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Dead Horse Beach

Category: Cruisy parking lot and nearby woods near Salem Willows Park Directions: From Highway 128 take Route 114 to downtown Salem, which turns into Washington Street. Then make a left onto Derby Street. Follow that all the way to the end. At the end of Derby Street the road will turn into Fort Avenue. Follow this all the way to the end and it leads straight into the park. Loop around to the left and the parking lot will be on the left, the beach on the right.
Submitted: Apr 21 2003 (Edited 01/13/10)
4/5 based on 7 votes. The median rating is 4.
Reviews: 17 reviews

Address: Fort Avenue
City: Salem
State: Massachusetts
ZIP/Postal Code:
Country: United States of America
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Posted Sep 10 2015:
Heads Up!
A couple of busts in the last couple of months. I'd be interested in knowing which city councilor!

Edited on 09/17/15
squid vicious


Posted Dec 29 2014:
There is a city councilor who used to come here years ago but now he is putting on a big act for the sake of his political career. He calls us perverts in public and has ratted fuck buddies out to the police but we know he's a big old cock pig behind closed doors. Remember where you came from.

Edited on 01/05/15


Posted Jul 25 2010:
Just came from here and sucked off a hot guy for a bit, but too many old men around, so I left. Seems like this place can be very hot!


Posted Sep 19 2007:
Heads Up!
The cops have intensified their patrols down there since a man was found dead in the woods a couple of weeks ago. Targeted patrols are being done resulting in arrests for trespassing. At this time all the brush is being cut down.


Posted Sep 16 2007:
Heads Up!
Salem's newly formed Gestapo, er, Community Impact Unit has been 'targeting' this area recently. Once again the New World Order's militarization of our police force is evident. I feel bad for all the married guys that would cruise here. In all actuality, it's no great loss. It was full of trolls anyway. But there were some cute cops.


Posted May 22 2007:
Heads Up!
On Monday the 21st two guys were arrested for trespassing up in the wooded area at Fort Lee. I guess residents were complaining about 'suspicious activity' going on. I know that there are a few 'no trespassing' signs posted but I'm not sure if it applies to all or just a certain area of Fort Lee.


Posted Dec 26 2006:
Heads Up!
Be careful. I was here tonight for the first time. It looked pretty good. Guys sitting in cars and it was obvious what they were looking for. After a short time a police car came by and was shining its floodlight on all our cars. I just started mine and left. I don't think there were any arrests but they made it obvious they were watching us. If I go back I will hookup and go somewhere else.


Posted Apr 11 2006:
Salem Willows is a waterfront park and arcade on a point, away from downtown Salem. The cruisy section is near Dead Horse Beach. Guys wait in cars in the parking lot across from the beach or do it in the shrubbery and down by the rocks near the gazebo beside the beach. Salem Police drive through a couple of times a night so getting off in the car can be risky. It's safer to get out and walk up to the gazebo. On warm nights there are plenty of guys.


Posted Mar 06 2006:
In the warm weather I come here regularly on a couple different weeknights after 11 pm and love to suck and get fucked. You have to get out of your car to get any action.


Posted Dec 14 2005:
There are parking spots next to the beach and tennis courts. It's great throughout the day. It's a mixed crowd and a few trolls. Go into the woods earlier in the day and sit in your car at night. Watch out for trolls that will not leave you alone. Cops drive through occasionally. Walk up the hill in front of the parking spaces for best action.


Posted Aug 04 2005:
If you go here, go after 11 pm when the arcades and restaurants close. Don't park in the beach parking lot or you're a sitting duck for cops. Park on the street on the other side of the ballfield and walk across to the gazebo. I've rarely missed here - there is a regular stream of guys despite the police patrols.


Posted May 15 2005:
The Willows is a legendary place to get sucked and fucked, especially in the warm weather. On hot steamy nights you can have your pick of guys, best after 11 pm when the arcades and restaurants close. Best to park on the opposite side of the ballfield and walk across to the gazebo, hill and shrubby area next to the beach, so that your car doesn't attract police attention. Hang out down by the water and watch for other guys. I usually strip completely naked but stay hidden in the bushes or down on the rocks. There are a few straight kids who go here to drink and party so keep your eyes peeled for them. The woods and playground on the opposite side of the beach is also cruisy. It's actually safer since very few people go there.


Posted Apr 19 2005:
Heads Up!
Cops have been showing up in regular police cars and SUVs. You can set your watch to them coming by and kicking you out of there at 9 pm every night.


Posted Sep 25 2004:
This parking lot always has hot guys hanging out and looking to hook up. I've had a couple of really cute, young guys go for a ride in my car and blow me.


Posted Jun 02 2004:
This place is pretty hot in summer. Warm nights are best for action. The bushes on the hill beside Dead Horse beach seem to be the spot. I've gotten sucked many times in here. Watch for skunks and drunken locals. Cops drive through and flash their lights to spook cruisers, but have never stopped in two years I've been going there.


Posted Feb 21 2004:
I go here all the time in the summer. The playground on the opposite side of the beach is more private with less glare from streetlights. I got fucked here on a picnic table by a hot muscley guy with a huge tool. I have sucked off and been sucked by countless guys here. Cops drive by here at least once or twice a night, so action in cars is not a smart move.


Posted Apr 21 2003:
I have had lots of luck here. There are some younger guys, but it’s mostly older. It’s a great place to hook up, but not good place to play. The cops come by after 8 pm. I have played there, but be cautious.

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