my ass before pulling down my bikini brief and applying slow, deep thrusts up my ass as he pushes his hands down on my back and shoulders before shooting (usually me first, after getting hot and sweaty). While I much enjoy receiving a good blowjob (there are some remarkably talented mouths at Bijou), giving is my special therapeutic calling and expertise...with a hot ass fuck to finish as often as not.


Posted Oct 31 2008:
I went for the first time last November and was not disappointed. I love black cock, multiple partners, and public sex. I found it all. Sucked a nice black cock in the theatre with several others watching as I swallowed his load. Upstairs there was non-stop sucking. A hot black guy drained me as I used my hand on a huge Hispanic cock, which I later sucked. Another white guy and myself had a three-way with a young hung black gangster-type, later another black guy and I got it on in the upstairs bondage room. All in all, I found it clean, non-pushy and had more black men in a couple hours than I'd had in a year.


Posted Aug 17 2008:
Filthy. Disgusting. Over-priced.


Posted Feb 19 2008:
Happenstance! Had to attend a meeting in the area around noon on a cold February weekday in Chicago and decided to check out the Bijou since I haven't been in a few years but still had my membership card. It was $16 to enter. The theatre only had a few guys in there enjoying the porn and I proceeded to the back bathrooms and found no action in sight. Took a spin up the spiral staircase and there was just one guy up there. Proceeded to the back where the sling area was and no one was home. I went back towards the gloryhole booths at the landing of the spiral staircase and not a soul to be found. Went around the corner to the viewing area and low-and-behold a hot construction guy type was watching the movie standing up and jacking off. It was on! I immediately took out my thick black dick and he motioned me over. Without hesitation he dropped to his knees and choked down my chocolate stick. Within minutes, guys came out like cockroaches to take part in our sexcapade. Shot a big hot load down his throat after fifteen minutes and he didn't miss a drop. I zipped up and left for my meeting with a smile on my face. The Bijou still rocks!


Posted Jan 12 2008:
Nothing but old, nasty white men and tons of black guys who look like they live in the streets. The few decent white guys are full 'tude and the younger black guys are usually hustlers. Don't bother with this place. It's not worth the $20 entrance fee.


Posted Dec 19 2007:
I have to say that the Bijou is one of my favorite places to get down and dirty in Chicago. I went there twice this summer. The first time I went out to the backyard and just sat on a bench and guy after guy either came up to me and sucked my cock or let me suck theirs. I counted seven different studs. The second time I started out getting a cum shot all over my face upstairs in a private booth and then went into the bondage area where myself and another white guy got totally naked and let two well hung black guys have a go. The other white guy showed up while I was taking this black guy's cock in my mouth and laid over one of the bondage stools where he was properly fisted and fucked by myself and one of the black studs. The whole while he had the other black cock pumping in and out of his mouth. One bad thing did happen because of my own stupidity. Because my clothes were piled up on the floor next to the entrance of the bondage room someone took $200 out of my pants pocket. Live and learn? Still, a hot time.


Posted Sep 15 2007:
Have to agree with it being mostly a miss lately. I was there tonight (a Saturday) and not many people were around. And those that were there were hesitant to do much. Also, there was an annoying little man who kept following me around trying to grope every chance he got -- even after being told to 'bug off' a few times. Every time I started something with someone, there he was groping and horning in. This may have been my last time at the Bijou.


Posted Aug 23 2007:
Depending on the time of day, there is a lot of action at the Bijou. Check out the Message Board forum for Illinois and search of 'Bijou' to get more detailed experiences. It's worth it! I've usually had great times there.


Posted Aug 13 2007:
Love sucking cock on the second floor in the gloryholes. There are way too many cocksuckers now though. It used to be all you could choke on buffet! They need to fix fans in bathrooms as they reach a hundred degrees.


Posted Jul 25 2007:
Don't write Bijou off. I've had great experiences so far this summer, two on late Saturday nights in the second floor booth areas. One guy was a short, mid-thirties Latino who supplied one of the two most awesome blowjobs I've ever received (and I thought I was one of the best in technique). He was masterful, using tongue, strokes and tender caresses, exploring my cock and balls fully almost as in worship. I had to pull out of the gloryhole a few times just to prolong the exquisite edge-of-explosion sensation, and then he swallowed me deeply while I pumped and gasped. (I only wish he had hung around for me to return the favor.) The second guy was a Filipino with a nice trim torso, a couple of times he fucked me bareback with his swelling tool until, already dripping with sweat, I sprayed the wall. Of course I've also done my part, guzzling deepthroat face fucks of some great thick throbbing heads, slurping down satisfying loads. Experiences do vary, quality and number of patrons is hard to predict, but do keep Bijou on your list.


Posted Jun 26 2007:
This place is hit-or-miss, and mostly a miss lately. There are a lot of older guys. The last time I was there some older guy was following everybody around making a pest of himself trying to grope anyone who came within reach.


