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Moviethon Video News

Category: Adult store with arcade Directions: From the Garden State Parkway take exit 140 or 141 and continue on Highway 22 east. You will pass it on the left (westbound side) after about a mile. The store is a big white building. Go to Bloy Street and make a u-turn. From Newark take Highway 22 west and start looking about a half mile past Bloy Street.
Submitted: Apr 08 2003 (Edited 01/05/16)
3.77/5 based on 30 votes. The median rating is 4.
Reviews: 56 reviews

Address: 1521 Highway 22 West
City: Union
State: New Jersey
ZIP/Postal Code: 07083
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 908-688-7353
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Posted Apr 26 2016:
I am a toilet pig and love to eat dirty ass. This place is great, worth the $20 to get in.

I went and sucked this black guy with a huge cock. I asked to eat his ass out and taste his shit. He said no, just blow me so I did. An hour later he came back and took me into little booth he didn't say anything. He just pulled his pants down and turned around. I started to eat his ass and as I did he opened it and pushed it. I could feel his shit. I said oh god, and he knew what to do. He actually shit in my mouth. A big hard piece of shit. Then he pulled up his pants and left.

Another guy who heard it came in and fucked my mouth. This is a true story and for that I would pay to do it again.

Edited on 05/02/16
Hung in CJ


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Posted Jan 29 2016:
Went to Moviethon a few months ago. It's a weird layout, very open and a lot of light. I'm a married professional, so discretion is very important to me. After sitting in the back of the first area, straight ahead, I decided to go around the corner to the larger open room.

There were a few guys back on the chairs in the back and guys walking all around. Most were rubbing themselves over their pants. There was a CD sitting on a guy's lap and they were playing around but mostly kissing. As I sat there, I finally got up the courage to start taking out my cock. Some of the guys watched while my cock grew semi-hard and increased in thickness. I had to keep it a little covered up because of the amount of guys walking in and out. You never know who's who and if they might be an undercover cop.

My cock started growing to it's full rock hard length and width. Since I was getting turned on now, I was getting brave. I walked across the room towards the screen and close to the guy with the CD on his lap. I stood up near the wall and pulled down my pants and really began to play with my hard cock and balls.

People were watching closely but nobody approached me. The CD moaned and said, "Nice cock, baby" in a whisper. My strokes increased while I felt everyone's eyes focusing on my swinging balls and my hand jerking on my manhood. I decided to give them all a good show by letting them see my cock shoot a big load out across the floor. Squirt after squirt hit the floor and went near the porn screen.

Still nobody moved, so I began to clean off my cock with some paper towels that were lying near a chair. I took my time so they could all see my thick cock glistening with some of the cum that was on the tip of my mushroom head.

Maybe next time more will happen?? Who knows but I do wish they'd turn the lights down a little bit so people can't see your face.

Edited on 02/03/16


Posted Dec 29 2015:
I stopped by yesterday for the first time in a few months. It can be hit or miss, but I've had some good times there. Yesterday was pretty hot.

The place had quite a few guys there when I got there, most of them decent looking. A couple of older guys, but no real trolls. I went into the back, and pretty much everyone there had dicks out and stroking. I took out my dick and started to get it hard.

There was an Hispanic guy on the couch, and I sat down next to him. After we stroked each other a bit, he leaned over and started sucking me. After a few minutes we switched and I started sucking his thick uncut cock. He stood up so he could pump my face real good and everyone was watching.

I wanted some of the other guys to come over 'cause I just wanted to suck as much cock as possible, but pretty quickly the guy started moaning and exploded in my mouth. I sucked a couple other guys after that. but didn't get their loads.

Then this middle-aged Italian guy came in and cruised around the room. He went into the first part of the back room and a couple minutes later I followed him. He was on the couch with his hoody unzipped showing his hot hairy chest. Some guy was sucking him and he motioned me over. I took turns sucking his dick and then was licking his nipples when he pulled my up and stuck his tongue deep down my throat.

We all took a break, but a few minutes later I found him on his knees almost naked, sucking a hot young Black dude. He told me to suck the guy's dick and I obliged. While I was sucking that huge black cock, the Italian guy started fingering my ass, which I had lubed up before. He pulled me around and started fucking me raw while he pushed my head down on the black guy's cock. It was so hot I shot a huge load all over the place.

It was an amazing time.

Edited on 01/05/16
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