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Green Door Video

Category: Adult store with arcade, theatre Hours / Entry Fee: Open 24 hours, 7 days a week Submitted: May 25 2001 (Edited 09/07/12)
3.86/5 based on 173 votes. The median rating is 4.
Reviews: 104 reviews

Address: 1164 Pembroke Road
City: Bethlehem
State: Pennsylvania
ZIP/Postal Code:
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 610-865-5855
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Posted Jun 01 2015:
Wow! If you are in the Lehigh Valley area and you are into sucking on some straight and and married dick, this is the place to get it. I have been here four times over the last year and have yet to be disappointed.

Sure, the place is not pretty and well maintained. I can say the same for most of the clientele; twinks don't go here so make do. But when the action really gets going, it is worth the price of the admission.

Who would have thought you could get gloryhole sucking and even bareback fucking action in this conservative area? Just be patient and you'll probably find something to please you.

Edited on 06/09/15

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Posted May 01 2015:
Jumped in the car and drove the hour drive on Sunday. Not totally amazing, but still managed to suck three guys via gloryholes. They fed me nice loads.

I watched a guy get fucked in the next booth. That was hot. Then I stood in the buddy booth, pants down below my ass cheeks. Within three minutes, I had a nice dick sliding up my hole and fucking me good. He bred me, thanked me, and left.

The last was a nice Indian guy. I was blowing him through a gloryhole, then I backed my cummy hole onto his dick. He brought me into his booth, bent me over, and banged me fast and hard, letting the whole place know he was cumming up my hole. Again, not amazing, but a good time still had.

Edited on 05/07/15


Posted Feb 11 2015:
Subject: Straight Guy in Search of Couples and Females
Is there a good time to go here for a straight guy looking for couples or females to hookup with? This place sounds like the most likely in the area to host couples, females and straight guys.

Edited on 02/17/15
tina flash


Posted Feb 10 2015:
I am a CD and want to go here for my first time experience. Want to suck, get sucked, and get fucked in my virgin hole.

FYI, these pages are for reviews or occasional questions about places, not for arranging hookups. If you post as a CFS Member people would be able to contact you through your member profile. You could also use the Message Board. If you prefer not to register, you can post an ad in our Personals Thanks! ~ Editor

Edited on 02/17/15


Posted Dec 18 2014:
I haven't been there but I have gay friends that have. It's mostly for gays, mostly guys go. I hear it's a hit or miss for straight guys, more miss than hit.

Edited on 12/26/14


Posted Dec 01 2014:
Is this open to all sexual orientations? I'm gay.

Edited on 12/04/14

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Posted Nov 01 2014:
Friday night is sometimes better than Saturday. Wow, three couples were there. I watched Couple #1 through the gloryhole. She was sucking a cock at the hole on the other side while he fucked her. I put my hand through the hole to let them know I was there. He saw my hand and pulled it to her pussy so I could finger fuck her. She pushed back on my three fingers while sucking cock and making a lot of noise. After a while I put my cock through the hole and she sucked me for a while until she put her clothes back on.

I followed them to the open small room where he fingered her while I played with her tits. She didn't stop moaning. Eventually we got her clothes off and for the next 1-1/2 hours she came every two or three minutes for all the guys who fingered and fucked her. She was amazing.

Couple #2 walks in and she watches the woman experiencing orgasm after orgasm. I got to finger fuck her ass and pussy a few more times. Her dripping pussy was like a swamp. #2 was getting fingered by her hubby while two other guys played with her tits. #1 saw her and wanted to suck her tits and eat her pussy but #2 didn't want to. Later #2 went to a booth where she got fucked by her hubby while she sucked some cocks through the hole. She was also multi-orgasmic and very verbal. I didn't get the chance to play with her. I never got to see couple #3 in action and they were gone by the time I left the booth.

In between watching and playing with these sluts I managed to suck some four or five cocks and take two loads. It was a great evening at the Green Door.

As I mentioned in previous messages a platform in the theatre for gang bangs would make viewing and participating much more enjoyable. There were twelve guys trying to watch these two couples in the small open room. The theatres, which are way underutilized, with a small platform where three or four people could fit, would be a nice alternative where everyone would be more comfortable and have easier access to mouths, tits, pussy and ass.

Making it comfortable for women will bring in more women and make it more enjoyable for everyone.

Edited on 11/06/14

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Joined: Oct 03, 2014

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Posted Oct 03 2014:
I went by on a Thursday afternoon but the lot looked kinda empty and I'm a little shy. when's the best time to go? I'm thinking about going tonight or this afternoon.

Edited on 10/10/14

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Joined: Dec 14, 2012

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Posted Sep 28 2014:
Best Saturday night ever. 10pm to 1 am. The parking lot was full, 20 cars, and there were four couples there. One couple stayed in the booth and were sucking at the gloryhole. Another couple sat in the theater and watched a cute Latino woman suck her boyfriends cock. A blonde BBW laid on a bench in the open small room with her head on her hubby's lap while he finger fucked her. Other guys, including myself played and came on her huge luscious titties. She did that for about 1/2 hour.

I lost count how many cocks I sucked at the gloryhole, in the smaller rooms, and the theatre. The woman with the big titties said I was a good tittie and cock sucker. They agreed with me about cleaning up the place and loved the idea of removing the first row and putting a platform in the front of the theatre for gangbangs. Something padded with black vinyl cover for comfort and easy cleaning.

Edited on 10/06/14


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Posted Sep 22 2014:
We went again on a Friday night and went into one of the larger rooms in the back. We made out and fucked and sucked and then opened the door a little bit and someone came in to join us. Unfortunately he had stage fright but at least he was really nice. After that we fucked again and then just left.

Edited on 09/29/14


Posted Sep 17 2014:
How is this place on a Saturday night for a couple? And what time does the action go to? Trying to figure out if it's worth stopping by or just a bunch of creepers.

Edited on 09/23/14


Posted Sep 13 2014:
Is there anything going on here during weekdays? Interested is CD, TV, or female.

Edited on 09/18/14

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Joined: Dec 14, 2012

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Posted Sep 04 2014:
I’m finding out that if I ask or offer, it happens. I had a few very successful nights in the past month so don’t be shy, guys. We’re all here for some sort of pleasure.

I watched a couple play through a hole for a while. He finally saw my hand and put his cock through the hole. I sucked him till he was hard then they left. Later they were in a larger booth with a bench and they invited me in. He played a little with her tits and pussy while I sucked him off. Nice load.

Then another night I sat next to a very hot CD in the back booth. What a body! She had just been fucked so I just hugged her and touched her all over. It was hot. I never did that before.

Another time someone sucked me at a hole and I sucked a few others. I’m getting to really like this place.

Edited on 09/09/14
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