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A-Action Adult Books & Videos


Category: Adult store with arcade Hours / Entry Fee: Open 24 hours Submitted: May 19 2001 (Edited 10/02/17)
3.56/5 based on 114 votes. The median rating is 4.
Reviews: 101 reviews

Address: 1016 South 1st Street
City: Las Vegas
State: Nevada
ZIP/Postal Code: 89101
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 702-382-1076

Due to imprecision in our current software the map location is slight off; see the more accurate Google Map.
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Hiram Rubenstein


Posted Oct 25 2017:
I checked this place out. I got some good chances to suck dick and take it up the ass. My new favorite sex dive.

Edited on 10/30/17
Terry M


Posted Oct 18 2017:
Small store that sells adult stuff, movies, toys, etc. Video booth section has lots of guys wandering around looking for a partner, I guess.

There's a turnstile you put a quarter into so you can enter the shop, then you have to buy five dollars worth of tokens to use on the half-working machines.

Gloryholes are there and so are people who stick their head in your booth to watch others. After you run out of tokens, you can sit there awhile waiting to suck or be sucked. Some guys get fucked through the holes.

Worthwhile if you're horny — and being somewhat drunk probably wouldn't hurt.

Edited on 10/25/17


Posted Oct 13 2017:
Visited Vegas and found this little place. Kind of a hole in the wall, but it does have an extensive variety of DVDs and even videos. There is a set of booths in the arcade area — about eight or ten video stalls, most of which have gloryholes.

The night I went was a weeknight, but it was somewhat busy. I suspect the weekends make for standing room only. I went in a stall, but didn't watch much videos and I didn't wait for any gloryhole action.

I'd recommend this place to anyone who doesn't mind a sleazy atmosphere. Probably a hunting ground for locals. In my opinion, it would be more fun to try one's luck at a gay bar to meet someone. It's up to the individual. Good luck whichever you choose.

Edited on 10/18/17
Mushroom Sauce


Posted Oct 08 2017:
Hot place. Love sucking cock and having strange men cream in my mouth.

Edited on 10/13/17


Posted Oct 07 2017:
Tried it. Liked it. Many gloryholes. Big selection of DVDs.

Edited on 10/13/17
Matthew Capitano


Posted Oct 01 2017:
I love this place. I'm a flaming gay cock-sucking cum-drinking slut-whore. I've sucked lots of cocks here and swallowed lots of cum here. I pull down my shorts, lift up my top, and get down on my knees so I can satisfy as many men as I can in one night.

Edited on 10/06/17


Posted Sep 27 2017:
Love this place. I only suck black dick and this is the place. Last time I was here I sucked off three BBCs and it felt so good to leave with so much cum in my stomach. I am going back for sure for BBC.

Edited on 10/02/17

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Apr 10, 2017

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 2


Posted Jul 11 2017:
This place is good but can be hit or miss. Last time I was there it was hot.

A man was there with his blonde BBW wife. I seen through the gloryhole that her husband was filming his wife sucking a huge cock on the gloryhole of the other booth. So I pulled out my fat hard cock and slid it through the gloryhole, felt a soft hand grab my cock then I felt her hot wet mouth sucking my cock.

I was really horny 'cause I came all down her throat quick. They left but the huge cock from before was still throbbing through the gloryhole. I told him to wait.

I went into his booth and went to my knees, after all, I wanted a cock of this size in my mouth to begin with. I have a 7-1/2" fat cock but this man's cock made mine look small. He was older man, smelled clean. His cock was good and it took him forever to cum but he shot a good load down my throat. And he returned the favor of sucking another load out of me.

Good times indeed. I'll be back soon.

Edited on 07/12/17

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Dec 13, 2016

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 2


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted May 24 2017:
Going back on June 5th. I hope this time I can get fucked in the theater by multiple guys and swallow a lot of loads.

Just checked and you are a CFS Member, just apparently hadn't logged in the last time you posted. Remember to log in before posting so that what you say will link to your Profile Page. ~ Editor

Edited on 05/30/17


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Mar 07 2017:
Oh yeah, going back to Vegas on Friday. Will be going here on afternoon of Saturday. I would love to start off by playing in the theatre this time. Would love to start by sucking, then if some of you are up for it tag teaming me.

I want to swallow as many loads as possible. Maybe take some up my ass.

Love your enthusiasm!

You had entered dates from February, last month. Perhaps you meant the upcoming weekend, perhaps not.

You may have also missed the section in a big black box, some of it in bold, right above the Review form for Guest users who are not logged in as CFS Members. It emphasizes that if you want to arrange a specific time to meet people at this place, or any place, use our Message Board or Personals

A new function for supporting CFS Members to add their Member Name, a link to their profile, and possibly a short message to the page for a place is planned in our software upgrade. ~ Editor

Edited on 03/14/17


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Feb 21 2017:
I went here on Monday, February 20, and had a great time. Like everyone says, be patient. I got here and the guy at the counter couldn't have been nicer and explained the whole place to me.

I first went into the theatre where I watched some straight porn and got my cock nice and hard. I then went into the arcade with the gloryholes. I clicked through different movies and rubbed then jacked a little bit. Some guys were cruising the hall. A couple guys walked into the booth next to mine but when I put my fingers at the hole they didn't respond and just left and walked around some more. I think there was more suckers overall.

