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Adult Country Bookstore

Category: Adult store with arcade Hours / Entry Fee: Open 10 am to midnight, closed on Sundays and Mondays Directions: From Highway 219 take Highway 30 (Lincoln Highway) about eight miles east.
Submitted: Apr 18 2004 (Edited 11/13/15)
3.81/5 based on 37 votes. The median rating is .
Reviews: 49 reviews

Address: 6033 Lincoln Highway
City: Stoystown
State: Pennsylvania
ZIP/Postal Code: 15563
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 814-893-6422
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Posted Sep 02 2016:
This place is great, plenty of action. Best times are 7 to 11 pm, Friday and Saturday. This place is clean, especially the backroom. Lots of country boys come in. Clerks are friendly.

I go here every weekend. I wish it was open Sunday too. Couples come in here a lot, too. Fun place.

Edited on 09/13/16
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Posted Dec 30 2015:
The female clerk is sweet. When I went there were about five elderly queens hanging around. They looked and smelled very bad. Worse, they were pushy and I had to be forceful with them. No trade came in while I was there. The men who frequent this place really need to practice better hygiene.

Edited on 01/07/16


Posted Dec 17 2015:
Are there any women in the gloryholes?

Edited on 12/23/15

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Apr 07, 2004

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


Posted Nov 08 2015:
This place is just over the mountain from me. I am a cocksucker and when it just gets to be too much I find this place to be a good outlet. My favorite times are summer weekends when the bikers ride the Lincoln Highway. There is nothing quite as exciting for a faggot like myself to hear a few bikes pull up outside when I am inside kneeling at a gloryhole.

It can be kind of hit or miss and yes, sometimes the guys are older, but I am into Daddy cock anyways so it is good for me. i never leave without taking one nice load and a couple times I have been servicing a man at the gloryhole with the door open and men watching from the hallway. I love walking out with a cummy taste in my mouth and seeing men, wondering "Did i suck him off?" It makes me want to go back in and kneel again.

If you want to head out here and wanna let me wrap my warm lips around your hard cock email me at deleted. I will be glad you did Sir.

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Edited on 11/13/15


Posted Jul 20 2015:
This place gets away with being filthy because the regulars are filthier. When you see dead gnats on one screen in February, there's a problem and it's gnats dying in cum that's been on the screen for years.

Edited on 07/28/15


2 of 2 people found this review helpful
Posted Jan 14 2015:
Been stopping here to get my cock sucked for a few years now. I drive by everyday for work. Sometimes I leave without a blowjob because some of the suckers there smell like they've been sweating and sucking in the same clothes for a couple weeks. I don't mind sweat from work but sometimes they're just rank.

So anyway. I got a cool story. Got a new boss at work a couple months ago and he's a little shit. He's about 5'6", 140, and I'm 6'2", 210. I'm 43 and he's thirty-something. So I was in a booth here thinking about leaving after avoiding the regular guys and a young clean cut guy looked through the gloryhole at me. I unzipped and flopped my cock out and he opened his mouth at the hole. I pushed my cock into his mouth and let him suck for a good ten minutes. He asked to come over so I unlatched the door.

When he came in we both got a big surprise since he didn't expect me and I didn't know it was him. Before he could reconsider I pulled him in by his arm and pushed the door shut. Without talking I shoved him down and pushed by cock back down his throat. He was staring up at me and didn't seem to know if he wanted to continue but I started to pump his throat. It got his mind back on business.

I think I took advantage because I rammed his throat with my cock, gagged him several times, and made his eyes water. When I shot my load I buried my cock down his throat and pulled his face into my hairy crotch. I held him there sputtering and gagging till my cock quit jumping. I thought he'd be mad but he seemed really turned on and thanked me when he left. Going to try to get him again.

Edited on 01/19/15


Posted Nov 03 2014:
The guys who stand sentry in the hall are annoying but most guys are turned off by their obviousness. I've been shocked a few times though. A hot, hot young muscular, goateed guy let every regular suck his cock one day. I don't think he ever shot his load. But, yeeech. Anyway most clean-cut guys avoid the regulars.

