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A-Action Adult Books & Videos

Category: Adult store with arcade Submitted: May 19 2001 (Edited 03/04/14)
3.6/5 based on 53 votes. The median rating is 4.
Reviews: 68 reviews

Address: 1016 South 1st Street
City: Las Vegas
State: Nevada
ZIP/Postal Code:
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 702-382-1076
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Posted Apr 14 2014:
Went there on a Thursday at 8 pm: empty. Went back at 10 pm: older trolls. The place is tiny and bare. Better options elsewhere.

Edited on 04/21/14


Posted Apr 06 2014:
Anyone going soon? I want to suck a few nice cocks and swallow the loads.

Edited on 04/10/14


Posted Feb 23 2014:
I can't believe 5-O hasn't closed this place yet, but I'm glad they haven't. As a local, I love to get drunk and slip in late on any night of the week and suck as many cocks as I can. Sometimes I'll stick my cock through the gloryholes which is almost as much of a turn-on. Hot suck/fuck dive. The law will outlaw the glory holes someday, but for now, this place is a cock and cum gold mine.

Edited on 03/04/14
Buffalo Bills' Fan


Posted Feb 22 2014:
Subject: Glory Holes, Big Hard Cocks, and HOT CUM!
There's something about a cock in my mouth that makes me hard like a motherfucker. I love this place. So sleazy and I adore jacking to the gay videos.

I sit down in a booth and click that damn button until I get to a gay video. I take out my hard cock and big balls and jack while I look at the gloryholes on both sides of me until a beautiful rock hard cock slides through the hole into my booth, then I'm really in heaven. I suck that meat until all that hot cum explodes into my mouth.

Baby! I drank a dozen loads one night. I love this place! I'm jackin' my big hot meat right now. I love all you guys who are reading this. See you there! Bring your hard-ons and your cum! :P

Edited on 02/27/14


Posted Feb 15 2014:
Subject: Glory Holes
I went for the first time, had a great time. Cruisy with opportunities for this cock sucker. Previous descriptions are fairly accurate. Nice attendant, token operated arcade. Booths are easily accessed, bottom half of the booths doors are missing and no locks. However, the open bottom half of the door is nice and allows one to be aware of who is wandering the hall and can give you a glimpse of the action in the hall and other booths. Booths in back of half of the hall have gloryholes.

I scored two very nice loads in the first 30 minutes. A third wouldn't get stiff nor did he cum despite spending over a half hour working his cock. Still had fun. For me, best for gloryholes in Vegas.

Edited on 02/21/14


Posted Jan 07 2014:
So this scene is NOT my thing, but when in Vegas, do as the locals do. Curiosity got the better of me.

The first night I went the guy at the counter couldn't have been nicer. The booths were mostly empty. I did see a young Latin guy getting blown by two guys.

I went the next night to use up the rest of my tokens. You have to buy $4 worth every time, but it's just four bucks. It was super busy. Nearly every booth was filled, also a few were out of order.

In full disclosure, I'm a decently good-looking younger guy. In the back booth was some tatted up young guy beating away on his dick. I saw him get sucked by at least one guy. I saw an older black dude sucking cock too.

It was pretty dead, and the scene was a little sketchy: lots of smoking overweight guys who hadn't seen a bath in awhile, some Latins, and one creeper who would follow me from booth to booth.

As I prepared to leave I opened my door to this handsome guy who looked and smelled clean. He went into the booth next door and I reached for his cock. I ended up sharing his booth and he made me blow a gigantic load on the wall.

So moral of the story is, it's hit or miss. I didn't find the neighborhood unsafe at all. It's well lit, plenty of street parking, and some trendy bars/restaurants around the corner so it's pretty safe.

Edited on 01/13/14


Posted Dec 30 2013:
When is the best time to go for lots of action?

Edited on 01/07/14

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Posted Dec 02 2013:
Was everything that the postings said it was. Mid-day was slow at first but then became busier. Multiple booths with gloryholes and management is very understanding, i.e. no hassles at all.

Great to drop a quick load or stay awhile and get sucked, and sucked, and sucked.

Don't expect too much. It is a cruisy bookstore that allows nonstop sex on its premises, whaddaya want? But it is what it is!

Edited on 12/06/13


Posted Nov 23 2013:
Any girls down to go? Been there but have not seen any girls. Want to get sucked off by any girl.

Edited on 11/29/13


Posted Nov 16 2013:
Hot place to suck random big hard cocks through gloryholes. Love drinking all that hot cum!

Edited on 11/21/13


Posted Nov 05 2013:
I went to this place last Saturday afternoon. Lots of action. I walked in on a booth and a guy was there sucking a big cock through the gloryhole. So I watched him take the cum. Then he put his cock thru and I watched him cum.

Went to another booth and two guys were fucking. Nice view of the cock going into his ass. Later, a guy put his cock thru the hole and I sucked him off and swallowed his cum. Wow, what a place.

Edited on 11/11/13

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Posted Sep 16 2013:
Well in Vegas this week and went to play here and it's everything that's said about the place, but I didn't get much or see much. I'm sure this place goes off though. The half doors were different and you would see it all.
I went in the afternoon, so I'm sure it was an off time. I'll come back and I will come at night to see the action.