I decided to go to the end booth on the right where there is only one hole. Next thing you know someone walked into the other booth. I saw he took his cock out so I motioned for his cock. He stuck it through hole, clean, smelled freshly washed, so I began to suck on it and good.

I deep-throated it hard, gagged some but he never really got hard. After about twenty minutes I told him to cum over and let's try in same booth. It wound up to be an old man, he told me he can't get hard and couldn't cum I said sorry and he politely left.

Then another guy walked into the next booth. He immediately stuck his cock through. I sucked it good, and it grew to about 8" and was dripping with precum.

As I was sucking him a guy walked into my booth and took out this massive huge and hard shaved cock. I couldn't help but go crazy and tried to start get it all down my throat. I started switching between his cock and the cock at the hole.

Then guys started peeking under the half doors watching me. Then another guy walked in, I was jacking off two cocks while sucking another. I switched between all the cocks. After about twenty minutes the cock in the hole shot a huge load in my mouth. The guy with the massive cock told me to suck his cock with the cum in my mouth and in about a minute he shot this huge load down my throat so I had to swallow two loads. It was fucking great!

After they all left I still wanted to cum so I watched a movie for a few. Next thing you know a guy is watching me from under the half doors. He took out his cock and I sucked for a few minutes until his beautiful BBC got fucking huge, probably about a good 9".

I asked him to fuck me and he didn't hesitate. He basically grabbed me and turned me around as I dropped my pants down. I tried to lube my ass and as I was asking him if he could put some lube on, without a word from him he shoved his entire cock up my ass and aggressively fucked me until he blew a huge load in my ass. It was so much I could feel it going inside of me. He quickly pulled out zipped up and left.

Another was right in line. He stuck his raw cock into me for about a minute then pulled out and told me to turn around where he shot his load down my throat, tasted so fucking good. I tried to get up as my knees were so weak. I got up and wobbled to my car.

What an awesome place! Was only in Vegas a couple days but could only sneak away for one visit.

Edited on 03/01/17


Posted Jan 01 2017:
I had great luck as a bottom in Vegas bookstores and hope to do better this January! Keep the movies running and tip the clerks! Hoping to get fucked in front of a crowd at the theatre, and suck many cocks in the arcade!

Edited on 01/05/17


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Dec 15 2016:
Great Gloryhole place! Been here about forty times in the last year, only a few times did I not get action. Morning seems busy with guys who mostly want to suck, night 50/50. A lot of BBC here. I like both giving and receiving head, depends on my mood. Mostly head taking place here, but I have seen tops and bottoms doing it in the booths and theatre on occasion. Sometimes the homeless will be sleeping in a booth. That's cool I just leave them alone. Clerks are cool.

Last time I was here I gave head to a Black guy, 11-inch cock, and big balls. It took me over thirty minutes but I got him to cum, a nice sweet/sour huge load. He had to lean on the wall just after cumming because he got lightheaded. I stopped going deep on his cock shaft and only worked his beautiful large mushroom head when he started cumming so I could enjoy the taste and texture of every drop of his very strong shooting and powerful-tasting cum.

Writing about it now makes me crazy hot for more. In fact, I will be headed there after I finish up writing this review. It's a good time to go, 10 pm.

Over the last few years I have started peeing in some of the mouths of my receivers. It is harder to do then you would think. With a raging hard on I can only get a light stream occasionally, and the closer to cumming the more I can stream out. After doing this hundreds of times to both M and F I have only had three complaints.

Mostly what happens is when the receiver realizes what is happening they get really excited and start moaning and sucking harder. It's really great when I go from peeing to cumming and back to peeing. Last month I had a guy here who could not get enough of both my cum and piss, he thanked me many times. I wanted to give him more but I was fully drained. After cumming that's when I can give them a strong piss stream. I am lucky that I also have huge cum loads. There is nothing more of a let down then to suck a cock thirty to sixty minutes and only get barely a taste of cum or none at all.

I get thanked a lot for my huge loads and usually taking less than ten minutes to cum. Recently I got head here with out peeing and after I thought I was cum-sucked dry, I took my throbbing wet cock out of the gloryhole. As I was starting to zip up I noticed a big glob of cum that just came out of my shaft, hanging on to my cock's mushroom. I was going to put it back in the gloryhole for the receiver to enjoy, but he had just left. However, there was someone in the other booth who gladly took it into their mouth to taste and swallow.

Great seedy place, enjoy yourself here.

Edited on 12/22/16

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Dec 13, 2016

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 2


Posted Dec 13 2016:
I am going here on Monday Dec 19th. Is this a good place to suck on some good cock, maybe get fucked? I am going to Vegas strictly to check out the gloryholes. Anyone else know of any other good places for some public action?

I'm really sorry, but there's always been a delay in CFS' Editorial process for Reviews. You posted on the 13th, were going on the 19th, and here it's being published on the 21st. I'd been catching up but didn't work on the weekend. :-(

Your questions are great but it's best for now to post specific dates either in the Message Board for Nevada or the Personals for Las Vegas.