So I wouldn't rule this place out. Set up a meet here or take your chances. You might get lucky. I did. Got a married guy from Cresson to meet me here from online. Already had pictures of him and he was even better in person. Might have annoyed the regulars when he kept leaving a booth when they looked through the hole. They gave way and when I looked through the hole, he unzipped and pushed his fat cock through to me.

Eventually went into his booth and left the hole open for the regulars to see what they missed while I sucked then swallowed his heavy load. I followed him out of the booth as he left and bumped into a big chunk of red-headed country boy. Looked barely 21, chunky but muscular, scruffy and unshaved. He was wearing those loose long basketball shorts and flopping with each step.

He looked me in the eye and went in the booth beside me so I turned around and went back in, looking through the hole. He already had his shorts down to his knees while he was putting a token in the machine. He had a nice big, furry bum and thick fuzzy legs. When he turned toward the hole I fell in love. When guys use the word "meat," they meant this kid. Lord, his dick was prime. Without touching his dick it just started to rise by the hole. I reached for it but he backed up a little until his fat dick stood straight up. Then he stepped up for me to take it.

I had to pull it down to get the head into my mouth. To make it easier I went into his booth and enjoyed myself between his legs for almost an hour, swallowing loads of precum and eventually two enormous loads. Both gagged me because I couldn't swallow fast enough to keep up. Delicious. I'd quit my job to stay between this kid's legs all day long. And normally I'm not an ass man but I spent a lot of time with my tongue probing his warm asshole. He was my number. Wow! If you see this guy jump on him.

Edited on 11/10/14


Posted Sep 15 2014:
Yeah this place has a way funky smell but basically it a combination of male sweat, cock, cum, and ass. I've eaten some hot redneck cock, balls, ass, and cum. Plenty of married juice, too. Too bad some stinky regulars position themselves in the aisle like stalled garbage trucks. Amazing to me that some hot guys give it up to these guys with the stench of a thousand dirty cocks.

Still worth the trip if the right guy comes in. Don't let the regulars get in a booth in front of you and you'll love it.
Stopped here yesterday after looking at a pickup for sale by a private party nearby. I kept giving the married owner's crotch a good look then asked him if he knew where this bookstore was located. I already knew but wanted to know if he did.

He did and he got there about ten minutes after I did. I went into a booth and he went in beside me. I had his cock down my throat in about a minute then went into his booth and finished him off with someone looking through the hole as I swallowed his creamy load.

Edited on 09/22/14


Posted May 17 2014:
Not the biggest or cleanest place but have gotten some nice redneck cock here. I've been on a real streak of married dick lately. My last two visits here I swallowed three hot married guy loads both times. Three hairy, sweaty, chunky guys all with fat cocks probably 5 to 7 inches. All three guys had muddy work boots and a nice manly funk when I licked their ball sacks. Thick loads of juicy cum too.

Two younger guys, early 20's, both hairy, farm boy types. One had brown hair and the other was a hard body redhead. 7 or 8 inches. The redhead had the bigger cock with a huge mushroom head and balls to match. I got loads from both but kept the redhead on the edge for over half an hour eating tons of precum before the real thing coursed down my hungry throat.

The last guy I got was a real hunk with dark hair and goatee who rides a motorcycle. I've seen him here before but never had him. This time I didn't waste any time and got the booth beside him. Right away he aimed his hard cock at the hole and I took him down my throat. Hard, rock hard cock. Really enjoyed myself.

Edited on 05/22/14


Posted Mar 24 2014:
Haven't been here in over a year. Got lucky this time. Two guys came in together. One maybe 30-something and the other probably in his 50's, both hot masculine guys. I heard both of them agree, "Let's just watch a few, then we're out of here. We have to be at the house in an hour."

The older guy saw me looking when he was in a booth and unzipped and pulled his thick hairy cock out. I opened my mouth at the hole and he slid it right in, didn't even hesitate. I sucked him hard and started to get his precum. Then the younger guy knocked on his door so he pulled out and put himself back in his pants. In the hall the younger guy said he was going out to take a leak.

