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Fiesta Drive-In Theatre


Category: Theatre showing porn Hours / Entry Fee: Open 7 days 6 am - 4 am Directions: Take Montana Avenue (US Hwy. 62/180) and head east. Located east of Loop 375 just beyond Zaragoza Rd.
Submitted: Apr 18 2001 (Edited 11/17/17)
Cruised here? Rate this place:
3.68/5 based on 25 votes. The median rating is 4.
Read & Write Reviews: 51 Reviews

Address: 13800 Montana Avenue
City: El Paso
State: Texas
ZIP/Postal Code: 79938
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 915-857-0000
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Cinderella CD Girl


Posted Nov 14 2017:
I am a CD and had no idea this is the place to go if you a CD or a transgender. Kind of far from us ladies in the west side but absolutely the best place to find dick especially if you're into BBCs.

My first visit was Saturday 2 am sharp. I was in a nice black corset and a fabulous red wig. The place was packed with guys cruising but too bad doing nada.

I opened my car and showed my fabulous Victoria Secret corset and my black stilettos. Had a nice Black soldier as an appetizer then a nice older trucker, both in my car, and then the grand finale: a pas de trois with a Mexican, his lover, and some tall white guy with a gorgeous niner, all this surrounded by viewers masturbating as I got fucked behind a pickup truck.

Too bad at 4 am they close the back drive-in cinema and Cinderella had to go home with only five loads deep into her shit hole pussy.

Thanks for the tip, amigo.

Edited on 11/17/17


Posted Oct 30 2017:
Hope the Editor considers my post. Last time I was there was in 2012. Saturday I paid a visit. Entrance fee is the same, $6 USD for the back entrance and $5 USD for the front entrance.

The arcade is the same but wide open to get in; close the door and stay as long as you want. Problem, not a single dick showed up for me to suck while I was standing alone like a statue at the hall.

My problem was the two cinemas. Cameras everywhere, and they all go to TV monitors in the front. The attendant was monitoring all the action. That was none!

The real action is in the parking area in the back: behind the bushes, in the cars or outside. Lots of CD's, shemales, and transgenders. Something new for El Paso. Also a very old crowd walking naked.

I got there at 1 am so the young crowd was coming then but mostly bottom boys. After waiting like an hour — I am not into the young crowd — a white jeep parked next to me. A fucking gorgeous Cuban or Rican guy all in black got out. I got out and went to the back of my car. He pulled out an amazing fat long cut dick. Perfectly shape head. I pulled my pants down and put in some saliva.

He went directly to the bull's eye. Took him some time but fucked me like no one done it before. I tried to kiss, he said no. After he came I almost died, he rimmed my ass and sucked his cum.

It was like dying and go to heaven.

If you're into dick the best is after 2 am!

Thanks for the great Review, very descriptive and the best at the end! I need to take myself across Texas to El Paso someday. :) ~ Editor

Edited on 11/06/17
Frank P


Posted Oct 27 2017:
Action is usually weekends after 2 am. Better on pay days.

Weekdays are mostly drag queens, CD's, she-males, and elderly men looking for them.

Edited on 11/03/17

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jul 06, 2017

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 3


Posted Jul 06 2017:
I'm available to suck some cock, any kind.

Contact Ely through his CFS Profile. ~ Editor

Edited on 07/07/17
Alex SP


Posted Jul 04 2017:
I am not usually a bitch but this time I was a royal one. Every Monday for last five weeks I've seen a guy who goes here in a truck around 3:30 pm. Parks in the back, gets naked, and shows his powerful fat Latino cut dick. I was too shy to play with it but I love to J/O watching as he gets head, or fucks an ass.

What I can't understand is he sometimes does three or four asses and gets four or five blowjobs.

Yesterday he was fucking a friend of mine so I joined. I could not believe the thickness of his head, like a yellow lemon as he pulled out my friend's hole. I became the royal slut and I sucked that dick for about twenty minutes before he came. He made swallow it. Just what I want, a tasty load.

I did ask how he can stay hard so long. He said, "i do not drink. I do not smoke. I don't use drugs and I am a vegetarian."