There's a long-delayed software upgrade which I hope can use to let CFS Members show their interest in a place here on a Review page. ~ Editor

Edited on 12/21/16
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1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jun 12 2016:
Love looking through gloryholes to see guys jacking off. Love sucking cock and getting men off. Love cum-drinking. Sometimes I stick my cock in a hole. I have gotten fucked up my ass and taken the jizz. Love it here.

I'm sorry to have to delete the great cocksucking photo you had with this review. This page is for photos of the place or maps and so on.

I love the pic and I saved a copy! If it shows you and you have permission from the other guy, why don't you upload it to the Cruiser Gallery so that everyone can enjoy it? ~ Editor

Edited on 06/22/16

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 25, 2016

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 2


Posted May 25 2016:
Will be here soon for the first time and am looking to swallow for multiple Black men. This Will be my first time doing that. Is there a time that is best to arrive? Is it safe here?

Edited on 06/02/16


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Apr 26 2016:
Wow, I arrived and in less than two minutes a big black cock was poking through the hole for me. I sucked and licked that cock. As it got harder it was unbelievable how big it got, so I was thinking about turning around to take it in my ass.

Too late though, right then he blasted hot cum in my mouth. What the hell, I swallowed it all! I recommend this place!

Edited on 05/03/16


Posted Mar 06 2016:
Went in yesterday not really knowing what to expect. The place is old, I wouldn't call it dirty, just old. Went to the booths and within seconds I was greeted with a mouth at the gloryhole.

I stuck my cock through and was sucked to completion! It was fantastic! I will be back, in fact, maybe I'll go back today!

Edited on 03/14/16
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Apr 05, 2010

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 11


2 of 2 people found this review helpful
Posted Jan 04 2016:
I went here two nights ago. It's true almost all the booths have gloryholes. I was here at 11 pm on a Saturday night. It was busy. The clerks leave you alone. The place is filthy though, and was under construction. I blew a Latin guy. It was great.

Edited on 01/12/16
Gay Horny MoFo


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Dec 24 2015:
I love to take a hard shaft in my mouth here so I can feed on my favorite food, hot cum. Enough gloryholes to go around. I love to take it up the ass, too.

I am here at least two times a week, as many as five times a week. I took thirteen loads down my throat one night. See you guys here.

Edited on 12/30/15
Nudist #1


Posted Nov 20 2015:
I'm horny again, so I came here to read these reviews.

I live in Vegas. Haven't been to this place in awhile, but the hot cum in my balls and my hard cock are both making me think about this fuck-stop.

I love to suck cock and drink cum. I always strip naked and jack-off. I love being watched. I love to get guys off. To all you guys reading this, see you there and bring your hot loads with you.

Edited on 11/25/15


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Nov 15 2015:
I went here at 2:15 pm on November 14. There was a guy already there so I got in the booth next to him. He was rubbing his cock through his pants, so I motioned for him to put it through the hole.

In a flash he pulled his pants down and stuck his cock in the hole. He had a really nice cock, not huge, maybe 7", but it was so fucking hard. The head felt like you were running your tongue over a piece of granite.

I came prepared to get fucked, but unfortunately he came before we got that far. He pulled his pants up and left and I got ready for the next guy, but unfortunately he never came. I was the only one there for the next hour.

BTW, They now charge $5 an hour, which in my opinion is much better than constantly feeding the machine. I just wish it was busier.

Edited on 11/20/15


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Nov 14 2015:
One day I took a random weekday off from work. I heard that this place had gloryholes, which had been shut down at the Adult Superstore for years now. This place gave me more than I ever expected.

I just went in with the idea of wanting to get sucked. I ended up having the guy that was sucking my cock come to my booth and he flopped out this long floppy dick. He must have seen how excited I got 'cause he knew I wanted to suck it. Two hits of poppers and I was happily gurgling on this guy's cock from about fifteen minutes and then he asked if he could fuck me. I couldn't say no.

Two more hits and I was completely naked and getting reamed balls deep. That's when I realized that other people were watching me be a little slut and loving every inch of cock.

At some point I didn't realize that another guy came in to lick the precum that I was dribbling off of my cock. I was in heaven getting sucked and fucked by a long thick headed beast. I came and the guy behind me came and they left me in the booth to catch my breath.

I sat in the chair for a few minutes and another guy walked in and pulled out his cock for me to suck him. He was a little aggressive about it but I took four hits and I was back to sucking another strange dick. He wanted to get in my ass for sloppy seconds and he came within minutes and left.

I had a mess of cum down to my feet. I was so happy. I just got dressed and let my clothes soak it up. I haven't gone back but I should.

Edited on 11/19/15


Posted Oct 18 2015:
Subject: Planning a visit in Novemeber
Not a review but more of an inquiry. I'll be in Vegas in November, the week of Thanksgiving, and I am looking to make some guys very thankful for my mouth.

Lots of mixed reviews about the place and I'm guessing it's hit or miss. Are there any specific days or times that there is more often than not a lot of activity?

I like to be watched while I jerk off for a while before I start sucking cock. I like the idea of the half doors so others can watch.

I'm not a swallower, I prefer getting facials so people can see my love of cum.

Is there access to a bathroom or paper towels to clean up before I leave?

I hope it is worth the visit. I hate when I am in the mood to suck cock and get disappointed.

