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Capri Adult Video 3


Category: Adult store with arcade Mon - Sat: 10 am - Midnight Directions: Located off LA Highway 1 and US Highway 71, next to a church that was formerly a Nissan dealership location.
Submitted: Apr 19 2001 (Edited 02/10/17)
Cruised here? Rate this place:
3.57/5 based on 37 votes. The median rating is 4.
Read & Write Reviews: 43 Reviews

Address: 1820 North MacArthur Drive
City: Alexandria
State: Louisiana
ZIP/Postal Code: 71303
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 318-767-1669
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Posted Feb 13 2018:
Went here for the first time a couple weeks ago. Walked in and said hey to the lady working the counter. Browsed around to see if I could find any movies I liked. Saw the arcade and figured I'd go rub one out.

Closed and locked the door, put some money in the machine, picked a video and took out my cock. Stroked it for what was probably thirty seconds when I heard a sound to my right. Someone was rubbing/scratching in a hole that I didn't notice. I ignored it for a minute, but they kept doing it.

At this point I had a rock-solid cock when I noticed whoever it was stick their tongue through the hole. I figured, why not. My cock was already throbbing so I slowly fed my long hard cock through the hole and directly into the mouth that was obviously there.

I've never in my life experienced someone that was so hungry for a hard cock in my life. He concentrated on the head, wetting it down and slowly working their way down my long shaft until he plunged it all the way down his throat.

Instead of long strokes sucking it, he kept it buried in his throat and massaged my balls with his tongue, applying the perfect amount of pressure to send a tingle all the way up my spine. Then long stroke sucking it, with the milliseconds pause when it penetrated the back of his throat. Continued to work it until I was on the edge. Pulled his head back and started sucking and tonguing the head of my cock gently.

He must have knew I was cumming before I did because he went back down all the way, bottoming my cock out in his throat right as I was about to explode. First time in my life I was cumming directly into someone's throat while they were massaging the rest of my seed out with their tongue.

Solid performance for which I give, whoever this supremely talented individual is, an A+.

Edited on 02/14/18
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Posted Feb 06 2017:
Went back to Capri last week in the afternoon. The booths have gone downhill even more. Only two work, and they only had two channels, one with no sound. Still, the gloryholes are there...

The theatre is where the action seems to be. I paid my money and went in to the back behind the seats. There was one other guy standing back there. I started watching the movie, then unzipped and started stroking till I got hard. He watched for a couple of minutes, then knelt down and took my cock in his mouth.

He had super technique, great tongue action on the head of my cock while sliding his head up and down on my shaft. He sucked me like that for several minutes, getting me closer. I finally got so turned on that I dropped my pants all the way. He liked this and pushed me back against the wall and then really went to work on my dick and balls. I lasted another five minutes before I exploded in his mouth.

Luckily the sound on the movie was up loud enough that it covered up all my moans and grunting while he was sucking me and when I came. He took my whole load, didn't miss a drop, and kept working on my cock till I was soft again. I had to catch my breath before I pulled up my pants and left.

Later that evening, I decided to go back and see if there was anything else going on. Back into the theatre, and I sat down this time. I noticed the same guy still there standing behind the seats. I unzipped again and starting stroking to the movie, a good one, with a great looking babe, natural tits with nice pink nipples, sucking on a stud cock.

The guy watched me some more, then came down and sat in front of me on the floor. He started in again on my cock with the same mouth and tongue action. Between the great tits on the girl on the screen and having my cock sucked, I was full-on hard again. I was able to get even louder with him as he sucked and tongued my dick. I got so worked up again that I pulled off my jeans and let him have free access to my cock like before. I tried to hold off, but I was too turned on, so I let loose another loud cum shot into his mouth and down his throat. Like before, he kept me in his mouth till I was soft. His mouth still felt great on my head.

Hope others will post their experiences here.

I hope so, too! Long detailed reviews with good action are what I most like to see here — but good or bad, I want guys to post their experiences wherever they cruise. ~ Editor

Edited on 02/10/17


Posted May 26 2015:
Capri can be a lot of fun.

Suggested addition: Massage table in main room for erotic FBSM (full body sensual massage).

Edited on 06/02/15


Posted Dec 20 2014:
Glad to see others have written updated reviews. I agree, place is pretty seedy but seems to be lots of action. I went in around noon, went straight to the arcade in back. Found a booth with a gloryhole and a guy in the next booth.

He motioned me through the hole. Put my dick through, got a great blow job with lots of tongue and lip on my cock. Once I shot my load in his mouth, he just kept on working my cock for another few minutes til I was totally spent.

Pulled out and left, but then came back about an hour later. Went into theater and found a couple of guys against the back wall. We played with each others dicks for awhile, then one kneeled down and took my dick in his mouth. He sucked me for awhile til I came again in his mouth. Two blow jobs in two hours - not bad!

