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Kings Highway Cinema

Category: Theatre showing porn Hours / Entry Fee: Open noon to 2 am Directions: By subway take the F train to the Kings Highway stop. Walk east about seven blocks (towards Ocean Parkway) to East 7th Street and the theatre will be on your left. Or take the B or Q train to Kings Highway and then walk west about seven blocks (street numbers get smaller, from E .15th to E. 8th Streets) and the theater's on the right. By car take the Belt Parkway to Ocean Parkway. From Ocean Parkway, make a right turn on Kings Highway, go one and a half blocks to E. 7th Street. From Manhattan, same instructions but make a left onto Kings Highway from Ocean Parkway.
Submitted: Dec 29 2001 (Edited 01/13/10)
3.78/5 based on 49 votes. The median rating is .
Reviews: 67 reviews

Address: 711 Kings Highway
City: Brooklyn
State: New York
ZIP/Postal Code:
Country: United States of America

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Posted Jan 15 2015:
Such an unsexy place to not find sex. I went a few times in December at different hours. A busy period in the early evening would yield 12 guys. Most of the dudes here are white men who are beyond out-of-shape and over 55.

Occasionally, there might be a handsome Asian man who is about 47, average-looking men of African descent who seem to be doing nothing sexually with anyone else, just like the other guys. The men all are off-market. None of them are scoring on competitive sites like Adam4Madame where photos of physiques reign supreme.

Expect lots of weirdos, like the hostile coke head who was yelling at different folks on his cell phone for an hour straight, the 30-ish Orthodox Jewish social invalid who kept whining that he wanted Tombstone to pay him and that he would pay, and the guys who have their coats and hoods on and stand in the aisles watching the videos that are playing inside the booths. Many guys seem to be killing hours of time, which is pathetic.

To the reviewer who countered my claims of filthy booths: the attendant mops the floor occasionally; but, the walls are accurately described in my previous review as being totally nasty and covered in dried cum streaks. This is an indisputable fact. Go lick the walls and see if they taste like dried old cum or floor soap.

The staff are helpful and respectful. There is that at least.

Edited on 01/20/15


Posted Dec 17 2014:
Is it common to see older black guys in this theatre?

Edited on 12/24/14
Head giver


Posted Nov 12 2014:
Are there Orthodox Jewish guys there? They turn me on, especially older.

Edited on 11/18/14


Posted Aug 31 2014:
Don't think this is a review, but is there an age limit of how old you have to be enter this place? I recently turned 18 and I'm really into older men, around the 30s. Are there any Asians that are around thirty? Or any buff Black guys? And when you guys fuck do you use condoms?

Edited on 09/04/14


Posted Jul 24 2014:
I've been there a handful of times, every time leaving with a smile on my face and a satisfied cock in my pants. $12 to get in and you have from noon till 2 am to have as much fun as you want. The men range from 30-60 years old. All races. Never rude or mean there but we need younger horny meat there. Women/trannies are also totally welcome to have fun with us.

It's open all week but Friday and Saturday night after 8 to 9-ish is the best time to go. It's when most of the youngest part of the crowd come in to have fun after work.

They also provide lockers in the back for 50 or 75 cents, so you don't have to worry about your things while your other things are being played with. Enjoy the place while it lasts.

Edited on 07/30/14

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Posted Jul 24 2014:
Subject: Kings Theatre
Been going here for years. Went today and sucked a few cocks and got fucked a couple of times. The guys are a bit ehh, but once in awhile you get a really nice cock. The porn they play, both gay and straight, is pretty old and crappy.

The workers fuck with you if you get a little frisky in the main theatre rooms, so most action happens in the booths. But you can get away with stuff sometimes. Today I blew a couple of guys in the main theatre and got fucked in the the first booth with the door wide open with a few guys watching us.

Edited on 07/29/14


Posted May 13 2014:
One of the two porn theatres approved by NYC. I like the new dark hallways in the back. Seems to attract a better crowd on Sunday. Get a book of coupons for $6 each and it can't be beat. Not sure why more guys don't check it out.

Edited on 05/19/14


Posted May 06 2014:
I read Ebert's comment and I think he has serious problems. This theatre compared to any other gay theatre in NYC and Queens is the cleanest. It is not their fault that in this age of computers people prefer to connect in a chat room or app than a theatre. The neighborhood is very safe and the price is right.

I'm fed up with assholes giving stupid criticism and the way they referred to these places you would think that they look like Brad Pitt or any movie star when in reality they are just whining trolls. I understand that there are many disgusting places but this one is not the case. It's perfect to have anonymous sex but like I said it's not their fault if guys have stopped going there!

Edited on 05/12/14
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