Thanks for asking your questions! I hope you get the answers you need and that you have loads of fun in Vegas. This page is a great place to ask these type of questions. Take a chance to look on our site at some other places listed in Vegas, too.

If you also want to make a hook-up at a specific place, date, or time when you're in Vegas, feel free to use our Personals for Las Vegas. I always encourage people who want to make plans for specific places, dates, or times to post there, since they don't have to register and their ad appears immediately.

You have a lot of options in that town, so get ready for a good time. ~ Editor

Edited on 11/27/15

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Mar 27, 2015

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Mar 27 2015:
I was in here a couple of nights ago and two famous bodybuilders came in and went into the booth next to me, one Black and one Hispanic. The Black dude stuck it through the hole and had a foreskin like hugely thick with veins in it. I could skin it when it was soft but he pulled back and pulled the skin back over the head when it started getting hard. 11 inches by 7 inches around. I carry a small tape measure. LOL. Thick and straight, not curved. Huge veins on that cock.

He really started moaning when I pulled the skin half way back and started to rub my tongue up and down that G-string underneath. I stuck one finger up inside the skin and then two and then he started to shudder. He shot 11 ropes of cum that hit the other side of the booth.

His Hispanic friend was next. A really long thick foreskin. 8 inches by 6. He came in about 20 seconds but I kept on sucking on it and he came again in about 5 minutes. He had a really big head on it that turned purple when he was ready to unload and really flared out really putting the stretch on his foreskin opening.

Both of them were kissing when I was sucking each of them. They both really loved it when I rubbed my tongue up and down the underside of the heads without even moving my mouth. The Hispanic BB shot two really big loads and he sucked me afterwards and really knew what to do with my sex skin on my dick. Afterwards I put my phone number through the hole.

Edited on 04/01/15
Senior Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 01, 2010

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 8


Posted Mar 01 2015:
There seem to be a lot of guys there during lunch time, but a lot of them seem to be older. I also went there around 7:30 PM one night and there were only three guys there, but little by little, a new guy would come in, get sucked, and leave. You just have to be patient I guess.

Gloryholes between nearly every booth. Clerk in the front never comes back to hassle anyone. You must buy at least $4 in tokens to enter the arcade, and put a quarter in the turnstile to enter the store. Worthwhile, but like others have said, it's hit and miss.

Edited on 03/05/15


Posted Dec 25 2014:
Been to this place in the past and like others have said, hit or miss. Gloryhole cock sucking is my thing so I really like this place. In the past, I didn't like the half door thing, but now it's a turn on having others watch me suck a nice cock.

Was there earlier this week, sat in a back booth and immediately had a cock to work. While I was working his shaft, a couple of guys went into a booth across the hall. We both watched as they got it on together. I had a bad angle so I could not see as much as I heard. I was going to go into the booth next to them to watch through the gloryhole, but I didn't want to be a buzz kill. It was hot.

Shortly after a nice 7"+ uncut cock comes through, I worked that beauty for what seemed like 30 minutes. He would pull back each time I got him close. Finally he unleashed in my mouth and I swallowed every drop, I didn't stop until he quivered and pulled back.

Next, an older black man went into the booth next to me. I signaled that I was ready for him. Man, that cock just kept getting bigger as I worked it. I could hear him moaning on the other side as I tried deep-throating that monster. It was so big I could only get half way down his shaft. No, I'm not the best DT, but he was huge. He eventually pulled back and left. Maybe he didn't like it, or I was just getting him ready for someone at home. Either way I enjoyed it.

Last was who I call walkie-talkie. This guy was wandering up and down the hall watching and talking loud the whole night, just kind of obnoxious. I had to shush him a couple of times. Sure enough he went in the next booth and put his cock in the hole. So, I said what the hell. I worked his cock for a few minutes, he sounded like it was great but he never got hard.

I eventually stopped and left as no one else was there. It was about 2 am at this point. All in all, hit or miss like any place, but I have liked my experiences there so far.

Edited on 12/30/14


Posted Nov 20 2014:
Any girls like going? I wanna see them.

Edited on 11/25/14
Clit Tit

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 29, 2013

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


Posted Sep 29 2014:
Since there are few places in Las Vegas that have gloryholes, this place is great. Was there two weeks ago and sucked a huge black cock. Then, I had a nice hillbilly cock.

I went there again the following week and found that there were too many mouths and too few cocks to fill them. I hate when a place is like that. I left and had a delicious cock at the Adult Superstore on Main St theatre.

Edited on 10/06/14


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jul 27 2014:
Stopped by this place on my way into town Friday evening. I'm 19 and barely had my clothes off before a nice cock slid into the hole and I was on my knees servicing it. Love the half doors, they make it easy to be watched from the hallway, which is so hot.

Sucked a guy off through the hole with two more watching. Then he came in and fucked me up against the wall and came in me. Sexiest time I've had in awhile. Perfect for guys that love being total sluts.

Edited on 07/31/14
Nice hard and versatile


Posted Jul 15 2014:
To lvsissy8, who asked, "how does the place look upon cd girls looking for cock? If I were to go dressed?"

My answer is that I would pull out my big fat cock and let you put it deep in your wet warm mouth. I'd let you get a great mouthful of my sweet clean cum.