When he left I went in the last booth on the left and the 50-something guy went in beside me and fed me his dripping cock again. I sucked and licked enjoying myself then I heard the younger guy in the hall say, "Dad, where are you?" That really freaked me out. I was on my knees sucking the young guy's dad. "I'll be out in a minute" he said.

After the dad answered I heard the door to my booth squeak open enough to see the young guy looking in at me with his dad's slick cock stuck in my face. He stepped in enough to make the connection. I signaled him holding his dad's wet cock out toward him. He hesitated maybe a second then stepped in and dropped to his knees. He sucked his dad's cock down his throat. I unzipped and he sucked his dad off while he jacked my cock. He put on a great show, loving his dad's cock.

I was so hot I let an old guy that was peeking in lean in and suck me off while I watched the son swallow his dad's cum load. The son rushed out to the front end of the hall before his dad left his booth. Dad walked out, "Ready?" he said. And they left. Amazing!

Edited on 04/01/14

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Feb 23, 2014

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


Posted Feb 23 2014:
Went yesterday, Saturday, and was surprised. I drove over from Maryland. There must have been 14 to 15 cars in the parking lot. I went in and the clerk informed me that the tokens had changed and they gave more time in the booths. I walked into the booth area and it was wall to wall action.

One guy on the right had his door open and his cock out stroking it. I walked down to the second to last booth on left, went in, dropped a token and dropped my pants. I heard the booth door on the other side close, stuck my cock through the hole, and less then a second later the guy was on it sucking it. He went on for a couple of minutes.

Another guy came in the booth with me and started to rub my ass sand caress my body. He asked me for my cock to suck it. When I pulled from the hole I realized that sometime in all the excitement and good feeling the guy on the other side of the hole had switched from his mouth to his ass and I had been actually fucking him. But it had felt so good I shoved it back in his ass for a couple more strokes before I let the guy in my booth suck it. He sucked for a minute or two then got up and left.

When I turned back towards the hole the guy had his ass pressed against the hole for me to shove it back in which I did. Then I asked him to come in my booth. At that time someone in the next booth sounded like they were cumming through the other wall, lots of moaning.

The guy came in. I thought he wanted more ass-love. Instead he dropped his pants then dropped to his knees and sucked me dry. I haven't cum that hard for a long time. I'd love to get back over there and stay longer to experience more.

Edited on 03/04/14


Posted Dec 29 2013:
Every time I stop here the same couple old guys chase me around which is fine. But I think these guys suck everything that comes in. Not my idea of how to keep my dick clean and happy. No offense to older guys. I get my best blowjobs from a 70 year old neighbor who takes his teeth out. He does great work.

But I like a strange mouth on my cock sometimes, just for the extra excitement. Just after dark I stopped and a young guy, kind of chunky pulled in when I did. I fiddled around in the truck waiting for him to go in so I could take a leak but he just sat there looking around. I got out and went on the other side of my truck to take care of business. While I was shaking it off he stepped behind my truck to watch.

I left my cock and balls out for him to see then opened my truck door. He stepped closer so I pushed my pants down and slid bare-ass onto my truck seat, turned the dome light off and left the door open with my feet on the running board.

He didn't miss a beat. He stepped up, grabbed my nuts and aimed my hardening cock toward his open mouth. I let him suck on it till a vehicle pulled off the highway into the lot. I told him to get in and he went right back to it after seeing who pulled into the lot. I told him to wait but he said the guy was cool. He was right.

The guy got out and watched me getting my cock sucked. The guy sucking me opened my door beside me and aimed my slimy cock at the guy standing there. He bent down and swallowed me whole. They took turns until I shot my load. The standing guy took most of it but gave the guy in my truck the last of what oozed out. Both good cocksuckers.

Edited on 01/06/14


Posted Oct 07 2013:
I was there a few months ago. I went in one of the booths with the holes. Didn't have to wait long, someone went into the stall next to me and signaled me to put my cock in the hole. I did. I could tell it was a man because the tongue was rough, but damn did he make me cum hard. I heard him swallow and leave.

