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A-Action Adult Books & Videos

Category: Adult store with arcade Submitted: May 19 2001 (Edited 03/04/14)
3.55/5 based on 64 votes. The median rating is 4.
Reviews: 76 reviews

Address: 1016 South 1st Street
City: Las Vegas
State: Nevada
ZIP/Postal Code:
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 702-382-1076
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Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 01, 2010

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 7


Posted Mar 01 2015:
There seem to be a lot of guys there during lunch time, but a lot of them seem to be older. I also went there around 7:30 PM one night and there were only three guys there, but little by little, a new guy would come in, get sucked, and leave. You just have to be patient I guess.

Gloryholes between nearly every booth. Clerk in the front never comes back to hassle anyone. You must buy at least $4 in tokens to enter the arcade, and put a quarter in the turnstile to enter the store. Worthwhile, but like others have said, it's hit and miss.

Edited on 03/05/15


Posted Dec 25 2014:
Been to this place in the past and like others have said, hit or miss. Gloryhole cock sucking is my thing so I really like this place. In the past, I didn't like the half door thing, but now it's a turn on having others watch me suck a nice cock.

Was there earlier this week, sat in a back booth and immediately had a cock to work. While I was working his shaft, a couple of guys went into a booth across the hall. We both watched as they got it on together. I had a bad angle so I could not see as much as I heard. I was going to go into the booth next to them to watch through the gloryhole, but I didn't want to be a buzz kill. It was hot.

Shortly after a nice 7"+ uncut cock comes through, I worked that beauty for what seemed like 30 minutes. He would pull back each time I got him close. Finally he unleashed in my mouth and I swallowed every drop, I didn't stop until he quivered and pulled back.

Next, an older black man went into the booth next to me. I signaled that I was ready for him. Man, that cock just kept getting bigger as I worked it. I could hear him moaning on the other side as I tried deep-throating that monster. It was so big I could only get half way down his shaft. No, I'm not the best DT, but he was huge. He eventually pulled back and left. Maybe he didn't like it, or I was just getting him ready for someone at home. Either way I enjoyed it.

Last was who I call walkie-talkie. This guy was wandering up and down the hall watching and talking loud the whole night, just kind of obnoxious. I had to shush him a couple of times. Sure enough he went in the next booth and put his cock in the hole. So, I said what the hell. I worked his cock for a few minutes, he sounded like it was great but he never got hard.

I eventually stopped and left as no one else was there. It was about 2 am at this point. All in all, hit or miss like any place, but I have liked my experiences there so far.

Edited on 12/30/14


Posted Nov 20 2014:
Any girls like going? I wanna see them.

Edited on 11/25/14
Clit Tit

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 29, 2013

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Total Reviews: 1


Posted Sep 29 2014:
Since there are few places in Las Vegas that have gloryholes, this place is great. Was there two weeks ago and sucked a huge black cock. Then, I had a nice hillbilly cock.

I went there again the following week and found that there were too many mouths and too few cocks to fill them. I hate when a place is like that. I left and had a delicious cock at the Adult Superstore on Main St theatre.

Edited on 10/06/14


Posted Jul 27 2014:
Stopped by this place on my way into town Friday evening. I'm 19 and barely had my clothes off before a nice cock slid into the hole and I was on my knees servicing it. Love the half doors, they make it easy to be watched from the hallway, which is so hot.

Sucked a guy off through the hole with two more watching. Then he came in and fucked me up against the wall and came in me. Sexiest time I've had in awhile. Perfect for guys that love being total sluts.

Edited on 07/31/14
Nice hard and versatile


Posted Jul 15 2014:
To lvsissy8, who asked, "how does the place look upon cd girls looking for cock? If I were to go dressed?"

My answer is that I would pull out my big fat cock and let you put it deep in your wet warm mouth. I'd let you get a great mouthful of my sweet clean cum.

I'll be visiting this Thursday through Sunday morning, and hope to suck and be sucked there and elsewhere.

Thanks for your encouraging reply! FYI, there's always a delay between submitting a review here and it being edited and published online. If you have plans to visit a place or want to hook up, it's best to use our Personals or our Message Board for immediate publication and a fast response. Thanks! ~ Editor

Edited on 07/21/14

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jul 09, 2014

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 2


Posted Jul 09 2014:
Question, how does the place look upon cd girls looking for cock? If I were to go dressed? Thanks. :)

Edited on 07/14/14
Junior Member

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Oct 24, 2008

Total Listings: 7
Total Reviews: 68


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jun 12 2014:
Went back with my buddy and got myself into a small orgy. 25C entry fee plus $4.00 cover charge for tokens which can be returned as a tip to the clerk and he will be more than happy to exchange it for quarter for a soda machine. Left him another $1 tip and he was very happy. I wished I could take him back since he was also probably the best looking clerk that my buddy and I have ever seen. Lots of casino workers and some tourists there with gloryholes available for many married studs looking for a quick blowjobs and even some occasional fucking. Both of us got a few there and left happy.

Edited on 06/18/14


Posted Apr 14 2014:
Went there on a Thursday at 8 pm: empty. Went back at 10 pm: older trolls. The place is tiny and bare. Better options elsewhere.

Edited on 04/21/14


Posted Apr 06 2014:
Anyone going soon? I want to suck a few nice cocks and swallow the loads.

Edited on 04/10/14
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