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A-Action Adult Books & Videos

Category: Adult store with arcade Hours / Entry Fee: Open 24 hours Submitted: May 19 2001 (Edited 05/03/16)
3.61/5 based on 106 votes. The median rating is 4.
Reviews: 92 reviews

Address: 1016 South 1st Street
City: Las Vegas
State: Nevada
ZIP/Postal Code: 89101
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 702-382-1076

Due to imprecision in our current software the map location is slight off; see the more accurate Google Map.
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Posted Mar 07 2017:
Oh yeah, going back to Vegas on Friday. Will be going here on afternoon of Saturday. I would love to start off by playing in the theatre this time. Would love to start by sucking, then if some of you are up for it tag teaming me.

I want to swallow as many loads as possible. Maybe take some up my ass.

Love your enthusiasm!

You had entered dates from February, last month. Perhaps you meant the upcoming weekend, perhaps not.

You may have also missed the section in a big black box, some of it in bold, right above the Review form for Guest users who are not logged in as CFS Members. It emphasizes that if you want to arrange a specific time to meet people at this place, or any place, use our Message Board or Personals

A new function for supporting CFS Members to add their Member Name, a link to their profile, and possibly a short message to the page for a place is planned in our software upgrade. ~ Editor

Edited on 03/14/17


Posted Feb 21 2017:
I went here on Monday, February 20, and had a great time. Like everyone says, be patient. I got here and the guy at the counter couldn't have been nicer and explained the whole place to me.

I first went into the theatre where I watched some straight porn and got my cock nice and hard. I then went into the arcade with the gloryholes. I clicked through different movies and rubbed then jacked a little bit. Some guys were cruising the hall. A couple guys walked into the booth next to mine but when I put my fingers at the hole they didn't respond and just left and walked around some more. I think there was more suckers overall.

I decided to go to the end booth on the right where there is only one hole. Next thing you know someone walked into the other booth. I saw he took his cock out so I motioned for his cock. He stuck it through hole, clean, smelled freshly washed, so I began to suck on it and good.

I deep-throated it hard, gagged some but he never really got hard. After about twenty minutes I told him to cum over and let's try in same booth. It wound up to be an old man, he told me he can't get hard and couldn't cum I said sorry and he politely left.

Then another guy walked into the next booth. He immediately stuck his cock through. I sucked it good, and it grew to about 8" and was dripping with precum.

As I was sucking him a guy walked into my booth and took out this massive huge and hard shaved cock. I couldn't help but go crazy and tried to start get it all down my throat. I started switching between his cock and the cock at the hole.

Then guys started peeking under the half doors watching me. Then another guy walked in, I was jacking off two cocks while sucking another. I switched between all the cocks. After about twenty minutes the cock in the hole shot a huge load in my mouth. The guy with the massive cock told me to suck his cock with the cum in my mouth and in about a minute he shot this huge load down my throat so I had to swallow two loads. It was fucking great!

After they all left I still wanted to cum so I watched a movie for a few. Next thing you know a guy is watching me from under the half doors. He took out his cock and I sucked for a few minutes until his beautiful BBC got fucking huge, probably about a good 9".

I asked him to fuck me and he didn't hesitate. He basically grabbed me and turned me around as I dropped my pants down. I tried to lube my ass and as I was asking him if he could put some lube on, without a word from him he shoved his entire cock up my ass and aggressively fucked me until he blew a huge load in my ass. It was so much I could feel it going inside of me. He quickly pulled out zipped up and left.

Another was right in line. He stuck his raw cock into me for about a minute then pulled out and told me to turn around where he shot his load down my throat, tasted so fucking good. I tried to get up as my knees were so weak. I got up and wobbled to my car.

What an awesome place! Was only in Vegas a couple days but could only sneak away for one visit.

Edited on 03/01/17


Posted Jan 01 2017:
I had great luck as a bottom in Vegas bookstores and hope to do better this January! Keep the movies running and tip the clerks! Hoping to get fucked in front of a crowd at the theatre, and suck many cocks in the arcade!