Man, if you're into big fat cut dicks try this guy. He's also hairy all the way. As part of the show my friend and I both licked his shit hole. OMG I love Fiesta.

Edited on 07/05/17
Frank P


Posted Jul 02 2017:
Fiesta is so far away but it's worth going. Friday I went ready for a night of pleasure. Got 100% naked and tried to just stay in the back of my pickup truck. Exact time, 11:23 pm.

In less than ten minutes a few guys walked into my car plus a few cars drove around. I had six guys all over me. Some giving me head, one guy fingering my shit hole, and one jumped and made me suck his nice fat Mexican dick as I was fingering his ass and caressing his balls.

This guy came from nowhere. Mid 50's, shaven head, hairy as hell. He got naked and fucked me like no tomorrow. I wanted him to fuck me again but the crowd jumped all over him, both tits had a mouth, a guy was sucking him... Damn, I was so horny. Most Mexicans in El Paso are hairless, not sure if he was Puerto Rican or Cuban, but he had a gorgeous body and a fabulous fat cut dick. The head was lemon-sized.

I stayed until closing time 4 am and ended with seven loads up my ass.

If you're a bareback taker or giver, Fiesta is perfect.

Edited on 07/04/17
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Hospice Nurse


Posted Dec 11 2016:
I found that going to the Fiesta shortly after dark is the very best time this cold days.

Friday I went there around 6 pm and it was busy as hell. I J/O'd three guys to completion at the arcade. I am a hand giver. Unless it's a hairy chest bear and I will give him head with a rubber like I did to this guy. Fuck, a dream of man.

The guy in attendance was careless if you put money or not in the booths.

But some words of advice:

I was amazed to see how much condomless fucking takes place in that place, especially in the parking lot and at the cinemas, and the absolute lack of thought about STD's, as dicks would slide into asses without condoms, and the guys getting fucked wouldn't even look back to see who was fucking them or say a word to each other.

There was a guy getting dick after dick. In few hours he went over at least six guys and a bottle of poppers. One asked me to do the guy I said thanks but pass as I watch his ass was getting pounded by all cummers.

While he was getting dick he was sucking and masturbating guys. Wild but very frightening.

That was a real eye-opener about the reckless self-destructive behavior taking place at the Fiesta. Most are Mexicans or Black brothers and they show that they do not value each other enough, especially in light of the HIV epidemics in El Paso among older Latino men.

Even La Fe Clinic — an HIV Clinic — posts signs that are eventually removed by the same guys who get fucked BB there predicting most of all, men of African or Mexican descent who have sex with other Mexican or African men will become HIV+. Even sucking a dick without a condom there is risky for possible disease transmission because that dick could have been up other brothers' asses without protection.

Many will say I am undetectable. Many don't even mention their HIV status. Those HIV strains are not only resistant but hyper-resistant to the cocktails.

As a health professional and witnessing all the suffering when they become terminal: Wear a fucking condom.

Edited on 12/20/16


Posted Nov 30 2016:
For the last three weeks Fiesta has ben basically dead. Very little to no action. The cold weather makes it impossible to fuck and get oral in the nude outside, so very little action inside. The gay theatre now has video cameras and occasionally the manager will get in and ask you to keep moving.

My last three visits ended in just JO by myself.

So let's wait for next summer.

Edited on 12/09/16


Posted Nov 06 2016:
Seen her. She is into black meat only. I tried few times to do her and she is very honest about her preferences.

Edited on 11/16/16


Posted Oct 25 2016:
Any one into shemales? A fabulous blonde goes Tuesdays. Jimmy Choo shoes and a Prada bag make a difference, especially with fat beer bottle dick! Check her.

Edited on 11/02/16


Posted Oct 21 2016:
If someone is chasing you and making your evening or night miserable, contact the attendant. Last Saturday they asked a fat old fart to please leave the premises.

The attendant was a cute girl. Just go and enjoy. Don't let anyone ruin your night.

Edited on 10/26/16


Posted Oct 20 2016:
A word of advice. During day the it's dead as a cemetery. Action is after dark and the best after 2 am. I prefer Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

I am a top but I've seen some of the biggest dicks there. Military, Black and Mexican. If you're into pussy park in the back. Attendants are very friendly. The place is a must if you're in El Paso.