I'll be visiting this Thursday through Sunday morning, and hope to suck and be sucked there and elsewhere.

Thanks for your encouraging reply! FYI, there's always a delay between submitting a review here and it being edited and published online. If you have plans to visit a place or want to hook up, it's best to use our Personals or our Message Board for immediate publication and a fast response. Thanks! ~ Editor

Edited on 07/21/14

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jul 09, 2014

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 2


Posted Jul 09 2014:
Question, how does the place look upon cd girls looking for cock? If I were to go dressed? Thanks. :)

Edited on 07/14/14
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Oct 24, 2008

Total Listings: 14
Total Reviews: 100


2 of 2 people found this review helpful
Posted Jun 12 2014:
Went back with my buddy and got myself into a small orgy. 25C entry fee plus $4.00 cover charge for tokens which can be returned as a tip to the clerk and he will be more than happy to exchange it for quarter for a soda machine. Left him another $1 tip and he was very happy. I wished I could take him back since he was also probably the best looking clerk that my buddy and I have ever seen. Lots of casino workers and some tourists there with gloryholes available for many married studs looking for a quick blowjobs and even some occasional fucking. Both of us got a few there and left happy.

Edited on 06/18/14


Posted Apr 14 2014:
Went there on a Thursday at 8 pm: empty. Went back at 10 pm: older trolls. The place is tiny and bare. Better options elsewhere.

Edited on 04/21/14


Posted Apr 06 2014:
Anyone going soon? I want to suck a few nice cocks and swallow the loads.

Edited on 04/10/14


Posted Feb 23 2014:
I can't believe 5-O hasn't closed this place yet, but I'm glad they haven't. As a local, I love to get drunk and slip in late on any night of the week and suck as many cocks as I can. Sometimes I'll stick my cock through the gloryholes which is almost as much of a turn-on. Hot suck/fuck dive. The law will outlaw the glory holes someday, but for now, this place is a cock and cum gold mine.

Edited on 03/04/14
Buffalo Bills' Fan


Posted Feb 22 2014:
Subject: Glory Holes, Big Hard Cocks, and HOT CUM!
There's something about a cock in my mouth that makes me hard like a motherfucker. I love this place. So sleazy and I adore jacking to the gay videos.

I sit down in a booth and click that damn button until I get to a gay video. I take out my hard cock and big balls and jack while I look at the gloryholes on both sides of me until a beautiful rock hard cock slides through the hole into my booth, then I'm really in heaven. I suck that meat until all that hot cum explodes into my mouth.

Baby! I drank a dozen loads one night. I love this place! I'm jackin' my big hot meat right now. I love all you guys who are reading this. See you there! Bring your hard-ons and your cum! :P

Edited on 02/27/14


Posted Feb 15 2014:
Subject: Glory Holes
I went for the first time, had a great time. Cruisy with opportunities for this cock sucker. Previous descriptions are fairly accurate. Nice attendant, token operated arcade. Booths are easily accessed, bottom half of the booths doors are missing and no locks. However, the open bottom half of the door is nice and allows one to be aware of who is wandering the hall and can give you a glimpse of the action in the hall and other booths. Booths in back of half of the hall have gloryholes.

I scored two very nice loads in the first 30 minutes. A third wouldn't get stiff nor did he cum despite spending over a half hour working his cock. Still had fun. For me, best for gloryholes in Vegas.

Edited on 02/21/14


Posted Jan 07 2014:
So this scene is NOT my thing, but when in Vegas, do as the locals do. Curiosity got the better of me.

The first night I went the guy at the counter couldn't have been nicer. The booths were mostly empty. I did see a young Latin guy getting blown by two guys.

I went the next night to use up the rest of my tokens. You have to buy $4 worth every time, but it's just four bucks. It was super busy. Nearly every booth was filled, also a few were out of order.

In full disclosure, I'm a decently good-looking younger guy. In the back booth was some tatted up young guy beating away on his dick. I saw him get sucked by at least one guy. I saw an older black dude sucking cock too.

It was pretty dead, and the scene was a little sketchy: lots of smoking overweight guys who hadn't seen a bath in awhile, some Latins, and one creeper who would follow me from booth to booth.

As I prepared to leave I opened my door to this handsome guy who looked and smelled clean. He went into the booth next door and I reached for his cock. I ended up sharing his booth and he made me blow a gigantic load on the wall.

So moral of the story is, it's hit or miss. I didn't find the neighborhood unsafe at all. It's well lit, plenty of street parking, and some trendy bars/restaurants around the corner so it's pretty safe.

Edited on 01/13/14


Posted Dec 30 2013:
When is the best time to go for lots of action?

Edited on 01/07/14

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jan 27, 2009

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


Posted Dec 02 2013:
Was everything that the postings said it was. Mid-day was slow at first but then became busier. Multiple booths with gloryholes and management is very understanding, i.e. no hassles at all.

Great to drop a quick load or stay awhile and get sucked, and sucked, and sucked.

Don't expect too much. It is a cruisy bookstore that allows nonstop sex on its premises, whaddaya want? But it is what it is!

Edited on 12/06/13


Posted Nov 23 2013:
Any girls down to go? Been there but have not seen any girls. Want to get sucked off by any girl.