Posted Jun 11 2007:
If you get off on gloryhole action, this place is hot.It's sleazy but has gloryholes in two bathrooms on the first floor behind the theatre plus second floor with a maze of booth and gloryholes as well as three orgy spaces. One has a hot leather sling and more. Hot back patio filled with action too. Lots of black guys, all ages and types. Definitely for those into sleaze and kink. It gets a lunch rush but weekends are best.


Posted Mar 15 2007:
I had a very wonderful experience last Sunday evening. There were lots of guys. Being an Asian, I was not sure how the crowd would act. I started in the theater. A white guy in his early thirties came on to me. I gave him a handjob and then we ended going to the second floor. I blew him until he came. He was good-looking, although his dick was only six inches. After resting a while, a guy in his late thirties came on to me. This time, I ended up being fucked by him. He was totally hot. There were other two guys who asked me to suck them during the fucking. It was a wild experience.


Posted Jan 12 2007:
Heads Up!
I was leaving the Bijou tonight and was approached by someone who claimed to be a police officer. Wanted money or would call to have me arrested. I told him I wanted to discuss this in a more secure location and I dialed 911. He told me that it's Ok and he would let me go. I told him that it's Ok, I wanted to get his other officers to discuss it. He ran down Scott Street and went in the alley. Running. Be careful if you leave the Bijou!


Posted Nov 03 2006:
Thursday afternoons between 3 and 6 pm have been hot lately. Lots of action upstairs in both blowjob alley and the sling room. The crowd is mixed ethnically and tends to be older. While I have not had any problems, there is a sign posted that one should be aware of pickpockets. The staff is very nice. Lockers and bag/coat check are available.


Posted May 12 2006:
Sunday afternoons into mid-evening have been quite hot. Two weeks ago, in the second floor front room I slurped and blew one white guy's eight inches; he especially enjoyed fucking my throat deep with his nicely-shaped mushroom head. Good thing I was totally into him or I would have creamed myself. Within half an hour, a white guy in his late twenties who had watched me service the first one had me suck his dick until he began short deep gasps of breath. His cock swelled and got rock hard in my mouth (I love that experience!) and then he pulled out and shot (unfortunately, since I also crave getting a load pumped down my throat). After resting a while watching the film in the theatre, one guy moved over a couple of seats and gave me a truly hot handjob made me cream all over myself. I'm getting stiff now just remembering.


Posted Jan 24 2006:
If you're into a little bondage action, this place has some great venues upstairs. There's a full room with restraints and slings in the back, but I prefer a little booth near the stairway with rope loop wrist restraints and a chain-link fence separator to tie things to. On my last visit, I checked the clothes in a locker downstairs and attracted some followers on the way to help secure me in the booth. I had my balls tied off with a rope which a horny dude used to yank me back up to gloryhole where he gave my balls and rear lots of attention while two other guys reached into the booth to slap and stroke my cock and twist my nipples. I shot big! On a previous visit, while bound and gagged in this booth a dude comes in, locks the door and undresses. He slaps my cock hard then unrolls a lubed condom over it. He then proceeds to back onto it and fucks himself good with my rock-hard cock. A great time! I recommend it!


Posted Jan 21 2006:
Skip it! The place is full of old, fat trolls who can't keep their hands to themselves even when pushed away. Was in there for almost three hours last weekend and there was not one good-looking man that came through the door. It's great if you're looking for a granddaddy-type, but if you're looking for quality Chicago beef, try elsewhere.


Posted Oct 02 2005:
Over the past ten years the Bijou has had its ups and downs, but I think it's on the upswing. Over the summer I was there about half a dozen times and I was able to hook up with some younger hot guys all but once. Last weekend I hooked up with a younger guy who really wanted to be dominated. I took him to the back and used him as a good old fashioned cum bucket.


Posted Sep 25 2005:
For dedicated cocksuckers, you can't beat the Bijou. On a trip to Chicago last week I sucked the dicks of over half a dozen guys without ever seeing their faces. There's nothing better than being surrounded by three gloryholes, sucking cock through one while cocks are being stroked at the other two, waiting to be next.
And I love the huge holes between the bathroom stalls. Last time, I was on my knees sucking the cock of this one guy while we passed the poppers back and forth. I took my time on that cock, making sure both of us enjoyed every second. There's no way I'd head back to Chicago without at least one visit to the Bijou.


Posted Aug 20 2005:
I was in Chicago for the first two weeks of August. I went to the Bijou twice and both times had a great time. There are undesireable guys, but each time I also hooked-up with some really hot guys. I hadn't had sex in over a year, so I pretty much made a pig of myself. I didn't mind letting the trolls watch me suck dick as long as they didn't interfere, and they were cool about it. My last visit a black guy fucked me in one of the gloryhole booths.

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