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Country Adult Bookstore

Category: Adult store with arcade Hours / Entry Fee: Open 10 am to midnight, closed on Sundays and Mondays Directions: From Highway 219 take Highway 30 (Lincoln Highway) about eight miles east.
Submitted: Apr 18 2004 (Edited 03/04/14)
4.25/5 based on 24 votes. The median rating is .
Reviews: 40 reviews

Address: 6033 Lincoln Highway
City: Stoystown
State: Pennsylvania
ZIP/Postal Code:
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 814-893-6422

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Posted Mar 24 2014:
Haven't been here in over a year. Got lucky this time. Two guys came in together. One maybe 30-something and the other probably in his 50's, both hot masculine guys. I heard both of them agree, "Let's just watch a few, then we're out of here. We have to be at the house in an hour."

The older guy saw me looking when he was in a booth and unzipped and pulled his thick hairy cock out. I opened my mouth at the hole and he slid it right in, didn't even hesitate. I sucked him hard and started to get his precum. Then the younger guy knocked on his door so he pulled out and put himself back in his pants. In the hall the younger guy said he was going out to take a leak.

When he left I went in the last booth on the left and the 50-something guy went in beside me and fed me his dripping cock again. I sucked and licked enjoying myself then I heard the younger guy in the hall say, "Dad, where are you?" That really freaked me out. I was on my knees sucking the young guy's dad. "I'll be out in a minute" he said.

After the dad answered I heard the door to my booth squeak open enough to see the young guy looking in at me with his dad's slick cock stuck in my face. He stepped in enough to make the connection. I signaled him holding his dad's wet cock out toward him. He hesitated maybe a second then stepped in and dropped to his knees. He sucked his dad's cock down his throat. I unzipped and he sucked his dad off while he jacked my cock. He put on a great show, loving his dad's cock.

I was so hot I let an old guy that was peeking in lean in and suck me off while I watched the son swallow his dad's cum load. The son rushed out to the front end of the hall before his dad left his booth. Dad walked out, "Ready?" he said. And they left. Amazing!

Edited on 04/01/14

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Posted Feb 23 2014:
Went yesterday, Saturday, and was surprised. I drove over from Maryland. There must have been 14 to 15 cars in the parking lot. I went in and the clerk informed me that the tokens had changed and they gave more time in the booths. I walked into the booth area and it was wall to wall action.

One guy on the right had his door open and his cock out stroking it. I walked down to the second to last booth on left, went in, dropped a token and dropped my pants. I heard the booth door on the other side close, stuck my cock through the hole, and less then a second later the guy was on it sucking it. He went on for a couple of minutes.

Another guy came in the booth with me and started to rub my ass sand caress my body. He asked me for my cock to suck it. When I pulled from the hole I realized that sometime in all the excitement and good feeling the guy on the other side of the hole had switched from his mouth to his ass and I had been actually fucking him. But it had felt so good I shoved it back in his ass for a couple more strokes before I let the guy in my booth suck it. He sucked for a minute or two then got up and left.

When I turned back towards the hole the guy had his ass pressed against the hole for me to shove it back in which I did. Then I asked him to come in my booth. At that time someone in the next booth sounded like they were cumming through the other wall, lots of moaning.

The guy came in. I thought he wanted more ass-love. Instead he dropped his pants then dropped to his knees and sucked me dry. I haven't cum that hard for a long time. I'd love to get back over there and stay longer to experience more.

Edited on 03/04/14


Posted Dec 29 2013:
Every time I stop here the same couple old guys chase me around which is fine. But I think these guys suck everything that comes in. Not my idea of how to keep my dick clean and happy. No offense to older guys. I get my best blowjobs from a 70 year old neighbor who takes his teeth out. He does great work.

But I like a strange mouth on my cock sometimes, just for the extra excitement. Just after dark I stopped and a young guy, kind of chunky pulled in when I did. I fiddled around in the truck waiting for him to go in so I could take a leak but he just sat there looking around. I got out and went on the other side of my truck to take care of business. While I was shaking it off he stepped behind my truck to watch.

I left my cock and balls out for him to see then opened my truck door. He stepped closer so I pushed my pants down and slid bare-ass onto my truck seat, turned the dome light off and left the door open with my feet on the running board.

