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Country Road Video

Category: Adult store with arcade Directions: Take Old Route 30 a few miles out of town and it will be on the left. From new Route 30 take Highway 602 north.
Submitted: Apr 09 2001 (Edited 09/06/16)
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4.04/5 based on 26 votes. The median rating is 4.
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Address: 5350 Lincoln Highway
City: Bucyrus
State: Ohio
ZIP/Postal Code:
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 419-563-0096

Closed, deletion pending
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Posted Apr 06 2017:
I might be able to open up the Aumiller Park's bathrooms up at night when everyone leaves. I'm not sure when I'll be able to start.

Eventually this page for Country Road video will be deleted.

I don't see Aumiller Park listed on CFS. If you actually do make it a cruisy place, please use this link to add it with a new page here on the Sex Listings. ~ Editor

Edited on 04/13/17
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Posted Aug 26 2016:
This place is closed, and has been for at least a month. A sign on the door says closed for good. Lists location in Mansfield which is 20 minutes away.

Thanks. Google confirms this place in Bucyrus is closed.

Is the place in Mansfield the AdultMart? That page doesn't say what "amenities" it has but an adult store directory says it has an arcade. We don't have a page for the AdultMart store, but I'll make a note to add it.

Sorry to say I have a backlog editing and publishing new places. ~ Editor.

Edited on 09/06/16


Posted Mar 25 2015:
I would like to tease a few guys and have an oral orgy, wearing a girly top.

Edited on 04/01/15


Posted Aug 15 2014:
I would fuck her.

Edited on 08/20/14


Posted Jul 15 2014:
Want to take my hot wife here to watch her get fucked. Is this possible here?

Edited on 07/21/14


Posted Jan 09 2014:
Was there last month had a great blowjob from a country boy. Woof!

Edited on 01/16/14


Posted Nov 21 2013:
This place sucks. It isn't open 24 hours, it is open 10 am till 10 pm. My first time, there were two guys trolling, one looked ill. Second trip I drove up 11 am to see a good looking guy walk in but found the door locked when I tried to go in. I left, came back an hour later, still could not get in. The guy's truck was still there. He left 10 minutes later. Now the door was unlocked.

Edited on 11/25/13


Posted Oct 28 2013:
Anybody want to meet me there sometime? I love that first story, I could read that over and over. I wanna show up there and have a line form. I'd take all loads.

Edited on 11/04/13
lil guy


Posted Dec 05 2012:
Entered the video booth. started a movie. and there was a guy at my booth within a minute. I took out my stuff and started stroking, careful not to let him see anything but my hand moving as he peeped around the corner. I wanted to make sure he wasn't LE. Movie stopped, I put in another dollar and picked a gay blow job movie to see if I got any interest, and I did.

My next glance is his hard cock sticking into my booth and wagging. I leaned over and licked the head and he quickly entered the booth and dropped his pants and shoved it in my face and I gladly accepted. The movie quit again only this time I used the light to look over my meal and continued to do what comes natural.

As he neared completion he asked if I wanted it and I said absolutely and he proceeded to oblige. He told me after, it was the biggest load he had ever had in his life and he had never been with a man before. I don't know if all that was true but it was one hell of a load, two swallows.

As he walked away I noticed that we had an audience. There were only two other guys in there and they were both wanking outside our booth while watching us. One of them stepped in and wanted me to suck him off but I said I needed to get off first and he wasn't into that so he left.

The other guy says I'll trade with ya and he comes in and does a real nice soft slow wet ball-licking cum-catching blow job. As I finished I noticed the other guy is back again and he just shoves his cock in the guy's face and he takes it, so I pulled up my pants and left. Been back twice can always find something to eat but can't always get eaten.

Edited on 12/11/12


Posted Nov 06 2012:
This place is awesome. Great blow job both times I went there.

Edited on 11/13/12
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Mar 20, 2002

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 32


Posted Jan 04 2012:
This place is really in the middle of nowhere. It attracts farmers, mechanics and people passing through. This place should be much busier than it is!

All booths are of the one person style, and a couple have buddy booth screens. Staff are friendly. Machines take dollar bills or tokens, and you don't get a heap of time per bill. The usual trip can cost anywhere from $20 to $40 bucks (if it is slow).

Edited on 01/09/12

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jun 17, 2009

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 3


Posted Jul 25 2011:
Great place every time I've stopped. Sometimes a little slow but the staff is so friendly and I always end up losing a load or two.

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Dec 07, 2010

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


Posted Dec 07 2010:
I've almost always had a good time here whenever I visit. Usually some nice cock to suck and no trouble with clerks. Was there a week ago and took three nice loads including one from a guy with a big thick cock. He climbed up on the seat and fucked my face for a while then ordered, "Lick my ass." I rimmed his hole while another guy sucked my cock. Then I went back to Mr. Big's meat and swallowed a nice load of spunk.