Edited on 09/24/13


Posted Aug 28 2013:
I found this bookstore by Craigslist. Before I could sit down in a booth I had a guy join me and just as fast his cock was in my mouth. He had me in seconds playing with my tits. He couldn't get over them, I swallowed him and while waiting for another guy he motioned me to join him again in the next booth. There was an uncut Mexican. While I sucked him off I was getting fingered. Two loads in less than a hour.

Edited on 09/10/13


Posted Aug 26 2013:
Been here a few times and will be again. Love to suck and haven't been fucked yet but would like to try it. I will be in Vegas mid September and hope to fulfill my desire to have a good cock in my ass. I want to feel hot cum deep inside.

Edited on 09/10/13


Posted Aug 21 2013:
Cheap whorish place on dark street outside of downtown Vegas. Arcade in back, about 10 booths. All have gloryholes. Half-doors make it hotter because everybody watches while I suck lots of cocks. A hot place to get some cock when I'm drunk and horny. I get fucked up the ass through the holes. Sucked lots of big hard cocks here. A good regular place for a local like me to go to drink lots of cum.

Edited on 09/06/13


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Posted Aug 15 2013:
Hot sleazy dive for sucking random cocks through gloryholes in video arcade booths. I've drank lots of cum here. I've been fucked in my ass through the holes, too. Half-doors allow cruising guys to watch you suck hard cocks while you jack off. Watch other guys get fucked.

Hidden gold mine of a sex hole on the dark part of 1st Street in Vegas (near Main Street which makes this all the sleazier, and me all the hornier). Especially arousing if you're a little drunk. I'm playing with my cock while I type this because just thinking about it makes me horny and hard. I can't wait to go back. Totally recommended.

Edited on 08/26/13


Posted Aug 12 2013:
I was feeling real horny last week and I went to A-Action that I heard about. I was only in a booth about two minutes when a couple next door interacted with me. They took turns sucking my cock through the gloryhole. Then she stuck her ass out and I fucked her while she sucked his cock. I came in her and afterward felt I should have used a condom but the thrill was definitely worth it.

Edited on 08/21/13


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Posted Jul 28 2013:
This place is good to suck some cocks. My boyfriend and I go here to get wild. He likes watching me blow guys. We're both bisexual and I like watching him take a big hard cock in his mouth. I go in the stall next to the one he's in and he fucks me through the glory hole. I lift up my tank top and other guys watch my tits bounce around. Hot fucking shithole type of place to get dirty and jizzed on. I'm getting wet thinking of it. Now I want some big hard hot cocks in my mouth and pussy and lots of hot cum all over my face. We're going here tonight. Let me suck your cocks, guys and fuck my pussy thru the gloryholes.

Glad you enjoy the place, but remember to use our Personals or the Hookup Message Board to let people know when you're be at any particular place. The Sex Listings Reviews always have a delay of several days for editing and publishing, so this is not the place to make hookup arrangements or announcements. ~ Editor

Edited on 08/06/13


Posted Jul 10 2013:
Hot place for horny motherfuckers like me. Gloryholes in the booths, half doors so others can watch you suck cocks and get fucked up the ass through the holes. Every guy I suck comes in my mouth. I drink every load.

I've been stripped totally naked in the booths. I'm already naked under shorts (no underwear) and a t-shirt so I can strip fast and get busy sucking lots of hard cocks. I get fucked through the gloryholes and take the cum in my ass. Then I slip my shirt and shorts back on and go to another booth and pull my shorts off and pull my shirt off, and I'm naked again so I can jack off and look through the holes until I see another hard cock slide through, and I'm down my knees again working for that hot cum.

On some nights, I take 10 loads in my mouth and swallow them all. Hottest fucking public fuck palace I've ever been to. I'm hard thinking about it. See ya there!

Edited on 07/18/13


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Posted Jul 03 2013:
Good place to go when you're horny and want some quick hot sex. Gloryholes in the video booths. I love to suck big hard cocks while I jack off. I sit in the chair and look through both holes on each side of me. Guys see me and my hard cock. I love it when a big hard one slides through the hole, I'm down on my knees in a second. I drink all that jizz or get rammed up my ass through a gloryhole while I jack off. Such a hot seedy divey-type joint, I'm addicted. Horny just thinking about it.

Edited on 07/10/13


Posted Jun 30 2013:
I go here to blow as many men as possible in one night. I get fucked in the ass through those fucking hot gloryholes. I love it when everybody else watches. This place is so fucking hot when you're horny and buzzed.

I remember (barely) one night the guy behind the counter saw how blitzed I was and he said, "Are you gonna be able to make it?". I did, but I don't remember anything else about that night, including how I got home. I strip naked in the booths and suck so many cocks, I shit white logs into the toilet after I'm done. A fucking Vegas hotspot for sex maniacs like me.

Edited on 07/05/13


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Posted Jun 28 2013:
This place is fucking hot if you're cruising to do guys every which way. I wear bare necessities in clothes (shorts with no underwear, t-shirt, shoes) so I can strip faster. I've been totally naked on my knees sucking lots of cocks, drinking lots of cum.

Sleazy place which adds to the turn-on. Guys watching me on my knees sucking cocks through glory holes turns me on. I love making men cum. a good selection of DVDs and older videos. Pretty good prices, some good 2-for-1/3-for-1 specials on dvds, etc. Some magazines, too.

Creepy clientele once in awhile, but mostly it's cool. A guy fucked me through a gloryhole once. Fun to watch other guys suck and get fucked, but I'm the best. Go here, guys. check it out. Have fun! Trace

Edited on 07/03/13
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