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Red Barn Bookstore

Category: Adult store with arcade, theatre Hours / Entry Fee: Open 24 hours Directions: Located on the northbound side of Route 73.
Submitted: Apr 08 2001 (Edited 01/13/10)
4.25/5 based on 20 votes. The median rating is 5.
Reviews: 43 reviews

Address: 310 Route 73
City: Berlin
State: New Jersey
ZIP/Postal Code:
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 609-767-1525

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Usergroup: Member
Joined: Apr 13, 2014

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Posted Apr 13 2014:
The place was better years ago, when the booths were separate from the theatre and the doors had locks on them and were full-sized. I went on a Saturday night, and although there must have been about 15 people there, I didn't see any action take place at all. Not sure what the focus is on all the straight porn playing in the majority of the rooms, but it seemed pretty pointless in a place where the majority of the people are there for M2M action.

The booth action was dead, which makes sense. Not many people are going to pay $10.00 to get in and then feed the machines. I've seen better action at other places. It's kind of in the middle of nowhere too, so not fun to drive out and watch everyone stand around.

Edited on 04/18/14


Posted Feb 13 2014:
There last week, had a chub face fuck me and blow a huge load of semen in my mouth. Ate out another guy's ass. I want to get ass fucked by every guy there. Will be back, love the place.

Edited on 02/18/14

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 14, 2012

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Total Reviews: 4


Posted Jan 08 2014:
Was just at RB on Friday. Got there in the morning and stayed until evening. Started by watching the Tranny movies in the last room to the right. Two guys stopped and sat down by me and one guy put his hand down my pants and started squeezing my dick. Pretty soon he had my pants off and then he was nude, blowing my cock.

I stood up to let him lick my balls and another guy slid in back of me, licked my asshole and then forced his cock all the way up my cunthole. He fucked me hard while these two guys kept sucking my dick and balls.

Before too long, there were about six of us mostly naked and sucking dick. I fucked two guys, one while I still had a cock up my asshole. And a cute Asian Tranny came in and started watching us and soon her skirt was up around her neck and we took turns sucking her little tits and stiff cock.

I don't know how you could possibly have more fun at a place than this and I'll be back Friday morning for more fun.

Edited on 01/15/14


Posted Nov 14 2013:
I met a college kid at the store. He said he was a freshman at Monmouth College. He asked if I would suck his cock. He said it was pretty big and some people had trouble sucking it.

He took off his pants and it was already hard, and it had to be 10" and like a rock. I laid down on the bench, my head dangling off the edge, and he fed me that monster. He fucked my mouth and got it into my throat. Biggest cock I ever had.

He lasted almost ten minutes then pulled out and shot about nine ropes of thick creamy cum on my face. I didn't realize we had an audience and when I looked up seven more guys started to cum. Each plastered my face and it was real gooey, sort of like molasses. The cum dribbled down my face and everyone hung around watching it. I'll be back for sure.

Edited on 11/19/13
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Posted Oct 18 2013:
Had a great time the other night. I went in and two trannys were there. One was jerking off a guy lying on a bench. I rubbed her back and fake tits, rubbed her cock hard. She pushed my head toward the guy's cock she was playing with and jerked him off into my mouth, took my face in her hands and we shared his cum. Another guy took me into another room and fucked my face hard until he came in my face. Man that was hot!

Edited on 10/24/13


Posted Jun 07 2013:
I was last at this place on 6/29/2011 (see my old post). I was thinking about taking a ride there again but I'm not sure if it's the same. Since I'm in Central Jersey, it's a far ride. I'll check the reviews for the next few days. I'd love to go back again and show off my cock and have some strangers stoke me and play with my balls like last time!

Edited on 06/11/13


Posted May 24 2013:
Came in for a visit to meet someone I met online. After being there for about five minutes someone pulled me into the a small room with a door and a chair. He sat down with his pants around and I started sucking his above average cock. It took him about five minutes to shoot his load down my willing throat. I was on Cloud 9 because I was only there for five minutes and I had gotten my first load. :)

About 10 minutes later my "date" arrived, and we headed into that same room. I started sucking his huge cock, it had to be around 9 inches long and very thick. After a while he bent me over and gave my tight bubble ass the plowing it needed. So to say I was satisfied would be an understatement. When he was done he shot his huge sticky load down my throat.

Of course the great time ended after that because I was there for two more hours and failed to get anymore loads shot down my throat, lol. But overall those first 45 minutes were pretty great and I'm ready for "date" #2 with that 9-inch cock.

Edited on 05/29/13


Posted May 19 2013:
You can get in and out access to the theatre for $10. I have been on a Thursday and Saturday and there were at least 10 people in the theatre area. There is a lot of pacing until someone starts something and then everyone likes to join in. The crowd was mixed with all ages represented. I would visit again as I found some ass to fuck.

Edited on 05/22/13


Posted Apr 27 2013:
I went back last night. This place is a drive for me but worth the trip. I met one older guy and blew him. He then asked if I like to suck more cock, and I think I gave every guy in there a blow job. The place is clean and safe.

Edited on 05/02/13
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