He didn't miss a beat. He stepped up, grabbed my nuts and aimed my hardening cock toward his open mouth. I let him suck on it till a vehicle pulled off the highway into the lot. I told him to get in and he went right back to it after seeing who pulled into the lot. I told him to wait but he said the guy was cool. He was right.

The guy got out and watched me getting my cock sucked. The guy sucking me opened my door beside me and aimed my slimy cock at the guy standing there. He bent down and swallowed me whole. They took turns until I shot my load. The standing guy took most of it but gave the guy in my truck the last of what oozed out. Both good cocksuckers.

Edited on 01/06/14


Posted Oct 07 2013:
I was there a few months ago. I went in one of the booths with the holes. Didn't have to wait long, someone went into the stall next to me and signaled me to put my cock in the hole. I did. I could tell it was a man because the tongue was rough, but damn did he make me cum hard. I heard him swallow and leave.

Then an older guy came in and stuck his dick through the hole. I sucked a dick for the first time, God I was so turned on. I let him come into my booth and I tried to make him cum but he didn't.

He left and another guy came in to the booth next to me and stuck his dick in the hole. He was younger, so I started sucking his cock. He pulled out and left.

I finally left a little upset.I wanted a load of cum in my mouth so bad. I was also hoping that I would get fucked or get to fuck a woman. Man or woman, I don't care! I was gonna go Monday but they are closed so I'm gonna be there Tuesday when they open!

Edited on 10/11/13
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Posted Oct 04 2013:
Was here Thursday 7:30 pm, nice set up. All gloryholes are on the left side. First booth is broken. Right side has no gloryholes. No one was willing to drop their pants except me. Got one guy to suck me off but he had no clue. For me a good blowjob is slow and gentle, a lot of tongue action, not like I got a teethed jackhammer with a vacuum attached. So I left with all my little friends still happily swimming in me.

I am looking to suck my first dick to completion. Never had one cum although I've sucked a few.

Edited on 10/10/13


Posted Aug 23 2013:
A couple older guys were here when I came in, probably in their 60's, one taller with white hair and the other heavier and shorter with darker grey hair. I'm 27 and like being sucked by older guys because they take their time. They appreciate a hard dick and a good load of cum.

I used Grindr to find an older guy who wanted to suck me. One guy was right on me so I asked him if he was "___" who I was meeting. He nodded and walked to the last booth on the left pushing the door open. I went in and he followed me pushing the door shut. The door didn't latch but he said it didn't matter. He just pulled my shorts down and got on his knees in front of me. He played with my balls while he sucked my cock.

Then he pulled the door in some and let the other older guy watch him sucking me. I have to say it made me hot. While he was sucking me another guy came in. He was a good-looking guy 35 or so with a dark goatee and a wedding ring. The other older guy got him in the booth across the hall leaving the door open and pulled his pants down. I watched while he got his dick sucked and he watched me.

I came first but stayed to watch the other guy shoot. I ended up leaving about 20 minutes later because he still didn't shoot even with both older guys sucking his dick.

Edited on 09/09/13


Posted Apr 29 2013:
My last stop here I got sucked by three guys before I came. I'm a married guy, plumber (and yeah I have a crack) and I'm 51. I've been stopping at bookstores for the last 15 years or so to get my cock sucked.

First guy who put his mouth on my dick was there when I went in, a chubby older guy, 60-something maybe. He got my dick hard through a hole then I pulled out. Next booth I went into another guy went in beside me with a big grey mustache. He started to suck my dick through the hole and kept the suction on it so I couldn't slide it in and out of his mouth like I like to do. I was able to slide in and out a few times and I have to say I like to watch my dick slide into a guy's mouth with heavy facial hair. But he wasn't doing it for me. So when I heard someone new come in I pulled out again.

I walked out to where the movie boxes are displayed and a younger guy, maybe 30, chunky with a baby face looked me up and down. I went into the last booth on the left and waited to see if he followed. He did so I pulled my dick out. He moved his open mouth to the hole and I slid my dick into it. This guy had a really soft almost pussy-like mouth. He sucked me for a minute or so and I pulled out and told him he could come in my booth. When he came in he said, "I want your cum," and got between my legs. The other two guys ended up watching him suck me off, one looking through the hole and the other standing outside the booth looking in past the door that didn't latch. His mouth felt so good I let him suck and lick my cock and balls 10 minutes or so after I fed him my jizz.

Edited on 05/03/13
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