Then an older guy came in and stuck his dick through the hole. I sucked a dick for the first time, God I was so turned on. I let him come into my booth and I tried to make him cum but he didn't.

He left and another guy came in to the booth next to me and stuck his dick in the hole. He was younger, so I started sucking his cock. He pulled out and left.

I finally left a little upset.I wanted a load of cum in my mouth so bad. I was also hoping that I would get fucked or get to fuck a woman. Man or woman, I don't care! I was gonna go Monday but they are closed so I'm gonna be there Tuesday when they open!

Edited on 10/11/13
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jan 15, 2010

Total Listings: -1
Total Reviews: 32


Posted Oct 04 2013:
Was here Thursday 7:30 pm, nice set up. All gloryholes are on the left side. First booth is broken. Right side has no gloryholes. No one was willing to drop their pants except me. Got one guy to suck me off but he had no clue. For me a good blowjob is slow and gentle, a lot of tongue action, not like I got a teethed jackhammer with a vacuum attached. So I left with all my little friends still happily swimming in me.

I am looking to suck my first dick to completion. Never had one cum although I've sucked a few.

Edited on 10/10/13


Posted Aug 23 2013:
A couple older guys were here when I came in, probably in their 60's, one taller with white hair and the other heavier and shorter with darker grey hair. I'm 27 and like being sucked by older guys because they take their time. They appreciate a hard dick and a good load of cum.

I used Grindr to find an older guy who wanted to suck me. One guy was right on me so I asked him if he was "___" who I was meeting. He nodded and walked to the last booth on the left pushing the door open. I went in and he followed me pushing the door shut. The door didn't latch but he said it didn't matter. He just pulled my shorts down and got on his knees in front of me. He played with my balls while he sucked my cock.

Then he pulled the door in some and let the other older guy watch him sucking me. I have to say it made me hot. While he was sucking me another guy came in. He was a good-looking guy 35 or so with a dark goatee and a wedding ring. The other older guy got him in the booth across the hall leaving the door open and pulled his pants down. I watched while he got his dick sucked and he watched me.

I came first but stayed to watch the other guy shoot. I ended up leaving about 20 minutes later because he still didn't shoot even with both older guys sucking his dick.

Edited on 09/09/13


Posted Apr 29 2013:
My last stop here I got sucked by three guys before I came. I'm a married guy, plumber (and yeah I have a crack) and I'm 51. I've been stopping at bookstores for the last 15 years or so to get my cock sucked.

First guy who put his mouth on my dick was there when I went in, a chubby older guy, 60-something maybe. He got my dick hard through a hole then I pulled out. Next booth I went into another guy went in beside me with a big grey mustache. He started to suck my dick through the hole and kept the suction on it so I couldn't slide it in and out of his mouth like I like to do. I was able to slide in and out a few times and I have to say I like to watch my dick slide into a guy's mouth with heavy facial hair. But he wasn't doing it for me. So when I heard someone new come in I pulled out again.

I walked out to where the movie boxes are displayed and a younger guy, maybe 30, chunky with a baby face looked me up and down. I went into the last booth on the left and waited to see if he followed. He did so I pulled my dick out. He moved his open mouth to the hole and I slid my dick into it. This guy had a really soft almost pussy-like mouth. He sucked me for a minute or so and I pulled out and told him he could come in my booth. When he came in he said, "I want your cum," and got between my legs. The other two guys ended up watching him suck me off, one looking through the hole and the other standing outside the booth looking in past the door that didn't latch. His mouth felt so good I let him suck and lick my cock and balls 10 minutes or so after I fed him my jizz.

Edited on 05/03/13


Posted Dec 16 2012:
Stopped here Saturday after spending some time at Seven Springs with a few friends. I've been here before and got my dick sucked a few times. We had a few drinks so were pretty loose except for Ty, our designated driver. We got tokens to go into the movie area. We all went in our own booths and some had holes.

