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The Mega-Plex


Category: Bathhouse with full facilities Hours / Entry Fee: Open 24 hours daily Submitted: May 12 2001 (Edited 01/09/17)
3.05/5 based on 20 votes. The median rating is 3.
Reviews: 45 reviews

Address: 257 Allens Avenue
City: Providence
State: Rhode Island
ZIP/Postal Code: 02905
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 401-780-8769
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Posted Jan 05 2017:
Went here on Dec 21, Wednesday afternoon between 3 to 5 pm. Very very quiet. Maybe four or five other guys besides me, so almost nothing going on. Even these guys I didn't getting on with each other and I wasn't getting any vibes either. Even in the dark sauna room, I went there a few times and three of us would sit around and leave the room.

Finally one guy approached me. I sucked him pretty good and let him cum in my mouth, didn't swallow it though. Then he left without returning the favor.

I was about to leave as there was no action then in the locker room, but another guy approached me. We went to sauna. I sucked him too and let him cum in the mouth. He barely returned the favor for a few seconds and then left.

Luckily there was another guy watching and he readily sucked me good and had me in his mouth. Then I left. There were almost no other guys left there.

Edited on 01/09/17


Posted Nov 11 2016:
I had to add the review as I visited this place today for the first time. Not finding enough recent reviews was one of the reasons it took me so long to finally decide to go to this place. In summary, I liked this place.

I have been a straight guy so far, with no gay experiments whatsoever, so I needed a place to try out with relative anonymity and also a place where I can choose how far I want to go or just watch etc. After lots of research I decided that bathhouses are the place to go. This one was closest so I went there though not having enough reviews and some really nasty reviews was holding me back.

Glad I went. It's a very large place, definitely not a shiny place, but in fairly decent condition. The main thing is that it served the purpose well for what this place is meant for, providing guys with lots of options to try whatever they want.

For a Friday afternoon I think it was a good-sized crowd. I estimate something like twenty to thirty guys easy. The staff seemed overwhelmed but talked nicely enough to me, so no complaints.

Guys were all shapes, sizes, and ages. More older guys but a decent number of guys in 30s and 40s, good enough for me. I am in my 30s. Maybe because I am in my 30s and in good shape, had no issue in getting guys approach me. I ended up sucking three guys and had a total of six guys suck me. I didn't want to go beyond that, and every single guy I hooked up with was very respectful of the boundaries and behaved very well.

Now I will go through the details if someone is still interested in reading on, mainly for people like me who want to know more about these places but couldn't find any recent reviews.

The main entrance takes you to a window where the attendant takes your ID (he returns it after taking the info), takes the money, and buzzes you in. And then he continues on to give you the locker key and towel.

A standard locker room was on the right. Then on to shower. When I started walking around I saw that there are about three or four rows of rooms, most were either locked or had single guys waiting for someone to join. Two of the rooms had major group gang-bangs going on with another four or five guys standing outside stroking. I stopped by to peek, let another guy stroke me for a minute or two, and then kept exploring.

The play room's a decently large area with three or four couches and gay porn on the large TV. At that point there was no action but I kept coming back to it every ten or fifteen minutes during my time there and later on there was lots of action.

So after walking around I stumbled upon the steam room. Way too steamy but can't complain. Since this was my first time, I was not making eye contact with anyone in the hallways and wanted to just take it all in first.

In the steam room, within two minutes another guy came in, sat by my side and started stroking his dick. Needless to say, I started too and for some reason this guy also wanted to talk during this stroking.

He was a decent looking 40s married guy who wouldn't suck or let me suck without condom. So we stroked a few minutes and then went our own ways. Then I went into the dry sauna and there were almost ten guys in that small dark room in different stages of sucking and stroking but no fucking.

I walked around more and saw that now in more than a few rooms there was fucking and group action of three or four people going on. I watched some more but had no interest in joining in.

Back to the steam room and another guy found me in two minutes, started sucking and then invited me to his room. In his room we both sucked each other, 69ed, etc. for about five minutes and then I left as I didn't want to come.

I went to the dry sauna again and this time there was a train fuck of four guys in a row! I sat there watching them when someone else started sucking me. He sucked me for about a minute and then went out, we didn't even say hi or see each other in that dark room — pretty cool!

I went to the play room again and things were all heated up. Two guys were getting fucked pretty hard, another four or five guys standing around jerking each other and another group of three guys on the side with one guy on his knees sucking them.

I joined the group and got another nice sucking. Still didn't want to come, so stopped after a couple of minutes. But I had to approach the guy who was getting fucked really hard on the table and let him suck me for another minute while he was getting pounded really hard. This scene lasted another minute or so then pretty much everyone was spent.

So I took a breather, got water from the front desk ($1), and a Snickers from the vending machine ($1.50). Then went back on my rounds of the hallway. I was loving it. So much action and absolutely no hassling, no worries. I never thought that I would feel this comfortable in such a place.

I think the main reason was that there is no way anyone could judge anyone else. All were guys, and pretty much there for exactly the same reason, so the overall atmosphere was still very relaxed for me even with all the heated action. The playroom had some action pretty much all the time.

I went to steam room again and yet again, found a guy stroking me. When I started sucking this time I was more vigorous as I was getting more practice by the minute. It seemed like he was going to cum, so I thought let's try this too and I let him cum in my mouth. But as it turned out this guy was well spent so even though he came, almost nothing came out in my mouth. I felt bad when I asked him did you cum or not? Another first for me - cum in mouth!

But since I hadn't cum, I kept going on. Another nice mutual suck in the dry sauna, a few more stroking around in the play room and then I was ready to leave, had to leave on time.

I finally left without cumming. I didn't want to take the chance of guilt taking over me when I actually enjoyed this place so much.

So this should give a good idea about the place. Look — almost run down, guys — all shapes and sizes but more older ones than younger ones, but I found everyone very nice and everyone had the same purpose, to enjoy sex with no strings, no worries.

Afterwards I did stop by at the strip club right next door to check if this has changed me enough that I somehow find boobs less arousing, thankfully no. I had a great lap dance, sucked really nice tits for $20 and was very happy that I now have more things to enjoy in life.

Thanks so much for your Review. You are fortunate that you found no judgment, and I'm happy you enjoyed your first time.

Best of luck on further adventures with men. ~ Editor

Edited on 11/23/16
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