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Laura’s Video

Category: Adult store with arcade Submitted: Feb 14 2007 (Edited 09/29/10)
3.48/5 based on 44 votes. The median rating is .
Reviews: 22 reviews

Address: 4008 West Franklin Blvd
City: Gastonia
State: North Carolina
ZIP/Postal Code:
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 704-867-8586

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Posted Mar 07 2014:
R.I.P. gloryholes! The downstairs was recently "renovated" and now there is a small theatre space in the far right corner when you enter that has replaced the two gloryhole booths. The large theatre has been replaced by several "VIP" booths. In total, there are now nine private video rooms. It's very cramped now, not that it was spacious before.

They are now charging $20 for two hours or $30 for all day access. GOTTA be freaking kidding me. I was there this week when it typically would have been prime time, but the place was dead. Understandable. The owners were incredibly short sighted with the changes. I wont be going back and I'm sure many of my gloryhole brothers will follow suit. Looks like I'll be traveling to Greensboro/Winston-Salem.

Edited on 03/14/14


Posted Jan 20 2014:
I've never seen much of anything going on in the theatre. But I've had some fun in the booths.

Last time I was there, there were two girls with a guy. One of the girls was older and one was young, probably no more than 20 or 21 and very thin. They were in a booth with the door open. There were a few guys walking around, but none of them went in the booth. So I walked over and the guy motioned for me to come in. They closed the door and told me to unzip.

The older lady and the young girl took turns sucking me while the guy watched. Then the young girl stood up, turned around and bent over so I could finger her while the older lady sucked me. The guy told me to go ahead and fuck her, so I pulled it out of the older lady's mouth, put on a condom, and slid it in the young girl. She was so unbelievably tight. I fucked her until I was almost there, then pulled out and shot all over her ass.

Another time I was there, I went into a booth, put my condoms and lube on the bench, faced my ass towards the door, and left it slightly open. I ended up getting fucked by four different guys before I was done.

Edited on 01/29/14


Posted Oct 22 2013:
I went to Laura's last Friday and I was disappointed because there were several guys and a couple but no one was appealing to me. Then this girl and her African American friend came in. After watching a movie in the theater with several guys hoping something would happen she just boldly asked did we want to watch her friend fuck her. We eagerly said yes.

She immediately stripped naked and bent over and pulled this massive black dick out of her friend's shorts. She sucked him hungrily and several of us were standing there stroking our cocks and she saw us and told us to stop, that was her job. Then she turned around and had her friend fucking her doggy style while she lined us up and went from cock to cock deep throating each of us.

Someone mentioned they wanted to see her ass get fucked but the guy did not have any lube so my buddy next to me whips out a tube and I lubed her ass for her as that monster began trying to penetrate her tight ass. It was so big she stopped sucking cocks because she had to grab onto one guy and cling tight because she was getting such a hard ass fucking.

Unfortunately his condom came off so he had to stop but it was good for us as she went back to sucking. She then laid on the padded table and we took turns fucking her mouth and working out that pussy. She was one loud motherfucker. I know they could hear her moans upstairs. Someone actually came down to "check the rooms" and he watched for a minute and then went on his way. She sucked every cock in the place and swallowed multiple loads of cum. I finally was drained for the last time and had to leave but I hope to see her again.

Edited on 10/29/13


Posted Aug 22 2013:
My first two times I found the one room with the gloryhole, stuck it in and left wishing the video was better. Tonight 8-22-2013 about 8:30 pm was my third time. I was trying to calm my nerves in the theatre so I could do more than the gloryhole. I heard a woman's voice say thank you and jumped to searched for that. The gloryhole room was taken by a guy and a beautiful naked girl. The guy said tit first and more than $10.00. Confused I gave him a $20.00. The girl sucked before I could get my condom on. Suddenly my nerves were gone and replaced with pure enjoyment. She laid back on the bench seat exposing herself nicely shaved. I got my condom on and I fucked a little. She reached down and I thought she was trying to control my thrust. I thought wow, this may be a new experience. Instead she snatched off my condom and pulled me back in. I came quickly after that and left. I really wish I insisted the condom stayed on.