Edited on 01/05/17


Posted Dec 15 2016:
Great Gloryhole place! Been here about forty times in the last year, only a few times did I not get action. Morning seems busy with guys who mostly want to suck, night 50/50. A lot of BBC here. I like both giving and receiving head, depends on my mood. Mostly head taking place here, but I have seen tops and bottoms doing it in the booths and theatre on occasion. Sometimes the homeless will be sleeping in a booth. That's cool I just leave them alone. Clerks are cool.

Last time I was here I gave head to a Black guy, 11-inch cock, and big balls. It took me over thirty minutes but I got him to cum, a nice sweet/sour huge load. He had to lean on the wall just after cumming because he got lightheaded. I stopped going deep on his cock shaft and only worked his beautiful large mushroom head when he started cumming so I could enjoy the taste and texture of every drop of his very strong shooting and powerful-tasting cum.

Writing about it now makes me crazy hot for more. In fact, I will be headed there after I finish up writing this review. It's a good time to go, 10 pm.

Over the last few years I have started peeing in some of the mouths of my receivers. It is harder to do then you would think. With a raging hard on I can only get a light stream occasionally, and the closer to cumming the more I can stream out. After doing this hundreds of times to both M and F I have only had three complaints.

Mostly what happens is when the receiver realizes what is happening they get really excited and start moaning and sucking harder. It's really great when I go from peeing to cumming and back to peeing. Last month I had a guy here who could not get enough of both my cum and piss, he thanked me many times. I wanted to give him more but I was fully drained. After cumming that's when I can give them a strong piss stream. I am lucky that I also have huge cum loads. There is nothing more of a let down then to suck a cock thirty to sixty minutes and only get barely a taste of cum or none at all.

I get thanked a lot for my huge loads and usually taking less than ten minutes to cum. Recently I got head here with out peeing and after I thought I was cum-sucked dry, I took my throbbing wet cock out of the gloryhole. As I was starting to zip up I noticed a big glob of cum that just came out of my shaft, hanging on to my cock's mushroom. I was going to put it back in the gloryhole for the receiver to enjoy, but he had just left. However, there was someone in the other booth who gladly took it into their mouth to taste and swallow.

Great seedy place, enjoy yourself here.

Edited on 12/22/16

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Dec 13, 2016

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Posted Dec 13 2016:
I am going here on Monday Dec 19th. Is this a good place to suck on some good cock, maybe get fucked? I am going to Vegas strictly to check out the gloryholes. Anyone else know of any other good places for some public action?

I'm really sorry, but there's always been a delay in CFS' Editorial process for Reviews. You posted on the 13th, were going on the 19th, and here it's being published on the 21st. I'd been catching up but didn't work on the weekend. :-(

Your questions are great but it's best for now to post specific dates either in the Message Board for Nevada or the Personals for Las Vegas.

There's a long-delayed software upgrade which I hope can use to let CFS Members show their interest in a place here on a Review page. ~ Editor

Edited on 12/21/16


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jun 12 2016:
Love looking through gloryholes to see guys jacking off. Love sucking cock and getting men off. Love cum-drinking. Sometimes I stick my cock in a hole. I have gotten fucked up my ass and taken the jizz. Love it here.

I'm sorry to have to delete the great cocksucking photo you had with this review. This page is for photos of the place or maps and so on.

I love the pic and I saved a copy! If it shows you and you have permission from the other guy, why don't you upload it to the Cruiser Gallery so that everyone can enjoy it? ~ Editor

Edited on 06/22/16

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Joined: May 25, 2016

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Posted May 25 2016:
Will be here soon for the first time and am looking to swallow for multiple Black men. This Will be my first time doing that. Is there a time that is best to arrive? Is it safe here?

Edited on 06/02/16


Posted Apr 26 2016:
Wow, I arrived and in less than two minutes a big black cock was poking through the hole for me. I sucked and licked that cock. As it got harder it was unbelievable how big it got, so I was thinking about turning around to take it in my ass.

Too late though, right then he blasted hot cum in my mouth. What the hell, I swallowed it all! I recommend this place!

Edited on 05/03/16
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