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Theatair X


Category: Adult store with arcade, theatre Directions: Located 4 miles from downtown Louisville, Kentucky. From Louisville take I-65 north to exit 4. At the end of the exit make a right and then follow the signs for Highway 31.
Submitted: May 21 2001 (Edited 04/09/15)
3.78/5 based on 27 votes. The median rating is .
Reviews: 65 reviews

Address: 4505 Highway 31
City: Clarksville
State: Indiana
ZIP/Postal Code: 47129
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 812-282-6976
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Southeast Christian Hater


Posted Nov 07 2015:
Thanks to the fine haters at Southeast Christian Church, their auxiliary church is hellbent on saving/hating souls frequenting this location. They are putting substantial pressure on the mayor and police to shut this "evil den of sin" down.

I removed the 'Heads Up' you put on your review. I think everyone who reads this page knows about the repeated incidents and risks you have as customers when you go to this location. I am certain that Theatair X appreciates your support and continued patronage.

If members of that church engage in activities specifically at Theatair X, such as protesting or picketing outside, harassing patroms, or taking down license place numbers, that would be a new 'Heads Up' beyond the ones already reported. The background info you've provided is helpful. Thanks! ~ Editor

Edited on 11/12/15


Posted Sep 28 2015:
Heads Up!
The store was raided again by Clarksville Police in mid-September accompanied by a local TV news crew filming. It isn't clear if any store patrons were arrested. The store itself was issued citations. Police say that raids will continue.The news story goes into some detail about the booths, the button that the clerk pushed allegedly to warn patrons of the raid, and among other statements, a police office saying, "There's people in there, you know, committing crimes, you know, indecent exposure and public nudity and things like that inside the open theater area..." including what the officer called "fantasy booths" with holes drilled in the walls: "They have holes and other means of access for one booth to contact another booth."See: Clarksville Police raid Theatair X, issue more than a dozen citations

Edited on 10/06/15
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