Edited on 09/06/13


Posted Jul 29 2013:
Went to Laura's today and enjoyed very much. There were older guys but no big deal. I gave three blow jobs. One was through the gloryhole and the others were two guys in a booth. Very cool part was the guy I blew shot his load on the other guy's dick and then had me suck his buddy's cum-drenched cock. It is dark but not bad when you adjust.
Looking to get fucked next time.

Edited on 08/07/13


Posted Jun 18 2013:
Been a few times. One time I sucked two guys while another fucked me in the theatre. Another time a couple watched me suck off a few guys while naked in the theatre.

Edited on 06/25/13


Posted Jun 07 2013:
This place is gross, only really old men 60 and up. Jizz rags everywhere. It's a damn shack with tiny little booths that only one person can fit into. It's so dark in there you cant see hand in front of face. The old farts stalk you like prey. Trust me if you don't want a disease stay away from here.

Edited on 06/12/13


Posted Jun 06 2013:
Subject: My First Cock Ever
Been wanting to suck a dick for years, and finally came up with the courage to do it. I went on a Thursday afternoon, paid for two hours, and proceeded downstairs to the action.

Yes, there were all older men, about 12 I'd say, and many were kind of roaming around from room to room. I did the same. Finally I figured out which ones had the gloryholes, and went into one. At this point I was still nervous, but the guy in the next room put his fingers in the hole to signal for my cock. I dropped my pants and stuck it through the hole. He sucked for awhile, and then I went for it. I gave him the signal and he put his dick through. It was average size, but it felt incredible in my mouth. I sucked away and was thinking he was close, but he then turned around and put his ass to the hole. I wasn't sure what he wanted, so I started eating his hole, never thought I'd do that. I wanted to fuck him, but wasn't sure he wanted that.

After eating him for awhile, I turned my ass to the hole. He put on a condom and started to put it in. It felt better than I thought it would. My legs were shaking it felt so good.

He fucked me for a little while, then motioned me to put my cock back in the hole. He sucked me to completion, completely draining me. I zipped up and left, I know, not cool.

That was the most sexual fun I've ever had, I think. Cocksucking is fucking awesome! And so is everything else with a man. I will go back regularly. How did I miss out for so many years?

Edited on 06/11/13


Posted Jun 04 2013:
I was in Laura's last Friday and it was pretty slow, just a bunch of lurkers. I started to leave but then a young and hung stud came into the theatre room and began to stroke his large cock in front of everyone. He just wanted us to watch and we did as he stroked that big piece of meat. After he shot across the floor he left and I was starting to leave again, too.

Then a younger black dude came in. I thought I would wait a few minutes to see what happened. Then he came out of a booth wearing nothing but his Nikes. He was hung!

There was an Asian guy stroking his fat cock and balls and he comes over and starts sucking the Asian's dick. As he was bent over one of the old guys came up behind him and started fucking the black guy's ass while another one milked that 12-inch cock. He then turned around and let the Asian fuck his ass with the fat Asian cock while he sucked the old guy off.

Someone came in from the outside door so everyone scattered for a few minutes and then they returned to the action. When the action resumed the Asian was sucking the monster black dick while another guy knelt between his thighs and sucked his cock. You could see the Asian's cock grow harder as he took the black cock deeper and deeper into his throat. Suddenly he stood, grabbed the guy's hair and furiously fucked the guy's mouth until there was cum dripping everywhere. Then the black dude proceeded to swallow about five loads of cum from different guys. There was a lot of action in the main room. I know I will return.

Edited on 06/10/13


Posted Apr 29 2013:
Are there ever any girls who cruise here?

Edited on 05/03/13
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