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Category: Adult store with arcade Directions: Located north of Colmar Station.
Submitted: Oct 15 2003 (Edited 07/06/17)
Cruised here? Rate this place:
3.08/5 based on 26 votes. The median rating is 3.
Read & Write Reviews: 25 Reviews

Address: 944 Bethlehem Pike
City: Colmar
State: Pennsylvania
ZIP/Postal Code: 19940
Country: United States of America

Closed, deletion pending
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Posted Jul 05 2017:
The business is indeed closed. The building has been demolished. The township has approved plans to put a car wash on the site. All I have left are the memories.

Sorry to see this but I appreciate the confirmation. Google also shows it closed now too. ~ Editor

Edited on 07/06/17


Posted Apr 03 2017:
Rumor has it this place is now closed for business. Haven't seen any cars in the lot any time I've passed it in the past five days.

I checked Google and Bing and found no information about it closing. I've put a note on this page and added it to my list. ~ Editor

Edited on 04/10/17
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Posted Dec 19 2015:
I went about five times and always got some action. I stayed in a booth and blew three guys.

Then I went into the larger booth, had a guy blow and rim me. He then bent me over and fucked me. He left, another guy came in and let me fuck him till I came.

Great place, no hassles.

Edited on 12/24/15

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Nov 08, 2003

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


Posted Nov 04 2015:
A couple Fridays ago I came here. Paid the entry fee and went to a booth. A guy walked into the booth next to me and I knelt right down, pulled his cock out, and sucked him dry.

After he was gone another guy walked in. I sucked him dry. Three more walked in after him. I took care of all of them, had a lot of cum dripping down my chin.

I can't wait to go back.

Edited on 11/09/15
Lunch sucker


Posted Sep 05 2015:
I went here on a Friday at noon and jumped in a booth. At first it looked like there was only one other guy in the place but he popped in right away and sucked me off. I stayed in the same booth and rubbed my limp cum-covered dick for a bit, kinda disappointed but still happy with my suck off

And just as I was going to zip up and leave, a guy walked into my booth and asked if I wanted to suck him off. I pulled his cock out and it wasn't much. He said, “Don't worry, it gets big,” and he wasn't kidding! I sucked and stroked his huge cock until it exploded in my mouth. It was like a garden hose open full blast I choked down a mouthful and had to spit out another mouthful before he was done!

I stayed in the booth, cleaned up a bit, and realized I had another raging hard on so I ventured out to another booth and waited. Sure enough a guy came in, saw me jerking, and just dropped to he knees to take my load. Definitely worth the trip!

Edited on 09/11/15
fun man


Posted Aug 11 2015:
I went here awhile back, paid the entry fee, went back and started watching some movie. As I watched it a hot guy came into the booth next to me and asked me to bend down to get him going.

Then he wanted me to back up to the window. As I stood there he worked my ass and then fingered me for a good few minutes and then shot his massive load all over my back. After that he asked me to turn around and he drained me dry.

I wanted to get banged like a drum at that point but I left. Wish it was closer to me, I would be there a lot more.

Edited on 08/18/15

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Aug 03, 2013

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


Posted Jul 08 2014:
I went two weeks ago on a Saturday about 1 pm. I like the new setup they have with just a $5 cover. Even early Saturday afternoon I sucked four guys.

Edited on 07/11/14

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Dec 08, 2010

Total Listings: 1
Total Reviews: 1


Posted Mar 01 2014:
Anyone want to meet up here? Never hooked up at this place, would like to though.

Edited on 03/10/14


Posted Feb 27 2014:
Last Saturday just before noon I went here for first time since the cover charge and theatre were added. About a dozen guys there at the time. The theatre is more like a lobby to cruise and then head to a booth.

As soon as I walked in, one of the large booth doors was cracked open, so I stepped in. A naked guy was getting blown by a fat black guy. He then sucked me for a while as I jerked the naked guy off. Then another guy came in and started making out with me while I was still getting blown. I walked out to rest before I shot my load.

A bit later I sucked another married guy with a huge dick, then the guy that made out with me came back in and the two of us spent some real time together. He rimmed me, sucked me, licked me, even sucked my toes. As he fingered my ass I shot my load. Wow! It was worth the $5 cover charge and few bucks in the booth.