Edited on 11/29/13


Posted Nov 16 2013:
Hot place to suck random big hard cocks through gloryholes. Love drinking all that hot cum!

Edited on 11/21/13


Posted Nov 05 2013:
I went to this place last Saturday afternoon. Lots of action. I walked in on a booth and a guy was there sucking a big cock through the gloryhole. So I watched him take the cum. Then he put his cock thru and I watched him cum.

Went to another booth and two guys were fucking. Nice view of the cock going into his ass. Later, a guy put his cock thru the hole and I sucked him off and swallowed his cum. Wow, what a place.

Edited on 11/11/13
Senior Reviewer

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Total Reviews: 8


Posted Sep 16 2013:
Well in Vegas this week and went to play here and it's everything that's said about the place, but I didn't get much or see much. I'm sure this place goes off though. The half doors were different and you would see it all.
I went in the afternoon, so I'm sure it was an off time. I'll come back and I will come at night to see the action.

Edited on 09/24/13


Posted Aug 28 2013:
I found this bookstore by Craigslist. Before I could sit down in a booth I had a guy join me and just as fast his cock was in my mouth. He had me in seconds playing with my tits. He couldn't get over them, I swallowed him and while waiting for another guy he motioned me to join him again in the next booth. There was an uncut Mexican. While I sucked him off I was getting fingered. Two loads in less than a hour.

Edited on 09/10/13


Posted Aug 26 2013:
Been here a few times and will be again. Love to suck and haven't been fucked yet but would like to try it. I will be in Vegas mid September and hope to fulfill my desire to have a good cock in my ass. I want to feel hot cum deep inside.

Edited on 09/10/13


Posted Aug 21 2013:
Cheap whorish place on dark street outside of downtown Vegas. Arcade in back, about 10 booths. All have gloryholes. Half-doors make it hotter because everybody watches while I suck lots of cocks. A hot place to get some cock when I'm drunk and horny. I get fucked up the ass through the holes. Sucked lots of big hard cocks here. A good regular place for a local like me to go to drink lots of cum.

Edited on 09/06/13


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Posted Aug 15 2013:
Hot sleazy dive for sucking random cocks through gloryholes in video arcade booths. I've drank lots of cum here. I've been fucked in my ass through the holes, too. Half-doors allow cruising guys to watch you suck hard cocks while you jack off. Watch other guys get fucked.

Hidden gold mine of a sex hole on the dark part of 1st Street in Vegas (near Main Street which makes this all the sleazier, and me all the hornier). Especially arousing if you're a little drunk. I'm playing with my cock while I type this because just thinking about it makes me horny and hard. I can't wait to go back. Totally recommended.

Edited on 08/26/13


Posted Aug 12 2013:
I was feeling real horny last week and I went to A-Action that I heard about. I was only in a booth about two minutes when a couple next door interacted with me. They took turns sucking my cock through the gloryhole. Then she stuck her ass out and I fucked her while she sucked his cock. I came in her and afterward felt I should have used a condom but the thrill was definitely worth it.

Edited on 08/21/13


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Posted Jul 28 2013:
This place is good to suck some cocks. My boyfriend and I go here to get wild. He likes watching me blow guys. We're both bisexual and I like watching him take a big hard cock in his mouth. I go in the stall next to the one he's in and he fucks me through the glory hole. I lift up my tank top and other guys watch my tits bounce around. Hot fucking shithole type of place to get dirty and jizzed on. I'm getting wet thinking of it. Now I want some big hard hot cocks in my mouth and pussy and lots of hot cum all over my face. We're going here tonight. Let me suck your cocks, guys and fuck my pussy thru the gloryholes.

Glad you enjoy the place, but remember to use our Personals or the Hookup Message Board to let people know when you're be at any particular place. The Sex Listings Reviews always have a delay of several days for editing and publishing, so this is not the place to make hookup arrangements or announcements. ~ Editor

Edited on 08/06/13


Posted Jul 10 2013:
Hot place for horny motherfuckers like me. Gloryholes in the booths, half doors so others can watch you suck cocks and get fucked up the ass through the holes. Every guy I suck comes in my mouth. I drink every load.

I've been stripped totally naked in the booths. I'm already naked under shorts (no underwear) and a t-shirt so I can strip fast and get busy sucking lots of hard cocks. I get fucked through the gloryholes and take the cum in my ass. Then I slip my shirt and shorts back on and go to another booth and pull my shorts off and pull my shirt off, and I'm naked again so I can jack off and look through the holes until I see another hard cock slide through, and I'm down my knees again working for that hot cum.

On some nights, I take 10 loads in my mouth and swallow them all. Hottest fucking public fuck palace I've ever been to. I'm hard thinking about it. See ya there!

Edited on 07/18/13


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Posted Jul 03 2013:
Good place to go when you're horny and want some quick hot sex. Gloryholes in the video booths. I love to suck big hard cocks while I jack off. I sit in the chair and look through both holes on each side of me. Guys see me and my hard cock. I love it when a big hard one slides through the hole, I'm down on my knees in a second. I drink all that jizz or get rammed up my ass through a gloryhole while I jack off. Such a hot seedy divey-type joint, I'm addicted. Horny just thinking about it.