We decided to pants Ty in his booth so after I knocked on his door we pushed inside and together we got his pants and underwear off. So all he had on was his shirt, coat, and shoes. We watched a few movies on our own then checked on Ty. He was fuming and cursing us sitting on his coat in his booth not even watching a movie. There were a couple older guys there, one with a big mustache and another guy who was pretty chunky. One of them was in the booth beside Ty on the other side of the hole.

We left him alone for awhile, maybe 10 minutes telling him we'd be in the car when he was ready to leave. The other guys went out for a cigarette and I watched a few more movies. When I came out and went near Ty's booth I heard definite sucking sounds. I listened again. Ty (the only married guy in our group) was getting his cock sucked by one of the old guys.

I waited a couple minutes then pushed on his door. The lock sprang open and Ty was stumbling back from the hole with a big dripping boner. I pretended not to see and backed out telling him his pants were down the hall in the booth on the end and we were ready to go. I waited in a booth across the hall with the door cracked open and watched. The sucking started again and the old guy was moaning and gagging swallowing Ty's load I guess.

A few minutes later Ty's door opened slowly and he peeked out seeing no one in the hall. He came out and headed to the end trying to cover his still swollen floppy, shiny dick looking for his pants. When he found them he went in the booth and I went outside. He joined us in about five minutes still pissed.

Edited on 12/24/12


Posted Dec 01 2012:
My father-in-law has always liked me but I didn't know how much till last week. I was driving down Route 30 on my way to my brother-in-law's to meet him, his father, and some of his friends for a night of cards and beer. I stopped at this bookstore to get my dick sucked.

Couple older guys were hanging around and someone was in the next to last booth on the left. I went in the end one with the loose door. I started the movie and sat down squeezing my crotch. Someone was looking through the hole so I pulled my cock out. He signaled me to put it through and started sucking. When he backed off, he said my name. Shocked I just stood there. He said,"I'm coming over so I can get at it better."

When the door opened my father-in-law stepped in saying, "I know D___ (his daughter) doesn't do this justice." With that he got on his knees and sucked away. I came so fast I sat down and let him suck on it for awhile before we both had to leave. This was so kinky that I kept boning up playing cards that evening. So, after everyone went to bed around 3 am, he sucked me off on the couch in the den again.

Edited on 12/06/12


Posted Dec 01 2012:
Was here a few weeks ago and it was my first experience at a book store. Had a great time sucking!

Edited on 12/06/12
joan crossdresser

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Aug 01, 2012

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Posted Oct 28 2012:
I am a crossdresser. When is the best time to come here? I want to suck and get fucked. I am totally shaven, I will be totally dressed.

Edited on 11/05/12


Posted Jan 24 2012:
First stopped here with my wife last September. Feeling horny, I stopped this time myself and watched movies on the right side with no holes, since the two guys there seemed kind of unwashed. Later, while I was getting more tokens a younger guy came in and gave me a good look. I walked all the way to the back left booth with the loose door and went in. Before I got a token in I felt air blowing through the hole next to me and a lock closing. As my movie started, his open mouth was at the hole. I unzipped and laid my dick on his tongue. He sucked me in and worked me until I pulled my slimy dick out and sat down on the bench. He practically burst into the booth to get at me. I have to say I could have sat there all day. He had the softest mouth, the closest thing to pussy I can imagine. He went at me for over an hour, getting my cum twice. He's done me 5 more times since then, twice in my basement, and once with my wife and mother-in-law upstairs.

Edited on 01/27/12


Posted Sep 30 2011:
Subject: Review of Stoystown PA
Love the female day time clerk! But the men were only a couple of 70ish hillbillies who didn't smell clean. Kind of gross. It was really slow around lunch time.

Edited on 10/10/11


Posted Sep 26 2011:
Stopped here with my wife in August and went into the last booth on the left where the door floats free. About a minute into the movie a finger came through the hole. My wife unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out, wanting me to step toward the hole. I told her "no," but she pushed me forward and a mouth appeared at the hole. She wiggled my dick until it hit the guy's tongue. He moved forward a little and my dickhead slipped into his mouth. She pulled on my balls sliding my cock further into his mouth, pulling my pants to my ankles. She then let a guy in from the hall and he spread my ass cheeks and licked my hole. I shot my load in less than 3 minutes.

