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Larry Flynt's Hustler Club

Category: Adult store with arcade, theatre, Strip club Directions: Located at exit 6 off I-64.
Submitted: Aug 20 2003 (Edited 10/31/10)
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Reviews: 44 reviews

Address: 5420 Bunkum Road
City: Washington Park
State: Illinois
ZIP/Postal Code:
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 618-874-9334
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Posted Mar 18 2014:
My first time there was a few months ago and I was quite a bit nervous going in, so nervous an attendant had to explain to me that I needed to place a dollar in the roller to get into the gay theatre by the bookstore, even after I paid a $7 cover to get a wrist band to go back there. Once inside ironically they were playing heterosexual hardcore porn. The place was about 3/4 full of men, all ages but mainly 35-65, some even older.

I sat in front, shy about taking my cock out because of the light from the screen, but why else was I there? I took my cock out and started playing with it. A younger man sat down to my right, and I learned the protocol is to rest your hand on the thing of the man sitting next to you. If he pulls it away, no dice. This gentleman allowed me to rest my hand there and obligingly unfastened his pants and exposed his rather large cock. I gave him an hand job for many minutes but he did not ejaculate.

There were one or two attendants or bouncers ranging around and I didn't know what I could get away with, so I didn't blow him. Now I wish I had! I did blow an older man while everyone watched. I could hear the crowd reaction. Afterward, he politely thanked me.

As I was leaving I saw a man bent over with his face in the lap of a man sitting next to him on the couch giving him head for all to see. I know the lucky recipient came, because after it was over, the fellator hawked and spit several times to dispose of his cum on the floor. This was a really hot theatre and I can't wait to go back there and suck some cocks!

Edited on 03/24/14


Posted Mar 15 2014:
Went to the back theatre on a Thursday at noon. Sat next to a guy in the front row. He had his dick out and his pants off. Leaned over to suck and moved around to knees on the floor between his legs. I grabbed his loose ball sack in one hand and stuck my other finger up his ass. He put his feet on my shoulders and shouted out when he came in my mouth. About six people were in the room watching and jacking off.

Edited on 03/21/14

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Posted Feb 23 2014:
I hadn't been in awhile and was hungry to suck some dick, so I stopped by on a Tuesday night. To my surprise the place was fairly busy. I went back to the gay theatre in the back of the arcade and it was packed. Sad to say, no one was playing. All the couches were full and a couple of guys were standing along the wall. I found a spot which is my favorite along the wall as well. Not one man had their dick out.

Finally the long haired hippie guy next to me took his out and started stroking. It was thick and over 8". Being a horny cocksucker, I went for it. As I started to suck his man tool, the tall black guy next to him did a sidestep to be closer. Having a strong fondness for black men, I reached up groped his crotch. I then unfastened his pants and unzipped them as I continued to suck the hippie dick. The black man, then pulled his dick out and I quickly wrapped my lips around his while I stroked the original dick.

As always, once someone starts sucking a black dick everyone crowds around to watch. Once I started sucking the black dick, I couldn't stop. I could tell people were moving around and before I knew it two other black men had positioned themselves on either side of the one I was sucking. Soon their dicks were out, in my hands, and waiting to be sucked on next. I went from one to the other, until each one had emptied their nut sacks into my mouth.

Don't know where the hippie guy went, but I owe him a big thank you. If it weren't for him, I may have missed out on these three black dicks.

Edited on 03/03/14


Posted Jan 17 2014:
Met a few guys here on random occasions. Definitely more men 40 and up. Heading there this weekend and next on Sunday from noon to 4 if anyone is interested. Email me ----------

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Edited on 01/22/14

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Posted Nov 10 2013:
I go here about once a month. It's hit or miss, but I can usually find at least one guy to fool around with and get my nut.

Both theatres are good, but they keep the movie volume blasting in the straight one which is annoying as when I'm sucking a guy or have a dude sucking me, the last thing I want to hear is some woman screaming. I realize it's the 'straight' theater, but they don't keep the volume turned up that loud in the gay theater so why do they do it in the straight one?

Saturday nights 9 pm to 3 am are usually very good. I've also had decent luck going at lunch times and around 5 pm as this place is only a 10 minute drive from downtown St. Louis in an area surrounded by residential communities. The club itself isn't in a residential area, but several suburbs of St. Louis are between 5 and 10 miles of this exit.

The crowd is mixed, 30 to 50. 70% white, 20% black and 10% other. I would definitely recommend it. It is $5 to get into the arcade and $1 to get into the theaters each time you enter one. Arcade booths, probably about 40 of them, are $2 for 4 minutes and are very big, enough to easily accommodate three people. The staff is courteous. Just pay your money to get into the theatres and keep the booths running and they leave you alone.

Edited on 11/15/13
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