Edited on 07/10/13


Posted Jun 30 2013:
I go here to blow as many men as possible in one night. I get fucked in the ass through those fucking hot gloryholes. I love it when everybody else watches. This place is so fucking hot when you're horny and buzzed.

I remember (barely) one night the guy behind the counter saw how blitzed I was and he said, "Are you gonna be able to make it?". I did, but I don't remember anything else about that night, including how I got home. I strip naked in the booths and suck so many cocks, I shit white logs into the toilet after I'm done. A fucking Vegas hotspot for sex maniacs like me.

Edited on 07/05/13


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Posted Jun 28 2013:
This place is fucking hot if you're cruising to do guys every which way. I wear bare necessities in clothes (shorts with no underwear, t-shirt, shoes) so I can strip faster. I've been totally naked on my knees sucking lots of cocks, drinking lots of cum.

Sleazy place which adds to the turn-on. Guys watching me on my knees sucking cocks through glory holes turns me on. I love making men cum. a good selection of DVDs and older videos. Pretty good prices, some good 2-for-1/3-for-1 specials on dvds, etc. Some magazines, too.

Creepy clientele once in awhile, but mostly it's cool. A guy fucked me through a gloryhole once. Fun to watch other guys suck and get fucked, but I'm the best. Go here, guys. check it out. Have fun! Trace

Edited on 07/03/13


Posted Mar 20 2013:
So based on the reviews of this place I went and checked it out, March 18, 2013. You pay a quarter to get into the store and have to buy like 5 bucks worth of tokens. I got into the arcade and it was like the geriatric apocalypse. It was horrible! The dudes were all old and super creepy. I mean really really really creepy. Save yourself the nightmare and avoid this place.

Edited on 03/26/13

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Posted Jan 17 2013:
About a dozen booths with gloryholes. Lots of guys were there and everyone was having fun. Saw a lot of playing, jerking, sucking, and fucking. Wow!

Edited on 01/23/13


Posted Jan 13 2013:
It's a nice place for straight guys to get hot cock action without waiting. First time I was there a friendly Mexican sucked my balls and fingered my ass while I was jerking off. I came very strong. Second time an Hispanic man came in my booth, sit down and sucked my hard cock (I always use a condom). The half doors are great, because others jerk their cocks while watching you having sex, and it makes it easy and fast to get a head. Just put out my cock and start jerking.

Edited on 01/21/13
Bob and JJ


Posted Jan 03 2013:
My wife and I are visiting LV next week for a few days and looking for a good place that allows couples in the booths with glory holes. Wife is looking to be extremely nasty while in Sin City. Is this the right place or does anyone have any recommendations for places to take her?

Editor's Note: Because all reviews in the Sex Listings are edited prior to publishing, we have a queue of pending posts and there can be a delay of a week or more to get these online. For timely responses on these types of questions, it's best to use the Hookup Message Board (link below) where your questions can appear immediately.

Edited on 01/10/13
Super Reviewer

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Total Reviews: 73


Posted Jan 02 2013:
If full-sized doors aren't going to replace the existing half-sized doors, then maybe they should put full-sized curtains on the booths. The gloryholes are too close to the booths' entrances. Some booths are also visible from the cash register. Customers can use the restroom, which is near the arcade. Parking isn't so good though.

Edited on 01/09/13


Posted Dec 03 2012:
I go here all the time and it is the best place for action. Sometimes it can be a little seedy but it's still friendly and fun.

Edited on 12/10/12
hella good time


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Posted Aug 16 2012:
Took my wife two nights ago, nice people. We went in the same booth watching a movie and a cock came through the hole. She didn't even hesitate and was done in about five minutes. I took her top off and she went down on me even though people could see. Then another cock came through and she got busy on that. Then she motioned to me; she had told me wanted to see me suck cock, so i did. He came in my mouth. We both loved it. She wants to go back tonight about 12.

Edited on 08/23/12


Posted May 15 2012:
Two words: SKIP IT.

Edited on 05/20/12


Posted Mar 26 2012:
This place is great! I went there last night and the man behind the counter was great and even honest as I wanted $4 in tokens and I gave him 5 one dollar bills and he caught it after I left and gave it back to me when I left. I was there for 1 minute and had my cock in a guys mouth and also sucked some cock! Great place.

Edited on 03/29/12


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Posted Feb 09 2012:
Subject: Good place for head
This place is actually pretty clean. There are gloryholes in most booths. Doors are half-doors so you can see in from the waist down, which doesn't seem to bother anyone. I had my cock in a guy's mouth in about 2 minutes. Loved it.

Edited on 02/17/12


Posted Oct 16 2011:
This place is horrendous! I have been to many bookstores and this one still uses tokens? They make you pay $4 to enter and there is an old man and another guy with one arm. Absolutely horrendous!

Edited on 10/19/11


Posted Aug 17 2011:
Greatest place in Vegas! Everytime I have stopped there I expect to give and get a great bj with a couple guys jerking off and watching from the other booths! A clean place and the staff is great.

Edited on 08/18/11

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Posted Aug 14 2011:
Love this place! The partition is still there on the side of the arcade.

Edited on 08/14/11


Posted May 20 2011:
The partition in the back doesn't seem to be there anymore. Gloryholes are still there, though. Never saw the staff, except at arrival and exit.

