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Modern News

Category: Adult store with arcade, theatre Submitted: May 25 2001 (Edited 01/13/10)
3/5 based on 13 votes. The median rating is .
Reviews: 25 reviews

Address: 1113 State Street
City: Erie
State: Pennsylvania
ZIP/Postal Code:
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 814-453-6932
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Posted Jan 25 2015:
Visited on a Saturday before the holidays. Purchased $5 in tokens and a $3 membership card to enter the area. The back of the card says it's good for one year. Went down the hallway located on the back wall in the right corner of the merchandise section of the store. The entrance on far left is for gay theatre. First door on your left is the restroom, fyi. Booths are on your left, make a turn at the candy machine about halfway down the hall.

Upon entering the booth area, saw a booth directly ahead with another just to its right and more booths to the left. Booth directly to my left, #8, has a gloryhole connecting it to booth #9. Gloryhole appeared to be well maintained.

Video didn't work in the first booth I entered, #3, and no one was in booths #8 or #9. Entered one of the first booths and played with an older gentlemen who had the fattest dick I've ever seen before leaving.

Booths have windows between them that defog when both people press a button, though I didn't get to try it. One other guy besides the one I played with was in the booth area. Cum on the floor indicating some action before I got there. Decent place. Will go back again.

Edited on 01/29/15


Posted Nov 07 2013:
Will be checking it out tomorrow, hope there's some nice big cocks to suck.

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Edited on 11/12/13


Posted Oct 04 2013:
Hoping to find some willing females to do some cocksucking through the gloryhole here.

Edited on 10/10/13


Posted Sep 20 2013:
I went on a early Friday afternoon. There were only a few there, no one was interested. About 6:30 I went to the back theatre and one guy was playing himself. I pulled my cock out and he began to feel me and get me hard. Then he sucked me good. It felt good.

Edited on 09/26/13


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Posted Aug 03 2013:
I went on Friday night. I saw one guy with a nice big hard cock getting sucked. Between booths 8 and 9 there is a gloryhole. I eventually had 2 guys feeling me at different times. The last one stroked me and I got off. I guess daytime has more action, have to try earlier in the day to see if someone will suck my cock.

Edited on 08/12/13


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Posted Jun 13 2013:
Subject: just lookin
Do they have anything?

Edited on 06/18/13


Posted Apr 19 2012:
Clean, pleasant staff, and plenty of action.

Edited on 04/22/12
Frank Catalongo


Posted Jan 14 2011:
Had a great time at lunch when a hot daddy sucked me off while another well built guy fucked me. Unfortunately they have fucked it up by now charging a membership fee of $3 plus a minimum of $5 to get in each time.

Edited on 01/21/11

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Posted Dec 10 2010:
Was there for 3 hours on a Friday night. One big 400 pound guy showed up and that was it. He couldn't even get inside the booth, he was so fat. Some of the machines seemed to use your time faster and lots of straight and tranny porn to watch if that is your game. It was a waste of time and money for me. I didn't try the preview theatre, although there was hardly anyone coming or going in the store.

Edited on 12/16/10

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Posted Nov 09 2010:
Since they remodeled, this place is great! Just like the rest of PA, they had to remove the booth doors. Now, though, each booth has an 'alcove' area so it is still private. I've been sucked by some talented mouths in these theatres and booths.

Edited on 11/13/10


Posted Dec 14 2009:
They also have 2 theatres, one showing gay and one straight. I have a great time whenever I am in town.


Posted Nov 15 2008:
Simply put it's the worst bookstore I have ever been to. The place is old and dirty; they charge $7 for the theater, $3 for a membership and another $3 for tokens to use in the arcade. I was told I had to buy all three so the total was $13. The 'theatre' is a small, dirty room that is about 10'x10' in size and has a TV in it playing porn with about six plastic chairs. There were two old trolls in the theatre but they were just sitting and drooling, not playing. The arcade booths have no doors and nobody was back there. I have never been so disappointed in a place in all my twenty years of cruising these types of places. It is a complete waste of time and money.


