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Green Door Video

Category: Adult store with arcade, theatre Hours / Entry Fee: Open 24 hours, 7 days a week Submitted: May 25 2001 (Edited 09/07/12)
3.95/5 based on 148 votes. The median rating is 4.
Reviews: 89 reviews

Address: 1164 Pembroke Road
City: Bethlehem
State: Pennsylvania
ZIP/Postal Code:
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 610-865-5855
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Lori slut


Posted Aug 05 2014:
I sucked and fucked so many.

Edited on 08/12/14


Posted Jun 15 2014:
This place has really gone downhill. I was there last night and although there was a couple all else was boring. I can't believe how slow it was for a Saturday night.

Edited on 06/23/14


Posted Apr 30 2014:
Hey I'm a 20 y/o male. Do you think I would be allowed in?

Edited on 05/06/14


Posted Apr 19 2014:
I commend the owners and staff for eliminating the foul odor than was beginning to happen and keeping the gloryhole booth walls clean. Thank you very much. I hear there are more women playing there now.

I visited last Saturday night from 8 until 10. It was slow but did get to suck two nice cocks but no rewards. When I left there were 22 cars in the lot. I wish I could have played a few more hours.

So I was able to return this Saturday. Same hours but more action. I sucked six nice cocks and three reciprocated. No one came. Again when I left there were over twenty cars in the lot. I heard it's now open 24/7. Next time I'm hoping for a warm load.

Edited on 04/25/14


Posted Mar 29 2014:
This response is for "guy." You can bet that almost every Friday night there is a couple at the Green Door. Before you go there head to the other store they own called Cupids Treasures on Stefko Blvd. It is literally around the corner. There is a couple there every weekend and the lady will get fucked by all. I noticed she goes for the guys with the bigger cocks. Enjoy, my friend.

Edited on 04/04/14

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Joined: Sep 28, 2013

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Posted Mar 29 2014:
This is response to "Guy." Yes, natural women do come in there often. Some only play with their man, but most take on all cummers.

Edited on 04/04/14
Robynn Cd...


Posted Mar 27 2014:
A man drove me there and pimped me out, it was great. I sucked and got fucked.

Edited on 04/02/14


Posted Mar 22 2014:
Looking for straight women that like to suck or get fucked, are there any there?

Edited on 03/28/14


Posted Feb 27 2014:
This response is for Jacob. It is totally worth going to this place. They also have another place around the corner where I have seen cute couples having a really good time with the guys. They will fuck, just be patient. It is worth the trip, wait for this winter to pass.

Edited on 03/07/14


Posted Jan 18 2014:
I have been going to this place on and off for the last three years. I have to say that lately it has been hit or miss, more miss than anything. Friday nights seems to be the best.

The problem is that many guys who go there end up standing around rather than playing. They also have a store not too far that they have made great improvements in the back. I have more fun there than at the Green Door.

Guys the place is for hot fun, so start having it instead of standing around.

Edited on 01/23/14
mike s


Posted Dec 07 2013:
All I got to admit is this is my first time going today. I will now be a regular weekend visitor. I was part of a bukkake on one man's wife, sucked off a guy, and got sucked off. It was an intense couple hours. God, I love Green Door. And the two guys working the door were beyond accommodating. I asked to change the straight porn video and they had no problem switching it. Great place, just wish it was ten bucks instead of twelve.

Edited on 12/12/13

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Posted Oct 31 2013:
Some suggestions to improve why we’re here and to make the most of it.

Let’s face it, we’re here to enjoy sex. Straight or bi, it doesn’t matter. We just want to get off. We would be very lucky to find a single woman, couple CD or TV, though it happens occasionally. So let’s deal with reality guys: We're here to fuck, suck or be sucked. I have done my own research and find that by going up to a guy and asking what he wants or telling him what you want, will get you satisfied most times one way or another and don’t be afraid to be specific. “Would you like to fuck my mouth?” or “I’d like to suck you off.” “I need your cock in my ass.” “Would you like to fuck me?” That will increase you chances of getting a reward.

I recently sucked two cocks. The first got nice and hard and felt good sliding in and out of my mouth but after a few minutes he pulled out and left. Another cock came through the hole. He had a cock ring on but it didn’t help getting him hard. He left after 10 minutes and returned a while later but still no luck. I even sucked his balls. Oh well, better luck next time.

Now for the exhibitionists out there. Wouldn’t it be nice to remove the front row in the theatre (no one ever sits there) and have a vinyl padded raised platform around 4’ or 5’ in diameter to watch people fuck and suck or join in? I saw this at The Berlin News Agency in Berlin, NJ. They have a great setup for sex with private places for couples as well, and you can watch sometimes. They get many couples on the weekends. It’s clean and very popular. It’s a bit too seedy here yet for the average woman and needs to be cleaned up. It’s beginning to have a distasteful odor and cleanliness is important when having sex.

I brought a woman here twice and both times left within 15 minutes because of the lack of cleanliness and the odor. I’m planning to go on Thursdays to get my mouth fucked. I hope the owners will make some positive changes to improve something that is very special to the Lehigh Valley. Everyone needs to get off. Enjoy.

Edited on 11/06/13


Posted Oct 18 2013:
Hi I'm a young guy looking for cute couples. I'm bi. II live in Chester NY. Is it worth going there? (email address deleted)

Contact info like email addresses and phone numbers are not allowed on the Sex Listings Reviews. You can register as a CFS Member and have people contact you through your profile, or you can post an ad on our Personals at As you can see by the reviews, lots of folks have had good experiences here, including a few couples. ~ Editor

Edited on 10/24/13

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1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Sep 28 2013:
Had an amazing time this past Friday afternoon. It was my fourth time going.

I went in "dressed" and mostly stood at the end of the main hallway with my hands tied and blindfold. Lots of passing gropes and titty licks and then at one point I was triple teamed and forced on my knees and throat fucked till cum was running everywhere.

After recovering from that two more took turns on me doggy style. Then later on in the "straight" theatre I was bent backwards over a chair sucking a line of cocks. At one point during this someone was sucking mine, then my legs and ass were lifted up and I was getting dick at both ends while still bent backwards.

I had to wash off with a jug of water when I left.

Edited on 10/04/13

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Posted Sep 16 2013:
Glad the police issue was explained. That can and has happened at many a place.I went there last night on a whim, Sunday. Wasn't sure. Once there, you can tell either it was an active day, or they haven't cleaned in a while. Got there around 11. It was pretty dead, but in the span of two hours, was still able to get fucked three times via the gloryhole and ate another three loads. There was a female there when I arrived so I expected things to be slow, but seems she missed her moment. Can't wait to finally get there at the right time to get my hole bred over and over again.

Edited on 09/23/13


Posted Aug 27 2013:
This place has potential but not a lot of good looking guys. For the $12 fee and open space, I was expecting more people and fun.

Edited on 09/10/13
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