Edited on 10/24/16


Posted Oct 16 2016:
What are days like? For parking action, how do you go up to people?

I was here last night but some fatty kept chasing me all night. Annoying as fuck when people just focus on ruining your night.

Edited on 10/20/16


Posted Jun 20 2016:
Most recently best action is friday and Saturday after 1:30 am.

Plenty of action at the parking lot.

Edited on 06/29/16
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Mar 18, 2009

Total Listings: 3
Total Reviews: 38


Posted Oct 29 2015:
I've been coming here for years. The sex is always plentiful and exciting. I observed today that the management is painting the inside, and the men's restroom has new toilets and wash-basins.

The gay theatre has a new huge screen. The outdoor drive-in theatre screen — possibly the only one of its kind in the world! — now shows straight porn seven days a week from about 9 pm to 1 am.

You will not be bored. With $5 to $6 admission, it's the bargain of the century.

Edited on 11/03/15


Posted Jun 29 2015:
Still the #1 place to find a cocksucker. I agree, park in the back far end and you will get action.

Last week I did an M-F couple. She was a great cocksucker.

Edited on 07/02/15
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jan 18, 2010

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 12


Posted May 20 2015:
I was back again this past weekend. I was there Saturday night / Sunday morning around 1:30 am. It seems like they changed the parking area, it's gotten smaller. Seeing as it was almost full, I opted for parking around back.

I paid and made my way back there. I couldn't believe my eyes though, there must have been 20+ cars around back. Plenty of guys were there that night but it was a bit of a miss. I walked straight into the all-male theatre, took out my cock, and started jerking. Within five minutes I had a guy sucking me off. It was nice, wet and sloppy. I wasn't ready to end my night, so soon so after he worked me up I waved him off. He was cool about it.

After that there were still plenty of guys but no one doing anything. I get off on showing off so I just jerked it with plenty of watchers. They went back to a projector in the all-male theatre so that was cool. Just before 4 am when I thought the place was closing I headed out to my car. I stood with my door open, shorts around my knees, jerking for everybody to see. I kept edging and when I realized that no one was doing anything I just finished off.

I wish guys weren't so up tight about playing. Either way it was a good time and I stayed for nearly four hours. Really hoping to go back soon.

Edited on 05/28/15
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jan 18, 2010

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 12


Posted Mar 21 2015:
I went again a month back and had the best time. Sat on the last row on the left of the gay theatre and jerked off. We all got into it despite the door constantly opening. There were about five of us just jerking off when this guy came in, scruffy early twenties. He sat in front of me and checked out everybody, then he pulled out a bottle of poppers. He took a couple of hits and stood up, came back to me, and dropped to his knees. He game me some awesome head. I just kept working it.

The guys around me kept jerking and the guy moved on to the next one. Me and another guy started feeling up our sucker. He had an amazing smooth body. We had his pants around his knees, playing with his ass and jerking him off. He went back and forth between me and the other guy until he suggested we go to a private room.

We headed back with the other guy that had got head too. Before the door could close we all lost our clothes. We all went for it, sucking and licking. Sadly he wasn't into fucking. I ended it all by sucking this hot guy until he shot his load in my mouth.

Heads up: I was there for a long weekend and went a couple times but had a bad experience. During the day there's this older guy that hangs out and runs everybody off. He bothers everybody with unwanted advances and awkward behavior. When I was there he ran everybody off so it sucked. Then he left and just as it was getting good he showed back up with a flash light flashing everybody in the theatre, looking under everybody's chairs saying he lost his phone. It killed the vibe yet again. If you go during the day avoid the older man blowing his nose, constantly coughing and clearing his throat. If he's around it's not gonna be a good visit. Nights are best. I've never seen him there at night.

Edited on 03/27/15


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jan 29 2015:
Best place for sex in the El Paso area. Yesterday I was there around 1 pm. Got a nice blow job in my car. Then at the all-male theatre got a second blow job. Ended my day fucking an older gentleman at the booths in the arcade.

Only criticism is the opening and closing of the doors at the all male and the straight theater. The same guys always go and do nada.

