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A-Action Adult Books & Videos

Category: Adult store with arcade Submitted: May 19 2001 (Edited 03/04/14)
3.48/5 based on 79 votes. The median rating is 4.
Reviews: 83 reviews

Address: 1016 South 1st Street
City: Las Vegas
State: Nevada
ZIP/Postal Code:
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 702-382-1076
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Posted Jan 04 2016:
I went here two nights ago. It's true almost all the booths have gloryholes. I was here at 11 pm on a Saturday night. It was busy. The clerks leave you alone. The place is filthy though, and was under construction. I blew a Latin guy. It was great.

Edited on 01/12/16
Gay Horny MoFo


Posted Dec 24 2015:
I love to take a hard shaft in my mouth here so I can feed on my favorite food, hot cum. Enough gloryholes to go around. I love to take it up the ass, too.

I am here at least two times a week, as many as five times a week. I took thirteen loads down my throat one night. See you guys here.

Edited on 12/30/15
Nudist #1


Posted Nov 20 2015:
I'm horny again, so I came here to read these reviews.

I live in Vegas. Haven't been to this place in awhile, but the hot cum in my balls and my hard cock are both making me think about this fuck-stop.

I love to suck cock and drink cum. I always strip naked and jack-off. I love being watched. I love to get guys off. To all you guys reading this, see you there and bring your hot loads with you.

Edited on 11/25/15


Posted Nov 15 2015:
I went here at 2:15 pm on November 14. There was a guy already there so I got in the booth next to him. He was rubbing his cock through his pants, so I motioned for him to put it through the hole.

In a flash he pulled his pants down and stuck his cock in the hole. He had a really nice cock, not huge, maybe 7", but it was so fucking hard. The head felt like you were running your tongue over a piece of granite.

I came prepared to get fucked, but unfortunately he came before we got that far. He pulled his pants up and left and I got ready for the next guy, but unfortunately he never came. I was the only one there for the next hour.

BTW, They now charge $5 an hour, which in my opinion is much better than constantly feeding the machine. I just wish it was busier.

Edited on 11/20/15


Posted Nov 14 2015:
One day I took a random weekday off from work. I heard that this place had gloryholes, which had been shut down at the Adult Superstore for years now. This place gave me more than I ever expected.

I just went in with the idea of wanting to get sucked. I ended up having the guy that was sucking my cock come to my booth and he flopped out this long floppy dick. He must have seen how excited I got 'cause he knew I wanted to suck it. Two hits of poppers and I was happily gurgling on this guy's cock from about fifteen minutes and then he asked if he could fuck me. I couldn't say no.

Two more hits and I was completely naked and getting reamed balls deep. That's when I realized that other people were watching me be a little slut and loving every inch of cock.

At some point I didn't realize that another guy came in to lick the precum that I was dribbling off of my cock. I was in heaven getting sucked and fucked by a long thick headed beast. I came and the guy behind me came and they left me in the booth to catch my breath.

I sat in the chair for a few minutes and another guy walked in and pulled out his cock for me to suck him. He was a little aggressive about it but I took four hits and I was back to sucking another strange dick. He wanted to get in my ass for sloppy seconds and he came within minutes and left.

I had a mess of cum down to my feet. I was so happy. I just got dressed and let my clothes soak it up. I haven't gone back but I should.

Edited on 11/19/15


Posted Oct 18 2015:
Subject: Planning a visit in Novemeber
Not a review but more of an inquiry. I'll be in Vegas in November, the week of Thanksgiving, and I am looking to make some guys very thankful for my mouth.

Lots of mixed reviews about the place and I'm guessing it's hit or miss. Are there any specific days or times that there is more often than not a lot of activity?

I like to be watched while I jerk off for a while before I start sucking cock. I like the idea of the half doors so others can watch.

I'm not a swallower, I prefer getting facials so people can see my love of cum.

Is there access to a bathroom or paper towels to clean up before I leave?

I hope it is worth the visit. I hate when I am in the mood to suck cock and get disappointed.

Thanks for asking your questions! I hope you get the answers you need and that you have loads of fun in Vegas. This page is a great place to ask these type of questions. Take a chance to look on our site at some other places listed in Vegas, too.

If you also want to make a hook-up at a specific place, date, or time when you're in Vegas, feel free to use our Personals for Las Vegas. I always encourage people who want to make plans for specific places, dates, or times to post there, since they don't have to register and their ad appears immediately.

You have a lot of options in that town, so get ready for a good time. ~ Editor

Edited on 11/27/15

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Posted Mar 27 2015:
I was in here a couple of nights ago and two famous bodybuilders came in and went into the booth next to me, one Black and one Hispanic. The Black dude stuck it through the hole and had a foreskin like hugely thick with veins in it. I could skin it when it was soft but he pulled back and pulled the skin back over the head when it started getting hard. 11 inches by 7 inches around. I carry a small tape measure. LOL. Thick and straight, not curved. Huge veins on that cock.

He really started moaning when I pulled the skin half way back and started to rub my tongue up and down that G-string underneath. I stuck one finger up inside the skin and then two and then he started to shudder. He shot 11 ropes of cum that hit the other side of the booth.

His Hispanic friend was next. A really long thick foreskin. 8 inches by 6. He came in about 20 seconds but I kept on sucking on it and he came again in about 5 minutes. He had a really big head on it that turned purple when he was ready to unload and really flared out really putting the stretch on his foreskin opening.

Both of them were kissing when I was sucking each of them. They both really loved it when I rubbed my tongue up and down the underside of the heads without even moving my mouth. The Hispanic BB shot two really big loads and he sucked me afterwards and really knew what to do with my sex skin on my dick. Afterwards I put my phone number through the hole.

Edited on 04/01/15

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Joined: May 01, 2010

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Posted Mar 01 2015:
There seem to be a lot of guys there during lunch time, but a lot of them seem to be older. I also went there around 7:30 PM one night and there were only three guys there, but little by little, a new guy would come in, get sucked, and leave. You just have to be patient I guess.

Gloryholes between nearly every booth. Clerk in the front never comes back to hassle anyone. You must buy at least $4 in tokens to enter the arcade, and put a quarter in the turnstile to enter the store. Worthwhile, but like others have said, it's hit and miss.

Edited on 03/05/15
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