Posted May 29 2008:
I have a nice thick cock and love to get it sucked but every time I go there lately I am bothered by the same old men. Even when I hookup they won't leave us alone. I am going up the street.


Posted Feb 05 2008:
They have removed the gay theater and it costs $7 to go into the straight theater. Other than that it's the same -- hit-or-miss.


Posted Jul 07 2007:
Every time I go here I get my cock sucked. I have a big cock and the young guys there are very good at taking it all.


Posted Nov 30 2005:
I stop in here every time I pass through Erie and have never been disappointed. There are usually lots of guys wanting to suck and be sucked. Good place to find men. A few months ago, it was empty except for a crippled guy, but, wow, he gave me good head!


Posted Nov 09 2005:
I went there last week. It was kind of slow, but an older guy was on his knees sucking me within a minute. He asked me if I wanted to go to his house and I said, 'I did.' I fucked him, he fucked me with a vibrator, then he sucked me again. He's into anything. Wow! I'll be back.


Posted Oct 25 2005:
This place is hit-or-miss. The cameras are just on the entrance to the movie theater rooms to make sure anyone going in has paid. I recommend getting a few dollars in quarters and paying for entrance to one of the two movie rooms. A lot of people meet in the booths and go to these rooms for sex. I've had and given a few good blowjobs in the booths, and in the theater. There is even some anal action in the theater.


Posted Nov 20 2004:
This place has a super friendly clerk and a huge back room area with tons of booths. Unfortunately, there are no doors on any of them. There is a bit of a zigzag entrance to each one, which provides just a little bit of privacy. It seems that there’s not a lot of guys here that are willing to actually do anything other than watch because of how this place is set up. It was no problem finding interested guys, but trying to get them to make a move was another story. Most were just getting off using the buddy windows to watch their neighbor. It seemed like every booth had puddles of cum on the floor, which made me wonder if jerking yourself off is the most common activity here. The place was a little bit brighter than I would have liked and I noticed video cameras in the backroom, though I suspect they are fake. If they do work, the clerk I met had no interest in hassling any of the patrons. I'm guessing action can be found here and that it might be a cool place to spend some time and drop a few bucks, but I didn't get anything but a three minute hand job when I was there. I'll try it again, though.


Posted Oct 13 2004:
Passing through Erie on a Friday night, I visited this store. It is actually a private club with a three dollar fee. You must get three dollars in tokens and pay extra for the theaters, one straight, one gay. The booths were totally empty, and I thought it would be dead. I ventured into the theater, a small room with six or eight chairs. Two construction workers and guy in a suit were sitting there with dicks out. Within two minutes, I had sucked off one and was working on a second. I stayed about two hours and sucked off four guys, all with an audience that seemed to appreciate watching the show. I will be back!


Posted Nov 30 2003:
I spent a little time in the booths but there wasn't too much going on until I noticed a guy in the theatre. Within five minutes I shot my load in this stranger’s warm mouth. It’s worth the visit.


Posted Oct 30 2002:
I went there for the first time last week on a late lunch on a weekday. It was slow, but I hung out for a while and got a great blowjob. On my way out there were a few more people cruising around. There are no doors, but a couple of the rooms are tucked away in a private corner.


Posted Aug 22 2001:
Modern News seems to be getting more and more action lately. Most action is in the big rooms where you pay a one time fee of $5 to enter. Each room can hold maybe ten guys. Usually there is open stroking, sometimes oral action, too, occasionally even more. The rooms have no doors but management seems only concerned that you pay and behave reasonably.


Posted Jun 28 2001:
Locked doors were gone on the theatres on my last visit.


Posted Jul 31 2000:
Magazine/video sales, peep shows, and two theatres (one straight and one gay). The peep shows were dead owing to the Pennsylvania 'no doors' law. Theatres were fantastic, though. Locked doors. Plenty of warning before someone enters since they have to be buzzed in.

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