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Adultmart - Murrysville

Category: Adult store with arcade Hours / Entry Fee: Sun - Thu: 10 am - 10 pm; Fri - Sat: 10 am - Midnight Submitted: May 25 2001 (Edited 10/02/17)
4.08/5 based on 13 votes. The median rating is 4.
Reviews: 39 reviews

Address: 6094 William Penn Highway (Highway 22)
City: Murrysville
State: Pennsylvania
ZIP/Postal Code: 15632
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 724-733-2203

Formerly Murrysville Video and News
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Posted Sep 27 2017:
I'm an older, retired military guy who likes to suck cock. I go to this bookstore and wait for something good. Not into sucking everything that might walk in and don't hound anyone. Guys that do that need some self respect.

I talk to some of the guys that hang around while waiting for a feeder to come in. I'm 68 and another guy I talk to is about the same. Both clean-cut. Couple smelly guys hang here sometimes, young and old who stampede after anything decent that comes in, usually scaring them off. Too bad anyone behaves that way.

It was evening and the smelly ones left and about ten minutes later I was talking to the older guy I know and an athletic, older, grey-haired daddy type came in. Good-looking, goatee and hot. We watched him go into a booth, waited a bit, then we went back to get a peek. I didn't tell the guy beside me I suck him pretty regularly. Usually when he sees me he goes in a booth and drops his pants for me.

He wasn't doing anything when we looked but when the other guy walked away, I went in, unzipped his pants and started sucking his fat cock. He must have heard me sucking because he came back outside the booth watching me eat the guy's delicious fatty. I pulled his pants clear down, sucked and licked, and swallowed a lot of juicy precum until he started moving around on the bench. I felt his balls tighten and his cock pulse several times and he filled my throat with his hot cum. Delicious. I love this guy's cock and cum.

I think he felt bad for the guy who watched because he didn't pull his pants up when I stepped outside the booth. He let him suck his still fat cock and was hard again after about ten minutes of getting it deep-throated. In another ten or fifteen he was groaning and shooting his second load down his throat.

I think he heads home to the wife after he gets his cock worked over once or twice. I usually suck him the same evening and time every week but run into him other times when he must be horny. Last time I got here too late and watched him get sucked by a big muscular Black guy who made so much noise slurping and moaning while he was swallowing his cum, the guy out front came back to see what was going on.

Edited on 10/02/17
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Posted Feb 27 2015:
Great place to suck and fuck, done it many times there. Love this place, just great!

Edited on 03/03/15


Posted Dec 11 2014:
Do not patronize this business! I was personally harassed by one of the older store clerks on more than one occasion, and from talking from other customers they have experienced the same thing. I was just walking from one video booth to another (vacant) one. This clerk threatened to have me thrown out, call the cops. Others have experienced the same kind of treatment. Less people have been visiting this location over the past couple of years. Do not waste your time or booth money. Used to be a fun place. Sad. :/

Edited on 12/18/14


Posted Mar 11 2014:
Hot encounter here a few days ago for me. I've seen a vehicle here several times that looked like it belonged to a teacher from work. I'm a bus driver for a school district not too far from here. He doesn't know me personally but I see him almost every school day watching the kids leave the building to get on the buses. He's probably 30-something, married, a pretty big thick guy with light hair.

When I walked into the bookstore he was walking around out front looking at toys on the wall. I waited in back and watched. He came in back about five minutes later and went into a back booth. I could hear sucking sounds from a booth near the front so I went to check it out. A white-haired guy was sucking a tough looking guy with tattoos.

I watched for awhile then went to check on the teacher. He was just sitting there with his dick hanging out of his open fly with his arms crossed. I don't think he knows me so I stepped into the doorway so he could see me. He looked up and unsnapped his dress pants showing his red bush. I reached in and stroked his meat then leaned down and licked the head. I climbed between his legs and ate his cock until his load squirted down my throat. Last few days at work my balls tingled when I saw him.

Edited on 03/18/14


Posted Jan 03 2014:
Spent a couple hours here on a snowy day since work was delayed. Let a couple guys there play with my married cock for awhile. After hanging around for some time I let each guy suck on it.

Once I found the right sucker I let him follow me booth to booth and assume the position between my legs each time. After he ate my first load I gave him my asshole to lick out. He licked and probed my hole till my cock was hard again.

I went to another booth and let a new guy get a taste. I let him suck till I started to juice up again then went into another booth. Pretty hot with three guys hot for my cock. The new guy came in and got my second load. After that I let all three of the guys suck on my pole several times.

Before I left I shot a third load while the first guy ate my asshole and the new guy sucked my man juice out of my fat cock. Got hard several times later at work thinking about it and had to sit at my desk till it went down.