Edited on 03/07/14


Posted Dec 30 2013:
Action still in the booths. New theatre still just guys watching. Big booths and big open windows in the regular booths. Let's see: Went into a big booth where two naked guys were playing. Stroked one and fingered his ass while he blew the other. Went into a window booth where a guy had his ass at the window. Finger fucked him. Another booth, à guy stroked off and slapped his cock on my face.

Edited on 01/07/14
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Sep 17, 2000

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 13


Posted Oct 16 2013:
To go back into the booths and the new theatre, there is a $5 cover. This place renovated. The booths are the same. They added a theatre.

Edited on 10/23/13


Posted May 16 2013:
This place is almost always a sure thing around lunch time or 5 pm. Two of the booths are big and can easily fit three men. All types of guys in there, so you have a choice. I saw a door cracked and poked my head in to find a guy about my age, joined him, got totally naked, swapped blowjobs, 69'd, then invited in a third guy. It was a suck fest and the first guy shot a load of cum that could fill a pint glass! We all came after that.

Edited on 05/20/13


Posted Dec 02 2012:
Clientele seems to have gotten older and more obese, but the four booths that used to have glass windows between them now have large open gloryholes. Videos need some technical attention, too many non-functional channels.

Edited on 12/07/12

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Aug 20, 2002

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


Posted Dec 20 2010:
Good place for action. I stopped by last Tuesday morning and had a nice middle aged guy suck my cock while he jerked off. He finished before I came, but a minute later another younger, well built guy stepped into my booth. We did some mutual sucking and then he sucked me off until I came in his mouth. Been going to this place for years and have been sucked many times, and even fucked a few times. Just keep putting money in the video slot and no one bothers you.

Edited on 12/21/10


Posted Aug 05 2008:
This place has been remodeled with extra large booths and is always busy.


Posted Jul 24 2008:
I went on a Friday around noon. Weird crowd consisting of elderly diseased looking guys with gold chains, morbidly obese men puffing on cigarettes, and the funky unclean. There was no one under fifty years old in the hour I was there. The men wandered the booth area shaped in an oval as if on the Bataan Death March. The clerks ignored the backroom probably because there was no action.


Posted Nov 10 2007:
Much improved and renovated. It's now clean and attractive with roomy viewing booths, lockable doors, better clientele, and management that apparently does not actively object to booth sharing.


Posted Oct 21 2007:
All but one video booth was working when I was last there. And there are two booths with enough room for two or more people in them sitting, and four with room for more than two people standing. They never bother about more than one in a booth providing you keep the machines fed. They only take dollars but you get a decent amount of time for that dollar and while sometimes the clerks hassle you, it's rare and usually it's when they had a bad day or something. The place is excellent for hooking up and I've sucked and fucked there on plenty of occasions.


Posted Oct 10 2007:
Worn out video screens and worn out clientele. Few working booths. Weird people.


Posted Apr 29 2007:
The evening clerks are assholes but the daytime guy is alright if you keep dropping money. It's newly renovated inside. This place can jump. I once set a personal best and sucked off ten cocks in two and a half hours in here. It was memorable because one big guy shot the biggest load of cum down my throat that I've ever had -- jetted at least five mouth-filling streams. I had to swallow like crazy to get it all down. Mmmm.


Posted Mar 01 2006:
I've been going there for years; it has it problems but I can usually have a great time at anytime of the day. Today I went in hoping for a blowjob but ended up fucking a young guy dressed in garters and a g-string. It was hot!


Posted Oct 14 2005:
Now I see the problem with this place. The old man at the front counter is really mean! Plus, the booths show five movies spread across fourty channels. So, good luck finding anything to watch before your money and time runs out. The old guy is painfully ignorant! I guess I just got lucky the first time.


Posted Aug 13 2005:
I walked in here on a Saturday for the first time. The clerk was friendly, made change for me for a big bill, and I went right in the back and shot my load with a hot older guy! No problems at all, and lots to pick from!


Posted Jul 09 2005:
Don't waste your time here. The attendants harass people all the time. One clerk who has worked there for a long time is a major dickhead. I don't know why management keeps him on. People should be left alone to spend their money.


Posted Oct 15 2003:
This is the greatest place in the area to hook up with guys for sex. There are guys of all ages and lots of action at all times of the day. IÕve been sucked and fucked here by some great guys, and have sucked off some huge cocks as well. Management leaves you alone if you keep putting money in the booths.

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Closed, deletion pending

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