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Red Barn Bookstore

Category: Adult store with arcade, theatre Hours / Entry Fee: Open 24 hours Directions: Located on the northbound side of Route 73.
Submitted: Apr 08 2001 (Edited 07/30/15)
3.97/5 based on 31 votes. The median rating is 4.
Reviews: 58 reviews

Address: 310 Route 73
City: Berlin
State: New Jersey
ZIP/Postal Code:
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 609-767-1525
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Posted Jan 09 2016:
I drove by Red Barn on Monday, December 28 was was amazed at how many cars were there. The entire lot was full. I looked across the highway and it was more of the same at Berlin News.

If only the wife had not been with me I would have loved to get in on the action.

Edited on 01/15/16
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Posted Dec 10 2015:
Red Barn is honestly one of my favorite bookstores that I've been to. I traveled today from the Trenton area to have a little fun. I arrived around 3 pm and saw a good number of cars in my opinion for a Thursday. Mostly older guys but that's not a problem for me. I cruised this hot married Latin guy and caught him jerking off in a few of the different rooms.

I ended up finally getting the signal to follow him near the back exit of the big TV room in the back. He jerked off for me finally, letting me see him awesome dick, and he kept lifting his shirt to play with his nipples. This guy was older, I'm 24, but damn was his body tight! He liked that I played with his nipples and worshiped his pecs. He let me lick his cock a little and suck his balls. A few times I licked his taint while I was sucking his balls and he let out some moans of encouragement. I think he wanted me to try to eat his hole, but it's hard to do that when you're in front of someone. Ha.

Well, he kept taking his dick out of my mouth so I could focus on his balls and nips, but every now and again he would pump his dick into my mouth. A few times we had some onlookers which was cool but he wasn't 100% into the onlookers. I had started to get tired of kneeling and went to adjust myself and ended up accidentally engulfing his dick. My married Latin friend tried to push me off, but it was too late. He was already busting his nut all over my beard. I felt bad because he must have wanted to edge more. I ran to get a paper towel but there were none in that back alcove and none in that back theatre room at all. He left before I could bring a towel back for him.

Fast forward a bit and I had gotten onto Grindr (which kind of defeats the purpose, but it had gotten slow) and one of the guys in the place hit me up. I spent way too much time trying to figure out what he wanted and how to get what I wanted that I missed out. But fear not! I got to see him in a hot three-way jerk with two other young guys and it was hot. I walked into the back room and saw a lot of the guys staring into the side room that has gay porn. I walked in to see my Grindr friend looking at this cute young dude getting sucked off and his chest massaged by two other guys. Very hot. Eventually that turned into a three-way jerking between the younger three guys, which was kind hot watching them feverishly jerking each other and enjoying the hot cocks they had found.

I decided to walk away from the action for a bit, but when I came back the show had escalated to a three-way where my Grindr buddy was getting his cock sucked by one of the hotter young guys while he was getting rimmed by the third. A few minutes into the action the hot muscled middle guy asked if the third guy had a condom. They attempted to fuck while muscled middle tried to suck Grindr guy, but there was some performance anxiety. By then, most of the guys in Red Barn had been by to see their show. Eventually they disappeared and finished off in other places. I believe my Grindr friend got a chance in a booth with the muscled middle.

Points learned from this visit: Don't be a shrinking violet. If there is a guy you want and he's showing even a little interest, you gotta go for it before someone else comes and piques his interest. Also, this was the first time I've ever seen someone get fucked here. I always see the condoms, but never any fucking. Also, the booths are getting their fair share of action as well, so make sure if you're shy you take advantage of them. There's a little something for everyone at this place as long as you strike while the iron is hot.

Edited on 12/16/15


Posted Aug 03 2015:
I was here last night. A few creepy old dudes and a lot of guys standing around doing nothing.

After a couple hours a couple with a hot blonde came in. She gave her guy a blowjob while I played with her pussy until she came. Once he was done they left.

A few minutes later another couple with a hot, thick black girl came in. She blew me and let me fuck, along with a few others. I came twice, all over her tits, both times.

Edited on 08/07/15

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Posted Jul 23 2015:
To Anthony. Do you think its possible to give us a current review on the BNA? Its been quite some time for me & I don't want to travel all that way if its dead.

Here's the BNA page if you're looking for it. The raids were about a year ago. What's happening now? ~ Editor

Edited on 07/30/15


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jul 13 2015:
I went to the Red Barn Berlin today. I went in about 10 am and was greeted by the counter person, he was very nice and friendly. Looked like a haggard tranny out of make up, but nice.

As I went in to try to find the theater. there were many people in the hallway and I could not see where I was going. I found the big screen theatre and grabbed a seat to just relax for a second. Every five seconds a constant rotation of the same old trolls kept coming in and out, in and out with no one saying a thing.

It just kept getting creepier and uneasy to be there. I enjoyed the BNA much much more!

Edited on 07/20/15


Posted Mar 31 2015:
I love large stiff rock hard cocks. I found two in the theatre. They had to be at least 9" with big creamy filled balls. One filled my mouth, the other pulled out and gave me the biggest load I have ever had. My face looked like a creamed donut. After they left I pulled out my camera and took pics of my face drenched in cum. I never looked that good before this.

Edited on 04/03/15
cnj bi guy


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Posted Feb 18 2015:
I stopped in on my way home after a night out drinking with friends in December. I was horny as hell, so I decided to stop off at Berlin News first and see how things were since the raid. It was dead. Only a few guys milling around and no action to speak of. Stayed for half an hour then left.

Headed over to the Red Barn. The parking lot was more full. Headed into the theater and it was more of the same. Only this time about ten guys of various ages milling about. I sat in a seat and watched the flick as I watched guys walk in and out of each area. I finally got up to see if there was any action in any of the rooms. One if the rooms with tranny porn had a guy sitting in it jerking off. The other had two guys sitting there watching, but not playing. The third room had nothing. Nothing going on in the booth area that was obvious. Nothing in the smaller video room playing gay porn either. Sat down for s bit more, then decided to make the rounds again.

The last smaller room on the left had the same two guys, but the one guy had the other guy's cock out and was stroking a nice short fat dick. I stood at the doorway and started rubbing my cock through my jeans. After a couple of minutes I stepped inside the room and stood in front of the guy doing the stroking. He had his 5" cock out now and I reached down and stroked him as I stood in front of him, stroking my cock with my free hand.

He kept talking about the other guy's cock as he stroked it and played with his balls. He told me to stroke it and I did. It was nice and fat with a big head that swelled as I gently squeezed and stroked it. He had some nice pre-cum working, too, and I used my thumb to rub it on the head and his shaft. He just moaned and kept watching the tranny getting fucked by a big cock on screen. The other guy stroked himself as I jerked my 6" cock.

All this was great, but I was itching to get off. It was just about then that another guy joined us. He came in and started stroking me better than the other guy as I kept working that older guy's fat cock. I was hoping I would get to see him cum as I jerked his cock and massaged his balls while the other guy jerked me. There were a couple of other guys watching outside the room too.

I asked the new guy to suck off the guy sitting down next to the one I was jerking, but he misunderstood and started sucking me. Hey! That works too! He sucked me off as I moaned and the older guy watched and tugged his own hard cock as the other seated guy played with his nips. The guy on my cock was sucking me really well and I was getting close. I finally unloaded a huge nut into his mouth. He thanked me and I thanked him.

I was spent, so I zipped up and left. Shame I didn't get to see any other loads, but at least I blew mine. Maybe next time.

Edited on 02/23/15
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