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Blue Spot Video

Category: Adult store with arcade Hours / Entry Fee: 24 hours Directions: Located five to seven minutes from the airport.
Submitted: Sep 13 2004 (Edited 01/13/10)
3.17/5 based on 18 votes. The median rating is 3.
Reviews: 11 reviews

Address: 3232 NE 82nd Avenue
City: Portland
State: Oregon
ZIP/Postal Code:
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 503-251-8944
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Posted Dec 12 2014:
I love the Blue Spot. I went there early Sunday morning after a Saturday night of partying still horny. I didn't think any one would be there so I thought I would just jack off to some video.

I went into the back booth and left the door ajar just in case someone wanted to join me. I was the only person in the arcade. My cock was so hard I was stroking to some shemale porn and someone entered the booth next to me.

I got down on my knees to look through the hole and was very pleased and excited to see a beautiful 10-inch black cock. I put my fingers to the hole and he stuck that thick hot cock down my throat. I sucked him until he shot a huge load down my throat and all over my face.

Edited on 12/24/14
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Posted Mar 20 2014:
Was there last week Tuesday at 6. One Mexican fella hanging out. I went into a booth and a few seconds later he entered the adjacent booth. Fingered the hole and he takes his dick out and it's only about 4" and medium thickness. It grew into a magnificent 10" thicker than a wrist cock with veins and a nice pink head. Beautiful. Sucked on it for a few minutes, blew my load and left.

Edited on 03/26/14


Posted Nov 01 2013:
This place is tiny, just four booths that see some action, and a half-dozen others that don't have gloryholes and never get used. Yet there is almost always someone here. Worth checking out. If you need a quick bj after work a willing cocksucker will show up before too long.

Edited on 11/07/13


Posted Jan 09 2012:
Definitely hit or miss, but when it hits, it's great. I followed a guy in who was driving a work truck. He went into one booth and I went into the one next to him. Much to my delight, he had a huge cock that he offered up. I sucked it off, taking as much as I could until he ended by feeding me his sweet load. The perfect way to celebrate a birthday!

Edited on 01/11/12
Senior Reviewer

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Posted Oct 22 2011:
This place is getting better. There's more hot guys for gloryhole action. Lots of geezers, but not aggressive.

Edited on 10/24/11


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Nov 29 2009:
This place is cool, clean, fun. But I don't understand why no towels or trash containers in the arcade booths.


Posted Mar 06 2009:
I was visiting from out of town, stopped by during the afternoon and it turned out to be my lucky day! I have a preference for Latino and black men and that's all that seemed to walk into the place (after the seventy year old man left when he finally took the hint I wasn't interested). I sucked off three Hispanic guys who all showed up in the same work truck, love that uncut Latin cock, then in walks this black guy that looked like he was on his way to the gym and had a change of mind on the way. He first went into a private booth and locked the door, was in there a few minutes watching a straight flick, then the door opened and he stepped out with this tent in the place of what were his shorts when he went into the booth. Without saying a word he walked past me into a booth with a gloryhole, I stepped into the next booth and before I could close and lock the door there was a huge, fat, black cock shoved through the gloryhole. I sucked him for about two minutes, he uttered 'fuck yeah' and shot his load deep down my throat. I milked every drop I could out of that big cock. I stepped out of my booth and few seconds later this stud stepped out of his, still showing a huge bulge, he smiled, thanked me and left the building. Needless to say the next time I go to Portland I'll be back. And the guy behind the counter was super cool.


Posted Nov 23 2008:
Lots of gloryholes! I have been there a few times at night (11 pm to 3 am) and I had the pleasure of sucking nice hard cocks! The staff was very user friendly, they did not bother anyone at all! I am black and I got to suck hard white cock (My fave!), and Mexican cock and black cock! If you like to suck hard cocks then check this place out!


Posted Apr 08 2007:


Posted Apr 25 2005:
A lot of action goes on here, but guys are older. Unless your super picky, there's always a nice cock to find here. Sometimes the older guys get upset if you're not game, but wait a while and something nice will show up.


Posted Sep 13 2004:
This place has about eight or nine buddy booths behind the video area. Around lunchtime or 5 pm, a married or straight guy will wander in for a quick blowjob. It's not overly busy but be patient. One of the buddy booths is handicap accessible which gives you loads of room for fucking or getting fucked. The young tatooed guy behind the counter pretty much leaves you alone. Watch out for the older gay guy. If he comes back to the booths next to you and you're not interested, he'll harass you. I've gotten lucky every time I've come here and sucked and gotten sucked at least once.

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