Edited on 12/14/10


Posted Mar 29 2009:
I have stopped the last few trips back from Pennsylvania and have always found a hot cock to suck the cum out of.


Posted Jun 18 2008:
Probably one of the cleanest places in the country. It's basically an old building with all new equipment. There are no doors on the booths, and on a Thursday night, for three hours, no one else but myself and the two very nice female clerks up front. It's extremely clean, very nice, but no one was there and no doors on the booths. I may try it again.


Posted May 22 2008:
Fantastic! I was watching a guy suck cock next door in one of the buddy booths and a little bit later the suckee came next door to my booth with his cock out and I began to play with his balls. Before I could suck his cock he went down on me. He worked my cock until I felt a two week load building in my balls. I moaned, was about to cum and he sucked even harder. I blew my load in his mouth and he swallowed every drop. Next time I am going to be on the receiving end.


Posted Jan 18 2008:
Great place. I had two cocks in my mouth at the same time Thursday night. The first guy had a huge cock that stretched my mouth but when he started stroking another guy walked up and I couldn't let the opportunity pass. I put their heads together and started sucking both at the same time.


Posted Dec 18 2007:
Still a good place to go!


Posted Oct 27 2006:
They have taken all the doors off the booths. This has not slowed down the action! It's still a great place to give or recieve a great blowjob. I even watched a couple fuck in one of the booths! If the girl is working the front desk don't worry about being interrupped. If the guy is working the desk be carefull!


Posted Oct 19 2006:
I was there a little over a month ago and they have taken the doors off. They don't tell you until they have your token money! The clerk said it is a new law.


Posted Sep 22 2006:
I make trips back to Ohio from Colorado each year and this is always one of my stops.


Posted Aug 27 2006:
Interestingly, it was after the doors were removed a nice meat-cicle appeared in my booth's doorway and I just had to stroke it. I wanted to do more but something spooked me just as I was about to take him in my mouth. Too bad! But I will return.


Posted Jul 25 2006:
Great place as something is always happening. The staff is great. It's a good place for sex or to meet and go elsewhere.


Posted Jul 01 2005:
Went there on Sunday afternoon, real hit-or-miss but I did get to suck a huge cock. Buddy windows, clean, and friendly staff.


Posted Jun 05 2005:
This place is the best to get sucked or fuck! The night staff, except for one queen, will leave you alone. With the topless club sharing the parking lot, you have a good chance of getting some hot straight guys who need to get off.


Posted Dec 20 2004:
I was here twice last week, and received a hot blowjob from a guy dressed in pantyhose. It was hot. The staff seems to leave you alone.


Posted May 19 2004:
Lots of cruising traffic. Never a problem sucking a cock or two, or more. Open 24 hours and almost always someone there to get it on with.


Posted Mar 27 2004:
I was in the arcade this afternoon for the first time. I have been in many hot arcades in my life and this was not one of them. While I have to admit it has potential because of its location, but I would not think this would be a cocksucker’s paradise!


Posted Jan 18 2004:
The fee is still five dollars, but instead of giving you tokens, they now give you five one-dollar vouchers. The time per voucher isn't as much as the tokens used to be and you must stay in your booth until the voucher runs out or you lose money. This discourages moving around looking for cock. I was able to blow one trucker (I caught him as he entered the arcade), but that was all the cock I had that day. If you live in the area, this place might still be worth your time, but for those of us who have to drive any distance it's becoming less and less of an option.


Posted Jan 16 2004:
Cruising is best on Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons.


Posted Jul 09 2003:
I got a great handjob from one of the hottest men I have ever seen in my life. There were plenty of other hotties checking the place out as well!


Posted Apr 02 2003:
This arcade has a buddy booth and that's about it. I've jacked off several times with guys on the other side of the glass.


Posted Feb 01 2003:
I was here last night around 7 pm and the clerk kept walking back through the video booth area and telling us (three guys) to either close the doors to the booth or don't walk around, get in a booth. Those two guys left. I waited to see if anyone else came in, spent all my coins and left without getting off with anyone. This place use to be good but no longer is with this clerk.


Posted Nov 06 2001:
Great place to hook up with truckers, and farm boys. There is a show bar next door, and they come over to get there dicks sucked,. Also gay people hook up there. If you like country cock, the place to go!


Posted Jun 19 2001:
Under new management and they are really different. Don't waste your money here.


Posted Apr 09 2000:
They have remodeled and it is better than ever.
They now have two buddy booths instead of one.
Action, action, action is all I have to say about this
place. And if you are nice to the clerks and they will
be nice to you.

From place description/comments:
Closed, deletion pending

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