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Red Barn Bookstore

Category: Adult store with arcade, theatre Hours / Entry Fee: Open 24 hours Directions: Located on the northbound side of Route 73.
Submitted: Apr 08 2001 (Edited 01/13/10)
4.04/5 based on 26 votes. The median rating is 4.
Reviews: 52 reviews

Address: 310 Route 73
City: Berlin
State: New Jersey
ZIP/Postal Code:
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 609-767-1525
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1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Feb 18 2015:
I stopped in on my way home after a night out drinking with friends in December. I was horny as hell, so I decided to stop off at Berlin News first and see how things were since the raid. It was dead. Only a few guys milling around and no action to speak of. Stayed for half an hour then left.

Headed over to the Red Barn. The parking lot was more full. Headed into the theater and it was more of the same. Only this time about ten guys of various ages milling about. I sat in a seat and watched the flick as I watched guys walk in and out of each area. I finally got up to see if there was any action in any of the rooms. One if the rooms with tranny porn had a guy sitting in it jerking off. The other had two guys sitting there watching, but not playing. The third room had nothing. Nothing going on in the booth area that was obvious. Nothing in the smaller video room playing gay porn either. Sat down for s bit more, then decided to make the rounds again.

The last smaller room on the left had the same two guys, but the one guy had the other guy's cock out and was stroking a nice short fat dick. I stood at the doorway and started rubbing my cock through my jeans. After a couple of minutes I stepped inside the room and stood in front of the guy doing the stroking. He had his 5" cock out now and I reached down and stroked him as I stood in front of him, stroking my cock with my free hand.

He kept talking about the other guy's cock as he stroked it and played with his balls. He told me to stroke it and I did. It was nice and fat with a big head that swelled as I gently squeezed and stroked it. He had some nice pre-cum working, too, and I used my thumb to rub it on the head and his shaft. He just moaned and kept watching the tranny getting fucked by a big cock on screen. The other guy stroked himself as I jerked my 6" cock.

All this was great, but I was itching to get off. It was just about then that another guy joined us. He came in and started stroking me better than the other guy as I kept working that older guy's fat cock. I was hoping I would get to see him cum as I jerked his cock and massaged his balls while the other guy jerked me. There were a couple of other guys watching outside the room too.

I asked the new guy to suck off the guy sitting down next to the one I was jerking, but he misunderstood and started sucking me. Hey! That works too! He sucked me off as I moaned and the older guy watched and tugged his own hard cock as the other seated guy played with his nips. The guy on my cock was sucking me really well and I was getting close. I finally unloaded a huge nut into his mouth. He thanked me and I thanked him.

I was spent, so I zipped up and left. Shame I didn't get to see any other loads, but at least I blew mine. Maybe next time.

Edited on 02/23/15


Posted Nov 29 2014:
When there on a Friday night around 11:30 pm. The place was packed with guys but I went there to find a t-girl I have a fetish for. Going back on a Saturday night after 11:30 for the fun. Hope to have a couple of cross-dressers to have fun with. I see a lot there.

Edited on 12/04/14
Theater Boy


Posted Nov 10 2014:
I was here in late October. This place can be hot depending on the time.

Nothing but nasty old trolls during weekdays. Friday and Saturday night were horrible, again nothing but trolls and some crossdresser trolls ruining the mood just constantly running around checking every spot every five minutes. Very crowded with a bunch of ugly people just running around expecting to get action or ruining the mood for others not interested in them. Some were sitting there talking loudly about their jobs, vacations, etc. Just very poor etiquette.

I had the most luck finding other hot guys wanting nothing more than action late Sunday night and on a Wednesday night. Both nights I got tag-teamed in the gay movie room by six big cocks at a time, and was left covered in cum wanting more.

I took a break on one of the nice chairs in the theatre, and one more guy showed up rubbing his huge cock through his shorts. He used my mouth for about ten minutes and then jacked off a huge one-man bukkake load all over my face.

So yeah, hot place sometimes. If you are average good looking to hot, avoid weekday afternoons, and Friday and Saturday nights. Try weeknights late.