Hope others keep posting here.

Edited on 12/29/14


Posted Dec 03 2014:
Another hot time at Capri. Got there mid-afternoon, wound up with three other guys in the gay theatre behind the large straight screen. Three of us had our pants down, taking turns sucking and getting sucked by each other. One in particular had a really nice cock, another had great technique.

I pulled out of his mouth and shot my load on the floor so all could see, while two guys kept sucking each other. When I left, the other three were still going strong.

Edited on 12/09/14
out of towner


Posted Oct 26 2014:
Been to Capri several times on my way through Louisiana. As several reviews have stated, the booths and theatre are pretty sleazy, the booths more so. But, I always had good luck either sucking a cock or shooting my load there. There are only a few booths with working video, but the working ones all have gloryholes in them, one with a hole on each side.

My most recent visit was unique, at least for me. I went into one booth not too long before closing time, and realized there was a guy and girl in the next one fucking. I could see her bent over, skirt up to her waist and he was fucking her from behind. I watched for a short while, then got so horny I put my cock through the hole. She started to stroke it while being fucked. Then she put a condom on me and sucked me while the fucking continued. It also looked like she was working on a cock from the gloryhole on the other side of their booth. She kept that up until he came in her and it sounded like she came too. They zipped up, pulled her dress down and walked out. A major turn on for me. I finished stroking off, then sucked a cock.

Edited on 10/30/14


Posted Oct 25 2014:
Subject: good head at Capri video
Video booths are pretty seedy, only five or six channels seem to work, but good gloryholes in several booths, one with access to the booth on either side. Been there a few times and usually can get my cock sucked or suck some cock, depending on my mood.

The theatre ($10) is equally seedy, but again a good option for action. There is a "straight" screen right as you walk in, and then behind that screen is a smaller room with a couple of rows of chairs showing a gay video on a TV screen.

On my most recent visit I was back there with two guys and I got sucked by both of them, taking turns. Then I went to a video booth and one of them finished sucking me off through the gloryhole. Shot my load in his mouth, very hot.

Edited on 10/29/14


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Aug 04 2012:
This place is skeezy beyond belief. The booths are never cleaned and there have always been condoms all over the floor. Tends to draw an older crowd with drunks and migrants. Have never had a good time there. Always get one guy who hogs the booth and who follows you around until he runs you off if you don't want to play with him and him alone.

Avoid this place like the plague.

Edited on 08/09/12


0 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted May 04 2012:
Thanks to the reviews I checked this place out this Tuesday. The guy mentioned in the earlier review (late 40's, tall) happened to be there. As soon as I took my cock out he tapped the hole so I put my dick into the hole. He was doing such an amazing job I told him to come join me. He immediately got on his knees and gave the best deep throat action I think I've ever had. I shot a huge load in his mouth.

Edited on 05/08/12


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Apr 18 2012:
Great place for action. I always get great blowjobs every time I stop here. There is a guy there in his late 40's, tall, nice looking, that gives amazing deep throat blowjobs.

Edited on 04/22/12


Posted Jan 29 2012:
Cool place. I go there everytime I am in town and always find action.

Edited on 02/01/12


Posted Jan 04 2012:
I was pleasantly surprised on my arrival. I stepped back into the booths and could tell there was someone in a booth with one open just to the right of me. I took my chance, figuring he was just looking to get blown. To my surprise, he motioned me the second I closed my door. I was in and out in less than five minutes. Should of dropped him a tip because he was that good!

Edited on 01/09/12


Posted Sep 19 2011:
I have stopped in whenever I'm in town visiting family. Each time I'm there I've always gotten a terrific blowjob. One time I even fucked a hot stud.

Edited on 09/25/11


Posted Sep 20 2010:
I have had great cocksucking everytime I have been in there. A nice mix of age and race, I sucked a huge black cock that was too fucking sweet!

Edited on 09/21/10


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jun 08 2009:
Capri is really hot. Staff are cool. Lots of variety of guys ranging from young to older, macho to fem, straight to gay. The theatre is where most of the action happens. Booths are fun when you buddy up. Lot's of married men looking to get and give. Saturday nights are the best for fun from my experience!


Posted Feb 24 2009:
I have only been to this place a few times and it is great! The video booths are awesome and I had my dick sucked in the theatre with a group of straight and gay dudes watching and helping. You have to try it!


Posted Nov 30 2008:
The Nissan dealership next door is now a new church building but no problems so far. Sadly, the presence of many regulars, troll retirees with plenty of free time, and big guys with 'glandular disorders' seem to drive off the younger guys from staying and enjoying themselves. Only three or four video booths still work properly. The best time is during college vacations when students are home from school, though they gravitate to others like themselves.


Posted Aug 30 2008:
Capri is awesome! There's a wide variety of men coming and going: twinks, bears, straight guys, gays, trans, etc. It's always fun. Guys are ready to drop 'em and have fun! The guys who work there are really nice, too.