Edited on 05/24/11

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Total Reviews: 3


Posted Mar 05 2011:
Went there yesterday and found about 6 guys jerking off. There is a partition in the back where guys go to play. I went there, dropped my pants and a guy came over to suck me off while others watched. Very satisfying and no problems.

Edited on 03/14/11


Posted Feb 06 2011:
This place is open again and the gloryholes are back open. There is road work going on in back, so you can use the front entrance.

Edited on 02/11/11


Posted Feb 04 2011:
This place is open again as of about a week ago. It is all fixed up and still is the best place in town to give or get head. I've always thought this was the best no strings attached place for straight guys who like to dump their loads on a regular basis.

Edited on 02/11/11

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Total Reviews: 2


Posted Sep 22 2010:
I drove by last week and this whole block is boarded up and looks headed for destruction. It was fun while it lasted.

Edited on 09/27/10


Posted Jul 30 2010:
This place looked closed for good the last time I was here, about two weeks ago.

Edited on 08/02/10


Posted Apr 25 2010:
This place has been the best and longest running gloryhole spot in Vegas. The staff always is cool to me. I just wish the booths had full doors.

Edited on 05/02/10


Posted Apr 24 2009:
I stopped by and no one was there. The area doesn't seem to be in the best part of town. I went inside and the booth doors are cut in half and didn't see any action.


Posted Nov 08 2008:
Gloryhole heaven! It's hit-or-miss but there's always something going on. Many young Latino guys and a lot of straight action. It's good during lunch hour sometimes. I've never seen police. If the guy with ponytail is there he hassles you. All of the other clerks are gay and know what's going on -- slurp, slurp!


Posted Sep 28 2008:
This place can be hot but most of the time nobody is there. I like to go between 5 and 8 pm, best chance of finding some horny guys getting off work wanting a blowjob. I like to strip naked in my booth and see what happens. Last time I was on my knees sucking off two guys and got a mini-bukkake facial. It was hot, wish there had been more guys but only two were there.


Posted May 30 2008:
Do not go. The doors are cut in half. Scary people.


Posted Nov 23 2007:
This place use to be hot. But now it's only for you if you are into really old white men or very queeny Asians and Mexicans.


Posted Jul 28 2007:
What a great place to fuck and get some good cock. I have been here three times and all three times got my hole stuffed with Latin meat -- best uncut cocks I've ever had in my life. It's an awesome place to take loads up the ass. My white ass loves this place. Nothing like it in Vegas!


Posted Jun 25 2007:
There can be at times hot guys. Five gloryhole booths with semi-private doors. A lot goes on there and no one seems to care. Very anonymous sex going on with all types. A lot are older guys but there are also some hotties that go. I have been sucked off and sucked on some hot big dicks there on many occasions. I live in Vegas and this is the only place that has gloryholes. It's near the downtown area. It's a little jewel in Las Vegas!


Posted Feb 15 2007:
This place has a limited selection of videos and the machines are emperamental. The staff is friendly. Lots of black and Hispanic clientele. And gloryholes!


Posted Jan 28 2007:
This place is out of control! They have huge gloryholes. You can have a cock in your mouth or someone sucking your cock within five minutes of walking into the place. The video equipment is old but who cares about that!


Posted Jan 02 2007:
I was there on New Year's Eve and decided to visit the arcade and sure enough there are gloryholes but the doors are only half doors and they do not lock so there is no privacy. It ended up working out Ok because I was only in there for a few seconds when a built, hot, white guy entered the booth next to me and I sucked on him for a little while until he came over to my booth and finished off in my mouth. I then took a short break before going back in and there was another cock through the gloryhole and I sucked on it for a few minutes then bent over to get a load in my ass through the gloryhole. All in all, I'd say it was a pretty good night and I was there less than an hour. I should say this place is not in a very good part of town. I would be very careful around this area if going in at night.


Posted Dec 06 2006:
Went by after a late cocktail party for work and am I glad I went. Gobbled a bunch of nice cocks and got sucked off too. Left after a few hours fully satiated!


Posted Nov 18 2006:
Went there twice this week and both times I got some great cock. There's lots of black and Hispanic uncut meat. I sucked off quite a few and then took this black guy out to my van and let him fuck my ass.


Posted May 17 2006:
Had a great time here last week. I was playing around sucking cocks on some hit-or-miss guys when two hispanic hotties came in. They barely spoke English and we ended up in a threesome with me sandwiched sucking two very horny, dripping, uncut cocks. I swallowed both loads between being felt up and kissing them as others watched us. Very fun.


Posted Oct 03 2005:
Small and off the beaten path, but worth a look if you are looking for quiet and personal. I saw a young black guy fuck a white guy through one of the many glory holes. It looked like a huge load! I think it will be frequented by older locals of many ethnic backgrounds. Staff was friendly, they did inspections, but it didn't stop anyone.


Posted Jul 11 2005:
The gloryholes are back. There's no privacy but since the doors are cut off you can sit and watch guys jacking off or being sucked. I sucked two guys off about 9 pm but also had sex in the afternoon. One guy wanted to play with my ass. The gloryholes are large enough to fuck through. There are a lot of older men, bears, blacks and latinos but few twinks.

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