Edited on 10/04/11


Posted Aug 05 2011:
A great place. Lot's of straight, young guys go there to get sucked.

Edited on 08/09/11


Posted Sep 15 2010:
This place is always hot. Best afternoons and evenings, just keep the tokens falling and the staff are fine.

Edited on 09/16/10


Posted Jan 28 2010:
This hot place has gloryholes and I usually leave happy.

Edited on 01/28/10


Posted Jul 27 2009:
The female clerk is sweet. It's an old fashioned run-down ABS with about 20 booths. I am a trannie and it was slow going around noon, but hen a hot 40 year old guy came in. He sucked my tits and fucked me slowly over a 1/2 hour period and then came in my mouth. I'll be back!


Posted Mar 05 2009:
About a month ago I spotted my uncle's truck (he's married, to my aunt of course) in the parking lot. I decided to go in to check it out. Only the clerk was in the front room and three or four booths on the left had movies playing. I went into the booth area, beside each one, to check the gloryholes until I found him. He was standing and jacking his cock while a guy on the other side was sticking his finger through the opposite gloryhole. He looked at the gloryhole but just kept jacking. Eventually the guy must have lost interest when he didn't shove his dick through. I decided to do the same thing on my side since my booth was dark. (I hadn't dropped a token.) I put my finger through and he stepped toward the gloryhole. He stood close enough so my finger could just rub the head. Then he slid his pants down over his butt. I stuck my tongue out into the gloryhole and he put a rubber on and started to rub his dick head on my tongue. When I opened my mouth wider he slid his dick in just past the head. After he pushed it through further I started to unroll the condom as I sucked. When I had it slid about to his dick head he pulled out and slid it back down then put it back through. It only took about four strokes and I slid the condom off into my mouth. He pulled out long enough to see his naked dick exit an anonymous mouth. He rubbed it on my tongue a couple times and put it back through the gloryhole and let me finish what I started without the rubber. He came, I swallowed, he left. Hot time! I still can't believe this happened.


Posted Dec 13 2008:
I was there just after it opened on November 28th. There was only one car in the parking lot. I got some tokens, went into to the booth area and saw one booth was running so I went in the next booth. I peeked in and saw an older gent stroking his hardon. I pulled mine out he got on his knees, reached through the gloryhole and pulled me in. He sucked me real good, very gently, and without scraping his teeth along my shaft (which I hate). I started to pump his mouth and filled him with my cream. It was best head I have had in a long time.


Posted Oct 27 2008:
This place is hot! I've never left without dumping a hot load down a throat or jacking a big gun off.


Posted Sep 15 2008:
This place is still the best bookstore in Pennsylvania. As in sales, when you feel like your worst deal is ahead of you it turns out to be the best. I was in this store recently and it was only me and one older gentleman in the booth area. So I figured I'd check out his rap and lo and behold he had a big ole dick! That guy unloaded about a year's worth of cum in my mouth, on top of it, everywhere! The owners of this store are the best and I look so forward to visiting this store when I'm in the area.


Posted May 06 2008:
This is by far my favorite place to go when I'm in town. It has been the best kept secret for ages but in my opinion has slightly picked up in popularity in the last year or so. In other words, more bottoms/mouths than cocks to suck lately but it is like fishing -- you just have to figure out what time to go, depending on what you like.


Posted Jan 17 2008:
Not the cleanest but who cares. There are gloryholes and no problem to double or triple up. Lots of redneck, married, hot man-dick lookin' for a blowjob.


Posted Oct 09 2007:
This place in a rural location but seems to be very busy and popular. I was there on a Wednesday at noon and there were about six men in the booth area, all obviously looking for fun. Two of them were hot, blue-collar, rural Pennsylvania married daddies (just my type) and I serviced both. It's obvious that the clerk knows what's going on and doesn't care. Frankly, I enjoyed this site more than some I've been to in Philadelphia!