Edited on 01/10/14


Posted Jan 02 2014:
Don't usually do anything here, because I don't usually see anything good. I just go watch a movie and jack off. But I stopped here after a couple beers with friends at a sport bar down the road. One booth was occupied and a couple guys were in the hall in back.

I started watching a movie and could hear someone getting his dick sucked a couple booths away. Not sure who was moaning, sucker or suckee, but I could hear the lip-smacking and sloshing of a mouth on a dick. After the noise stopped a guy appeared at the door of my booth. He was wiping his mouth so I know he was the sucker and I waved him away saying, no thanks.

When I came out and looked around a little later I found a nice married guy in a booth near the front. I watched him jacking in the booth when someone came in. He was a guy I just met at the bar down the road, a friend of a friend. I stepped around the corner until he came in back and went into a booth.

Guys looked in his booth but apparently he nixed their offers. So I peeked in and saw he had his swelling dick out jacking. I watched awhile then when I thought he was hot enough because his dick was hard, I stepped in saying, Hey. He jumped a little and said, Hey, back, putting his hand over his dick. I moved his hand away took my place between his legs and sucked the hot load out of his fat dick. Loved it. Glad I met my friends earlier. Oh, the married guy came to a booth in back and I took his load, too.

Edited on 01/09/14


Posted Jun 07 2013:
A couple buddies of mine and I own a camp together near Tionesta and our neighbor is an old gay guy, George. He looks after things there when the place is empty so over time I started to let him suck my dick. I guess that's how I got interested in a guy blowing me. Fishing season means very few fish and a pretty sore dick for me because I find every excuse in the book to see the neighbor. He never turns my dick down. All I have to do is rub my crotch and he's on his knees between my legs. A couple times he sucked my dick while I was on the phone with the wife.

George has family in the area so I took him to his nephew's house and drove past this place. Taking him home I was hoping he would say he wanted to stop which he did. When we went in I went straight into the back while he looked around out front. Three other guys were in back. One guy in his 30's and a couple guys 60's or so following him around. I looked at the movie wall hoping George would come in back and suck me off. A movie started and I could see one of the old guys looking into the booth. Another movie started.

I walked back as the old guy went into the booth with the movie running. The younger guy was sitting on the bench with his pants open and his cock out. The older guy went down on him pulling his pants down to his ankles. The guy made a good show of sucking him, knowing I was watching. The old guy asked him if his friend could have some and the younger guy nodded. I moved away as the old guy said "Hey Bill, come taste this guy's dick." The other old guy came around the side and went into the booth.

I looked in and the first old guy was holding the younger guy's dick while the other old guy slid his mouth down over it. The younger guy stood up and took his shorts off completely and let both old guys suck and play with his dick and balls turning from one to the other, giving each a turn. His cock was hard and wet, his balls drawn up tight. I watched this for 20 minutes or so till he came. By then George had come in back. I went in a booth and waited for George to come in.

When he didn't, one of the old guys came in. I decided to do what I had just seen. He started to suck my dick. It was amazing because he took his teeth out. Then the other old guy came in and he sucked on my dick. Both guys sucked me till I came in the guy's mouth with no teeth. When I came out George said, "Good show."

Edited on 06/13/13


Posted Apr 30 2013:
Ran into a couple I know and their two kids at the WalMart down the road from here about 7 pm on a Friday. I was headed here to suck some cock. After I got here, I waited around for something good to come in about an hour, when I saw the husband of the couple I had just run into at WalMart. He was out front getting a card loaded to come into the arcade. I'd definitely suck his cock, but I didn't want him to see me for some reason.

I ducked into a booth when he came in back and waited till I heard a video start in back. A guy who was hanging around like me was standing outside of the booth he was in. I stood back and waited till he stepped into the booth. I expected him to come right back out but he didn't. So, I went back and peeked in. He was going to town on the married dad's dick. Got me dripping in my pants watching this manly guy getting his knob gobbled. Got a couple bad pics without a flash.

Edited on 05/06/13

Attached Files:
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(18 KB, 1037 downloads)


Posted Apr 17 2013:
I was here very late a couple weeks ago talking to another guy I've seen there a lot. We both go there to suck dick. No one was there but us for over half an hour. Just when I was ready to give up a couple guys came in talking a little too loud, after the bar loud. They both went in separate booths so we quit talking and each followed a guy.

While I was watching one guy the other guy said pretty loud, "Hey, Jay. Come here." He didn't leave right away, but then got up saying, "Where are you?" "Back here", was the answer. Then I heard, "Don't worry. He's a buddy of mine. Keep goin'."

When my guy got there, I heard, "What the hell? What are you doing?" Then, "What's it look like? I'm getting my dick sucked." The guy I talked to must have stopped sucking because the guy he was sucking said, "Don't stop now, man, you got me boned."