Edited on 02/03/15
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jan 18, 2010

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 12


Posted Nov 15 2014:
Love this place. It's a bit hit or miss, but it does the job. Last time I was here I got plenty of handjobs, sucked by a few guys, sucked a few and finally followed this tall older black guy to the arcade.Once inside with the door locked we dropped some cash in the machine and went back to sucking his big dick like I did in the gay theatre. After a bit of sucking I was ready to get fucked so I pulled out a condom and he knew the drill. He put on the magnum and I took off all my clothes.Once he was ready I got on my knees on the chair and he fucked me. It was the best I had in quite awhile. When he finished up he pulled out, tossed the condom, and zipped up. I went back to the theatre action but didn't find much more.Best bet is don't be shy about what you want. I walk in to the theatre, sit down or stand on the back wall, and my hand is in my pants. I pull out and usually get to it with whoever is interested. When I go I go with one goal, get cock. no need to be so picky and waste time.I'll be there the day after Thanksgiving this year and I'll be looking for cock. As long as you play safe then I'm up for sucking or fucking, no bs. I want dick preferably at both ends at the same time and i don't mind putting on a show in the gay theatre. There's no need to be shy since we're all there for the same thing.

Edited on 11/20/14


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jun 29 2014:
Never tried the back parking, it's awesome from 1 am to 4 am. I was fucking, sucking, and rimming truckers and guys in trucks naked. You said it Hector, you're right. It rocks!

Edited on 07/04/14


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Dec 20 2013:
I was here Thursday Dec 19th. I like going in the mornings, have had some luck, but this day got real lucky. There was a black guy there that is a regular. He has a 7 inch cock but it's about 3-4 inches around. He has let me suck him but doesn't let me make him cum, always stops me and walks away.

So I went into the gay theater and no one was in there, so I sat down and watched this muscle head fucking this skinny guy and this Hispanic guy walked in and I saw him unzip his pants and he pulled out a nice uncut cock that was about 7 inches long but about average size around. But I love uncut cock so I put my hand out and he moved over and put his cock in my hand.

Well to make a long story short I sucked him and he came in my throat and left. But about 20 minutes later he came back with another hard cock and I sucked on him for about 15 minutes. He finally came again. Man, that was the best time I've had in a long time.

Edited on 12/27/13


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Nov 16 2013:
No doubt this place rocks. Best place for sex. In less than a half hour I joined a group of four. My ass was rimmed as I was fucking a guy and had a guy sucking my nips. Action is at the straight cinema. The gay cinema is mostly divas. The arcade is hot too.

Outside there's lots of action. My 18-wheeler was visited by a few hungry cocksuckers. If you opt to get in the back area it's $6.00 bucks, the front is $5.00. The extra buck is worth every penny. Many military men.

Edited on 11/20/13
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Mar 18, 2009

Total Listings: 3
Total Reviews: 38


Posted Jun 13 2013:
For years, the Fiesta Outdoor Drive In Theater has been showing 70s porn on its antique 35mm projectors but last month the management switched to current digital projection on its huge outdoor screen while you tune your AM radio in your car to the soundtrack. Inside, the usual three separate theaters show gay, bi and straight films with plenty of good sex going on for everyone. The bathrooms have been re-opened and place is always popular. BTW, outdoor movies only on Fridays and Saturdays after dusk.

Edited on 06/18/13


Posted Feb 05 2013:
I had an hour to burn waiting for a flight, so I decided to stop in and check this place out. This was my first time in a place like this, so I was really nervous. The clerk was cool though. Went in, looked around the DVDs for a minute, then paid the 5 bucks and headed in the back where the theatres and arcades were. Decent scene in the theatre, but no way was I sitting down. Gross. That was a waste of time.

Went into the arcade, left the door unlocked just to see if anyone wanted to visit, and started a scene. Within two minutes a pushy black guy was in there asking to give me head and touching "my junk". Not interested.

A few minutes later another guy walked in. I offered to give him a hand job and a few minutes later his cock was in my hand. Maybe 6 or 8 minutes of stroking it and he wanted me to suck his dick. No thanks, not ready. In that 6 to 8 minutes there were about 4 or 5 others trying the door. Guy got whiny and left, perhaps one of the others would have been more fun. Wish I had more than 45 minutes to spend here, would really have liked to stroke a guy to finish. Maybe next time.

