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Category: Adult store with arcade Hours / Entry Fee: Open 24 hours Directions: Located on the south side of the street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues.
Submitted: Oct 08 2001 (Edited 03/06/17)
2.61/5 based on 46 votes. The median rating is 2.
Reviews: 90 reviews

Address: 230 East 53rd Street
City: Manhattan
State: New York
ZIP/Postal Code: 10022
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 212-759-4441

Closed, deletion pending
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Posted Mar 10 2017:
Just passed by and was so glad to see this place is really gone for good. The X-Pressions awning over the sidewalk is gone. There is a store for rent sign up and the inside is now completely gutted.

I'm really happy these a-holes are outta business. OK, there were some who deserved to be thrown out and didn't feed the booths. But that chubby dude was over the top in the abusive way he treated people. And charging eighteen bucks for downstairs was greedy as hell.

Edited on 03/15/17


Posted Mar 02 2017:
Closed for good Friday, February 24, 2017. Another one gone. I happened to be hanging in the aisle in the booth section that night when a clerk said to another customer, "Tonight is last night."

There were clues already, the front section of the store was undergoing renovations, the exterior of the building was covered with scaffolding.

The next day, Saturday, I went by and found the front door propped wide open. From there I could see all the way back to back of the store and realized they must have gutted the booths already. I glanced in the back of a big truck parked outside and saw a bunch of black panels that must have been booths.

The store had good access to the 53rd St. subways. The weightlifting guy who seemed to be manager was often nasty to customers, pounding on doors and yelling at them. Once I saw him in a boxing pose ready to beat up a guy who didn't like the abuse, though this customer was no threat at all. The customer called the cops but I don't know what happened.

Edited on 03/09/17


Posted Feb 24 2017:
This place has closed for good as of February 23, 2017. I was there in the afternoon and the place was literally gone.

They were still letting guys into the back booths and ten downstairs where only the big screen was on and the nasty sofa. All booths gone. When I left the guy confirmed it was their last day.

Edited on 03/06/17


Posted Sep 04 2016:
Really awesome place, got my ass licked twice, one guy even licked my feet. Numerous times my cock was sucked and swallowed. Never been to downstairs, it used to be $15 but now its $18.

A guy comes regularly with some mint gel smeared on his thick cock with a cock ring, real yummy cock, he is a teaser. I would do anything to swallow him.

Edited on 09/14/16


Posted Aug 17 2016:
I have been frequenting X-pressions and prior to that The Lion's Den here for over thirty years. I have dealt with a great deal of unpleasantries but the good has outweighed the bad in spades.

Yesterday, I was yelled at by the monitor for going into a booth that was still running a picture for a few seconds. It wasn't a, "Please wait until the movie is finished." It was a violent beating on the door and a screaming, "Get out! Get out! Get out!"

Like a schmuck, I apologized as the troglodyte muttered something imperceptible. I got mad after realizing the tens of thousands of dollars that I have spent over the years at this place, roughly $100 bucks a week.

I went to Sami up front to complain and he appeared disinterested. It upset me because I always considered him fair and always empathized with him when the trolls and weirdos would come in and set up house for free. I would even get him lunch and watch the store if he was downstairs.

I told him that I am not the enemy. I will never be back and I suggest that anyone reading this do the same. I can get sex anywhere without being verbally abused and having to pay for it. Bye bye, X-pressions.

Edited on 08/23/16


Posted Aug 09 2016:
I don't understand the negative views. I sucked off two beautiful, thick and young Desi cocks yesterday and got sucked off within an inch of my life today — and I don't even like getting sucked off. Dude was gorgeous too.

I love this place! Just feed the meter guys!

Edited on 08/16/16

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Posted Jul 20 2016:
Finally gave up on this place. They used to only bitch at guys for not dropping coins when in the booths, but now you can't even stand outside the booths without getting grief. I think they are trying to get guys to pay the (overpriced) $18 to go downstairs. These guys are being such greedy a-holes that I think it's time to move on.

Edited on 07/27/16


Posted Jun 30 2016:
How does it work here? I've been in private booths and with guys through the holes/slits, but I wanna take it to the next level.

I went recently and paid the $18 for the large room downstairs, but it was just a bunch of guys hanging out. What's the cue to get with someone, other than the obvious eye contact?

One guy was in a booth with no door, everyone else was just standing around. I couldn't stick around too long and probably wasted that money, but I wanna go back.

Newish to this, how's it all work?

Edited on 07/11/16


Posted Jun 15 2016:
I have just spent the last two afternoons here, four hours total, and have managed to suck off the same hot stud twice (a Red Bull thick cock), one ringer for a sandy (down there) porn star, a vocal silver fox, and been sucked off twice by some insatiable good cocksuckers.

Good clean and cheap fun. Feed the meter dumb ass!

Edited on 06/22/16


Posted Apr 28 2016:
From February 2016: This place is horrible. A guy overdosed there last year and the clerks got rid of the drugs, then called the police. The morning clerk is very nasty although he runs people out of the store only to have sex with Spanish boys that come in. This place has a prejudice issue. They yell and scream to force you to spend money. The night guy has sex with Asian guys that come in. Just be careful, guys. This place is not friendly.

Edited on 05/04/16


Posted Apr 08 2016:
Went here last night and it was totally deserted. The monitor, an old Indian man, asked me if I was asked to leave before and if I did "something bad." I had no idea what he was talking about and asked him to explain what he meant. But he refused and told me to leave & never come back.

WTF? I haven't been here in over a year 'cause of the lunatic there during the day. Now I'll never go back. No loss.

Crazy people running this place and very, very homophobic. I don't believe the review below. This place has been awful for the last few years. And the machines are a total ripoff, a dollar goes for about thirty seconds.

Edited on 04/15/16
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