The guy stood outside watching and I could see his dick hardening in his pants. He saw me looking and stepped a little to the side of the doorway so his friend couldn't see his dick and pulled it out looking at me. I waited a bit then walked over and grabbed it.

About then the guy getting sucked said, "Come on in, Jay. Let's give him two loads." I barely had stroked him four times when he went in the booth with his buddy. Both sat on the bench with their pants at their ankles. I watched both of them get sucked off then shoot their loads down the lucky sucker's throat. Two beefy, 40-something, hairy guys, just the kind I like. Crap.

Edited on 04/23/13


Posted Jan 13 2013:
Met the 30-something guy here again a few days ago. He came in wearing dress clothes. While I was sucking his cock again I asked him what he did. He just looked down at me and said, "Dude," and went back to watching the movie while I slurped away. He was hard, hard. Nice cock, not huge, but stone hard, clean and freshly showered.

He said he was headed to work for half a day because the baby kept them up all night. Love this guy's cock, nice and juicy with lots of sweet precum, plus he stays completely hard till he shoots. I swallowed the whole load when he came and got one finger in his hole up to the second knuckle, so I felt the pulses as his squirts filled my mouth.

We set up our next meeting and I walked him out to his Jeep. I love married cock. I'm aiming to get my tongue into his warm asshole next time we meet. I want to taste all of him.

Edited on 01/18/13


Posted Jan 03 2013:
Had a nice married 30-something cock here late night this week. Good-looking, cropped reddish, blonde hair, chunky guy with big thighs came in. A friend and I were there and about to leave when we heard him out front sounding a little drunk. He came in back and said, "Hey," as he walked by and into a booth. It didn't take him long to pull his hard dick out.

We stood outside watching until he pushed his pants down and stepped to the open doorway. I bent down and slid my mouth over the head of his hard cock. (We got a good phone pic.) He moaned and pushed deeper into my mouth. My friend tasted him a few times but I licked and sucked until I eventually got his big, thick load. Made plans to get him again. We walked out behind him and he was driving an older Jeep.

Edited on 01/10/13

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(17 KB, 1166 downloads)


Posted Dec 08 2012:
Really getting into getting straight dick lately. Met a 45 year-old married guy at the movie theater down the road where his wife was going to one movie and he to another. I saw him in the lobby with his wife before she went in, then went over to him. We had set up the meeting through CL. I shook his hand and said I'd see him at the bookstore.

Within 10 minutes I was sucking his cock in the first booth on the left here. He loved getting his dick sucked saying his wife won't do it. His dick wasn't long, probably 6 inches but really fat and juicy and one of the hardest dicks I've ever had. He was pre-cumming all over the place. I had to keep swallowing just to keep sucking.

I took my time and sucked on him a good half hour before he filled my mouth with warm sweetness. Nice looking guy with a reddish goatee. Already set up our next suckfest.

Edited on 12/13/12


Posted Dec 07 2012:
Saw my high school bus driver, a good-looking black guy, here one day. I'm a white guy, 6' 190, big and thick. I'm a lot bigger and heavier than I was in school nine years ago. So I doubt he knew who I was. When I saw him it got my dick hard thinking about getting him to suck my cock.

I walked into the booth he was standing near and untied my sweats and slid them to my ankles. He looked in and licked his lips, then stepped in a couple steps getting on his knees. He watched me jack for maybe 30 seconds then leaned in and licked my cock head. I pointed it toward his mouth and he moved in close swallowing me. I kept backing him off my dick when I got close so he ended up blowing me for about 20 minutes till I rammed my dick down his throat filling his throat with my cum. Hot, hot, hot.

A couple guys looked in while this was going on so I pulled my wet dick out of his mouth so they could see what they missed. One of the guys who saw us has sucked my dick 3 or 4 times there, but never this well. It's been a couple months since this happened.

Edited on 12/12/12


Posted Aug 11 2012:
Stopped in Thursday just before noon. Paid for a $5 card and entered the arcade. Several guys were lurking around each corner. Finally I found an open booth and a big Black guy standing across said hello.

I stepped in and started to watch. He stepped in and sat down, his face at crotch level. He asked to see my big cock and he opened my belt and unbuttoned my jeans, pulling out my hardening cock. He spent the next 20 minutes deep-throating me and sucking my balls. I emptied two loads in his throat. He thanked me and shook my hand.

Hope to run into him again, I will find out how big is cock is next time.

Edited on 08/16/12


Posted Jul 24 2012:
Been there many, times lots of action.