Posted Jun 18 2007:
This place is well worth the trip. Half the booths have gloryholes. Other booths are big enough for two or more. I have never left without dumping a load down a hot throat. The staff is cool!


Posted May 07 2007:
This is a great place! Gloryholes and the staff is cool as long as tokens fall. I've never left disappointed. Best times are around noon and again after 8 pm.


Posted Jan 21 2007:
This place is up and down. The owner (a thin older woman) checks the booths often unless you are her buddy. Same with a couple other clerks. Good set up, just never sure when the clerks might bother you.


Posted Nov 27 2006:
This is one of the few hot bookstores left in Pennsylvania. It has a great mixture of guys: twinks, muscle guys, older men if you're into them and plenty of straight guys just wanting to get off. If there were a rating system for this place I would give it five stars out of five.


Posted Nov 26 2006:
I was there a couple of weeks ago on a Thursday afternoon. Good mix of guys ranging from twenties and thirties to older. Sucked off a couple of the younger guys and gave a handjob to an older guy. Management was great.


Posted Mar 25 2006:
This place is great! I have never left disappointed. The clerks are cool. A large variety of men: married, hot older guys, gays and bi's, and of course a few old trolls. But the gloryhole booths are always hopping.


Posted Feb 22 2006:
I was there on a weeknight. It was not very busy but the two staff member that worked while I was there were both friendly and didn't bother the customers. I did get fucked through the nice sized gloryholes and got a good blowjob.


Posted Dec 31 2005:
I fix computers for a living and I stop by anytime I'm in the area. If only I could have a store like this one near my hometown. The owner and clerks are all very gay/bi-friendly. I've had sex through the gloryholes here and in the booths with both men and women. This store has to be the best kept secret in the state. Make a trip here and you won't be sorry you took the time to go there.


Posted Dec 18 2005:
Stopped in tonight. Saw the usual cruising guys and trolls. I entered a gloryhole booth and looked through the hole expecting to see a cock and saw two people in the booth. I noticed one kneeling and sucking away. I stood up and dropped my pants and looked again and saw a pair of breasts and a smooth, shapely ass. I was pleasantly surprised to see a pretty girl sucking her man off. She got completely naked and whispered for me to give her my cock. I put it in the hole and she began to give me the most pleasant handjob while her boyfriend encouraged her. She began to use both hands and cupped my balls. She worked hard for my cum. Her boyfriend kept saying to her, 'you know you want it.' In about two minutes, I pumped my cum all over her sweet hands. She moaned. I dropped to my knees and she began sucking her boyfriend again. I was completely turned on and fascinated. She sucks amazing cock. I reached through and gave her all the tokens I had purchased and said she was a hell of a lot more exciting to watch than the movies being played. I'll be jerking off to the memory of this night for years. I'm jealous of her boyfriend. He's one of the luckiest guys on the planet to have a girl love cock so much. What a great Christmas present!


Posted Nov 27 2005:
I was there on a recent Saturday afternoon and had a hot time in a booth with a gloryhole. I was stroked and sucked by a dude on the opposite side until I couldn't take it any longer. I blew my load into his mouth and he loved it. Clerks were very nice and cool.


Posted Jul 26 2005:
I talked to the clerk and the police are not watching now nor ever before. This isn't the cleanest place but there are gloryholes and two-in-a-booth is ok as long as you drop tokens, otherwise the clerk bothers you.


Posted Sep 07 2004:
I sucked the biggest cock of my life here. It was eleven inches total. I got about ten and a half of it down. This place rocks. I have been going there for years without one issue.


Posted Jun 29 2004:
I got several hot blowjobs from both gay and married men here. I also fucked a few. I hope to suck my first cock there soon!


Posted May 13 2004:
I've enjoyed some very hot sex here on Friday evenings after 7 pm. The clerks are also very cool about things here.


Posted Apr 18 2004:
This is a great place with big booths and gloryholes.

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