Edited on 11/14/14


Posted Oct 21 2014:
First time at Red Barn last Friday. A tgurl with a pink dress fucked like four guys. Anybody on here have her? I think I need to open up. how good is she or any other tgurl?

Edited on 10/24/14


Posted Sep 27 2014:
I walked in and three guys immediately jumped my bones. I'm just 18, blond, and I have a 9 inch cock. It wound up in all three guys throats, deep deep down. Two of the guys gagged pretty bad and that made me want to shove it in even further down their throats.

I finally blew my load and all three of them were literally fighting to get it in their mouths and swallow. I had a great time and I'll be back.

Edited on 10/02/14

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Joined: Apr 27, 2005

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1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Aug 13 2014:
Tgurl here, adores Red Barn weekend nights when a near super-model gurl runs the place. She's super sweet and super gorgeous even when not dolled up. Very chill atmosphere and totally tgurl friendly. Also very guy on guy friendly. If you're gay and love cock in theatres up your ass or down your throat, this is the place, tgurl or guy.

Last weekend night, I counted nine gurls the one Saturday night I was there. Never seen anyone bareback there. They have a gorgeous new video lounge with plush couches, otherwise the other descriptions are accurate. I usually get five to ten loads there on average, some delish BBC, other hung gurls or guys.

Guys tend to be shy so I have to cruise them or start just werrking them in the little tgurl vid room or the new lounge. Get fucked in a private room with a door for privacy or get into a group scene. Had a very hot three-way clitty sucking session with my gurlfriends, then later a gurl had her slave boy service me, then feed me his fat gorgeous cock while we were all poppered up, and then she made him cum all over my clitty.

Totally hot scenes always. Can be slower depending on people. Less of a str8 crowd than BNA but couples beginning to cum because of BNA's recent issues, which will hopefully blow over. Best place in New Jersey for what we love.

Note: BNA is recently raided.

Edited on 08/19/14
Junior Member

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Posted Jun 06 2014:
I love the layout. You walk into a full-on theatre with a bench, a table, and some chairs. and a few rows of "stadium" seats. Second left leads to a smaller room with a monitor playing porn, gay porn while I was there. The first left leads to three smaller rooms that can fit three guys on a bench in front of more porn. Keep going back and there are booths.

I traveled my 45 minutes to get here and it was worth it. $10 is a steal. When I got there a few cars littered the lot. I got the lay of the land. A guy let me suck him in one of the smaller areas where they were playing some straight porn. He sucked me a bit; married guys suck the best. A little later I followed a guy to one of the booths and he let me suck him. Next I tried to follow another guy but he got snatched up by another guy.

I then went to the far left booth and ended up getting sucked almost to completion. I went back in for more sucking and found an older black guy who I sucked off while another black guy rubbed my ass; I was jockstrapped. I then blew my load when it became too crowded and I started feeling like I looked desperate.

Final count was two hours, three cocks in my mouth, two guys on my cock. One load in my belly, one guy on my ass, and one final jerk into a paper towel.

Overall I think it's worth going. There probably is some hot action around 11 pm because the parking lot was 5 times more full when I left around that time. Lots of regulars. Enjoy, boys.

Edited on 06/11/14


0 of 2 people found this review helpful
Posted May 21 2014:
Probably the best place to get HIV. Guys bareback everywhere.

Edited on 05/28/14

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Posted Apr 23 2014:
This place is pretty good and you normally get a good crowd. Hopefully my last posting went to the right place as I was commenting about the Berlin News Agency and not this place, Red Barn.

I moved your other review to the correct place and it will appear in the Listings in a couple days. Thanks! ~ Editor

Edited on 04/29/14

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Posted Apr 13 2014:
The place was better years ago, when the booths were separate from the theatre and the doors had locks on them and were full-sized. I went on a Saturday night, and although there must have been about 15 people there, I didn't see any action take place at all. Not sure what the focus is on all the straight porn playing in the majority of the rooms, but it seemed pretty pointless in a place where the majority of the people are there for M2M action.

The booth action was dead, which makes sense. Not many people are going to pay $10.00 to get in and then feed the machines. I've seen better action at other places. It's kind of in the middle of nowhere too, so not fun to drive out and watch everyone stand around.

Edited on 04/18/14
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