Oh, and all of this was on a Tuesday afternoon, I can imagine it on a Friday night! No gloryholes and the bathroom was gross, but c'mon, look at what it is!

Edited on 02/12/13


Posted Oct 03 2012:
I was in El Paso for days. Every afternoon I was there. No attitude. Just sex. My kind of place.


Posted Jun 24 2012:
Best place for sex in El Paso. You can find plenty of action 24/7. Pay an extra buck and you can park in the back. Last week I was surprised when I saw guys totally naked cruising the parking area. I gave and got head, was fucked and fucked guys. I am 43 and most of my action was with guys 25 to 35.

Edited on 06/26/12


Posted Oct 04 2011:
Subject: Fiesta El Paso
It is now $5 to enter. All the gloryholes now covered.

Edited on 10/11/11


Posted Sep 08 2011:
I went into the rooms with a gloryhole, put my cock into the hole and a warm hot mouth started sucking me. I came harder than I ever had before. I can't wait to go back for more!

Edited on 09/16/11
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Mar 18, 2009

Total Listings: 3
Total Reviews: 38


Posted Jun 04 2011:
Open 24 hours, this place continues to be one of the most unique adult theatres anywhere. On weekends, the action moves outdoors where porn movies are projected onto a big "drive-in-theatre" screen. Inside the store are a dozen arcades and get this, two theatres, one showing straight porn, the other showing gay porn. All ages and all ethnicities. Soldiers from nearby Fort Bliss often appear, too. I score every time.

Edited on 06/07/11

Attached Files:
USA Texas El Paso Fiesta Adult Outlet 2008 01.jpg
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USA Texas El Paso Fiesta Adult Outlet 2008 06.jpg
(149 KB, 651 downloads)


Posted Oct 12 2010:
I was there last Friday at noon. I met up with a big dicked Mexican in the regular movie theatre and started to suck on his cock. I was looking to only suck some cock but he put his hand up my shorts pant leg and started to rub my ass and finger my hole. It felt so good I took him in one of the private rooms, dropped my shorts, turned around and let him fuck my asshole. He fucked me for about 10 minutes, pulled out and shot a big wad all over my face.

Edited on 10/17/10

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Mar 23, 2010

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


Posted Mar 23 2010:
Was there on Saturday night last week while visiting the area. I arrived around 6:30, before the drive-in portion was open. The inside movie theatre was pretty dead, mostly cocksuckers. I am a bottom and was looking for straight meat. A biker dude arrived and went into the straight movie theatre. He then followed me into the arcade and I first blew him and then rode his cock through the gloryhole. We then went into one of the larger private booths and he stripped and I did every inch of him. Not bad!

Edited on 03/23/10


Posted Jan 11 2010:
On Friday and Saturdays after 9 this place shows hard core porn movies on it's giant outdoor screen. It can be fun to cruise among the parked cars and watch or play. If that does not satisfy you, there is always sex going on in the indoor arcade and twin movie theatres. Friendly management, too.


Posted May 24 2008:
Bring a five dollar bill and many, many condoms. The five dollar bill is to enter the cage, which gives you access to the arcade and the movie theater. Once there you're free to wander around. I've been there maybe five times and every time I got with at least five or six hot guys of all ages -- white, Hispanic, you name it. Once two hung Hispanic construction workers bent me over a chair and took turns on my ass until they got tired and came.


Posted Apr 05 2007:
I have always had great sex at this venue. Not only is there action indoors in the video booths and theaters that show straight and gay porn 24/7, there is also the unique outdoor drive-in screen showing straight porn beginning at dusk on Friday and Saturdays.


Posted Mar 13 2007:
I go to this place to sneak and drink a few beers. There's usually some horny guy squeezing his fat cock. After I suck they usually take me into a booth to slam me against the wall and fuck the hell out of me.


