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DC's Video

Category: Adult store with arcade, theatre Hours / Entry Fee: Open 24 hours Directions: From I-65 take exit 58. Go left if you are heading north or right if you are heading south. The road bends back going northward on the west side of I-65. Look for the tall "ADULT BOOKS" sign visible from I-65 and the smaller on Flint Ridge Rd.
Submitted: Jan 04 2004 (Edited 03/10/16)
3.69/5 based on 55 votes. The median rating is .
Reviews: 70 reviews

Address: 845 Flint Ridge Road
City: Horse Cave
State: Kentucky
ZIP/Postal Code: 42749
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 270-786-4123
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Theater Slut


Posted Apr 26 2016:
I discovered this one back in January on a Friday night. The weather was bad, really cold and sort of sleeting, so the crowd was pretty small, but I still had a dirty nasty fun in the theater. I found a sofa in the very cozy gay side, watched the porn for a little bit, was hard in no time, stripped completely naked, and soon was kneeling on the floor, blowing random cocks as they walked up. Some truckers, a couple college dudes, a couple married types. My face was covered in big salty loads in no time.

Then some guy wanted to tongue fuck my ass, so he put me on my back against the sofa on the floor. Then he lifted my legs up so my asshole was exposed so he could sit on the sofa and eat my ass. While he was doing that, guys were kneeling over me 69-ing me. Random hairy cocks and balls were in my face for the next half hour, my ass was being licked and fingered, and I was getting sucked and jacked off.

Soon three more loads were shot all over my face, and I shot a big ten-spurt load from my own cock all over my face as a guy jacked me off while my cock was hanging over my face. Very humiliating.

Fucking better than I ever expected! Planning on going again Memorial Day Weekend.

Edited on 05/03/16

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Mar 05, 2016

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Posted Mar 05 2016:
I usually go here every three weeks or so, on average. Personally, I love the place. You can almost always find something hard to suck on, and I like for guys to jack and cum on my ass as I suck. I love having to wear cum-soaked panties home!

The place is a bit run down, could use some paint and the like, but I have been going every two to four weeks for about two years and never saw any troublemakers there. I was here a while back and this guy was so fucked up on something he was about bouncing off the walls, but wasn't causing any trouble, just making an ass of himself and giving everyone a laugh.

In all the times I've been there, I have never seen any type of law enforcement, not even in the parking lot. I am sometimes there late at night and the guy who does the cleaning comes in, usually between 1 and 3 am, but other than that, I've never seen any representative of the place in the back area either.

I am an older BBW CD Gurl and the clientele is usually on the older side, say 40+, but you do see some younger guys here as well as MF couples. They have two theaters, one gay and one straight. Several of the booths have gloryholes, but not all of them.

Edited on 03/10/16


Posted Dec 28 2015:
So I'm looking to go and have some fun in the theatres. I have never been and I am a little nervous.

Has anyone been lately? Is it safe? What I'd love is to end up in the middle of several cocks on the couch. I wanna be fed as many cum loads as I can get.

Any info on the place would be greatly appreciated!

Edited on 01/05/16
Ass Master


Posted Oct 19 2015:
I went here last Saturday and took my favorite 15" dildo. I got into the gay theatre and bent over one of the couches and shoved that monster all the way up my throbbing man cunt.

Within two minutes the word got out and I had twelve willing guys shoving that cock in and out of me. A couple of guys blew me, then out comes the dildo and the fucking started. I came five times in various mouths and at least twelve guys dumped loads up my hot man cunt.

Then I went to the booths and swallowed at least a quart of cum that night. Next time I go there I'm bringing my Great Dane and I'll show them how I take on his 12" cock and dog knot. Love this place.

The bestiality reference is seldom seen on our site, but I decided to leave it in the review when I edited it prior to publication. Although I personally would feel uncomfortable with it close to me in a sex venue, I don't judge. Other cruisers are free to make their own remarks. I imagine DC's management might also weigh in if anyone shows up with a dog or other animal at their establishment. ~ Editor

Edited on 10/24/15


Posted Sep 27 2015:
I was here last night and had my fill of cocks and cum! Wow, all sizes of cocks, but none real big, which was sad. It's hard to work on deep-throating without big cocks. The place does smell bad, but you forget when you have your mouth full!

Edited on 10/02/15


Posted Aug 08 2015:
I live north of Nashville and make the drive for some fun! There's usually lots of cocks and action going on! Nashville doesn't have any place to go and it's not that long of a drive. You can find action in the booths or in the theatre.

Edited on 08/13/15
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