Edited on 07/31/12


Posted Feb 18 2011:
Still thinking about my stop there in December. I'm a married white guy in my 50's in pretty good shape. A big, chunky black guy came in as I went into a booth near the door. A couple minutes later he gave me a "How ya doin'" when I saw him looking in. I said, "OK, thanks," and he stepped in the door a little and looked at the screen. I didn't say anything so he edged his way in the booth and got on his knees between my legs, rubbing my crotch. It didn't take long for him to have my pants around my ankles and my dick in his mouth. He sucked me off and swallowed my load while a guy watched in the doorway. I got my card reloaded at the desk, went to the back for more and he swallowed a second load. Hoping to stop again soon.

Edited on 02/20/11


Posted Jul 17 2010:
I visit from out of town about every two weeks. I almost always find good action here, but not always. Sometimes it's really desperate guys that no one in their right mind would touch. However, on several occasions, I've found some hot married guys and masculine guys who seem hot to fuck my hairy ass.

Edited on 07/23/10


Posted Nov 04 2009:
This bookstore used to be a dive, but they refurbished in the back and it is nice and clean now. They use a new credit card system and you do not seem to get much time, but the traffic is cute and often young!


Posted Aug 16 2008:
There used to be woods behind the store with lots of hot cocks to suck, but they were all cut down.


Posted Jun 29 2008:
Not sure what has been happening at this place. The last two times I was there it was disgusting. One night the smell of piss was so strong it made your eyes water. A week later somebody vomited in the place and the workers never cleaned it up. No one could stay due to the smell. Not sure if there is new management, but this place is going down hill.


Posted Oct 07 2007:
Very hot spot. Very nice clerks. It's cleaner than most, roomy video area. About thirty minutes out of Pittsburgh when traffic is light. Lots of hot guys of all ages.


Posted Oct 03 2007:
Absolutely incredible action!


Posted Jul 18 2007:
I've seen the place that says 'Adult Video' on the sign but I don't know if that's Murrysville News or someplace else.


Posted Feb 01 2007:
This place used to be great. There were woods behind the store with lots of action. I checked it out last sumer and the woods were cleared.


Posted Jan 21 2007:
This is one of the most active bookstores around and all the clerks are cool. I have been in lots of one-on-ones and a few groups here. Seems best early evening and weekends. Don't let the road construction stop you from turning in.


Posted Oct 27 2005:
This place is hit-or-miss. Can be great, can be dismal. I've sucked many cocks here, been fucked, fucked a guy in the ass once. Other times, I've seen no action even with some guys there.


Posted May 29 2005:
Don't bother. This place is no fun.


Posted Nov 04 2004:
Be careful. This place has been hot and cold depending upon the owners and local police. I was there a week ago and some authoritative guy was hassling guys who were cruising or pausing between the booths. Within five minutes, the place cleared out. A buddy says that this guy is an owner and is spending more time blocking any action. There are rumors of undercover cops who are all over the Western PA area trying to trap gays.


Posted Jul 26 2004:
The same old trolls are here every day and night. You can't even jack off without being accosted by one of them. They hang around hallways and booths like vultures.


Posted Mar 17 2004:
The backroom is now open so there are plenty of booths. It’s close to a rural area so usually there are some hotties that wonder over from the nearby neighborhood. I've gotten some pretty hot dick here and the staff is cool.


Posted Jan 14 2004:
The backroom is now open and there is usually some hot cock looking to get off there. I check it out pretty often, the staff is cool and its maintained pretty well.


Posted Aug 19 2003:
This place is lame. The back half of the arcade is now closed off. Out of the seven booths now open, only three of them worked. But management really doesn't bother you if you’re discreet.


Posted Jun 03 2003:
Finally a bookstore that has some younger guys at certain times. It can be hot, the staff doesn't seem to care and sometimes the action is pretty hot.


Posted Nov 12 2002:
There is a new building going up where the woods were. I've gone there in the past and have gotten good head. Also, they had the lights on in the arcade, which is new also.


Posted Oct 06 2002:
I have had lots of fun in booths, and have never had any problems with clerks there. I have heard they are stricter about the outside, but that doesn't stop many guys from sitting in their cars and waiting.


Posted Sep 10 2002:
This is one of the best areas I've found and I've been going there for years. No one ever hassles you or even goes in the back. It's usually packed, even in daytime. Even the woods are fairly safe, although I have seen cops cruise through the parking lot on occasion. Three and fourways are not uncommon in the booths.


Posted Aug 24 2002:
I go here a couple times a month and I always have a good time. Once I fucked a guy in a booth while two others jacked off and watched.


Posted Jul 07 2001:
The outside is lit well enough that I don't know that I'd try anything outside.


Posted Jul 06 2001:
Heads Up!
The woods behind the bookstore are not safe. Cops busted people during the day. Inside is still good though.

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