Posted Feb 03 2007:
I was visiting from San Francisco. I have never seen so many good-looking men under one roof in my life doing absolutely nothing! I spent four hours at this place on a Saturday night and no one made contact. Don't bother unless you want to be totally frustrated. I am a good-looking thirty year old.


Posted Sep 24 2006:
This can be a fun place. There are the usual trolls but other guys as well, with nice dicks ready to blow loads. Just warm up to a guy and he will usually suck you off and want to share what he's got too. The straight theatre will usually have horny guys standing in the back ready and willing. They will stand next to you and reach over if you are hard. Then you can pretty much decide what to do from there. Have fun!


Posted Jan 18 2006:
This place usually has a lot of guys willing to suck cock, and get it on. The set up is pretty nice. The gay theatre is too small. Many guys would get even more action in the theatre if the door wasn't always opening. But you can always follow them outside to the patio. Most guys are Spanish, but White and Black do appear often.


Posted Sep 29 2005:
This place is so unique.
Not only can you find quick
sex in the arcade, the gay
viewing room, the straight
viewing room, and the couples-only room, but there is also an outdoor drive-in theater
where you can walk among the parked cars and see a helluva
lot more than the movie.
And all for $5.


Posted Jul 29 2005:
Great place to get laid. Lots of action in straight theatre towards the back. This place is not very clean. Smell of urine in the straight theatre is a bit much. Arcade booths are dirty and many have fecal matter on walls. The store personnel doesn't do a very good job cleaning this place. Video quality at arcade and theatres isn't very good. But, if you want to get laid then this is a great place to get laid quickly.


Posted Apr 10 2005:
Been there a few times. Got a couple of blowjobs. The stalls are small and if you are shorter than five-feet and eleven-inches, then you will be standing on your tip toes to get a good blowjob.

A lot of scummy-looking low lives go here. There are two boths with gloryholes. Both holes are small and the wall is thick and it is hard for someone to get a good hold of your cock to suck it dry. They need to lower the holes and make them bigger to really fit your entire cock through the other side. The place is not very clean either, and has a poor smell, but if you are really desperate, I guess it is better than nothing.


Posted Apr 01 2005:
This is an ideal place for cruising. There are two theatres, one gay and one straight, and an arcade, which accepts dollar bills. Five dollars gets you into the theatres, and provides access to the arcade.


Posted Jan 02 2005:
Excellent place. I had a guy check me out while in the big theater. He asked me to join him in a booth. His mouth on my cock was as saucy as butter on hot corn. I was so turned on I turned around and let him fuck me. Later, I washed the cum off his cock. It was an awesome time.


Posted Feb 11 2004:
Every time I go here I get lucky, especially in the room next to the straight porn theatre. There are lots of couples fucking, but every now and then you can get in alone with a guy or three and have at it. I let two guys make me their slut, taking cum in all my holes. The booths are fun too and I always spot big dicks to suck. I recommend it!


Posted Jan 04 2004:
This is a great place to visit. I had two Latinos fuck my white ass and then I got to fuck one of them. There’s lots of head to go around as well.


Posted Nov 20 2003:
There’s some great action here! Three Latino guys bent me over a chair and took turns fucking my Anglo ass in one of the booths. Two came inside me and the other shot his wad all over me. I'll definitely be back!


Posted May 08 2003:
Most of the hot action is in the back of the straight porn theater with adjournment to booths if desired. There is great group sex with cute Latinos. I've never been disappointed here even if it is a long drive out there.


Posted Oct 25 2002:
This is a very cruisy spot. I had some guy suck all of my dick down his throat and paid for the movies too. He just wanted to suck a dick and swallow. The management is great and lets you hang around as long as you want. There are two little theaters, one with gay and the other with pussy. There are many, many cocksuckers and swallowers hanging around. It was great.


Posted Jul 08 2002:
I have been twice this year and both times I have sucked two dicks a night. Management doesn’t care as long as you pay. Your best bet is to work the booths. Look for anyone playing with their dicks and just ask for them through the gloryholes.


Posted Jun 11 2002:
A previous comment here about how they patrol the theatre is dead wrong. They have two theatres: one straight and one gay (all the time). You are free to do whatever you want to do here! It has never been hassled by the police. If you want hot action, you will get it here. Period.

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