Posted Jun 29 2008:
You can always count on some action at this place. I have always been kept busy sucking cock in the theater and at times I have had a line formed on me. The last time I was there in (this month) I sucked about eight cocks and had my ass fucked twice.


Posted Jul 29 2007:
Man this place rocks! I went by today and it was crawling with guys. Really a gold mine!


Posted Jul 22 2007:
Yeah, the place could use some bleach! I have been going there for a few years now and it's always fun. The theaters are the better choice. I mean, ten bucks and all you can eat? Come on!


Posted Jun 16 2007:
This place increased admission and nothing has changed. It's still dirty, dirty! Their toilet does not even work. I have had good sex here but it's not worth the money to get in!


Posted Jan 08 2007:
Certainly no longer clean. It's extremely dirty in the booths and theater. No new customers in months -- just regular trolls, most retired and overweight. Opening time seems to be the best time, before the high mileage cruisers find a corner to pounce from for for to six hours.


Posted Sep 16 2006:
I went when I heard that they had a theater that showed gay porn. There was a guy in there jacking off so I let him cum in my mouth. After he was done I sucked off two more guys. I'm going to go to this place more often.


Posted Apr 05 2006:
I stopped in around noon. There was some action in the booths. I got to suck some cock and then went into the theater. When I walked in there were three other guys. One was bent over and another was lubing up. The third was jacking off the guy bending over. I walked over and saw the second man stick his cock into the first. The third guy and I jacked each other off while watching. I was ready to suck his cock but he said he didn't want to come right then. He finished jacking me off while the guy came in the first guy's ass. Really hot afternoon!


Posted Feb 21 2006:
Another great visit! I hooked up fast with something good. The store was clean and the help friendly. Overall is was a very good experience.


Posted Jan 27 2006:
This is about the best place in Louisiana to go for blowjobs or to receive! There are about five gloryholes. Has White and Black men coming in to be serviced. Employees are friendly. Male-Female couples sometimes show up. Also has Adult theater. One side shows straight. One side shows gay. Over all a great place to suck!


Posted Dec 27 2005:
Great theaters, and they have two of them. There has been lots of action every time I have been there, both day and night.


Posted Dec 23 2005:
Had a great time with a couple of guys in the theatre of the bookstore. But it seems there are regulars that all know each other and hang out and converse in the arcade area waiting for the next good looking non-regular to show up, then they descend on him. I stoped here in the morning on my thru for business, and then again that evening on my way back, and most of the same guys were there hanging out! Yeah, the usual old trolls that won't take 'no' for an answer.


Posted Jul 10 2005:
This is still a great place to suck cock and besides, where else are we going to go? The doors in the arcade now lock. Gloryholes are still working. The place has been cleaned a little. There is still a lot of action to be had. Trolls? They're trolls, of course, like at every bookstore with an arcade but all in all it's a great place to suck.


Posted Oct 20 2004:
This place is well worth driving to if you don't live near by. I drive at least eighty miles to get there and I have never been disappointed. There are always plenty of cocks to suck and I usually have my ass fucked several times before I leave.


Posted Feb 25 2004:
I went yesterday and got fucked in the last booth by a big black cock! I turned around and two other men were watching; he had opened the door!


Posted Feb 11 2004:
This is a good place to have your cock sucked. There is a theatre with gay side and straight side. The arcade has three gloryholes and there's usually plenty of cock to suck. There are a few trolls but overall it’s a great place.


Posted Jan 28 2004:
I always give at least three blowjobs whenever the place has customers and I go there at least once a week. A lot of older married fellas go home happy because of me!


Posted Jan 10 2004:
I'm rarely disappointed here. There's great action and everyone minds their own business. It's worth a trip.


Posted Jan 05 2003:
The arcade is always good for a good blowjob.


Posted Nov 01 2002:
This is a very good place if you like to get your dick sucked. I go once a week and sit by the glory hole and suck three or four dicks every time.


Posted Oct 26 2002:
It?s mostly blue-collar men looking to have a good time. I sucked and was sucked a lot here, and it?s a great place to fuck a married man, trucker or biker.


Posted Sep 18 2002:
A very good place to find hot and hairy men. Lots of masculine men were there when I visited.


Posted Jul 13 2002:
There are way too many older and heavies here, but every once in a while there is a diamond in the rough. Management needs to scrub the walls and floor more often, but its not the worst you've ever seen.


Posted Jan 03 2002:
I've been there twice during the day and the action was hot both times.


Posted Sep 07 2001:
This is the best place. I was there 9:30 pm and lots of action. If you go into the theater and stand against the wall, soon you will have the pick of who and what you want! I was fucked by four hunks one right after the other. It was great!


Posted Aug 06 2001:
This is a great place to go. It's equipped with booths and a cinema, I saw action in both and that was during the day!

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